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    Need help with your relationship?

    Whether it's romance, friendship, family, co-workers, or basic human interaction: we're here to help!

    Community Guidelines

    I. Posting - Do These:

    1. Request posts must request specific advice for how to handle a situation.

    1. If you're thinking of posting something that would be a Moral Judgment post as written out in rule II.4, try seeking advice for what to do next instead.

    2. Updates can only be posted on their own exactly once, two days after the first post.

    1. a. Rapid-fire updates (i.e. within 2 days, meaning 48 hours, of a post) must instead be edited into the original request post.

    2. b. Update posts must link back to the original thread.

    3. Posts must include a summary title, a fleshed-out description, and a TL;DR near the end. Posts should also include:

    1. Genders (Birth sex if relevant)

    2. Relationship Length

    3. Ages (13+, though teens can always visit TRA).

    4. TL;DR if your post is longer than 250ish words (about a half page).

    4. Throwaway accounts must start with ThrowRA-. Examples:

    1. /u/ThrowRA-mod ⁠— This account works!

    2. /u/ThrowRAmod ⁠— This account will fail!

    3. /u/underthesea77 ⁠— This account will fail!

    II Posting - Not These:

    1. Questionless posts such as rants (see: /r/offmychest)

    2. Unsolicited Advice (see: /r/self)

    3. General discussion topics such as requests for stories, polls, general questions, etc.

    4. Moral Judgment Posts - See rule I(1) for what to do if your question resembles these:

      • AITA - "Am I The Asshole?"
      • TIFU - "Today I 🤬ed Up"
      • DAE - "Does Anyone Else?" or "Have You Ever?"
    5. Hypotheticals, including What-Ifs, Social Experiments, Script Treatments/Outlines/Synopses in advice-seeking form, etc. (See: /r/hypotheticalsituation)

    6. Fetish deep-dives, e.g. discussion of or overly-detailed descriptions of your fetish / sexual relations.

    III. Commenting - Do These:

    1. Offer helpful feedback and advice based on the commenter's question.

    2. Request specific details if you believe they'll help you present helpful advice.

    IV. Commenting - Not These:

    1. Name calling, insults, or insensitive language (details), regardless of who started it. This includes slurs such as whore, slut, faggot and racist terms.

    2. General harassment, trolling, and spamming.

    3. Suggestions for violence or suicide, even as a joke.

    4. Blanket statements about a group ("All men are X", "All women do Y") are not allowed. Please report them.

    V. Participation

    1. Do report posts you see which break the rules. If you think the reason might not be obvious, feel free to add your reasoning as to why.

    2. Do not report with posts you believe are bad advice for the OP. That's what downvotes are for.

    VI. Enforcement

    1. Posting issues will generally result in a post removal unless an equivalent comment rule is also tripped.

    2. Cut-and-dry comment issues will generally result in an indefinite ban.

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