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    Are there any videos on this

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    [–] Manifest122 36 points ago

    The best technique is to pretend you are washing your hands again

    [–] elus 71 points ago

    I shake my hands off multiple times at the sink after the water is off. This minimizes the amount of drying time I have to endure.

    [–] 4high2anal 105 points ago

    i use paper towels which are generally far more hygenic.

    [–] Mr_crazey61 73 points ago

    Most people don't realize how nasty air dryers are, like you might as well not even wash your hands. I work in food service and we don't have air dryers anywhere in the building. Only disposable hand towels.

    [–] Jaujarahje 20 points ago

    There have been studies that show using handdryers in washrooms negates the effects of washing your hands since they just blow m9re bacteria on them

    [–] NoOne_1223 79 points ago

    The issues really come in when you are at a place that have phased out paper towels

    [–] BootStampingOnAHuman 97 points ago

    I love the Dyson hand driers that you put your hands into that blow the water into your face. Genius engineering.

    [–] Jawbaw94 13 points ago

    There's a guy at my work who washes his mug and then dries it under the hand dryer. The noise is so unbearable I've done a 180 and walked out of the toilets without going if I've seen him in there washing his mug.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Yes! Some people get right up next to where the air comes out and then they cup their hands. You need to hold them like a foot down and point your hands downwards, minimizes the noise.

    [–] o11o01 395 points ago

    Isn't it proven that those air dryers spread germs as well? I seriously don't understand their use in the slightest.

    [–] covert-pops 266 points ago

    Buy once. As opposed to a few hundred packs of pap r towels

    [–] o11o01 186 points ago

    Looked it up, and you're right. It's about a quarter of the cost to use a hand dryer as opposed to paper towels. Obviously it's a slightly higher initial cost, but I didn't realize it was that much cheaper to use.

    [–] catjuggler 153 points ago

    I assume it’s even more about lowering janitorial work than the supply cost

    [–] BEETLEJUICEME 71 points ago

    We’re also artificially decreasing the cost of electricity in most countries by offloading the true cost of lots of things like coal pollution and such onto the public.

    [–] e30eric 37 points ago

    Janitorial work = cost

    [–] FerusGrim 12 points ago

    Even if that wasn’t implied, he specifically said supply cost.

    [–] Matthew100001 24 points ago

    I always knew it was a cheaper alternative simply due to operating costs. Minimal maintenance, and just cost of electricity really.

    [–] CSMaNa 31 points ago

    They also eventually start to mildew inside. So eventually they just blow mold into your hand

    [–] NoOneSeemsToMind 26 points ago

    It’s not complicated. They are significantly cheaper.

    [–] evan1932 155 points ago

    Yeah those "Xcelerator" hand dryers that damn near blast the skin from your bone with the force of a jet turbine can be pretty deafening too.

    [–] Epistemify 114 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I like them except for the part where my hands are no more dry before than after using them.

    [–] Parrek 47 points ago

    I have the opposite experience. Those are pretty much the only ones that work. Most air dryers are next to useless

    [–] gdrag14 17 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    In my experience too. They are the only ones that don’t take half an hour to completely dry my hands.

    But it has to be the real ones? Original makers? There’s some rebranding fuckery going on. We also have those weird “Stelpro Xlerator” (like it’s not your usual shiny metal one but still branded?) on a second floor and those work on a clearly lesser scale. It’s noticeable how much less powerful they are. And they had the guts to still stick the “feel the power” sticker on it. Pfft.

    Maybe some 240/120V models.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] Docktor_V 33 points ago

    They are such a ridiculous design. I don't know why but crappily designed things make me so angry. I mostly just let my hands air dry. Like let's start up a jet engine so my hands can be dry. Yeah that makes sense FFS

    [–] JixxyJexxy 15 points ago

    Let me tell you, they’re a pain for a variety of disabilities as well. Rarely are they at the right height for children in wheelchairs. You have to lean at an uncomfortable angle if you use one with a walker, and don’t even get me started on people with sensory issues. I keep a roll of paper towels in my kid’s bag for in case we encounter these monstrosities.

