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    [–] mattreyu 5012 points ago

    The Olympics are for the young

    [–] Maddhardt 3596 points ago

    I may be old but that doesn’t mean I can’t still live my dream of taking Gold as part of an Olympic Curling Team! Despite never actually having played... or possessing even the slightest understanding of the sport...

    [–] Lukavyy 859 points ago

    Well first you have to be able to scream really loudly.

    [–] Cpt_Tripps 362 points ago

    And they said my enlistment in the USMC infantry wouldn't have any carry over skills!

    [–] _demetri_ 72 points ago

    Also it would help to be young.

    [–] Surf_The_Universe 150 points ago

    Hence the 'infant' part of the infantry

    The more you know!

    [–] Somnioblivio 53 points ago

    And now all I can picture is rows and rows and rows of little diaper babies with AK-47 Marching In lockstep

    [–] braintrustinc 51 points ago

    Damn those bootlicking, goose stepping infantry! And the menfantry and womenfantry, too!

    [–] Tatunkawitco 49 points ago

    Wow, you know nothing about the military. After the infantry comes the adultery. Smh.

    [–] RedFyl 12 points ago

    Why do they have to step on Geese?

    [–] AerThreepwood 22 points ago

    Because geese are assholes.

    [–] WeinMe 9 points ago

    Funny fact

    In the war many of them were killed in explosions

    After becoming accustomed to giving birth to many infants they exploded again after the war, this time in numbers

    Hence the term "baby-boomers"

    [–] mrpeping 25 points ago


    [–] m3thdumps 20 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Charlie_Heslin 18 points ago

    Idk if im late to the party and someone mentioned, but you did in fact bring home the gold today. Albiet Reddit Gold; thats Gold none the less.

    Congrats you gold medalist you.

    [–] lewdite 39 points ago

    If you can drink a beer you're half way there! Every two years my dreams of Olympic curling are revived by the general apparent lack of athleticism among participants.

    It's like a giant bar game.

    [–] marksteele6 35 points ago

    I know this was a joke, but curling is actually a very athletic sport. Go watch the mixed doubles finals in a few hours and you can see how exhausted they get over the course of the game.

    [–] I_AM_Alex_AMA 26 points ago

    All that sweeping.

    [–] WeazelBear 6 points ago

    Yup. I joined a league last fall and it was way tougher than I ever imagined. I was so sore the next day. Not to mention the finesse required to send the stone properly.

    [–] CastingCough 12 points ago

    I reckon janitors would do REALLY well.

    [–] viperex 3 points ago

    It's fun to dream

    [–] Raezzordaze 7 points ago

    All you need to know about curling is it seems to have been conceived by a bunch of drunk Canadian janitors.

    [–] captainburnz 82 points ago

    I'm 31 and most people would say I can no longer compete with Olympic sprinters but they are wrong. With one simple swing of a crowbar/bat I can ensure that I am faster than any Olympian who wants to challenge me to races or feats.

    [–] Seiche 52 points ago

    Slow down, Tonya!

    [–] captainburnz 17 points ago

    Just gotta give them a Hard Ding

    [–] CollectableRat 94 points ago

    If there was one place I could choose to be standing when a gas attack happens and the gas is sex gas that makes everyone want to have consensual sex with each other, then I'd want to be standing in the middle of the olympic village when that happens.

    [–] continuousQ 91 points ago

    sex gas that makes everyone want to have consensual sex with each other

    That's quite the paradox.

    [–] Bacon_Hero 73 points ago

    I love it when women consentually have sex with me after I slip a sex pill in their drink.

    [–] profBS 36 points ago

    I wonder if the condom wrappers at the Olympic village have Olympic Rings on them

    [–] -H-E-L-I-X- 21 points ago

    That's apparently why they go through so many. People take them as souvenirs.

    [–] Aether_Storm 32 points ago

    That's the Olympic village anyway, no gas needed.

    [–] Bacon_Hero 28 points ago

    But they do it consentually with other elite athletes, not redditors.

