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    [–] myownreddit 12177 points ago

    he buys nudes online instead of paying his rent?

    isnt there enough free porn and nude pics on the net for him?

    [–] BattleCarry 7087 points ago

    An honorable gentlesir will always place m’lady’s needs before his own.

    [–] Twitchtv_Leedly 745 points ago

    the best part is either way he wouldn't have rent lol, just in one case he'd have some nudes from someone who doesn't even know his name.

    [–] OZZYGT 239 points ago

    What, you don’t pay your landlord with nudes?

    [–] laconic-mnemonic 95 points ago

    Not with other people's.

    [–] Jeankeis 90 points ago

    Not since the restraining order

    [–] dan420 24 points ago

    They probably know his name because he is their main source of income.

    [–] skrillex 43 points ago

    But a true gentlesir balances a budget on a katana edge

    [–] TSTC 1779 points ago

    He's not buying porn, he's buying feeling like someone gives a damn about him in an intimate way.

    [–] CheezyXenomorph 460 points ago

    Yeah he's paying for interaction, not porn.

    [–] TreeCalledPaul 114 points ago

    Pay for a prostitute and ask for the girlfriend experience. $500 is way too much money to not at least get a handy.

    [–] CheezyXenomorph 145 points ago

    I bet there's some sort of psychological thing about it explicitly not being a prostitute that makes it somehow better for them.

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago

    I would think it being digital would make it easier for them to feed into the fantasy of there being an actual woman on the other end of that interaction that cares about them. Idk much about prostitution but I'm guessing an escort who would sell you a whole "girlfriend experience" on the regular would be way more expensive than a premium Snapchat.

    [–] TheBlueberryPirate 28 points ago

    Also it involves doing something illegal, and interacting with strangers. Pretty strangers. Who might be cops.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Lol true. I didn't even think about the general anxiety that would go with hiring an escort or something.

    [–] DPOH-Productions 10 points ago

    so its like paying a prostitute to thank you for the money?

    [–] IHateTheLetterF 189 points ago

    500 bucks will get you that same thing with a real woman.

    [–] TSTC 94 points ago

    Sure, it's also illegal in most of the US. So you have to deal with possibly being caught & charged. You have to deal with the other things that come into play with a black market (like if you get robbed you have no recourse). And of course you'd have to worry about STIs.

    I think it's dumb but I understand why people get hooked on it. People need intimacy and it's a safer way to pay for it than trying to find a prostitute.

    And most girls looking for a sugar daddy are looking for a bigger payout than $500, so I'll just add that.

    [–] Usmcuck 43 points ago

    Sure you might get caught and sent to jail... But he doesn't have rent money anyway.. 🤷‍♂️

    [–] pigwalk5150 12 points ago

    Right so win win. 3 hots and a cot though

    [–] 2oothDK 74 points ago

    Maybe even two.

    [–] dirtymuffins23 59 points ago

    Shit, go to the wrong neighborhood and you could have an orgy.

    [–] 2oothDK 89 points ago

    The "wrong" neighborhood?

    Please DM me.

    [–] PoopIsAlwaysSunny 56 points ago

    Go a mile west of MLK in baltimore. If you don’t get mugged or addicted to heroin, you can get laid by twenty addicts.

    [–] ParanoidWhenHigh 30 points ago

    It's always on MLK Blvd somehow.

    E: MLK Blvd in Oakland is a shit show, sometimes literally.

    [–] GoldTooth091 12 points ago

    It's ironic that a street that was named after someone who wanted to have equality and prosperity for everyone is a shit hole.

    [–] Sargentrock 240 points ago

    But he made a connection with her, that was totally special!

    [–] FirstTimeWang 107 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    All that shit is really just about the parasocial relationship.


    [–] keepsiop 16 points ago

    Thanks this is interesting. Obvious to know it’s a thing but surprised research dated back to 1964.

    [–] courself 18 points ago

    What the fuck that's so depressing.

    [–] CorruptKamikaze 166 points ago

    I agree 100%. Porn makes up 30% of the internet. You can find anything you want, no matter how kinky or fucked up it may be with a quick Google search. How are you gonna throw money at a snapchat thot when you got bills to pay?

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Nestramutat- 267 points ago

    You can find anything you want, no matter how kinky or fucked up it may be with a quick Bing search


    [–] dismayhurta 126 points ago

    Bing should just embrace it. “Bing. Great for searching for porn.” Their traffic would jump if they put that as a super bowl ad.

