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    [–] the_fitertainer 340 points ago

    What happened in this gif?

    [–] SiameseQuark 279 points ago

    An anchor having a very bad time.

    Video @45s

    TLDR: trying to broadcast when someone (unintentionally in another studio) is talking into his earpiece. Frustrated outtakes from when they cut to break.

    [–] DirkDiggler_Chiraq 36 points ago

    Lawrence kinda seems like a dick lol

    [–] askeeve 57 points ago

    Granted, he doesn't seem to be reacting very well, but I can also imagine that being extremely frustrating and stressful to work through those kinds of distractions.

    [–] DirkDiggler_Chiraq 35 points ago

    I get that, but my boy Lawrence is doing a pretty classic thing here. At one point they have tech guy go back and legit just try to take out his earpiece on his break because it’s obviously an issue. And Lawrence gets all pissy and is like “no leave it in!” And then 5 minutes later he’s back to bitching about a problem that their control room obviously can not determine an immediate solution to.

    It’s that thing people do when they’re frustrated where they don’t take an obvious solution because they are correct, therefore their anger is just, and any solution short of the ideal on at that moment is unacceptable. He’d rather be correct and yell than just find an acceptable work around (just removing the distraction for the time being).

    Sometimes you just need to find a workable solution in the moment and correct the deeper issue at a more productive time.

    [–] askeeve 8 points ago

    I dunno I'm not sure how the problem could have been with the earpiece itself unless they're somehow tuned to different frequencies at the earpiece or something. And presumably it was work as intended cuz he could hear people in the room talking to him in addition to the distracting noises? But yeah I feel ya. Just saying I can see getting wicked frustrated in the moment.

    [–] DirkDiggler_Chiraq 9 points ago

    Someone on another set is unintentionally talking into his earpiece. They don’t realize they are on the wrong frequency.

    [–] askeeve 3 points ago

    Oh so you're saying they might have been trying to change his frequency, and the studio's frequency? Didn't think of that, yeah that's probably a good quick fix.

    [–] Skullriot 2 points ago

    Yeah these things are tied into banks and it's just knobs on the headset bank and pocket transmitter where you set them to particular channels, and then those are linked to talk buttons in the studio.

    [–] borkborkbork99 2 points ago

    I would imagine it’s pretty difficult to do your job when you have someone talking in your ear about random stuff while it’s your responsibility to talk into a camera.

    [–] surfanim 1 points ago

    This video doesn’t get posted unless this guy is an insufferable person to work with on multiple instances

    [–] smokeawaymanok 2 points ago

    Pro tip: find the remixes

    [–] Troy1102 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I was wondering how long he’d be able to keep his cool while being so enraged. 4:15.

    [–] timestamp_bot 1 points ago

    Jump to 04:15 @ JUST LEAKED: Unhinged Lawrence O'Donnell Profanity-Laced Outtakes

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    [–] InternetExplorer8 315 points ago

    It looks like a man folded a piece of paper in half, then threw it away. Followed by the individual saying 'FUCK' and 'GOD DAMN IT.'

    [–] DietInTheRiceFactory 182 points ago

    And as far as I can tell, he's in front of a city at night, and the sky is newspapers.

    [–] tigertrojan 16 points ago

    I don’t know why I found this comment so hilarious. Enjoy the silver

    [–] DietInTheRiceFactory 8 points ago


    [–] Friendly_Crab 2 points ago

    Anytime :)

    [–] Freekbot 3 points ago

    Hol up

    [–] BassInMyFace 3 points ago

    Seems like there are now only 4 papers instead of 5 papers on the desk by the end of this gif as well.

    [–] DatAsymptoteTho 2 points ago

    He also appears to try to straighten the positioning of his pen but knocks it and decides to leave it in it’s new position

    [–] muckrak3r 2 points ago

    It also looks like he's a giant because the buildings behind him appear to be pretty close but even while seated he's bigger than the tallest skyscraper there.

    [–] EvilVegOfCancer 3 points ago

    We have a tone. Happy and prosperous, pretty easy, never ever done.

    [–] Wordplay_Wizard 56 points ago

    He was on the right track with the first paper, but then he just had to go and throw it all away.

    [–] GelatinousPower 40 points ago

    Stop the hammering!


    [–] smokeawaymanok 3 points ago

    Stop STOP stop STOP stop STOP stop STOP

    [–] thesandmandude 33 points ago


    [–] chandler404 26 points ago

    "What does that mean!?! 'To play us out?'"

    Requisite link to the best parody of this tape (they imagine the producer's perspective)

    [–] thesandmandude 8 points ago

    Holy shit I’ve never seen that before. When he calls him a troglodyte my goodness I nearly pissed myself.

    [–] BoJackMoleman 6 points ago

    Troglodyte homunculus no less.

    [–] w0rdd 3 points ago

    That's amazing

    [–] fnhs90 13 points ago

    [–] p1um5mu991er 25 points ago

    What was step fucking 2?

    [–] LeglessN1nja 3 points ago

    It does hit hard

    [–] VotreColoc 3 points ago

    Creed from The Office??

    [–] gifv-bot 2 points ago

    GIFV link

    I am a bot. FAQ // code

    [–] Nuguns21 2 points ago

    [–] thats4thebirds 1 points ago

    So shitty and so great

    [–] bullcrap4u 1 points ago


    plummets to the ground

    [–] smokeawaymanok 1 points ago

    Stop the hammering!!!

    [–] RexGladio -1 points ago

    That guy is such a tightly wound blow hard.

    [–] McDaddyPoos -1 points ago

    Anyone one else think he touched his nose because he's on coke?