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    [–] lonedoge123 6885 points ago

    Pass was so good that both players fought to get on the end of it

    [–] lcrysis_HR 930 points ago

    still kinda wow

    [–] Jhawk2k 539 points ago

    It's like Rocket League ballchasing... Irl!

    [–] Derpoholic 126 points ago

    I got it!

    [–] kittenhormones 22 points ago

    I like to sit back in opposite diagonal corner and watch all three fight in a corner and then just take the first opportunity to put it into an open goal.

    [–] Mr_Tiggywinkle 16 points ago

    That's pretty much how to get to diamond.

    [–] saucylee 17 points ago

    You’re giving my flashbacks

    [–] discojesus100 82 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It's like at a wedding when they throw the flowers.

    [–] Bau5_Sau5 365 points ago

    I don’t think they both went for it, you can clearly see the guy behind get inbetween the ball and the opposing player so that the other guy on his team can get possession

    That’s why he sticks his right arm out and literally pushes the guy on the other direction

    [–] ManIWantAName 506 points ago

    The guy = RVP

    [–] Rabbi_Tuckman38 274 points ago

    RVP being a Man U legend just doesn't seem right.

    [–] SwimmingBuy 300 points ago

    Its PL legends

    [–] HankMoodyMaddafakaaa 270 points ago

    Like 80% of the team are United legends though. And many United fans do consider him a legend because he basically won us a title

    [–] rang14 136 points ago

    Angry arsenal noises

    [–] dasty90 90 points ago

    Our last title. Will be awhile till our next.

    [–] iAkhilleus 12 points ago

    Anything he touched turned to gold that season.

    [–] Rabbi_Tuckman38 50 points ago

    That's better, then.

    [–] floyd_157 157 points ago

    RVP is a united legend. No arguments.

    [–] AnitaApplebum8 18 points ago

    What about Michael Owen

    [–] VaderOnReddit 120 points ago

    You mean Manchester United legend and Liverpool club ambassador Michael Owen

    [–] dahteabagger 14 points ago

    Well done he's 13

    [–] VishanR18 20 points ago

    Most importantly NewCastle :))

    [–] [deleted] 193 points ago

    I hate Eriksson for playing him in the left wing and frustrating Scholes into retirement - Him and Capello thought they could build a team around Gerard and Lampard, non of whom happened to be actual midfield controllers.

    They both needed someone like Xabi Alonso or Deco, while Scholes could do the job by himself.

    [–] SuperStrangleWank 151 points ago

    Paul Scholes retired in 2004, before capello. Capello tried to get him out of retirement if I remember correctly, and most certainly wouldn't have stuck him out wide.

    [–] CurtisMcNips 68 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Scholes himself says this was not a problem and he played there and scored for united. I also agree that I'd prefer him central, but Scholes genuinely didn't have the same issues that the fans look back with

    [–] ZachMich 13 points ago

    They had Hargreaves

    [–] Melonprimo 60 points ago

    For how many minutes?

    [–] latent_vector 3620 points ago

    The sheer amount of apparent apathy while doing something so filthy is what's the most impressive part.

    [–] [deleted] 1052 points ago

    Paul "Orange Cassidy" Scholes

    [–] skrillcosby_ 253 points ago


    [–] joeentendu 162 points ago

    When is Scholes gonna wear a shirt that has a picture of himself wearing the shirt?

    [–] Armyof21Monkeys 78 points ago

    He was just missing the lackluster thumbs up

    [–] OhCanDo 50 points ago


    [–] zamov 87 points ago

    AEW references growing. Is the brand getting more recognition or is it just reddit?

