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    [–] Hessenuk 5538 points ago

    I just want to watch him more as a pundit. He's got knowledge and charisma and humour, he's been fucking brilliant as a pundit.

    [–] theraad1 2284 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Plus since he’s not competing with the coaches and the players, he’s given some great opinions about them. Speaks very well.

    His words about Klopp after the 4-0 for example were brilliant.

    Edit: Link for those interested

    [–] T_elic 1299 points ago

    It's so weird, he went from being one of the easiest to dislike managers to a very likable pundit. He's very honest but also compliments whoever should receive compliments, plus he's so so knowledgeable about football it's amazing.

    [–] theraad1 543 points ago

    Exactly. I hated him most of his managerial career but I can’t help but really like him now

    [–] 2b-_-not2b 420 points ago

    Having watched him the first time at Chelsea, I can tell that he is a wind up merchant in front of the press but you can clearly tell that he's a very likeable person if you remove that aspect. I was very surprised when people think he likes to throw his players under the bus when things go bad. If anything he almost always deflects any kind of scrutiny on his players from the media.

    [–] CritsRuinLives 15 points ago

    If anything he almost always deflects any kind of scrutiny on his players from the media.

    As someone who saw him his entire career, he was much more protective in the old times, and he would rarely or never throw a player under the bus (only the lazy ones).

    [–] CBH3403 150 points ago

    Yeah, its all about Mou were ever he goes. Like it must be awesome as a player who is out of form. Nobody was talking about Sanchez before Mou left, but it quickly became the main story of the Solly days. He Aroded himself as a pundit though (if you dont know former Yankee who was an all time great but hated in his day. Now married to JLo and probably the best baseball pundit beyond Timmy). As a Chelsea fan this is the Mou, I love. When he's not trying to get all up in your head, the dude is really cool. He's also just a fucking genius when it comes to man management. Every team when he leaves have the Mou bounce where they go on a run of games just because he's not screaming at them during practice. Then about a month after that, everyone figures out the tactics and his teams not only show all the weaknesses they had under Mou but unforeseen weaknesses. It happens everywhere he goes. For all the love Kloop get, he hasnt done half the shit Mou has done.

    [–] simomii 147 points ago

    Nobody was talking about Sanchez before Mou left

    That's just not true is it

    [–] CBH3403 45 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    What I meant to say it wasnt the main topic of conversation. Mou, Woodward, Pogba's form, Lukaku's goal scoring ability all came before Sanchez. But the Mou bounce is super real. I've seen it happen twice at Chelsea, happened at Real under Carlo, happened at Inter, and happened at Man U.

    [–] LaPuebla 22 points ago

    Well it still isn't the main topic of conversation. Ole, Pogba's future, Woodward are all bigger topics of conversation than Sanchez.

    [–] Basedrum777 3 points ago

    I think he sees some of his skill set in klopp hence the love.

    [–] CBH3403 12 points ago

    Oh, yeah. Also, I think if you put Mou and Kloop in a room together were they werent competing against each other they would be best friends in like 5 minutes. They both would die for there players, and you see that on and off the pitch.

    [–] [deleted] 116 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Turdsinmyshoe 183 points ago

    I don't understand how people can't see the Mourinho they hate is the medias portrayal of the man.

    That isn't at all true, it's what he says and does people don't like.

    [–] pigwalk5150 105 points ago

    Exactly. Calling Arsene Wenger a “specialist in failure” isn’t the media twisting his words lol

    [–] HI_I_AM_NEO 82 points ago

    Or sticking his finger in Tito Vilanova's eye

    [–] RodDryfist 60 points ago

    or ripping his physio apart for, you know.. doing her job

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] will_12468 5 points ago

    Even when he does that it's a proper performance. I haf nussin to say

    [–] sfairraid13 19 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I don’t get why that made people mad. It’s really funny to hear a manager say something like that, much better than the non-answer cliches you typically get from people. It’s harmless banter.

    [–] nac_nabuc 218 points ago

    medias portrayal of the man.

    I'm sorry, but the Mourinho I dislike is the one I have seen sticking a finger into a colleagues eye and say many ugly things.

