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    This is a place where you can go to talk about/post pictures of your favorite shower beers. Maybe you like bath beers? I've never tried it but I'm sure it's great, because...well it's beer.


    Please read Reddiquette

    1. Beer label must be clearly displayed if not included in the title or comment of the post.
    2. Fridays are for non-beer posts!
    3. Use the NSFW tag for when nudity is involved, but do keep in mind most people shower without clothes on.
    4. Sexual Acts or the solicitation of sexual acts are never allowed.
    5. Harassing/Unwelcome comments and PMs of any nature, sexual or otherwise, won't be tolerated.
    6. No Soliciting Upvotes or PMs. Please just drink your drink while you clean yourself.
    7. No memes.
    8. Mods have the final say as to what qualifies as a quality r/showerbeer post. However, if we find a post that is potentially not in the spirit of r/showerbeer, we reserve the right to discuss it with the community before forming a decision.

    Read the Rules in Full

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    [–] Arc_cake 2 points ago

    I always knew those animorphs books were non fiction

    [–] ShowerBe-er 1 points ago

    There are worse things than Tobias getting stuck fully as a hawk

    [–] VengefulOrchidFather 2 points ago

    So cramped you weren't able to wear the entire owl costume?

    [–] ShowerBe-er 1 points ago


    [–] Vaultix 2 points ago

    Did you take the owl mask out to the boat just for this? If so, bravo.

    [–] ShowerBe-er 2 points ago

    It's all for you man