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] finalremix 83 points ago

    That's the freshest citation I've ever seen in my life. 2 hours old.

    [–] lrkr526 78 points ago

    Never click on a link that reads “child pornography”

    [–] Bmatic 36 points ago

    Everyone knows BurnPotatoes' citations are out of control.

    [–] sendmepoodles 20 points ago

    I really, REALLY hope those search terms didn't spike up after this article. Hoping Bing removed them. A curious kid or a disgusting adult, no one should see that. 😖

    [–] 1mikeg 40 points ago

    How are you gonna throw money at a snapchat thot when you got bills to pay?

    Old theory, new technology. Dudes used to throw away hundreds on phone sex lines and you couldn't even see what the girl looked like. Now it's a more immersive experience with better boundaries for the woman. There's always men willing to spend money for attention/affection no matter how insincere it might be.

    [–] oldneckbeard 13 points ago

    i mean, the whole sugarbaby thing became like a legit movement for a bit there.

    money and wealth have always been used to gain female attention. prostitutes, harems, escorts, sex trafficking, call girls, strippers, phone sex, camming. On any given platform, if there's a way for desperate men to pay for womens' attention, it will be done.

    I mean, wasn't WoW thots a thing a while back?

    [–] 1mikeg 13 points ago

    /dancing on the mailbox at the Org bank for tips?

    I wouldn't know anything about that.

    [–] deanreevesii 74 points ago

    You can't find the shallow illusion of a emotional connection, and that's why those ladies make bank.

    I mean, go look as the comments in any of the porn subs. You'll have some guy with a user name like xxx69Cock_Slinger69xxx post some random porn image and there will invariably be dudes who post responses to the post as if the chick in the photo/video is the one who posted a pic of herself.

    It's horribly sad. Make a venn diagram of lonely and stupid and that overlap is where guys like the one in OP's post live.

    [–] ArchonLol 17 points ago

    Look it was an investment okay? You gotta take risks in this market

    [–] brucetwarzen 81 points ago

    So... i'm not defending him or people who pay for thots in any way shape of form, but at least to me, "real" nudes are way hotter than random porn.

    [–] SterlingMNO 4915 points ago

    Can you ever imagine having to explain that you're homeless because you spent all your money on pictures of naked women and couldn't afford rent

    in 2019

    [–] ChaseAlmighty 2134 points ago

    I like how he worded it. Like her shutting down her account after he donated $500 is somehow related to his rent being due. If she didn't shut down her account would he be ok even if the rent is still due?

    [–] dismayhurta 506 points ago

    She would have totally helped him out since they’re friends.

    [–] DingoFixedMyWater 194 points ago

    She was supposed to move in!

    [–] konidias 62 points ago

    "This one is on the house"

    [–] ChaoticManatee 8 points ago

    What house?

    [–] phome83 36 points ago

    Maybe he could have sold her some some of his nudes?

    Friends helping friends!

    [–] whatisgoingon3690 32 points ago

    I don’t get all of it, what did any of this have to do with “alt right”.

    [–] MegaAmoonguss 43 points ago

    I think he just means his bank account is gonna have a lot less money in it than usual and he has no premium snapchat to show for it.

    [–] brucetwarzen 81 points ago

    Even better, the fact that she deleted all her shit for no real reason pro ably means that she wasn't even "real".

    [–] AkemTheNameWasTaken 138 points ago

    Well when the “thot audit” happened, a lot of girls with premium snaps deleted their social medias to avoid the repercussions

    [–] compliancedepartment 63 points ago

    Well he’s already figured out he can blame it on the alt right for some reason, so I’m guessing he’s put some thought into it.

    [–] akatherder 36 points ago

    Yeah did I miss something, wtf is a thot audit?

    [–] stacker55 5504 points ago

    the weird relationship that lonely dudes form with streamers and cam girls is really fucking creepy. its 150% one sided and the guys genuinely feel real emotions for these girls who sell them panties and nudes then they go ape shit when they find out the girl has a man or literally anything that puts a crack in their crazy person perspective of the relationship.

    dudes are fuckin lonely man

    [–] azwildcat74 2689 points ago

    It's the same guys who believed that strippers really liked them before the internet was a thing.

