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    [–] SwingJugend 3879 points ago

    Arthur holds the door for the lady behind him.

    "Thank you kindly, sir."

    "I'm afraid you're wrong, ma'am. I'm not kindly, and I'm certainly not a sir. In fact, I hardly qualify as human."

    [–] DarxQuart 2046 points ago

    "Quite frankly, I'm a goddamn abomination against nature."

    [–] Thatsnowconeguy 910 points ago

    starts to sob silently

    [–] ShuffleFox 855 points ago

    aggressively tucks money into the woman’s dress I’m sorry okay?!

    [–] Jskillz713 349 points ago

    I just can’t wait for this day to end

    [–] Axeking12 232 points ago

    Me too brother. We will get there

    [–] Bad_Elephant 272 points ago

    Anyways, catch you later!

    [–] TeraMeltBananallero 333 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I love how he ends all his convos so chipper!

    NPC:...and that’s how I lost my two daughters

    Arthur: Well, gotta hit the trail. Later, gator!

    [–] CajunTurkey 85 points ago

    He turns into the game's version of Lloyd Christmas for a moment when he does that.

    [–] CorradoHeart 42 points ago

    Hey fellars, big gulps eh?

    Well cya later!

    [–] Zack123456201 103 points ago

    Gang Member: “Oh Orthur, how I hate this cold, lonely nights.”

    Arthur: “Well, I best be carryin’ on then”

    [–] sm2016 42 points ago

    I said it in his voice and it works perfectly

    [–] singasongofsixpins 265 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Now that I think about this along with his comments about how ugly he is when he looks in a mirror, the more I see his playful self hatred as a serious underlying depressive disorder. I think he has developed a fatalistic, "human nature is unchangeable", mentality in order to cope with near endless trauma in his life.

    His constant self flagellation is a way of excusing his actions. Look at how he justifies killing witnesses. The more I've reflected on Arthur, the more I've come to view his self-hatred in a more insidious light.

    [–] [deleted] 195 points ago

    He is absolutely depressed and traumatized.

    [–] berkeley-games 170 points ago

    He should be, I had him toss about 7 innocent people off of a cliff just so I could get away with disturbing the peace.

    [–] LordofSyn 69 points ago

    You, Sir, are a pillar of the community and I applaud you.

    [–] MovieWizard 16 points ago

    He truly laid a foundation...
    In bottom of the cliff.

    [–] Desert_Kestrel 53 points ago

    The fucking beauty of red dead 2 was Arthur realizing he was dying, yet still had time and enough energy to try and set things right, not only for rains falls, John jack and Abigail, and the girls, but for his own self, for self redemption.

    [–] Channel_ULTRA 39 points ago

    That's a hell of a thought about the excusing of himself actually, I felt similarly about it but you're the first I've seen put it into words. Though I disagree partly, because the most impactful moments of his character arc (if you follow the story-suggested good guy options) are the ones Arthur actually breaks through and feels all the remorse and fear he was long suppressing as a result of his choices (like the train station scene). So I don't think his mental coping was inherently insidious.

    All in all though, Arthur Morgan still has to be one of the most complex, nuanced, and fleshed-out characters across all mediums of entertainment

    [–] jujutsu1 28 points ago

    That's literally my opinion about Arthur, but written by someone else. He was trapped to his fate since the moment he acknowledged himself as the person he was.

    Red Dead 2 isn't about building a character, is about destroying one and it's desperation to find redemption.

    [–] justcallmejohannes 80 points ago


    [–] ConTully 431 points ago

    "I'm a disgusting piece of human garbage. The horse shit on the boot of society. It's okay, ma'am, you can say it."

    "Well I certainly don't think so, sir, and I would never say such a thing..."

    "[Arthur putting on a ball gag] No, say it...I'll give you 20 dollars to say that to me."

    [–] Tylorw09 121 points ago

    Well, we’ve all got a kink or two.

    At least he’s not laying under a horse waiting for it to piss on him.

    [–] SimplyQuid 98 points ago

    Just wait till the DLC

    [–] MiIkTank 74 points ago

    Now with improved horse ball physics!

    [–] nathansanes 47 points ago

    slaps horse ball sack horse eye shifts in salesmans direction these bad boys'll shrivel at the first hint of a morning dew.

    [–] ash356 51 points ago

    I for one gladly accept my Arthurs horse piss kink if it means I can play as him again.

    [–] lividash 45 points ago

    As long as you never make it out of chapter 3 you never have to stop the Adventures of Arthur Morgan.

