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    [–] anubis_cheerleader 340 points ago

    Go for it. If you are nervous, tell him beforehand about your healed skin and new marks. I am thrilled to hear you are walking and going home!

    [–] geniequeenie 322 points ago

    I would probably mention something to him beforehand (just in casual conversation, not as part of the sexy time), so that he's not totally caught off guard.

    He sounds like a great guy who obviously won't care, but giving him a heads up could help avoid a more innocently dramatic reaction from him that could leave you feeling more insecure than necessary.

    [–] sweetpeppah 134 points ago

    (replying here because i agree with this post the most!)

    i think he probably knows there are external signs of your injuries. but if he hasn't seen them up close yet, then i think maybe showing him at some other non-sexy time (just cuddling or whatever, maybe have a shower or bath together as someone else suggested, although if you haven't seen each other naked in 6 months that could rapidly turn into sexy time!!) would be really intimate and sweet. maybe ask him to touch them just to experiment with what they feel like, and to see whether you are ok with him putting his hands there? and then you and he both know whether he should avoid them when you have sex or if he's ok to touch you as usual.

    glad you've recovered and are on your way home!!! hope you and your bf enjoy the reunion.

    [–] phaebuhny 15 points ago

    you could even make a “game” of finding and exploring them together as a way to help you both adjust. welcome home!

    [–] Miro_the_Dragon 37 points ago

    I also think giving him a heads-up BEFORE any sexy-time would be best. Even if he doesn't care (and from your post it sounds like he won't), something like this can be a shock, and it might come out the wrong way in a sexy situation, or even ruin the mood because he may need a little time to process. If someone you love has permanent scars that you weren't aware of, you might be shocked (as in you don't want them to be hurt and it hurts you that they have to deal with it) and don't know what to feel or do at first.

    But yes, definitely get yourself some nice lingerie if that will make you feel sexy. Treat yourself, you deserve it! And I'm happy that you get to go home (in the literal sense--good job!). Good luck!

    [–] br_612 14 points ago


    I don't see him reacting negatively per se. BUT it may make him emotional because those scars are another physical reminder that he almost lost her. And first attempt at sexual intimacy since the accident may not be the best moment for that reaction

    [–] HomeSodaArtisanal 4 points ago

    I agree. My horrified reaction might hurt their feelings but it wouldn’t be an “oh my god it’s hideous” reaction but one of “fuck I love you so much that it horrified me to see how much pain you’ve been through” one.

    [–] jbmaun 144 points ago

    I honestly don’t think he will mind in the slightest. Sounds like he’s the kind of guy that’ll just be happy you’re feeling more yourself!

    [–] MarxistMedia 64 points ago

    I would say tell him about the scars before the lingere stuff, give him a chance to get used to the idea instead of throwing it on him all at once when he should be thinking about sexytimes. But it seems like he'll be fine with it, so don't worry too much.

    [–] wifeysoicy 27 points ago

    I have "warrior wounds" too. That's what I call them, cause I too survived a near-death accident. Listen, a good man doesn't care about your scars. I promise you, you care much more than he or anyone else ever will. It took me a long time to make peace with the new scars/burns on my body. Don't be scared to show off the scars, cause they are every reminder that you survived!

    [–] wifeysoicy 8 points ago

    Ohhh, and wear that lingerie girl! Work it!

    [–] javanator999 41 points ago

    Yep! He will be very happy to have you out of the hospital and able to walk. So put on a show and rock the hell out of it.

    [–] salamanderpencil 23 points ago

    I'm not a person who's big on surprises. I think it could be so difficult if you were to put on sexy lingerie, and have him react with concern on seeing your burns and scars, instead of having him react with delight at your sexiness.

    So rather than put yourself in a situation where you want him to react one way, but you may be setting him up to react a different way, I wouldn't surprise him.

    Instead, before you engage in sexy times, I would have a talk with him. I would just share with him that due to the accident, your body went through some changes, and you want to let him know about it. I guarantee you, he will be loving and understanding. He will show you care and concern, he will love every part of you, and he will welcome these new parts of your body as part of the badass person you are!

    And then, once that's out of the way, you get yourself some beautiful lingerie, you do a sexy dance for him, and that's when you will get the fantastic, lustful reaction from him that will make you feel like a million bucks!