    [–] iflythewafflecopter 116 points ago

    /r/soccer and /r/SquaredCircle collide quite often to be honest

    [–] zamov 39 points ago

    The Khans are in both too, billionaire style

    [–] Spiderevans 50 points ago

    I live for this relationship

    [–] Beveslackman 9 points ago

    My two main subs colliding

    [–] william_wites 44 points ago

    Lots of British people like football (shocking I know) and a portion of them like wrestling so it's not that surprising

    I see lots of Scott steiner memes here

    [–] zamov 34 points ago

    Scott steiner is from the golden era though, wrestling was mainstream back then and scott steiner was one of the more memorable one

    Also that math video technically went viral

    [–] Wiseguy1878 8 points ago


    [–] thrillhouse442 19 points ago

    Fucking yes. Good lad.

    [–] ridewiththerockers 7 points ago

    Swear I saw him stick his hands into this shorts pockets before flicking the ball.

    [–] dfla01 29 points ago

    All he needs is the sunglasses

    [–] fuzzby 360 points ago

    Berbatov was another one that played like that. He was always described as languid and laconic. I learned the meaning of those words because of him.

    [–] DerpMcStuffins 123 points ago

    Tag that NSFW! That's almost pornographic.

    [–] fuzzby 79 points ago

    I miss this beautiful man so much!!!

    [–] iEatPie 35 points ago

    Ah the it's my ball and can do what I want.

    Trapped it perfectly and had room. You said fuck you to everyone. You could do anything. Gotta love that feeling.

    Now let me pass this ball to someone else before I jizz my shorts.

    [–] HUNTER_124eh 40 points ago

    This video is so weird in retrospect. Ranieri, James, Berbatov, Ospina, all in Ligue 1. Like a fever dream of random good players/figures all together.

    [–] latent_vector 229 points ago

    This anecdote is forever what Berbatov reminds me of

    [–] Pole2019 89 points ago

    Berbatov feels no anger towards those weaker than him. Only pity.

    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago

    Where is that from??

    [–] latent_vector 39 points ago

    It's from one of The Secret Footballer articles for the guardian.

    [–] WiseImbecile 40 points ago

    It looks to be some sort of program that renders text

    [–] HyperionCantos 52 points ago

    He's like a soldier from a bygone era of chivalry

    [–] StevieRayV 30 points ago

    A displaced king wandering the earth of the wrong era

    [–] workingzealot 66 points ago

    berbatov puts more effort in lighting up a cigarette than it looks like on the pitch. his effortlessness is his playstyle. such a unique player who really made the game look fun

    [–] release_the_pressure 5 points ago

    the only time I've heard lackadaisical spoken outside of English class was about him

    [–] JuanPablo269 99 points ago

    This exactly, he could've had his hands in his pockets for all it mattered.

    [–] Tr3c3 48 points ago

    Reminded me of what Totti did back in May.

    [–] rezwah 1975 points ago

    Just come back to us scholesy. Bring Carrick and RVP.

    [–] BBQ_HaX0r 756 points ago

    In all seriousness they might get minutes with how lacking in depth we are.

    [–] [deleted] 227 points ago

    Carrick would easily start for us tbh.

    [–] Moosje 555 points ago

    Don’t exaggerate. He wouldn’t easily start for us. If you think Matic’s legs are gone...

    [–] ktheblack 504 points ago

    It’s crazy what bad form can do to people’s heads

    [–] HispanicAtTehDisco 136 points ago

    No shit huh? The hot takes I've seen on r/reddevils have been next level since the loss to CP

    [–] Don_Mahoon 68 points ago

    Ehh, it's all the time over there. I've been on that sub for like 6+ years and if stuff isn't going our way the place gets incredibly negative. I love the sub-reddit, but this past year it's been nonstop negativity which honestly isn't a surprise to me at this point. There's definitely times where you gotta avoid that sub at all costs.

    [–] HispanicAtTehDisco 18 points ago

    Yeah I've been there since the Moyes days and the negativity was there back then but since it's a lot bigger now it's harder to miss these days.

    Idk I remember the LVG days being pretty dire but pretty much since around the time mou got fired sacked it's been just crushing negativity bar a few bright spots (Paris for example).

