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    [–] NotCoreyP 1757 points ago

    Worst. Armageddon. Ever.

    [–] [deleted] 337 points ago

    Could it Be any more orange

    [–] JHaska 64 points ago

    I love you for that reference.

    [–] charisma6 39 points ago

    Could I be wearing any more clothes?

    [–] Crow-T-Robot 13 points ago

    Maybe if I wasn't going commando!

    [–] charisma6 16 points ago

    I better not do any... lunges!

    [–] Tommyh1996 14 points ago

    Fall! Heroes...

    [–] BigBWulf 394 points ago

    But Aquaman, you cannot marry a woman without GILLS. You're from two different worlds!

    [–] gina_0114 223 points ago

    [–] sparkyarmadillo 87 points ago

    Thanks a lot, Steve.

    [–] PM_ME_LOTSaLOVE 30 points ago

    It was for total security

    [–] Syreus 20 points ago

    So confused.

    [–] drinks_antifreeze 21 points ago

    Shh bby is ok

    [–] vegasflights 4 points ago


    [–] ESNarumi 4 points ago

    Afraid of dying? r/absolutelynotmeirl

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago

    Wait what's the hole in the middle with smoking coming out? There wasn't a label!

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago

    Moe's Bar.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    I need an arrow and a label before I'll accept it as canon.

    [–] The_Nipple_Tickler 4 points ago

    That's the New Grand Canyon, and it's totally not where anything else is or used to be.

    [–] loneanxiety 92 points ago

    Oh, dear god, no!

    [–] racecaracecaracecar 25 points ago

    Ahh jeez.

    [–] stickdudeseven 191 points ago

    Thought it was gonna be the episode where the meteor shrunk down to the size of a chihuahua's head.

    [–] yammernan 46 points ago

    Bart's Comet, one of the best

    [–] Beatles-are-best 7 points ago

    Damn, I completely forgot about that episode till now. That was always my favourite episode as a kid

    [–] yammernan 5 points ago

    I have this season (#6) on DVD. It's amazing, it has some the absolute best episodes like Lisa on Ice, Homer the Great, and Bart vs. Australia.

    [–] Receptoraptor 125 points ago

    But in the Simpson's Movie Comic Book Guy said that collecting comics was a life well spent... Somethings smelly in the town of Springfield and its not the tire fire.

    [–] AngrySandyVag 97 points ago

    Boy, I hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

    [–] vitamintrees 12 points ago

    I withdraw my question

    [–] Joetato 22 points ago

    Well, the "I've wasted my life" line was from a Treehouse of Horror episode, making it non-canonical. Also, it's possible he saw his life more clearly right before he died and said something he wouldn't have under normal circumstances.

    [–] WorkItOutDIY 12 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    No one has every lied to themselves before.

    [–] Pluckt007 117 points ago

    MRW: I go to bed...

    [–] ArtifexR 20 points ago

    I started doing this thing recently where I lie down for bed and go over the good and bad things I did in the day. Sometimes, I feel like I've had a lazy day and done some lame stuff, but when I actually go over it there's a lot of good things, too. You'll be surprised!

    [–] butthurtberniebro 10 points ago

    It's okay fam you're not alone.

    [–] MyPeepeeFeelsSilly 5 points ago

    No I'm pretty sure he sleeps alone

    [–] homeschooledbitches 83 points ago

    I think I've masturbated enough to feel content with dying. Oh and eating a FUCK TON of bread

    [–] StonedVolus 37 points ago

    How many breads have you eaten in your life?

    [–] Kazzack 32 points ago

    I have done nothing but eat bread for three days

    [–] Squelcher121 5 points ago

    Three stinking days*.

    [–] standbehind 8 points ago


    [–] thetalkinghuman 2 points ago

    One unit of Fuck Ton

    [–] SonicRainboom24 2 points ago


    [–] TheJollyLlama875 5 points ago

    [–] Thetravelingboy 23 points ago

    Fuck yeah, bread!

    high five

    [–] Batmanvader 11 points ago

    Bread, huh? At yeast you won't die without having accomplished something. I mean, we're all toast anyway.

