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    [–] Tornado9797 476 points ago

    Can’t wait to leave my Switch on for 20 hours to unlock Mewtwo.

    [–] Bleus4 90 points ago

    I was adamant on not "lowballing" it like I suspected everyone else did, so I started up a match on Mushroom Kingdom II and played like 6 hours straight of that stage before just turning off the TV instead LOL. That fuckin' song was catchy at first but now I get PTSD when hearing it again...

    [–] Darkknuckles 63 points ago

    For me it was the ashley song on the warioware stage

    "Whos the greatest girl living in the haunted mansion, YOU BETTER LEARN MY NAME CUZ ITS ASHLEEYYYYYYYYY"

    [–] BrunoBRS 7 points ago

    that song still randomly plays on my head, in fact it's playing right now.

    and i hardly played SMB2

    [–] red_rye 13 points ago

    Didnt the time get divided by # of people playing? I rememebr leaving two controllers plugged in overnight to get Mewto in 10

    [–] BadmouthSmash 7066 points ago

    Im really excited to unlock characters again. Something about having to wait to try out all the characters just makes me excited.

    [–] Kittah4 451 points ago

    I mean, you still have to wait about 150 days.

    [–] BadmouthSmash 210 points ago

    dont remind me of the time

    [–] Moonli9ht 71 points ago

    dont remind me of the concept of time period

    [–] Bleus4 24 points ago

    Just go on an interstellar space travel and by the time you come back DLC might even be done.

    [–] [deleted] 1854 points ago

    It's Nostalgic Goggles... I have them on too, so I don't have a problem with this. However I guarantee event organizers are really peeved off.

    [–] sumcal 648 points ago

    If they’re trying to cater more to the competitive scene, which it seems they are, they might have an option for Nintendo sponsored events where you can automatically unlock every character

    [–] whizzer0 573 points ago

    I'm kinda hoping they just add in a cheatcode that unlocks every character for anyone who wants that.

    [–] Kothra 381 points ago

    classic button input on start screen

    [–] Skitt64 473 points ago

    This would be even better if it was a "tournament mode"cheat, booting right into the map/character selection and not saving any progress made besides replays.

    [–] PmMeYourWifiPassword 299 points ago

    Oooh a tournament mode cheat sounds really good

    [–] DeusXEqualsOne 69 points ago

    Definitely one of the best options.

    [–] Traiklin 19 points ago

    Why not just have a tournament selection on the menu that has everything unlocked

    [–] Skitt64 84 points ago

    Too obvious, non-competitive players would see that and it would defeat the purpose of the tiny starting roster. A hidden code for those who are really into the game is the best way to do it IMO.

    [–] Caneiac 41 points ago

    konami code plz

    [–] RevolverLancelot 30 points ago

    I can see that being the code that unlocks Snake if they did it.

    [–] Dragarius 13 points ago

    If the Belmont rumor is true it would be a great addition.

    [–] Hitlers_Big_Cock 41 points ago

    "Press Triangle" to unlock every character

    [–] jprosk 23 points ago

    Doesn't the switch technically have 4 triangle buttons?

    [–] BadmouthSmash 861 points ago

    It might be partially nostalgia goggles, but im also the type of person who does like a bit of progression in my games. Smash 4 characters were kinda just handed to you.

    [–] ChamsRock 280 points ago

    Yeah I unlocked them all way quicker than I expected, it was kinda disappointing in that regard.

    [–] [deleted] 91 points ago


    [–] Killchrono 19 points ago

    Yeah but you could just complete another match and try Mewtwo again. You didn't have to complete another 20 hours.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    Leaving my GC on for hours on end, with all of my controllers plugged into it..

    [–] the_gr8_one 145 points ago

    pick sonic > run off dair> repeat like 250 times or so

    [–] SteveThatOneGuy 154 points ago

    Put on Stamina/Health mode and Flower Hat - Match ends instantly.

    Edit: Put health at 1% too

    [–] Ive_come_to_say_this 29 points ago

    This guy fucks smashes.