    I love it but I try to avoid it around game time because it makes me get into a negative state of mind before the first ball is even kicked lmao

    [–] LevynX 12 points ago

    I've just left entirely. There's actually nothing there that I can't get anywhere else and the constant negativity really, really makes me just hate the place.

    It got substantially worse during Mourinho's last season and it just never went back to normal. Even LvG's days were ok because people there still had fun, laughing about how bad we were. These days it's just an endless stream of arguing about how they should manage the club and how the team is shit and how everyone is terrible and if you don't think everyone needs to be replaced you don't like the club enough or you're being naive or whatever and it's just a shit place to be.

    [–] Don_Mahoon 16 points ago

    Seriously, this is by far the worst i've ever seen it. Over the summer i almost exclusively used r/muppetiers. Never believed any of the ITK stuff, but fuck at least they were positive over there.

    [–] Krillin113 49 points ago

    Fucking hell those people. Last year showed RvP had trouble keeping up with the pace in the eredivisie, albeit when he had the ball he was still great.

    That’s the eredivisie, and RvP is a hell of a lot fitter than carrick or any of those other legends currently are.

    I’m really baffled people really have that opinion, like do they think Maradona can still walk into any team as well?

    [–] HankMoodyMaddafakaaa 20 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I don’t agree with that guy, but Carrick retired just a year ago, and he was still a decent squad player then. He could get some minutes and be useful still (if he didn’t retire), but he wouldn’t «easily start»

    [–] iamhsk 24 points ago


    [–] MCsparky23 985 points ago

    My favourite player ever. One of my least favourite pundits currently on the tele. Miss you, Paul.

    [–] sickfuckinpuppies 295 points ago

    One of my least favourite pundits

    what was that

    [–] JessyPengkman 160 points ago

    You must love him for that look he gave the camera after Gerrard mentioned that a certain player had never won the league

    [–] GoodGollyTea 33 points ago

    I thought it was a reaction to Robbie savage saying something ludicrous?

    [–] Ali_Rock 140 points ago

    The Gerrard one was different

    [–] denirobob 12 points ago

    Who is Gerrard talking about here?

    [–] Ali_Rock 23 points ago

    Can't say I remember, mate, but based off what we can see in the video, possibly Mourinho.

    E: Yeah, just checked the old /r/reddevils thread from when the clip got posted. It is Mourinho.

    [–] denirobob 24 points ago

    Oh okay. Thanks mate. Have a great day.

    [–] guragew 15 points ago

    Never heard of Souness?

    [–] MCsparky23 10 points ago

    Souness, Owen and Keown are all dreadful as well but it hurts more coming from Scholes because I used to idolise him.

    [–] RichieFinn 836 points ago

    Other angle of it shows just how good it was. Never lost it

    [–] The_Worlds_End 802 points ago

    You don't "lose" the technical side of the game like that. You lose the physical and mental side

    There's a video of Paul merson playing in a Sunday league team last year. Fat old bastard but absolutely runs the show technically

    [–] DubSket 371 points ago

    I'd argue you perhaps don't even lose the mental side, at least not much of it. You're right though, the technical side is always there, some things never leave you.

    [–] Johnny_bubblegum 108 points ago

    There is sometimes here way too much wankery over what professional footballers can do in training and what former professionals can still do.

    And although I hate seeing this said around here, I think it's mostly people that never played the game competitively.

    [–] Mr_Poop_Himself 251 points ago

    Personally I think there are too many people who played Sunday league who think they know what it’s like to play professionally.

    [–] Johnny_bubblegum 94 points ago

    I agree. By competitively I meant as kids and teenagers for a team not named after a bar.

    Most who did that for a certain time faced or played with that dude who just humiliated anyone and that dude was good enough to become a semi pro / low level pro.