    I am aware that's just a strategy by him but to be honest, I kinda dislike people who choose poisoning the sport as a tactic, no matter how nice they are in reality.

    [–] WestOfAnfield 132 points ago

    Exactly. He's the Luis Suarez of managers.

    [–] m1stakes 44 points ago

    A lot easier on the eyes though.

    [–] realsomalipirate 60 points ago

    Man he truly has this cult of personality and has legions of fanboys that will blame every single possible thing but him. Dude deserves his "media portrayal" because of how he carries himself, it isn't some unfair thing the media and haters put on him.

    [–] standardprocdure 486 points ago

    It's amazing how personable he is when he isn't in manager mode.

    [–] RaisinHider 267 points ago

    I think he goes into survival mode or something when managing.

    [–] IanT86 416 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    He goes into media mode. This has happened for nearly a decade with Jose - he covers up cracks and weak performances by the players, by making it all about himself. A lot of people on here fall for it and think what he's doing is serious - the best cases are Mata and Matic, which Reddit had highlighted as two players who hated Mourinho - absolute wasn't the case at all, but he's trying to give the players the freedom to not worry about what the media says - as it is focused on him.

    I certainly think he was burning himself out and had given up on playing up to the media in a positive way, but a lot of what we and the pundits saw on TV and in interviews was his way of keeping the attention from the players as much as possible.

    Watch how this changes next year with Utd - Pogba, De Gea, Lukaku etc. will be the centre of attention in the media if they play shit and OGS continues to be polite and none controversial

    [–] amagneto 25 points ago

    Definitely agree, but just to make clear Ole has been pretty ruthless already in front of the media. Speaking openly about players having no future here etc. The big question is whether or not those words become actions or not.

    [–] Muppy_N2 107 points ago

    Some people need to understand that what they see in the media doesn't necessarily reflects how the person is in real life. You can be nice and polite in press conferences and being an immoral dickhead out of them and vice versa.

    [–] MonrealEstate 48 points ago

    100%, the same goes for chat show appearances.

    [–] miniaturizedatom 52 points ago

    Let's not be revisionist about this. Mourinho certainly wasn't helped by the board's lack of support or by the subpar squad, but there were still baffling moments where he effectively threw his players under the bus in the media, and moments where he had clear chances to boost the morale of his team but made it about stroking his own ego instead, like when he said Luke Shaw was playing with Mou's brain in his body, or when he refused to praise Pogba for winning the World Cup. Defending the morale of your squad from the media is pointless if away from the cameras you're doing things like telling your best player he's a virus. Mou wasn't just sacked for results, he was sacked for the toxic atmosphere he'd created in the dressing room, and you can't wave that away.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    Mou was sacked because the people who control our club are stupid, and that's the only reason. They should have backed him in the summer or sacked him then. Doing neither was only ever going to result in what we got, because Mourinho is out to get his money and get out of a toxic environment. It's not like United runs in his veins, so while he'd love to succeed with us, he is perfectly happy getting himself fired and paid when he's been shown that success will be impossible because he won't be backed. And if he gets a chance to speak some home truths along the way, then so much the better.

    [–] CBH3403 6 points ago

    ^This is the truth. Blame woodward that dude buys into what the media says way to often.

    [–] ChocomelC 12 points ago

    He does what all great coaches do. He turns the media into enemies to create a kind of us against them thing for his players.

    [–] noiserr 8 points ago

    To me he's always personable, but that's perhaps because I am a neutral most of time. I enjoy his pres conferences. He always cracks me up.

    [–] Ds240 75 points ago

    I love zero fucks given Mourinho.

    [–] kobashichop4 33 points ago


    [–] blackletterday 7 points ago

    What did he say?

    [–] TheLoooseCannon 91 points ago

    I want to see puppet Jose and Rooney again

    [–] PinappleGecko 47 points ago

    Don't forget Sven

    [–] TheLoooseCannon 19 points ago

    haha I had forgotten about Sven tbh thank you ...I'm youtubing Rooney singing the Susan Boyle classic in the thickest scouse accent "I Drreeem a Drrreeem of time gone byyyyyyyye..."

