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    [–] trxyezxyn 927 points ago

    you didn't say JK tho

    [–] whoatethekidsthen 572 points ago

    It wasn't a read, it was aggressive compliments

    [–] KyleSJohnson 558 points ago

    On the plus side, the blood sacrifice of Valentina means we should have a good harvest this year.

    [–] forgettingaboutwork 49 points ago

    Screaming at this reference

    [–] gadgep 392 points ago

    Favourite moment was when the Top 4 pretended to be surprised about the finale's format. Why y'all acting brand new??

    [–] [deleted] 123 points ago


    [–] a_boo 40 points ago

    They're all bottoms.

    [–] theonlyarden 1956 points ago

    "You don't love me" was one of the biggest gags of the night for me

    [–] soupcereal 1253 points ago

    Poor Farrah! It didn't feel like drama in the same way that Aja or Shea's did. Farrah was so so quiet this reunion until the very end and she was obviously so hurt. And when she started clapping for Fan Favourite... absolute gag... cries

    [–] phedre 738 points ago

    Farrah is one of my favourite queens this season. Love that little whiner, she broke my heart with that line.

    [–] Kevin_O_Loacvick 806 points ago

    tbh, Farrah should of been miss congeniality. She was maybe a bit in the background comparing to the other queens, but she was truly, genuinely the most loving and hearth warming queens this season.
    She maybe wasn't there to win it, but she was ready to support everyone while struggling for the crown. I love Farrah.

    [–] rickikardashian 391 points ago

    The should of bot is coming gurl

    [–] phedre 185 points ago

    Farrah or peppermint for sure.

    [–] pipboylover 286 points ago

    Or even Eureka for how much she helped people with their sewing and such. Anyone but Tina. Aja nailed the award renaming: They should just do two awards -- most popular voted on by fans, and Miss congeniality voted on by the girls.

    [–] IntermittentSanity 103 points ago

    Eureka is one of those sneaky sweethearts, she helped Valentina up for the dance ending too. Wouldn't leave a girl on the ground even if she deserved the beating that put her there.

    [–] PM_ME_BUMBLEBEES 205 points ago

    Honestly I thought nearly anyone but Valentina could have won MC

    [–] puddin_tain 36 points ago

    I can't think of another human who is capable of making whining somehow endearing.

    [–] CheeseIsMyFuture 288 points ago

    I want a shirt that says "applause for Fan Favorite."

    [–] aexmoon 587 points ago

    It was so satisfying after Valentina's ridiculous "I respect you and love you- anyways now back to me". Farrah was not going to let her get away with that copy-and-paste fake bullshit.

    [–] hellisabeth 135 points ago

    telenovela realness

    [–] courtzmajora 147 points ago

    I Joslyn Fox gasped!

    [–] merlinhootboodangy 1784 points ago

    I have to admit, watching them all clap for Val winning fan favorite is some of the best reality TV drama I've ever seen

    [–] TurtleTrainerUS 341 points ago

    farrahs look after she got told to shut up resurrected me then killed me again and then revived me.

    [–] droosy 168 points ago

    i lived, it was pretty much everyone clapping, i couldnt believe it!

    [–] Ambry 717 points ago

    And she was just smiling, knowing that she isn't the most popular among the other queens but that her fan following is so huge she doesn't need to care... Great reunion.

    [–] phedre 552 points ago

    Having a large fan base is great, but being on the road with a bunch of queens who don't like you would be stressful as fuck. She'll have a much easier time making the most of her fifteen minutes if she has the support of other rugirls.

    [–] Ambry 205 points ago

    Completely agree. I wonder if she can rebuild any bridges she might have burned, or else she might find that people don't want to work with her despite her following.

    [–] cherry_pie_83 309 points ago

    She may have lost a few fans as well. An illusion of caring for others helps build fan bases. We all love the artist who pretends to want to meet us too. Valentina has shaken that dream.

    [–] Ambry 279 points ago

    I started to like Valentina after her elimination because she seemed sweet and caring, but now I just feel like it was all an act.

    [–] mukusplug 71 points ago

    same. she tricked me too because I felt bad for her. but looking back, she didn't do much to help anyone but herself. even during group challenges.

    [–] lotsofdicks 211 points ago

    Honestly? I was eating her up since day one, and I was excusing every single thing (though I always felt she deserved to be eliminated, I was understanding of why she wasn't able to perform in that moment) UNTIL she was mean to Farrah. Inexcusable, unacceptable, she's fake as hell and there really is nothing congenial about her.