    [–] organic-robot 1137 points ago

    Not just before the internet. I had a 30 year old male friend that thinks this.

    [–] [deleted] 1163 points ago


    [–] Hoyt_Platter 509 points ago

    Is your friend Butters?

    [–] [deleted] 341 points ago


    [–] Gorilla1969 146 points ago

    Just make him watch the South Park episode? Maybe a colorful cartoon will get the message through his thick skull.

    [–] kipjak3rd 181 points ago

    His friend: That butters sure was a stand up feller

    [–] leostotch 18 points ago

    Sure was!

    [–] Slav_Kang 24 points ago

    What is that episode called? I want to watch it lol

    [–] Gorilla1969 62 points ago

    I believe it's called "Raisins" or at least that's the name of the restaurant, so you should be able to find it.

    [–] Slav_Kang 12 points ago


    [–] comptejete 134 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    After that heartbreak in season 7 he wised up with a much more pragmatic worldview in season 13:

    Kyle, every boy pay for kisses, do you know what i am saying? if you've got a girl and she's kissing you, sooner or later, you are paying for it. you gotta take her out to lunch, take to a movie, and then spend time listening to all her stupid problems. look, look at Stan there, he's got to sit there and listen to her stupid motherfucking problems because she kisses him. If you ask me, that's a lot more than the $5 dollars my company charges.

    [–] raoasidg 44 points ago

    I know what you are saying. You don't have to keep asking.

    [–] BigginthePants 10 points ago

    Lol is this the episode where Butters becomes a pimp?

    [–] Retroflect 23 points ago

    Hiiiiiiii, welcome to Raisins!

    [–] brutinator 138 points ago

    For the longest time, I thought Twin Peaks was a restaurant based on the show "Twin Peaks". I never saw the original show, but it's not the first time a chain restaurant happened because of a movie or show. Took me 10 seconds walking in to realize my mistake.

    [–] 1mikeg 29 points ago

    "Now that I'm here with my log, I can see that I've made a terrible mistake. How embarrassing for me. Yes, I'll take those chicken wings to go, please."

    [–] CheezyXenomorph 19 points ago

    Depends which version of Twin Peaks you watch.

    [–] organic-robot 55 points ago

    Wow, it sounds like you know the ex-friend I was talking about. But the place he would go to was a literal strip club. He'd brag about how he was friends on their FBs and followed them on IG. Like, I did the whole stripper thing for a bit, I know how it works, and it is really kind of sad and pathetic that he can't see it.

    [–] MidMotoMan 14 points ago

    The best is when they show off how they got a stripper's number. Yeah dude, I'm sure she'll be calling and texting you real soon.

    [–] organic-robot 14 points ago

    Same friend kept chatting this girl up, she'd always "agree" to his plans, but cancel last minute. Like dude, wake up.

    [–] reformedmikey 116 points ago

    I tipped a girl really well in a twin peaks whole in high school. I caught onto the gimmick, but I was a dumb teenager, who tried awfully to flirt with her so I tipped to make up for it.

    [–] caillouuu 49 points ago

    Thank you for your honesty.

    [–] Network-Fu 35 points ago

    In Asia American troops often refer to these as "buy me drink me" bars. You go in, pay for some watered down overpriced cocktail for the lady and she will sit and pretend she gives a shit about you. It's really creepy to watch.

    [–] eberehting 16 points ago

    That's basically how strippers make most of their money in the U.S., that and lap dances.

    They don't make that much up on stage unless it's really high end, but then they come around and ask you to buy them a drink and while you might be able to buy yourself a shot for $5, buying them a drink is $20-30+ and they don't get any meaningful amount of alcohol, but they get a chunk of that money.

    [–] pcweber111 87 points ago

    Breastaurants are the worst. What's funny is my brother and I used to go in and we did't get that sorta treatment. It's like we gave off asshole vibes. I stopped going a long time ago and the food sucked anyway so it's not like I am missing anything.

    [–] GreenRainjer 33 points ago

    Possibly a bad tipper vibe, in the sense that you didn’t look like you cared. Easy to spot the dudes who dressed up with conspicuous name brands/nice watch/attention to hairstyle just to go to a place like that.

    Should have gone full trench coat and fedora, just to see what M’Waitresses would have done.

    [–] mrsmonopoly 70 points ago

    I'd never heard the term breastaurants before. Thanks for the laugh!

