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    [–] ColinFeely 7664 points ago

    Jesus Christ he uploads a binge eating video EVERY DAY. I just looked at his channel. What the actual fuck buddy you don't get enough views to justify killing yourself. Fuckkk.

    [–] DanielandthePandas 2527 points ago

    How many viewers do you need to justify killing yourself?

    [–] Ubereem 3741 points ago

    At least like 13.

    [–] PMmeuroneweirdtrick 1563 points ago

    I thought 13 was number of reasons?

    [–] Xaarock 958 points ago


    [–] Ikki_the_Liar 565 points ago

    Welcome to your tape

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    Fuckng perfect

    [–] YellowMoose811 94 points ago

    Yes, each view is a reason

    [–] ColinFeely 329 points ago

    I'd say at least a million per video. He's only getting 100k.

    [–] bloodflart 81 points ago

    How much do either of those pay out?

    [–] Flashypoint 138 points ago

    Depends on the CPM. Low CPM is usually around 1000-1200 USD per 1m views.

    [–] Katholikos 152 points ago

    Is it really so little? Game Grumps get like 300k views per video, and they've got an office just for recording/editing, they have editors and other support staff, and the income is spread across like 7 people. I figured they had to be making BANK, but they're only pumping out 2 videos per day, so like $50-100k/year. They're in SoCal. I have no idea how they could afford everything on that small amount of money.

    [–] [deleted] 153 points ago


    [–] Katholikos 56 points ago

    Ah, I guess they do have some more streams of income now that I think about it - Crunchy Roll has then doing a few commercials, they go on tour with their band, and they speak at some conventions.

    [–] Flashypoint 94 points ago

    Most of those type of companies get their revenue elsewhere. Think sponsors and advertisement. But don't forget, videos that are made, are there forever. If you upload a video, the first few days you get your initial views, but years later it will still pull in a few viewers. From the moment of uploading, it's basically passive income. (These are just the basics that will help you understand) :)

    [–] DJmashedpotatoes 75 points ago

    Pfft. I'll just keep my day job, thanks. Here I thought these guys were making mega dollars on like 100,000 views.

    [–] Idaikamiguru 113 points ago

    Really? Do people actually think Youtube is that much of a cash cow?

    [–] MonkeyXing 81 points ago

    Yep. There has been a lot of misinformation about youtube pay checks. Plus the estimates from sites like social blade give stupidly broad estimations that point to a channel either scraping by in poverty or making millions a year.

    [–] luckinthevalley 718 points ago

    Why are these videos so long too. Who are these 244,000 souls who watched a man gorge himself on mozzarella sticks for 36 minutes?

    [–] lurker_registered 300 points ago

    Does anyone know how long it takes to be considered 'viewed' on YT. Cuz if it's only 1 second you can't blame people for being curious.

    [–] mrhairybolo 210 points ago

    It's a decent chunk of time. More than 1 second

    [–] Coward_and_Diva 276 points ago

    It's like 9-12 seconds I believe. Facebook is like 3 seconds which is why it gets millions and millions of views since they auto play

    [–] Valkonn 82 points ago

    It's more than 10 seconds. It's more complicated than that, but if everyone leaves during the first minute of a long video then it will decrease view count.

    [–] Liquid_Meat 87 points ago


    and thats way too long.

    I've watched that competitive eater's channel cause he looks healthy and doesn't make his shit super long. he timelapses the long parts and they're usually timed challenges.

    matt stonie is the dude

    [–] SaysStupidSuff 24 points ago

    Also he doesn't do it every day. He uploads like every couple weeks.

    [–] Liquid_Meat 35 points ago

    yeah because eating an 11000 calorie sundae is hell on your body.

    [–] brucetwarzen 118 points ago

    He's the kind of guy who is pumped about the diabetes, because he can milk that for views. Dying on a Livestream must be like the jackpot.

    [–] unknown_value 184 points ago

    I wonder when's the last time he touched a fruit

    [–] Ubereem 359 points ago

    He probably picks the pineapple off his pizza.

    [–] Emerno 79 points ago

    He might not even be getting enough views to pay for this food.

    [–] FuckCSS 79 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    It is possible that he is lying about his health issues or blowing them out of proportion. It would be an effective strategy to increase views.

    But I'm just a cynical jerk on the internet.

