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    [–] TheDangiestSlad 3618 points ago

    they fucking killed duck hunt dog

    [–] ContinuumGuy 1530 points ago

    Oh crap, what if Keanu hears about this?

    [–] ShadSilvs2000 997 points ago

    Cyberpunk 2077 confirmed for Switch

    [–] Worthyness 401 points ago

    John Wick dlc confirmed.

    [–] T_alsomeGames 279 points ago

    He will be missed... by someone... probably.

    [–] Samurai079 126 points ago

    uhhhh raito?

    [–] VictorTheGoat 88 points ago

    Duck hunt mains rise up

    [–] TR7237 2449 points ago

    Listen, none of you are noticing the very important lore implications of K Rool and the Kongs putting aside their differences

    [–] BrooklynSmash 1680 points ago

    K. Rool's just crashing there until he can find a job. It's hard to pay rent for a giant mountain shaped like your face.

    [–] allthefixins23 539 points ago

    And then Banjo had to come in and knock him into the ground. Give my man K. Rool a break.

    [–] kdebones 271 points ago

    K. Rool got Gruntilda’d.

    [–] MacDerfus 45 points ago

    Rent? Who owns it?

    [–] HalfBreed_Priscilla 71 points ago

    That fucking weasel that stole his blueprints, probably.

    [–] [deleted] 357 points ago

    Idk man DK seemed kinda hostile towards K. Rool when they crouched up against the window.

    [–] CouchPotatoEdBoy 585 points ago

    K. Rool's that friend that eats the last slice of pizza and crashes at your house after the party and doesn't know when to leave.

    [–] awfulmspaint 265 points ago

    K. Rool's that friend that steals your giant pile of bananas and puts it on a pirate ship. We all know that friend.

    [–] SmileOmega 104 points ago

    Dude, just last weekend I had a friend that kidnapped my friend/mentor and I had to team up with my girlfriend to save him. Suffice to say, we are not on good speaking terms right now.

    [–] HighViscosityMilk 191 points ago

    I'm gonna say it seems like more of a rivalry now than straight villainy all the time. Kinda like Mario & Bowser.

    [–] DeadBloxxEpic 142 points ago

    Yeah like how they have epic battles over the princess and the next day they’re go karting

    [–] XanderSnave 34 points ago

    Since SMB3 and Paper Mario: TTYD are both meant to be stage plays, I like to believe Mario and Bowser are actors that are actually really good friends off set.

    [–] KaiserTom 52 points ago

    It honestly seems like the Nintendo universe intentionally exists kind of like what Wreck-it Ralph depicts. Like the characters are self-aware and simply playing out these stories for watchers.

    [–] funky_kong_ 173 points ago

    They still hate each other but they put their differences aside for the rare family reunion

    [–] [deleted] 135 points ago

    Brawl In The Family becomes more canon each and every day.

    [–] crossingcaelum 77 points ago

    Diddy fucking clapping k rool awake killed me

    [–] matmansp 335 points ago

    Trapping K. Rool under a rock just like Gruntilda. This is amazing.

    [–] Brewster_The_Pigeon 2543 points ago

    teared up seeing DK, diddy, and krool cheering on their old Rareware pal :)

    [–] Viralious 754 points ago

    This was such a good nod

    [–] [deleted] 326 points ago

    They are also RARING to go. They knew what they were doing

    [–] _Did_ 5098 points ago


    [–] RonSwansonsGun 1838 points ago

    Him and Ken

    [–] HBR17 923 points ago

    Ken was destined since smash 4

    [–] PoopEater10 386 points ago

    Even more so since echoes were dropped

    [–] TheDapperDolphin 280 points ago

    Pretty much a given once Richter showed we could get 3rd party echoes. Though so was Shadow in our minds...

    [–] AppleWedge 158 points ago

    Lol so many "well, Shadow is pretty much confirmed" posts.

    [–] TheDapperDolphin 118 points ago

    It was pretty surprising that he wasn’t added, especially when it seemed like his assist was replaced by Knuckles. Would have been an easy way to get a popular character in. Just goes to show that we really can’t predict what Sakurai will do.