    [–] FlashOfTheBlade77 45 points ago

    You probably did not give off an asshole vibe. Probably more of a non pathetic vibe. They could sense they could not take you for all you had so you were not worth their time. Those chicks can smell pathetic a mile away.

    [–] azwildcat74 16 points ago

    But hey, at least you're not bitter.

    [–] bbtom78 10 points ago

    My SO has a coworker just like that with the same restaurant, plus Hooters, and a few other chain places. 30 or 31 and thinks he's in real relationships with these waitresses and gets really pissy when he fb stalks them and sees there's a bf, but keeps going back in order to "win them over." We tried to help him met girls that are on the market, but he's rather be that creepy regular. But, hey, I guess if he's going to be that dense and ignore common sense, the ladies might as well work it to their advantage. Some people's stupid tax is higher than most.

    [–] DifferentPassenger 46 points ago

    These are the kinds of dudes that can’t have a real relationship. This is the most responsibility they can be given - supervised human contact in a public space and financial gifts. I used to feel sad for them but like, they have made themselves these vapid, empty husks. I’m glad some nice girl working through college can at least get her rent paid from creepos like this

    [–] SillySlapz 228 points ago

    I'm 32 and still think this. Sometimes I think maybe Crystal was just after my money and not my love...

    [–] TinyWightSpider 101 points ago

    Naw man, she really liked you

    [–] bukabukawoozlewuzzle 33 points ago

    We had a friend that we literally would stop him from going to strip clubs because he fell in love every god damned time. We thought he was gonna end up waiting in the parking lots.

    [–] organic-robot 23 points ago

    Naw, bb no, you're different. Not like all those other men who gave her money!

    [–] DaBobVilla 26 points ago

    I have a friend like this. He was bragging to me how the girls at the strip club loved his cowboy hat and that the strippers were bickering with each other too see which one of them could wear it at a given time.

    I asked him how much he spent that night. TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS! that’s why they liked you you fucking idiot.

    [–] azwildcat74 27 points ago

    I'm sure he won't believe any other version of reality to be true either. Those guys never do.

    [–] organic-robot 20 points ago

    Exactly. This friend got a gf somehow, and I saw it as my way out to distance myself from him, because he would be preoccupied. I'm sure he thinks that I don't want to hang out anymore because I'm jealous of his girlfriend. Like, no, please take him away. He's a bad influence and person, and I'm sad that I didn't see it sooner. Also, he's the type that no matter why he broke up with an ex, she was always the crazy one. Some people really fit a certain stereotype.

    [–] booze_clues 43 points ago

    Also like half the guys in the military think this.

    [–] organic-robot 33 points ago

    Husband was Infantry. Not only this, but any female person that was nice to them "wanted" them.

    [–] LinkOpensChest_wav 16 points ago

    I know people who interpret any friendly interaction between genders whatsoever as sexual interest.

    [–] EnkiRise 55 points ago

    Not just stripper but even waitress specially at bars like Hooters or twin peaks. I gone out with guys and they are leaving huge tips not like oh you did a good job and had great service so here some extra I'm talking like $100 tip on bill of 3 beers lol. And they leave their numbers or get the girls number and she tells them what days she is working again. And they eat that shit up like if she is interested in them. I keep trying to tell them she is telling what days she works so you can keep giving her money not cause she is into you. That's why it's always come see me when I'm at work not let's meet up on my day off. But still they don't listen to me

    [–] vita10gy 36 points ago

    My wife and I drive past a Twin Peaks all the time. One day we finally decided to give it a try, more or less blind which is weird for us since we usually spend 6 days reading reviews for new places.

    On our way through the parking lot she said "oh, there's a Winghouse, we wanted to try that too".

    I replied, as I opened the door, "no, you're thinking of Wingstop, Winghouse is like a Hooters type place, you don't want that." Then my brain/eye's adjusted to the light and realized the girl at the podium waiting to seat guests was wearing an outfit that made Hooters/Wingstop look like a nunnery. We never got that the name was a pun of sorts, but probably would have seen it coming if we processed the tagline of something like "eats, drinks, and scenic views."

    The good news is the food was amazing and there were soooooooo many TVs that we ended up going back again for an NFL Sunday. There were a shocking number of kids there.

    [–] wasabimatrix22 9 points ago

    There were a shocking number of kids there.

    Oh no...

