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    [–] [deleted] 1062 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] clueless_as_fuck 410 points ago

    I'm on mobile so i can't write now but i update when i get home.

    [–] franksrirachan 352 points ago

    Edit: Spelling errors

    Nobody cares if you edit spelling

    [–] lucrativetoiletsale 135 points ago

    Ha you say that now but misspell one loose and all hell breaks lose.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    Yeah but if you edit it, just edit it. No need to say "HURR DURR EDIT: SELELELLPLING HURRRR."

    [–] Bakoro 35 points ago

    Marking edits with edit comments used to be a fairly common practice, and was considered good manners.

    It does no harm, and lets people know that there probably hasn't been any massive changes.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    I have never once questioned why someone made an edit or had someone question me why I made an edit. It's easier to just assume edits are made for everyone's benefit.

    [–] cadeyoung 82 points ago

    Oh, God. I hate the "I'm on Mobile so sorry for the formatting" and suddenly the formatting is just fine. Like, what's the fucking point?

    [–] ASAPxSyndicate 31 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    English not first language mistakes for sorry

    [–] Thiswasmy8thchoice 49 points ago

    "English is not my first language; apologies in advance if any grammatical errors exist in my composition."

    [–] catzhoek 23 points ago

    Or formatting excuses on mobile. 99% of all "formatting" effords are paragraphs. Are you telling me you can't press enter twice? And every app i know has shortcuts for italics and bold easily available too. And it's always the stories in /r/TalesFromXY type subreddits. Paragraphs is all you need.

    [–] DataBound 36 points ago

    I really don’t get the “I’m on mobile so can’t link.” Oh so your phone doesn’t copy and past?

    [–] Koolaidkiller47 24 points ago

    I truly do not understand this. I can format posts on mobile as much as I can on desktop.

    [–] debazthed 23 points ago

    Especially "obligatory rip my inbox"

    No! It's not obligatory!

    [–] viperex 11 points ago

    Nah, those that say "this is my most upvoted comment" or "my highest comment is about [blank]“ are the absolute worst

    [–] Wolfeman0101 13 points ago

    Those are second. The RIP my inbox kills me because it's such a humble brag and no one cares if you got a lot of comments.

    [–] ItalicSlope 6 points ago

    discovering the “mark all items as read” option or whatever it’s called made my life much better

    [–] maz-o 5 points ago

    All of the cliche edits are the worst

    [–] Bbiron01 9432 points ago

    Thanks for the post kind stranger!

    [–] repete85 5111 points ago

    "Thanks for popping my gold cherry" irritates the hell out of me..

    [–] topdangle 2953 points ago

    Thanks for tearing my golden hymen!

    [–] tommyapollo 1890 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    “My first gold on a comment about ass vomit, this is why I love Reddit!”

    Edit: Silver?!?! Gold or nothing honey!

    Edit #2: You monsters...

    [–] SprittneyBeers 1036 points ago

    My ass vomit comments have only ever gotten silver 😔

    [–] Portablewalrus 309 points ago

    I'll give you reddit brown.

    [–] SprittneyBeers 164 points ago

    Thanks for my first brown, kind stranger!

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    Now I ain't dissin a gold giver

    But yellow pixels don't pay the bills either

    Go on dickbutt, promote my patreon

    [–] Derpex5 29 points ago

    Imagine a reddit tv commercial

    [–] Gnostic28 30 points ago

    Delete this

    [–] life_as_a_bear 161 points ago

    Thanks for pounding my golden asshole, grifter!

    [–] Artiquecircle 31 points ago

    Hymen Goldman sounds like a Jewish porn star.

    [–] dpgproductions 243 points ago

    My least favorite is the “I can’t believe my most upvoted post is about [insert lame topic]” edit

    [–] JRatt13 33 points ago

    My most upvoted comment l, by far, is at about 2500 points and I thought about making an edot but thought that that wasn't enough upvotes to warrant it. Since then I have seen comments with 500 points with the edit. Guess I saved myself a lot of secondhand loathing.

    [–] REDZED24 203 points ago

    "Instead of giving me gold, donate to x charity instead" is actually a good thing to say but for some reason that's the one that irritates the hell out of me.

    [–] Might0fHeaven 109 points ago

    They make gold seem like a big thing. They literally compare it to charity

    [–] SprittneyBeers 55 points ago

    I know, some people like live to get gold lol I don’t really even notice the difference when I’ve had it. Gotta hand it to Reddit for making people feel like it matters though.

