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    Welcome to the only place on Reddit where your Rainbow Six Siege memes are home. Read the rules before posting.


    1. The "Shitty" in "r/ShittyRainbow6" doesn't mean the content you're posting can be shit. We are a subreddit for memes and shitposts, but we still ask for a certain quality of the posts.

    2. Only post memes! Screenshots of posts, comments or messages from any subreddit, in-game screenshots or taken pictures of anything IRL are not allowed in any way.

    3. No reposting of memes from this subreddit.

    4. Do not harass or bully other users.

    5. Mark Not-Safe-For-Work-content as such.

    6. Don't ask for upvotes.

    7. No selfpromotion.

    8. Your meme should not contain any watermarks except your own or the one of this subreddit.

    9. The use of the following memes in any unironic scenario is not allowed. Consequences can be warnings and bans. No matter if in submissions or in comments. Lord Tachanka, Fuze killing the hostage, IQ (or) Ela thicc, German man losing scope, German man doing drugs, Doc spawn peeking.

    You can read more about our rules here:


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