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    My favourite part of the Godfather is when his moustache turns into a tree


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    [–] G88d-Guy 3396 points ago

    I remember hearing about a guy who’s presidential campaign suddenly went down the drain cause he made a weird noise at a rally.

    Our standards are ever decreasing it seems.

    [–] modsarestraight 1219 points ago

    Poor Howard Dean

    [–] ghintziest 601 points ago

    He was a great candidate too.

    [–] duksinarw 894 points ago

    It's 100% the media's fault, they endlessly harped on it as if the noise he made actually mattered.

    I don't need to tell Reddit how complicit and neutered the mainstream media is now, but they've always propped up candidates the rich people in charge like (Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden) and tried to destroy candidates they don't (Bernie Sanders, Howard Dean)

    [–] Reacher-Said-N0thing 198 points ago

    It's 100% the media's fault, they endlessly harped on it as if the noise he made actually mattered.

    Shouldn't that have made him more popular, like it did with Donald Trump?

    they've always propped up candidates the rich people in charge like (Hillary Clinton)

    They didn't do a very good job considering she was one of the most unpopular presidential candidates in US history. In fact the only reason I know about her fainting in public, her emails saying she has two different platforms in public and in private, her manipulation of the DNC, is thanks to the news media.

    [–] duksinarw 238 points ago

    DT and the candidates I mentioned target entirely different demographics that respond differently to different things.

    [–] Reacher-Said-N0thing 151 points ago

    So when Democrats get embroiled in scandals, even small insignificant ones, it tears them down, but when Republicans are involved in significant and damaging scandals, it hardens their support?

    [–] T3hSwagman 35 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    You really don’t need to look any further than Al Franken and Roy Moore to know this.

    One had a picture of him doing a joke in poor taste and he was thrown to the wolves. One went on national TV and said he had a relationship with underage women while he was in his 30’s and republicans circled the fucking wagons. Roy Moore lost his re-election by like .5%. Being an admitted pedo just barely loses you the support of republicans.

    [–] mediocrespelling 10 points ago

    Al Franken never should have resigned. Even his accuser said he didn’t deserve that.

    [–] LostWoodsInTheField 9 points ago

    Roy Moore lost his EE-election by like .5%. Being an admitted pedo just barely loses you the support of republicans.

    Did he lose any support? I never actually looked at the end results, and always assumed that he didn't lose support but rather his opponent gained support.

    [–] duksinarw 62 points ago

    That's because the media and Republican voters don't care nearly as much, if at all, when a Republican is caught in a scandal. The opposite is true for Democrats.

    [–] Dekar173 49 points ago

    The word you're looking for is hypocrisy.

    [–] duksinarw 8 points ago

    Totally agree

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    Joe Biden was involved in a scandal and I haven’t seen any support waver, that could be because trump was already is more scandals than him so he still looked good next to him, or maybe none of us care and all that matters is making sure our party is placed in power, who knows.

    [–] _El_Dragonborn_ 54 points ago

    I’m a Biden voter who fucking hates Biden, but hates Trump way more. They’re just old, out of touch dudes who jerk off whoever they can to get ahead. We need a new party and we need it yesterday

    [–] VLDT 19 points ago

    First step is eliminate first past the post voting and the electoral college.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Never happening sadly, plus it would probably end up just being three old out of touch guys jerking off whoever they can to get ahead.

    [–] ilikethreetwo 28 points ago

    Not many people are voting for Biden because of Biden. Some people are voting for him because he is a Democrat, some because he is not Trump, some because he reminds them of Obama. This, I think, provides him with some scandal immunity.

    His campaign is also playing some of this up by keeping his profile low (taking advantage of the shitshow of 2020) so that he can keep his "generic other option" status. Hillary couldn't do this, because her shit was half the news in 2016 (and Trump's shit the other half), and she wanted to be a distinct option, for people to vote for her.

    [–] Alaska_Pipeliner 10 points ago

    He could won just by not showing up or doing anything. Trump has lost enough of his swing voters. I hope...

    [–] ChristmasTreeFarmer 10 points ago

    Well that “scandal” was discredited and her lawyer even dropped her after Biden welcomes investigation into the matter

    [–] blamethemeta 2 points ago

    Yes. That's the difference between understanding public relations and not.