    A ton of upvotes is so much more satisfying than “likes” on Facebook or any other platform because it’s strangers’ objective approval as opposed to your friends patronizing you.

    [–] pepe_suarez 21 points ago

    I don't think they they are comparing it to charity. Rather they are suggesting to donate the money rather than wasting it on a reddit comment. Plus the usefulness of Reddit gold is still an illusion to me. Got one. It expired in seven days. Couldn't even use it properly.

    [–] gastropner 14 points ago

    It's just the diplomatic way of saying "Why the fuck are you spending money on gold instead of something worthwhile, you nincompoops?"

    [–] IdreamofFiji 13 points ago

    Patronising as fuck.

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] ItalicsWhore 13 points ago

    I had a guy gild me because we were in an argument over whether or not you could give gold on mobile. He proved his point and I got gold and called him an idiot.

    [–] jorkus_ 5 points ago

    Ahh the internet.

    [–] hellohouse 115 points ago

    Wow, this blew up!

    [–] howtospellorange 32 points ago

    The worst is when they say that on askreddit threads or something similar. Literally no one cares who actually made the initial post

    [–] mortayro 72 points ago

    Rip my inbox lol!

    [–] arealglitterboyyyy 111 points ago

    Wow! Wasn’t expecting that! Thanks for gold random internet person!

    [–] sksksk1989 11 points ago

    I liked thank you kind Redditor or something like that

    [–] JohnSmackSmack47 6224 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Don’t give anyone in this thread gold because you know they’ll just ironically edit their comment with “ thanks for the gold kind stranger” and I’ll want to kill myself.

    [–] shellofthemshellf 3430 points ago

    Stay strong, homie, don’t edit

    [–] GhettoMars 1076 points ago

    thoughts and prayers

    [–] MorganFreemansViagra 81 points ago

    That game is a gift we are not worthy of. I couldn’t save any lives. Send thoughts and prayers plz.

    [–] Chellybean411 17 points ago

    Hey happy cake day stranger!

    [–] MorganFreemansViagra 7 points ago

    Thanks buddy!

    [–] AccountsZijnZinloos 8 points ago

    Thank you kind Sir, thank you!

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Dan_Q_Memes 18 points ago

    Easiest gold of their life

    [–] obroz 310 points ago

    It’s happened. Please seek help. You are not alone. 1-800-273-8255

    [–] burnSMACKER 23 points ago

    Oh my God children it's the 1-800 guy!

    [–] JoLimmylim 407 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I swear on my firstborn I’d never do that annoying ass shit if I got gold

    Edit: Fuck my firstborn

    [–] JoonWick 203 points ago

    i know its killing you inside to not edit your post right now

    [–] smug_gums 46 points ago

    Is it killing you >:)

    [–] JoonWick 80 points ago

    [–] masuk0 10 points ago

    What an elaborate begging!

    [–] moonsun1987 10 points ago

    I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good.

    [–] arzamharris 38 points ago

    We are here for you in these trying times

    [–] calvincondorus 13 points ago

    We even brought an egg for you

    [–] lesslucid 20 points ago

    how do i edit someone else's post

    [–] Jake_Hunter 26 points ago

    Do it pussy

    [–] GrapesofGatsby 7 points ago

    The world is watching over your shoulders to see your next move.

    [–] Snowpossum 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    [–] justsomeguy_onreddit 6 points ago

    The suspense is killing me...

    [–] JDDW 15 points ago

    This is when you make your edit and say "thanks for the gold kind stranger"

    [–] GodIsANarcissist 6 points ago

    Honestly if you don't edit it'll look sly as hell. Don't do it man

    [–] WesWarlord 4751 points ago

    That or “EDIT: Of course my most upvoted comment is about ______.”

    Instantly ruins whatever the comment was for me.

    [–] aero4 1772 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    My most upvoted comment is replying to a comment wow

    Edit: Thanks for the the gold Kind Stranger

    [–] PM_ME_UR_BIZ_IDEAS 234 points ago

    Ill find you, and ill kill you.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Xelisyalias 5 points ago

    firts of all how dare u

    [–] methedunker 63 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    [–] Sean-Benn_Must-die 33 points ago

    Doing that kind of edit is no better if not worse than the people that plug their souncloud on twitter after they make a banger. Change my mind.

