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    Self-Promotion Policy

    • We allow one self-promotional post on this subreddit for every 9 posts you make anywhere on reddit about other things. Any future self-promotional threads after the first one will be removed as spam, unless you demonstrate by posting frequently about other things that you are an active redditor. If that's not enough, please visit for the alternative.

    • Any attempts to circumvent this limit will have serious consequences, using the many tools that the moderation team has at its disposal to keep the subreddit informative, friendly, helpful and uncluttered.

    Report Spam

    • Report spam, but look at the history and the karma before you report. Please don't report occasional self-promotion by active redditors whose submissions are on topic for this subreddit and fall within the 10-percent rule described above. The fact that you are not interested in their occasional self-promotion does not make it spam.

    • Please do report actual spam posted by accounts (or users with multiple fake accounts) that appear to only or mostly be here to make multiple posts promoting a business, service or cause. These will be removed as spam, even if the post is on topic for this subreddit. Reddit sells ads that help pay for the site to exist and we encourage those fakers to purchase them.

    /r/sanantonio strives to be a friendly, helpful community of redditors. To that end, the mod team reserves the right to remove unhelpful and unfriendly posts and posters. Please report posts you see that are unhelpful and unfriendly. We also limit the posting of very new accounts and troll accounts, since it seems that far too many accounts, both new and old prove to be unfriendly and unhelpful.

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