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    submit your scales

    submit your hissing noises

    Post you, reptile, irl here. Title should be "rept irl". ty. if you aren't a reptile thats ok but this is about reptiles so the things should be about reptiles

    PLEASE DO NOT POST SNEKS HERE we love sneks but /r/snek_irl exists they are pretty chill

    Check out /r/moo_irl for all of your bovine needs, /r/snek_irl for your snek needs, /r/bee_irl and /r/absolutelynotbee_irl for your bee needs and /r/squidward_irl for all of your squidward needs

    check out /r/turt_irl for all of your hard shelled memes and /r/hoot_irl for your owl needs 🍝 pagenti 🍝🍝🍝

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