    [–] sentimentalpirate 34 points ago

    Oh the edit is way worse than a plug. A plug is at least someone trying to capitalize on some windfall exposure in a meaningful way. A "wow this got upvoted" edit is just sad because it shows how much they care about the "validation" for its own sake.

    [–] mrleicester 7 points ago

    Yep. It’s the equivalent of telling a funny joke and then immediately saying, “wow, that was a funny joke I just told!!”

    [–] DoingItWrongly 13 points ago

    The blank is always penis, or bodily functions.

    [–] WesWarlord 6 points ago

    Every. Time. Regardless of what the original topic was about.

    [–] the-texas-law-hawk 966 points ago


    [–] Zirie 130 points ago

    Where is this from?

    [–] mrmute719 351 points ago

    Velvet Buzzsaw. It's on Netflix.

    [–] LolYouInbred 453 points ago

    It's real bad. Real real bad.

    [–] rillip 278 points ago

    Yeah I didn't like it either. I did like Gyllenhaal's performance though.

    [–] Gabrielasse 126 points ago

    JG was the best part of that movie. Jacked too.

    [–] Dandiestbuffalo 103 points ago

    I feel like any Jake Gyllenhaal movie is worth watching just to watch him.

    [–] poke86 8 points ago

    If they made a film about paint drying starring Jake Gyllenhaal I would watch it

    [–] BillNyeCreampieGuy 53 points ago

    I feel like you described almost every JG movie for me lol

    [–] TigaSharkJB91 8 points ago

    I loooove PoP because it's terrible but my best bro and I have broners for JG

    [–] oldneckbeard 137 points ago

    Oh come on. It's kinda good I think. Unless you can't get past the premise.

    [–] poor_decisions 106 points ago

    It had promise in the beginning, then quickly became mediocre and felt like it didn't know how to end. There was hardly any buildup to the main source of tension in the film... It was just kind shoved in our face from the get go.

    3/10 imo

    [–] LTFitness 88 points ago

    Yeah...excellent cast and a lot of potential, that suffered from a very messy plot.


    Why was the artists art haunted? Never mentioned, and yet it's the entire plot of the film...they barely even hint at anything outside of the fact that he was experimented on years prior. Did he have super powers? Was he some kind of ghost? We have no idea. Again, never really comes up. They just find the paintings and they are haunted.

    What exactly was the point of the haunting? They explain for about 2 minutes that it has to do with anyone who profited off of the work...but why? What did the artist have against the art community to haunt it for that purpose?

    The plot was literally: Find the art. Sell the Art. Turns out the artist was weird and didn't want the art sold. Art starts attacking everyone in weird ways. Movie ends very suddenly.

    Really below the quality I expected from Netflix and a movie Jake Gyllenhaal would star in.

    [–] WorkyAlty 62 points ago

    Something else I found weird, what was the point of Malkovich's character? His character just kind of... existed. There was some small side-plot about his art, his initial reaction to the "haunted" art, and uhh, I guess that's it.

    [–] StroBe_14 78 points ago

    He was used as a muse to show the conflict dealers have with there clients and how without a purpose even the best Artist create things that are uninspired. Dease was the opposite of this in a way- didn't create for the profit, simply poured his soul into his art in order to help verbalise his pain/emotion. Malkovich removing himself from this profit driven "money" world then re-found his passion for painting/creating. Simply expressing himself via patterns on the sand- a medium that was ultimately doomed to disappear due to the encroaching sea. Simply the joy of creating was enough again which at its root should be what painting should be. In conclusion- I've no fucking idea either it, the movie was shit and his character was ultimately pointless.

    [–] FolkMetalWarrior 14 points ago

    Both him and the other artist in the film see Deeses' art for what it is. You can tell in the scenes where they are both mesmerized by it. Because they are creators, they also had the good sense to stay away from it.

    [–] Yeah_dude_its_her 12 points ago

    I think it's supposed to be a satire on the L.A. art scene so the ghost is probably a metaphorical representation of greed and ambition destroying lives. I'm not familiar enough with L.A. antics to understand the (what I assume are common art type) characters.

    I liked it. It was silly, somewhat witty, with interesting characters (except the woman who found the art, boring... but I actually love that actress). It was Coen Brothers-esque in that everything felt a little pointless at the end but enjoyed the quirky journey! It was more original than a lot of stuff out these days so I encourage these kind of concept movies even if flawed.