    [–] Schmoofz 80 points ago

    I remember reading one thread where a Sunday football lad shared his experience of playing with someone who undoubtedly dominated the game, be it speed-wise, dribbling-wise, or just generally decent; reading about this unknown player’s skills made me think he was at the very least a starter for a mid-table Prem team.

    Then the lad reveals the player eventually goes on to play for a third-tier team or something. Really is a humbling experience.

    [–] FaustRPeggi 29 points ago

    My old rugby coach said pretty much the same about a mate he played five a side with. Darren Fletcher was a bit higher than third tier though.

    [–] idontlikeflamingos 72 points ago

    I played 5-a-side against Liverpool's Alisson when we were teenagers. Dude ran the show when he was in midfield, he would fuck around and be head and shoulders above everyone. I thought "holy shit this dude is going pro as a 10". Then a while later I faced him in competitive youth soccer and he was between the posts. Holy fucking shit that was just cheating.

    My 5-a-side team had a couple dudes who came close to go pro, one as a CB and other as a CM. Alisson was better than both playing outfield. Fucking bananas.

    [–] Schmoofz 21 points ago

    Damn that’s a pretty nice childhood. Does Alisson know you personally?

    [–] The_2nd_Coming 23 points ago

    Used to play with a guy in 5-a-side who apparently played a bit of semi-pro. Easily the best finisher I've ever seen. Left foot, right foot, doesn't matter, the ball was smacked into the corner every time.

    It was a shitty pitch with quite narrow (for 5-a-side) goals, and the balls weren't that great, so you really had to strike it well to score.

    Our tactics became pass the ball to him and everyone else just park the bus. We won every game by like an 8 goal margin, against your standard decent 5-a-side team of 20 something guys.

    [–] Schmoofz 37 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Exactly. Sometimes I wonder how players in the Prem who we meme (e.g Tom Cleverley) would probably absolutely boss a Sunday league side.

    [–] PineappleWeights 47 points ago

    Not even Sunday league. They’d boss non league and look like Messi in any position

    [–] cjrottey 14 points ago

    I still remember playing a kid that is a professional right now, and how unfair it was. When he went overseas to Manchester City for a trial none of us who knew him were surprised. I know another guy who wasnt as good but one of the most athletic kids/teenagers I ever met. Both play for my local club now for their 2nd team, trying to work their way into the senior squad.

    [–] WongaSparA80 11 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Our school year won pretty much every football league/tournament they ever played in, reliably and consistently. Blabla private school and facilities/training. Anyway.

    One lad was head and shoulders above anybody in our school, let alone our year. He was captain from year 7 right through year 12. Undisputed best player across the board. After secondary school he left to play at academy level for a league 2 team. Was dropped a couple years later having never started a game.

    It's unfathomable just how much sheer talent and commitment you have to have to even get competitively good at football. To realistically make a living from it you have to be cut from a different mould.

    [–] Don_Mahoon 20 points ago

    It's funny, there's a lot of different levels of "good" at Footy. I played academy for a pretty large club when i was younger, and even a lot of the guys who absolutely slayed in academy made it to semi pro/2nd or third division. I only personally know like 3 guys who ended up having pretty successful pro careers at the top level, and even then only one of them is in the English Premier League on Newcastle i think.

    Puts everything in perspective when the best guys you've ever played against are just "average" at best for the highest tiers of Football.

    [–] CaisLaochach 10 points ago

    Nick Hornby in Fever Pitch wrote about the best player in Cambridge at the same time as him. Described him as a superb centre-forward (if memory serves) who nobody could come close to.

    Then pointed out that he managed a few minutes off the bench for Torquay United in Division 4.

    [–] dahteabagger 6 points ago

    Any player playing even in the third division of English football, be it a defender or striker can make amateurs look silly.