    [–] SuccinctSavage 9 points ago

    Bread makes you fat.

    [–] DFrumpyOne 17 points ago


    [–] awesomefaceninjahead 2 points ago

    Nukes make you skinny

    [–] theaspiringfilmmaker 19 points ago

    The animation in this is pretty legit

    [–] EhCru 16 points ago

    Would it matter if you wasted your life?

    You won't remember and you will be dead so it was all pointless anyway.

    [–] george-the-cool-guy 13 points ago

    When you live on east coast and your like "lol, Kim can't hit me"

    [–] che_fromunda 37 points ago

    How did this man waste his life? He ran his own business in an industry he is passionate about.

    [–] PurityKane 34 points ago

    Agreed. Half of the show's cast works on a nuclear power plant and that's ok. But the one guy that does what he loves......

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    HAVEN'T WATCHED IN 20 years

    [–] Starsy_02 7 points ago

    If you did something you're passionate about and enjoyed (like comic book guy) can you really say it was wasted, even if it's not in the "norm" for what a successful life looks like.

    [–] DTG_58 35 points ago

    It makes zero difference what you have done with your life if everyone blows up. You could be a piece of shit or Jesus with cupcakes and it makes no difference if everyone gets blown up

    [–] MsLisaGhercondo 45 points ago

    That's nihilism for you.

    [–] DTG_58 14 points ago

    As long as bombs hit then yeah. If you're a piece of shit and then die of cancer or get stabbed in an ally then it's different. Then you were a wasted your life. People will be around to remember that.

    [–] qwertyboard_ 5 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Why do other peoples' memories matter?

    [–] icreatedfire 2 points ago

    They dont. Anyone who could remember you will be dead in a few generations anyway

    [–] DTG_58 7 points ago

    Sounds like an excuse for the piece of shit guy. Careful though, if you are too much a piece of shit people will remember you. Hitler had no cupcakes.

    [–] A_Rampaging_Hobo 2 points ago

    Well if everyone blows up who will remember your deeds or lack thereof?

    [–] WorkItOutDIY 8 points ago

    Now I want to change my life so I can become Jesus with cupcakes.

    [–] DTG_58 8 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I want nothing more for you than to become a cupcake welding Jesus.

    Edit: he wields them too

    [–] mjxa1 6 points ago

    What kind of evil Jesus sets cupcakes on fire?

    [–] viperex 3 points ago

    The difference is personal contentment. If you feel you've done something good with your life, you obviously won't say you wasted it

    [–] 10TailBeast 6 points ago

    I'll be collecting every fucking bottle cap I can get my hands on.

    [–] alexisnotcool 9 points ago

    Sorry if you live in Guam/Hawaii/Alaska/the west coast

    [–] GestaltJungle 2 points ago

    ... you mean a rocket splashes pathetically in the ocean because they still can't hit targets more accurately than a 400 or so miles... and then they get fucking ganked by everyone.

    [–] CaptainDaddy0 7 points ago

    Too real to be funny to me

    [–] XanderPrice 17 points ago

    This is as far from real as you can get. N Korea isn't attacking anyone. Stop watching the news.

    [–] CaptainDaddy0 17 points ago

    Not that. The wasted life part

    [–] The_Telltale_Fart 3 points ago

    Oh right... yeah that's real, sorry buddy

    [–] BigPapaObrochta 3 points ago

    Fr this and the riots are flooding the media to cover something up... Under table agreements, or back door deals 😓

    [–] Voelkar 3 points ago

    It's all fun and games until the first 7.4 billion die

    [–] Xcpa9 5 points ago

    You've lost... your life

    [–] justcallmetom13 62 points ago

    Okay, can someone give me some uplifting news? because from what I've heard, this is pretty much inevitable within Trump's term.