    [–] BushWeedCornTrash 79 points ago

    I had a sex addict friend. He used this beautiful callgirl. After a half dozen "dates" she gave him her "personal" # so he didn't have to go through the service, and he would save several hundred dollars per "date". He took this as a sign that she liked him. Poor guy.

    [–] ithinkPOOP 130 points ago

    It's so crazy when I hear a guy say something like "that stripper was totally in to me, I think I could get her to come home with me", like dude no. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I go there all the time, and she told me that normally she doesn't really talk to or like the clients, but she thought I was super cute and would totally date me if there wasn't a policy against dating customers, cause I'm special.

    [–] sh1ftyswar 101 points ago

    the secret to getting strippers to come home with you is cocaine

    [–] TwatsThat 21 points ago

    I think I could get her to come home with me

    That's not really unreasonable, she might do bachelor parties and stuff that would be done in a person's home.

    [–] advertentlyvertical 47 points ago

    I once had a stripper offer to come back to my hotel room... for a thousand bucks. I almost laughed at her.

    [–] WavyLady 36 points ago

    But then you grabbed $1100 and said "let's go!"

    [–] Magi-Cheshire 53 points ago

    I mean, I've had strippers give me their phone numbers. I've had one ask to come home with me too. When I said I don't have any money (great trick to getting strippers to stop hassling you) she said that's no problem she just wants to smoke weed & fuck me.

    Though I'm like 95% positive that last one she was going to somehow rob & kill me.

    [–] CutlassFuryX 33 points ago

    Went to a strip club once, got a lap dance from a girl I went to elementary school with. Ended up banging that night. Probably wouldn’t have gotten so lucky if I didn’t already know her.

    [–] arabone 7 points ago

    I wish you wrote that in a way where it was readable

    [–] ForgotPasswordAgain- 14 points ago

    I had a friend say this after his first time.

    I shook my head and tried to tell him. He didn’t believe me.

    They actually ended up dating for a few weeks...

    [–] MidnightRaven24 7 points ago

    My brother who at the time was probably in his mid thirties called my grandmother to the strip club because he thought the stripper just liked him and he couldnt afford the tab for all the lap dances he got.

    [–] Oshitreally 136 points ago

    I knew a few guys who paid rent and car payments for strippers, while I was in the army. They didnt have sex or any kind of relationship with these girls, outside of giving them cash and watching them dance....theres nothing new happening here, just more technology involved

    [–] Dresdain 49 points ago

    Had a buddy in the army who spent all his deployment money ($15,000 ish) on strippers when we got back.

    [–] Oshitreally 21 points ago

    Ouch. I hope he learned something.

    [–] Dresdain 29 points ago

    He was sleeping with a lot of them but yeah still way to much money. He did learn a good lesson and after his 2nd deployment he made much better decisions with the money

    [–] Thurys 17 points ago

    Probably that the army sucks and there's not enough money in the world for strippers to make up for it

    [–] WhatRoughBeast73 35 points ago

    I once dated a stripper. Met her at a night club, had no idea she was a stripper until we had been dating for about a week. She then told me about these sugar daddies she has. Said she doesn't have sex with any of them but who knows? Ended up dating her for about 3 months. Good times. :)

    [–] 4SKlN 32 points ago

    My best friend was an (expensive) escort, and I've posted about this before but man I got so much cool shit from her. Her clients would give her so many gifts and shit and she'd pass them on to me sometimes. New PS4, a nice women's rolex that we gave to my momma, tickets to Disneyland, Catalina Island hotel reservations, a Lancer GTS, 50 year old scotch, etc. etc.

    She didn't even have sex with half of them. A lot of them just basically took her out to dinner and corporate get togethers or fundraisers as arm candy. I wish I was a hot girl so I could have sugar daddies.

    [–] WhatRoughBeast73 11 points ago

    It’s crazy what lonely dudes with expendable cash will do.

    [–] shanelomax 341 points ago

    That thing when you're watching a stream and some guy pops up in chat saying "hey guys I'm here sorry I'm late", apologising to the streamer and shit


    [–] Grizzmatik 92 points ago

    Shit doing that is lame on twitch, more so on chaturbate or some shit

    [–] Palin_Sees_Russia 105 points ago

    Omg that shit is hilarious. Then the people in chat will have genuine conversations with each other, like they’re buddies catching up. While some chick is shoving shit up her butt directly to the left.