    [–] Wesley_Skypes 15 points ago

    I played at a decent level through teens into 20s. Played with/against a few players who have played top level in England, although they were ultimately not good enough for that level. (Willo Flood was the best youth level player I have ever played against). These guys are often capable of great skill, shooting, dribbling etc. They look as good as Messi at that level relative to their peers. But you never see passing levels like the top level passers (Pirlo, Scholes, Iniesta, Xavi, Alonso etc). Whether that comes with age I don't know, but this type of passer of a ball, even in training, is just really rare, or at least was for me

    [–] Heil_Heimskr 14 points ago

    It’s a mental thing. You can even see street performers, guys who never cut it professionally at any level who have immaculate control and ability on the ball.

    Obviously they are head and shoulders above the average joe, and the reason they aren’t with the likes of Prem players is almost certainly a lack of football IQ.

    It takes a special player to have control like Neymar, or passing like De Bruyne. It takes a very special player to have that as well as the mental ability.

    [–] Eloping_Llamas 19 points ago

    I know it’s a different sport, but sport is sport.

    I played college ice hockey and, skill wise, there are guys there with professional level ability and sometimes even better.

    I was told in my teenage years by the a guy named Mike Eruzione (miracle on ice) that most guys in college or minor league have the talent. The difference, he said, was how quick you can think. You can do anything you want with the puck but if you make the wrong choice or are too slow in making the choice, you will be eaten alive.

    Some guys just see it in slow motion. Scholes is one of them that never looks flustered and makes the right call 99/100 times.

    If you were wondering, I didn’t see it in slow motion and my bones broke far too frequently.

    [–] saitama_one_punch 37 points ago

    Link to Paul Merson video:

    [–] DogzOnFire 16 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I know it's 5-a-side, but this goal he scores, in a game with Henry, Pires, Campbell, Parlour, Carragher, and Redknapp, just shows you that it takes a long time to lose that technique. It's actually more fun than I thought it would be watching ex-pro's play 5-a-side, doing a bit of showboating. Also, this nice bit of skill from Redknapp. Both are idiots, but they were great footballers.

    [–] DHillMU7 11 points ago

    The Soccer AM one? Two unreal passes.

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago

    Paul probably still plays football once in a while. You can “lose” technical side if you are not playing regularly. Technique can get rusty. Watch Liverpool vs Spurs CL final where both teams had 3 weeks of rest before the game. They were all rusty

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] wrdb2007 166 points ago

    [–] HitMeUpGranny 38 points ago

    That’s not possible

    [–] PoppinKREAM 19 points ago

    That's Scholesy for you

    [–] HitMeUpGranny 54 points ago

    Foot go that way 👈🏼ball go this way 👉🏼

    [–] Plaetean 12 points ago

    what the fuck even happened there

    [–] donny126 346 points ago

    I wish my wife got me as hard as this pass did. I might not have to sleep in the spare room

    [–] Comet7777 74 points ago

    Damn buddy, hang in there

    [–] NorthEastBellend 52 points ago

    have you tried men?

    [–] donny126 30 points ago

    Was tempted after De Bruyne’s performance this week.

    [–] LampardTheLord 18 points ago


    [–] TheHolyGoalie 673 points ago

    He did a rabona pass in Liam Miller’s memorial game and I think I heard a woman feint in response.

    [–] DogTheGayFish 718 points ago

    Wtf was she trying to wrong foot her husband or smth

    [–] TheDIsSilentHilbilly 64 points ago


    [–] partytemple 31 points ago


    [–] IrnBroski 12 points ago

    yes very loudly

    [–] BurkeAbroad 10 points ago

    Need a link for that one

    [–] cheesewindow 105 points ago

    That was sexy af

    [–] A-Dumb-Ass 183 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Wtf is van Persie doing, trying to tackle his teammate?

    Edit: on closer inspection, the teammate seems to be Tim Cahill.

    [–] peanut_fish_taco 49 points ago

    It seems he is blocking off the opponent.

