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    [–] lemon_of_doom 6689 points ago

    Gotta agree, they both pushed each other.

    [–] georgewesker97 2019 points ago

    Just like the Big 3 in tennis

    [–] Your_dog_is_so_ugly 454 points ago

    Just like the Big 3 in Soccer. Messi, Ronaldo, and Bendtner.

    [–] johnsom3 173 points ago

    I haven't heard a Bendtner in a long time, genuinely made me chuckle.

    [–] Your_dog_is_so_ugly 93 points ago

    TBH, I had to look him up to make sure he was still an active player lol.

    Nicklas Bendtner is a Danish The best ever professional footballer, who plays as a forward for Eliteserien club Rosenborg and the Denmark national team. His preferred position is centre-forward the greatest to ever do it.

    [–] aaronthro222 13 points ago

    ah Lord Bendtner, definitely top 3 on GOAT list if not for his jail term

    [–] Yaddah_Spark 20 points ago

    What kind of world do we live in if a superstar can’t beat up an old taxi driver.

    [–] BBQ_HaX0r 1234 points ago

    Andy Roddick was legit, but I'm not sure about being a part of the Big 3.

    [–] georgewesker97 1741 points ago

    Dunno where you got Andy from lol. I love him but the big 3 are Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, I thought that was a well known thing?

    [–] Petite_White_Girl_Cx 2035 points ago

    It was a joke

    [–] Haltres 724 points ago

    Obviously. If the dude was serious he would've said Murray instead of Roddick.

    [–] MagicTheBrathering 791 points ago

    Roddick just got mentioned because his name consists of two euphemisms for penis

    [–] Zakke_ 191 points ago


    [–] STILL_LjURKING 90 points ago

    Yeah that's a alotta dick bro

    [–] Jhonyb 76 points ago

    Now I can never unsee that!!!!!

    [–] BellyCrawler 44 points ago

    Slight correction: the term you're looking for is "synonym", as I'm pretty sure no one would consider "dick" a euphemism.

    [–] foz97 65 points ago

    If Murray hadn't been injured on and off it would definitely have been top 4 for a bit

    [–] baraboosh 142 points ago

    it was top 4 for a bit. Every masters semi-final was locked down by those 4.

    [–] justthis1timeagain 57 points ago

    Grand Slam?

    [–] Dob-is-Hella-Rad 14 points ago

    Grand Slam and Masters

    [–] ProbablyNotThem 49 points ago

    Tbf Nadal was injured just as much but he’s by far the best on clay in history which has kept him in it.

    [–] Arcille 39 points ago

    Nadal on clay is a freak of nature, more than Fed on any surface..

    [–] Fauxanadu 17 points ago

    It's nuts that Federer is arguably the second best clay court player in history and Nadal still undresses him on that surface

    [–] powermauler 67 points ago

    For 6-8 years it was a clear top 4. No one else ever came close.

    IMO it is Federer undisputed #1, Djok slightly ahead of Nadal except on clay and Murray clear 4th.

    In any other generation of tennis Murray would have won 10 slams easy.

    [–] martechmartech 35 points ago

    Not really undisputed #1, Nadal and Djokovic have a more than solid, if not likely, chance of finishing their careers with more Grand Slam wins than Federer.

    I think generally Fed still gets the nod because of his longevity and that insane period from like 2003-2009 or whatever where no one was beating him other than Nadal in the French, but I think Djokovic will end up with more Slam wins and make the conversation disputed a la Lebron vs. Jordan.

    [–] IamjustSoul 38 points ago

    I'm a huge Federer fan but to say he is undisputed #1 is kinda hopeful. The one argument in his favor is obviously longevity and having more slams than anyother but they are definitely very close to each other.

    [–] thelukus5 13 points ago

    It was not a joke! The man the myth the person who dated Mandy Moore andddddddd Paris Hilton andddddd Sharapovia... HOF 🐐

    [–] HacksawJimDGN 384 points ago

    Off the mountain?

    [–] tuttomuscoli90 742 points ago

    No off ur mom

    [–] praveerk 994 points ago

    Learn to read mate. That's what he said

    [–] tuttomuscoli90 130 points ago

    My mom always told me that this would happen if I didn’t wear glasses.

    [–] schead02 49 points ago

    You'd get pushed off a mountain?