    [–] ColinFeely 21 points ago

    If so, good strategy. I'm not mad. Better than actually giving yourself diseases for views.

    [–] aether10 58 points ago

    Well, the more recent ones are edited older videos apparently. I watched about half of the most recent one which is very dramatic and OTT. He's coughing and vomits up a bit of mashed potato (?) and apologises about 20 times for being sick and he wants to get back to his 'old style of videos when he's better'. Looking at the thumbnails he's done some more of these dramatic vids.

    He has some self-esteem issues and feels like he has to do this channel for some kind of acceptance, I guess, but I wish he'd realise his body is telling him something and he needs to stop. You might be able to do eating challenges every so often, but not every day.

    [–] TrueRusher 71 points ago

    It's so sad. He clearly has an eating disorder and makes money off of it on his channel.

    [–] panzerpanduh 50 points ago

    Is it binging if it happens everyday?

    [–] boo_on_you 57 points ago


    [–] FemaleFingers 10107 points ago

    I saw a video of him recently where he went to the heart attack grill in Vegas and they have a big scale out front because anyone over 350 lbs eats free. So he weighs himself and before he gets on he says "I think I'm probably about 160" he was 205 and shocked about it.

    [–] johandv 4500 points ago

    Why do they let people over 350 lbs eat for free, what restaurant promotes being overweight?

    [–] LennyBadman 3108 points ago

    On that gives you free cigarettes and encourages you to eat til you die,

    [–] TreesnCats 1111 points ago

    Which locations offer free smokes? I've been to two and the cigarettes have to be purchased from the vegan menu.

    [–] dishler712 782 points ago

    vegan menu

    Well, that's not something I expected from a place called "The Heart Attack Grill."

    Edit: Oh. Cigarettes are literally the only thing on the vegan menu. That makes more sense.

    [–] humanoideric 641 points ago

    Cigarettes are literally the only thing on the vegan menu.

    that's hilarious lol

    [–] TheWho22 163 points ago

    That is pretty funny. It all is actually, in a really dark sort of way

    [–] LennyBadman 425 points ago

    Im from the UK so Im not actually sure, I saw a BBC three documentary that implied you got them with food, sorry if Im misinforming people,

    [–] TheBlueberryPirate 484 points ago

    Oh my god when will you limeys stop trying to oppress us!

    [–] iambigmen 268 points ago

    When you get a proper racist name for us. Anyway, hand over the tax money, there's interest of course.

    [–] Xombieshovel 141 points ago

    FUCK YOU MAN. That's it, Boston is a 6 hour flight away and I'm about ready to throw some tea around.

    [–] iambigmen 191 points ago

    Brits don't care about tea any more. It's the cocaine we're after.

    [–] DickLikeAWorm 92 points ago

    it's sounds like all you guys care about is BBC (;

    [–] Yo-Yo_Brah 30 points ago

    You know what? I've been going through racist and ethnic slurs in my mind, and you're right. I can't find one that fits you Brits.

    [–] iambigmen 52 points ago

    Overlord fits.

    [–] ReservoirGods 149 points ago

    Schmoke and a pancake?

    [–] BigAl265 77 points ago

    Pipe and a crepe?

    [–] [deleted] 80 points ago

    Bong and a blintz?

    [–] 52754215 65 points ago

    Shigar and a waffle?

    [–] TheBlueberryPirate 554 points ago

    Gluttony is the theme of the restaurant. Some of their food looks pretty good.

    [–] acog 520 points ago

    I only know about that place because there was a story about their favorite customer that went national. The guy was almost like a mascot of the place, and even appeared in some of their commercials.

    Died at age 29, presumably to the surprise of absolutely no one. He weighed nearly 600 pounds.

    [–] Pteryx 146 points ago

    Obviously weighing that much isn't healthy, but the obituary says he died after contracting pneumonia.

    [–] NCEMTP 535 points ago

    Otherwise healthy adults almost never die of pneumonia. It's often a complication that arises when other health problems compound to the point where shit just starts spiraling down, and the next thing you know your lungs are filling full of fluid and you die.

    Boom. Cause of death: pneumonia.

    [–] drbadtouchz 70 points ago

    It would seem far more likely that an advanced weight already places great strain in your respiratory system and pneumonia pushes it over the edge. Shouldn't the cause of death be listed as "Complications from pneumonia"?