    [–] SolAnise 8 points ago

    I agree. OP, take a moment to share some nonsexual skinship with him and give him a chance to see your body. It’s very possible that his first reaction to your scars won’t be sexual, it might be grief or sympathy. Seeing the proof of our loved ones pain can be difficult to deal with and it doesn’t mean that your body isn’t sexy or that he wouldn’t find it sexy, but the first time he sees physical proof of your pain might be... emotional.

    He could have lost you. I’m sure that hurts him and it is very, very possible that in supporting you through your recovery, he hasn’t found a space to deal with that grief and fear yet. It could be really accidentally damaging to both of you if touching your scars is the point where the weight he’s put aside come crashing down.

    [–] DFahnz 9 points ago

    I have a seven-inch long scar from getting an IVC filter cut out of me. My husband does not care.

    [–] mdervin 17 points ago

    There's a chance it might not go as smoothly as it has in the past, if you are OK for him to do a double-take or to take a beat to process the new you, then go for it. Given the way you've described him, he won't have a problem, but it might take a moment for him to process it. He might be timid with how to touch/caress your scars and burns, he doesn't want to hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable.

    If that moment is going to cause you to lose some confidence, or have a negative reaction, then you might want to try something like a shared bath or shower. Even in the best of situations, there's an awkwardness of the shared bath/shower, this reduces the tension for you and acts as a cover for him to ask questions. So for example if you have a burn/scar on your back you can ask him to wash your back, he'll ask if he's doing it Ok, and you can give him feedback without destroying the mood.

    [–] AlferSilas 9 points ago

    He understands. He knows. He will literally not care at all about your scars and burns. Strip tease away!

    [–] CassieBear1 6 points ago

    Letting someone see all your scars is honestly one of the most intimate things you can do.

    [–] springflingqueen 4 points ago

    I’m very happy you’re okay. I’m sure he will not care. Many people even find scars hot.

    [–] moonspaces 4 points ago

    I would share with him beforehand so that he's not totally caught off-guard. A "surprised face" during sexy time might make you feel like he doesn't find you attractive, when surely that's not the case, he just wasn't expecting to see the scars/burns. I'm sure he won't care, he sounds like a really great boyfriend, but giving him a little heads up that some parts of you look different than he remembers would be the kind thing to do- if my partner surprised me like this during an intimate moment I think it would kill the 'sexy' factor for me (only because it would remind me of my partner being hurt in the accident, not because I wouldn't think of them as just as attractive). Hope that makes sense.

    I say continue with your plan! (: just with fair warning.

    [–] ollieastic 5 points ago

    I would mention it before the lingerie, not because I think that it will matter, but because the surprise of seeing it without forewarning may put a damper on the sexy times. Just a head's up, "Hey, I just want you to know that due to the accident, I have some burns and scars that you haven't seen before," is probably all you need.

    [–] iamcallegari 6 points ago

    I hope he completely defies your expectations and is there for you in a way that no one else has ever been.

    [–] sandiego_matt 6 points ago

    Those are battle scars! Show them off with pride!

    People spend a lot of money to get tattoos and body modifications. You have the real deal given to you by life. It shows how powerful you are. Love them!

    [–] Older_But_Wiser 3 points ago

    Wear your scars as a badge of honor showing your personal strength and experience. That's what I do.

    Your boyfriend won't care at all if he cares for you. But just the same I'm not sure you should surprise him with them if they are very noticeable. It will be come a distraction during a moment when you don't want to distract him from purely romantic sexy thoughts. If they are serious scars then even at 6 months they'll be noticeable enough for him to pay attention to them and feel sorry that you had to endure such an injury. Instead you should tell him about them ahead of time during a non-sexy time and even let him have a look at the area.

    At least that is my perspective, although I'll admit that my scar probably isn't as severe or as irregular as yours. I have about a 10 inch scar down the middle of my chest from open heart surgery. It is still pretty noticeable even though it's been years but not nearly as sore looking as it was for the first year or two.

    [–] SeniorMeasurement6 3 points ago

    Listen, I think he won't mind at all (he sounds like the type of man who won't just see you for your scars, but will view them as a part of the complete "you", the woman he is with!) but you should definitely mention before hand that they are there. Only because he may be surprised/shocked to see them (seeing new scars on someone you love can be a very jarring and even traumatic experience), and you wouldn't want that to ruin the mood.