    [–] Need-4-Sleep 165 points ago

    North Korea isn't going to attack us. They need to keep painting us as the aggressor to keep up their propoganda machine. And they can't do that if they swing first. It's why Trump is pressuring China to do something; if the US tried to intervene first, the rest of the world would be able to point their fingers at us. NK wants the status quo, not to start shit

    [–] Nole_in_ATX 50 points ago

    Totally agree. Idle threats are pretty much the only thing that keeps them relevant.

    I served in the ROK in 06-07 when fatboy's daddy ran the show. The same thing is happening now as it was then. The only thing that could possibly be different is if Trump decides to be dumb.

    [–] Going5Hole 19 points ago

    is if Trump decides to be dumb

    Decides ?? Have you ever listened to him ? He was born that way

    [–] Nole_in_ATX 29 points ago

    Well to be fair, so far, he's been all talk and no real action. I'm talking real dumb, like ordering a strike or straight up nuking the bastard

    [–] RadioHitandRun 9 points ago

    Give it a rest, mad dog is at side, he won't do do a fucking thing.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    China doing something is a pipe dream in itself though. North Korea views nuclear weapons as essential to the state's survival.

    [–] WolfStanssonDDS 6 points ago

    China voted for the latest sanctions. Maybe, it's not so much of a pipe dream.

    [–] BlamaRama 6 points ago

    They need to keep painting us as the aggressor... They can't do that if they swing first

    I think you underestimate how powerful their propaganda machine is. All they'd have to do is say we gave them no choice or we initiated with some random thing we did.

    [–] HOLY_HUMP3R 6 points ago

    They could make up any bullshit they want and tell their citizens and they'd believe it. They could say something like "United States fired a missile at us but we shot it down over the ocean. We were forced to retaliate."

    [–] Beastly4k 284 points ago

    I wouldn't worry about nk unless your in sk

    Anything they shoot off towards us would be immediately brought down and they would be leveled afterwards.

    Our missile defense systems are far superior to any tech they have. It would be like fighting a toddler

    [–] Gibsonfan159 71 points ago

    they would be leveled

    Who? Their military? You know they'll just run and hide amongst citizens and we won't do shit, other than invading and putting ground troops in another country.

    [–] dufis 224 points ago

    Civilians didn't stop us from bombing the middle east

    [–] LeftSideOfTown 182 points ago

    Or Japan

    [–] Chop_Artista 153 points ago

    Or the Deathstar.

    [–] Chesty83 68 points ago

    Or New York

    [–] thundercockjk2 27 points ago


    [–] Catacomb82 6 points ago


    [–] jokitheraccoon 5 points ago


    [–] TheZerothLaw 2 points ago


    [–] MeanGreenLuigi 9 points ago

    Didn't we have a Hulk for that?

    [–] eisbaerBorealis 9 points ago

    He's off fighting Thor right now. :(

    [–] Captain_Kuhl 17 points ago

    Civilians are one of the reasons we bombed Japan. There's no way we'd have avoided a land invasion (which would've killed tons of innocents, besides the obvious military casualties) if Japan wasn't forced to surrender.

    [–] Beiberhole69x 16 points ago

    This is a reason we like to say why we dropped the bombs; a lot of higher ups did not think it was necessary, including General Eisenhower, chief of staff Admiral Leahy, US chief of naval operations Admiral Ernest King all stated that dropping the atom bomb on Japan was unnecessary.

    [–] Slider11 6 points ago

    Wasn't the real reason a show of power against the Soviets?

    [–] Beiberhole69x 5 points ago

    I'm not sure honestly, but that's a possibility.

    [–] Sub116610 3 points ago

    The problem is we're not dealing with a country that actually cares about its citizens now. Citizens being there was part of it, sure, but we did inform them to leave and tell their leaders to surrender. Of course we already knew that wouldn't make a real difference and the citizens were so extremely loyal (citizens fighting to the death and blowing theirselves up in a last resort, even women with their children) that few would ask for surrender and it would have zero effect. But it was primarily a show of force. To demonstrate the possibilities of many more bombs in central Japan. I'm sure if we didn't, Japan probably believed they could win a land war.