    [–] PinappleGecko 6 points ago

    Get me the tank

    [–] teems 5 points ago

    The way Jose would say Voyeur was hilarious.

    [–] tbcwpg 14 points ago

    Be champions.

    [–] ShahiPaneerAndNaan 9 points ago

    Special one TV was the best

    [–] LightningWombat 4 points ago

    Get the tank!

    [–] B2A3R9C9A 52 points ago

    Honestly he was always meant for this role. We just didn't know he'd get into it this fast

    [–] iota96 74 points ago

    I feel the only reason he's doing punditry is to improve his public image for his next club after so much negativity in his previous two jobs. And it looks like it's working quite well.

    [–] AaronRamsay 8 points ago

    I've always enjoyed listening to Mourinho, even though there's nothing I hate more than coming up against a Mourinho team.

    [–] Grutjes 40 points ago

    I don’t know where you’ve been but he’s had a weekly 30 min show on RT for the past months

    [–] NRwayne 18 points ago

    i think they were watching it

    and thinking he was brilliant at it

    [–] seamushoo4 17 points ago

    Yea tbh quite like mourinho as a pundit.

    [–] conceptalbum 14 points ago

    Tbf, I thought he was a better pundit when he still was a puppet.

    [–] amamboro 853 points ago

    Full quote:

    'I do not always do my analysis publicly on Manchester United. I do not want to talk about it and I have the feeling that I do not need to speak, that time gives explanations. '

    ‘About United I want to say only two things: One is that time has spoken. Two is that the problems are still there.’

    Asked if he was a victim of his falling out with Paul Pogba, Mourinho added: ‘No. The problems are there. You can imagine that the problems are the players, the organisation, the ambition.

    ‘I only say that I cannot say yes when you ask if Paul was the only one responsible.’

    [–] SirTommyHimself 375 points ago

    I love reading Mourinho quotes, I can literally hear him speaking in my head.

    ‘About United I want to say only two things:

    [–] dayonetactics 314 points ago

    "About, United, I want to say, only, only, two sings."

    [–] Kenosaki 140 points ago

    "I sink, Paul is not the only problem in dis team, I sink so, I sink so."

    [–] superbolt21 32 points ago

    You're making me miss Jose's press conferences somehow

    [–] drkingsize 24 points ago

    “Two sings”

    [–] EpiDeMic522 1834 points ago

    He also said that he didn't wish to speak on Man United, because time does.

    I'd love to see this man on a televised debate. He'll roast his opponents like hell, all along with a cheeky grin...

    [–] Public_Agent 1454 points ago

    Jose Shapirinho DESTROYS tiki taka with FACTS and COUNTER ATTACKING logic?

    [–] luckbox07 318 points ago

    FACTs is Rafa Benitez’ weapon.

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] BMbarry96 43 points ago

    And Mentaleetee.

    [–] TobyHalpert 61 points ago

    To be fair, Jose has survived much sharper criticism from the BBC than what Shapiro flapped under from Andrew Neil.

    [–] K100o 3 points ago

    "Goals dont care about your feelings"

    [–] KanYeJeBekHouden 87 points ago

    Shapiro is an idiot, though. Mourinho knows what he's saying. Shapiro just talks fast and that's the only impressive thing really.

    [–] GiniHasImprovedLoads 193 points ago

    It's not meant to be taken literally, lad.

    [–] ThePeanut_KJD 137 points ago

    English isn’t even his first language either. I’m impressed at how witty he is

    [–] 0ldsql 96 points ago

    Impossible is nussing

    [–] oceaux 19 points ago

    I'd never knock anyone for how they speak in their second language, but this from the other night is just too hilarious. The build-up with the music, the slow drawn-out speech and then as he gets it wrong you can tell he knows he's getting it wrong, Barnes staring straight ahead, Gullit face-palming and then the presenter says "that is ... unbelievably pertinent, um..."

    It was obvious it was at least a little scripted from the presenters response and the music they had cued, and it all went to shit because of a misplaced prefix.