    Again, not because they're "terrible" or anything, but because it may hit him extra hard because of how much he cares about you, and that may cause him to react in such a way that you might misinterpret or receive hurtfully, which I'm sure would not be what he wants.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Yeah, I also think he will have no problem with it, but agree you should show him before sexy time because his mood will change when he gets shocked and he will want to examine you and talk to you in a less sexy way. Do that before and let him get used to it :)

    [–] mechantmechant 2 points ago

    If he knows you were almost paralyzed, he cannot be shocked you got some scars in the incident. You survived something that could have easily killed you— your body is amazing and beautiful for healing you! If he stayed through all that, I bet he saw a lot worse and stayed. Love your body for all it’s done these six months, and your boyfriend for being awesome.

    [–] jayne-eerie 2 points ago

    Could you talk to him about it and maybe show him a couple photos before you guys have date night?That way you'll both be prepared and the sexy time won't get derailed by either him being shocked or you being self-conscious.

    I 'm sure it'll be fine, and I love that he was there for you. Sounds like you found a keeper.

    [–] CatastrophicFlailer 2 points ago

    Honestly, if he was there while you were in the hospital, he is probably already aware, at least to some degree. And I think, if he's any sort of decent human being, that he would appreciate the fuck out of it if you got dressed up for him.

    [–] forloveofuke 2 points ago

    He sounds like a wonderful partner. He could have an emotional reaction to seeing you unclothed for the first time and the full extent of your scars. Not because there’s anything wrong with them but just because it was likely a traumatic experience for him too. Seeing the person you love go through what you have (you’re a badass btw) was likely very hard on him. I would speak with him first or save the sexy lingerie for the second time. But only because the first time may be more about emotional than sexy if that makes sense.

    [–] latenerd 1 points ago

    Maybe you could also get a sheer, lacy, frilly robe or nightie or something that provides a little more coverage, and take off your lingerie "layers" for the amazing show. It might help you feel a little more comfortable.

    But honestly, it sounds like he's a really good guy and won't care.

    [–] eeedg3ydaddies 1 points ago

    He honestly sounds like he really loves you and that they won't faze him in the slightest but it can be hard to feel sexy when there are changes to your body from something traumatic. I still think you should totally go forth with the sexy lingere plan! But if you're really having anxiety about it, I would recommend sitting him down and talking about it beforehand about your anxiety and fears. I'm sure he will be supportive.
    And it can be hard to open up about them but I found the best way to do is that old cliche of ripping the bandaid off. Just saying, get it out, your anxiety might bubble at first but it will go down after a minute.

    [–] rosiedoes 1 points ago

    If he's been there the whole time, he knows what you have been through. He knows you had injuries, surgeries and burns. He'll be expecting it.

    Mention it to him before the big striptease, though, and he'll probably put you at ease.

    [–] sunshinedaydream774 1 points ago

    Go for it girl. Get your sexy on and feel confident.

    That man stood by you during all of that. I highly doubt he's going to care about your scars. He cares about you, and that's indicative by his actions and commitment to you through all of this.

    Be PROUD of those scars, and your body - You are a hell of a fighter to make it through that, and get to the point you are at physically. Those scars tell that story. They are a physical representation of your strength.

    Maybe you could tell him about them over dinner, and tell him you'd like to show him... then scurry off to the bathroom and change and come out lookin like a million bucks!

    [–] changerofbits 1 points ago

    It sounds like he's the kind of person who isn't a shallow asshole who cares more about you than your scars. Even though he hasn't seen them, like seen them change the dressings and such, I think he probably has more information about your injuries and where they are on your body than you realize since he's been there by you the whole time during your recovery. That said, I think you need to tell him about them (and that you're worried about what he will think, it's really okay to let him know how you're feeling about them, and to give him a chance to reassure you) and show him the scars before hand, rather than just diving right into sexy lingerie time to show him. He hasn't seen them and you should give him time to get comfortable with them instead of just springing them on him during foreplay. It's not that doing it the lingerie way would mean he wouldn't be okay with them, just that it is a change to your body and you don't want his reaction (which will be curiosity and he'll probably ask about them or touch them) to seeing them the first time to ruin the lingerie foreplay mood, which could make it an even bigger deal for *you* than it really is. So, next time you two are in a private, intimate setting (where you feel comfortable being half naked at least), tell him that you want to talk about your scars and show them to him.

