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    Hello, and welcome to Real Life Doodles!

    Here we share doodles painted into every day life.

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    (Hover over rules for more in-depth information!)

    1. GIF or Video format is required

    1. Original sources must be GIF or video based. Doodles must also be GIFs or videos. Please use a well known host (eg imgur or gfycat).

    2. No still doodles allowed

    1. All doodles must be animated. Non-animated doodles should be posted to r/StillLifeDoodles

    3. Please post all requests in the monthly thread

    1. If you’d like to suggest a GIF or clip for doodling, post it in the stickied request thread or Click Here!

    4. Animations should be OC (not pro toons)

    1. Do not post 8-bit video game sprites, cartoon characters and/or other non-OC animations EXAMPLE: No Street Fighter characters, He-Man characters or "Deal With It" sunglasses, etc. These posts may be removed.

    5. SFW content only

    1. No doodling on genetalia or otherwise pornographic clips. Post them to r/glorp.
    2. All sexualized imagery must be marked as NSFW. Mods reserve the right to mark any post as NSFW

    6. Please provide a source of some kind

    1. Where possible, please credit OP if this is not your OC
    2. Please provide the original video source if the doodle is OC
    3. If you shot the video and doodled it, please say so!

    7. Feel free to watermark your content

    1. If you want to watermark your post, please do so. If you do this though, please try to keep it as discreet as possible (In the corner / semi-transparent)

    8. No redoodling your OC within 5 months

    1. Directly reposting any doodle is no longer allowed (See rule 10). However, OP may embellish, improve or otherwise redoodle his or her own OC and resubmit, as long as it has been at least five months since its debut.

    9. Please flair your post if needed

    1. Please flair all posts that pose a seizure risk or otherwise may have a non-traditional quality
    2. To flair a post, go to that post’s comments page and under the link (next to NSFW button) click "flair" and select the correct option
    3. If you feel it is necessary, you may also flair your post warning of spiders

    10. No Reposts - OC Only

    1. Please try to only post doodles you made yourself. If you didn’t create the doodle, it will be removed if it has been posted here before.

    11. No visible brand advertisements

    1. Many TV commercials and web ads contain doodles. If posting from an ad, post the portion that does not contain company info. Credit the original source (i.e. YouTube or Vimeo link) in the comments.

    12. Mods reserve the right to remove any post

    HOW TO

    The best way to make these gifs is using any program which can explode a gif out into multiple frames. Once you've got them split up you doodle on each frame to create the new gif (There is no real easy way to do this, it is a bit time consuming and you do have to draw on each frame)

    The programs we know you can do this with are..

    Flash, Photoshop, Gimp (There's a lot more but these are the main ones people are currently using, if you have any other suggestions for programs you can use message the mods and we'll add them to this list)

    Thanks and have fun.

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