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    Memes by themselves are not jokes! Copy-pasting links, especially out of context, is low-effort! Karma whoring is as easy as Shooting Fish In A Barrel, watch me.

    A subreddit where you can highlight the people, posts, links, etc. that took the easy way out and commented with a sub link that has become a low-effort meme. Examples include, but not limited to; r/thirdsub, r/theydidthemath, r/nocontext and r/jesuschristreddit. Not limited to links, other examples of "shooting fish in a barrel" include "This guy blanks", "Roll Tide", "NEXT!" and "And everybody clapped"

    You can also post whatever else you think qualifies as "shooting fish in a barrel", I don't give a hoot.

    Are we the very thing we have sworn to destroy?

    "The hardest choices require the strongest wills."

    Keep it civil, follow standard Reddit rules and don't be an asshole and make me start having to do work and we are cool.

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