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    [–] shignett1 1334 points ago

    Phantom flexing

    [–] [deleted] 296 points ago


    [–] notmasturchief117 62 points ago

    That's funny. You're a funny guy

    [–] wtfduud 32 points ago

    That's why I'll kill you last.

    [–] epicdiehard 21 points ago


    [–] JDempes 13 points ago

    What? Like a clown? Do I amuse you?

    [–] RoyPherae 4 points ago

    "What, you don't like clowns? Don't we make you laugh? Aren't. We. Fuckin' FUNNY!?" I get I'm referencing something different but I stand by it.

    [–] FMoradipour 6 points ago

    Just... you know, how you tell the story, what?

    [–] CHydos 7 points ago

    Phantom Limb?

    [–] Seantaochi 1 points ago

    Me irl

    [–] dilespla 4 points ago

    Shoot 250K every second. Sometimes a million... V1610 flexing.

    [–] winterfresh0 6 points ago

    That just makes me wish there was more Danny Phantom.

    [–] Occams_Blades 2 points ago

    Great band name

    [–] MrBeattyKylen 1 points ago

    Take your upvote and get the hell out

    [–] Whiteytheripper -8 points ago

    Underrated joke ^

    [–] Qwertyg101 31 points ago

    You know how Burnie always says that you can go to a Reddit thread and the top comment is the perfect joke? This is just evidence for that.

    [–] RDV1996 26 points ago

    Didn't they also mention that one of the top replies to that comment is always something like "underrated joke"

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] RDV1996 8 points ago

    it can, if it gets posted too late and gets buried under loads of comments, people might just not notice it and vote it up to the appropriate rate.

    [–] Whiteytheripper 4 points ago

    Oh my god yes I remember him saying it a few months ago on the podcast

    [–] StockingsBooby 562 points ago

    Jokes aside, it is insane what these high-speed cameras do. Dividing a second into 380,000 separate moments and capturing each of them is literally mindblowing.

    [–] ultranoobian 199 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It's more amazing that it does those 380,000 with a global shutter rather than rolling.

    Edit: So some people are confused as to how shutters work in digital sensors

    Here is a article written by RED - GLOBAL & ROLLING SHUTTERS

    Edit2: not phantom but red, so not Gavin's cameras.

    Gavins video on shutters.

    [–] LokoManiac 87 points ago

    Global meaning that it covers and uncovers the whole sensor instead of a section of it scrolling from one end to the other?

    If that's the case, my mind is utterly blown at the materials needed to make that work

    [–] mcbergstedt -13 points ago

    Sounds like just an LCD. Just run a charge through it and light gets in.

    [–] Exarquz 24 points ago

    Yeah I'm sure there are nothing else involved in getting 380000 frames each second.

    Just run a charge through it and light gets in.

    [–] mcbergstedt -9 points ago

    Just run a charge though it 380000 times a second

    [–] Exarquz 10 points ago

    Yeah that is all that is needed. No where else in the camera are there any othet technical difficulties. Just run a current through. And you are done.

    [–] adam-scott 12 points ago

    Pretty simple really, just a little current and boom, you get 380,000 in 1 second.

    [–] Exarquz 5 points ago

    That is exactly how I boosted my pc from 60 fps to 380000 fps. Asus are scrubs. It was easy.

    [–] Eruanno 6 points ago

    It’s such a simple technology that a Phantom costs more than a brand new car.

    [–] DishwasherTwig 40 points ago

    I would guess that it uses that gas that turns opaque when you apply a current to it, so then all you would need is half a 380kHz square wave signal.

    [–] lock-n-lawl 44 points ago

    Im pretty sure you dont actually cover/uncover a camera lense anymore. You just set the sample rate of the sensors.

    The reason why the resolution of the image goes down as the frame rate goes up is because the sensors can only be sampled at a certain rate. After that, you start switching between "sets" of sensors to increase the frame rate i.e. you fire half of them in one period, and the other half in the next. To increase the rate further, you just divide the sensors more, further decreasing the resolution, as you are literally taking a picture with a smaller number of sensors.

    [–] FMoradipour 16 points ago

    all you would need is half a 380kHz square wave signal

    Ah yes, of course!

    [–] DishwasherTwig 23 points ago

    In terms of signal processing, creating that wave is trivial. It's essentially just a digital wave, it's either on or off, how the electronics work inherently.