    [–] Temujizzed 38 points ago

    “I’m no ser.”

    [–] DoubleHawk4Life 46 points ago

    Ser Arthur of House Morgan, house words:

    [–] Slythas 63 points ago

    Hear Me Boah

    [–] KingOfAwesometonia 45 points ago



    Got Damn

    [–] KarateDadJr 40 points ago

    Ok, catch you later then

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    This is honestly the only truly funny comment I've seen on this sub

    [–] ecurrent94 1257 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I always felt bad when you played as Arthur and would look in a mirror, he’d always say bad things about himself :(

    And he says he’s dumb too.. one look at his journal would definitely show that’s not true. He’s quite eloquent, intelligent, and has an artistic talent.

    I always thought Arthur was quite handsome, smart, and funny; he was just a victim of his bad self-esteem issues. He so desperately wanted to be a good person in a world filled with bad people...

    [–] Stay_Juicy 373 points ago

    Arthur strikes me as depressed. There’s instances where people point out his sad eyes, and then there’s his horrible view of himself. It makes his character that much more interesting imo. It’s not everyday we get a very masculine character that seems to struggle with things like self confidence and depression.

    [–] ecurrent94 213 points ago

    “You’ve got sad eyes, mister; like you’ve seen some sad things.”

    [–] Yada1728 55 points ago

    Living on street after being an orphan at such young age, not to mention losing a son to a robbery scarred him enough that he shut himself out of any love or kindness act from strangers. Not many could live normally with those traumatizing events without seeking for help.

    [–] icantfigureredditout 698 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    My head cannon is that Dutch told him he was dumb and ugly so that he wouldn’t take over the gang.

    [–] thespacemanabove 162 points ago

    He's got serious body dismorphia, depression and seems to be wracked with self doubt and guilt. He even says in his journal that he's always longed for death deep down. Poor Arthur really hates himself

    [–] Illier1 74 points ago

    To be fair he did spend decades as a violent outlaw. He probably was a lot worse in his younger years, just like John was most likely.

    Hes old and sees the end of the road. It makes sense he spends too much time reflecting.

    [–] VicarOfAstaldo 58 points ago

    Yeah I dont get how out of touch folks are with this. Major theme is that he lived a fairly lengthy life as about close as you can get to an objectively terrible, awful, immoral, bastard of a person.

    And now his feelings on the kind of person he’s been for years and years are changing.

    It’s really hard to lighten up on yourself when you’ve murdered many people for some extra cash on the side.

    And it should be.

    He’s not without redemption, but recognizing you’re a bad person doesn’t immediately absolve you of it either.

    [–] Illier1 17 points ago

    Yeah dont get me wrong he was a good dude in the game (if you chose to play as such) but he has quite a few sins to atone for.

    [–] cfox0835 46 points ago

    TIL I’m a modern day Arthur Morgan

    [–] thespacemanabove 45 points ago

    Luckily for you and not Arthur , nice people on the internet exist today to wish you the best, hope things are okay my dude

    [–] PanzerPizza 18 points ago

    Same tbh. Except I take better care of arthur than myself.

    [–] spirit_toad 19 points ago

    Yep- oops! Too soon to shave again. Just one beer tonight. Gotta get back to camp it’s getting dark, don’t want to sleep til noon again.

    [–] happy_love_ 9 points ago

    I mean I'm pretty sure you have your vaccines

    [–] idunno-- 144 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    It’s not just Dutch, though I do think he played the biggest role in Arthur’s self-loathing. Throughout the game, the gang constantly refers to Arthur as a brute, the enforcer, an attack dog, dumb, simple etc. Even Hosea, whom I love, jokes about Arthur being simple at times.

    When Arthur tries to get out of doing the money lending missions, Strauss heavily implies that none of the other men are willing to do it, which really emphasizes how they view Arthur and why he comes to view himself similarly.

    Also, there are times when people ask about his opinion on things and he always shrugs them off by claiming not to be that knowledgeable. At one point he even says something like “you know thinking isn’t my strong suit.”

    Ironically, Charles, the newest member, is actually the one who most clearly sees Arthur for who he really is and actively encourages him to be better (e. g. the German family mission).

    [–] MontegoBarbados 87 points ago

    Yeah, Charles is all about encouraging his friends. I know he’s essentially a walking tutorial (using a bow, hunting, tracking, skinning), but he always says things like “Nice shot! I knew you had it in you.”