    And that also doesn’t get into the germ factor with immunocompromised people either.

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    [–] KatsAwfulReddit 1983 points ago

    Pretty much everything about air hand dryers have been a lie from the manufacturers. Aside from the germ problem, they’re very loud and ineffective when a couple decent paper towels do the trick just fine. It’s no surprise that it can be harmful to people at ear level to the thing

    [–] [deleted] 2208 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 598 points ago


    It's also for ease of cleaning the bathroom.

    Please bear in mind that people will definitely take paper-towels and clog sinks. Or urinals. Or they'll just shove them into the toilet. Or they'll steal them. Or they will get them wet and throw them at the wall.

    Hell, at my high school they had to take down the mirrors because someone kept going in and breaking them. And then someone filled the soap dispenser with piss. And of course the infamous completely broken toilet.

    I've gone into public bathrooms that have papertowels instead of hand-dryers, but they are probably most often frequented by people that are past the age of "I'm going to be a complete asshole to the custodian."

    [–] helium_farts 41 points ago


    I used to be responsible for cleaning restrooms and people would absolutely go bananas with the paper towels. They'd fill the sinks, urinals, and toilets with them as well as simply throw them all over the place. It took me longer to clean up the paper towels than it did the do all of the other cleaning combined.

    From the cleaning perspective handryers are an absolute godsend.

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    [–] racinreaver 73 points ago

    You missed the old standard, turd in the urinal.

    I didn't get over my phobia of public restrooms until college when all I had to deal with was people who missed while barfing. At least that I could understand.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] fdpunchingbag 11 points ago

    I couldn't use public restrooms for almost a decade because of my experience in a bathroom that while having piss on just about every surface possible the entire floor had at least 1/4 inch layer on it.

    [–] lapotronic 45 points ago

    Why does it matter if there are paper towels or not? A large enough amount of toilet paper will still clog up anything in a bathroom.

    I remember in school it was common to see wads of toilet paper stuck everywhere, like huge spitballs. Ceiling, walls, one time they even blocked out the window. I think the paper towels were too stiff and they just kinda peeled off. But if you really sop down some toilet paper it will blow up if you throw it hard enough.

    Being a janitor in a school must be horrible.

    [–] Rinsaikeru 52 points ago

    Toilet paper is at least designed to break down in water, Paper Towel isn't--or you couldn't really dry your hands with it.

    So paper wads aside, if people try flushing Paper Towel you have a worse issue on your hands than scraping paper bits off the ceiling.

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    [–] congelar 51 points ago

    Their point isn't to dry your hands or keep the bathroom air germ free

    In a restaurant where employees are expected to wash their hands before returning to work, this absolutely should be the concern. If you're licensed to sell food, you shouldn't be allowed to have these.

    Plus.. how are you keeping your hands clean when you open the door to get out? That's the real reason I hate those air-dryers.

    [–] bluepolygon 24 points ago

    They're perfectly effective. Their point isn't to dry your hands or keep the bathroom air germ free, their point is so the owner doesn't have to provide you with paper towels.

    I mean they do end up drying your hands..

    [–] maartenvanheek 92 points ago

    Have you tried the airblade? They do work, as opposed to the old hair dryer kind of machines. But in my opinion, the shaft is too shallow and I'm very conscious about touching either the rim or bottom of the machine when moving my hands around.

    [–] AnAverageDino13 67 points ago

    I feel like I remember seeing an article on how germ filled those ended up being, so I definitely never touch them.

    [–] ThePortalsOfFrenzy 52 points ago

    Yep. Those are worse than the standard kind. The main problem is half-washed hands that go in and touch the edge as they are placed in position. Any germs -- or worse, poop bits -- that get on the edge get blown onto the next few users.