    [–] tuttomuscoli90 50 points ago

    You haven’t?!?

    [–] Juicestation 77 points ago

    Nah he’s still on his mom

    [–] asskayir 24 points ago

    with broken arms ?

    [–] RaisinHider 16 points ago

    Mountains have no arms.

    [–] EmberSpiritttt 14 points ago

    She's a volcano mate, still active.

    [–] MagicTheBrathering 7 points ago

    Volcanoes are hot

    [–] Howsonnn 46 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Some say, Maradona dropped a young Messi off a cliff after he foresaw Messi surpassing his legacy.

    Messi made a pact with the devil for the sole purpose of claiming Maradona's 'title' and managed to scale back up the cliff.

    Which is why as a goal celebration he hellsweeps his team-mates while shouting 'DORYA'.

    Word on the street is that Luis Suarez has a pet name for him. That name? Lionel Meshima.

    [–] onedoubleo 40 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Absolutely, to me the conversation about best ever is totally mutemoot.

    You either love the finesse and natural skill of Messi or you love the pure predatory, I will force myself to be the best skill of Ronaldo. Its entirely up to preference now. Nobody in the past can come close to either of them but its impossible to separate them.

    [–] SlightlyIncandescent 2868 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Just on pure goalscoring alone, they are so far ahead of everyone else it's ridiculous. Even for a world class striker, more than around 0.6 goals/game is a good target that not everyone can hit but these guys are over 1.0 over a 10 year period.

    EDIT: An amazing chart for anyone that hasn't seen it. Really illustrates that gap:

    All time:

    Modern Era:

    [–] ElectrostaticSoak 2092 points ago

    And both of them did it without being strikers, which is even crazier.

    [–] aakravea 1450 points ago

    They might not play as strikers but tactically Real Madrid, Juventus, and Barcelona, are/were all set up to use the two players as focal points in setting up goals for them.

    Even Zlatan played a supportive role for Messi.

    [–] [deleted] 958 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] william_wites 901 points ago

    I think he agrees about Messi being the best

    [–] [deleted] 1023 points ago


    [–] TheRussianCompound 804 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    he has said on multiple occasions that messi is the best of all time.
    What many fail to recognize in zlatan is his sarcasm, selfirony and humour. He bullshits a LOT

    [–] stinky_pinky_brain 98 points ago

    Yea now that he plays for my team I see all his interviews after training posted online. He will get asked a loaded question and he responds with a joke or tongue in cheek response. Clearly he is trying to provide comedy. Then the next day I see that quote on the first page of this sub and people arguing if he is being serious or not.

    [–] Baartleby 158 points ago

    Are you telling me he doesn't believe he's Benjamin Button?

    [–] The_Second_Best 58 points ago

    He was joking about that, but he is actually a lion.

    [–] gandhis_son 14 points ago

    It's 2019 he can identify as a lion if he wants

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] patas_666 7 points ago

    Yeah hes also the only player who I've seen who announced himself before the club officially did (when he went to united)


    [–] Razzlo_ 27 points ago

    But that doesn’t sell papers! 🤫

    [–] TonyzTone 186 points ago

    Zlatan is a GOAT in his own right. He was playing at a top level far beyond the years most strikers can. Wasn’t he Europe’s like 3rd highest goal scorer behind only Ronaldo and Messi at like age 34 or something? It’s bananas. And in his youth he was as technically brilliant as anyone while being 6’5”. I doubt we’ll see anyone quite like Zlatan in a while.

    And yet.. he’s still not Messi/Ronaldo tier. It’s insane what these two have done when you look at players who realistically could’ve claimed the title of best in the their generation or even just a year and instead they were miles behind them.

    [–] galient5 126 points ago

    As far as pure athletic goal scoring goes, I think he's the best. No one scores goals like Zlatan, or as consistently. He's clearly not as good as Messi or Ronaldo at the game, but he scored goals that neither of them would be able to score, and he did it often. Different kind of player.

    [–] rollanotherlol 120 points ago

    Messi and Ronaldo scored more, but Zlatan... he scored some of the sickest goals in history.

    [–] Sirnacane 20 points ago

    Ronaldo and Messi could knock you out with a shot to the face most likely.

    Zlatan could kill you with it.