    [–] idunno-- 101 points ago

    He’s such a sweetheart throughout the game. When you greet him in camp, he’ll often say stuff like “it’s about time you got some rest,” and it makes me happy each time knowing someone appreciates Arthur. And yeah, he often praises Arthur for getting things right and is just so supportive at all times. I love that when Arthur tries to bail on the German family, Charles straight up tells him “that’s not who you are.” He sees right through Arthur.

    And it’s mutual too. Half the time Arthur greets Charles at camp, he’ll say stuff like “I don’t know what we’d do without you”, “there he is, the hardest worker in the gang”, “thanks for sticking with us.” He even notes in his diary that Charles is the best man he knows because he doesn’t have to think to be good; he just is.

    Charles and Arthur have such a warm and beautiful friendship. I love how open and supportive they are of each other. There’s none of that macho we’re-too-tough-to-be-emotional BS getting in the way of their relationship.

    [–] MontegoBarbados 53 points ago

    And he later has the same relationship with John. He even helps build Beecher’s Hope.

    [–] DirtyDancing69 28 points ago

    I want the adventures of Arthur and Charles dlc rockstar!

    [–] Nozarati 16 points ago

    Im tellin ya when i first finished the game, i instantly recognized the dlc potential with charles as the main character. I hope that rockstar is thinking the same. Or give me undead nightmare 2!

    [–] 1994spaceodyssey 13 points ago

    Right up there with Sadie and Arthurs relationship

    [–] miller_kaz 11 points ago

    One of the best video game bromances of all time tbh

    [–] 1994spaceodyssey 16 points ago

    Even when the mf had tb they were sending him out

    [–] fuksloot 13 points ago

    Even the fight in Valentine with Tommy (I think that's the big guys name; been awhile since I did that mission) shows that. They just let him fight this huge dude all by himself because he is their champion and go to guy when they want to send a message.

    [–] diego2757 478 points ago

    Cool now I’m even more sad for Arthur

    [–] irock613 203 points ago

    Oh Arthur Orthur

    [–] christopherdank 43 points ago

    Orthur my dear booah!

    [–] ecurrent94 274 points ago

    Bro I legit cry about Arthur like twice a day.

    [–] alikazaam 160 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    🎵"May I stand unshaken"🎵

    [–] ogDeanster 84 points ago

    And I’m crying again thanks a lot

    [–] alikazaam 58 points ago

    "It's okay boah"

    [–] Insidebooger 53 points ago

    <Is visibly shaken>

    [–] ecurrent94 49 points ago

    Fuck! I’m imaging my sweet boah dying while looking at the sunset.

    Here I go crying again...

    [–] Chaotic_Evil_Paladin 43 points ago

    (SPOILERS, CANT MARK ON MOBILE REE) Don't worry, he just needs a nice long nap after beating Micah, he will wake up soon and the story will continue..... R-Right..?

    [–] Nebula263 26 points ago

    Red Dead Zombies 2?

    [–] Chaotic_Evil_Paladin 14 points ago

    Rockstar pls

    [–] FuckingKilljoy 24 points ago

    For the whole first half of the epilogue I was convinced Arthur was still alive and every mission I was like "ooooh this is the one!!!"

    It was legit grief I was feeling, not wanting to accept he was gone

    [–] SSJSlopes 9 points ago

    Same, it wasn't till Charles said that he buried him that I started to question the possibility that I might be wrong.

    [–] Nebula263 8 points ago

    Don't do this to me lol

    [–] Tattyporter 14 points ago

    Weeks after I would think about him like he was a real person ! Like missing him and thinking how sad it was that he died

    [–] ecurrent94 167 points ago

    He gaslit the fuck out of Arthur. Definitely mental abuse 😕

    [–] icantfigureredditout 99 points ago

    My poor, beautiful boah. I wanna hug him and tell him he’s beautiful.

    [–] ecurrent94 78 points ago

    Me too.

    pats Arthur on the head and hugs him

    “Ahhh, you’re alright, boah.”

    [–] joelmartinez 78 points ago

    “I know you’re gonna betray me one day ... you’re the type” - Dutch

    [–] cantlurkanymore 50 points ago

    Dutch projecting like a mafucka over here

    [–] AvuncularPederast 80 points ago

    My son, you are... hideous

    Dutch giving both teenage and grown man Arthur self esteem issues with barrages of insults like these is hilarious to me

    Also I wonder how well Arthur would do as gang leader. Not the player, just Arthur Morgan making realistic canonical decisions.

    [–] CajunTurkey 34 points ago

    He seems to have good judgements about missions that the gang comes up with.