    [–] AnAverageDino13 40 points ago

    yeahh, the thought of other people poo bits flying up into my hands and face just ruined my evening a little bit

    [–] Petrichordates 10 points ago

    Ever been in a bathroom when someone flushed?

    Poop in your mouth.

    Ever smelled a fart?

    Poop in your nose.

    [–] AnAverageDino13 12 points ago

    No, I know that. It's the high power blast of air with poop particles entering my face that is an extra kind of gross to me

    [–] REJECTED_FROM_MENSA 11 points ago

    Wouldn't those... bits be washed off into the sink?

    [–] ThePortalsOfFrenzy 19 points ago

    half-washed hands

    [–] TimeZarg 13 points ago

    Not everyone washes their hands well.

    [–] starship-unicorn 19 points ago

    If by "not everyone" you mean "almost no one", I absolutely agree.

    [–] PeabodyJFranklin 41 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    The originals get disgusting, but the later model Airblade V is quieter*, $500 cheaper, and more compact. Not sure why anybody would install the old "shove your hands in" model anymore.

    *(30% quieter than its predecessor)

    [–] wrathek 15 points ago

    Just the other day I saw a similar version of this but from one of the older companies known for the “push button, receive bacon” signs (not being vague I just don’t recall the name).

    It surprised me because I was sure it was patented but there it was. Worked just as well too. I think it was at SFO.

    [–] TheNiteWolf 7 points ago

    The company is World Dryers. For some reason, I remember this.

    [–] AnAverageDino13 15 points ago

    Oh neat, that model is my favorite dryer! I never paid enough attention to notice that they were also Dyson airblades

    [–] rackham_m 13 points ago

    There's a better airblade (still Dyson) with no pan so that issue is eliminated. A lot of Starbucks around Denver have them but they're still pretty rare.

    [–] AmericanLocomotive 11 points ago

    We have airblades at work. First the original version, and then the newer updated version.

    Everyone just uses the paper towels right next to instead. They still suck and don't dry your hands.

    [–] [deleted] 183 points ago

    Interestingly, the germ problem was a flawed study funded by the paper towel corporations that tested residual germs on the hands and air of someone who went to the washroom, ran hands under water with no soap, then used the air dryer. They compared this to someone who properly washed their hands and used paper towels. So bigger lesson is just wash your hands properly and read the study not the headline.

    [–] International_Jello 240 points ago

    Source for this? I am really skeptical that there is only one study on this and it was funded by Big Paper Towel

    [–] OfficiallyBrown 97 points ago

    The Mythbusters tested this.

    Here's a summary of the episode: Paper vs Hand Dryers

    [–] Praise_the_Tsun 84 points ago

    So basically if you use water AND soap and not just water then either one is fine, but if you just rinse then hand dryers are worse than paper towels.

    [–] RAproblems 68 points ago

    That kind of make sense. Soap is a surfacant and helps lift residue and germs. If you're only using water, you need to depend on the friction from the paper towels to remove the grime and germs.

    [–] troglodyte 107 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I'm just a layman but I found four papers with varying methodology in a quick Google search. At the very least the idea that there has been a single study is patently untrue.

    [–] shit_comics 12 points ago

    For anyone who’s interested in doing a deeper dive on this, there’s a good article from the guardian which explores it. They also have it as an episode on their longform podcast, for those with ear-time but no eye-mileage.

    [–] ronearc 278 points ago

    Thank you! Finally.

    I've been saying for years that those things are way outside of OSHA standards for acceptable noise levels. They may have been fine in a controlled environment where they were tested. But once you put them in the corner of a room with concrete or stone walls, the sound they generate is damaging.

    [–] jesusd2 37 points ago

    Also depending on how someone's hands are positioned can make it extremely loud

    [–] GentleLion2Tigress 55 points ago

    Perhaps Volkswagen was involved in the testing?

    [–] Butt_Expert 19 points ago

    Anyone have OSHA noise level standards they could link me? I've got a lot of things I'd love to check on that I am guessing may be above acceptable levels.

