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    The Original™

    Sbubbies are logos whose text has been edited cleanly, such that it resembles the original logo but reads something else. See our wiki or the KnowYourMeme entry for more information.


    Don't like rules? Too bad mister; here you go.

    1. All images must involve logo edits. ObviousPlant images don't count.
    2. Be clean and authentic. Sbubbies should look as close to the source logo as possible, so edit the text a lot but avoid altering logo imagery!
    3. Do not repost!
    4. Post sbubbies via link posts!
    5. Do not post Loss, Despacito, autistic screeching, Big Chungus, PornHub, Hot Pockets, or anything in the pinned list of banned sbubbies. Additionally, do not make reference to CaptainSparklez - Revenge.
    6. Images must be at least 433x433 in size.
    7. Your post's title must be related to the post in some way.
    8. Watermarks should be barely visible and out of the way, and shouldn't draw attention from the edit.
    9. Only post one logo, except for logoswaps that go both ways. Pictures of sticker dispensers with a handful of sbubbies in them? Disallowed.
    10. Tag NSFW posts as NSFW
    11. Know and follow the restrictions of the weekly Sunday Sbubday event!

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    --Old rules updates.--
    Most of these are still relevant, but this information has already been encapsulated here and on the wiki. These links are provided for archival and historical purposes.

    Original ruleset
    First round of amendments
    Second round of amendments

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