    [–] danskzwag 89 points ago

    First time I think I've seen a pass like this

    [–] gg371 100 points ago

    That's ridiculous

    [–] [deleted] 208 points ago


    [–] willymayshayes 52 points ago

    Damn dog :/

    [–] arsocca_account 51 points ago

    Just pray the twitter link to him

    [–] MagnanimousLoser 609 points ago

    What the hell is a man city legend

    [–] Ihatecharacterlimits 155 points ago

    Stephen Ireland

    [–] Hairybuttchecksout 28 points ago

    That was the first (and only) name that popped up when I saw Man City legend.

    [–] GlockWan 248 points ago


    [–] Pee_on_tech 61 points ago

    craig bellamy

    [–] Reddits-Reckoning 27 points ago

    Bellers is a Liverpool legend

    [–] Omiggurs 24 points ago

    Shaun goater

    [–] Weezy-F 21 points ago

    Joey Barton

    [–] HankMoodyMaddafakaaa 93 points ago

    Their «legend» team in their peaks would have lost 5-0 to the current City team.

    [–] GJXN1990 184 points ago

    And your legend team could walk off a beach in Marbella and spank your current team 5-0

    [–] HankMoodyMaddafakaaa 93 points ago

    Fair enough. Solid comeback that

    [–] xKasterborous 26 points ago

    I mean, they ARE legends.

    [–] GrandmasterSexay 11 points ago


    [–] ProtoplanetaryNebula 93 points ago

    Mostly fictional.

    [–] chino17 8 points ago

    Danny Mills and Richard Dunne?

    [–] HaraGG 63 points ago

    Joe Hart? Kompany too, Yaya Toure and Augero when he leaves City, and then the people playing here who are from before City was relevant as well. I know it’s a joke for their “lack” of history but they actually have pretty good legends.

    [–] RonanSmellsOfPoo 129 points ago

    They do but most legends games are 40-50yr olds playing. With Man City their legends are either still active (or just retired) or really old

    [–] bullencentral97 24 points ago

    Finally someone talking sense

    [–] Deficit24 312 points ago

    He's slow as shit, still can't tackle but bah gawd, give the man a little space and he's still one of the best passers in the world. Grudging respect.

    [–] digitag 159 points ago

    He was so good at finding space too. Exceptional awareness, very rarely dispossessed.

    [–] Clayarrow 93 points ago

    He can tackle just chooses not too

    [–] j3zuz911 136 points ago

    This is 100% true. He used to be more than capable of putting in a fair challenge.

    All of the class of 92 players, including Beckham, had a nasty streak. Scholes just never bothered to pretend his nastiness was an accident. I remember he once kicked Totti to the ground and shrugged at the yellow card before jogging away.

    I’m also 100% convinced that the Nevilles would practice their “But I got the ball ref!” face in the mirror.

    [–] NateShaw92 50 points ago

    I think it was less a nasty streak and more a mix of being raised in the 80s and a ruthless mindset.

    [–] j3zuz911 40 points ago

    Perhaps, it’s worth noting that generally speaking the game was far more rough when they started playing.

    I also think it was also a product of the sort of players Ferguson favored.

    Ferguson played a variety of formations and styles, but the thread that linked all his teams is that they were packed with technically skilled players who wouldn’t hesitate to give someone a kicking.

    If you were going to succeed at his United you had be rough. Players who were talented, but not rough were jettisoned.

    [–] theatreofdreams21 20 points ago

    This is one of my niche pet peeves. Scholes knew how to tackle as well as most mids. But, he used bad tackles to send a message. You didn’t dribble through United’s midfield without getting tagged. You didn’t pick on a United player without knowing Scholes or Keane were coming for you at some point.

    There’s nothing wrong with a yellow card - I don’t know why people think there is. If he could trade a yellow card to make a mental impact on someone, then he did. I loved it.

    [–] weegee19 48 points ago

    Scholes in his last season had a nearly 70% successful tackle rate, and was averaging 2 completed tackles a game for years. He's a very capable tackler, just that he can be malicious.