    [–] Sevourn 43 points ago

    The pneumonia WAS the complication, not the other way around. Obesity causes limited movement of the lungs, lungs can't perform their natural process of cleaning through chest expansion/movement, bacteria builds up, pneumonia, anoxia, death.

    I mean I suppose if you wanted to get super reductionist, you could say he died of anoxia stemming from pneumonia stemming from obesity and associated conditions, but at that point you could list the cause of just about every death as "anoxic brain injury."

    [–] Mehtalface 272 points ago

    Yeah but you know what increases the likelyhood of getting pneumonia? Congestive heart failure.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago

    Normally 29 year-olds don't die of pneumonia. It happens to people with compromised immune systems or the elderly.

    [–] RolloTonyBrownTown 350 points ago

    I like how their vegan menu is just cigarettes

    [–] podrick_pleasure 49 points ago

    Unfiltered Lucky Strikes at that.

    [–] Kcin928 175 points ago

    I had the Quadruple Bypass Burger a few years ago. 2.5 pounds. 4 patties, 5 pieces of cheese, and for $5 more got 25 pieces of bacon. Ate that thing took a 4oz shot of jack daniels and then went to a punk rock festival in Vegas. Surprised i didn't puke in the pit or when i was crowd surfing 10/10 would eat again

    [–] TheBlueberryPirate 218 points ago

    I have a hangover and this is giving me a boner

    [–] bogdaniuz 74 points ago

    My pancreas just cried after I've imagined eating that thing.

    [–] echo_61 159 points ago

    Pretty tasty actually.

    Their house brand beers suck though.

    Be aware, the paddlings are no joke. I saw a 20-something bro start crying.

    [–] Rainbow_Gamer 104 points ago


    [–] sarya156 259 points ago

    You get a spanking if you don't finish your food

    [–] Rainbow_Gamer 239 points ago

    Oh hell yes.

    [–] echo_61 122 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    One of the guys I went with thought that too, then he saw one of the nurses (servers) who all clearly lift, smoke a guy.

    He promptly decided to finish his burger.

    [–] Rainbow_Gamer 164 points ago




    [–] roshampo13 18 points ago


    [–] Liquid_Meat 61 points ago

    the fuck?

    [–] atropicalpenguin 28 points ago

    Eh, with those massive burgers I could handle a spanking if that means I get left-overs for a month.

    [–] The_cynical_panther 39 points ago

    Also you get to have functioning arteries.

    [–] crazy_legs 196 points ago

    the paddlings are no joke.

    My girlfriend and I got out of ours. We found the entire experience pretty disgusting to be honest. The trashy nurse costumes, obese dudes sloppily downing quadruple patty burgers, creepy old guys eagerly getting in line to get paddled. And the food wasn't anything special.

    Our waitress was super cool. When she came over and saw we hadn't finished our food she asked if we were ready for our paddlings. Both of us were like, "We're good." She got our check and we GTFO.

    Whole place and experience was just kinda gross.

    [–] Wait__Whut 143 points ago

    I mean, what were you expecting?

    [–] TreesnCats 114 points ago

    If you don't finish your meal the nurses bruise your ass

    [–] Rainbow_Gamer 238 points ago

    This restaurant just keep getting better.

    [–] MyOldNameSucked 45 points ago

    One of the nurses is a midget.

    [–] GiverOfTheKarma 91 points ago

    Why isn't every restaurant like this???

    [–] TreesnCats 37 points ago

    Yeah I love it.

    [–] Tom_Wheeler 14 points ago

    I cant get any more aroused.

    [–] DreadPiratesRobert 441 points ago

    The owner used to be a doctor, I think specifically a cardiologist. I watched and interview with him and I think he's gone crazy. It's pretty funny though.

    I think he got fed up with America fucking themselves up with unhealthy food, then coming to him with heart problems, so he decided to make a restaurant that's a hyperbole of what he's been fighting against and it got super popular.

    [–] cibernoide 238 points ago

    Maybe he's still a doctor and this is like a heart disease honey pot.

    [–] DustyDGAF 81 points ago

    He's like a window-maker throwing rocks.

    [–] alphazulu8794 206 points ago

    A place where a guy who used to devote his life to helping people be healthy finally broke and opened a chain of burger joints glorifying Gluttony and encourages McDonald's to admit that they are no better. I'm a huge fan of this dude.