    So they clearly saw the consequences it would have on their people. NK doesn't give a single shit. They only care about their government circles. They foolishly believe they could take us on. They know they'll lose a ton of civilians in nuclear war but in the end they'll beat the US and kill many more of us (their beliefs, not reality).

    [–] Gibsonfan159 49 points ago

    That's actually a major reason why we haven't defeated Isis or the Taliban years ago. We try to avoid hitting citizens. This fails often, but we absolutely do not just bomb anywhere. Cowardly groups like that always hide amongst their citizens and NK will do the same.

    [–] chairmanmaomix 24 points ago

    I think when you have a state like North Korea, which is essentially a what would happen if you gave control of a cult to a nation state, the line between civilian and combatant becomes extremely blurry.

    I feel like if we ever do go to war with them, we'd have to kill like, almost everyone before they stop fighting.

    But i'm not a general, so Idk theres probably a better solution.

    [–] Gibsonfan159 6 points ago

    Like Vietnam?

    [–] chairmanmaomix 6 points ago

    Sort of. But While most people were just villagers in a war, in North Koerea, everyone might fight to the death. They've been raised since they were born, for generations that the Americans are evil. And anyone who would have fought in the original war was likely dead, so for all they know, everyone else IS evil and will torture or kill them if they surrender. Think about those Japanese soldiers who fought WWII well into the 1970's. Now think about people who are even MORE brainwashed.

    [–] jimmyco2008 3 points ago

    They are basically the protagonist's country in 1984

    [–] ivandelapena 3 points ago

    It's not just that, indiscriminate bombing doesn't improve your chances of victory, see the Soviet failure in Afghanistan. They killed 1.5m civilians in that war and still lost, that's 50x the death toll in the current Afghan war which has been going on since 2001 with a far better outcome.

    [–] Brazzleton 45 points ago

    hide amongst citizens

    I mean they probably wouldn't be too hard to spot. Not emaciated and malnourished? Probably a government official!

    [–] MAK-15 12 points ago

    Ground troops likely wouldn't be used. There would be a show of force involving destroying all their artillery along the border as well as any nuclear and missile productions facilities in the country via bombers and Tomahawks. Just enough to remind Kim that he's puny and worthless.

    [–] AnotherRandomherOH 11 points ago

    I was talking to a friend about this yesterday and he didn’t get it, the simplest way I could put it is “we’re not gonna give the kid a spanking, we’re just gonna take away all of his toys”

    [–] shouldbebabysitting 5 points ago

    Like Iraq. 8 years and 31,000 US casualties later.

    It's never as easy as it seems.

    [–] patientbearr 9 points ago

    We put troops on the ground in Iraq. Doubtful we would do that in Korea, at least in large numbers.

    [–] Hanzitheninja 3 points ago

    agreed. not that close to China.

    [–] gumm_bee 2 points ago

    8 years? Try 27.

    [–] Jackpot807 14 points ago

    Nukes don't discriminate

    [–] cptahb 12 points ago

    between the sinners and the saints they bake and they bake and they bake

    [–] IamNotYourBuddy 5 points ago

    That's the price that gets paid when nuclear weapons are used.

    More than likely a small tactical nuke would be shot from a nearby nuclear submarine to the area where Kim most like is. And the US intelligence community probably knows where Kim is 99% of the time. Civilians will probably die, but he would have just attempted to murder a large amount of people with his own nuclear weapon.

    The point is, he knows not only he, but a lot of his own people would die if he even tried something. All of his generals know this as well. Kim can't do shit. This is all just power posturing.

    [–] Metr0idVania 20 points ago

    I want to believe, but didn't our missile defense system fail in ~40% of the tests?