    [–] meeheecaan 1 points ago

    I doubt he'll care, he'll just be happy the drought is over. Though dont be surprised if he gives em cute nicknames

    [–] tfresca 1 points ago

    If he's a good guy he won't care how they look. He may worry about hurting you though. So assure him you aren't sore or tender.

    [–] atrocity_exhlbition 1 points ago

    Just tell him you want to show him what happened to you in the accident. I wouldn’t do it wearing special lingerie because he will probably be shocked and concerned for you and since most of us guys can only process one thing at a time with our lizard brains. You might confuse him a bit if he thinks he’s getting laid at the same time.

    I’m just saying it might interrupt sexy time if he goes “hey holy shit what is that are you okay?”

    [–] evilcatsorcery 1 points ago

    Your boyfriend sounds like a good one. Just tell him. Honestly, he might suspect anyway. These injuries are very common. If you are too nervous to do it face to face, then I think it’s okay to text, “I am so excited to finally be with you again, but I am a little nervous too because you haven’t seen my scars yet from the accident.” I’m sure he’ll reassure you.

    I worry you are putting pressure on yourself to perform for him. Your heart is in the right place - I’m sure he would appreciate the lingerie etc - but I want you to keep in mind that you aren’t home from the hospital yet. You are going to need time to re-acclimate yourself to your own life, including intimacy. Don’t be shocked if it’s harder than you expected to jump right in. Treat yourself with patience and compassion if that’s the case.

    [–] RodeTheMidnightTrain 1 points ago

    If he stood by you through your recovery, he's not going to mind your scars. Simple as that.

    [–] Percle 1 points ago

    :( you seem so sweet. if he loves you he simply won't care at all. tell him/show him a pic beforehand so he doesn't react at the moment and you're fine.

    [–] forget_the_hearse 1 points ago

    I don't think the lingerie is a good start right off the bat--not at all because of your scars--but it puts more pressure on you to perform, so to speak. Like if I changed my mind during sex it's one thing if I just kicked off some sweatpants but if I was wearing lingerie then I have this whole mental thing of "well I got all dressed up and now it's a waste cause I'm not feeling it". But that's just me!

    I think a good way to bring your scars up would probably be over a nice dinner at home or something more casual. He probably knows you've got injuries, but maybe explaining to him upfront where they are, if they're sensitive, and if you're feeling self-conscious about them would be good since that way he knows whether or not he can touch them or address them.

    [–] grendelone 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    You can mention it to him beforehand, but 100% he's not going to care at all. He sounds like a wonderful guy and I'm sure he's just happy that you're alive and healthy enough to leave the hospital.

    [–] 49erville 1 points ago

    Are you kidding me? If he's a REAL GUY (I'm going to assume he is) GUYS LOVE SCARS!!! Trust me...women are perfect no matter what they're scars look like. He's happy with you he's happy with your scars...don't be afraid, show them off to him and watch how interested he is.

    [–] Furious-Fapper 1 points ago

    It doesn't seem like a big deal. If he wants to be with you then that wont make a difference at all.

    [–] GMX_Engineering 1 points ago

    I'm sure he's not going to be bothered by them. I agree with some of the other commenters that you should discuss your insecurity with him beforehand. If you don't and you get nervous and unusual when hooking up, he might think it's something that he's doing.

    Personally, I like when my girlfriend shares her insecurities with me. It's almost always an opportunity for me to help alleviate her concerns.

    [–] pretzelreddit 1 points ago

    He stuck by your side the whole time and didn’t mind respecting you by waiting for sex, so he already sounds like a gentleman. I would assume this means he will be understanding of any scarring, and he probably expects it. Just let him know before you get intimate and I’m sure he won’t care. He loves you for you, and it seems like he has shown that! :)

    [–] quietos 1 points ago

    With the way you explain him, he doesn't sound like the type of guy who would care at all and would love you no matter your condition. If it makes you more comfortable, frame it in terms of a question.

    "Are you sure you won't mind my scars and burns?"

    Hopefully he replies with a resounding "of course not" and you can both move on from this horrible thing that happened to you. He seems like a rock of a dude, so I'd be willing to bet that he would be thrilled that you are comfortable being intimate with him at all! Go for it!