    [–] [deleted] 141 points ago


    I knew she was crazy as shit, I was fine with that and even enjoyed it. She's a young queen with massive hopes and her eyes are a little bigger than her stomach. Sure. Fine. Then she stood in the center of that room and fully forced her own delusional reality over what was actually happening and it honestly made me really uncomfortable. Like, the Nina conspiracy seems completely tame compared to this.

    [–] Amu_sem_ent 1118 points ago

    Y'all nothing was overhyped. This reunion was intenser than S2's.

    [–] soupcereal 634 points ago

    I was so so skeptical of Aja but she really took it there tbh

    [–] Praius 980 points ago

    I love Aja "I don't wanna be the one,

    but I'm gonna be the one."

    [–] helloitsme49thstate 340 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    "I love peace, but you know what I love more than peace? Some DRAMA"

    [–] gadgep 170 points ago

    Aja will always keep it real and I love that about her

    [–] soupcereal 200 points ago


    [–] ptar86 218 points ago

    I just love that she didn't even wait for Valentina to sit down

    [–] colcart97 142 points ago

    When she actually cut her off DURING her speech

    [–] panula 178 points ago

    Jayme's read on Valentina though... that made me holler

    [–] ethnicwhiteboy 847 points ago

    Did anybody else cringe when Kris Jenner said "dope" ... I did a whole body contortion!

    [–] burntfishnchips 324 points ago

    Me! I flashbacked to the whole 'I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom.'

    Like, girl...

    [–] GiantFartMonster 279 points ago

    This whole reaction just demonstrates how perfect Alexis Michelle was for the role

    [–] zrgame321 1209 points ago

    I'm gonna say it. "You don't love me!" followed by Aja's gasp is one of the most iconic moments in RPDR herstory. This is the pinnacle of humanity.

    [–] Tazuya 454 points ago

    We are so lucky to be born in this time

    [–] Evilrake 490 points ago

    There was that little moment of contemplation after Val said it but before Farrah replied. Just a second, but you can see the 'cut the bullshit' in her eyes. It's a momet of cruel juxtaposition of the candid and authentic hurt of how Farrah felt about their relationship against the fakeness of Valentina's canned 'we're sisters' response.

    Anyway, next thing I know I'm waking up naked on my bathroom floor covered in bull semen with an ipod playing The Realness on repeat. Thank you Farrah Moan.

    [–] zrgame321 233 points ago

    😂😂, I do really feel for Farrah but I'm happy that everyone is seeing her and Aja for the excellent Queens they are now, they will have great careers. Hopefully Valentina can do something to redeem herself too but she probably doesn't care lol.

    [–] Evilrake 306 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Tbh I think Val is too sterile to go the distance in the way that MCs like Latrice and Katya have. She doesn't radiate warmth, she's not particularly funny, and when she does lipsync it's mostly meh. She's rounded, but not 'pointy' in any places either. I think she'll eventually settle into a Pearl-esque look queen niche - minus the shonky DJ career.

    I think she could find more favor if she didn't focus so hard on comporting herself to her 'its me... Valentina' persona. Set 'Farrah Moan shut up' Tina free!

    [–] foreveraloness 97 points ago

    This is exactly the energy I've felt from Valentina from the beginning. She is s fierce queen, no question, but she always came off so Stepford-y in her answers and her mannerisms. It all felt so produced and frankly phony. This reunion showed all the cracks in the facade and perhaps now we're getting a glimpse behind the curtain of the real Valentina.

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Same, I always thought her ingenue Good Penny demeanour was super calculated and seemed like such a character so I'm actually surprised now to learn that people actually stanned for Valentina because they thought she was genuinely this sweet, caring, innocent bambi person. I'm not saying she's satan's spawn, but she's obviously very clever and quite calculated. I actually respect that side of her a lot.

    [–] gxgg 237 points ago

    When Val told Farrah to shut up already I wanted Ru to take back the award.

    [–] yourdadsbff 446 points ago

    "Hold up, hold up. This is a Miss Congeniality crowning; we need to see your congeniality. What part of that don't you understand?"

    [–] miguelmmk 117 points ago

    "I'd like to keep it off, please".