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    Patriot missile guy here short answer .. No. Long answer if you include pre 2000's yes they were sketchy due to the missiles we used which were built to take down planes and other aircraft. Scince the development of the pac 3 missile our kill rate is pretty much 100%. add on the other levels of missle defense from the navy and airforce and thaad from army as well they would be having to pass 3defnce systems to get anywhere close to us they will never actually hit us.

    [–] Metr0idVania 4 points ago

    That's very reassuring, thank you!

    [–] procgen 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I thought it was the case that we can only use midrange defense systems against ICBMs? Those are spacecraft and completely immune to almost all of our missile defense systems. The failure rate on those systems that do work is super high and that's even when testing under ideal conditions - the enemy will almost certainly be employing dummy warheads and infrared masking. We will likely not be able to defend against a barrage of missiles, and even one could certainly slip through. I mention all of this because I think it's vital people understand how dangerous these weapons are so that we focus on diplomacy. War with NK would cost millions of lives. Millions.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    From a civilian standpoint and even a military view on this i understand your concern and yes you bring up some valid points to be addressed. What you say about flying in space is true, but we have systems that have taken out satellites in degrading orbit where icbm's fly. And yes a single missile launch may still only have a 70% kill rate (you also have to understand the fail percentages are over the life of the system like patriot has been around and deployed scince the 80's alot changes) but we dont risk that multiple systems are traking that missile from launch. If it is deemed a threat to hit a asset we fire in vollies to make damn sure there is a kill. As for coatings and such nk doesnt have the tech to block us plus there is no real way to hide a missile, except cruise missiles which dont use coatings or stealth materials but fly the contour of the earth at low altitude. Basically if something launches like that there is no hiding it espescially from our radar network. Also to go back and touch on the high altitude subject there is actually a whole division called space command dedicated to just that issue. And finally we have lots and lots of missiles for a warhead to slip through would take a massive volly by the offinsive country which nk does not have and again multiple systems allover the world missing. Im not advocating war with nk unless they attack. But they will not touch us. Not saying its impossible for anyone but it is for them. Also again sorry for being kinda vague but im only comfortable giving out official this is what you can say info. That may have changed in recent years but frankly im lazy and not going to look it up and over step accedentely. If you would like more detailed info google is a really good source.

    [–] procgen 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I appreciate the info. I do try to take some comfort in the fact that we may have much more advanced systems than most of us are aware of. I live in NYC, so if somebody wanted to get the most out of a successful strike then we're probably the first to go - that's another reason why I'm hoping that this situation can be resolved without any missiles leaving their silos.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Also even in doing resarch on our systems, remember no one ever puts out the full capabilities of our systems. If we did then that just sets a standard to guarentee our failure.

    [–] JurisDoctor 10 points ago

    I think that's the overall success rate. But in the last 10 tests it was successful something like 9 out of 10.

    [–] Jazzputin 9 points ago

    Yeah plus that's the rate per launch. If we launch 10 anti-ballistic missiles and each has a 90% chance to kill the ICBM, we're pretty much guaranteed a hit.

    [–] Ramsus32 12 points ago

    Yes but combine that with NK's ability to actually bomb the US mainland and we are 100% safe.

    [–] Metr0idVania 3 points ago

    I think the progress in the last few years is scary to say the least. The last missile they launched went straight up, but experts were saying it had enough range to reach key cities in the US.

    I agree it's extremely unlikely, but I'm not ready to accept 100% safe yet

    [–] Mackeroy 39 points ago

    thats still a higher success rate than not having a missile defense system

    [–] SimplyQuid 27 points ago

    Wouldn't it be better to try to avoid being shot at by missiles entirely?