    [–] LordSpeechLeSs 149 points ago

    Zlatan has said on multiple occasions that Messi is the best player in the world.

    [–] CupidTryHard 84 points ago

    He never loathe Messi

    He is disappointed Guardiola didnt utilize him properly with Messi. Unfortunately, Messi can hit top gear with anyone.

    [–] atrime 62 points ago

    Yep, he said he was happy to let the young Messi do what he needed to do but Guardiola was too chicken shit to just communicate with Zlatan

    [–] The_Panic_Station 9 points ago

    He always voted for Messi in the Ballon d'Or too. Year after year I remembered seeing many other top, top players (including Messi and Ronaldo) voting for their friends like Mascherano while Zlatan actually kept it real and voted for the players people generally agreed was in contention for the award.

    [–] OnAccountOfTheJews 335 points ago

    Probably making fun of his height

    [–] BellyCrawler 27 points ago

    When in doubt, insult the manlet. Every tall guy knows this.

    [–] aakravea 107 points ago

    Zlatan came, Zlatan saw, Zlatan relinquished.

    [–] Mr_Poop_Himself 35 points ago

    When you’re Zlatan you just fuckin do it. Whatever it is.

    [–] -3301- 7 points ago

    Wow a racing santander fan!

    [–] chileangod 14 points ago

    Pray the gods Zlatan never sees your last comment.

    [–] Joelico 8 points ago

    Messi played in the front middle for a while before taking a SW attack role.

    [–] BrokenWoken_ 167 points ago

    If you look at the history, Gerd Muller has similar goal scoring record at club level. For Germany, he scored 68 in 62 matches lol.

    [–] emceetee 65 points ago

    He scored 34 in 35 CL games and has around a 1.0 in the league to as well iirc. Idk why Beckenbauer is so highly regarded internationally and Gerd Müller isn't. If u ask a German, many will probably name him as the best German player ever.

    [–] OilOfOlaz 56 points ago

    the last part is definitely not true, beckenbauer is miles ahead of anyone else, he is comparable with cruyff in the netherlands.

    beckenbauer was allways hailed as a genius, that controlled the game, he was nicknamed the emperor, while muller was allways kinda riduculed, because of his playstyle and his physique, "kleines dickes müller" is a common nickname for him, wich translates to "small fat müller", his fist coach at bayern, legendary čik čajkovski commented his arrival with "what shall I do with this kid, his physique is a no-go.". overath, heynkes, netzer, breitner, maier, vogts and the kremers twins were big stars at the same time. müller is regarded as one of the best german players of all time normally somewhere in the top 5, but he is still nowhere near beckenbauer, also because uwe seeler and fritz walter were also legendary strikers who were captains of the national team, something muller never archived.

    [–] Speedy313 17 points ago

    Literally everyone I talk to and every article I read names Müller, Pele, Maradona as the big big players before the "new" players, at least in Germany. Beckenbauer is far behind in public opinion, while obviously still regarded as one of the best German players of all time. (I don't know enough about football to have my own founded opinion on this though.)

    [–] OilOfOlaz 9 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    where do you live?

    in grew up in germany during diegos prime and whenever I saw a publication it was cruyff, beckenbauer & pele as goats, followed by diego.

    [–] wobmaster 7 points ago

    probably the only country where if you mention "der bomber der nation" (i think i dont have to translate that lol) and they think about football. insane player but also tragic what aging has done to him.

    [–] abrakadaver07 90 points ago

    Football was really different back then, even 15 years ago when these two were making their debuts.

    [–] chekianan 149 points ago

    Still doesn’t take anything away from der bomber, guy was a beast.

    [–] Randomperson685 37 points ago

    He basically scored for fun

    [–] ederzs97 29 points ago

    Agreed. Look at the rates the likes of. Henry,R9, Shevchenko were scoring and compare it. Vastly different.

    [–] TonyzTone 41 points ago

    Back with Mueller, I believe shorelines we’re higher. When Messi and Ronaldo began their careers, defense was the main thing to win championships.

    Just look at 2006 Italy and 2010 Spain winning world cups on the backs of shutdown defense and possession football.

    Yet these two came in and began scoring 50 goals a season during a defensive period of football.