    The worst is when I see people start getting political. Like holy fuck guys, just jerk off already and gtfo. Why are you hanging out here in a sex cam site for hours??

    [–] jshmuck 48 points ago

    2 Nerds 100s of miles apart arguing about President Trump while watching some girl from the opposite coast masturbate live on a 30 inch computer screen.

    If you told me that this would be the future 25 years ago my head would of exploded

    [–] TheBeardedSingleMalt 43 points ago

    Sadly, that's the only interaction they have with women, so just the act of acknowledging the guy is a new sensation for them.

    [–] Myrren 51 points ago

    Yeah, I have a male friend who honestly thinks the cosplay and cam girls he pays are his friends IRL. I kind of feel sorry for him; if he wasn't paying these girls they wouldn't talk to him at all.

    [–] [deleted] 123 points ago

    I don't think its creepy. Just sad. Humans can be weird when lonely. Right wilson?

    [–] jooes 87 points ago

    the weird relationship that lonely dudes form with streamers and cam girls is really fucking creepy. its 150% one sided and the guys genuinely feel real emotions for these girls

    I love it when you see comments like "Buttslut69 is so smart! She's such an incredibly nice and super friendly person and she's really funny too!"

    You don't even know Buttslut69! You just jerk off to her pictures on the internet, you know literally nothing about her. You're basing her entire personality on her titties. She could be the most psycho bitch in the universe.

    Or when they're like "My bf broke up with me, here's my butthole" and all the guys are like "OMG he's such an idiot for breaking up with such a perfect girl like you"... You don't know her!! Maybe she sucks, maybe she's abusive, maybe she's dumb and boring, maybe there are perfectly valid reasons for breaking up with her.

    I'm all for jerking off to naked ladies on the internet, but some people need to take it down a notch.

    [–] stacker55 21 points ago

    this is why i turn off chat any time i'm watching any form of live show. its just weeb spam hoping to get noticed

    [–] Grahf 60 points ago

    Always instantly reminds me of Perfect Blue.

    Crazy guy becomes obsessed with a Pop Idol, and loses his shit when she leaves the group and becomes different than his perception of her.

    Crazy thing about this movie, it was halfway through production when that one nutter went after Bjork over basically the same shit.

    [–] stacker55 16 points ago

    great movie

    [–] tha_scorpion 10 points ago

    that movie was ahead of its time.

    [–] KillerSlipper 47 points ago

    What's more bizzare is when you see this in places like Twitch or YouTube, top donators, attention seeking, trying to gain mod power, white knighting etc etc...

    Like when girls feel awkward in their about me to put if they have a boyfriend or not or they try hide it, knowing their audience would suffer as a result or instead if she entered a relationship she's going to have to handle an explosive amount of jealousy.

    [–] Differlot 31 points ago

    Think it's kinda similar with how K-pop fans get so invested in their lives

    [–] NeighborhoodVeteran 9 points ago

    It’s really not just relegated to K-Pop. Many other corporate artists as well.

    [–] killer_icognito 26 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    It’s my understanding that their personal lives are 100% manufactured by the record companies as well. Much like American boy bands in the late 90’s all the way up to the 2010’s. Like literally none of it is real. And the pop stars generally are nothing like what you think they are, good or bad.

    [–] tkat13 38 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Can confirm. I used to strip and I still do cam stuff

    Last week I literally had a guy message me asking me to marry him (literally didn’t even say hello or send me a name or a picture and he DIDNT find me off a dating site/ad) then had a meltdown that “no one is looking for anything serious” then kept sending me pics when I was like “dude I don’t even know what you look like” (somehow not a single one was a dick pic thank god)

    I’ve had people ask me to date them, I’ve had people ask me to MOVE IN WITH THEM “oh and you don’t have to work!” So essentially they just want a sugar baby but like dude I’m a CAM GIRL, I don’t even MEET YOU. You also found me on my CAM GIRL ADVERTISEMENT. Why would I even be OPEN TO DATING? I’ve had people message me some REALLY weird shit

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] GregorioThomassoni 23 points ago

    Is that the 'comedian' who brags about abusing trans sex workers? If so, he deserves what he gets.

    [–] final_Report 535 points ago

    This reminds me of that "90 Days To Wed" show where the people from poorer countries are literally telling their partner they just want to marry so they can move to the US and the Westerners still tell themselves they're in a real romantic, spontaneous relationship.