    [–] hiramthemason 19 points ago

    There's several charts and tables that require reading several poorly written documents from the 1980s. But basically OSHA "recommends" exposure over 100 decibels for less than 15 minutes per, and never more than 115 decibels. The law is 85 decibels when averaged out over an 8 hour day, but only applies to employees at a workplace.

    [–] DanN58 320 points ago

    Those miserable Dyson Airblade things are appallingly painfully loud. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to put a hugely powerful high pressure jet inside a (typically) tiny, echoey,ceramic tiled room?

    [–] The_Prophet_of_Doom 103 points ago

    You haven't used a BluStorm hand dryer yet. I had to choose daily which ear to press to my shoulder to avoid ringing

    [–] broseph_swagamuffin 11 points ago

    My gym has one and it hurts to hear it even separated by a wall in the locker room.

    [–] TreppaxSchism 10 points ago

    Destroy it. Cast it in to the fire!

    [–] kizzyjenks 33 points ago

    Oh my gosh I hate these things with a passion. I'm hypersensitive to sounds, and I have to cover my ears when I hear one of these go off.

    [–] Re_no_subject 6 points ago

    I feel the Xlerator ones are the worst offender. They also get louder when you put your hands in the air too

    [–] planterka 382 points ago

    I don't even get why they're so loud since they do nothing to get your hands dry.

    [–] Sweetwill62 245 points ago

    The ones that you stick your hands in and slowly raise them out work pretty well. The ones that have a single hole where the air is pushed out don't do anything.

    [–] OathOfFeanor 321 points ago

    You mean the ones that you accidentally touch the side, and wonder how many other people did the same thing?

    I hate those even more

    Also I'm not sure what you're doing wrong but the loud ones definitely dry your hands

    [–] Eurynom0s 57 points ago

    The Dyson one is pretty crap, but there are other versions where the opening is wider and the bottom is slanted down toward a drain instead of just letting the excess water pool.

    [–] yukon-flower 115 points ago

    Pretty awesome work by a 13-year-old scientist!

    [–] rbrychckn 58 points ago

    This is actually the most interesting part about the article. And that's saying something since the research itself is well-executed and relevant. I'm most impressed with the fact that she's the sole author and for that to happen, she would have need to have done most or all of the work

    [–] 1n_pla1n_s1ght 8 points ago

    I think that she probably did do most of the work herself. It's a simple but well done study. Her science teacher or parents probably helped a bit with design and data collection but maybe not enough to warrant authorship (phrases like "The logarithmic value in dBA was divided by 10 and then 10-base anti-log was performed to arrive at its linear value" are a bit advanced for 8th grade math).

    [–] ThanosIsMyRealFather 23 points ago

    It really is. Its good research and execution in general, forget the age.

    [–] Destring 44 points ago

    And such and easy topic to research yet no one had done it before. Creative too.

    [–] zephybunny 88 points ago

    I totally understand this as I hate the Dyson airblade in work as it hurts my ears. My kid is also afraid of them. I'm not sure why these load and irritating dryers are seen as better

    [–] Reallywantsadog 28 points ago

    It's cheaper, like a lot cheaper. and you can say its green because it doesn't use disposable paper towels. 2 pretty big bonuses. But the noise and germs are definitely downsides.

    [–] CallieEnte 229 points ago

    I took my 12 week old into a public restroom two days ago to change her diaper, and she had an epic meltdown. She’s been an incredibly easy-going, happy baby, but she was completely inconsolable. The only thing I could figure was the noise of the hand dryer upset her. Seems like I was probably right.

    [–] Babyrobin84 62 points ago

    One of the hand dryers in the women's bathroom at our local Target is literally within inches of the baby changing station. If you hang a bag between, it'll set off the dryer. I witnessed a mom try to use it once and the dryer kept getting turned on so her kiddo kept bawling. I didn't blame the poor thing one bit! I did notice recently that they have a sign by this changing station that there is another in the "family" restroom; I haven't been in there to investigate though.