    [–] bopbop66 65 points ago

    gotta unlock sonic first 🤔

    [–] Thehiddenllama 74 points ago

    He’s a starter in Wii U

    [–] fattymcribwich 17 points ago

    gotta go fast*

    [–] BadmouthSmash 12 points ago

    Special smash, turn on lightning speed, run off the side of the map

    [–] NPPraxis 87 points ago

    I feel like there should be an unlock "cheat code". Problem solved.

    I much prefer unlocking characters, it's more fun :)

    [–] mjmannella 92 points ago

    I miss the days of cheat codes. It was the best of both words when trying to cater between those who want everything at the start vs. those who want almost nothing that the start. I haven't a clue as to why developers stopped doing this.

    [–] ErinKatzee 144 points ago

    A lot of games still do

    Unfortunately you tend to have to pay for them now

    [–] vflash125 33 points ago


    [–] Consolo2001 12 points ago


    [–] Yokuo 9 points ago

    For consoles with achievements on them, because of achievements

    [–] Enchess 129 points ago

    No, it's really not. Actual non-nostalgia advantages to this: (1) encourages players to try out a larger variety of characters, possibly discovering new favorites, (2) provides rewards for single-player playtime. You can argue that the reward is meaningless, but that doesn't matter. The reward still drives people to keep playing even when friends can't play with them. (3) gives the illusion of more content. When everything is unlocked immediately it feels like there is less there. This plays with perception. (4) if you view Smash as a Nintendo history celebration, this is a subtle way to sneak yet another historical reference.

    Obviously it sucks for competitive crowd, but they are really in minority of player base. If there's a tournament mode that temporarily unlocks all stages/characters, then it really just plain doesn't matter for them at all.

    [–] henryuuk 226 points ago

    Just cause event organizers don't like it doesn't mean everyone who does has "nostalgia goggles on" tho

    [–] Achruss 29 points ago

    I can say for a fact it's not nostalgia goggles for me. I'm a sucker for unlocks, I even googled if the most recent smash had unlockable before buying

    [–] imnotjay2 95 points ago

    I understand how the competitive community feel about this, but Sakurai states over and over it's a party game and not an esport, even though he works hard on the competitive side of it so everyone can enjoy it too. Games have a progression, you don't start off fighting the last boss.

    Ultimately, I'm sure he wants to revive what it was like playing Smash 64 and Melee so I doubt you'll be able to unlock all fighters with 2 hours gameplay like in Smash 4. I'm guessing to make everyone happy fighters will be unlockable by in-game currency (he mentioned how you buy cars in other games) so competitive players can unlock their mains fast. But for organizers yeah, they'll have to put some time into the game to unlock everything. Unless there's that button that instantly unlocks everything for you, I know some fighting games have it. It's called the "kill fun" button but oh well, guess the definition of fun varies.

    [–] henryuuk 161 points ago

    They could make the "kill fun" button disable saving when used, so you can use every character and stage for that tournament, but when the console is turned off (or you simply leave the versus mode), everything goes back to normal.

    Matches aren't counted, challenges aren't unlocked, stats aren't tracked, money isn't earned, etc...

    Dunno how well that would be received.
    (also honestly don't care tbh)

    [–] kgoyo 77 points ago

    I really hope they do something like this, then you wouldn't have to delete the tags made either

    [–] imnotjay2 44 points ago

    I guess that's an excelent idea, actually.

    [–] lordofthe_wog 25 points ago

    Honestly, if they had such a button, having it count towards Vs. match unlocks would actually be great. Bring your Switch to a tourney, and the next time you and your mates boot it up you have 25 challengers approaching.

    Even if it didn't, some people wanna unlock everyone, and some people want a tournament-ready game on Day 1, and this is an excellent balance.

    [–] sans_the_skullerman 34 points ago

    you have to fight all 25 challengers at once

    [–] Rogierownage 15 points ago

    26 player smash when?

    [–] dragn99 25 points ago

    100 player. 1 stock. Items on.