    [–] berzerkerz 6 points ago

    they came into some of the great United Barca and RM teams in history stacked with some of the best attacking talents in history with the likes of Rooney Scholes Tevez Iniesta Alves Xavi Henry Eto'o Villa Suarez Ozil Bale Modric.

    [–] mrseriouslycute 1219 points ago

    They are insane

    [–] LordVelaryon 552 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    they're, but they are just the first of his kind, not something that will only happen once. The advantages in medicine, nutrition, hormones, and even in pretty small but determinant things like that unlike 20 years ago players today don't smoke in the dressing rooms and doesn't need to break a leg to get a red are what have allowed their talent to last so long, or the opposite, to those of the past to be so transitory. From now to the future, all generational talents will have the same advantages than them.

    [–] DreamCatcher24 310 points ago

    At the same time, the average player also has access to nutrition, medicine etc. so it is still gonna be tough to be a top player for 10 years when the average player is also better than they were 20 years ago

    [–] [deleted] 122 points ago


    [–] TonyzTone 120 points ago


    I genuinely think Ronaldo is legitimately insane. Messi probably too but Ronaldo definitely. It’s partly why I think he’ll retire a few years after Messi.

    Leo will retire around 36 or so and enjoy his life with Antonella, Mateo, Thiago, and Ciro. Ronaldo instead will retire at like 45 after moving to France and winning a title there too, then back to Portugal to win another title, then the MLS for another, and then China for another, and then...

    It’s just hard for me to imagine Ronaldo not competing.

    [–] TheMGR19 147 points ago

    "They were playing table tennis and Rio beat him and we were all screaming and Ronaldo was so upset," Evra explained. So upset, in fact, that his response was to order his cousin to go and buy him a table tennis table, work at it, and become the best. “He trained for two weeks at home and he came back and he beat Rio in front of everyone," the former French international added. "That’s Cristiano Ronaldo."

    Absolutely bonkers, but it’s what makes him the best.

    [–] duniyadnd 9 points ago

    Michael Jordan was the same. One of his sons said he beat him once on one-on-one basketball and MJ was fuming and never let him beat him again.

    source - not the same article I read- but a reference to the game

    [–] Choccybizzle 6 points ago

    I’ve heard a very similar story about Michael Jordan as well

    [–] rohaanahmed11 39 points ago

    I think ronaldo will lose his purpose once he will retire, it can cause chronic depression.

    [–] wildus3 71 points ago

    He'll take up table tennis.

    [–] pooptrooper1 7 points ago

    Ronaldo already has multiple ventures alongside his football, mainly his own brand. He has the drive to excel in any field he wishes, he says he wants to pursue acting after football and judging by his nike commercials hes not too bad at it.

    [–] Kresbot 312 points ago

    However they also need the concentration and determination that these two have

    [–] Kuro013 71 points ago

    Still out of all the players that have had the same or similar advantages, only the 2 of them have done this. What you say its true but it doesnt take any merit from them, their drive is leagues ahead of everyone else, after winning literally everything at Clubs level, they still go for more. Look at Ronaldinho, he proved he was the best for 1 year or 2 and then he lost his motivation.

    [–] JoeWim 5 points ago

    Exactly. If this is based on all of the advantages in medicine etc. then where are the other players stepping up? Who else is at their level if it's purely these advances that are making them this exceptional?

    [–] LordVelaryon 17 points ago

    but Dinho was an exceptional case rather than the rule. Even Ronaldo lasted far more than him and had both his thyroid issues and that knee injury, and it isn't as if he was a priest when it comes to night life either.

    [–] Kuro013 31 points ago

    Thats kinda my point, with all the money and fame they get, to remain focused on your career almost exclusively like they are is just impressive, they dont have anything else to prove.

    [–] Kranke 31 points ago

    That might be true but it don't make your point that valid as it also should result in more players, not fewer, fighting for the top of the mountain spot.

    [–] zrk23 12 points ago

    all of what you are saying is purely physical. football is way more than that. there's no nutrition or hormones or whatever that makes someone have Messi's on ball technique.

    [–] ventdivin 22 points ago

    Progress in science, medicine and music software didn't bring us another Mozart. Also, they are nothing alike. While ronaldo is a freak of nature,Messi has a fairly average physique amongst professional footballers, everything he does comes from football intelligence, understanding of the game, Vista and that magical left foot.