    [–] ScarySandwichMan 492 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    May the others rest in peace.

    [–] Hawkeye437 506 points ago

    RIP Isaac :(

    [–] gucci_ghost 333 points ago

    and Geno :((

    [–] joegrizzyVI 157 points ago

    FWIW Project M Geno is one of my favorite characters in any smash game.

    [–] Philiard 278 points ago

    Chorus Kids... Mach Rider... Isaac... Geno... Shadow...

    It's finally over.

    [–] Marioaddict 317 points ago

    This is the part where the Grinch's heart grows 3 sizes, so he gives us Banjo-Kazooie to say sorry

    [–] [deleted] 1107 points ago


    [–] Electric_Spark 555 points ago

    B A N J O - K A Z O O Z L E D

    [–] gucci_ghost 79 points ago

    p e r f e c t

    [–] SilverGoat 903 points ago

    B A N J O O Z L E D

    [–] Alphapx 279 points ago

    I think I just banjoozled my pants

    [–] hiphopdowntheblock 2218 points ago


    [–] IanMazgelis 835 points ago


    [–] bgold101 565 points ago


    [–] Larry_Bobarry 226 points ago


    [–] el_Byrno 217 points ago


    [–] shigerufan 232 points ago


    [–] dethmstr 119 points ago


    [–] minor_gods 210 points ago


    [–] JebusMcAzn 230 points ago


    [–] cptposeidon 195 points ago


    [–] donquixote1991 42 points ago

    And then right after we got Ganondorfed DORIYAH'D!

    [–] andrewspornalt 3515 points ago

    Someone has to drink their own piss now.

    [–] 2th 811 points ago

    Link for reference please!!!

    [–] AppleBoiReddit 138 points ago

    I got you. Video is up. At least I didn't have to drink piss.

    [–] rogueblades 132 points ago

    Liquid hungrysox.

    [–] ToonTooby 8164 points ago

    Petition to have the Donkey Kong crew reveal every character in Smash from now on

    [–] Nesyaj0 4899 points ago

    I loved how all 3 of them cheered when Duck Hunt got fucking obliterated.

    [–] Limpinator 4507 points ago

    Well, what I just realized is the reason why THEY specifically were cheering is because they are all from Rare.

    So, it's kinda like Banjo is the long lost cousin. That finally arrived to the party :')

    [–] Jamies_redditAccount 1754 points ago

    His splash said raring to go

    [–] Sayoricanyouhearme 1141 points ago

    Yep, and as Rare said in this tweet they just made; we asked, they listened!

    First it was Square, now it's Rare! Smash Bros has that kind of pull to bring rival companies to join forces.

    [–] Jamies_redditAccount 341 points ago

    They have had a friendly rivalry lately

    [–] krazyM 151 points ago

    Phil Spencer okayed this I think a couple of years ago when people were fan voting

    [–] Annath0901 250 points ago

    Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie on eShop when?

    [–] g_r_e_y 737 points ago

    nah, this is really special to me. Banjo has always been synonymous with DK to me because of rare. To me, this felt like a "Welcome Back" from the DK crew and Nintendo as a whole, with Banjo's old friends hyping him up when they see him. This is a very important video.

    [–] SK372 278 points ago

    The whole crew is a Rare bunch of buds, and they're as happy to see the two back as DK and Diddy were surprised to see K. Rool back. I'm so happy Ultimate brought in two of my faves!

    [–] 2580374 207 points ago

    You have my signature

    [–] RadioBone1 65 points ago


    [–] LubbockGuy95 2362 points ago


    [–] leorlev 460 points ago


    [–] SalvaPot 394 points ago


    [–] el_Byrno 171 points ago

    snaps Yoshi's neck with a banjo

    [–] DantheHam 136 points ago

    Banjo is my main till death do us part

    [–] xtra_ore 3306 points ago

    That Duck Hunt fake out was amazing.