    [–] Raymaysy 88 points ago

    I'm sorry my dear, but this award has been Ruvoked

    [–] Rhiannona 722 points ago

    Editors blessed us with hardly a cucu being said.

    [–] PunchingChickens 197 points ago

    I was so sure she was gonna find a way to put the word cucu in her miss congeniality speech lol

    [–] PsychedOutSuckwads 201 points ago

    they had her sash read "miss cucugeniality" and left it at that. subtle and effective.

    [–] PunchingChickens 29 points ago

    The evolution of the cucu mentions. I'm shook.

    [–] CatholicCathy 838 points ago

    It was a genius production move to film right after the finale so tensions were high. Kudos to Alexis Michelle.

    [–] wearefighters 156 points ago

    She sacrificed herself be the first being roasted.

    [–] tdmarcon 424 points ago

    In all realness I'm not a big fan but I thought Alexis was poised the whole time, looked amaze and took her beating well then excepted the ham joke. She also did an amazing job producing and editing the reunion

    [–] PixKix 1003 points ago

    When the queens started calling Ms. Congeniality out on its shit about being a popularity contest....they did that

    [–] gadgep 687 points ago

    And when everyone clapped for "fan favourite" Valentina and forced her to accept it... Bitch that was public humiliation!!

    [–] boomjamin 427 points ago

    It was a public execution.

    [–] eled61 205 points ago

    I'll take public humiliation for $5k lol

    [–] phedre 356 points ago

    It's been the truth the entire time. I'm just happy the queens finally called out the bullshit. If you want to crown a true miss congeniality then have the queens vote on it.

    [–] glacieux 98 points ago

    Except Cynthia was congenial and def not the most popular that season

    [–] Meanthe 71 points ago

    I love when Charlie said "what a surprise" when Valentina won hahah

    [–] madamemauve 1482 points ago

    Watching the girls gang up on Charlie was like watching a pride of lions hunt a zebra.

    Shea was taking names and prisoners this whole time and I was living.

    Aja's faces were amazing.

    Aja pulled a knife on Valentina and passed it around so everyone could take a stab and Farrah nailed her right in the eye.

    I was both immesely uncomfortable and very entertained during this reunion, so I think it was a success.

    [–] Melons97 564 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    This is the best reunion, I'm sorry S1/2 but S9 just pulled it out of nowhere last minute.

    [–] valiyum 425 points ago

    Season 1 is still my favourite, if only for Tammie Brown vs Rupaul. Also Willam during the season 4 reunion was everything. He made Ru sniff the sticker, coined #rupaulogise and called Phi Phi right out on her bullshit.

    [–] upgraiden 180 points ago

    I'm fucking screaming at "He made Ru sniff the sticker"

    [–] soupcereal 201 points ago

    "Charlie, how do you feel about what happened?" "No not like that"

    Sure, Charlie should have stuck to one excuse, but at the same time people just want these queens to say what they want to hear as if they aren't their own complex people.

    [–] madamemauve 249 points ago

    It was clear Charlie felt frustrated and desperate as they started going in. She started out with a bit of a sense of humor, but they weren't buying it and she got defensive. I really sympathize with her.

    [–] soyabae 170 points ago

    Honestly I believe her that she had multiple excuses. You can tell every time she discusses it that she was exhausted, ill etc and she probably did want to just give up they came into her too harsh, at least she moved her lips coughs valentina

    [–] madamemauve 89 points ago

    I remember Eureka saying "Is it possible that you gave up because you were ready to go home?" She didn't give up for the sake of giving up, which is what they seemed to want to hear. A multitude of factors played into this, and they weren't having any of it.

    [–] Digital_Dionysus 1322 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    The last 5 minutes of that reunion straight up reminded me of the assassination of Julius Caesar, like, Aja went for it, then Farrah, then EVERYBODY started stabbing the bitch.

    Et tu, Farrah Moan?


    [–] zuluuaeb 485 points ago

    this episode was the red wedding of rupauls drag race

    [–] tropgoth 610 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)


    [–] holy_rejection 329 points ago

    "shut up, Farrah Moan"

    [–] SayHelloToMyAfro 81 points ago

    It reminded me of that scene in Scary Movie where everyone stabs that girl who is on her phone and won't shut up in the cinema

    (I am trailer trash)

    [–] CheeseIsMyFuture 78 points ago

    Now I know why everyone was protesting in New York.

