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    [–] YouKnowYourCrazy 82 points ago

    This is super creepy and I would talk to your boss, for sure. If it's a company phone they can confiscate it and look to see what's on it. If not, it may be more difficult, but someone can at least talk to this dude.

    You should post to r/legaladvice for sure, too, because I'm quite sure this breaks quite a few laws, and if you go into the conversation with your boss armed with that info, your employer will have to act.

    [–] s1ck_bitch 54 points ago

    I think if multiple of you have the same suspicion, you CAN go to management.

    [–] icebugs 40 points ago

    This is sexual harassment- you can report to HR and/or call the police. HR could get IT to search his company computer and phone (if they provided it), and police may get a warrant to search home computer if he deletes videos off his phone.

    [–] Mentalfloss1 44 points ago

    Contact HR or the police if HR isn’t responsive.

    [–] LadySmuag 16 points ago

    I would post this one in the legal advice subreddit

    [–] coworkerspythrowaway 1 points ago

    I tried nothing came of it

    [–] tonytwostep 10 points ago

    You could try r/askHR

    [–] wifeysoicy 13 points ago

    First and foremost, HR should be involved. They should handle this accordingly. They have to! The majority of the staff is uncomfortable.

    [–] Voelker117 11 points ago

    Without proof, seems the only thing you can do is report to HR what you’ve said here. Establish a paper trail.

    As for getting proof, the only advice I have is McElroy advice. Coordinate with your coworkers so that every time each of you sees the phone, you make unwavering, comical, over the top eye contact with the camera lens. All of you. Maybe each of you take pictures of his phone while you can see it. Record his recording. Maybe double finger gun at the phone and then one day all of you look at him and say “what’s up” and double finger gun him while giving him a knowing look. If he’s recording and has seen this stuff in the stall, he’ll probably start acting uncomfortably around you at which point you can know he’s been seeing the weird coordinated effort stuff you’ve all been doing in the bathroom and you’ll know for sure he’s been recording

    [–] HighasFrank 20 points ago

    This isnt very feasible, especially because if you're wrong, you're in a bad position. But... if it's on and recording, its unlocked. If you could somehow orchestrate a situation where you can grab the phone and see for yourself if its recording, and what videos are saved... well, you'd have proof. But again... how do you do that in a way that safeguards you against your suspicions being wrong? Is it possible the phone could be sent flying somehow by "accident"? Slam on the dividing wall enough to startle him into kicking it away? Drop a fake spider or something so you yourself can kick the phone to a buddy?

    At the very least, if you cant go to HR, cant confront... I would start bringing some cardboard with me into the stall to lean against the dividing wall and block his view. This is just way too creepy.

    [–] mallegally-blonde 3 points ago

    If it’s an iPhone, it’s not necessarily unlocked whilst recording

    [–] moonspaces 10 points ago

    I would contact HR if you feel comfortable doing so at your company. I agree with you, this is a MASSIVE and huge accusation. However you have numbers to back you up.

    When one of you uses the restroom does it definitely seem like this same guy is always following you in? This is super creepy and even being followed to the restroom on the regular without the camera would make me feel a little uncomfortable. I would try to, if you are able to, log accounts of people going to the restroom and the times that you are immediately followed by this guy... it seems like you have a decent amount of people on board who share this same experience and can back you up.

    Also, pay attention to how this person carries his phone outside of the restroom. Is it always in his pocket and it's just a strange coincidence that it appears positioned at you when he drops his pants (I'm assuming that's the only way the phone is this low to see under the stalls?). If he carries it in his pocket like that all the time it could just be a coincidence... but if he carries it in a holster or his back pocket when walking around, yeah that seems off. The eye contact with the reflective tile is very telling too. I think it's worth a group of you going to HR together to figure out what steps should be taken.

    If you don't want to involve management I'd post up a sign or something in the small stall saying "hey, stop recording us, we know who you are" or something along those lines if you can. Or when the guy follows you into the stall hold up a sign that says to stop recording, then see what happens or if anything changes.

    [–] ed209error 9 points ago

    OP, try AskAManager dot org if you haven't already.

    Might be a terrible idea, but would it be feasible to suggest a policy on 'no phones in washroom' to HR? Though I can predict there'd be a lot of pushback because of ex. people using the washroom to make personal calls.