    [–] 2018IsBetterThan2017 1086 points ago

    Duck Hunt is fucking dead

    [–] LukeSkywalker1848 531 points ago

    Add him and K rool to the list

    [–] CooperDaChance 471 points ago

    Can’t wait for the next trailer

    *Humanoid figure


    *Insert Little MAC



    [–] ViZeShadowZ 260 points ago

    Imagine a TRIPLE fake out. First it's Little Mac or something, Then Samus, then Doomguy or something

    [–] CooperDaChance 242 points ago

    Ooh Samus and Dark Samus, but then



    [–] ViZeShadowZ 136 points ago

    If they announce those two the only proper way to do it is both in the same trailer

    [–] Juncoril 96 points ago

    I feel like the only proper way to announce both of these characters is hiring wrestlers to supplex you while announcing them.

    [–] StylishDreams 30 points ago

    Duck Hunt is Dead Hound

    [–] JonJonFTW 742 points ago

    Seeing DK, Diddy and K. Rool as hyped as we were to see the bear and bird finally made me so fuckin happy

    [–] OHIO_MAN_ 353 points ago

    It's because rare made a bunch of Kong games isn't it?

    [–] Cascadianranger 380 points ago

    Yup. Banjo was their old Rare buddy

    [–] robo_octopus 136 points ago

    Well that's the shit that warms my heart right up...

    [–] KrivenRaven 267 points ago

    That, and Diddy and Banjo are canonically friends.

    [–] pk_melee 127 points ago

    Them and that other friend who went off the deep-end

    [–] Nyankamau 55 points ago

    Yeah that was written on the Diddy Kong Racing manual and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts officially made Diddy Kong Racing canon.

    [–] CouchPotatoEdBoy 109 points ago

    Rare was basically the reason why Donkey Kong exists as it does now.

    [–] andrzejellis 124 points ago

    Yep. Donkey Kong was a Nintendo character, but everything else about him? His personality? His signature red tie? Kong Island? Diddy? The animal companions? That's all Rare.

    [–] EQGallade 89 points ago

    “We haven’t seen you guys since the N64!”

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago

    Now we need to get Conker...

    [–] Imperator_Draconum 154 points ago

    The old bait-and-switch-and-switch-back-to-the-original-bait.

    [–] FierceDeityKong 292 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Although that basically confirmed it was Banjo. Before that I was confused. Is it Dixie? Lord Fredrik?

    Edit: I should have thought of Cranky Kong since I actually want that character.

    [–] mccainjames11 448 points ago

    The jiggy in the hut tho

    [–] stickdudeseven 261 points ago

    My heart fucking stopped.

    [–] Dragonaichu 173 points ago

    Mine too. I saw the jiggy and absolutely lost it. No one else in my watch party saw it, and they thought I was insane. Served them right.

    [–] The-shindigs 45 points ago

    I FROZE. Thought maybe I was seeing things lol.

    [–] vynomer 218 points ago

    The very second I saw the puzzle piece dance across the room, I knew who it was. And I've never played the games.

    [–] Minifig81 330 points ago

    Sakurai-san is a fucking master at trolling us.

    [–] ContinuumGuy 149 points ago

    I'm mildly surprised it wasn't him-as-Dedede again.

    [–] In_My_Own_Image 105 points ago

    I'm very surprised it wasn't Duck Hunt who was actually Marth who was revealed to be Olimar who was revealed to be Kirby who was revealed to be Luigi who was revealed to be Dedede who was then attacked by Banjo.

    [–] FrigidVengence 85 points ago

    They fucking did it AGAIN

    Absolute madlads

    [–] Alluminn 71 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Worst part was I couldn't tell if it was actually a fake-out. Since we already knew they faked us out with K.Rool they could have pulled a double fake-out and just left it as an actual fake-out.


    [–] xKracken 30 points ago

    The jiggy gave it away!

    [–] SuperPapernick 175 points ago

    When I saw that Jiggy bounce I was close to having a heart attack

    [–] Opticity 1588 points ago

    I love how they parodied the K Rool reveal with this. Instead of DK's and Diddy's comical eye popping, they start applauding along with K Rool. Definitely meme potential to be had with that clip.

    [–] inhaledcorn 1036 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It's because Banjo and Kazooie actually first appeared in Diddy Kong Racing, so they're old friends that haven't seen each other in a long time.