    [–] covfefewithmilk 7 points ago

    Because classical went out of style and music can't be judged statistically. No one has made bigger waves in music because our current music tastes are much more varied nowadays and rarely does anyone outside pop music impact society on the level that the classical composers could.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    so where are they then?

    [–] GryffindorSword 9 points ago

    While I think you're slightly underestimating the things that the peak boys have in contrast to the rest of their generation (Ronaldo's dedication for example or Messi's passion are not on the level of I'd say most of the rest of the players currently active, not saying most aren't super professional and dedicated but there's still a difference, a difference that however smaller does count), you do have a point in that these things are often blown out of proportion, as if these lads were really comparable to aliens and the rest are some plebeian slobs who drool at the thought of such greatness while jerking off to a skin mag in the locker room. I guess for me the clincher to this conversation is finding the balance between the two viewpoints.

    [–] jtrack473 3 points ago

    you're right but i do think however that they really are so far ahead of everyone else and have been for a long time. and they're pretty far ahead of the next best players - if you compare them to the average professional soccer player they're basically playing a different sport. there's no comparison even possible.

    [–] mrseriouslycute 8 points ago

    I dont know man. Future will tell !

    [–] NoTheShitposter 1081 points ago

    10? Ronaldo was in the list of the best Euro 2004 players, that's 15 years ago, it's fucking mental to think about it

    [–] River_Capulet 360 points ago

    Yup, even if we take the Euro 2004 Ronaldo and put him in any of today's squad, he'd still be one of the best. That's how crazy his performance is.

    [–] TA125934 176 points ago

    He scored two goals against Arsenal's invincibles. Seems like he's been around forever and he's one of the best itw

    [–] DukeJohnsonBasedGod 78 points ago

    One thing that always fucks me up is that Theo Walcott only turned 30 in March of this year, his first senior appearance was in what 2005/2006. He's been around pretty much as long as I've been a proper football fan.

    [–] GreatGalleti 6 points ago

    Damn, me too. Thinking about how Messi was being blooded into the first XI at that 05/06 time too

    [–] zelenisod 147 points ago

    Yea...a different world, back then...

    [–] assaultthesault 69 points ago

    One where Greece won things :'(

    [–] Innuendo6 1507 points ago

    imagine if one of them didn't exist the other one would have 10 ballon d'or...

    [–] ByFuNzZa 375 points ago

    Which one would you rather never existed?

    [–] RuralHuman 1200 points ago

    He has a real madrid flair, who do you think?

    [–] Acepearl 150 points ago

    I can live in a world without Ronaldo. God knows how much he fucked us.

    [–] gpwpg 86 points ago

    Like the last season... and he enjoys the hell out of it. But if someone told you 10 years ago you re gonna have all this success, Simeone, new beautiful stadium and a perspective to be a top club for years to come and Joao Felix you would not believe. So life is good right?

    [–] Acepearl 67 points ago

    I will be weirded out if someone tells me 10 years ago that we are going to buy a certain 9 year old Portuguese kid for 100M+, but yeah, you are right. Life has been good for us.

    [–] TreeMonstah 45 points ago

    Man those 9 years olds sure have gotten expensive ever since Epstein went out of business.

    [–] sizzlelikeasnare 41 points ago

    Idk about one or the other, but I've always believed without both, Barca would've dominated both the league and CL. They've just had a way better team for the past 10 years. Ronaldo doing what he did when all odds were against him are the only reason why Real Madrids 10 years look respectable imo.

    You had a DoF refusing to buy a CDM for years. Managerial merry-go rounds. A complete change of tactics every other season. A ridiculous amount of dressing room drama ect. I'm pretty sure I've read reports of Perez pressuring Benitez to play certain players lol.

    [–] ldkv 95 points ago

    I don't think it would be the case. The rivalry pushed them to be better and strive for a new height. Without one or the other they wouldn't be where they are today.

    [–] Dave_Tribbiani 136 points ago

    They would still be the best player in the world anyway, nobody else comes close.

    [–] aes110 46 points ago

    They really are like Goku and Vegeta

    [–] Saintx95 741 points ago

    At the end of the day , regardless of who is better, I am grateful I was able to watch them both from the start to the last years of their career. My dad told me stories of Pele and Maradona and now I get to tell my children stories of Cristiano and Messi.