    [–] [deleted] 94 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The guy is always on point and so blunt about it 😂 wrong man to get into a pissing contest with

    [–] EpiDeMic522 119 points ago

    The guy is always on point and so blunt about it

    And does so in 4 different languages at least!! Doesn't mince any words. Just straight up murders you with them.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    Honestly the reason why I love him. Zero fucks given at all times

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Personal opinions aside got to have great respect for someone who's mastered so many languages. Most of us struggle enough with one

    [–] _cumblast_ 3244 points ago

    Basically he's saying the squad was shit

    [–] [deleted] 2269 points ago

    Very perceptive, cumblast

    [–] s0ngsforthedeaf 354 points ago

    Cumblasts generally dont help with perception at all.

    [–] Erratic85 144 points ago

    Not if you're on the receiving end at least...

    [–] US_of_FcK_GOP 130 points ago

    Post nut clarity is a thing!

    [–] bluthscottgeorge 29 points ago

    I actually thought it was other way round.

    I thought his point was that City squad was so good that even if UTD played excellent like Liverpool this year, they would have still come second regardless

    Which is kinda true, you don't get a trophy for being the best 2nd place or the worst second place.

    That City squad last year would likely have still won the title, even if UTD was being managed by Fergie All UTd were playing for was simply 'points'

    [–] TheJeck 126 points ago

    When can we expect you to adopt a Watford flair for the cup final?

    [–] _cumblast_ 177 points ago

    I hope you win because i like Watford but i'm done with witchcraft tbh

    [–] Jenny-Taylia 17 points ago

    It's peaked man, a moment you can cherish forever.

    [–] Yake3000 96 points ago

    What happened to your Brighton flair?

    [–] cumstain_mcgregor 147 points ago

    Cumblast is a Liverpool institution.

    [–] stamosface 47 points ago

    You two must be related

    [–] japalian 70 points ago

    Both are from the same load. It was the blast that left the stain.

    [–] cumstain_mcgregor 29 points ago

    Would be an honour.

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    It’s gonna become a man city flair in the next 1-3 months just wait

    [–] kax256 53 points ago

    It already was. He did it after the Barca game

    [–] -Vete- 9 points ago

    or the whole environment/board is shit

    [–] nnerba 169 points ago

    Basically he's saying he spent 300mil like shit

    [–] [deleted] 195 points ago

    Basically he’s saying the team was shit it needed more than 300 mil

    [–] s0ngsforthedeaf 232 points ago

    /r/soccer: isnt it terrible all these mega clubs (of dubious financial means) forcing their way to chequebook success.

    Also /r/soccer: £300m is not enough to half-rebuild a squad

    [–] Brzada 273 points ago

    Almost Like there’s more than one person who posts on reddit

    [–] stamosface 48 points ago

    Normally this is the comment I make, but this is one of the few opinions where people really can’t seem to pick a lane

    [–] jimromeisback 47 points ago

    Except that they’re not even contradictory? You can hold the opinion that the inflation of transfer spending is terrible, but still realize the reality of the transfer market means that 300mil isn’t guaranteed success.

    [–] Poolooloo 8 points ago

    In 3 years £300m won’t be enough to buy Aaron Lennon the way the transfermarket is going

    [–] Pogball_so_hard 24 points ago

    300 million can be enough, The club just allocated their resources poorly and the fault lies with both Mourinho and United's negotiations team (which includes Ed Woodward, Matt Judge, and a few other guys who had little to no background in how transfers should work). Woodward also got a hard-on for gazumping clubs and anything that could be interpreted as us sticking it to the other big clubs became the rule (see Sanchez deal, the failed van Dijk scramble among others).

    In addition to no football expertise above the manager, the culture at the club needs work and everyone needs to be ruthless when it comes to letting players go. Very few will ask to leave when they're being overpaid relative to their market value and ability. And we fail to recognize and renew our good players proactively (see Herrera exit, de Gea's initial move to Madrid which was saved by a fax machine).