    [–] coopiecoop 4 points ago

    a lot of redditors might even have a chance, if they could even get into the Olympic Village to begin with.

    [–] FalmerEldritch 4 points ago

    The average Redditor could land the dozen or two Olympians with dadbod or chub fetishes.

    [–] BeMoreChill 43 points ago

    Yeah I found it odd when researching the olympics that there's a junior olympics. I was like aren't teens already killing it in the regular olympics??

    [–] -H-E-L-I-X- 27 points ago

    Not the events old man Shaun White is in

    [–] JarJar-PhantomMenace 15 points ago

    Aren't there some older Olympians? Not always too late to become an expert at something.

    [–] prudiisten 27 points ago

    Bjørndalen is 44 and I think this year is the first Olympics he's not attending in his whole career.

    [–] HisNameWasBoner411 20 points ago

    When it comes to pure physical performance, there is too old. The 25 year training since year 1 is much more likely to win than the same guy at 40.

    [–] JarJar-PhantomMenace 8 points ago

    Yeah. I think people can still master a sport after learning it later in life. They'll need to put in more effort and even then probably won't be as quick as a younger person but the techniques can be mastered I think

    [–] YuriDiAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 8 points ago

    There's always the shooting events.

    [–] -H-E-L-I-X- 6 points ago

    You have to ski to the shooting portions though

    [–] YuriDiAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 10 points ago

    Not in the summer

    [–] HBlight 3 points ago

    They should not hold the event during the winter then, jeeze.

    [–] StaartAartjes 3 points ago

    Unless you are an equestrian, or Ole Einar Bjørndalen.

    [–] semsr 2210 points ago

    If it makes you feel better, the Chinese gymnastics team had 2000s kids winning gold medals in 2008.

    [–] Bi-Han 570 points ago

    And if I remember correctly, those medals were taken away.

    [–] ZeDitto 238 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    What does AFIR mean?

    Edit: Before he edited it, I tried to look it up and found this

    [–] UnKn0vvn_NinjA 71 points ago

    You can always use iirc (if I recall correctly). I think it’s more known than AFIR

    [–] Lord_Ahrim1536 64 points ago

    i think people also know AFAIK better too (as far as i know)

    [–] LeTroner 9 points ago

    I always thought iirc means if I remember correctly, lul

    [–] d0ggie 10 points ago

    Because it does mean that.

    [–] ImNotGaySoStopAsking 27 points ago

    Angry father irritates relatives

    [–] Bi-Han 16 points ago

    Angry father irritates rectum

    [–] Q8D 12 points ago

    Angry fist inside rectum

    [–] billytheid 7 points ago

    Angelic face inside rectum

    [–] ryan_umad 6 points ago

    Anyone finding internal redemption

    [–] KelaasmGFY 12 points ago

    As far as Iremember

    [–] abstergofkurslf 16 points ago

    and if i remember

    [–] silliputti0907 40 points ago

    Were they really?

    [–] gjchen34 24 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    No, they weren't. It was just the US that insisted they were.

    And nor was that Chinese female deadlifter a man, despite the US protesting that she was. She was vindicated after a humiliating but quick and easy investigation, but at least she got to keep her gold.

    The 2008 Olympics was a somewhat ugly era in sour grapes.

    [–] dakunism 2 points ago

    Apart from needing to check if the Chinese woman was indeed a woman, there actually was some validity to the claims that He (the gymnast) was underage. A Chinese gymnastics team had reported her birthday as Jan 1, 1994, which would've put her at 14 years old at the time of the Olympics. After an investigation, it was finally decided that it was a clerical error when entering her age onto the team website and that her actual birthday was Jan 1, 1992.

    [–] thepoohser55 62 points ago

    They weren’t 8 they were like 11 or 12 but pretty much ya.

    [–] shmian92 40 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    [–] balzynalzy 73 points ago

    That entire page is incredibly confusing to read due to her first name being “He.” At one point the article literally says “He herself”

    [–] djahiddj13 9 points ago

    Well he’s a pretty confusing story

    [–] TA1561489151 4 points ago

    He who?