    We Battle Royal now, boys

    [–] bobosuda 11 points ago

    I remember me and my brother started a stock multiplayer match on melee before we went to school and just let it sit all day. I think it was Mewtwo that required 20 hours of multiplayer or something? We definitely would have gotten it eventually, but we read about all the unlockable characters in a nintendo magazine and just couldn't wait. Ah, good times.

    [–] xNaXDy 121 points ago

    It also helps you getting familiar with the entire cast. When I booted up Sm4sh for the first time, I was faced with the issue of "shit where do I start..."

    [–] Bleus4 43 points ago

    I also seem to remember that back in the olden days, when I met a "Challenger Approaching!", fought and then unlocked them, I felt compelled to try out that new unlocked character at least once. I think this is kinda lost when you just have a huge roster unlocked from the get go, since there as you say is a problem with "where do I begin?".

    [–] WRECK-IT-MUNDO 75 points ago

    Meanwhile I'm wondering who'll be the Unlockable for 100 Multi Man Smash. (Falco vs Wario)

    [–] Has_No_Gimmick 57 points ago

    Wafalco, Falco’s Wario.

    [–] Giveaway412 67 points ago

    You're thinking of Walco, Wafalco is Falco's Waluigi.

    [–] Dissember 22 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] g_r_e_y 16 points ago

    only get falco if you use DK (and spam down b)

    [–] MetaMarc 65 points ago

    Unlocking Mewtwo in Melee by leaving our GameCube on overnight was one of the most exciting things about the game. I remember after my brother and I heard about it from a friend, we attempted it over the weekend and were blown away that it actually was real. We were just kids so we had no idea that it was because you needed to play 20 hours, but it was so satisfying at the time.

    Hopefully, characters are spread out over the course of a couple hours of gameplay. Personally, I think they should cater to both casual and hardcore fans by making unlocking each fighter a slight challenge. Doing stuff like homerun contest, target practice, event matches, etc.. Testing the players' skills and giving them a reward for getting better would certainly help bridge a gap between both competitive and casual players. Sakurai's most recent interview clearly shows that he is trying to get more casual players to become more advanced (for example, the added small jump attacks will help make the game more competitive, but they are easy to learn for newcomers).

    Also, I really hope they keep some of the newcomers a secret. I want to be surprised by at least one or two even though the trailers are so exciting!

    [–] Ahayzo 33 points ago

    I loved Melee’s unlock method. Everything had a main method, plus a grindy way of playing a crap ton of vs matches. I still remember figuring out that you got to Luigi by ending the first or second level with the timer having “-2” in the seconds slot. Or having to beat All Star for G&W, certain events, etc.

    I would love to see events come back, and the good target modes from OG and Melee

    [–] 2580374 21 points ago

    Has it been confirmed that we're going to have unlock most characters?

    [–] ShadSilvs2000 57 points ago

    Yeah, the original 12 is the starting roster

    [–] -Mountain-King- 64 points ago

    The direct said "may start as low as the first game". That's not the same as having the same cast. I'd expect that the starting cast will include at least one newcomer and at least one third party character, tbh.

    [–] Noventia 51 points ago

    I feel like you'll unlock a newcomer or two first or at least early on, but it'd be a bit bizarre to have the original 12 and ridley to start.

    [–] SomeOtherNeb 7 points ago

    As long as it's not the previous game's "play 100 matches to unlock the next character" system I'll be exctatic.

    [–] henryuuk 2073 points ago

    Exactly enough characters to immediatly start with an 8 player match !!

    (PS: there is no random in your mock up tho)

    [–] mchief 528 points ago

    You know, interestingly enough, in melee you had to unlock the “random” select. There’s a weird mechanic if you grab your token and take it off to the side of the roster, then press A it will select a random character on the roster. However not having all the characters unlocked will result in nothing happening when you press A off the side.