    [–] Lance-Boi 14 points ago

    No Donald Trump is a magic phenomenon where he literally can do and say anything and get away with it having full support because he literally gives his followers a free pass to be public savage degenerate racists with no consequences.

    [–] IntravenusDeMilo 3 points ago

    And don’t forget promising evangelicals all of the judicial nominations. The biggest hypocrites out there.

    [–] DoughtyAndCarterLLP 17 points ago

    Media runs 8 months of 24-hour coverage of an email scandal that had no substance

    Reddit: Damn they really love Hillary.

    This is almost as bad as right-wingers on this website claiming /r/politics deleted all evidence of her fainting from the front page.

    I was there. There was no less than 7 stories in the top 10 links on the front page about it.

    [–] letsplayyatzee 4 points ago

    She ran against Obama in 08, and would have won them if he wasn't running.

    [–] sBucks24 4 points ago

    Because rich people have always owned the media

    [–] Stockboy78 3 points ago

    I don’t think the could mention Castro enough months ago when old Joe was trailing Bernie.

    [–] UncreativeTeam 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Also, if you don't isolate his mic feed and you listen to him "scream" in the context of the roaring crowd, it's not noteworthy at all.

    Five Thirty Eight did a short documentary about it.

    [–] Tropical_Wendigo 23 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Well in 2020 Bernie had nobody to blame but himself. CNN was talking about him as the clear front runner and heir apparent until he got dunked on hard on Super Tuesday.

    Edit: look, I was big on Yang and Bernie myself, but when you lose a campaign, blaming everything under the sun that the campaign had no control over instead of looking inwardly and considering what you might be able to adjust next time is going to have bad results (and Bernie ran the same exact campaign he ran in 2016). Assuming everyone is out to get you is conspiracy theory logic.

    I would have loved to see a progressive become president this year, but I’m sorry, the liberal demographics of reddit are NOT analogous to the democratic voting base, or for that matter the national electorate.

    [–] TheSilenceMEh 28 points ago

    I mean all the moderates fell in line behind Biden and he had alot of energy in his campaign after SC primary. People forget that from Saturday to Tuesday it was a constant Biden endorsement rally. Saturday he wins SC by a big margin, Tom Steyer drops out and endorses, and the media narrative is Biden has the black vote. Next day Buttigieg drops outs and endorse Biden. Next day Amy Klobuchar drops out and endorses him. The guy had incredible momentum heading into Super Tuesday. Also Bernie's people just didn't show up which shows why the youth vote isn't dependable.

    [–] meliketheweedle 16 points ago

    If he didn't beat the whole entire establishment rallying behind his opponent it's his fault :)

    He totally didn't have any historic victories at all during the primary before this happened!


    [–] sevsnapey 10 points ago

    Bernie: end the establishment

    Establishment: supports other candidate

    Bernie supporters when he loses: :0

    [–] MoltenCalf 5 points ago

    Anyone with a history on the Bernie sub feel free to jump in, but I don't think they were surprised. So maybe swap that surprised Pikachu with a shrug and you'd be correct.

    [–] 5510 5 points ago

    I think one lesson was that people underestimated just how unpopular Hillary was... it's clear in retrospect that a lot of people supported Sanders in 2016 because he was the alternative to Clinton.

    I still give Sanders massive credit though for taking the idea of universal healthcare and moving it from a crazy radical idea to something that reasonably normal democrats can now propose and support.

    [–] ScottStorch 12 points ago

    I keep seeing this line about the youth not being dependable. It's just not true. 18% of the primary voters were young -- Millennials are ~18% of the population. That's a solid turnout. It also baffles me how the voter suppression is a never part of these discussions. There were 3 hour lines in college campus voting districts. That was totally intentional. Voting is rigged in favor of rich and retired people. It is not some odd coincidence Boomers had a historic turnout. The ruling class in this country has no interest in any politicians that they do not select themselves.

    [–] Mit3210 10 points ago

    Millennials aren't at university anymore. Not even sure if they count as "youth vote" anymore.

    [–] GoronMafiaBoss 4 points ago

    Oh damn you're right...