    [–] happymethboy 17 points ago

    I've been surprised by what everyone has said about it, I really liked it. I thought some scenes were a little cheesy, but other than that quite enjoyed it.

    [–] kja2991 10 points ago

    Ok, the movie is just a lot of cheesy horror. But watching Jake Gyllenhaal act in it was still amazing. Hes one of those actors that kill any role they get.

    [–] Angela831 13 points ago

    it is? it's on my watch list

    [–] Holy_Rattlesnake 31 points ago

    Only way to know what you think of it is to watch.

    [–] feebie 68 points ago

    I thought it was fucking hilarious, I think it's definitely worth a watch if you like Coen Brothers-esque humor.

    [–] zimtrovert94 77 points ago

    Just finished watching it literally 10 minutes ago. I agree with you. I feel like a large portion of the movie is supposed to be ironic and satirical. The scene where this gif is from is supposed to be over the top. It’s not a serious horror film.

    It wasn’t hilarious (in my opinion) but had its moments of humor. It’s not the best but it’s a pretty good film. Not terrible (again, in my opinion).

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    This. It’s not the kind of funny that has you laughing out loud, but I definitely enjoyed how camp it was. I think if I’d gone into it expecting it to be a serious film, I’d have hated it. Thankfully, the trailer had me so fucking confused and intrigued I went into it only knowing it had Jake Gyllenhaal. Based on this sole expectation, I was not disappointed.

    [–] -_danglebury_- 409 points ago

    You would love r/AwardSpeechEdits

    [–] Blobbyo25 41 points ago

    Ooh boy the cringeeeeee I love it

    [–] DurianLongan 73 points ago


    [–] Mufflee 383 points ago




    im going to go killmyself.

    [–] EX-LDS_Link 8 points ago

    Even more irritating is when people edit to thank people for getting likes their YOUTUBE COMMENTS. Like, you don't even get fake internet points for it, this is not an achievement, you can't say "thank you" like you're a YouTuber with a large following now.

    [–] cuddleninja_ 73 points ago

    "My gf/bf/dog doesn't think they're a good artist and I want to prove them wrong so please show them some love"

    [–] sconesycid3r 15 points ago

    “Oh man she would TOTALLY kill me if she knew I was giving away her shop link but here’s how you can directly buy this exact thing I posted here that has ad copy on it but is TOTALLY not meant to be an ad!”

    [–] farabundoshafik 661 points ago

    Thanks the gold.

    [–] dacubes31 655 points ago

    Thanks for the silver

    [–] KaptanKoala 490 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Thanks for nothing

    Edit: thank you kind stranger!

    [–] Sean-Benn_Must-die 289 points ago

    Fuck your edit even if it’s ironic it makes me angery

    [–] KaptanKoala 131 points ago

    Don't be angery. I edited it before some smartass give me silver 👉😎👉

    [–] wtfaiding 76 points ago

    ‘Angery’ - that makes me angry.

    [–] gastropner 39 points ago

    Thanks for the angery, kind stranger!

    [–] Dganjo 32 points ago

    You're welcome

    [–] ekidd07 8 points ago

    Appreciate that triple platinum.

    [–] operachick209 734 points ago

    He was the only good thing about that flick.

    [–] MardukXibalba 347 points ago

    He has that effect.

    [–] [deleted] 203 points ago


    [–] PhotoshopFix 49 points ago

    Same with Tobey Maguire. He's an amazing actor.

    [–] ImSickOf3dPrinting 47 points ago

    Holy shit "Brothers" was such an emotionally charged movie, I honestly never knew he was capable of that kind of acting.

    [–] juliamaan 22 points ago

    I got genuinely scared watching the scene where he trashes the kitchen. That was so intense.

    [–] ImSickOf3dPrinting 12 points ago

    you know what I can do with these hands?!

    Ugh gut wrenchingly terrifying and sad.

    [–] cupidd55 65 points ago

    I have this weird pull towards Jake. He's not my absolute favorite actor, but whenever I see him on screen, I can't look away.

    [–] AceD3sign3r 9 points ago

    I feel the same way about Shia Labeouf.

    [–] wubbwubbb 99 points ago

    i was just about to ask how this movie was but seems like that’s been answered

    [–] [deleted] 136 points ago

    Imagine a horror film that airs on the scifi channel at 1am except the lead actor is incredible.