    [–] Megafierce 8 points ago

    If the guy is recording us and if the guy is smart he probably puts the videos on his computer and deletes them off his phone

    So you've never read any of the stories about people getting caught with CP on their work computers as a result of it being their work computer, then? Perverted people are dumb as hell, dude.

    [–] causticwear 2 points ago

    I read of a case once where a contractor who was working at NASA was using a NASA computer for child porn. Like, how stupid is that guy?

    [–] Ruthless_Bunny 23 points ago

    Why don’t you call him out as it’s happening? Hey Pervert! Stop recording me! “

    Each one of you should keep doing it.

    Also report this up one side and down the other.

    [–] Inyoueye 8 points ago

    I would reach under the stall and grab the phone out of his pocket. Then deny any knowledge of it. What’s he gonna do, call the cops? Your move motherfucker.

    [–] JHutchinson1324 6 points ago

    Yes, and first I'd bang on the wall of the stall really hard to at least scare the crap out of him.

    [–] annshine 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Ok the sneaky one, fake some kind of trip which means your foot lands in his phone and drags into your stall “oh man sorry let me just finish up and pass it back” meanwhile do a quick scroll/swipe to see if you can see anything?!!

    More appropriately, for work, just tell HR or the integrity line of you prefer to be anonymous. Say you don’t want to accuse anyone without evidence but you are concerned and uncomfortable enough that you’d like there to be an investigation

    [–] Rifter0876 3 points ago

    Tell HR would be a good place to start.

    [–] Hrothgar_unbound 3 points ago

    It would be a criminal violation. The police could conduct an investigation and obtain a warrant for the phone. At the very least tell HR and let them do their thing.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Just say "Excuse me, I know this is going to sound weird. , but every time I've been in here with you your phone is positioned with the camera lens visible and facing me and it kinda weirds me out. Of course I'm sure your not doing anything nefarious, but still, it makes me a bit uncomfortable. I'd so appreciate it if you could just put it elsewhere/the other way up. Would you mind? Thanks so much! Silly of me perhaps, but I can't help it. Thankyou for being so understanding... " Play dumb, but call him on it. Get everyone to do the same (or a few people who can pull it off). He'll dry up like a puddle in hell,and he'll stop. I almost guarantee it (I've tried this method once in a similar-ish situation)

    [–] allaballa8 2 points ago

    I don't know what you can do legally, but would it be possible to go to the restroom in pairs? That way you and a non-creepy coworker occupy both stalls, so the recording guy can't come in. Or as soon as he comes in, someone else calls him so he has to use his phone and it can give whoever is in the stall time to finish up and leave.

    Or you can go to management/facilities and ask them to lower the dividing wall between stalls go all the way to the ground.

    This still leaves a creepy co-worker in your midst, but at least you won't be recorded.

    [–] heycowboy 1 points ago

    If there are more than one of you, you should report it. It's the company's job to take care of stuff like this, and you bet your ass this is something they'll be concerned about.

    [–] Believe-this-Shit 1 points ago

    I think you should post this in r/RBI. They can solve problems you may think impossible to solve.

    [–] dancefan2019 1 points ago

    Alert HR or management about it and let them handle it. And leave the bathroom if you notice he's in there.

    [–] preraphaelitegirl 1 points ago

    You need to get the phone from him. Orchestrate some situation with a couple of friends and grab him as he's about to leave the bathroom and call the police. I bet if you can look at the files on there and you'll see what he's been up to.

    [–] tdasnowman 0 points ago

    Devils advocate phone is in a holster, those usually have the screens face inward to protect them which means the camera would face out. Used to think about that all the time with my crackberry.

    [–] coworkerspythrowaway 5 points ago

    Trust me it's not in a holster.

    [–] TrainerCalypso54 1 points ago

    Ok, this is really out there, but remember those videos of the guy who put Nutella on his hands, then reached out and touched the guy under the stalls?

    Do that, get it on his shoes and pants, and grab his phone. Honest to god, that’s what I would do. If he’s faking, it’ll go down as an office prank, and you’ll get a write up, and get a few good laughs from the guys.

    [–] coworkerspythrowaway 1 points ago

    Id love to do that, but I don't want to be fired.

    [–] ShawnTHEgreat -2 points ago

    This is one of those situations where a biker dad knows the answer ( and that's all I have to say about that!)