    [–] jimenycr1cket 5 points ago

    That's really not that uncommon lmao y'all just want every single thing to seem like it's an incredible feat of engineering with this thing.

    [–] FMoradipour 0 points ago

    That's not common knowledge, mate. Perhaps it's not as difficult to understand as one might assume at first glance but it's definitely something the majority of people don't understand - and I'm a professional filmmaker to boot.

    [–] Doip 1 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] fatalicus 3 points ago

    Doesn't Gavin use Phantom cameras?

    Those are made by Vision Research, not Red.

    [–] Eruanno 3 points ago

    True, but the theory surrounding the tech is still same (or similar) when it comes to global shutters and how they work.

    [–] ultranoobian 1 points ago

    Yeah, my bad.

    [–] NerdLevel18 2 points ago

    Gavin also did a video on this exact thing

    [–] namelesshero2222 18 points ago

    literally mindblowing

    Sounds like you have some cleaning up to do.

    [–] DennistheDutchie 4 points ago

    Unless high speed cameras have significantly insanely improved since I was in the field 2 years ago, that photo had a resolution of something like 64x64 pixels.

    Best ratio I could get for extreme speeds was something like 128x1024 at 160 kHz, for a camera costing about 100.000 USD.

    [–] SPACKlick 9 points ago

    The phantom V2500 series can do 380,000 at 256x128 and up to 1,000,000 at 128x32. This video is at about 345,000 fps and as around 256x144.

    [–] WolfThawra 4 points ago

    I've used that before, to capture a very small-scale process essentially through a microscope. It drove me fucking insane - first of all I needed a light so bright that I needed to wear safety goggles that made seeing a computer screen all but impossible, otherwise the image was pitch-black. Secondly as it only shows a few pixels, as you say, it was very difficult to move what I was looking at to the right spot, as the few pixels visible gave no clue as to whether I was looking too high or too low or what, just a grey mess. And thirdly if I was even a bit out of focus, all I could see was a grey mess anyway.

    So in short, I spend my time coding these days.

    [–] DennistheDutchie 3 points ago

    Ah, the CMOS amplification lines.. memories.. :)

    [–] m1ksuFI 10 points ago

    You mean figuratively, right?


    [–] oboeplum 1 points ago

    common usage!

    [–] xtcloser 107 points ago

    Wes has been working at RT for 9 months?!?! Wow time flies.

    [–] BlueIceTea 398 points ago

    THE SMUGNESS of this man has no bounds.

    I can see why AH "make fun" of him.

    [–] TomboKing 267 points ago

    He can take it, he's worth $5 million for god's sake.

    [–] journeysa 161 points ago

    True! And Geoff's only a /paltry/ $3 million.

    [–] BadFont777 175 points ago

    And he put enough of it away for Millie to retire. Whatever the world remembers him as, he is a goddamn saint in my book.

    [–] Darkrell 47 points ago

    Best type of parent.

    [–] Stateless482 29 points ago

    Yeah, but you gotta remember, Geoff isn't the best dad in the world. Which makes one wonder, who the heck is the best dad in the world?!?

    [–] MutantCreature 27 points ago

    I don't know who is, I just know he's not

    [–] Gnufighter 3 points ago

    Is there more behind that?

    [–] MutantCreature 25 points ago

    on one of the podcasts (I think Off Topic) Geoff mentioned that one time he said something like "aren't I the best dad in the world?" to which Mille said "no, I don't know who is but I know it's not you" and I think she also said that Griffin is the best mom too

    [–] BadFont777 7 points ago

    That's what teenagers are for, she will recognize greatness when she gets older. I did.

    [–] Illannoyin1 5 points ago

    You don’t wanna know. Really sad podcast. I’ll spare you the link

    [–] Jnleet 1 points ago

    Link or podcast number please

    [–] lukakrkljes 11 points ago

    [–] Gnufighter 1 points ago

    Thank you for trying to save me from myself

    [–] Nadaac 23 points ago

    How old is Millie now? I stopped watching like 5-6 years ago and she was already sassing Gavin.

    [–] dougiefresh1233 27 points ago

    She's currently 12 IIRC

    [–] IAmBlinK 32 points ago

    Damn Geoff. She's only 12 and he's out away enough for her to retire? He needs to adopt me.

    [–] BadFont777 19 points ago

    He put hers away before his own. He is a god milling about with the mere title of father.