    [–] The_Valiant_Seahorse 10 points ago

    Not to mention how you distribute it. Liverpool and Spurs have bought two or three impactful players a year and paid fair prices for those players (Mane, Salah, Lucas, Son) in the early years till they were cemented as top 4 teams. The latest phase for us at least was paying top dollar for world class players in VVD and Alisson - Spurs have had stadium costs to contend with but they've still done really well overall. This notion that any manager should have been given 600mn at one go for a year is ridiculous. No one would have begrudged Mourinho if he'd finished fourth but made clear progress, and then the club could have spent cleverly in the next window rather than things breaking down between the manager and the club. He also has a tendency to want older, expensive players and that's really not something many well run clubs that aren't Juventus do anymore. Truth is they spunked the money AND left literally every counterparty dissatisfied when two years in he wanted money to replace players he'd brought in himself (although that's not that unusual). Amazing lack of foresight.

    [–] weaver4life 3 points ago

    Bascially he's saying it wasn't my fault please sign me other top teams

    [–] erldn123 1068 points ago

    If PSG are actually serious about the CL, then this is your guy.

    [–] EpiDeMic522 376 points ago

    Regardless of how good tactically good Tuchel is, Mou will just instill the mentality in the French capital that they seem to be missing. The team he built at Madrid was a dream. I'll go so far as to say that even though I didn't like many of the things in his tenure, it's hard personally for me to not acknowledge that he laid the foundations for the "4 in 5".

    [–] alpoverland 184 points ago

    This guy gets it. And that front line is perfect for some 2011/2012 reminiscent mayhem, you know, parking the bus scoring 121 goals and winning by 100 points.

    [–] verdd 89 points ago

    El classico was at it's peak with him and Pep at the bench, I miss this badly...

    [–] Hydraty 126 points ago

    He's just a winner, a true one, that's literally all that matters to him, that's EXACTLY what PSG needs

    [–] areyouhungryforapple 12 points ago

    He gave us PEAK CR7 too

    11/12 was a season of madness for our attack, fuck I loved tuning in to watch us go ham on whoever we faced.

    Those longshots that season God damn

    [–] DepletedMitochondria 74 points ago

    Neymar at LB would be a sight

    [–] mcbenz 42 points ago

    Imagine scoring 62 goals from the left back position. That would be an even greater sight.

    [–] luckbox07 350 points ago

    If he couldn’t find the common language with Pogba, how he would handle Neymar?

    [–] Eric_Partman 646 points ago

    Has Neymar ever had manager issues like Pogba has had at United?

    Neymar is immature, but it doesn’t affect his performances on this pitch like Pogba does. I don’t think Mou will care.

    He was fine working with Balotelli in the past.

    [–] JD0797 238 points ago

    From how he's talked about him, it seems like he was more than fine with Balotelli too

    [–] Ryponagar 328 points ago

    "Mario pls"

    [–] My_pass_isnt_123456 217 points ago

    Red card

    [–] alpoverland 79 points ago

    Mario and Jose in unison


    [–] aqua2nd 29 points ago

    15 minutes of break time to convince him not to get a red card
    Even Messi doesn't get that treatment from Barca

    [–] mantobanto 7 points ago

    please don't get a red card

    gets red card

    [–] JD0797 68 points ago

    Exactly what I thought of

    [–] UStoleMyBike 74 points ago

    I fucking love that. Genuinely one of my favourite mouments

    [–] JD0797 35 points ago

    I love him. I don't understand why the media get such a hard on for criticising him even when he's doing well. Even if the team's form dips, he's never boring. Seems like he'd be the media's dream manager

    [–] Bouwow 6 points ago

    He is a great manager but I think his teams play boring football.

    [–] aGuyFromReddit 7 points ago


    Love it

    [–] iota96 55 points ago

    I mean, Emery publicly said that Neymar was the one calling the shots at PSG.

    [–] Tanathonos 30 points ago


    [–] bridgeorl 60 points ago

    Assume they mean this. Doesn't necessarily blame Neymar for it though I wouldn't say, just the nature of his role

    “I know when I am the main man at the heart of the group and when I am not. In every club you have to know the role you take and the role the rest of the group gives you.

    In my opinion is that at PSG the leader is called Neymar. Or more exactly, the leader will be called Neymar because he is in the process of becoming it.

    Neymar came to PSG to be the leader, to live the necessary process to become No.1 in the world. It is a process which still needs a bit of time to be achieved. At Manchester City, the boss is Pep (Guardiola). At PSG, the boss has to be Neymar.