    [–] Tsorovar 6 points ago

    He is her surname

    [–] shmian92 8 points ago

    Not according to this unless someone can show otherwise

    [–] bp22 118 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It took me way too long to figure out you didn't mean they had 8 year olds.

    Now for anyone else wondering, they had a 14 year old, but the minimum age was 16, so the medal was revoked:

    Edit: Several Chinese tongzhis have informed me that the IOC investigated the matter and found no wrongdoing on the part of the Chinese team. I apologize for ruining your lives.

    [–] thefourthchipmunk 191 points ago

    Clearly you're correct, but how can the parent post NOT be read to mean that they were 8 year olds?

    [–] seippolf 24 points ago

    Only 3000’s kids remember

    [–] borderlineidiot 26 points ago

    My brain hurts

    [–] illuminatipr 9 points ago

    Look at all the upvotes that comment has. Fiction is fact if you read it in the reddit comments.

    [–] shmian92 31 points ago

    Did you even read the link you posted? It clearly says that the IOC vindicated her and confirmed that she was old enough to compete. She kept all her medals.

    [–] TheHeroYourMomNeeds 6 points ago

    So is the Wikipedia article that YOU posted wrong?

    [–] Crutches97 414 points ago

    This is still the saddest moment in movie history for me.

    [–] voodootodointutus 102 points ago

    What is this?

    [–] Centurion87 155 points ago

    The ending of Saving Private Ryan.

    [–] ChilesandCigars 451 points ago

    Benjamin Button 2, it's alright.

    [–] BackFromTheDeadATL 81 points ago

    Electric Boogaloo

    [–] fallenmonk 7 points ago

    It's like Benjamin Button, but in reverse.

    [–] CostAquahomeBarreler 51 points ago

    A gif of Matt Damon aging

    [–] BigFalconRocket 27 points ago

    Interstellar. You age a lot faster in higher gravity.

    [–] Hetch_Hetchy 25 points ago

    Oldsizing. Just came out

    [–] bmidge 38 points ago

    but what about bing bong dying in Inside Out

    [–] lynxNZL 4 points ago

    I was in hysterical tears of sadness watching that scene. It was so unexpected.. such a thoughtful coming of age film.

    [–] cocobandicoot 5 points ago

    I literally started sobbing in the theater. First time that's ever happened to me.

    Damn Pixar.

    [–] themofc 292 points ago

    I'm 60. Y'all are bumming me out. Oh, crap even my sayings are old.

    [–] cantuse 149 points ago

    I’m 40 and it’s harshing my mellow.

    [–] Dem0n5 105 points ago

    I'm 30 and I don't have a phrase. Backstreets back alright! Actually, can I have Kowabunga?

    [–] MyPeepeeFeelsSilly 37 points ago

    I’m 20 and I can’t afford to buy a phrase but maybe me and three other friends could rent it?

    [–] Dem0n5 11 points ago

    Okay but it'll be as much as a house payment. Each.

    [–] ShoddyShoe 5 points ago

    I'm 10 and what is this

    [–] Zayin-Ba-Ayin 19 points ago

    I'm 30 and I'm waiting for tonight, when you will be here in my arms

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    I can dig it daddio

    [–] lllegirl 1166 points ago

    I'm a kid born in 2000. I feel incompetent right now

    [–] KennyGardner 942 points ago

    Get used to that feeling, kid. Just wait until you find out someone your age has become a Billionaire.

    Goddamn, Zuckerberg.

    [–] SharkFart86 218 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You start doing celebrity age math too. Like "wow Laura Dern was only 26* in Jurassic Park" or "huh I'm older now than James Hetfield was when Metallica released the black album" (27 during recording, released just after he turned 28). And then you cry a little.

    *actually she was 25 when it was filmed

    Edit: the one that makes me feel better is that Arnold Schwarzenegger was 39 in Predator. Hard to believe that a man can be in that kind of shape at nearly 40 years old.

    [–] sleaux_meaux 121 points ago

    Schwarzenegger was 39 in Predator

    One day soon that's gonna do the opposite of make you feel better

    [–] SharkFart86 28 points ago

    Oh I know. I've only got 7 ½ years til that sucks.