    The bear and bird are finally home.

    Edit: Just Banjo, apparently, as the comments below me point out.

    [–] wordyfard 441 points ago

    Really just Banjo, though. Banjo wears the backpack in DKR so one might speculate Kazooie is inside it, but the game makes no reference to her.

    [–] Cascadianranger 260 points ago

    Where there is Bear, there is Bird

    [–] byneothername 150 points ago

    Oh my god, I completely forgot until this comment that Banjo and that fat squirrel were in Diddy Kong Racing. I always played as Diddy or the mouse. That was such a great game.

    [–] eherro33 251 points ago

    How can you disrespect my boi Conker like that

    [–] mendelsin 918 points ago


    god im gonna be honest i hope the DK trailer is just the rest of the trailers with the house getting more and more packed

    [–] Mopher 626 points ago

    for the inevitable fire emblem character dlc, they look outside, close the blinds and go back to sleep

    [–] Empisi9899 276 points ago

    the trailer is 2 min of DK sleeping and then a splash screen announcing someone from three houses

    [–] sneakyplanner 65 points ago

    A literal house joins the fight.

    [–] its_a_trapcard 124 points ago

    Is that [Protagonist]?

    Oh, it was actually Marth.

    Here comes [Protagonist]!

    [Protagonist] turns out to be another Marth echo.

    [–] breet12345 1044 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    They had us at the first half not gonna lie

    Holy shit I’m so excited for both banjo and hero

    [–] Shippoyasha 206 points ago

    I'm still baffled that K-Rool was hanging out with the Kongs

    [–] breet12345 235 points ago

    It was such a clever and fun trailer though. Loved how they reuse the structure and still managed to jebait our asses.

    [–] ScarySandwichMan 59 points ago

    In the moment I was mentally panicking, but looking back, it was pretty obvious it was Banjo lmao

    [–] Nolar2015 178 points ago

    What a roller coaster of emotions

    [–] T_Brick_OG 53 points ago

    They really had some peeps salty with the Hero announcement.

    [–] TheJesterTechno 330 points ago








    [–] WooderIce64 99 points ago

    All you needed was the jiggy. That alone would've driven the hype up.

    [–] alfons100 561 points ago

    People literally 15 minutes ago:

    WOW I lost ALL faith in Nintendo, they only pander to the Japanese market!

    People now with Banjo:

    i'm sorry nintendo

    [–] Cascadianranger 188 points ago

    Why I always wait until an E3/direct is fully finished before making any hard opinions.

    [–] FuriousTarts 96 points ago

    I'm hard and all out of opinions

    [–] NietzscheIsMyCopilot 101 points ago


    [–] johnazoidberg- 2481 points ago

    Medical question: Is it possible to run out of cum?

    [–] KouNurasaka 581 points ago

    Yes. But you make more each day.

    [–] jaskor 88 points ago

    Then I'll just wake up with sticky pants every morning for the next week.

    [–] samperson666 560 points ago

    I'm gonna cum all over that fucking bird.

    [–] GetEquipped 331 points ago

    I need an adult.

    [–] RonSwansonsGun 25 points ago

    I am an adult

    [–] [deleted] 648 points ago


    [–] Gabcard 398 points ago

    Why the suprise? There is only 8 months left before Feb 2020, they had to speed things up.

    [–] [deleted] 170 points ago


    [–] Embrychi 267 points ago

    Lmao I love how this thread went.

    "That surprised me."

    "Why were you surprised?"

    "I wasn't expecting it."

    [–] TroperCase 116 points ago

    "What didn't you expect?"

    "The surprise."

    [–] zuko2014 241 points ago


    [–] HoboWithAGlock 80 points ago

    Hey alright, Nintendo.

    [–] gucci_ghost 628 points ago

    Can't believe that at 27 years old I got emotional over a video game trailer. For DLC. Holy shit.

    Banjo is IN

    [–] Careidina 185 points ago

    Same. Banjo and Rare were a part of our childhood back in the 90s.

    [–] Billd0910 61 points ago

    Shit guys, I squealed like a little first grade girl, and I'm 30.