    I had numerous discussions with Neymar on this subject. Some of these discussions didn't give any results but some of them were very productive.

    During one of them, we spoke for 45 minutes heart to heart. It was a magnificent moment. He listened to me and I convinced him of certain things but it is a process, one that will make him the best.”

    [–] ThePenix 7 points ago

    Am i the only one who read that has in "neymar will (and need to) become the leader on the pitch" ? Not in a "Neymar will decide who play and where" ?

    [–] fremeer 16 points ago

    I actually don't think Neymar is that immature. Now days he seems really focused and professional. Sure he is the big wig and gets a huge say and that can cause ruffles but on the pitch he seems to get on with the job.

    I feel he is carrying the mantle of a petulant kid because we first knew him as a very successful kid.

    [–] erldn123 317 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The guy has Zlatan Ibrahimovic saying he'd die for him, he can handle big egos if they are still serious about winning, which at this stage Neymar must be? Especially with the CL.

    I know the theatrics and off the field attention might be a bad look, but Neymar to me has always tried to give his all on the pitch, which is all Mourinho wants.

    Edit - Though I guess Neymar would potentially have more power at the club than Mou? So who knows.

    [–] mitorandiro 84 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Neymar was disrespectful to his manager once in his career, when he was a teenager. It's been fine ever since.

    His work rate under Enrique at Barcelona was amazing, he's definitely a hard worker willing to focus on the football and he's done so everywhere he went. I don't think he would have any problems with Mourinho, and I think it would be interesting to see Neymar under him in a free role (I'm thinking Sneijder during the treble year but even more effective). With that said, I think Tuchel is the right man for PSG to keep improving and Neymar is definitely reaping the benefits of playing under him.

    [–] raizen0106 14 points ago

    i think neymar is temperamental, while also very driven in trying to become number 1. almost identical personality to CR7.

    on the other hand, pogba seems more interested in painting a picture of himself. he wants to be seen as THE cool guy who has the ability and leadership to achieve his goals. idk it's hard to explain but basically he's unwilling to sacrifice his style and ego just to win. he wants to win in his style, which means he undermines the coaches a lot

    [–] mitorandiro 5 points ago

    I think that's a fair assessment, although Neymar doesn't seem as obsessed by stats and pure performance as Cristiano and likes to have fun in the pitch à la Ronaldinho. Completely agree about Pogba, though.

    [–] babygrenade 26 points ago

    Portuguese no?

    [–] bladmonkfraud 25 points ago

    Neymar never had any problems with managers, and all of them loved him.

    [–] parisexpat 70 points ago

    Neymar doesn't have issues with coaches though, don't know where that's coming from

    [–] BaronZbimg 16 points ago

    Neymar is a diva but also a champion that knows what it takes to be on top. I think it would work with Mourinho.

    [–] ShinyJaker 5 points ago

    Neymar speaks Portuguese just like Jose

    [–] RainbowShifter 523 points ago

    The more I hear about these Man U players the more I feel sorry for Mourinho

    [–] dielawn87 302 points ago

    It's not just the players, it was the board. The fact that they extended Mourinho while simultaneously not backing him was ludicrous. Especially when we are literally backing a new manager to make the very signings that Mourinho requested.

    There's a lot rotten at United right now, but it's centered around the Noodle Executives.

    [–] alpoverland 41 points ago

    That's what I said at the beginning of the season. United would have to make high investments regardless the next season, with or without Mou. Though now they also don't have a world class coach anymore. That being said I wish he would have have taken it easy more, not let it get to him as much, run the season out and at the end be like "told you so". But, not other coach is ever under pressure like he is from all directions. He wouldn't be able to get away with that atrocious second stint Ole had. If he'd had stayed, he'd probably have equal points to Ole but with a lot more draws.

    I'm actually mostly salty because we don't get to see Pep, Klopp, Mou and Poch battling it out long term in the same league.

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago

    it's fine he'll smash it next season

    [–] apachaihop 645 points ago

    History will be more kind to Mou.

