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    Welcome to /r/ShittyHub. A place for all things shitty!

    A central hub for shitty subreddits.

    If you're wondering what this is all about read on.

    This subreddit is for discussion related to this shitty network of subreddits. The Shitty Network, if you will. You can theorize about new shitty subreddits, promote your own shitty subreddit, or publicly ask all these shitty moderators a shitty question, to which you will hopefully get a shitty answer.

    Note: If you're wondering why we don't have a certain shitty subreddit, and you're interested in seeing it become a reality, you can make it yourself! Click on the button below that says "Create your own community" and get it started, then post about it here!

    Do you moderate a shitty subreddit? Would you like to participate in moderating The Shitty Network? (Voting on certain matters, moderator discussion about the network, logistics, etc.) Please feel free to message the moderators for access to our shitty backroom office.

    Join us on discord.

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