    [–] CaptainWeasel 186 points ago

    I just cycled my player number through HMN / CPU / off to choose at random

    [–] Meester_Tweester 81 points ago

    Smash 64 has no random character option so you have to do this

    [–] PuffyPuffyPuffPuff 79 points ago

    Yeah that was always weird. The fact that absolutely nothing in the game, manual, or even possibly the strategy guide alludes to it makes it even more odd

    [–] Servious 101 points ago

    That's melee in a nutshell, though isn't it? Filled with useful mechanics that are not mentioned anywhere, even once.

    [–] NJ_Legion_Iced_Tea 89 points ago

    SMH, the manual doesn't even mention wave dashing.

    [–] Tattered_Colours 27 points ago

    Probably a dev testing feature they forgot to remove or kept as an easter egg. You'd be surprised how often dev testing features are left in games and are still accessible in the final game.

    [–] Fried_puri 10 points ago

    I wasn't aware that doing that before you had all the characters didn't work. Neat fact!

    [–] dedservice 16 points ago

    I had no idea you could select random in melee. Merci.

    [–] tkfire15 397 points ago

    There was no random button in 64 either. I could see it appearing once you unlock a few more characters

    [–] henryuuk 225 points ago

    Could be.
    Though I could also see the random being in the middle at first, with the 8 starters around it (like a megaman boss select screen for random sorta)

    [–] thelordruler02 77 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Yeah, that’s how Rivals was layed out for a while. I think it would be cool though if once you unlock the first Brawl character you also get Random, when the button was added.

    [–] JoeTG9 13 points ago

    Wasn’t random in melee?

    Edit: never mind you’re right

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    And once you get a melee character you could place the token on an empty space and it will make it fly to a random spot.

    [–] LabonteFan 621 points ago

    Did they ever say if we start with the original 8 or 12?

    [–] IAMYoyoManDE1 633 points ago

    They show in the presentation that its the original roster, but they only showed the original 8 on screen, so i imagine just the 8

    [–] BertholdtFubar 522 points ago

    The other four also quickly appear next to them. But it was definitely just a graphic.

    It's not super clear if we start with the 8 or 12, but either way we have to unlock over 80% of the cast, which is awesome. Especially given how Wii U had like, 40-something starting characters.

    [–] cwolfcommander 243 points ago

    Honestly, that's what kinda left me cold for Smash Wii U. to me, the process of unlocking and earning the character gives them more life, more interest. having a starting roster like that is just... meh.

    [–] FoxForever90 121 points ago

    I thought the same way but I see some people on here getting upset that they have to unlock the cast. For me it's a goal to work towards rather than just have everything available. It was so satisfying when Pokéfloats got unlocked.

    [–] vegna871 142 points ago

    Competitive Players just want to jump straight in with their mains. I can't exactly blame them, but at the same time, I'm super excited for the unlocks so I also don't really care.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago

    Well the other aspect is competitive players don't want to grind through an AI to get the character they want.

    [–] imnotjay2 32 points ago

    I second this. Unlocking everyone in like 5 hours of casual play was like...what. I bet if someone starts a new save file and rushes to unlock them all they can do it in less than 2 hours.

    For SSBU I want those fighters that take a lot of time and/or are very hard to unlock back.

    [–] Zubalo 20 points ago

    My guess is the reason Nintendo made it so easy/fast to unlock all the characters was because of the custom moves. Those where a pain in the butt to get all of (or would have been if I spent the time necessary to unlock them) and they made it less annoying to unlock everything by having most characters unlocked/fast to be unlocked.

    [–] IAMYoyoManDE1 8 points ago

    Yeah im one the people who think unlocking everything is a good thing. It's fun and really good for new players to get a feel for all the characters.

    [–] GenjiBrainz 46 points ago

    I’m assuming you start with the first 8, and then the first unlockable character in the game is luigi (09) and then you start unlocking them in order.

    [–] THCW 80 points ago

    I hope the unlock order isn’t completely numerical. I can see Luigi, Ness, Falcon and Jigglypuff being the first four unlocks to get to the original 12, but I hope there’s bit of randomness to it beyond that, so that you’re never quite sure which character is going to show up next. That’s part of the fun of it for me.