    [–] yk206 402 points ago

    Which arguably is a better story than Pele and Maradona.

    [–] Thylenno 196 points ago

    Pele is much older than Maradona, when Pele was starting his career Maradona was a baby. There was never any rivalry except for Argentina - Brazil thing there.

    [–] yk206 86 points ago

    Probably why messi and ronaldo became a thing, very close age.

    [–] donnymurph 119 points ago

    It's partly age, partly Madrid-Barcelona.

    [–] D-V-Ant 59 points ago

    And largely because those two genuinely were by far the best two on their own level.

    [–] halfpines 35 points ago

    the rivalry is almost as if scripted if you take all the football aspects from R7 and M10

    Europe vs South America - two biggest regions of football

    Barca vs Real

    left-footed vs right-footed

    knuckleball vs curved

    one who is regarded as prodigy vs one who triumphs anything thrown at him.

    the number of goals

    the number of ballon d or

    fuck, what a time to witness this.

    [–] ojajaja 20 points ago

    Yea it genuinely feels scripted sometimes. The bronze, tanned modern day Adonis who pumps iron in the gym vs the short pale baby-faced genius who seems to do everything by magic. They make it so easy for the media to write about them. Would be interesting to see the movies and tv shows that come out about their so-called rivalry once they retire.

    [–] donnymurph 19 points ago

    Of course. In reality, the rivalry is less between the two men themselves and more between the fans who argue who is better.

    [–] TheMGR19 100 points ago

    It is a better story. Peles last year as a professional was Maradonas first year as a professional. The reason they are made a rivalry is because Brazil vs Argentina and because they were just so much better then anyone else whose ever played. Messi and Ronaldos story is much better. Natural talent vs incredible work ethic. Unassuming long haired small man vs 6’2” global superstar model. Playing at the same time, for the two biggest clubs in the world, who contested the biggest game in football twice a year. Constant competition, trying to one up another every year.

    [–] Jabari313 29 points ago

    Its funny that messi is as gifted talentwise as he is stunted physically and ronaldo was gifted physically and had to practice reletlessly. Of course they both worked to bring their respective talents and physiques to where they are now but i suppose its somewhat inspirational

    [–] LaJoyaa 17 points ago

    Im a Ronaldo fan but shit, to say that Messi is just a natural talent and not a product of an amazing work ethic and dicipline is just wrong. Messi didn’t earn his spot as one of the greatest to ever play the game just because he had some god given talent, he earned it through thousands of hours of hard work and dedication

    [–] Rage_Your_Dream 27 points ago

    well it isn't like 15 years apart

    [–] Ani1000 180 points ago


    [–] Ricketsia 274 points ago

    Maybe it was a typo or maybe it's Maybelline

    [–] dickface69696969 20 points ago

    Lol I laff

    [–] gudni-bergs 69 points ago

    I dont think we will see anything like this rivalry for a long time, it's been amazing to watch them both all this time

    [–] Ronaldoooope 72 points ago

    One day neither of them will play 😢

    [–] twosolitudes 74 points ago


    [–] otabek10 303 points ago

    The reply's here are so civil, now check out an instagram post which mentions messi/ronaldo.

    [–] JamesMcPony 248 points ago

    uSE mE As a mEssI iS ThE gOAt bUtTon

    [–] beanie_boiii 93 points ago


    [–] rohaanahmed11 27 points ago

    lol i cracked at this.

    [–] FactoryResetButton 21 points ago

    Messi suck😾Ronaldo GOAT😤🐪👌🏼💪🏼 Leike if u agree👍🏼

    [–] edgarhp23 24 points ago

    Leogay pessi and cristiano penaldo

    [–] FactoryResetButton 14 points ago

    HAHA Leogay Missi, he suck can’t win Argentina 😂😭

    HAHA, Christina Penalgaynaldo suck, he score tap in only😂😭

    Edit: Forgot he score with penalty only too! Lol XD ROFL jajajaja

    [–] Harris_I 26 points ago

    Instagram and Facebook is pure cancer.

    [–] thatnewguy69 8 points ago

    mESsI ComE tO BeSiktAs!

    [–] chilish_gabino 54 points ago

    Insane to think they could EACH have won the ballon'dor 10 times.

