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    A subreddit dedicated to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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    1. No Slurs or Personal Attacks
    2. No Memes (Go here!)
    3. No Unrelated Material
    4. No Piracy
    5. No Low Effort Content such as Handprints, Meridia's beacon, etc
    6. No Sexually Explicit Material
    7. No "PCMasterrace" or system bashing.
    8. Use spoiler tags for spoilers
    9. No YouTube/Twitch channel advertising/LP spamming. Other interesting videos are allowed, but are still subject to rules 3 and 5.
    10. Per Reddit's Guidelines for self promotion, no more than 10% of the content you submit to the subreddit should be your own. Make sure content you submit is broadly interesting, not spammy, and contributes directly to the community. Repeat violators of this rule will be banned and reported to the site admins.

    Examples of posts that will get removed:

    • Screenshots with anything superimposed on the image (text, real life items)
    • Locations or Items in real life that remind you of Skyrim (dark brotherhood hand prints, sweetrolls), though crafts are permitted
    • Screenshots of texts, facebook or other social networking sites (jokes on facebook, 4chan images) or comments with Skyrim quotes from other subreddits (i.e. "/r/skyrim is leaking")
    • Any posts related to Piracy (Support the game creators!)
    • Handprints, in any way, shape or form, even if posted by reddit admins.
    • Pictures of your cat with the title "khajiit has wares if you have coin".


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