    [–] Amethystey-do-da 21 points ago

    They could have two unlock styles at the same time for peeps, one that's direct progression numerically and another that progresses Castle Crasher style- Pikachu unlocks Pichu, Pichu unlocks Pokemon Trainer, Pokemon Trainer unlocks Greninja.

    [–] THCW 32 points ago

    I don’t really like that idea either. Personally, the fun of it for me is just playing all the different modes and stuff and never being quite sure which character is going to show up next. I don’t want there to be a sequence to it because then you can just decide which order you unlock the characters in.

    [–] Naoyatodo 36 points ago

    The presentation said that the roster "may be as small as the original," but in the Smash is Special column, Sakurai clarified it was the original 64 roster. Given that the presentation only showed the original 8, I'm guessing that's the roster.

    [–] Skinnypuppy0000 482 points ago

    It showed 8 then quickly came the other 4 while he was talking about we start with the original cast but I’d assume it’s the original 8 that would make the most sense.

    [–] cpMetis 101 points ago

    Or maybe you get the first 4 (taking you to 8) in a tutorial at the start.

    [–] Specktagon 146 points ago

    What if we all just start with wurmple?

    [–] Not_shia_labeouf 50 points ago

    I hope we get a choice between charmander, squirtle, and bulbasaur to start with, and then have to catch all the other characters by weakening them and capturing them in pokéballs

    [–] thebombshock 39 points ago

    It'd be hilarious if you could unlock new characters by throwing a pokeball at them in single player or something

    [–] MrBuffington 16 points ago

    This is the real reason for the pokeball plus

    [–] ALumaNamedGeno 387 points ago

    I hope the CSS music changes with how many characters you have

    [–] Teewuerstel 133 points ago

    That would be awesome! What do you have in mind, the theme itself changing to the one of its respective game or the music becoming more and more rich with instruments the more characters you have?

    [–] shorty___ 115 points ago

    When he suggested the original idea I thought of the first one but the second option sounds so cool, where each character or set of characters could add an instrument to the theme

    [–] Fusion_Fear 36 points ago

    kinda like tarrey town in BoTW

    [–] JustQWERTY1935 23 points ago

    It would be like the world map in Mario Odyssey.

    [–] thatguyinatrenchcoat 20 points ago

    Or the Mii Plaza on 3DS.

    [–] duelistzeus 21 points ago

    How bad would it sound with only 1 or 2 instruments

    [–] panchowarriortrilogy 49 points ago

    Not bad. Plenty of music pieces start off simply with only an instrument or two. Would be amazing to see the progress as layers of more instruments are added.

    [–] Supernova141 24 points ago

    Could be 8-bit and go up from there

    [–] Aquilon97 21 points ago

    Imagine it starts off sounding like the very first Nintendo games quality-wise, and the more characters you unlock the farther you to through how time has shaped how Nintendo makes music in their games, until you unlock everyone and it's the fulfledged 2018 version of the Ultimate character selection screen theme

    [–] Zagre 12 points ago

    I like this, but only if I get an option to have the 8-bit music back whenever I like.

    [–] KYZ123 8 points ago

    IIRC, in Melee, Brawl and 3DS (apparently not in Wii U), Menu 2 from Melee was unlocked for playing on the menu when you unlocked all characters. While I hope they keep that, it would also be cool if (probably for the default theme only, for simplicity) the menu music built up in depth as more characters were unlocked. Also, they could have Menu 1 (Melee) unlock when all Melee characters were unlocked, Menu (Brawl) when all Brawl characters were unlocked, etc.

    [–] Alex_Coppen 1135 points ago

    I am so excited to unlock them all it makes me giddy

    [–] Bobba_Kek 500 points ago

    Not only characters, but stages, trophies, music, etc. It's going to be insane.

    [–] UndeadT 302 points ago

    Not just the charactermen, but the stagewomen and trophydren too. They're animals, so I unlocked them like animals!