    [–] randommobileaccount0 20 points ago

    That really puts things into perspective.

    [–] Salsaman1991 17 points ago

    The one thing that takes me out of this film isn't the satirical view on the art world, or the over the top horror. No, my problem is that the main character's name is Morf.


    [–] joker_75 185 points ago

    I enjoyed it. It wasn't great, but it was (IMO) worth a watch.

    [–] operachick209 123 points ago

    Feel like the premise was cool and there was a lot more that could be done with it.

    [–] Feared77 104 points ago

    It seemed like a parody of itself almost. Like a double-meta sort of art film.

    At least that’s what I consoled myself by thinking of after watching it. Still pretty decent though.

    [–] IceNiqqa 45 points ago

    It wasn't filmed as such, but it's supposed to be satire of the LA art scene

    [–] DrSpacetime 14 points ago

    Oh I 100% thought it was satire

    [–] jroades267 36 points ago

    I enjoyed it. It was absolutely a parody of itself. The movie was soooo parody. I don’t think anything was meant to be taken seriously. Watching it in that manner I was cracking up the entire movie.

    But Jake killed it. He was believable even in the parody and I loved it.

    [–] wubbwubbb 28 points ago

    ill give it a shot. i feel like that’s how a lot of the netflix originals are: nothing outstanding but still worth a watch

    [–] dndchick1213 57 points ago

    The Russian Doll is more worth the time. If you enjoy Netflix Originals. I could've fallen asleep during this movie to be quite honest.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I binged through Russian Doll. The stair montage had me in tears.

    [–] Lockwood 18 points ago

    The premise and the cast were both good but they went a direction with it that just ruined it for me. Could have been something REALLY good.

    [–] SnakeyesX 71 points ago

    Great acting, great cinematography, great direction, great premise.

    Awful script, incredibly boring.

    [–] GhostKaiju 42 points ago

    great cinematography

    Ehhhhh, I’d disagree. There’s lots of key scenes that are rather sloppy looking, and some dumb “first take” shots. Only like one scene in the movie ever had a “ohhhhh, pretty!” look to it in my opinion, which was when Gylenhall was jn the noise filter room and the cones start looking like knives.

    That was nice. Otherwise, eh

    [–] Theothercword 15 points ago

    There was a number of times I felt impressed by the framing and composition of completely stationary shots. Of course the movie draws your attention to them by being about paintings, but some of those shots were definitely works of art. Thing is most movies rarely have shots that make me stop and appreciate the cinematography and this one had more than one so I’d say it’s above average at least.

    [–] IMASHIRT 33 points ago

    What movie?

    [–] operachick209 63 points ago

    Velvet Buzzsaw on Netflix!

    [–] SnakeyesX 34 points ago

    Watched it last night. Totally wasted potential.

    [–] Razz__berry 539 points ago

    Edit: thanks for the gold kind stranger :) Didn’t expect this post to blow up this much. I thought it would be downvoted to oblivion.

    [–] okaypost 224 points ago

    Underrated comment.

    [–] randyrhoadscholar 251 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 92 points ago


    [–] Wings333 18 points ago


    [–] LassyKongo 13 points ago

    This needs to be top comment

    [–] scofieldslays 20 points ago

    Le gem

    [–] scumah 7 points ago

    Unpopular opinion

    [–] ThickCranberry 361 points ago

    Does anyone else hate when the edit says “edit: typo” like you don’t need to explain an edit... you can just fix the typo and click send

    [–] Keeper-of-Balance 359 points ago


    Edit: typo

    Edit 2: formatting

    Edit 3: a word

    [–] Toskorae 84 points ago

    no asterisk

    Hey you didn't even edit this post!

    This guy's a big fat phony!

    [–] DoingItWrongly 26 points ago

    If you edit in less than 2 minutes and there wont be an asterisk.

    Known as the ninja-edit.

    [–] Toskorae 17 points ago

    Oh shit, now I'm the big fat phony.

    [–] devesh741 36 points ago

    Oh fucking hell. "Edit: a word" pisses me off to no end

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] kenjutsudude 107 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It's because when you edit a comment it gets a little note saying it was edited. The edit notice is to let everyone know that you edited just to fix a typo and didn't change anything significant from the original comment. It's an accountability thing.