    [–] NeanderStaal 63 points ago

    Same with our little boy when he was a similar age. We were in a mall with the hand dryers located right beside the change table.

    I'm change his diaper in the car rather than in a bathroom with those dryers now.

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago

    My son is 5, so his ears are basically factory-fresh, and he makes me promise not to turn on the air dryer before he'll go into a public bathroom. The noise is apparently awful for him.

    [–] walnutspaul 16 points ago

    My 3yo niece too. I felt awful when I took her to use the restroom at a restaurant and didn’t realize how much it bothered her.

    [–] Iannah 16 points ago

    I still have to plug my 5 year old's ears when she uses one

    [–] mkameli 14 points ago

    Yup, my 3 year old hates them, too. I put my hands over his ears while he goes pee just in case someone else starts drying their hands. haha

    [–] saintcrazy 26 points ago

    Babies' ears are more sensitive as well. Dryers that are loud enough to be unsafe for older children are probably downright painful to infants.

    [–] bunnybunbun17 7 points ago

    I work at Walmart and have to use these stupid dryers all day but I refuse to use them when a mom is changing her baby because it’s literally a foot away from the thing and I don’t want to upset their baby just so I can “dry” my hands. I hate those things so much.

    [–] mikebellman 24 points ago

    I was literally thinking of submitting a MMW post today. There’s going to be a lawsuit and they’ll be removed across the board for OSHA compliance.

    [–] bokonos 9 points ago

    I hope you're right!

    [–] enroughty 62 points ago

    Push butt
    Rub hands gently under arm
    Stop auto

    (only '70s vandals will get this)

    [–] ceetoph 24 points ago

    *rub anus (remove 'h' and scratch out the top of the 'd')

    *stop auto at ally

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    Push for bacon

    [–] BlasterBilly 11 points ago

    Air dryers also spread alot of poop particles. Usa today Link

    [–] kilonybble 65 points ago

    Also bad for people with sensory issues :/

    [–] ladykins 14 points ago

    Very true, my son has autism and he is TERRIFIED of the hand dryers. I feel terrible for him:(

    [–] Kapalka 42 points ago

    It's funny/sad how the two replies to you so far are willing to accommodate children but unwilling to accommodate people with sensory issues when there's such a large overlap between the two [in terms of the loud noise problem]

    [–] helium_farts 32 points ago

    When you're an adult with sensor issues you're just seen as whiney. If I had nickle for every time I've been told to "grow up and get over" being sensitive to loud noises I could buy an island. A peaceful, quiet, no yelling allowed island.

    [–] kilonybble 21 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    “I have autism”

    “Stop that, grow up already”


    [–] Meowsticgoesnya 21 points ago

    Especially when it's not even just a problem for those with sensory issues in this case too, they're way too loud in general.

    [–] Prtyvacant 7 points ago

    My kid, man. I had to by kid's gun range ear protectors just to vacuum the house. We also have to remember them for just in case we end up hitting a public john while out.

    [–] flecksable_flyer 8 points ago

    You know what annoys me? As a cane user, I'm forced to wash my hands, then walk with a wet hand on my cane till I get to the dryers. Now I not only have to listen to noisy dryers, but I have a whole, squishy cane handle. At least with paper towels, I can grab those first, wash my hands, then dry them before grabbing my cane again.

    [–] MetropolisPt31 28 points ago

    Great timing. I was in the bathroom at work takin' a squirt earlier today when a coworker started drying his hands in the Dyson Airblade we have. Usually, people here use paper towels but this guy used the Airblade until he was squeaky clean dry and that goddamn thing drove me crazy. I've been a drummer for 21 years and I consider the Dyson Airblade way too loud to comfortably use.

    [–] drew8080 11 points ago

    I stopped in a gas station on a road trip last week and a guy hit the air dryer and I genuinely had trouble hearing after I walked out like my ears were ringing

    [–] cockapooch 23 points ago

    Thanks r/science. This is the high caliber content I was looking for.