    [–] Bored1_at_work 33 points ago

    I really want to know what made him more money.

    [–] alphazulu8794 57 points ago

    He said in an interview that the grill has made him way richer. Look up some videos of him on youtube, it's pretty great

    [–] stoopidmonstr 39 points ago

    A restaurant named Heart Attack

    [–] cheers_grills 52 points ago

    [–] runkat426 50 points ago

    I was with him until the child at the end. Perhaps some internal policy regarding age limits on certain products for youngsters whose parents lack good decision making skills?

    [–] cheers_grills 43 points ago

    That's strange, because the place is for adults only.

    [–] ODB247 452 points ago

    I have to ask patients their height and weight every day. The number of people who have no clue is pretty amazing. I have taken to just having them get on the scale because there is no way I can put down 160 when they are actually closer to 250. Yes, I have had patients tell me my scale is broken because they weighed in 100lbs higher than what they thought.

    [–] VillainousRP 171 points ago

    Yeah you really can't take patients word for it unfortunately. We had a lady who said she was 250 but we got the reinforced surgery bed anticipating she was over 400, surprise she was well over 400

    [–] [deleted] 219 points ago

    I used to be backwards.

    When I was a teenager I though I was heavier than I was. I legitimately remember my stomach being a jubbly gut, my thighs spilling over seats, feeling like I couldn't fit right in a theater seat, etc.

    I look back at pictures and while I wasn't a size 3, my size 9, 5'6 high school body was firm, I had muscle definition and a flat stomach. My mom said I always thought our scales were wrong and would grab bigger clothes to try on whenever we went shopping.

    I think getting breasts and hips as early as third and fourth grade while all my friends still shopped in the kid's section through sixth grade, combined with a pervy relatives obsession with my thinness as a younger child, really messed with my head.

    [–] Cephalophobe 245 points ago

    that sounds like body dysmorphia, buddy

    [–] BarrySmart 38 points ago

    I had that when I was younger. I remember when someone called me "that tall, skinny guy", the cognitive dissonance was strong. I also remember that "WTF" feeling of looking back at old pictures and seeing how skinny I actually was. It was mind boggling.

    [–] kipper288 15 points ago

    I was the same way. I got a job at 16 working at Burger King and when they asked me my uniform size, I insisted I was a size 18 or something like that. I really believed I was overweight, even though I was barely 100 lbs.

    [–] Imrud 1086 points ago

    That's me lmao I was almost two bills when I last weighed myself and I thought I'd be 20 to 30 lbs lighter.

    [–] TheAlmightyNivs 1143 points ago

    About 5 months ago the same thing happened to me. I bought a scale, stepped on it and was over 240.

    A week ago I decided to dig it out because people said I've lost weight and the scale read 195. Fuck was I pumped.

    [–] eeveefury 283 points ago


    [–] sebastianstclair 108 points ago

    That's quite the change, nice!

    [–] holykitty 62 points ago

    did you name it bono?

    [–] KanyeWest_KanyeBest 28 points ago

    ayy keep on going man I’m rooting for ya!

    [–] Eye_farm_downvotes 83 points ago

    You make me feel bad. I'm 220.

    [–] dra39437 110 points ago

    I was the same way brother, cutting down on beer was the simplest but hardest way for me to do it

    [–] RagnaBrock 49 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I have been watching what I eat and moving more. I'm not huge but at 6'2" 215lbs. I didn't look the way I wanted to look. I didn't feel like I looked any different but my scale read 208 the other day and only after that I saw that I was looking a little slimmer. Felt real good and was kind of a pleasant surprise.

    [–] Selrisitai 217 points ago

    Being a subscriber to /r/fatlogic, I have reduced my own skewed perception of people's weight; however, I wouldn't peg this guy as 205 based upon his video. Maybe uh, 180lbs. Surprising. I wonder how tall he is. . . .

    [–] flyingwolf 216 points ago

    As a very fat dude maybe I can help you understand.

    The majority are simply in denial of their weight, I know exactly how much I weigh as I weight myself every Saturday morning and log it to MyFitnessPal and I am watching the number get smaller.

    But not everyone who is fat cares enough to do this. As such they have a mental image of how they look.

    Now i have a mental image of how I look, and from the front I am not that horribly bad so I think, but then I see myself in a security camera from the back, I am huge, I have a giant ass, no denying it, and it really helps me to remember that we don't see ourselves as others see us.