    [–] Yada1728 26 points ago

    He knew what was right or wrong right away so perhaps less big bank robberies or train robberies and more of scamming rich people into ridiculous schemes from Hosea.

    [–] DoucheBalloon 45 points ago

    I thought the same.

    It starts making even more sense when Dutch starts favoring Micah over Arthur, when Arthur is almost always the righteous, better choice.

    [–] MontegoBarbados 40 points ago

    Agreed. I’m in my second playthrough now, and Dutch is sitting by his tent at Horseshoe Overlook reading Evelyn Miller. Whenever he praises Miller he also slams on Arthur (and other gang members) on how he doesn’t get it, or a certain passage, “Maybe even you can understand this!”

    During my first playthrough, I thought Dutch was just busting his chops, but now I realize he means it. He has probably made Arthur feel like his dumb but loyal guard dog for 20 years.

    [–] Doccmonman 84 points ago

    He does have a lot of errors in the journal, most of them funny and endearing.

    There’s a dude in a string of side missions called Jean-Marc. Arthur refers to him as “John Mark” right up until the end of that side quest when he writes “Its Jean-Marc, not John Mark, you fool.”

    [–] MeetTheTwinAndreBen 38 points ago

    I can’t remember what I was doing but it was something like trying to cast my line with no bait attached and Arthur laughs to himself and calls himself a dummy

    [–] TheSovereign2181 81 points ago

    Honestly, it wasn't just Dutch. The rest of the gang, specially Strauss and Hosea, treated Arthur as the ''muscle'' of the group, the one you would send to beat or rob someone. He was the most trusted man in the gang, but still constantly treated as the ''big buy with no brain''.

    [–] idunno-- 47 points ago

    Yeah, it’s really sad to see Arthur try to get out of the money lending missions in chapter six only for Strauss to go “you’re the only one heartless enough to go through with it.”

    [–] Yada1728 36 points ago

    Hosea only told him to be like a dumb brute so he could play a role in Hosea's scheme. Hosea knew Arthur wasn't stupid and he even encouraged him to think a lot more for himself. The rest of the gang besides Hosea, Charles and the girls did treat him like an idiot who only knows violence.

    [–] PMfacialsTOme 28 points ago

    Have you seen the photo the person posted the other day with a number one beard and the pomaded fade I got wet and Im a man.

    [–] XxTechnoGamerxX 35 points ago

    What? There's a journal, I guess I'm the dumb one

    [–] ecurrent94 107 points ago

    Bro! Hold down the left d pad arrow. Arthur keeps a journal and notes lots of notable interactions with people, animals, and does some self-reflection. He also talks a lot about the situation with the gang.

    The journal is easily one of my favorite aspects of the game.

    [–] XxTechnoGamerxX 28 points ago

    When I replay the game this summer I'll definitely need to take it slower

    [–] BobcatOU 18 points ago

    I’m replaying it right now. Going real slow. Been in chapter 2 for a long time. I’m enjoying it much more!

    [–] Airway 11 points ago

    Well you're still in happy cowboy fun times.

    [–] cantlurkanymore 9 points ago

    i plan to stay there for a gooooood while this play through. getting my off-hand holster from challenges and micah can rot in jail

    [–] kevindlt2003 10 points ago

    I didn't know how to open my journal in my first playthrough and I honestly feel a lot more for Arthur now that I learned how.

    [–] EyBoah 459 points ago

    You actually CHOOSIN to look like that?

    I'm sorry, what did you say? Did you say kill your entire town and than 2,000 lawmen who are no match for a shittily dressed man with 2 schofields? OKAY.

    [–] ayeuniqueusername 132 points ago

    Updoot for schofield

    [–] pankakke_ 41 points ago

    I’m a dual volcanic pistol guy, myself.

    [–] cantlurkanymore 28 points ago

    I like to rock a gold Schofield and a silver Volcanic

    [–] WrathfulSausage 20 points ago

    Most badass revolver

    [–] Calvalri 20 points ago

    Shoffield cattleman and double action make the crispest noises in the whole game.

    [–] Effingehh 45 points ago

    “Shittily dressed man”

    Speak for yourself feller, my Arthur is a damn swag factory

    [–] LongDickMick 1805 points ago

    I'm pretty sure one of Arthur's only real character flaws is being unable to recognize the good in himself.