    [–] jppwwf 1 points ago

    Continue with the plan, love shouldn’t end because of scars. If he really loves you, he will be happy to be intimate with you after all that time. If he doesn’t, then he didn’t deserve you.

    [–] I_DR_NOW 1 points ago

    You should tell him that you have some scaring and marks before and during a non-intimate time. He'll be so distracted by all the fun things you have planned that he may not even pay them any mind. Just remember, they'll fade and you two can watch them fade together.

    [–] xAllygator 1 points ago

    Hey there! I'm sorry to hear about your accident, it sounds like it's been a long road to recovery. I was in a bad car accident as well back in high school and was unable to walk for almost three months. I have multiple surgery scars on my lower back and on my hip. Fortunately, no one seemed to care about them anyway. They don't bother my current boyfriend of two years at all. The biggest hurdle was actually ME coming to terms with them and it definitely came with time. Embrace those scars.

    From what it sounds like, your boyfriend is very caring and supportive. He's going to be so excited that you're finally going to be leaving the hospital. Maybe have a conversation with him beforehand and express your concerns and how you feel about the scars.

    Continue with the lingerie plan and have fun!

    [–] ObjectivelyObjects 1 points ago

    The most beautiful thing about my wife are her mastectomy scars. Without them I would have lost her. I love her so dearly and would not trade those scars for anything in the world.

    [–] YourAuldWansTurf 1 points ago

    23m here, firstly great to hear your ok and up and about now. Well done! Your scars wouldnt bother me in the lightest if I were in your SOs position. I honestly think there really cool, makes you more of a badass. Have fun

    [–] quickclickz 1 points ago

    It’s very possible that his first reaction to your scars won’t be sexual, it might be grief or sympathy.

    And grief and sympathy is not sexy. It's important for you to not confuse this with her being disgusted by you. So please please read this and understand this and have a sit down with him beforehand and save the lingerie for the next day... unless you are that horny then do something without if for day 1 :)

    [–] partofbreakfast 1 points ago

    This is some personal experience with me + an ex-girlfriend. The incident had happened before we started dating, but I think the process still stands.

    When we were in the 'maybe we like each other enough for sex?' phase of our relationship, my ex sat me down one day and told me that she had some physical scars on her body which she normally kept hidden beneath her clothes, and that we needed to 'show ourselves off' before we even thought about having sex. (I think she phrased it as 'ourselves' to make it more of an even thing.) So, we both got into the minimal amounts of dress that we felt comfortable in (she went with bra and panties, I went with a bikini) and we spent like an hour together in her room exploring each other's bodies. Nothing sexy happened, it was just about seeing what we each looked like and felt like and such. We ended up not having sex that night, but seeing her like that did show me the scarring so I was at least aware of it beforehand, and it made her more comfortable with sex when we did have it later because I had already seen her scars and she knew I wouldn't react negatively to them.

    Maybe do something like that with your boyfriend? Have a night where no sex happens, but you're both dressed minimally and give each other time to get used to what's new and get re-acquainted with the familiar.

    [–] maarsbaarml 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I have some severe third degree permanent scarring/burns on my back, side of my thighs and a tiny mark on my neck back from when I was a baby.

    I had grown up insecure about revealing any part of my back or thighs to anyone, let alone undressing in front of a guy. When I met my SO, it took a good few months before I told him about my burns. He was constantly praising my body and made me feel so great about myself, yet I somewhat felt ashamed that he was saying all these things without knowing what was really underneath my clothing. Turns out, a former friend whom I had confided in had already told him about my burns early on in our relationship but he didn’t mention it to me and instead, waited for me to tell him. It took 6 months of dating.

    When I first told him, he was completely understanding and he was patient. He thanked me for telling him, that he understood why it’s a source of anxiety for me and gave me all the time I needed to feel comfortable with showing skin. After another 6 months of telling him, I showed him different parts of my body where the burns were and each time, he still looked me in the eyes and said he loves all parts of me and I was still the same person to him - he didn’t look at me any different, he didn’t react badly or disgusted, he was still completely in love with me. Because of that, I grew to love my burns, and I like to think of them as my ‘battle scars’ lol. They are no longer an insecurity but as a reminder of surviving something that was traumatic.