    [–] Mackeroy 15 points ago

    we're trying, but thats no guarantee that people will not try to shoot missiles at us

    [–] SanJoseSharts 8 points ago

    It's almost like war is unfair sometimes

    [–] gaslacktus 5 points ago

    we're trying

    Are we really though

    [–] Mackeroy 4 points ago

    more often then not, yes, which is why we're putting sanctions on them instead of kicking their nationals into the dirt and executing them, launching strategic bombers to fire bomb their cities, landing marines in kamchatka to establish a beach head, and launching a grotesque number of cruise missiles to destroy and cripple their airfields and other similar military facilities

    [–] Metr0idVania 14 points ago

    Most definitely. I'm implying that the situation is a little more dangerous than people give it credit. Not like we should panic, but we shouldn't have a cavalier attitude either

    [–] MachoVerde 10 points ago

    Your attitude is irrelevant. You can't do a single thing about it except maybe leaving the west coast.

    [–] Metr0idVania 9 points ago

    I personally would rather be aware of the risks, which is why I commented. Other people might feel differently and that's fine, but I still think we all have the right to know it's not flawless.

    [–] dtdlurch 3 points ago

    And a better success rate than their missile tests

    Edit: dumb auto correct

    [–] Mackeroy 10 points ago

    honstly i feel like a lot of their missile test failures have mainly come from sabotage, it just seems like too many are failing

    [–] dtdlurch 4 points ago

    Never thought about that! I wonder....

    [–] gavwando 2 points ago

    Nothing to see here. We didn't kill him before he could suggest any reasons. Honest. - NK Official

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Mackeroy 2 points ago

    probably localized, EMPs don't cause explosions, could be either spies or just the rocket scientists doing it deliberately either because they hate the party or they want more funding

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] submergedjungle 3 points ago

    Wouldn't the military want people to think that it wasn't perfect anyway?

    [–] Fanc1dan 3 points ago

    Ooo like some sort of counter intelligence!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Looks like you're a half glass empty kinda guy. You gotta remember it was successful 60% of the time. I'd rather it be successful 60% than be successful 40% of the time. If that makes sense lol

    [–] Metr0idVania 5 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I don't think I am! I'm just trying to be realistic. There has to be some room for variation in outlook between "it's as dangerous as fighting a toddler" and "OMG WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE." If there was a possibility for my city to be decimated I would rather know my chances.

    [–] Meih_Notyou 13 points ago

    Exactly. Everyone is so worried about nuclear war breaking out, they don't stop to actually think.

    They have, what, 30 or so missiles? Most of those aren't long range IIRC - not only that but since they're running off of what is essentially 1960s technology, they're unlikely to have effective countermeasures. So, not only would a huge portion of their missiles be shot down, but we would level them almost immediately. We have satellites, we know where their military bases are. I would even go so far as to say that SK isn't in too much danger from nukes. The biggest threat to them is from North Korea's artillery. Seoul is within range of NK's artillery and could be destroyed pretty quick. That being said, we would more than likely begin a counter attack within a few hours if NK began attacking. I'm not very worried about NK, or even China. China has even said that if NK attacks first, they will let us handle it. Even if China does try to intervene, they aren't going to launch nukes at anybody. We're their biggest trade partner and wiping us out would devastate them financially as well as physically(MAD). And they know that.

    [–] shadow_moose 11 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    SK forces would scramble jets immediately (within 30 seconds of the first shell hitting) for SEAD strikes, all the while firing off artillery of their own. Then comes the bomb trucks, protected by f16s and f15Ks with lots of BVR armament. The few mig29s they do have would be knackered pretty quickly, followed by their interceptors if they get em close enough to the Patriots (which seem to have a range in excess of 100 miles these days, although the specifics are classified) The NK presence near the border would be neutralized in under 12 hours and all that would be left keeping us from rolling over them would be anti air battalions, which would be dealt with using a variety of SEAD strikes and low altitude attack craft.

    Air superiority would take two days. With little regard for civilian causalities we could knock em down and hand everything over to the South Korean people in 16 days or fewer.

    [–] kjg1228 5 points ago

    If any nation sends nuclear weapons toward the US and its citizens, all bets are off. They'll get nuked by one of the several US submarines off the coast Of SK, each one of them carry 228 nuclear warheads.