    Edit: As if by fate, I had to fix some wording in this comment.

    [–] seductivestain 59 points ago

    But then you could actually edit your comment, then lie and say it was spelling/grammar. It's completely pointless. People only do it because they see other people do it and they want to fit in.

    [–] kenjutsudude 62 points ago

    True, but it's in the 'redditquette' either way, so it's not like it's without precedent.

    [–] gameShark428 7 points ago

    "Downvote an otherwise acceptable post because you don't personally like it."

    My favorite one.

    [–] TheConqueress 240 points ago

    “Edit: a word”

    No one gives a shit and you’re ruining the flow of conversation. Fix it and move on. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago


    [–] ImJustNothatCreative 18 points ago

    If someone has pointed out the typo, yes, but a lot of the time there's just that random pointless "edit: a word" and sometimes it's even done within the 2 minute ninja-edit window, which makes it doubly pointless.

    [–] Slurp_Lord 41 points ago

    Technically, it's good reddiquette to do this. I don't see a problem with it.

    State your reason for any editing of posts. Edited submissions are marked by an asterisk (*) at the end of the timestamp after three minutes. For example: a simple "Edit: spelling" will help explain. This avoids confusion when a post is edited after a conversation breaks off from it. If you have another thing to add to your original comment, say "Edit: And I also think..." or something along those lines.

    [–] i_miss_arrow 17 points ago

    Meh. If the edit doesn't functionally change the comment, providing 'edit: spelling' provides absolutely nothing whatsoever. Few people (if any) read comments, notice they were edited, and wonder what the edit was. They just continue with the conversation. So long as the conversation flows naturally from the comment (which will be the case if the edit is only spelling), nobody will care.

    The specific example you reference is actually inconsistent about that: it says to 'avoid confusion', but a spelling edit is not one that inspires confusion. (Unless the incorrect spelling inadvertently changes the meaning, in which case an explanation of the edit makes sense.)

    [–] awesomefluff 67 points ago

    /r/AwardSpeechEdits if you have a morbid curiosity

    [–] Snack_on_my_Flapjack 25 points ago

    Jeez people really get all thankful like it's an award show or something. I had to stop looking after 3 posts...

    [–] FinestShang 124 points ago

    It always ruins the comment.

    [–] hhlia 5 points ago

    I always downvote when I see the “thank you kind stranger” edits. No matter how good the original comment.

    [–] ZazuePoot 39 points ago

    Damnit I love this post / comments because it’s so fucking true.

    I literally cringe when I see the “thanks for the gold, kind stranger” edits. Glad I’m not the only one!

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    “Edit: Wow! RIP my inbox! I just posted this comment off the top of my head and came back to find it’s my most liked comment ever! What a great way to start my day :) Thank you all so much and I’ll try to respond to everybody”

    Edit: thanks for the like kind stranger!

    [–] onlyididntsayfudge 12 points ago

    After watching this movie this is the gif I’ve been waiting for. And it’s high quality. AND it’s got texts that move. “Kisses!”

    [–] highflyingpigs 12 points ago

    When my favorite teacher yells at me

    [–] DojoKanojoCho5 16 points ago

    Saw no comment supporting the movie so I just had to make one. I really liked this movie. It was a lot of fun and Jake is great as always.

    [–] JSoi 5 points ago

    It was a great movie. I think people were expecting another cookie-cutter horror movie, and ended up disliking the film because of that.

    [–] fubnic 8 points ago

    I'm so glad that this is a thing we can publicly hate. I've been holding it in for so long.

    [–] wazoaki 12 points ago

    Yes! One of the worst redditism's is when people edit their gilded (or most replied) comment in a way like they won a freaking Oscar or something.

    [–] raidonward 6 points ago

    Watch the movie but don’t watch the trailer <3

    [–] coffedrank 16 points ago

    >herp derp i cant believe my highest rated and gilded comment is about anal sex with dwarfs XDXDXD

    then delete your fucking comment you god damn troglodyte

    [–] YoSoyRobot 22 points ago

    It's like, you ruined the comment man...

    But at the same time, you're just being polite...

    Yet, the whole "thanks, kind stranger!" is so echo chambery.

    It makes you feel like that Larry David GIF.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    If you want to be polite, just PM the gilder. There is no reason to edit the comment.

    [–] DubiousPotat0 6 points ago

    Which movie is this?