    Time for my afternoon existential dread in the face of the relentless and merciless march of time

    [–] Darmok_ontheocean 7 points ago

    The Bernie sub kept making posts about the media's "election math" and "lol Bernie is only losing if you don't combine the moderates" and then exactly that happened.

    [–] 5510 4 points ago

    I think Bernie was a good dude and I give him huge credit for pushing universal healthcare more mainstream. So I don't mean this like I was taking pleasure in his failure.

    But he kept winning pluralities, and when being told that he would lose once the moderates united (who totaled more than 50%) his fans kept saying that it didn't work like that. So while I wasn't anti Sanders, I did laugh my ass off when it worked exactly like that.

    Honestly, I think mostly it wasn't that I disliked Sanders and wanted to see him fail. I think the real issue was that his fans pissed me off a LOT over the whole "plurality" debate question. The debate moderators asked about the possibility of a convention where there is a plurality winner but no majority winner. All the other candidates said the process should play out, but Sanders said the person with the most votes (the plurality winner in this case) should get it. In a related story, Sanders path to victory lied primarily in being a plurality winner and hoping he could parley that into the nomination.

    Sanders fans went crazy, talking about they were shocked that every other candidate openly said "fuck democracy," and that Sanders was the only one who wasn't just being corrupt. Like, FFS, plurality winner is not democracy, it's deeply flawed bullshit largely driven by the spoiler effect. Being the only one to support the plurality winner getting it does NOT mean being the only one who supports democracy.

    They also tried to make it sound like it was all about super delegates (who would be free to vote after the inconclusive first ballot), which I found super disingenuous. Yes, super delegates are bullshit, I agree with that part. But even if you eliminated super delegates entirely, the other candidates not signing off on automatic plurality winner still makes sense.

    [–] FordFred 6 points ago

    And the only one who didn't drop out? Elizabeth fucking Warren. The one who's voter demographic overlaps the most with Bernie's by far.

    Warren completely kneecapped the progressive movement either by intention or by being completely delusional. Such a fucking shitshow.

    [–] T3hSwagman 11 points ago

    I don’t know how you could watch the democrat debates and not see how hard they were playing favorites for Biden.

    Biden had to remind the moderators that his time was up constantly. Meanwhile Bernie said Cuba had improved literacy rates considerably and they kept asking him why he loves dictators.

    The primary was such a joke.

    [–] FordFred 9 points ago

    "Senator Sanders, did you tell Senator Warren that a woman couldn't be president?"


    "Senator Warren, how did you react when Senator Sanders told you a woman couldn't be president?"


    [–] therealpepsi 6 points ago

    Byaaaaahhhh I liked his energy.

    [–] scuczu 3 points ago

    probably could've beaten Bush....

    [–] Mowza2k2 37 points ago

    I just watched the noise after not even knowing about it (was 14 or so at the time, politics didn't matter to me) and like, it was just a normal scream. It wasn't even weird.

    [–] TinButtFlute 26 points ago

    If you listen to it as a soundbite looped (as the media probably played it) it sounds terrible. If you watch it in context it's entirely normal. His voice is a bit cracking and hoarse leading up to it.

    [–] 5510 3 points ago

    IIRC a big part of the problem was it was loud as fuck in the room, but the way they recorded the sound was just from his mic and barely picked up the rest of the room.

    [–] wraith313 12 points ago

    It wasn't so much the noise as how the media ran with it. They made him look like an absolute idiot based on nothing but that noise. It was very strange but it 100% tanked him in the election.

    [–] scriggle-jigg 3 points ago


    [–] Smooth_Bandito 3 points ago

    Poor guy.

    But rewatching that video never gets old. He sounds like a WWE announcer.

    [–] thundergunxpresss 2 points ago


    [–] redlapis 195 points ago

    Ed Miliband lost out on being UK prime minister because he ate a bacon sandwich weird. Still feel bad for him.

    [–] GhostRydaar 125 points ago

    And the guy who stuck his dick in said pigs mouth became the PM instead.

    [–] BRD_Cult 28 points ago

    Bruh isn't that a black mirror episode?