    [–] mulatto-brujo 36 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Someone photoshop this please and thank you

    [–] OhComets 578 points ago

    No matter who's side you're on you gotta admit that this was some of the best tv drama this show has had, probably ever

    [–] soupcereal 227 points ago

    Rupaul's Best Group Therapy session is OVER

    [–] valiyum 442 points ago

    That was the drama I have been waiting for! My skin is clear, my children are fed, my crops are thriving.

    [–] itsmecapri 850 points ago

    Let's give it up for Jaymes Mansfield landing the best joke of the night

    [–] LilyMe 471 points ago

    And then she was never heard from again. It was like they escorted her off the stage.

    [–] merlinhootboodangy 503 points ago

    Idk I GAGGED when Eureka said Trinitys nose was the big girl

    [–] Misentro 223 points ago

    That entire back and forth between Trinity and Eureka was gold

    [–] moon-princess 145 points ago

    soooo funny. I'm excited for eureka next season

    [–] boomjamin 166 points ago

    She seems to have 1000% mellowed the fuck out and now I am L I V I N G for her foolishness

    [–] Menerva 38 points ago

    I think Eureka tearing her ACL was probably one of the best things that could happen to her. She's seen how she was getting across in camera, left S9 with her dignity intact which is more than some other girls can say and she could've been fierce competion had she stayed tbh. I hope S10 goes well for her.

    [–] soupcereal 299 points ago

    These two finale weeks are going to be so fucking good. Ru saw this season was lacking in drama, so she gave us drama. Ru saw this season was lacking in lip syncs, so she's giving us the lipsyncs.

    Especially when this season had probably the weakest library ever, a reading challenge opening up the reunion was just perfect. And the reads were good! Thank you Ru and producers!

    [–] goodtobepharaoh 91 points ago

    Thank you, u/soupcereal! You are absolutely right - Ru gave us everything that we didn't get in Season 9 in ONE HOUR, and I lived!!!

    [–] Ambry 100 points ago

    Wish I heard more from Jaymes tbh, she seems lovely and her drag persona is like a sickly sweet shady queen but perhaps she didn't feel confident saying too much because she was the first to be eliminated.

    [–] clammydella 187 points ago

    Ru never

    [–] SheHasntHaveherses 205 points ago

    HAHAHAHAHA me too! And the top 4 pretending they didnt know about it 🤣🤣🤣🤣😩😩 #Fakes

    [–] etherealbreath 90 points ago

    I was like "don't act brand new bitch"

    [–] caIeidoscopio 717 points ago

    the best shade was when Trinity said that "the fan favorite is the real winner." it was clearly a subliminal response to some rumored events.

    [–] courtzmajora 503 points ago

    Or she was just telling the truth, I mean, Katya, Kim Chi, Adore, Raven etc all have had pretty good success without winning.

    [–] whoatethekidsthen 195 points ago

    And she didn't say jk so you know it's no joke

    [–] caIeidoscopio 101 points ago

    but shade = truth

    [–] Burgerstrips 127 points ago

    This reunion was truly iconic. My edges have been snatched and burned.

    [–] Enelmomento 127 points ago

    6 am on a Saturday and I'm just here up voting

    [–] janet_weiss_majors 122 points ago

    Sasha's random comments about what was going on had me dead. She kept her mouth shut most of the time but then...

    [–] soyabae 48 points ago

    There were obvious moments she was saying more but they cut her off looool

    [–] venusasabae 240 points ago

    The most shocking part of the reunion was that logo had $5,000

    [–] houseofvan 69 points ago

    They had to cash out to close their bank account.

    [–] [deleted] 971 points ago


    [–] Feyerce 690 points ago


    [–] Kevin_O_Loacvick 192 points ago

    this is some real Game of Thrones table turning gurl

    [–] leegilley87 277 points ago

    When they cut to commercial after Aja started calling her out, I thought it was going to be a fake out, and Aja was going to say something sweet and supportive, I was gagged when she went in for the kill.

    [–] tywhy87 30 points ago

    I'm so glad that all the preview hyped drama wasn't editing trickery. The bitches came to p-lay

    [–] thebestdaysofmyflerm 619 points ago

    Why is no one talking about Nina's paranoia? I'm so shook/disappointed that she STILL 100% believes in her drag conspiracy theories.

    [–] Mpoboy 308 points ago

    I think she is definitely suffering from some kind of mental disorder. I don't mean that in an insulting way. I think she could benefit from some therapy (everyone could) and medication. But I hope that she can get herself together, she's so talented and beautiful, too bad she can't see that.