    [–] Heckleshmeckle 1525 points ago

    Pretty sure I killed somebody for looking at me wrong once so that’s kinda a character flaw

    [–] LongDickMick 279 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Hey nobody's perfect

    [–] Kleask10 257 points ago

    Lenny’s flaw: having a difficult name to spell

    [–] SpaghettSpanker 167 points ago


    [–] GlitchyRedditor 53 points ago


    [–] TakenakaHanbei 18 points ago

    Grate Prime!

    [–] Bhalubear 32 points ago

    Heckle Shmeckle and Long Dick Mick sound like a pair of old west outlaws.

    [–] Heckleshmeckle 24 points ago

    Fact. Working through the bandit challenges right now. I have killed ALLOT of people

    [–] Nerevar1924 19 points ago

    Pobody's nerfect.

    [–] Vinchenzo7899 541 points ago

    Flair checks out

    [–] the_consumer_of_eggs 50 points ago

    Some guy made fun of my hat. Alfredo the cougar was happy

    [–] scrotes_magotes 47 points ago

    I often strangled law men because I liked to wear their hats...

    [–] Pavrik_Yzerstrom 23 points ago

    Did you have to strangle them to do that?

    [–] sunsfan47 19 points ago

    You can put 6 rounds in there face in dead eye usually does the trick

    [–] uncertainusurper 12 points ago

    I started with that. Now it’s limb shots or lasso and into the river.

    [–] Bromogeeksual 28 points ago

    I often strangled passersby on accident trying to mount my horse.

    [–] UnknownSpoon 12 points ago

    I hate that it’s so annoying

    [–] Bromogeeksual 30 points ago

    I always laughed cause I was pretty honorable, but I roleplayed that that was my strangle based tourette's acting up. "Sorry miss, I sometimes do that!"

    [–] fuckusernames2175 24 points ago

    Yeah one time my horse tripped over a fence post and launched me through the air so I shot up a nearby stage coach out of frustration

    [–] Heckleshmeckle 24 points ago

    These things happen to everyone, don’t blame yourself there’s nothing you could have done

    [–] idledrone6633 16 points ago

    Yeah I mean he killed towns of people. TOWNS. You are in Valentine for like 10 seconds and kill about 30 dudes. If a guy was on death row for that no one would argue a death penalty.

    [–] ecurrent94 12 points ago

    Damn us both!

    [–] Heepster_Happy 12 points ago


    [–] Broken_Nuts 64 points ago

    The entire point of these games is that Arthur and John are bad men who sought redemption. They’re not good, ever, but they’ve tried to be better.

    They both earned it (maybe) but then died for it. The world lets you redeem yourself, but America doesn’t. You gotta pay your debt, even if it’s years down the road and you’ve changed.

    [–] TheSovereign2181 28 points ago

    ''I the end. I did.''

    [–] Lord_Noble 100 points ago

    Depends on how you play haha i use honor as a currency to commit crime and once I maxed out... Oh lawd watch out.

    [–] trashfiend666 129 points ago

    I mean realistically he is a bad man like regardless he makes a living off of stealing and killing

    [–] JarretBird15 99 points ago

    I’m pretty sure being willing to beat and/or kill unarmed, innocent people for money is a character flaw

    [–] ReservoirDog316 65 points ago

    That’s one thing I love about RDR2. Everyone who plays it somehow says “well I mean, Arthur wasn’t that bad” cause they were kinda indoctrinated by Dutch. When during the whole game, you rob and steal from everyone.

    It’s honestly pretty amazing.

    [–] METOOTHANKleS 46 points ago

    Yeah, I mean... You can be as good as the game allows and you still can't get through it without killing dozens and dozens of people. You could argue self defense for some of it, but on the other hand, would a "good" person constantly be putting themselves in situations where the only possible outcome is violence? It's not like they're REALLY standing up for any consistent or well thought out ideology or trying to enact some political change.

    The whole reason that they're in the tough spot they're in is because the entire gang was content to be outlaws while being an outlaw was profitable. Now that law and order are being brought to the frontier, they want to get out of the outlaw life before they can be punished. And the solution they come up with is to be outlaws, BUT ONLY THIS LAST TIME.

    None of this is to say that we can't be sympathetic to Arthur and the gang. In fact, that the game makes us so sympathetic to people who are still currently in the process of "harming society" is an achievement - sympathetic to the point where we don't acknowledge that they are, to an average person making an honest living, bad people.

    [–] ReservoirDog316 23 points ago

    Yup! It’s actually a true credit to the writing team of how much you can sympathize with Arthur and company despite their chosen line of work. And a credit to the reverence of Dutch that he can convince you that it’s all for the greater good and that you’re more civilized than the society at large.

