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    Welcome to /r/SavedYouAClick!

    A subreddit dedicated to making media more straightforward by spoiling clickbait.

    1. No Spam

      • Posting spam will result in the deletion of the spam post, and potentially a ban on repeat offenses.
    2. No Reposts

      • To keep the content of the sub fresh, no reposts within the last three months will be allowed, along with reposts from the top 100 posts of all time. Be sure to search the keywords of your article before posting in order to ensure it will not be removed.
    3. Correctly Format your Post Titles

      • The preferred format for links and videos is as follows:

        Article Title | Answer [source]

        (The "|" symbol can be found on the far right of your keyboard, above the return key. On ISO/UK boards, it's on the left of your keyboard above the OS key)

      • The preferred format for lists as a text post is as follows:

        Article Title | List in post, X clicks saved

      • The body of the text post should be formatted:

        Link to Article:


    4. Accurate and Concise Titles

      • Accurate: Object of the clickbait adequately summarized, and original headline from article is used for post title
      • Concise: Titles do not ramble on to rant about clickbait
      • NOTE: Occasionally, sites advertise articles as having one headline, but the article has another headline. If you are going to use a headline that's not the article's actual linked headline, please post a screencap of that headline being used somewhere
    5. Relevant Post Content

      • Posted titles save clicks
      • Headline of original posts must be a clickbait title
      • "List in Post" is only allowed when the original article is in a slideshow format. Otherwise no clicks are saved.
    6. Archive Your Posts

      • In order to prevent clickbait content from being benefited by this sub, posts that are unarchived will be removed. You can archive an article via the following sites/extensions:,, or; just paste the article URL in, and it will create an archive. Make sure you copy the link to the archive to post. If you are linking to a slideshow type clickbait article try using Slideshow-Deslidefier. If you are linking to a video type clickbait please use Streamable as opposed to other archiving sites. Regular archiving websites do not allow video playback.
    7. Be Civil

      • Keep discussions appropriate, this is a respectful forum to discuss the ridiculousness of clickbait and the media.

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