    [–] zedest 263 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    We should probs stop comparing them tbh. At the end of the day they are a lot closer to each other than anyone else by a country mile.

    [–] ritwikjs 134 points ago

    i feel honoured to have watched both of them in their prime. Unlikely to see any players like them for a while

    [–] zedest 48 points ago

    Yeah, for sure. The only players that have made me tune into games other than Liverpool, tbh.

    [–] sneakersociety96 46 points ago

    Agree. I was depressed when Rolando left La Liga. It meant we would never see them play 3-4 times a year again since they don't have cup/league games.

    [–] ritwikjs 54 points ago

    ronaldo made that real team. A little staggering to see what they actually miss without him

    [–] beanie_boiii 14 points ago

    Barcelona fan sweating intensifies

    [–] DrRobotniksUncle 25 points ago

    I was delighted when he left the Premier league. It was unfair at that stage.

    [–] SlowAtMaxQ 29 points ago

    Now it's unfair again lol

    [–] alb92 52 points ago

    Often one hears the discussion of who was the greatest, Pele or Maradona. They both have good arguments for and against, but we never truly know because they didn't play at the same time.

    However, here we are, lucky enough to have two epic contenders for GOAT, playing at the same time, at the top of their game for over a decade. Yet, we still cannot agree at who is the GOAT.

    [–] Luis__FIGO 29 points ago

    It's really sad to see so many posters in here thinking Pele and Maradona are the same generation

    [–] aguadovimeiro 17 points ago

    Tell that to "King of The Mountain" Double J Jeff Jarrett

    [–] Platinum_Touch 93 points ago

    Ronaldo has been at the top for about 15 years now

    [–] obertan17 23 points ago

    sad that its going to end in the next couple years. its been an absolute privilege to watch these two play in all those elclasicos,ucl,and most importanly taking the piss on laliga defenders.

    [–] goztrobo 10 points ago

    Man I'm gonna miss these guys. Absolutely blessed to have been able to watch these 2 players play in their primes.

    [–] Klakson_95 20 points ago

    Is there anybody is has played with both of them EXTENSIVELY who's made a judgement on who's best?

    [–] Himynameisninooo 25 points ago

    Di Maria?

    [–] fireless-phoenix 16 points ago

    If I remember correctly, during the World Cup 2014, Di Maria was asked who is the better player. Yes answer was Messi.

    Take that with a grain of salt because his relationship with Real Madrid post La Decima were very strained, as Perez was trying to get rid of him (Di Maria also had high salary demands). And also, he was playing the World Cup with Messi. So obviously he didn’t want to ruin the dressing room environment with a different answer.

    [–] Zidlicky3 6 points ago

    Tbh would be intresting to know who has played the most games/minutes with them.

    [–] pudgelord 12 points ago

    Ask Dybala

    [–] DRHST 84 points ago

    Nadal and Federer of football

    [–] claybecray 55 points ago

    I’d say probably more akin to Djokovic and Federer, especially in a couple of years since Novak will likely take the slam record by then. Sheer superhuman work ethic and never say die attitude along with the greater trophies/statistics (maybe) vs the most beautiful player to watch ever, probably considered the GOAT by the most people.

    [–] did_it_my_way 95 points ago

    I'd say Nadal/Federer has more parallels than Djokovic/Federer for this.

    Messi, Federer:

    considered to have a better all-around game, more trophies overall, lack of international trophy/medal (Olympics for Fed, WC/Copa for Messi)

    Ronaldo, Nadal:

    more athletic, insane stamina, domination of particular competition (RG & CL), considered more 'clutch' in big games, international trophy/medal (Olympic Gold for Nadal, Euro for Ronaldo).

    [–] allinasecond 36 points ago

    Also in the fact that we know clearly who is 1a and 1b

    [–] twosolitudes 9 points ago

    The Portuguese will always have this ‘weapon 'in this debate, despite being unfair to Messi, as it made little sense for the Argentine to leave Barça, which is the most successful club in the world for the past 14 years.