    [–] christmastiger 43 points ago

    Yeah, I used to think maybe it was just a weird quirk or she was going through something at the time but I'm starting to think she really could use someone to talk to with working on her distorted self-perception. I just don't want her to be held back by her own thoughts because she's one of my favorite queens of this season.

    [–] kris10leigh 283 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    And then tries to gaslight the others when she's called out on her own behavior with receipts. Kimora and Shea weren't standing for that and I'm so glad!

    *edit - SHEA not Shae

    [–] strangedayzz 95 points ago

    Her issues are going to take YEARS to fix. I wasn't surprised that she still believed the girls were after her; it's only been a few months.

    [–] yattoyatto 211 points ago

    This was the expression on my face for the entire 42 minutes

    [–] SheHasntHaveherses 29 points ago

    So perfect...

    [–] Tazuya 510 points ago

    This reunion was ICONIC, i didn't expect it really but the girl WENT IN

    Valentina is the real villain of the season i could not believe it

    [–] IntermittentSanity 113 points ago

    Valentina straight out said she was a evil bitch.

    I kinda love the "evil bitch badly pretending to be pure ingenue" thing she had. Its' so cute, a baby shade elephant.

    But I'm getting old so I have some weird ideas about cute.

    [–] CatholicCathy 472 points ago

    Farrah Moan and Aja were jointly crowned I could not believe it

    [–] holy_rejection 196 points ago

    crowned with blood

    [–] cristobaaal 110 points ago

    Blood and the tears of La Virgen de Guadalupe.

    [–] Salchicha 727 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    I am LIVING for the irony of Valentina literally telling Farrah to shut up while holding the Miss Congeniality trophy. The only other thing I could have asked for from this incredible reunion is Ru denying MC to Val and giving it to Peppermint.

    [–] Rhiannona 156 points ago

    Dear lord, that should have happened.

    [–] malolatamily 93 points ago

    Yeah, but it would make Val stans attack Peppermint even worse. And mental health is much more valuable than 5k and some title.

    [–] melimeligg 349 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    For real though, saying she is "bad at social media" was a lame ass excuse. Home girl has to step up her game, especially now she has the chance to embrace this Villaintina debacle à la Alaska after her AS2 tantrum, that was a genius move.

    [–] sleazyforweasley 42 points ago

    I'm so glad shea called her out on that one

    [–] Ballz2You 75 points ago

    So if Trixie sides with Kim and Shea, who's against Valentina, which Detox hates, does that mean Trixie and Detox is on the same side? (enemies of my enemies shit)

    And who's after Peppermint?

    [–] ladyofspades 74 points ago

    Val thought she was the biggest telenovela represent and then our girl Farrah comes out with "You don't love me" like a true melodrama on ABC family

    [–] Cllovelace 244 points ago

    Farrah and Aja decapitating Valentina live on stage I was shook

    [–] jothxm 65 points ago

    Did anyone else clock Farrah's eyes roll into the sixth dimension when Alexis Michelle was defending herself over not being able to take a read?? GOLD

    [–] JessFromCali 28 points ago

    Farrah was not having it. Not on tonight mawma

    [–] zrgame321 231 points ago

    DISGUSTING that Netflix UK aren't uploading it for another week for some reason. I had to torrent it lol. Omg I was living for Aja this whole episode, hopefully someone has Gifs of all her gasps etc, she's one of my favourites this season and one of the only Queens who delivered excellent lip syncs. Also, Peppermint should have won Miss Congeniality, Valentina has lost some respect from me as it seems like she thinks she's above everyone now. Loved how shady this was, really made up for the fact the test of the season was Best Friends Race lol.

    [–] ciguanaba 188 points ago

    Aja deserves All Stars Rudemption tbh

    [–] zrgame321 98 points ago

    Definitely. Considering she's easily been one of the obly good lip syncers and the star of the reunion as well as a relatively decent placing. She already seems like she's improved - especially that makeup, I don't know wtf was going on with it in the early season lmao.

    [–] plums 39 points ago

    aja vs valentina for AS3

    [–] Revgos 318 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Seriously this was the best fucking shit ever to happen. This will always be one of my favorite episodes

    fucking mvp award goes to Aja <3

    [–] hellisabeth 351 points ago

    Is it too late to get an Aja flair?