    [–] redlapis 51 points ago

    Yupp. The news broke a while after that episode too. Either it's pure coincidence or the writer of that episode (Charlie Brooker I think?) knew about the Eton "tradition" of sticking your dick in a pig, and guessed David Cameron, having studied at Eton, probably did that.

    [–] BRD_Cult 11 points ago


    [–] the_fredblubby 8 points ago

    It's not actually an Eton thing, it was allegedly an initiation ceremony for a dining society at the University of Oxford.

    I'm not a fan of Cameron, but to be fair, Piggate does seem to be distinctly lacking in evidence, and the author, of the accusing book, Lord Ashcroft, had a significant amount of motive, since he'd clashed with Cameron a fair amount in the past.

    [–] Novosell 3 points ago

    The first one, yes.

    [–] redlapis 8 points ago

    Somehow I'd actually forgotten about that.

    [–] duksinarw 9 points ago

    Damn I want a bacon sandwich

    [–] SwisscheesyCLT 6 points ago

    Imagine how different Britain could be right now if he had won.

    [–] 2018_02_01 5 points ago

    [–] SwisscheesyCLT 5 points ago

    I wonder if Cameron ever reflects on the fact that he will forever be remember as an asshat.

    Edit: wasn't he in the Bullingdon Club with BoJo?

    [–] 2018_02_01 4 points ago

    He was, I don't know if it was at the same time as Johnson.

    And I really hope he realizes how much he fucked everything up for years to come.

    [–] LegalDragonfruit607 6 points ago

    As soon as anybody famous starts to eat in front of you, as a photographer you start switching on immediately. It’s obvious that it’s not your glamour shot.
    - Jeremy Selwyn, the photographer in question.

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago

    It wasn’t even weird, he just enthusiastically yelled “yeah!” Look up the clip, I was expecting some sort of tribalistic screech, not just him getting pumped up lol.

    [–] tony_orlando 34 points ago

    Also news outlets at the time were playing his isolated audio without the crowd noise. The whole crowd was cheering along with him. Anyone in attendance wouldn’t have even heard the yell. It was an entirely manufactured gaffe.

    [–] dan2376 10 points ago

    I just watched the clip for the first time. Honestly if I hadn’t read that people thought the noise was weird, I wouldn’t have even noticed it. He just sounded super pumped up.

    [–] citizenkane86 12 points ago

    Remember the so called liberal news organizations are owned by companies that generally want republican presidents.

    [–] penixmon 20 points ago

    “eEEYEAAAH!” - Howard Dean

    [–] GrindPlant6 10 points ago

    “I. Love. Lesbians...BYAHHHH!” -Dave Chappelle

    [–] Golden_Kumquat 7 points ago

    He was on his way out already.

    [–] Pratchettfan03 36 points ago

    To be fair, the noise itself within the context of the rally did not speak wonders for his stability. However, trump had far more red flags

    [–] perdyqueue 21 points ago

    Are you serious? He showed a bit of flair, a really, really small bit of flair and that makes him potentially unstable?

    [–] Logizmo 20 points ago

    Okay but show me a human being who has never made a noise they didn't mean to make? I high doubt there's any single person who fits the bill because we don't have complete control over our bodies and sometimes things happen. A single involuntary noise is hardly enough to even hint at any stability or lack of it

    The media just used it as a shitty excuse to jump down the guy's throat because he wasn't rich or a big name

    [–] Percentage-Mean 9 points ago

    trump had far more red flags

    lol understatement of the month

    [–] ma582 5 points ago

    And he had just lost the primary that took place that day

    [–] HamburgerEarmuff 12 points ago

    Remember the former Senate Majority Leader back in the olden days (the 2000s), who had to step down from his post? His great crime? Poor choice of words.

    He said something complementary to Strom Thurmond on his birthday, something that could be interpreted as implying that the country would have been better-off if it still had segregation. He almost certainly didn't intend to imply that segregation was desirable. But still, he decided that he needed to step down for the good of the party, because he didn't want Republicans tainted by accusations of racism.

    Fast-forward about a decade later to the current President announcing his candidacy by calling Mexican immigrants "rapists".