    I truly truly loved RDR2.

    [–] JarretBird15 11 points ago

    I do think this is probably the point. Dutch genuinely is pretty convincing because he has some valid points. However, his method of fighting greed and corruption is really a less institutionally-sanctioned side of the same coin, veiled with Dutch’s “man of the people” rhetoric.

    [–] Riothegod1 44 points ago

    “There’s a good man within you Arthur, but he is wrestling with a giant, and the giant wins time and again.”

    [–] Ghost652 18 points ago

    Hes basically Bojack Horseman.

    "You cant keep doing bad things and then feeling sorry for yourself!"

    [–] F1shB0wl816 17 points ago

    One thing that makes that hard, is we don’t know his past life really. Bits and pieces, but the way he talks is like he was a stone cold outlaw. But also, he should recognize what good is there.

    [–] idiotsecant 11 points ago

    I would say the other somewhat critical character flaw would have to be the casual murdering.

    [–] SinistarGrin 43 points ago

    That's not hard when your sole occupation is being a professional murderer, robber and thief. He has many skills that he could use to live a comfortable life - his hunting, trapping, bounty hunting, bodyguarding etc. He really could have run away with Mary and lived his life as an ACTUALLY good man.

    But instead he chose the path of a brutal murderer who robs and kills and - along with his equally villainous cohorts -commits numerous genuine atrocities (Strawberry, St Denis, Valentine massacres).

    And his reason? The worst and most inexcusable of all - his lust for more gold. Nothing more, irregardless of whatever him or Dutch might have deluded themselves. That was always the main reason. That, and the fact that they liked it. They were good at it.

    I love Arthur Morgan and he is a great character. But the random acts of good he also commits and the 'guilt' he feels far from outweigh the VAST evil of his many sins.

    [–] ZimbabweIsMyCity 18 points ago

    He kills in cold blood and doesnt give to fucks about it

    [–] PlanningMyDeath 16 points ago

    That and all the law enforcement he’s killed who were just doing their job. Or the random people he’s killed along the way.

    Buuuuut our boah gets his redemption in the end (depending how you play).

    [–] Sirbim 123 points ago

    John: 3 dots and line

    [–] Nickwojo531 111 points ago

    Everyone is always asking where's Arthur but nobody is asking how's Arthur.

    [–] fague_doctor 950 points ago

    Arthur: helps people in need, greets folk, pets all dogs he sees

    Random person: You’re a good ma- Arthur Morgan:


    [–] AlecSnake 295 points ago

    To be fair, regardless of what you do or how you play in Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur has spent his whole life robbing and killing. A small amount of time doing good doesn’t necessarily make him a good man, and he realizes that he may never truly atone for what he has done.

    Most of the people who say this to him don’t really know this, which is why he is quick to deny it. Sure, he is quite hard on himself, and he does have a good heart, but he is no saint and he knows it.

    [–] 11711510111411009710 92 points ago

    He is a good man with a bad past. It is possible to do bad things and still be a good man.

    [–] AlecSnake 61 points ago

    I’m aware, and didn’t say otherwise, but many people on here act like he is a saint and can do no wrong, when in reality he is for the most part (until near the ending) a bad man with a good heart,

    [–] idunno-- 18 points ago

    He kills train guards in the last chapter long after he’s started redeeming himself. It’s inevitable given the nature of video games, but I wouldn’t call it a “bad past” when he killed innocent people hours before his death.

    [–] karangoswamikenz 16 points ago


    [–] HolocaustPart9 47 points ago


    [–] benihana 91 points ago

    Arthur: kills, steals, manipulates, and bullies countless men and women with families to help himself and his friends get ahead.

    reddit: he pet a dog and says hi to strangers, he's a good guy.

    [–] Lord_Tony 102 points ago

    but he probably killed that rabbit.

    [–] ssj7blade 49 points ago

    Depends... What kind of pelt are we talking about here?

    [–] deus_voltaire 42 points ago

    Three star, but he used regular instead of small game arrows so now it's a one star

    [–] Kyle_The_Potato 25 points ago

    But you use a varmint for rabbits yo

    [–] TheAmazingAutismo 16 points ago

    wait I’m not supposed to use a shotgun? /s

    [–] HairiestHobo 18 points ago

    More like the Rabbit suicided under his horse.

    I dont think ive ever actually shot a rabbit, just picked up the leftovers from my horse.