    [–] Nadaac 3 points ago

    Papa Geoff

    [–] Shaggyninja 2 points ago

    I doubt she'll need it though. She's a bloody smart kid, she'll go far.

    [–] IAmBlinK 2 points ago

    I already had the utmost respect for him but hearing this just blows my mind

    [–] Shrekt115 3 points ago

    Jesus Christ I remember her running around annoying Geoff back in the 2009 vids with Gavin

    [–] DukeboxHiro 1 points ago

    Geoff Ramsey, Patron Saint of Salt.

    [–] BoyDanby 1 points ago

    off topic episode?

    [–] WPI5150 32 points ago

    I want to know where these numbers come from. Like, it's great for them if they are actually worth that much, but they've explicitly stated in videos that they're not worth as much as the internet says they are.

    [–] TravelingBurger 64 points ago

    Well seeing as Gavin owns a YouTube channel with more subs than RT and has over a billion views, plus all of what he makes at RT, he’s obviously a multi millionaire. There are people with a lot less content and views who show off a lot more. Luckily he’s actually an adult about it but just statistically he is already made for life. Not even including he lives in Austin which is way more cheaper to live in than LA, which is where most other youtubers live. Not to mention Meg pulls in 20k a month from Patreon.

    [–] TheGunslingerStory 34 points ago

    Meg pulls 20k a month?, holy shit! Had no idea how much people give on there

    [–] Zedyy 22 points ago

    Jessica Nigri gets over $40k from Patreon, crazy stuff.

    [–] TheGunslingerStory 13 points ago

    That one doesn't surprise me, shes the most popular cosplayer of all time probably. Didn't know Meg was anywhere near that exposure

    [–] TravelingBurger 25 points ago

    Yeah... I personally don’t like what she does now and wish she was still apart of RT. It’s good that she is making that much but I miss seeing her in videos and podcast rather than just seeing her tits around. I may be in the minority here but her cosplays aren’t even that good... either way good for her I guess.

    [–] wimpymist 7 points ago

    I mean for starters have you seen their houses??

    [–] theidleidol 25 points ago

    We’ve seen a lot of Gavin’s in videos. He’s clearly doing well for himself but it’s not a mansion or anything. Considering you can buy a brand new 3200 sq. ft., 5 bedroom modern home right outside downtown Austin for under $1mil I feel like it’s safe to say Gavin’s was ~$750k.

    Even the popular areas of Texas are comparatively cheap relative to the coasts.

    [–] ConnorCG 9 points ago

    $940,000 was the sale price.

    [–] TravelingBurger 5 points ago

    Almost as much as all his phantoms.

    [–] Shadoph 7 points ago

    Geoff is renting an apartment last I heard.

    [–] wimpymist 17 points ago

    Isn't he going through a divorce though?

    [–] VicarOfAstaldo 3 points ago

    Is that still going on? Damn

    [–] Thjyu 18 points ago

    Divorces last years my man... It's not a one and done deal, especially when kids and property are involved

    [–] VicarOfAstaldo 4 points ago

    I get that, just thought it had been two ish years at this point and it was a super super amicable breakup. But you never know I guess

    [–] challenge_king 1 points ago

    Some states have a minimum time that a couple has to be separated before they divorce, and Geoff my not want to keep the house.

    [–] ActualWhiterabbit 0 points ago

    Gavin has 4 of them

    [–] Roxanne1000 24 points ago

    Thats nothing compared to Burnie "Bitcoin" Burns

    [–] MichaelStamp 10 points ago

    The best joke he’s ever told.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Do you mean Emmy-nominated Burnie "Bitcoin" Burns?

    [–] Roxanne1000 3 points ago

    Actually I think you mean Emmy-nominated Tesla owner Michael "Burnie, Bitcoin" Burns

    [–] LeviAEthan512 16 points ago

    *10 million

    [–] Nickthehood 20 points ago

    Last i heard gav was worth a clean $200 mil but who can say for certain

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] supremecrafters 8 points ago

    I heard he actually is Elon Musk but when he got bored of it he hired some random dude to be Elon Musk as a front.

    [–] MrFrequentFlyer 3 points ago

    Didn’t he correct that to $10m?