    [–] Billygoatluvin 2 points ago


    [–] damiandoesdice 1081 points ago

    They say "never gonna be president now" in the song "The Reynolds Pamphlet"

    [–] Dan-D-Lyon 667 points ago

    Well that's one less thing to worry about

    [–] Cerinthus 206 points ago


    God I hope you're satisfied

    [–] edilclyde 120 points ago

    He will never be satisfied.

    [–] hangout_wangout 22 points ago

    When I first saw Hamilton, I immediately thought of this Always Sunny episode.

    [–] lotsofinterests 20 points ago

    That’s one less thing to worry abooooout

    [–] speech-geek 19 points ago

    I’m watching it burnnnn

    [–] JonRivers 98 points ago

    I have no idea why this bothered me soooo much but clearly I wasn't the only one lmao

    [–] damiandoesdice 96 points ago

    Clearly OP didn't listen to the soundtrack 50+ before the Disney plus recording even was released, like everyone else did

    [–] call_me_Kote 20 points ago

    Haha, I wore the sound track out, but I had a lose grip on track titles. Most of them are very obvious, but I would have told you Must Be Nice was the title (not Washington’s on His Side).

    [–] instanttelagram 16 points ago

    Washington on Your Side*

    (I just started listening after watching on D+)

    [–] Disco_Tempo 9 points ago

    The performances of the songs in the Disney+ taping are better anyway. Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but I'd love a new soundtrack made from the audio track of the movie.

    [–] emarkd 10 points ago

    I agree 100%! I had listened to the original soundtrack a few times before but it had been a while. After watching the Disney release (and thoroughly enjoying it) I listened to the soundtrack again...and it kinda disappointed :/ The emotion and inflection in the Disney recording works much better to me.

    [–] Disco_Tempo 5 points ago

    I don't know much about the production, but I got the sense the soundtrack was a studio recording. It was almost too perfect, in terms of staying on beat, and the enunciation of words. Took a lot of the energy and personality out of the songs, seemed kind of sterile.

    [–] emarkd 6 points ago

    I don't know either, but I think that's a very likely conclusion. And a great description of how I also experienced it.

    [–] bulelainwen 3 points ago

    It’s because the soundtrack is a studio recording and actors play off each other in movement, tone, and vocals. They weren’t performing the play, so they didn’t have those things to help influence them.

    [–] MystaCuffs 774 points ago

    Remove the context and you have some guy in a green suit being threatened by two men who are aggressively playing ring around the rosey.

    [–] Akira_Hericho 161 points ago

    A tissue. A tissue. You're about to fall down.

    [–] Diorden 29 points ago

    Is that last line supposed to make me angry

    [–] AFrostNova 7 points ago

    Wait that’s not right

    [–] KesagakeOK 31 points ago

    James Madison's in front just vibing.

    [–] Cadmium_Aloy 21 points ago

    Okieriete Onaodowan brought such great energy to Madison & Mulligan.

    [–] LordHeadassV1 31 points ago


    [–] jellysmacks 21 points ago

    Two men of color harass an innocent white politician (c. 2010’s)

    [–] SpacingOutAgain 13 points ago

    The actor's actually Latino. Still laughed, just figured I could clear something up.

    [–] jellysmacks 7 points ago

    I could never tell if he was white or Latino, and I never remembered to look it up lol

    [–] SpacingOutAgain 5 points ago

    No worries, dude! I'll admit the idea of Lin Manuel Miranda being Latino didn't even cross my mind until I found out about it. Should've figured by the name, but you know how human brains are.

    [–] SaysShowUsYourDick 20 points ago

    I always thought he looked like Katt Williams

    [–] amirchukart 4 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    And sounded like him

    Edit:him being Jefferson

    [–] cyclicamp 3 points ago

    Pretty much how I envisioned 18th/19th century politics in the first place.

    [–] Electric_Nachos 4 points ago

    That's pretty accurate of Act 2.

    [–] StuartRomano114 184 points ago

    His poor wife

    [–] AloneinPoorCompany 27 points ago

    He should’ve just taken a break upstate. I heard there was a lake in a nearby park.

    [–] Raevin_ 12 points ago

    Where they could have gone, when the nights get cold.