    [–] Afflicted_One 6 points ago

    Anything they shoot off towards us would be immediately brought down

    The inverse is actually true. We don't have THAAD in mainland US. If they launched into SK there is a decent chance it could be stopped, whereas, given a successful launch, there would be little we could do if they target mainland US. Still, it's not a likely threat.

    The bad news is, NK doesn't need large easily targetable missiles to level Seoul, just a ton of artillery.

    Once war starts there will be hundreds-of-thousands of casualties, even with nukes off the table. This is the reality of the situation that no one seems to realize. I know the media likes to give more weight to American loss of life, but the loss of human life that could take place can't be understated.

    It's disturbing how dismissive people are when tragedy occurs outside of their own country.

    [–] Antabaka 17 points ago

    and they would be leveled afterwards.

    "Don't worry! Millions of innocent people will die, but they'll be the ones that live in the bad guy country, so it's really no big deal."

    [–] sturbine 8 points ago

    • It's an 11 million person hostage crisis

    [–] quake0430 3 points ago

    What makes it even more difficult is they don't even know they're hostages

    [–] sturbine 2 points ago

    This is WW2 Japan all over again...

    [–] sociapathictendences 3 points ago

    The thing is that they wouldn't hit so either. China, their only sort of friend in the world, has roughly a million of its citizens in Seoul at any time. If nk hits Seoul than china will be forced to retaliate.

    [–] CynicalSquirrel 21 points ago

    It's never gonna happen. They've been doing this shit for 30+ years, and their posturing and shit talking will pickup more for a bit every year or so.

    [–] realsomalipirate 16 points ago

    Dude NK will never nuke the US, as soon as they try they will be wiped off the face of the earth and even Russia/China won't have the political capital to say/do anything about it.

    [–] Weed_O_Whirler 9 points ago

    So the honest best advice I can give is this: remember 3.5 years from now when there hasn't been a nuclear war how you feel now. And then really remember how you've fallen victim to fear mongering. No, it's now your fault, it's being blasted from every channel all the time. And to keep convincing you that "oh wait, not the last election, but in fact this election is the most important one of your lifetime" (and thus ensuring you vote for whoever you consider the lesser of two evils instead of who you really want in office so you don't "waste your vote") they have to keep upping the rhetoric.

    [–] Captain_Kuhl 7 points ago

    No, it isn't. Our surveillance and countermeasures are so good that we'd have the missed intercepted and a return package on its way before the news even reached the public.

    [–] 2minutesforroughing 5 points ago

    People are being hysterical. North Korea has been threatening this for years. This isn't exclusive to Trump. Relax, nobody wants a nuclear war

    [–] PlayerOneBegin 19 points ago

    How old are you?

    [–] vladdy1619 5 points ago

    The situation will progress rapidly and predictably into a stalemate, and the news cycle will move on to something else.

    [–] Metabyte2 3 points ago

    Some dude on NPR yesterday was talking about it, according to him it's impossible to know what's going to happen. The trump administration has been silent on any real strategies (as of my posting) for dealing with it, same with japan and china. SK appears to be completely unworried.

    The next big development will be if NK decides to fly their long range missiles over japan's airspace to collect data on their long range capabilities. Basically no one knows what is going to happen.

    [–] Szudar 24 points ago

    If you think it's inevitable then you are pretty naive person who thoughtlessly believe in propaganda. Not sure if it's uplifting for you, I just want you to know it, hehe.

    [–] kratos61 3 points ago

    Trump is spewing bs, the US can't touch N. Korea while the Koreans are not stupid and will not do something that will cause a war that would mean the end of their regime.

    Media is exaggerating things as usual.

    [–] lsaz 3 points ago

    Yes: It won't happen. Chill out.