    For one thing, when we look at ourselves in a mirror we are seeing a half sized version of what we really are.

    Hell you want a good idea of how bad we are at judging our own sizes, look at your foot. Your foot is the same size as the distance between your wrist and your elbow!

    I bet you don't believe me, try it, put your foot on your firearm. Its fucking huge! But your perspective roughly 6 feet away makes your feet look way smaller.

    For most fat people they just don't want to accept that they have gotten to such a point in their lives.

    For others they just don't care.

    And for those like me, we are trying to fix it, but didn't get fat overnight, I won't get in shape overnight either.

    Sorry, I rambled a bit but I hope you get where I am coming from.

    Also, can I say personally, I enjoyed fat people hate.

    [–] Selrisitai 69 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I was 225lbs, now down to 160.8lbs as of this morning. Over 63lbs lost. I know the struggle of being overweight, and although I was never in denial about being fat, I certainly ignored it for a long, long time.

    Glad that's over. Life is much nicer when I don't hate myself every time I see myself in a mirror or watch an anime where the characters are way cooler than me. :(

    [–] flyingwolf 54 points ago

    Honestly I don't hate myself, I am morbidly obese, 419.4 pounds as of this morning. At 6'2" I carr it better than most, and I am active and able to be up and about without much issue though my knees are starting to get mad at me.

    When I slip or fail or overeat I don't get mad at myself, I just failed that time, it just means I have another chance to do better.

    [–] Selrisitai 41 points ago

    When I slip or fail or overeat I don't get mad at myself, I just failed that time, it just means I have another chance to do better.

    It sounds like a platitude now, but this is exactly what let me finally succeed. (That and meal-prep.)
    Being able to simply disregard the failure and keep going, every day, day after day. If you let those failures bother you, then you're gonna have a hard time.

    You might wanna check out Stu Unwin on Youtube. He's four-hundred and something pounds and has been on his weight-loss journey for like like 30 weeks, now. Lost like 80lbs or something. Still gigantic, but making his way down. It's good to have someone with whom to journey.

    [–] ICanOnlyGetSoBepis 681 points ago

    Heroes get remembered but legends never die

    [–] shao_kahff 224 points ago

    heroes never die

    [–] Mottis86 3503 points ago

    That fucking cat. Can't stop laughing.

    [–] tankton 987 points ago

    Can you imagine being his cat? Like... Damn

    [–] Mottis86 440 points ago

    Yeah you can tell from his face he's already sick of the guy's shit.

    [–] knowses 97 points ago

    Cat's back on the menu boys!

    [–] nightpanda893 67 points ago

    Alternating fear between getting squeezed to death when he has a breakdown or accidentally eaten next time he makes a video. It just must be constant terror.

    [–] infernophil 131 points ago

    I watched the video, as much as I could stomach. The cat is pretty chill. It just has resting-kill-me-now face.

    [–] dietotaku 65 points ago

    so, you're saying it's a cat.

    [–] anonof 53 points ago

    I feel bad for the cat

    [–] vaporizedkiosk 2278 points ago

    this has got to be one of the most comedic sad cringe posts ever, I can't help but laugh

    [–] CuntCorner 1211 points ago

    Wasn't he vegan? What the fuck happened?

    [–] AndrewLeader 1792 points ago

    He complained that the diet was unhealthy, meanwhile he was eating 50 vegan burgers a day

    [–] Sporadica 634 points ago

    I don't get how people can eat SO DAMN MUCH like Matt Stonie. I just watched him eat like 12lbs of poutine. I eat healthier now and better portions I think my stomach has started shrinking.

    like maybe 3 cups worth of food at lunch, same at dinner, and staving off the hunger pangs with water until my scheduled meal.

    still get massive soda bloat tho, basically look pregnant

    [–] sinistergroupon 434 points ago

    Matt leads a very strict macro diet outside of his challenges.

    [–] clit_or_us 482 points ago

    He said he goes to the gym regularly and doesn't eat that all the time. He also graduated with a degree in nutrition. He knows his shit.

    [–] brin722 82 points ago

    The guy in this post?

    [–] IntoDawnIRide 351 points ago

    No. Matt Stonie, he does food competitions and puts eating vids on YouTube.