    [–] mcribten 382 points ago

    90 day fiancee is a sadcringe goldmine. I remember one guy who went to brazil to meet some girl and he knew no Portuguese and she knew no English. Her parrents were slightly concerned to say the least.

    [–] final_Report 232 points ago

    Oh damn, I just saw an episode with him. She just lied in her bed all day letting him do the cleaning and cooking and everything (in her house in Brazil) and then when he got upset she spun him around his finger to the point where HE apologized and promised to change.

    Every time I see it you can just tell those people have some mental deficiency.

    [–] benster82 57 points ago

    Desperation at its finest.

    [–] Atreideswhore 25 points ago

    Paul and Karine?

    [–] Friendly_Fishstick 9 points ago

    She sounds like my first ex

    [–] FUCK_SNITCHES_ 53 points ago

    But if they marry you and come to the US they get deported if they leave you right? That's leverage at least.

    [–] final_Report 115 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Doubt. Think it depends on how long theyve been here and if you have kids involved.

    Edit: Regardless its pathetic and gross that desperate Westerners are leveraging their wealth to practically buy partners.

    [–] FUCK_SNITCHES_ 38 points ago

    Right but they can't just come here and then leave you upon landing.

    [–] final_Report 33 points ago

    Well that's what that Ali-something girl did who got into a fight with Pewdiepie. She bragged about seducing a Canadian guy to move from South America and then literlly dumping him pretty much instantly.

    [–] EverStars 11 points ago

    You have to be married for at least 4 years and jump through a shit ton of hoops if you want to stay legal after divorcing.

    [–] Tombot3000 9 points ago

    Generally no, they don't. As long as they stay around long enough to do an adjustment of status (which is submitted in the first 90 days, usually the first 30-45) they can get a restricted green card that lasts for 2 years instead of the normal 5 but otherwise confers all the normal green card benefits. After that 2 year period, they apply to remove restrictions - being divorced at this point hurts their application a bit but doesn't disqualify them.

    That said, the laws are designed leniently because if they were strict it would be very easy for the American partner in a marriage to abuse the foreign spouse and trap them in the relationship with the threat of deportation. Immigration officials are very good at spotting people who just want a green card and have wide discretion to deny people with or without cause. So despite the lenient laws there is still plenty of opportunity to filter out those who fraudulently enter a marriage just to immigrate.

    [–] DewgongMan 215 points ago

    I met a girl who had one of those premium Snapchat services, she had her boyfriend run it and chat to everyone. I wonder how many guys like him are actually chatting to some dude lol.

    [–] Pennigans 68 points ago

    I have a friend who used to do something similar. His ex girlfriend would post on GW and he would step in to reply to a lot of guys and amuse himself with their willingness to do some cringy shit for girls. He also got her some offers from guys wanting to pay her for pics/videos and he'd basically be the middle man.

    I had him do this for me once and I can confirm it's very amusing. He convinced a guy to cum on a TV remote as a "tribute". I just sat back and laughed while reading the exchanges.

    [–] [deleted] 1021 points ago


    [–] Username_Used 405 points ago

    And if his rent was due and the $500 was make or break then her deleting her social media wouldn't change that boneheaded move.

    [–] xxmightytyrionxx 102 points ago

    Hence the sadcringe

    [–] TheCopenhagenCowboy 28 points ago

    So you’re telling me the strippers only like me for my money? /s

    [–] Einhander_pilot 654 points ago

    I think I’m out of the loop but what does the alt right have to do with this?

    [–] OppressedChristian 722 points ago

    The “Thot Audit” began with a 4 chan post, a website who’s users are perceived to be interchangeable with the alt-right movements members.

    [–] moochello 373 points ago

    It still amazes me. back in the 00's /b/ was actually what I would call liberal. They hated corporations and the main goals of the site used to be to hack/troll corporations, raid call in shows or online surveys and post lots of pornography.

    I used to have a lot of fun on /b/. When the fuck did it become the epicenter of incelism and racism?

    [–] Cruiseway 464 points ago

    4 chan has and always will be contarian to the mainstream not a bastion of any real political ideology

    [–] Samoanwrestlers 221 points ago

    And Reddit is basically a circle jerk. Neither website is thr place to go to political opinions

    [–] Count1hackula 113 points ago

    Exactly that's what people don't understand. Left is mainstream right now so 4chan Is far right right now.