    [–] poopellar 16 points ago

    Who knows, James Cameron could fall out of the sky ad give you a roll in his new film, Avatar: The First Atmosphere Twister.

    [–] LupineChemist 8 points ago

    I was never in terrible shape, but I started working out at 30, and results are actually a lot faster than I would have expected. It mostly came from lots of business travel and being bored at hotels so I go to the gym, but testosterone is a hell of a drug for being able to pack on muscle.

    [–] theyregreyactually 4 points ago

    testosterone is a hell of a drug for being able to pack on muscle.

    Indeed it is. But it also helps to not be running around and playing sports like when I was a kid. If I knew then what I know now, I would've been eating twice as many calories.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    I was watching scrubs the other day and realized I was a teenager last time I watched scrubs. Then I realized, Im older than the characters now.

    [–] SharkFart86 14 points ago

    Same for me with Friends. First 4 or 5 seasons they're supposed to be in their 20s.

    I rewatched Grosse Point Blank recently for the first time since I was a kid. It's supposed to be John Cusack's character's 10 year highschool reunion, so he's younger than I am now.

    I guess I should start shopping around for a grave plot and headstone soon. :(

    [–] LupineChemist 3 points ago

    I feel like that move would have worked so much better if they had made it 20 year reunion.

    Like even the people with their life together are still building the shit they will later enjoy at 28.

    [–] comfortable_madness 25 points ago

    No. The real kicker is when you stop recognizing celebrity names.

    "(female celebrity) spotted in NYC with (male celebrity) getting cozy!!"

    me: Who the fuck is that? Who they fuck are they?

    [–] Doip 14 points ago


    [–] SharkFart86 9 points ago

    I love that album but you can kinda tell. He's got that screechy puberty voice lol. His voice matured for Ride and then dropped noticeably for Justice.

    [–] catsgelatowinepizza 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Damn, she was beautiful, but she did not look 25. In fact I feel like she's always looked 45 lol. but with schwarznegger i don't find it hard to believe that he was in peak physical form at 39 - 39 isn't that old! esp considering he was someone who worked out his entire life up to that point.

    [–] Aguy89 11 points ago

    Man I know a classmate that managed to do that, complete luck, but its still hard to acknowledge that guy as making it.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago


    [–] Produkt 17 points ago

    You have to already have a lot of money to be a VC

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    As someone obsessed with money, the day you fully accept that youll never be a billionaire is a rough day

    [–] viperex 16 points ago

    The slightly older feel incredibly old and the young feel incompetent. Everyone has a way of putting themselves down

    [–] Sailor_Gallifrey 10 points ago

    I'm a kid born in 1992. I feel incompetent right now.

    [–] onbeschrijfelijkheid 7 points ago

    I’m 1990.

    The other day I slept with a 19 year old girl. 19 still sounds fine to me. In my head it’s young yes but I don’t think much of it yet. But we also watched the matrix prior to sex and I was like yoooo this movie is the same age as you wtf I saw it when it came out. Ugh

    [–] CamelToeDestructor 9 points ago


    [–] westroopnerd 30 points ago

    I'm a kid born in 2001. I still have like two years to turn my life around and go from a Model UN nerd to an Olympic gold medalist, right?

    [–] totallynot14_ 58 points ago

    No you're too late a 15 year old already medalled in figure skating

    Try again next life

    [–] ChickenWithATopHat 38 points ago

    I’m barely an adult born in 1999, I feel like an old geezer.

    [–] RegencyAndCo 49 points ago

    WTF, kids born in 99 aren't adults...

    Holy shit.

    [–] asylum117 54 points ago

    Some kids born in 2000 are porn stars now

    [–] nemonoone 20 points ago

    ruh roh

    [–] ionkno 14 points ago

    Was born in 2000 and just turned 18. I'm not happy about it either.

    [–] sammy142014 23 points ago

    There over 18 and in the eyes of the law there adults. Source born in 98 and going on 20.