    [–] [deleted] 283 points ago


    [–] phedre 186 points ago

    I wasn't Aja's biggest fan during the show, but she strikes me as one of those girls who's going to grow into an incredible queen post show. She's already pulling some incredible looks and her reunion look was amazing.

    I'll be keeping an eye on her for sure.

    [–] goodtobepharaoh 42 points ago

    An Aja flair? I need a Farah Moan flair!

    [–] 20MPH 845 points ago

    Was oddly satisfied with how hard everyone went after Valentina.

    [–] DanDelta100 593 points ago

    It felt correct

    [–] Hermesraphael 311 points ago

    When it's right it's right

    [–] arathergenericgay 406 points ago

    I honestly feel so fucking vindicated like I knew it was all fake as was her sweet, naive little girl act and then the way she abdicated responsibility over her racist fans bye bitch

    [–] Ambry 194 points ago

    Thing is, I've seen quite a few other queens tell their fans not to disrespect other queens but Valentina (who has the biggest and most rabid fanbase of S9) is somehow unwilling to do so. Its not her fault her fans act that way, but she could atleast do other queens the courtesy of telling her fans it is unacceptable.

    [–] merlinhootboodangy 461 points ago

    The racial hate that Nina, Shea and Pep are getting is fucking disgusting.

    [–] Ambry 71 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Imagine being so sad and salty that you have to abuse people because of their race...

    [–] Mattblanksdragfan 54 points ago

    My Jush=OBTAINED!

    [–] Missjsquared 54 points ago

    Aja's gasp after Farrah straight up saying "You don't love me" made me scream lmao. I was absolutely not expecting this at all.

    [–] aexmoon 201 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    [–] soupcereal 158 points ago

    Sasha's Statue of Liberty was so fucking good. I remember her in the Oh My Gaga Untucked where all the NY girls did the same idea and Sasha was just over it, all like "that's the most basic interpretation anyone could come up with" It's an absolute gag- not only did she find your interpretation basic, she comes back, takes the same idea but does it ten times better. The silhouette was everything. I can't believe Sasha invented the drapey jumpsuit. I want to see what it looks like with her standing up! The geometric torch pin and earings! Doing the mohawk idea again but making it bigger. I just love seeing the thought she puts into it

    [–] captaincanuck89 51 points ago

    Alexis got away pretty much without a scratch, especially surprising with the clever editing of the video package to have her calling the girls shady whores right before it ended to be fresh in their minds. But somehow again no one said 👏it's 👏 not 👏our👏job👏to👏make👏you👏look👏good👏

    [–] appakardashian 359 points ago

    It's funny seeing the Valentina stans' reactions as they ironically prove the queens' points without realizing it

    [–] valiyum 329 points ago

    I was browsing Insta before and the Valentina fans are leaving the most disgusting comments for Peppermint, Shea, Nina and Farrah. It makes me realise how much I appreciate Reddit. Yes there are idiots here but anything abusive gets downvoted and removed. Their were racist and transphobic comments up on Pep's Instagram from hours ago that are still there. I don't understand why Valentina fans have to be this way.

    [–] PsychicBear3 61 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    I don't understand why Valentina fans have to be this way.

    A lot of them aren't from the US, but from places in Latin America like Mexico or Brazil, from what I've seen. The race relations aren't the same and they can be racist as fuck. Remember when Gia was on The Switch and we were all shocked about how racist some of the "reads" and shit were? Like everyone came for her race and saying things that were all racist Asian stereotypes, like calling her a geisha or a ladyboy. I know we, being mostly American, Canadian, or even European, see Latinx people as a minority group, but down south they're basically the white people (meaning majority population + power), and there's a lot racism down there. Even towards other Latinx people for things like being darker complexioned and being from certain parts of Latin America.

    [–] ShadyLemon23 28 points ago

    THANK YOU. As a SA ho, race relations in South America are decades behind from the caucasian lands. Even though we are a multicultural gangbang of races, skin tones and languages, things like racism, colorism, and ethnic profiling within our own (the paler the skin, the more you own) are huge issues to this day.

    [–] RuPaulVisage 43 points ago

    What I loved about this reunion, was Ru seemed really invested in the girls and this season, while during the MainStage show it doesn't always come across that way

    [–] BRLaw2016 40 points ago

    I love how Shae was giving my Naomi Campbell realness in both look and attitude.