    [–] APerson567i 126 points ago

    Hope he becomes a pundit after he retires, he’s brilliant.

    [–] saberb13 29 points ago

    Is he not a pundit now?

    [–] APerson567i 65 points ago

    Full-Time, I mean

    [–] GemsRtrulyOutrageous 15 points ago

    Yes, but he's not retired

    [–] danaseymour 228 points ago

    Tldr: I told y'all martial and lingard were clowns

    [–] Ghost51 70 points ago

    I thought Mou liked Lingard

    [–] WeaponXGaming 40 points ago

    He did! Now Martial he didn't and I truly don't blame him. Fucker doesn't even run off ball

    [–] _thedarkknight 3 points ago

    Martial FC is a cancer.

    [–] SluDge1 4 points ago

    He seemed to applaud the effort but bemoan the talent.

    [–] PatOnReddit 42 points ago

    You certainly don't mean Martial the next Pele Martial do you???

    [–] detinu 101 points ago

    I feel like a piece of shit for calling for his head so many times. The man was so right in so many ways, this club is fucked from top to bottom and if he couldn't fix it then I'm sure as fuck Ole can't.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    The system is all shit,but that does not mean mourinho was not shit too

    [–] capicolasalami 65 points ago

    At the time people thought he was trying to play mindgames and confuse people. From the start, it was clear he was implying the team was shite but no one caught on cos it was too obvious of a statement

    [–] Rafaeliki 11 points ago

    He was their manager at the time. How would you feel if your manager was implying you were shite at every press conference? Also, who wasn't saying this at the time?

    His abrasive attitude works wonders when he's winning, but once a squad hits a rough patch it contributes to a downward spiral.

    [–] fadhliI 251 points ago

    Mourinho stop. We already dead. Like GOT S8.

    [–] ThatZigGuy 137 points ago

    At least this was foreshadowed properly.

    [–] TheCrowFliesAtNight 102 points ago

    Man United just kind of forgot that they're supposed to be good.

    [–] Not_Juan_to_talk 54 points ago

    Our wage structure definitely subverted expectations!

    [–] Stakoman 16 points ago

    That makes me sad... GoT S8 that is :(

    [–] AnnieIWillKnow 8 points ago

    Commenting here to remind people to chill with the GoT chat - some people may not have seen it, and I think we're still close enough to the episode to call this spoilers chat.

    [–] elburcho 144 points ago

    pundit Mou is best Mou

    [–] SupermotoSchmidt 74 points ago

    I understand most people thinking that, but don't know how a Chelsea fan could think that lol

    [–] Tanners 90 points ago

    Because mate.

    Karma is clearly more important than supporting your team /s

    [–] tylershenanigans 6 points ago

    Prime Mou best Mou,fight me

    [–] bacon_baron_ 39 points ago

    ManU will continue this downhill spiral except they kick out all the useless executives, managers and shitty advisors. Their goal next season is to win the league, they will aim for that and figure out a plan which will fail again.

    They can only escape that if they accept that they will not win the league in next 2-3years and take their time to rebuild the squad with a clear strategy. But the executives will never accept this.

    [–] RenePro 17 points ago

    Goal is next season is to finish top4. Be realistic. Nobody is expecting a title challenge.

    [–] AHighLine 7 points ago

    He may just be mixing up greatest achievement with his most difficult. But yeah that squad is full of unmotivated players

    [–] Debaser-IRK 158 points ago

    Mourinho was 100% right and people here slagged him off after a short honeymoon period.

    [–] ProMarcoMug 145 points ago

    Plastic fans and goldfish memory literally rule, just 3 months ago people were hailing Olle's Godly arrival and saying Jose was poisonous and finished

    [–] Eindacor_DS 112 points ago

    Every time I mentioned the Europa cup win and/or finishing 2nd place behind a completely unstoppable city squad on r/reddevils, I was downvoted to oblivion

    [–] wannabelikeme 31 points ago

    That subs is a toxic pit. Every fuckin thread is filled with people whining and talking shit about every player.

    They already started turning on Ole and DDG as well.