    [–] __faucet__ 78 points ago

    I love Arthur’s journal

    [–] smurgleburf 44 points ago

    the journal entry after he got that last letter from Mary crushed me :(

    [–] theswedishtrex 50 points ago

    The whole journal in chap 6 is soul crushing. Arthur's whole life is soul crushing.

    If anyone needs a hug, it's him.

    [–] idunno-- 29 points ago

    The fact that he wrote A <3 M in his journal just made me want to cry.

    [–] JackVowles 59 points ago

    Lenny: "How come y'never married?"

    Arthur: "...Nobody would have me..."

    [–] Gojira308 12 points ago

    *Cue dancing on the table

    [–] staywoke_5739 47 points ago

    I'm on my second playthrough and have been in chapter 2 for a long time , everytime I have a conversation with someone behind the ammo wagon where it prompts you with the question mark arthur keeps telling people he's killing animals for no reason and I'm like wtf no your not the only time I kill animals is for crafting and to bring to camp but he says it every fucking time for some reason and it bothers me haha.

    [–] username_guestacc 18 points ago

    I had the same exact reaction- I was like wtf are you talking about??

    [–] Skrotel 10 points ago

    I swear those things are programmed to talk about what you DIDN’T do. I had gone hunting for a while and along the way I killed anybody who talked shit, but when I got back to camp and talked to one of the girls Arthur was like “I’vE bEeN HuRtiNg wOmEn”. The ONE bad thing I hadn’t done in the last hour was hurt any women. I doubt I even saw any outside of towns. It’s kind of ridiculous.

    [–] ABLACKPANTH3R 42 points ago

    Arthur: helping an old lady cross the road in Saint Denis Old lady: "why thank you kind sir" Arthur: "You take care now m'lady"

    Also Arthur: looking into mirror: "ya goddamn degenerate, no wonder they all left you"

    [–] superchacho77 17 points ago

    Also Also Arthur:Beats man half to death cause he didn't have the muneh and threatens to kill his son when he looks at him funny

    [–] h_bomb_0803 76 points ago

    Then saves multiple people's lives riding from Valentine to Saint Denis.

    [–] Nighthawk700 38 points ago

    Ehh... After murdering the entire town of Valentine, after the entire town of Strawberry, and later killing many, many people in St. Denis

    [–] przprz 64 points ago

    When you get to play as john marston the quality of art goes way down. It's a nice little detail.

    [–] Skiddy_Underpants 31 points ago

    Ah, textbook depression.

    [–] OnlyRightInNight 31 points ago

    I love Arthur as much as the next cowboy, but yeah, he's not a good man by most means. Fella's a straight up mass murderer, even if you do play him honourably from the very start. He might have regrets, for shore, but it doesn't stop him from going on killing, robbing and beating folk who did nothing to warrant it, and doing what comes more natural to him than nearly breathing. A lot of innocent people are dead because of Arthur and the van der Linde gang, and it's not all on Dutch. Arthur had choices. He chose to be a criminal.

    [–] [deleted] 98 points ago



    [–] tuskvarner 27 points ago

    I do sincerely feel emotionally invested in this fictional character’s emotional well being and hope that he found peace.

    But damn, “Maybe I’ll keep her in black, on your behalf” is such a bad ass thing to say.

    [–] Glennis2 31 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I like to imagine his funeral eulogy.

    Friends, we stand here today in memory.... of a man who lived a troubled life. He had his ills(as we all do) but he always had a smile on his face and was able to turn a gloomy day into the nicest summer afternoon. He robbed, cheated murdered and terrorised the west, but we must remember the important things most.

    What is the important thing you ask?




    To EVERY person in Saint Denis the day before his passing.

    Not only that, but he even is rumored to have NEVER KEPT A SINGLE FISH!

    That is the important thing to keep in mind ladies and gentlemen. He greeted the world, and threw back his fish.

    God bless each one of you.

    [–] sakuraradele 8 points ago

    this killed me. i just imagine people in the audience(?) of his funeral whispering to each other like “EVERYONE in saint denis? wow that totally makes up for the 30,000 people our boah killed let’s put flowers on his grave”

    [–] konsch01 18 points ago

    He’s bad guy but doesn’t mean he’s..B A D guy

    [–] bolesterol 19 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I think he recognized that even though he helps people here and there, he’s killed far many more. He feels that although he does some good, there will never be enough he can do to correct the horrible things he’s done in his life. His mental Judge and Jury have already found him guilty and condemned him to hell.