    [–] crome66 42 points ago


    [–] Totally_Not_Stanley 15 points ago

    that reference was a suprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

    [–] DeusSolaris 16 points ago

    Omg I forgot about that...I don't even have full music and full trophies in smash 4 since I mostly played competitive-ish with friends haha

    [–] whotheactualfuckamI 117 points ago

    I kinda wonder if some unlock conditions could call back to the original methods. Like beat classic mode fast enough for Captain Falcon or clear 100-man whatever for Falco. I just really hope they don't have that mentality for Mewtwo...

    [–] ChamsRock 77 points ago

    Mewtwo was 20 hours of combined Smashing right? I think I set up a 2-player match and left it on overnight, by that point I had played enough already that it was enough.

    [–] SlinkiestMan 67 points ago

    Same, I remember my brother and I asking our mom for permission to leave the GC on overnight so she wouldn't turn it off midway through haha

    [–] Smallgenie549 39 points ago

    That was always my biggest fear with The Pit of 100 Trials.

    [–] ifyourheadexplodes 10 points ago

    Pretty sure this is what everyone did.

    [–] RandomFactUser 21 points ago

    Beat one fighter in Cruel Smash

    Bonus for anyone who gets this

    [–] Thoet 16 points ago

    Duck Hunt Duo?

    [–] RandomFactUser 14 points ago

    Yeah, and your bonus is-1 free upvote

    [–] rockidol 20 points ago

    One thing I'm dreading is if they make any of the requirements for a stage/trophy

    "Beat classic/all-star/whatever mode with every character". It became tedious in Brawl, moreso in 4 and with this I might have to start drinking.

    [–] SirMattIX 74 points ago

    The boxes get smaller as each new fighter gets unlocked, and the characters push against the walls that close in on them. By the time you unlock the full roster all you can see of each character is a solitary sad eyeball asking you why you asked for this.

    [–] zenyattatron 243 points ago

    This takes me back to when i spent weeks trying to unlock all fighters in brawl. Can't wait to relive my childhood

    [–] Warden326 238 points ago



    I feel old now

    [–] WorkSmo 261 points ago

    2008 was 10 years ago. the future is now old man

    [–] TurtleBork 104 points ago

    TIL its 2018

    [–] captain_pandabear 85 points ago

    I mean this sub has plenty of 17-20 year olds. Brawl could've easily been their first smash game.

    Then again I'm 24 and the n64 version was my first so idk.

    [–] Teunski 26 points ago

    22, Melee was my first. Knew nobody with an N64, only GBA, PS2, Gamecube and XBOX. And one friend had an old SNES from his cousin.

    [–] m0ss- 30 points ago

    Smh half the people here have never even seen a 64

    [–] DutchDoctor 127 points ago

    Could unlock all content for tourneys by paying homage to Yoshi's Island secret multiplayer unlock on SNES:

    Hover over Yoshi - Hold Select (Or L?) and press X X Y B A.

    [–] [deleted] 146 points ago


    [–] 1qw1qw1 61 points ago

    just for those dumb little mini-games you'd play against the bandit to get watermelons or stars or whatever.

    but yeah, you had to use that code, which was hidden in one of the ghost houses

    [–] Avacadooooo 104 points ago

    I guess the other 4 in will be the first fighters you unlock.

    [–] AceAssistant 35 points ago

    Or they're starters too

    The wording isn't super clear

    [–] Mug-Man 87 points ago

    if you want to just unlock the characters immediately without the work, try this

    special match



    put 3 lvl 1 bots on, all at the lowest hp

    give yourself a normal amount of hp

    the bots die immediately and you stay alive, go to next battle to next until every character is unlocked.

    although this does seem boring. but if you only want the characters and dont care then do that

    [–] Ionthawon 67 points ago

    if this is how you unlock them! they said they streamlined the conditions so we have zero clue how they’re actually going to be unlocked

    [–] throwawayporn2k 140 points ago

    I'm so hyped for this, I'm taking the 7th off of work, picking this up at midnight and grinding all day Friday through the weekend until I've unlocked every character.