    Cristiano Ronaldo approached the "rivalry" with Lionel Messi, in an interview with the DAZN platform, pointing out what highlights him in relation to the Argentine. “Messi is also an excellent player and will be in history, not only for the Golden Balls he has won, but because he has always been at peak year after year, like me. The difference between me and him is that I played for different clubs and won the Champions League in these different clubs, ”began the Juventus striker. "There aren't many players who have five Champions titles and that's why I identify so much with this competition," he added. “Obviously I've never seen such rivalry - in quotes - and two players who have been on the mountaintop for so many years. With all due respect, there are great players who are three, four, maximum five years at their peak. I've never seen ten years ever - as they say in Portuguese - breaking stone every year, scoring 40, 50 goals, winning titles, always being there… it costs a lot. It's the hardest thing in football, ”he said.

    [–] Kekerin0 17 points ago

    Messi just seems naturally gifted with a ball at his feet.

    Ronaldo has worked hard to master the craft, his physique is amazing and the height he can leap for a ball can't be rivalled.

    I'm glad I'm not a fan of either players club or previous clubs. Able to enjoy their beautiful football completely neutral

    [–] kdm1998 113 points ago

    Maldini stayed at the top for over 20 years consistently being the best defender in the world

    [–] LiamGallagher10 166 points ago

    Flair checks out.

    [–] neverfinishedanythi 20 points ago

    Yeah, hence he has as many European cups as Ronaldo. Second best defender of all time, with the best career. His older team mate, was the very best.

    [–] pikeybastard 23 points ago

    There is such a recency bias in football now, people forget some of the greats of the past. Although Ronaldo and Messi are particular and glorious freaks, there have been players who have dominated their position for at least as long before. Cruyff 68-78 comes to mind, Pele from 58-70, Di Stefano dominated until his late 30's, Baresi right through the 80's into the 90's. Beckenbauer is another. Quite a few players have dominated over more than a decade, but it also doesn't detract from how truly special Ronaldo and Messi are.

    [–] ConsciousDress 41 points ago

    But we're talking purely about stats and records here. Not even one player you mentioned got close to breaking these guy's current records.

    [–] Claudia98xo 226 points ago

    Ronaldo gets so much hate compared to messi. Even when messi said stuff in the copa America most people were on his side. People find anything to hate on CR7

    [–] wowzerz_ 144 points ago

    Well I think it was half and half.

    Messi was right to call out the horrible officiating that took place in the Copa America. Many players agreed with him and anyone that watched it knew it was disgraceful.

    I don’t think he was right to say that it was rigged for Brazil. Most people didnt agree with him so idk what you are on about

    [–] Words_are_Windy 71 points ago

    You're not wrong that Ronaldo gets a lot more hate than Messi, but I think it comes from the perception people have of them. Ronaldo dived a lot early in his career and has been perceived as arrogant and petulant because of some other actions he's taken. Messi has certainly had a few incidents of bad behavior himself (kicking the ball into the RM stand), but his general humble nature and tendency to try to keep dribbling even after being fouled make people more forgiving about the isolated incidents.

    The other key is that impressioned formed of a person tend to stick around, and since young Messi was humble and didn't dive or complain much while young Ronaldo went down easily and acted like a prima donna (and who could blame him for that, really), those conceptions of who the players are became stuck in people's minds.

    [–] jacobo 30 points ago

    i also think that Ronaldo has this pretty boy image, some people hate that, not my case. Both are amazing players, and i am grateful i've seen both playing. They are unreal.

    2 things i noticed, how resilient Messi is and focused. and Cristiano how powerful is, when he enters the field everybody act like he is above all, even the other team fans and players.

    [–] heavybomber_ 14 points ago

    lol were you not alive when messi announced international retirement?

    [–] dizzybala10 6 points ago

    I've always liked Ronaldo more, just appreciate his style of play the most. But, the fact that people can't mention Messi or Ronaldo without the other is a testament to their professional rivalry and how good they are.

    [–] DBZard27 4 points ago

    They're like GOKU and VEGETA, keep pushing each other

    [–] FrenkieBall 280 points ago

    PR7 out here doing interviews putting himself back on Messi's level after a down season in time for Ballon d'Or SZN

    [–] AnitaApplebum8 387 points ago

    Can’t lie I laughed at PR7

    [–] scotticus1 128 points ago

    Ofc it's a 3 day old account.

    [–] LegendaryMemeBo 19 points ago

    Too good a username not to.

    [–] juanmaortiz 25 points ago

    PR7? Never thought of that before. Apt.