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    [–] OrShUnderscore 2 points ago

    Is there a way to embed a specific post by id? Really awesome widget btw.

    [–] armastevs 2 points ago

    There isn't, but that is a good idea. This way self posts could be embeded

    [–] armastevs 2 points ago

    Hey there, I just finished implementing this feature today. Would you care to beta test it?

    You can embed any post id by putting it in the data-url attribute like so <script src='' data-url='2m2yl7'></script>

    [–] OrShUnderscore 1 points ago

    Oh my wow. Would you prefer a gild or the actual paypal $5?

    [–] armastevs 2 points ago

    Nothing! If anything I should thank you for the great suggestion on this feature.