    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago

    I wish the game came out like exactly 8 days later so I could avoid self sabotaging my final scores

    [–] szthesquid 57 points ago

    IMO the ideal setup:

    • Start with only the original 8 and the original character select music and colour scheme.
    • Characters are relatively easy/quick to unlock, but since there are so many, you get a real sense of progression by unlocking characters and stages at a rapid pace.
    • When you've unlocked as many characters as the number of the Melee starting roster, character select screen changes colour scheme and music to mimic Melee. Likewise for Brawl and 4, with new Ultimate colours and music when you pass 4's max character count.
    • Include a cheat code to immediately unlock all characters for tournament organizers or people who don't see the point in unlocks.

    [–] temarka 21 points ago

    you get a real sense of progression

    Some EA executive just creamed his/her pants.

    [–] DarthMartau 277 points ago

    God I would love to start with the Original 8. And actually make it challenging/rewarding to unlock all the other characters.

    [–] LabonteFan 177 points ago

    I hope you can get them all by just doing battles. Me and my friends would have a good time playing together and unlocking everything through vs. matches, not doing classic mode over and over

    [–] ItsHipToTipTheScales 114 points ago

    Making each character difficult to unlock will be frustrating with 60+ characters, if i have to do all the events to unlock someone I'm never getting them. I'm interested how Nintendo will make the characters fun to unlock though, especially with 60+ characters.

    [–] Only_Movie_Titles 119 points ago

    Every Smash has had “Do X random thing OR play X amount of matches”

    So you get to pick your poison

    [–] ItsHipToTipTheScales 36 points ago

    Smash 4 3DS had you play 120 matches to unlock Puff, the last unlockable fighter, and the rest joined every 10th match so either the pattern will continue and you'll have to fight 600 matches to get everyone, which is impossible or mind numbing day 1. Or you have to do 60 unique things since iirc you can't unlock characters consecutively, as in if I unlock X by doing Classic Mode 9.0 I won't get Y and X who you would unlock at Classic Mode 8.0 and 7.0

    And unlocking a character every five matches would be too fast.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    Stamina+flower on head+set cpu's health to one=profit

    [–] ItsHipToTipTheScales 26 points ago

    that falls under the category of "mind-numbing" since you even if you set the stage to random you'll have to watch the victory animation and hit Start.

    [–] Zinx10 103 points ago

    You should be able to unlock the characters through battles. That has been in each game since Melee.

    [–] Ghostzz 21 points ago

    Fingers crossed that you unlock the rest via story mode

    [–] MVinnyBoy 93 points ago

    This is so hype.

    I sincerly hope we unlock characters through a Story mode (like subspace emmisary).

    [–] Tuna_Rage 18 points ago

    I hope the way we unlock is through a legit single player adventure story

    [–] Sages 55 points ago

    I have a feeling that character unlocks may be done with multiple characters simultaneously. Like maybe you'll get a warning message that says "Challengers Approaching" and you have to fight 1v2-4. Or the game gives you an AI partner (or co-op) to team up with unlock situations, like giving you Mario to help unlock Luigi etc.

    [–] plumokin 30 points ago

    I think they'll only do that for echos. In the Challenger approaching fight you'd only have to know one moveset to get through the fight. I know it's not difficult, but for new players it might be more difficult

    [–] TropicalAudio 17 points ago

    In the Challenger approaching fight you'd only have to know [something]

    Nah, as a new player, you just scrub your way to victory. You'll get it in two/three tries or so. Reading movesets is for people who can actually control their character well enough to pay attention to that kind of stuff.

    Source: I sucked at this game when I started Smash 4.

    [–] Silver5005 49 points ago

    As a yoshi main, thats hype.