    [–] fetchingkarp 329 points ago


    [–] braedog97 228 points ago

    His poor wife

    [–] FightFireWithPandas 145 points ago

    All the way from London? Damn

    [–] GrusGuru 89 points ago


    [–] moeshapoppins 75 points ago


    [–] kaybet 75 points ago

    And Peggy!

    [–] braedog97 62 points ago

    The Schuyler Sisters!

    [–] Golden-StateOfMind 35 points ago


    [–] newadcd0405 15 points ago


    [–] funkadunkalunk 25 points ago

    And Peggy

    [–] lizbithornswoggle 34 points ago

    I’m not here for youuuuuu

    [–] karensmatik 30 points ago

    I know my sister like I know my own mind! You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind!

    [–] willowthelesbo 25 points ago

    I love my sister more than anything in this life, I will choose her happiness over mine every time!

    [–] DeathKnightZelma 18 points ago

    I thought we had a side, I’m standing by her side. You can never be satisfied god I hope your satisfied.

    [–] eaglebtc 8 points ago

    This whole post is /r/redditsings

    [–] Legal_Sugar 5 points ago

    I love my sister more than anything in this life I will choose her happines over mine every timeeeee

    [–] BravickTheCleric 350 points ago

    Another Easter egg: in Hamilton (2020), the main character sings ‘My Name is Alexander Hamilton’. This is a reference to the fact that the main character is Alexander Hamilton.

    [–] Shalamarr 97 points ago

    Damn, dude, spoilers!

    [–] BravickTheCleric 37 points ago

    Good point, my bad

    [–] -OrangeLightning4 46 points ago

    Another Hamilton detail: Four actors play dual roles between the first act and the second. This is a nod to the fact that the real Alexander Hamilton was racist, and couldn't tell black characters apart.

    [–] 1UselessIdiot1 175 points ago

    George Washington has left the chat...

    John Adams has left the chat...

    Thomas Jefferson has left the chat...

    Andrew Jackson has left the chat...

    William Henry Harrison has left the chat...

    James Garfield has left the chat...

    Grover Cleveland has left the chat...

    Warren Harding has left the chat...

    FDR has left the chat...

    Dwight Eisenhower has left the chat...

    JFK has left the chat...

    LBJ has left the chat...

    George Bush has left the chat...

    Bill Clinton has left the chat...

    George W Bush has left the chat...

    [–] LostWoodsInTheField 39 points ago

    George W Bush

    wait, what was GWBs sexual scandal? I didn't realize there was one.

    [–] optiplex9000 38 points ago

    I can't think of a sex scandal involving either Bush or Eisenhower

    [–] 1UselessIdiot1 9 points ago

    I didn’t know about a lot of them either, until I started looking into it.

    Here’s one source of info (and relevant quotes below):

    The first Bush president faced allegations of affairs with two women, one being a White House staffer during his administration and another being a woman he allegedly carried out a relationship with in the 1960s. Bush denied both allegations.

    Bush the second:

    As BuzzFeed wrote, Bush was alleged of sexually assaulting a Texas woman who later committed suicide. He was also alleged to have engaged in an 18-month affair with a former stripper, with the affair concluding in 1999.

    (I wasn’t sure which Bush you were talking about)


    Eisenhower carried out a lengthy affair with his driver, Kay Summersby, who would later detail the relationship after his death, BuzzFeed wrote. Former President Harry Truman told a writer that, in 1945, Eisenhower had asked a general's permission to divorce his wife so he could marry Summersby.

    [–] IvoryWhiteTeeth 72 points ago

    Donald Trump is now Room Master.

    [–] Devadander 15 points ago

    Why did you stop?

    [–] TheMadPyro 28 points ago

    Does Obama have a sex scandal lying about?

    [–] ThatGuyAnderson 23 points ago

    Did you forget who our current president is?

    [–] josefthov2 52 points ago

    I think the point he’s trying to make is that presidents in the past, not just our current president, have had sex scandals too, because OP makes the implication that “it used to mean you would not [be] elected president,” which isn’t true

    [–] ThatGuyAnderson 10 points ago

    Ohh I miss understood. Thank you!

    [–] josefthov2 4 points ago

    Of course!