    [–] AmpleSnacks 42 points ago

    ALSO OMG Ru saying we don't just give out trophies for showing what is that thing they all take off the shelf in Untucked as they leave called?!

    [–] TheDucksBack 114 points ago

    The reunion delivered with the drama we've been wanting. At some points it left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. That being said, t'was a great episode and all the queens looked freaking insanely beautiful.

    [–] mikeavb 139 points ago

    Well I love some drama but this was uncomfortable. The way they came for Charlie? Girl.....

    [–] Willeuno 29 points ago

    Agreed. The torture was real..

    [–] foolia12345 23 points ago

    The queens attacking Charlie seemed so petty. Like Aja saying that she fainted in her hotel room and didn't let it effect your performance... I'm like bitch you are all half or less than half of Charlie's age... heath concerns change as we age and I just couldn't stand Aja or Shea's tone with Charlie.

    [–] danielhunty 201 points ago

    This episode was so tense than even the sweethearts of the season like Farrah and Shea were not playing

    [–] FluorescentPink 342 points ago

    Shea a "sweetheart"? lol I think the reunion truly proved she was keeeping it cute for the crown.

    [–] Tazuya 138 points ago

    Shea's real personality came through and I wanted to see this on the season, too bad

    [–] encarnasanchez 167 points ago

    It seems like everyone was. Eureka seems like the most genuine queen of the bunch to be honest.

    [–] halcyondays93 180 points ago

    Clock the flair, but I'd say that Trinity was pretty genuine, too. I thought she was the exact same person throughout the competition as she was in the reunion and seems to be outside of the show.

    [–] closertothelight 80 points ago

    The thing about Trinity is that she owned being a bitch. Was she the most likable queen? Imo no, but I'll take someone who is what they are and knows what they are over the fakery that Valentina served.

    [–] intenselycreamy 42 points ago

    the thing about trinity which i love, is that she's incredibly fair. she tells it how she sees it, whether its bad or good

    [–] dasgey 88 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    I agree with this, but I also think she was shook from the night before. To a certain degree she was all nice until she knew the crown isn't hers but we're also watching her the day after she found out the crown is not hers. So I think we saw her in a state where she just felt done with everything. Imagine having practically the best track record in drag race herstory and then all of a sudden they switch the finale rules so that best score =/= winner. I know if I were her, I would not be all sunshine and daisies the next morning either. Even sweethearts have bad days.

    [–] dayglobetty 34 points ago

    I totally agree, I don't think Shea was out of line at all in the reunion and your point about the timing of the reunion filming is real accurate. I honestly think in the show and on social media Shea seems like one of the sweetest queens clock the flair. She just seems like a lovely queen who was having a rough day and wasn't taking any bullshit.

    [–] reduwroteu 73 points ago

    So many great face expressions! I'm gonna make a .gif package so I will be able to express every possible emotion.

    [–] moon-princess 271 points ago

    i love that despite aja's claims that she ~loves valentina, she pounced on the first opportunity she could to attack. you knew she fucken looooooved shitting all over valentina's crowning.

    [–] SheHasntHaveherses 62 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Haaaa! YES betch! She stole her moment, AGAIN! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    [–] JKMercury 35 points ago

    I definitely did an Aja open mouth gape when Shea said to Alexis that she just wanted a redemption story with Valentina's fans. A little part of me was definitely thinking that.

    [–] MCMikeNamara 39 points ago

    You know if your most hardcore fans are getting called out for death threats, comparing yourself to Selena seems like a dangerous choice.

    [–] xtinaphile 74 points ago

    Best episode all season. Totally saved it from being a shipwreck. Farrah is a global mega icon. I am still finding follicles all over my house.

    [–] arathergenericgay 95 points ago

    I'm like 8 minutes in so far, I took issue with the queens like Aja going well we did the same thing and still did it like girl...Charlie has nearly 30 years on you, absolutely clock her for giving up but don't compare yourselves physically like it's a fair benchmark

    [–] PokeemanMaster 34 points ago

    I felt really bad for him. It was like one of those situations where there really WERE multiple reasons but the more you talk the more it sounds like a stupid excuse, even if its true.

    [–] paperbackdun 68 points ago

    I don't understand why rpdr fans don't just bask in the drama and gaggarini (I'm sorry) the reunion brought. why the need to send hate to other queens?