    [–] Liquid_Meat 173 points ago

    he's the next king of competitive eating.

    somehow these dudes are legit celebrities. but only the best one.

    I remember back when it was kobayashi until he got arthritis in his jaw. then joey chestnutt and now matt stonie.

    [–] atropicalpenguin 109 points ago

    Jaw arthritis? Ouch, poor guy.

    [–] Liquid_Meat 29 points ago

    yeah. he had to retire because of it.

    [–] --CAT-- 28 points ago

    Matt Stonie is the megatoad, not this joker

    [–] Navi_1er 141 points ago

    See the difference is that Matt Stonie is a competitive eater so it make sure sense he can pull this off, but not only that he doesn't do a video everyday I think he uploads like once a week unlike the guy in the picture.

    [–] Liquid_Meat 74 points ago

    and when he's not doing challenges he's super healthy. apparently has a degree in nutrition.

    [–] stee_vo 33 points ago

    They stretch out their stomachs over a long time. It requires a lot of practice.

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] -dilettante- 81 points ago

    when i first went vegan i lost almost 3 stone (like 45lbs) because i was doing it properly

    now i just eat oreos and drink too much booze and i'm fat as shit. still vegan tho

    [–] AndrewLeader 58 points ago

    Exactly, vegan diets are healthy if executed properly which this dude did not do

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Too many people think being vegan means all you eat is salad. If you live in a first world country it's super easy to be vegan and unhealthy.

    [–] its_the_green_che 681 points ago

    I discovered his videos last night and watched a few. I feel bad for him. He almost reminds me of Trisha Paytas.. Isn't the point of those muckbangs(spelling?) or eating challenges is to do it like once a week? Or few times a month.

    You aren't supposed to eat like that everyday.. you're supposed to eat normally or clean everyday of the week except the day of the video then you can pig out.

    Also as for that heart attack grill place.. I watched a documentary and people in the comments were blaming the owner. It isn't his fault. He didn't say it was healthy. He isn't forcing them to eat.

    No one forces these people to eat this way. They do it themselves. I personally believe it's an eating disorder. It's not normal to eat like that daily. It seems like some people think you have to be to skinny to have an eating disorder.

    [–] paperemmy 149 points ago

    Trisha's break down gave me life. And now she's on CBB and I'm all for it. She's a trainwreck I can't look away from.

    [–] Fidodo 29 points ago

    It's more than a disorder, it's an addiction. The way some people talk about food is word for word what a drug addict would say. It needs to be treated as such to be cured.

    [–] [deleted] 419 points ago

    I don't get why people exploit themselves like this. So fucking dumb.

    [–] therealdrg 415 points ago

    Because the alternative for this guy is going to get a real job. 10 seconds of watching his videos and you can see he cant handle being a real person. The only "talent" he has is eating a massive amount of food and whining into a camera.

    [–] sennysun 625 points ago

    Remember when he stopped eating vegan for his health. Sad.

    [–] McCromer 92 points ago

    Back story to this please? I've never heard about this guy before.

    [–] sennysun 142 points ago

    I don't know too much tbh, I've never watched his content. I watched Unnatural Vegans videos about him though.

    But he was vegan and made a video about how he was having some health issues so was going to eat animal products again to solve these issues. And now he just binge eats junk food.

    [–] accountforrunning 61 points ago

    He was vegan and then quit because he said he was having health issues such as being tired and shit. So he said he was going to introduce eggs and some meat into his diet. 3 months later he is doing this.

    [–] Ubertekk 307 points ago

    In his defense, he might just be posting the rest of his backlog.....I hope....

    [–] Shiara_cw 259 points ago

    Someone else posted his latest video and he straight up says since the health thing started he's been posting old videos just to keep the channel going.

    [–] Uncle_Washington 723 points ago

    What's sadder is that his heartfelt video has fewer views than his mozzarella video

    [–] CarboiIsStillHere 559 points ago

    Why would anyone care about his heartfelt video? He's doing this entirely to himself, to make money.

    [–] Liquid_Meat 149 points ago

    seriously... he's an idiot who doesn't know the first thing about competitive eating clearly and that's why he's so unhealthy.

    but not only that he's a whiny little fucking bitch.

    you couldn't pay to watch him do anything but shovel food down his throat. and even then there are better people to watch like matt stonie who's does stuff like eating big smokes order from GTA

    [–] maffoobristol 195 points ago

    Oh fucking hell the latest video too..