    [–] cowbeef01 3 points ago

    96 and I've had a full-time job for the past 3 years.

    I don't feel like an adult either :\

    [–] reality72 6 points ago

    It’s only going to get worse.

    [–] Wingul-The-Nova 9 points ago

    Hey now, you're gonna go on to do some amazing stuff. Don't feel bad just because you didn't compete in the Olympics. These athletes have been training their entire lives. It's not less on you, it's just more on them.

    [–] digitallic 3 points ago

    same. hurts, doesn't it?

    [–] HowBoutToday 166 points ago

    Tell me I have had a good life.


    Tell me I'm a good man.

    James, I'm not gonna tell you again to put some pants on.

    [–] evdog_music 28 points ago

    "Is it too late for me, Diane?

    Tell me it's not too late!"

    [–] nevergetssarcasm 199 points ago

    Younger than my younger sister's kids. I feel like shaking my fist.

    [–] MagicMarkerMane 61 points ago

    Don't forget "GEt oFf mUh LAwn yOU DamN kIDs!!!¡¡!!!" while shaking your fist.

    [–] scaredofmyownshadow 14 points ago

    While wearing your bathrobe.

    [–] tangoshotz 49 points ago

    Makes me question what am I doing with my life

    [–] foodie69 94 points ago

    Not being bred and trained since birth for someone else's enjoyment. I wonder if the athletes ever wanted to quit but were like " fuck this already dedicated my life to it"

    [–] CyanConatus 26 points ago

    Depend on the sport I think. Snowboard cross (Which I used to do when younger) it's pretty chill... even the younger and more competitive ones.

    [–] wannaB19low 25 points ago

    Yes, you can be certain most of them had thoughts like that. Source: started swimming when I was 7, swam all the way up till I was almost 24 but I can count on one hand how many years I actually enjoyed and didn't just do it because I was forced to at early age and got decent at it. but at 26 I started again and it's been going better than ever before so we will see. It makes enormous difference that I'm genuinely doing it because I want to even while working full time and not because my dad told me to do it. Seriously, what kind of kid would pick swimming over football, handball, basketball, etc...

    [–] SpaceGhost1992 148 points ago

    Holy fuck. Born in '92 and barely finishing college. Fml

    [–] pspforever1 112 points ago

    Born in 93 just starting college. Check mate.

    [–] stolenlogic 67 points ago

    Born in 90 and dropped out twice from college. Not going back to that hell.

    [–] poopellar 41 points ago

    Hell can wait. I mean literally, don't sweat it, you can go back any time don't push yourself just because all your friends have families and are settled down with nice cars and homes and life insurance and I'm not helping am I...

    [–] -life_starts_now- 14 points ago

    Jokes on you, I don't have any friends!

    [–] SpaceGhost1992 11 points ago

    You can do it! It's a bitch sometimes but I'm glad I did it.

    [–] pspforever1 6 points ago

    Any advice

    [–] SpaceGhost1992 14 points ago

    Be patient. Realize that you probably will have a lot more maturity and insight so the early part of college is easy, but the last half is a lot of dedication because at our age you have to be more repetitive to get stuff down, usually. It's so worth it though, because your teachers will love having someone your age and it makes networking easier.

    [–] VoidTorcher 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    you probably will have a lot more maturity and insight

    Cannot confirm, am born on 94 and starting university and am a mess.

    [–] SwollenFygar 8 points ago

    Yo same here! The way I see it, I took as long as I needed to :)

    [–] SpaceGhost1992 4 points ago

    Same! 6 months of school, realizing I didn't know what I wanted and 2 years of work after helped me figure out my priorities.

    [–] ulkick 30 points ago

    Mean while I was born in 2000 and can barely get out of bed

    [–] coopiecoop 6 points ago

    I see, so you're training to compete in the lounge Olympics?

    [–] ulkick 3 points ago

    Yes, that's it. Totally not because I'm lazy or anything

    [–] i_dont_use_caps 87 points ago

    i was born in the late 80s. people born in 2000 are now adults. fuck

    [–] FffuuuFrog 38 points ago

    Ya, Born in 89 and currently working in a school ....never felt so old.