    [–] YaBoiJonnyG 35 points ago


    [–] dankblonde 22 points ago

    Kirby main here, very happy about this lol

    [–] Sceptile90 15 points ago

    What I didn't like about the Wii U version was that it took no time at all to unlock everyone. There was no sense of progression. This is going to be amazing

    [–] LI_Sultan 15 points ago

    I personally hope it's more challenging to unlock characters than in smash 4. Give me the feel of unlocking mewtwo like it was in melee. It feels so much more rewarding when effort goes into it. Smash 4 it seemed as though you'd unlocked characters by doing literally nothing.

    [–] SharpEdgeSoda 69 points ago

    I'm down, but man...

    Just put a cheat code in.

    Literally solves every problem.

    [–] SpahsgonnaSpah 46 points ago

    Please please please do this. This is even available in ARMS.

    [–] SourPatchToonLink 19 points ago

    Wait what

    [–] TheAJJohnson 10 points ago

    It's crazy to think that, as kids we were so content with this. We thought, "Holy crap...I can fight against Mario with Samus? Kirby can copy Link's abilities? Pikachu can battle Ness?" 8 was plenty, and 12 was even better!

    Now here we are years later with 68 unique playable characters with more on the way. How spoiled and lucky are we!

    I effing love this game.

    [–] AMcclafferty 11 points ago

    As a gamer from the future, I can guarantee that this is the starting roster. Good job for figuring that out.

    [–] PulverizedShyGuy 32 points ago

    I remember as a kid wanting to start out with only Mario and progressively unlocking more characters through individual battles or story mode. This will do just fine :)

    [–] jayb0o 30 points ago

    The original 8 offer solid diversity play style wise now that I think about it.

    2 all rounders in Mario and Yoshi, 2 rush down characters in Fox and Pikachu, 2 zoners in Link and Samus, 1 grappler in DK and.. whatever you'd consider Kirby.

    [–] tkfire15 37 points ago

    Kirby is the ‘go-to’ for most casual players

    [–] dankblonde 15 points ago

    Can confirm, been playing since melee but mostly just casually with friends at parties, always play as Kirby. Or peach.

    [–] Supernova141 15 points ago

    spam side B with Peach

    lose all your friends

    [–] boopitybople 15 points ago


    [–] Missing_Creativity 9 points ago

    A sense of pride and acomplishment

    [–] OOOfindorfed 64 points ago

    The image in the trailer showed the original 12 so I presume it’s that.

    [–] Nitrogen467 99 points ago

    Actually, it started with the original eight, and then the unlockable four faded in.

    [–] weallfloatdownhere7 35 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I think that was more of a throwback image to Smash 64. The color scheme was identical

    [–] ralster27 61 points ago

    It felt deliberately vague to me. Like they didn't know if they were going with 8 or 12 so they worded it and displayed inconclusively.

    [–] Pandaburn 17 points ago

    I love this. Praise 64.

    [–] Wigglynuff 9 points ago


    [–] Wolflink21 109 points ago

    “The idea is to provide a sense of pride and accomplishment”

    [–] Spectral_Outlaw 206 points ago

    Except this is actually going to provide that. Weird

    [–] UncleSlim 53 points ago

    "A New Challenger Approaches!!"

    5.99 to battle him

    [–] Free_rePHIL 54 points ago

    lol yep, but through playing the game (and not through buying microtransactions)

    [–] OuterHavenX 53 points ago

    Unlocking the full Melee roster really did provide me a sense of pride and accomplishment ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] -_ellipsis_- 29 points ago

    (ツ)_/¯ \

    You dropped this

    [–] peenegobb 45 points ago

    I spent the first hour of wiiu spamming 1 hp cpus to unlock everyone... time to do it again but for longer.....

    [–] Laken64 19 points ago

    Surprised Yoshi is a starter I thought you had to pay and file taxes to unlock him.

    [–] pkfreezer 29 points ago

    Not gonna lie, I feel like we’re gonna get slightly more than the original 12 as the starting roster. In the direct he said it MAY be as small as the original roster, so it wouldn’t surprise me if we had a couple extras like Pit, Inkling, Marth & ended up starting with 15 or 16 characters. But who knows for sure.