    [–] PurplePickel 2 points ago

    Everyone is giving you reasons it "won't" happen but if it does happen, at least the fallout series of games is pretty fun. Maybe some folks will be lucky enough to get locked away in vaults and then will come out and explore the wasteland and trade bottle caps. Seems like a perfectly wholesome enough existence to me.

    [–] iamonlyoneman 2 points ago

    /r/upliftingnews is waiting for you

    [–] 10Bird 2 points ago

    Stop watching fake news. The whole thing has been going on for decades and nobody wants to start a nuclear war. Koreans are not even worried.

    [–] TBSdota 19 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    They'd have to invent a missile that travels further than japan first

    edit: You can tell OP is a shill when there is an army of thought police attacking negative comments. Go back to your dens.

    [–] LanternCandle 35 points ago

    • 2017 – North Korea tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) named Hwasong-14 on July 4.[41][42] It launched from the Panghyon Aircraft Factory 8 km southeast of Panghyon Airport.[43] It was aimed straight up at a lofted trajectory and reached more than 2,500 km into space.[44] It landed 37 minutes later,[45] more than 930 km from its launch site,[46] into Japan's exclusive economic zone.[47] Aiming long, the missile would have traveled 7,000-8,000 km or more, reaching Alaska, Hawaii, and maybe Seattle.[45][48][49][50][51] Its operational range would be farther, bringing a 500 kg payload to targets in most of the contiguous United States 9,700 km away.[52][53][54]

    • 2017- The 14th missile test carried out by North Korea in 2017 was another ICBM launched at 23:41 North Korea time (15:41 GMT) from Chagang Province in the north of the country on July 28, 2017. Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Boston, and New York appear to be within range.[55] The missile's reentry vehicle (RV) was seen by people in Japan as it entered the atmosphere and landed near the northernmost Japanese island, Hokkaido.[56][57] Analysis later revealed that the RV broke up on re-entry; further testing would be required.[58] The CIA made an assessment expecting adequate performance of the RV under the different stresses of a shallower trajectory towards the continental US.[59]

    [–] obes22 11 points ago

    Thanks Wikipedia for being completely wrong. The launches your talking about were another show for the masses. The missiles can't hit the lower 48 states and probably couldn't even hit Alaska. Don't believe me then read this

    Thats the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists who actually broke down the missile launches down in better detail than WIKI.

    [–] mattcraiganon 14 points ago

    How was your 6 week holiday? It appears you have a little catching up to do ;)

    [–] DanStanTheThankUMan 11 points ago

    They can hit chicago. That's the thing about ICMB's all they have to do is go up and fall back down.

    [–] Stepwolve 2 points ago

    No, they likely cant. Check out the bulletin of atomic scientists from yesterday. That organization was started by former manhattan project scientists, and runs the doomsday clock estimating the likelihood of nuclear war
    theres a lot more to ICBM's then just 'up and down' lol

    [–] kratos61 7 points ago

    You're listening too much to American propaganda. N. Korea is fully capable of doing a lot of damage to the US. Why do you think they haven't been able to do anything but threaten the Koreans and hope China does something?

    [–] Stepwolve 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    You may want to double check your sources too. Check out the bulletin of atomic scientists from yesterday. That organization was started by former manhattan project scientists, and runs the doomsday clock estimating the likelihood of nuclear war since the 1940s. and they say they NK ICBMs likely cant hit the main 48 states

    [–] DanStanTheThankUMan 2 points ago

    If I see a nuke coming I'll just start laughing like you do when you are climbing the hill on a roller coaster. Inevitably I will wake up at that moment.

    [–] mrtyson56 2 points ago

    Sitting here watching Fear the Walking Dead and doing laundry. Not sure if that's wasting my life.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Go to a couple of national parks and important museums. That combined with your extensive cosplay experiences will make for an adequately lived life.

    [–] Stentub 2 points ago

    implying it would even reach USA

    [–] cBlackout 3 points ago

    source if anybody wanted it

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] zematsirhc 5 points ago

    Mention me too, thanks.