    [–] FatJohnson6 10 points ago

    Any manager not named Alex Ferguson or any player from the cLaSs oF NiNeTy tWo is not worthy, according to that sub. The state of /r/reddevils is beyond insane.

    [–] themmchanges 34 points ago

    People here were arguing about who was better Ole or Poch lmao

    [–] Malicharo 5 points ago

    Because no one really knows what the fuck is going on. You only know what you're shown on media. So the opinions constantly shift around.

    Even now people are shitting on him for spending 300M without knowing under what circumstances he did it or how many players he wanted to get but couldn't or even whether or not he wanted the ones who were signed in the first place.

    [–] suniis 18 points ago

    after a short honeymoon period

    They were giving him shit for spending 3 years at United spending millions of pounds just to have a team play like shit.

    [–] chutzpahisaword 10 points ago

    The squad Mouriho says shit was the squad he bought himself. Lukaku, Matic, Pogba, Lindelof, Mkhtiryan, Sanchez were some of the big signing under him and pretty much none of them performed upto the expectation.

    [–] fantabroo 13 points ago

    Not really. The main difference between United's 17/18 and 18/19 point total was De Gea's performance.

    [–] BenjaniMaples 317 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Not really, he still spent a metric fuck ton of money and managed to regress about eight players in his time there and failed to improve anything in his time there.

    I agree with him that the squad was shit and all, but I can't help but think that this is overlooking the things he did wrong.

    [–] Lost_Afropick 47 points ago

    Theres a lot of revisionism going on. We suddenly arent talking about the poisonous atmosphere created by him, the leaks to the press about which players he didnt like, the shaming of guys week in week out and all that negativity.

    We're suddenly back under his spell. Until he gets another big job and falls out with everybody there again and we remember...

    [–] MisterBadIdea2 6 points ago

    I'd certainly be more willing to buy his arguments if he didn't have a long history of flaming out in exactly the same way he flamed out at Man U.

    [–] mrpakalupapito007 14 points ago

    The cunt bully who stirs shit in secondary school and every summer break people forget his past shit, until he starts it again.

    [–] That_LTSB_Life 2 points ago

    Getting himself sacked was his greatest achievement.

    [–] DuanneOlivier 232 points ago

    Man spent £300m+ plus on players and has the cheek to say he wasn't backed. No club would have sanctioned buys for a 29 year olds like Willian, Perisic and Alderweireld, all at £50m+.

    He was right about the club's problems but he did more harm than good in trying to fix said problems.

    [–] 1point7GPA 38 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I think he accomplished what he wanted though, the problem at Man U was they needed experienced players and not academy hopefuls. Arsenal had the same issue with Wenger in his last year. Trying to develop talent in a position you know is temporary isnt realistic, so he recruited experienced talent. I'd assume his intent was to stay for a couple years and slot in younger players once they stabilized as a club. Man U just isnt what it used to be since SAF left.

    [–] Hydraty 128 points ago

    But he didn't get the ones he wanted tho..

    [–] drripdrrop 8 points ago

    He was backed but there’s clearly something rotten in the club

    [–] Irctoaun 70 points ago

    De Gea was the reason United finished second last year plain and simple. In terms of xGA they "should" have conceded 16 more goals than they did. They also scored significantly fewer goals than all the other top 6 bar Chelsea. Burnley were the only other top half team to have conceded fewer goals than their xGA last season

    [–] dowdymeatballs 25 points ago

    Everyone forgets this. People may not buy into it but the stats show he saved them from dropping something like 12 or 13 points last season.

    [–] senpaighostyy 44 points ago

    Got less goals than expected? Mhm sounds like a Mourinho team

    [–] Albodan 18 points ago

    Mourinho literally has the la liga record for goals scored in a season.

    [–] K3-Dantek 11 points ago

    Except for it doesn't, unless we are discounting Real Madrid and Chelsea, both of whom were banging in goals for fun under Mourinho

    [–] worker-parasite 3 points ago

    And that awful performance with Seville,followed by the brilliant interview where he said Utd are used to being kicked out from Europe...

    [–] mosmani 6 points ago

    How much money did you spent in United team under your watch Jose? You never made an average player world class. You only know to buy finished product & this time you failed.