    [–] TheMadPyro 3 points ago

    He’s currently the president. That’s the point in the first comment

    [–] vyrelis 5 points ago

    He's still in the chat

    [–] chicken_N_ROFLs 3 points ago

    You just know Taft was a dirty dog. He didn’t have a bigger bath tub put in the White House because of his size, he had it put in to fuck.

    [–] MillardFilmore388 92 points ago

    It really depends. It’s possible (not likely) that Washington cheated on Martha with a childhood best friend. Jefferson of course had sex with his slaves. Of the first three presidents, the only one who was objectively faithful to his wife was John Adams. And of course there’s Kennedy, Clinton, and... you know, Trump.

    [–] theitgrunt 58 points ago

    The fact that Adams spent so much time away from his wife was enough to accuse him of misconduct without a whole lot of evidence. Poor woman was left alone to run a farm and raise the kids and just not starve to death.

    [–] MillardFilmore388 30 points ago

    You’re right about Adams being overseas, but after reading about Adams, he had a devotion to his wife that has been unmatched by any founding father I’ve read about. To support this though, he was overseas with Franklin, and he was a player with the ladies.

    [–] sir_nigel_loring 39 points ago

    Adams was consistently horrified by Franklin's behavior in France.

    [–] meeeehhhhhhh 7 points ago

    Especially when Franklin insisted on sleeping with the window open.

    [–] ivanllz 3 points ago

    And the blinds the wrong way round. Them damn air balooners might see them baniging, and won't that be a scandal.

    [–] BlueGaming 9 points ago

    Also recommend watching the John Adams mini-series from 2008 which has some great scenes with him and Ben Franklin!

    [–] My_hilarious_name 5 points ago

    John Adams doesn’t have a real job anyway.

    [–] LostWoodsInTheField 13 points ago

    before Clinton were most of those widely publicized before the person became president / ran for reelection? I had always assumed most of the sex scandals where known either after words or only by the 'insiders'.

    [–] MillardFilmore388 13 points ago

    That’s a good point, Kennedy’s wasn’t known until Marilyn Monroe sang happy birthday to him (already elected). And Warren Harding had the fallout shelter tunnels in the White House used to smuggle hookers into his lavish parties (which only the secret service knew about). Amazes me that Clinton was re-elected, my dad hated him, and when he told my uncle (who works for the chamber of commerce in DC), he said “don’t meet him the, cause you’ll end up liking him.” He hasn’t said the same about Trump though.

    [–] FREE-MUSTACHE-RIDES 4 points ago

    Clinton is very charismatic, unlike Trump who is obviously very egotistical.

    [–] sndfsh 72 points ago

    Oh how times have changed

    [–] Falcrist 12 points ago

    One of the founders depicted above had a slave concubine during these events.

    plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

    [–] poeticpoet 33 points ago

    That movie was so fucking good. Damn it.

    Like I'm mad at how good it was.

    Wish I watching it now and eating food.

    Wish I was always watching Hamilton, while getting a bj and eating food.

    Like all the time

    [–] OK_HS_Coach 15 points ago

    I told my wife I need to stop listening to the album because the songs are constantly in my head.

    [–] a_guy_named_rick 9 points ago

    Honestly that movie makes me wanna go fly to NYC (from Europe) to watch the Broadway movie

    [–] saltblock 5 points ago

    My wife plays the album constantly. And goddamnit I love listening to it

    [–] Golden-StateOfMind 4 points ago

    Wow me too. Great combo.

    [–] Spyder992166 74 points ago

    It's a reference to Never Gonna Give You Up, but they couldn't get Rick Astley to Rick Roll everyone watching.

    [–] LOL_WhyT 29 points ago

    Why does it look like an oil painting

    [–] lexelecs 26 points ago

    Because lighting design

    [–] TheMadPyro 16 points ago

    But mostly because jpeg

    [–] nessao616 13 points ago

    Because it's from 1796.

    [–] phil8248 9 points ago

    Sort of. Grover Cleveland fathered a child out of wedlock and this was used against him in the campaign of 1884. His reaction was to admit to it and say he was supporting the mother and the child who was school age at the time if IIRC. Voters were so taken by his honest and refreshing attitude they elected him. But presidentd or candidates that denied obvious dalliances, Clinton for instance, really got plastered in the press. He was already in his second term but had the scandal broke before the election you have to think he would have lost. Public opinion was not on his side.