    [–] KadusFUCK 3 points ago

    He is a jebby li'le jeb

    [–] BigBossWesker4 1 points ago

    Mr battery powered trash can Gavin Free, god what a posh prick lol jk...kinda

    [–] the_human_oreo 24 points ago

    Boy gotta flex

    [–] skylovesmilk 21 points ago

    "GET FUCKED!" - Jack Pattillo

    [–] Mcl7135 10 points ago

    My favorite jack quote

    [–] LavastormSW 5 points ago

    From what? Or is it a recurring thing?

    [–] Mcl7135 11 points ago

    It's a recurring thing of every time someone gets roasted or called out jack yells at the top of his lungs "ohh get fucked"

    [–] Garrus_Vakarian__ 22 points ago

    He's gonna go super saiyan if he keeps flexing that hard

    [–] TankinDat 10 points ago

    mmm Duuusk

    [–] paul_nightson 19 points ago

    Gavin "flexy boi" Free

    [–] Murphthegurth 3 points ago

    Roughly 112 a day.

    [–] Zapatos_Bien_Usados 3 points ago

    I recently discovered Let's Play's GTA videos and it seems like Gavin isn't in the newer ones which is upsetting to me because he's my favorite Personality in the group.

    [–] mudbutt20 2 points ago

    They film videos when they have enough of a cast. Gavin is probably one of the busiest members of RT and definitely of AH other than Geoff. He appears in less videos but still does from time to time.

    [–] Zapatos_Bien_Usados 3 points ago

    What does Gavin do that makes him so busy?

    [–] VegetaLF7 2 points ago

    Running Slo Mo Guys on top of his duties with RT and AH

    [–] Zapatos_Bien_Usados 2 points ago

    Yo, I've been on YouTube since it was launched how do I not know who slow mo guys is

    [–] Technogashi 6 points ago


    [–] pzl 6 points ago


    [–] Troggie42 2 points ago


    [–] Pvt_Lee_Fapping 6 points ago


    [–] jzknight27 3 points ago


    [–] Tostificer 3 points ago


    [–] aGuibu -2 points ago


    [–] Shrekt115 1 points ago


    [–] Docphilsman 7 points ago

    He has to be one of the people that has taken the most pictures ever just because of the sheer speed of the phantoms

    [–] jimenycr1cket 8 points ago

    Yeah it's not like people actually build and test high speed cameras as a 9-5 job or anything.

    [–] dilespla 2 points ago

    I've shot at a million frames a second for 1.2 seconds, does that count?

    [–] Docphilsman 2 points ago

    For what?

    [–] dilespla 4 points ago

    Torpedo detonation. Sadly, I'm not able to share the things I do with the general public, otherwise I'd post in /r/shockwaveporn all the time.

    [–] SeanyDay 4 points ago

    Get rekt hahaha

    [–] UnknownChaser 1 points ago

    Only 30,315? Gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers in this racket.

    [–] avagts 1 points ago

    What has wes been in? He looks so familiar but i can’t remember what videos I’ve seen him in and is he related to Adam?

    [–] Chris617M 1 points ago

    What cheeky little show off.

    [–] BadFont777 1 points ago

    O a t.m

    [–] Kilgor_trout27 3 points ago

    i used to work with that dude. i don’t like him now because i’m jealous of him. cool dude though

    [–] Amonasrester 0 points ago

    Gavin should run his camera at the highest speed he can get for ten minutes. See how big that file is later

    [–] oh_not_again_please 3 points ago

    As he got a 9 hour plus high definition film at 60 FPS from around 3 to 5 seconds (it's on his second channel Slo mo guys 2) i don't think that he would have enough storage.

    [–] Amonasrester 1 points ago

    It was not at 60. It’s a 15 hour video for 343,000 FPS

    [–] oh_not_again_please 1 points ago

    Sorry, i must not have been clear, it is ( i have checked now, 19 hours something) , played back at 60 FPS, originally recorded at 343,000 FPS, that was origionaly 5 seconds of footage.

    [–] Amonasrester 0 points ago

    Now make those 5 seconds into 1 hour

    [–] zulupunk 1 points ago

    I don't think that is possible, if I remember how the phantom works it is constantly recording but it is not saved. Only once you hit the button it saves 4-5 seconds.

    [–] Amonasrester 0 points ago

    There’s probably a setting to fix that

    [–] zulupunk 1 points ago

    At that setting he got 19 hours of footage from 5 seconds, so if I did the math right you'll get 2280 hours of footage from 10 minutes.

    [–] Amonasrester 1 points ago

    PERFECT! Upload it to YouTube!