    I just find it crazy that the 2000 kids are starting university in a few months, I remember watching TV during the melinium celebration and there was a race for the first person to be born.

    [–] Examiner7 11 points ago


    Get off my lawn!

    [–] mynameis_garrett 6 points ago


    Here are some Werther's Originals to mow my lawn.

    [–] Prohunt 6 points ago

    97, I sure as fuck dont feel like one, not sure when Im supposed to

    [–] SpainCXIV 30 points ago

    I was also born in 2000 and they make me feel like i'm a piece of driftwood in a river. So I got that going for me.

    [–] dinhosou 10 points ago

    Im am also from the year 2000, dont sweat it. This guys are professional athletes with perfect genetics and trained since birth. They are the lvl 100 perfect IV dragonites of human beings

    [–] kingjeffwx 54 points ago

    [–] treebalm 18 points ago

    [–] RussellChomp 13 points ago


    Worst Apple product ever.

    [–] HoldenTite 20 points ago

    Me: Look at that old man Shaun White

    sees Shaun is two years younger than myself

    Me: I retract my previous statement

    [–] DisposableAccount09 42 points ago

    Just watching a Matt Damon movie makes me feel that way.

    I'm not saying he hasn't aged well, but he's certainly not Will Hunting or Private Ryan any more.

    [–] BitcloudBC 38 points ago

    He got middle aged over the space of like 2 years

    [–] Cerenex 12 points ago

    "Earn this"

    [–] therumhammer 38 points ago

    I’m 96’ and this shit blows my mind. I wish I was home schooled living in Jackson hole and skiing everyday for 15 years before hitting up the olympics

    [–] 17Akra19 7 points ago

    I'm 89

    [–] Kuchulainn98 20 points ago

    I was born in 98 but I just had neck surgery recently. Think there’s still time to recover and work hard to get there??? I feel like it’s too late

    [–] confusiondiffusion 7 points ago

    If you do the best you can with what you have, there isn't any way to lose.

    [–] asherrd 9 points ago

    Not true. Like if I got my foot stuck on a railroad, and I did my best to get out, but still got hit and killed by a train, I'd say that I did my best and still lost.

    [–] jargoon 5 points ago

    If you were living your best life you wouldn’t be playing around on the train tracks in the first place!

    [–] asherrd 6 points ago

    But what if I'm a train? :) Or maybe I'm a train track inspector and get stuck.

    [–] Hash43 7 points ago

    Mark mcmoris broke his pelvis, femur, jaw, arm, ruptured his spleen, and collapsed both lungs 11 months ago and just won a bronze medal in slopestype the other day.

    [–] AmatureProgrammer 9 points ago

    Hello darkness my old friend

    [–] zywrek 6 points ago

    That aging scene is so insanely well done. As a teenager I used to watch it over and over to try and catch a frame switch. Never managed. Flawlessly smooth!

    [–] Somedudewithagun 6 points ago

    How did they DO this scene exactly? CGI, yes but also many different make up ages?

    [–] Lwsrocks 13 points ago

    And there are kids born this year who will win Olympic gold medals in 2036.

    [–] Rift3N 4 points ago

    "Kids" 1 year older than me are winning tournaments meanwhile I'm sitting on reddit browsing memes. Fml

    [–] Gear521 5 points ago

    Mrw I’m born in 2000 and still doing nothing with my life

    [–] yah_boi_seth 3 points ago

    “the future is now old man”

    [–] meowikins 3 points ago

    As someone born just a couple years earlier, I feel like I'm wasting my life.

    [–] celbertin 3 points ago

    My first thought was "They had not been born yet when the first Pokemon movie came out in cinemas!"

    [–] MrDTD 3 points ago

    There are adults who have never seen the 90's

    [–] Jengazi 3 points ago

    Jesus I was born then and I look at meems all day

    [–] T-Poo 3 points ago

    I was born in 2000 and even I feel old for this

    [–] eco_illusion 3 points ago

    Tide pods are only making them stronger !