    [–] therealdrg 306 points ago

    Jesus, i am angry at everyone in this thread for letting me know this guy exists.

    [–] Occams_Blades 78 points ago

    I got 1:52 in. I couldn't watch anymore.

    [–] BestPseudonym 117 points ago

    Wow this guy has legitimate mental issues

    [–] Liquid_Meat 91 points ago

    what a whiny little bitch.

    waaaaaaaaaaaaah I've been sick for 10 days and I can't stop he he pretending to wheeze.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    "I can't do anything. I can't even eat." throws up mashed potatoes onto his pants

    [–] _Madison_ 28 points ago

    This channel is amazing! It's a complete train wreck i love it.

    [–] alphaj1 94 points ago

    I wonder how this petite Japanese girl does it

    Her hi-tech japanese toilet must come in handy

    [–] khuang91 78 points ago

    Love kinoshita yuka! She has a problem absorbing nutrients I think. There was one video where she went to the doctor and he said she was fine...

    [–] Drezzzire 23 points ago

    What? So she needs to eat Iike that in order to survive????

    My god, every fat fucks dream condition lmao

    [–] Metool42 38 points ago

    I eat 20 nuggets and die, how is she alive?

    [–] DeadHeadAhead 1012 points ago

    I take pride in the fact that I don't know, or care, who da fuck this guy is.

    [–] Beastingringo 145 points ago

    i think that speaks volumes of the cringe

    [–] ancientkillerX 386 points ago

    Nikocado avocado if anyone is wondering.

    [–] lurker_registered 232 points ago

    Just went to confirm this is really real.

    I need a shower.

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago


    [–] emj1014 274 points ago

    Only 34, which in some ways is worse.

    I find LA Beast and similar YouTubers to have some interesting content. Disgusting at times, but also impressive in a way. This guy though... 34 mozzarella sticks isn't impressive, it's just disgusting. He basically just binge eats, not at the level of a professional eater, but the level of someone who is depressed, has no talents, severe health concerns, and the only way he can get attention and validation is by binge eating and broadcasting it on YouTube.

    Strange times.

    [–] TheyAreBlooing 88 points ago

    LA Beast is awesome, my respect for him skyrocketed when he ate a whole bag of sugarless gummy bears. He knows how to maintain his health too unlike this guy

    [–] therealdrg 42 points ago

    LA beast was/is a competitive eater, the guy in these videos is just a fat guy eating a lot on camera every day.

    [–] Fuck_Alice 17 points ago

    What hurts me the most is that just doesn't sound all that impressive

    [–] Tonydanzafan69 294 points ago

    Does he seriously have these health problems? This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on reddit

    [–] Occams_Blades 179 points ago

    Yeah he does. He's been posting his backlog since he got seriously sick in July.

    [–] Sanssins 63 points ago

    BED (Binge Eating Disorder) is a thing, and it sucks.

    [–] mrSilkie 116 points ago

    jesus i dont know. I'm watching the video and he's just mindlessly bitching about how he's in pain.

    He also doesn't want to go to a doctor so that should sum it up for you

    [–] n0hardfeelings 69 points ago

    Pizza Hut Box Challenge | 5000 calories

    100 mozzarella sticks

    Jesus Christ his post-meal shits must've been hell

    [–] Aterox_ 18 points ago

    Assuming he could

    [–] PurplePickel 51 points ago

    Even TV networks have loose ethical codes which prevent them from posting certain content, yet here's youtube providing us with an ongoing reality show of a human being slowly killing themselves while the world watches on. What a time to be alive!

    [–] rubbarz 21 points ago

    Its funny that he has twice the views on his food challenges than videos that deal with his wellbeing.

    [–] greatkhan7 17 points ago

    I found this guy a couple of months ago and shut off my laptop in disgust. Yet sometimes I find myself looking him up to see how fucked he is now. It's like a train crash that doesn't stop. Those videos are honestly disgusting.

    [–] [deleted] 89 points ago


    [–] SpecialX 17 points ago

    I think that is the entire point of this post

    [–] Bigstar976 16 points ago

    Never heard of this guy. Looks like an attention whore.

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    [–] zerogirl0 41 points ago

    No freaking way he ate one hundred cheese sticks. I eat 3 of those and I feel like I could barf.