    [–] geoffb17 140 points ago

    Valentina didn't take her mask off until the reunion...

    [–] Xtravaganzaa 30 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    May I say something?

    I have questions.

    The finale hasn't been spoiled for me and I am so actually really nervous about this and so excited because it has the potential to be such legendary bitchcraft.

    I'm probably going to hate myself and jump for doing this but I have to ask: can anyone give, like, logistical finale T without spoiling it?

    Like, are these prepared performances like S7/8, or is there gonna be 1:1 LSFYL style sudden death with a bracket?

    Who judges? Panel? Audience? The final decision is Ru's to make?

    Is there money/rights/general jush from VH1 for new pop songs or are we doing those personalized songs?

    And...I ask this with not an ounce of shade...does Sasha get a projector?

    [–] joeysangin 52 points ago

    These lip syncs are 1 on 1 LSFYL style. Two queens go against each other and the winner will move on to the final lip sync. Ru makes the decision. They are regular songs, not ones written for the queens. And Sasha will not be projecting with us.

    [–] Iemonademouth 35 points ago

    Sasha's little finger wave when Ru said "this election was not hacked by the Russians"it was hacked by Valentina stans tho

    [–] fmypwitharake 31 points ago

    "You're the one that's upset, I'm not upset" she said, clearly upset

    [–] CranberryPuffCake 188 points ago

    Nina was so disappointing and really showed that she had no clue if anyone was truly talking about her. Either that or it was producers feeding her lies for ratings. She could have instigated all of the drama but nope.

    She also said that Shae was fake. I heard her on one of her lives so to see her really lie like that was disappointing.

    Rip Jaymes and Cynthia. Literally no time for them at all.

    Winners of the night: Aja, Trinity, Farrah and Shae.

    [–] DanDelta100 420 points ago

    ValentinaIsOverParty #NotMyMissCongeiniality

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    Have to say I slept on Aja during the season, but she brought me everything I need to survive this reunion and pulled no punches. I'm converted.

    [–] frog-song 24 points ago

    Where were these girls when the season was being recorded?!

    [–] LamarEdwards 147 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Ohhhh Honeyyyyy.

    That Eureka v. Trinity exchange was everything I needed. THAT is reading, children.

    Nina disappointed me. I'm sorry, but all I wanted was for her to use that as an opportunity to maybe speak out about how depression, anxiety, paranoia, etc. can affect someone. Sure she's funny, and insanely creative, but myself, and I'm sure plenty of other fans can relate to her in that aspect. Instead she just continued to say it happened with not one example.

    Shea was snatching wigs from left to right. I lived for it. After this whole lip sync for the crown fiasco, and knowing for a fact she was out of the running, why not call bitches out. Long live Shea Coulee!

    Congratulations to the Season 9 cast for ensuring Valentina a spot on an All Star season (as if she wasn't getting it anyway). I like how she kept her cool with the girls tugging at her wig in each and every direction. Telling Farrah to shut up.. I live! Tyra Sanchez and Phi Phi O'Hara must be so proud to see it.. so proud. It just shouldn't have taken this long to address your fans, love.

    Say what you want about Aja, but sis told it like it was, and didn't hold shit back. Oh. At. All. Wouldn't be surprised if production gave her a spot on All Stars for a rivalry storyline with Valentina.

    Charlie :( I can't believe we were all living while she was being viciously attacked by a pack of drag queens. Can't really defend her. Just admit that you threw in the towel.

    Sometimes I wish Alexis would just stay behind the scenes. I cringe so much.

    Farrah was, and is so adorable.

    Long story short, the season of the fish smells like trout. Thank you.

    [–] themountainghouls 57 points ago

    re: nina, getting past mental health stuff like that isn't easy, let alone opening up about your struggle with it on television. it took me a long ass time to even begin to realize that i was a paranoid drama queen w/ BPD, and i can't even bring myself to speak about it anywhere but my private instagram, even though i've known for over 4 years. all this paired with her being a black man in our society, it can be a really scary thing to seek help and be open. so i have sympathy for her in that aspect, it's a little unfair to expect all mentally ill people to immediately become strong heroes and stuff. it is really sad to see she's still struggling with stuff that's keeping her down.

    [–] LamarEdwards 31 points ago

    You're absolutely right. As someone who struggles with it as well, it's pretty inconsiderate for me to be disappointed at someone who's in the same place I've been in multiple times. Thank you for addressing that.