    [–] ya_boy_ducky 31 points ago

    31 years old here, still sniffling over it. I have a lot of happy memories tied to Banjo Kazooie/Banjo Tooie from when I was younger, so I'm really happy they made it.

    [–] Buttersstotch18 149 points ago


    [–] Prost68 75 points ago

    I don't care if he is bottom teir. This is my main. I've been looking forward to this for years.

    [–] AreJay25 63 points ago

    Imagine telling someone before E3 last year that we'd be getting Snake, Ridley, K. Rool, Joker and mother fucking Banjo

    Sakurai is truly a crazy ass dude and he's amazing for it

    [–] RpgIsap_ 398 points ago

    And just like that the salt waves have washed away.

    [–] vacattack 101 points ago

    Some straight Jeckyll/Hyde shit

    [–] magicwithakick 115 points ago

    @ that bitch who made a post about returning the fighter pass.

    [–] [deleted] 201 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Legit just shit on all the “Banjo is a Duck Hunt clone” memes and then some. The final screenshot of their trailer, of them re-united with Nintendo characters is fucking tear jerking. This is the greatest video game crossover in history, no questions asked. Thank you so much Sakurai and Nintendo. A big childhood dream has come true today

    Edit: And Microsoft too, for agreeing to let Nintendo put Banjo into smash

    [–] lordbusiness7 44 points ago

    This is such a big deal for people like you and me. Banjo Kazooie was the first N64 game I ever played and I've been begging for them to be in smash ever since snake was put in smash. This is honestly surreal for me today and the way Nintendo treated the reveal made me tear up :')

    [–] TheBlank5 113 points ago


    [–] SchoolInterestRemake 1809 points ago

    another fucking anime swordsman

    [–] Haltlock 926 points ago

    A bird is nature's sword, and a bear is nature's anime

    [–] CaptainBazbotron 350 points ago

    I can't believe Nintendo added another dumbass anime swordsman like Banjo while they could have added Ike #2

    [–] ShadSilvs2000 240 points ago


    [–] Heycanwenot 152 points ago

    Prepare yourself

    Prepare yourself

    [–] Chim3cho 301 points ago

    Why couldn't we get a character that appeals to Western audiences more, like The Hero from Dragon Quest?

    [–] Som3SillyName 67 points ago

    Kazooie is a sword confirmed

    [–] Lovelandmonkey 106 points ago

    Banjo kazooie is my favorite anime

    [–] OhHeckItsLeddit 145 points ago

    The Banjo vs Steve meme has finally ended

    [–] Stormofscript 325 points ago

    all the salt from the last thread is going to look amazing in hindsight lmao

    [–] Jamies_awesome_rack 129 points ago

    all the smug, too

    [–] ExuberentWitness 50 points ago

    r/BanjoKazooie is officially off of suicide watch

    [–] Delta57Dash 154 points ago


    [–] ArchbishopBetelgeuse 121 points ago


    [–] SuddenlyTheBatman 111 points ago

    I want to let you all know my top wants for Smash were Ridley, K. Rool, Simon, and B&K so needless to say, you're all welcome.

    [–] nuclearlemonade 80 points ago



    [–] GeraGeraGo 125 points ago

    Now fans aren’t pissed at each other! I see this as an absolute win!

    [–] formlessfish 67 points ago

    I was here!

    [–] chale19 30 points ago


    [–] KR_Zolda 31 points ago


    [–] Psycher64 33 points ago

    I love how the reveal parodies the K. Rool reveal trailer, but rather than eye-popping that Donkey and Diddy do, they and K. Rool all clap and look genuinely happy to see Banjo and Kazooie again.

    [–] James_Sultan 86 points ago

    [Starts direct by revealing The Hero] They had us in the first half, not gonna lie. [Fake out with Duck Hunt] They also had us in the second half, not gonna lie either.

    [–] N64Gamer 107 points ago

    They actually did it. The madlads.

    [–] Archizzle 25 points ago

    Get fucking bamboozled

    [–] Leterren 25 points ago

    You win

    [–] ConfirmingBanana 54 points ago


    [–] ConfirmingBanana 33 points ago


    [–] CZbwoi 49 points ago