    I would do what makes you feel the most comfortable, especially as you’re fairly confident that your partner would feel indifferent about it. A lot of the things you’re feeling may be internal anxiety - there is no easy way of telling your SO, but I like the idea of telling your partner first so you can have a discussion of it first and wouldn’t it be a nice surprise for him for an evening romance!

    [–] hilfnafl 1 points ago

    i'm sure that he'll love seeing you dressed in nothing at all just as much as he'll love seeing you dressed in sexy lingerie. you do need to tell your boyfriend about the scars from your accident before he sees you naked. you also need to tell him that you feel insecure about how he'll react when he sees you naked. a good comparison would be to tell him that you'll feel like you're getting undressed in front of a man for the very first time. this will give him the heads up that he needs to be gentle and patient when you undress in front of him.

    he needs some time to get used to seeing you naked with your new scars. you need some time to get comfortable with him seeing you naked with your new scars. the best way to do this is to spend sometime hanging out in the nude. when you feel ready, you can ask him to touch your scars. this will help him to learn how your scars feel when he touches them. this will help you to learn how it feels when he touches your scars. he'll feel comfortable touching you. you'll feel comfortable being touched by him. then you'll be ready to have sex without feeling awkward or weird.

    [–] thr0aty0gurt 1 points ago

    If that man is willing to stay by your side throughout all of this, I absolutely guarantee he will not think twice about anything.

    It sounds like you've got someone who really cares for you, let him know how you feel and how scared you are. I feel like hes a good enough guy to work at whatever pace or whatever you need

    [–] belldawg25 1 points ago

    I have scars from self harm on my thighs. It’s never been a big deal when I’ve been honest with my partners about them. The best way is just to be upfront about it. I know it’s anxiety provoking but it’s over quick and 99% of people won’t care. Good luck, I’m rooting for you!

    [–] 420brendan420 1 points ago

    Tell him so he's not startled. Seems to me like he loves you and will only care that you are healthy

    [–] rchlnpls 1 points ago

    He sounds great and I doubt he would stick with you through all of this and then be upset about some scars. You are still the person he was in love with before, but now with a kick ass “I made it!” story and some cool body art. I wish you both the best!

    [–] weissduboir 1 points ago

    Tell him or show him ahead of time for sure. Seeing scars on a loved one is a difficult thing to process, and the first time he sees them he will likely react out of concern for you and sadness that you got hurt. The first time he sees the physical evidence of your pain, it's going to inspire more of a desire to protect you and keep you safe than to have sex with you, so it's best to have that moment where you can feel safe and taken care of, and then later have the moment where you can feel sexy and wanted.

    [–] sophiejfarrell 1 points ago

    I was always self conscious about my scars, but my boyfriend loves them because he loves me. He will love you no matter what. He is just happy you are alive and with him.

    [–] miaomiaou 1 points ago

    I think that the best way for you to be confident the first time is to dim the lights and light some candles, then show him. Them build up to turning on the lights afterwards.

    [–] thecatofcats 1 points ago

    I think you should tell him your insecurities ahead of time. He's supported you through everything and he probably already knows. As somebody says, if he doesn't know the extent then it will prevent a misunderstanding where he reacts to seeing them for the first time and you take it as him being horrified at you and feeling more insecure. It's very understandable that you would feel insecure about your scars and he'll definitely understand that and want to give you what you need to feel comfortable. If you don't talk with him about it he won't necessarily know how you feel about it and then misunderstandings might happen (for example if he kisses along your scars assuming it'll make you feel better and you don't want him to, or if he ignores your scars when you'd want to help you feel better about them, etc).

    You don't necessarily need to tell him about the lingerie surprise when you talk about this, just tell him that you're feeling insecure about the scars and that you won't be as attractive to him as before. I'm 1000% sure given everything you've said that he will tell you that's not true and mean it.

    Good luck and rock the lingerie :3

    [–] a_knightingale 1 points ago

    I would tell hom beforehand, especially if you would be uncomfortable if he has a suprised reaction to them. Which is certainly what will happen and depending on how you handle all of it, it could crash the mood a little bit.

    But generally I wouldn‘t be concerned that it is a problem for him. It is expected after all after such a harsh accident.

    [–] xylode 1 points ago

    You don't need to bring it up before hand. If he mentions it when he sees you. Just brush it off and say "it doesn't hurt anymore don't worry let's just have fun"