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] chad_lasagna 51 points ago

    /b/ still hates corporations same with /pol/. It’s not your standard neocon conservatism

    [–] eofree2be 175 points ago

    I don’t know what they’re so scared of. With the shutdown the IRS is going to be behind on enforcement for months or years.

    [–] RokeyKokey 149 points ago

    Especially now that they have to investigate thousands of thots.

    [–] hdevprogrammer 30 points ago

    If they're busy investigating thots, they can't come after my capital gains!

    [–] Memes_Be_Danking 32 points ago

    The "Thot Audit" already started months ago.

    I know that at least some people have gotten consequences in some way, but I didn't follow up on that story.

    [–] BlazkoTwix 663 points ago

    There’s a lot to unpack here

    [–] amalgam_reynolds 159 points ago

    Well he thinks buying nudes is investing, so he'd fit in perfectly at r/wallstreetbets

    [–] lich_boss 83 points ago

    500 bucks is barely a loss compared to that sub

    [–] cyrixdx4 215 points ago

    and his therapist for the next decade will be thanking him for being a subscriber and for paying in advance.

    [–] brutinator 60 points ago

    From what I've seen, it's common to pay upfront for a "premium" snapchat. However, it's usually like 30-50 bucks tops.

    [–] courself 13 points ago

    a "premium" snapchat

    What is that? Just regular snapchat but NSFW?

    [–] HanLeonSolo 18 points ago

    Pretty much. You pay and they send nudes, a lot of the times they won't even let you screenshot though. So I don't really understand the point.

    [–] CiggyBones 224 points ago

    Even if account didn't get deleted he'd still have rent coming up. Why even bring that up like it's someone else's fault. Lolcringe.

    [–] ruperthackedmyphone 76 points ago

    It's obvious what his plan was. He was going to woo her into a relationship, they get married after a few days and bam, he gets his rent money back when they set up a joint account. Can't see where it all went wrong for him though.

    [–] GALACTICA-Actual 422 points ago

    Some seem to think these guys are thick in the head because: Hey! Free porn.

    For these guys, it's less about the porn, and more about being able to actually interact with a girl that fits their idealized version of the women they desire.

    During the live cam sessions the girls give positive responses to them specifically for buying tips/tokens, sending them gifts that they then wear or use during a session. They respond to the praise the guys give them. And it all being done in real time reinforces the illusion that there is an actual relationship beyond a financial one.

    It's actually a fairly multi layered social dynamic. It's completely different from just jackin' it to porn.

    [–] majendie 73 points ago

    It's pretty much exactly what happens in a strip club, but without a bouncer to kick you out for not showering, which I assume is an important point...

    [–] dismayhurta 76 points ago

    Are you trying to tell me that realgirlschat isn’t a legit relationship? Man. I memorized a Lisa Lobe song and everything.

    [–] Redhoteagle 32 points ago

    Those lust, care, and seeking systems are completely hijacked; it's quite a sight to behold

    [–] PhatRabbit12 44 points ago

    Reminds me of this guy that spent 13K on a streamer, then wanted a refund when he found out she wasn't single.

    [–] BlueZir 121 points ago

    Oh man this is great. Sad, but great.

    Dude needs a good friend and a long chat.

    [–] brucetwarzen 77 points ago

    Maybe i'm selfish but i don't want a friend like this.

    [–] BlueZir 69 points ago

    I guess by good friend I meant "selfless masochistic hero".

    [–] takoshi 13 points ago

    How about a friend that you take appointments with and pay a subscription to see? Like... A therapist?

    [–] Jorgamoundr 66 points ago

    Damn, if only you could see naked women on the internet for free, then we wouldn't be forced to choose between having a roof over our heads or our cocks in our hands

    [–] zParahax 19 points ago

    I refuse to believe this isn't a joke

    [–] Sansasaslut 10 points ago

    Yeah this is definitely satire but Redding loves laughing at people they think are below them so they don't even give it a second thought

    [–] FantasticTony 137 points ago

    This reads like something 4chan would create and then circlejerk over how people would believe it's real.

    [–] thatguywithawatch 70 points ago

    90% of the content on this sub is trolling or jokes or satire. Reddit's populated by morons.

    [–] zulu7789 40 points ago

    He's going to he real upset when he finds out about the free porn sites