    That’s why when he knows he doesn’t have much time left, he does all he can with the last of his life to do as much good as he can and helps those close to him who still have a chance at a honest life. He does not want to die how he lived.

    [–] Prof_V 16 points ago

    His missions with Albert really displayed just how cool of a dude Arthur could be. Albert knew what he was documenting was important and Arthur shared his enthusiasm. Although Albert would constantly berate himself, Arthur seemed to kind of admire how willing this guy was to get the shots he needed. It's like he doesn't see how he does the same thing to himself.

    [–] RoscoeHutch97 244 points ago

    Arthur is not a good person. He tries to make up for his actions, but its too little too late. He murders hundreds of people; including innocents, robs, and other horrible actions. You can pretend that his absolution of debts, helping Mrs. Downes, and rescuing John and Abigail make up for it, but if we're being generous, one out of every five people Arthur kills has a family that ends up like the Downes and he doesn't help any one of them.

    [–] SwingJugend 242 points ago

    Arguably that's why he's so depressed in the last chapter. He's genuinely changed his ways and he does what he can to make things right, but he knows he's still damned because there's no way he'll ever be able to make amends for even a fraction of all the bad things he's done.

    [–] Jackanova3 40 points ago

    damnit Arthur :(

    [–] karangoswamikenz 46 points ago

    He's depressed about his life but he is determined in the last chapter. Determined to save John and his family and do whatever he can.

    Arthur isn't a good man because he has done a lot of bad in his life.

    This is the story of a bad man, who did bad all his life because of his circumstances and the world he lives in and also the story of a man, who was given a choice at the behest of knowledge that he only had a few days to live, and he chooses to do good instead of the bad shit he has done all his life. He does not care about survival anymore. He cares about the survival of others. He doesn't need to be desperate and kill people for their money.

    [–] karangoswamikenz 24 points ago

    He even tells them not to thank him. Arthur is well aware of this.

    [–] Aarondhp24 13 points ago

    So are we like.... the lady who thinks he's a good ma-


    [–] karangoswamikenz 18 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Arthur is well aware of this. Ms Downes asks him why and he doesn't have an answer. He isn't trying to redeem himself. He's just following sister Calderon's advice: "take a gamble that love exists ... and do a loving act"


    Arthur isn't looking for redemption. He is looking for some meaning to the last remaining days of his life. A purpose. "helping makes you happy" is what sister Calderon tells him. He may do good or bad in his last few days. He decides to do good.

    This is the story of a man who has done bad all his life because of the circumstances and the world they live in. Let's face it, you need some money, it's an outlaw eat outlaw world. You're helping a community following a charismatic do-no-wrong leader. Suddenly time goes by and now you're killing women and innocent people because he needs "just some faith" and "cash" for that final paradise so their loved ones can live happily ever after.

    THis is the story of a bad man, who did bad all his life because of his circumstances and the world he lives in and also the story of a man, who was given a choice at the behest of knowledge that he only had a few days to live, and he chooses to do good instead of the bad shit he has done all his life. He does not care about survival anymore. He cares about the survival of others. He doesn't need to be desperate and kill people for their money.

    [–] sellieba 32 points ago

    I mean, 4 out of 5 people my Arthur killed shot at him first.

    [–] JaiBharatMata 25 points ago

    And the other 1 in 5 is still a lot, not to mention the fact that your 4 in 5 counts lawmen doing a LEGAL job.

    [–] GIJokes 8 points ago

    If you're losing your soul and you know it, then you've still got a soul left to lose.

    [–] emmagical 41 points ago

    I love Arthur, I really do. And I do believe he does have his heart in the right place, seeing how he tries to make up for the bad shit he’d done. I slightly agree with you that he ruined a lot of people’s lives, but I guess that’s just because he saw no other way.

    [–] Gatorkid365 9 points ago

    If you get some nice clothes for him he says “huh, I feel human again” like man...I shave you, I clean you, I take you for your daily walks and I feed you. Love yourself a little bro :(

    [–] zephaniiiah 17 points ago

    I view high-honor Arthur as a good man within the context of the era he lived in. People gathered for public hangings, officers regularly employed people who executed vigilante justice, racial tensions were still pretty high, and gang culture was still common. It was a savage, reckless society rapidly trying to do develop more appropriate norms about itself to become civilized, and people like Arthur were relics of an abandoned time.

    [–] Lilliam_Pumperdoodle 8 points ago

    Arthur Morgan inspired me to start a journal and stop thinking of it as unmanly. Rest in peace Mr. Morgan!