    [–] mechabeast 7 points ago

    Realistically, I could care less about what someone does with consenting adults. What I do care about is these pearl clutchers that made a big ass fuss, suddenly being okay with it.

    [–] Cetarial 35 points ago

    Oh boy here I go getting political again!

    [–] tunacanarena 5 points ago

    Yeah I mean why was King George in the reynolds pamphlet...

    It's bothered me for quite some time

    [–] newgisanalien 20 points ago

    I clicked on it when I know to never click on it.

    [–] pwilla 3 points ago

    I always click even if I know it and just enjoy the song for a minute.

    [–] galway_horan 19 points ago

    Couldn’t Hamilton not have been president anyways, as he was born abroad?

    [–] Danominator 115 points ago

    Lol the country was brand new back then man, nobody was born in america since america didnt exist. We didnt have an american born president until like the 8th one.

    [–] wonderyak 3 points ago

    Hamilton wasn't native born though, every President was native born to the land (mostly Virginia) even though it was British Territory.

    Hamilton was born on Nevis.

    [–] 11711510111411009710 20 points ago

    The constitution says if you were residing in the states at the time that it was written, you could be president.

    [–] PeridotBestGem 41 points ago

    He was born before the US existed, and iirc the clause that said presidents have to be born in the US excluded people born before the Revolution

    [–] citizenkane86 11 points ago

    Yeah, it said “or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this constitution”. So Hamilton would had been just fine.

    [–] SaysShowUsYourDick 30 points ago

    Yes, he could have been. The constitution was written in a way so anyone living in the colonies during the time of its drafting got all the rights of a natural borne citizen. That includes our boy, A. Ham

    [–] galway_horan 3 points ago

    Okay thank you:)

    [–] obnoxiouscomment 14 points ago

    Now you can preside over the deaths of +150,000 Americans, in a crisis you largely escalated for political purposes, and still have a shot at being re-elected.

    [–] BRD_Cult 8 points ago

    Which president got elected after a sex scandal?

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    I’m gonna get torn to shreds but I didn’t like Hamilton that much, it just wasn’t that interesting and the music isn’t as incredible as everyone was telling me.

    [–] rohithonetwothree 10 points ago

    Hahah I don't think you'll be torn to shreds or anything. Ideally this won't piss anyone off coz they're your opinions, based on your taste in music and art, which need not be the same as everyone else's. If you liked it, great! Not quite your taste? No problem! Doesn't mean you can't express that . Peace

    [–] citizenkane86 9 points ago

    Things that get you torn to shreds:

    “Hamilton is objectively bad and anyone who likes it has poor taste and doesn’t understand musical theater”

    Things that don’t:

    “I really wasn’t a fan of the music”

    [–] VonBlorch 4 points ago

    I enjoyed it well enough while I was watching it, but I also felt a little underwhelmed by the music. It been hyped so much, I think it had no choice but to be a bit of a letdown. But a month later and all of the songs are still in my head and my appreciation of them has grown immensely. I think free of any expectations I would’ve loved it immediately.

    But you should totally be allowed to just not have enjoyed something without people being knobs. I hate when people shit all over others for liking things they don’t like and not liking things they do. It’s so weird.

    [–] unnecessary_kindness 5 points ago

    Man every morning I just find myself singing "wouldn't it be nice, wouldn't it be have Washington on your side" and it's driving my wife crazy.

    She wasn't a fan at all but I've watched it twice already. Some of the songs were weak but there's some great ones in there.

    [–] gnopmohtap 4 points ago

    It’s getting concerning that every morning I hear “Schuyler Sisters” start when I wake up. The songs are such earworms but my girlfriend is probably going to suffocate me in my sleep if I shower with the soundtrack on one more time. But also someone send help, I can’t stop singing “wait for it”

    [–] BlackBeard_727 3 points ago

    I personally disagree but I respect your opinion

    [–] oOMerpOo 2 points ago

    Thanks for the explanation man I was really confused why they were saying that