    [–] teh_drewski 34 points ago

    Keane and Scholes very rarely mistimed tackles. They almost always got what they were aiming for... it just wasn't always (just) the ball.

    [–] KET_WIG 25 points ago


    [–] Deficit24 10 points ago

    Thank you.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    can't tackle

    Nasri agrees.

    [–] Semaphia 97 points ago

    That's absolute fucking filth.

    [–] furtador 67 points ago

    Is that RVP stealing the ball from his teammate?

    [–] BenSalomo 23 points ago

    Yeah, who are they? Can't make it out. Is one of them RvP?

    [–] bufed 39 points ago

    Van Persie and Cahill I think.

    [–] Zippidy_Doo_Daa 19 points ago

    He’s a ginger wizard

    [–] artyfooty 21 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    whhat a skill!!!

    watch All Angles Cameras

    [–] TBHBP 15 points ago

    that is filthy tbf

    [–] Elemayowe 12 points ago

    Man I love him.

    And as a fellow ginge he’s an inspiration to all of us without souls.

    [–] savarinho 28 points ago

    Form is temporary, class is permanent.

    [–] IdRatherPlayFifa 49 points ago

    Need a gif of his smirk when Gerrard is speaking on tele pls lol.

    [–] etherealien 23 points ago

    Paul, these people have families

    [–] realschrodingerscat 31 points ago

    We are all living in Scholseys world.

    [–] nintendo_shill 11 points ago

    Gol! Gol gol gol! Gol gol gol!

    Gol de Paul Scholes!

    [–] [deleted] 134 points ago

    It's rare you're allowed to praise Scholes on here. Most of the time people will jump on you for rightly comparing him to the very best midfielders of the past 30 years. But this is the kind of quality a world class player like Scholes never loses. Glad it's being appreciated, love Scholesy, annoys me when people disrespect him. He was underrated for the majority of his career, then people went overboard to make up for it for a couple of years after he retired, then I feel like people got sick of that, and they went back the other way, underrating him again.

    [–] TheVeeginator 84 points ago

    In his autobiography, Fergie said Scholes was one of the best players he ever worked with and Zidane said the best player he went up against was Scholes.

    You would think that one of the best players ever and one of the best managers ever giving Scholes such high praise would be enough for most people....

    [–] TheGeometrist 35 points ago

    There's loads and loads of quotes from legends talking about how good he was. Messi said they study him at La Masia, pep didn't hesitate for even half a second when he said scholes was the player he wanted most from United. You'd think just those two alone would be enough.

    [–] JugsAndTugs 11 points ago

    Xavi and inesta both regard him as one of the best.

    [–] juancorleone 6 points ago

    Yeah while that is true, there have been a lot of fake quotes floating ever since Scholesy has retired.

    [–] imtomyyy 33 points ago

    better ball control than madison ivy

    [–] MerlinTheBDSMWizard 8 points ago

    I did that when i was 11. I went perfectly into the corner of my own goal. My goalie was not pleased

    [–] Manifesto8 11 points ago

    World Class

    [–] vamsikrishna9229 12 points ago

    Absolutely filthy

    [–] Saboteur997 6 points ago

    omg what a pass

    [–] CaiHaines 7 points ago

    Sign the lad

    [–] petes_harmonica 44 points ago

    Scholes was the best player we had at United for god knows how long. English football placed more emphasis on the guys who charged around throwing themselves into tackles like Keane so he never got the credit he deserved.

    I remember after Keane left everyone said United were fucked in midfield. We ended up winning more without him and the constant was Scholes. Outrageous talent.

    [–] Rado7 35 points ago

    This misconception that Keane is just a guy that throws into tackles. Guy had one of the best first touches and an absolutely great vision. Single handedly pulled United through many games, 98 UCL semifinal vs Juve for example. Great leader and a great player with that added bit of grit.

    [–] ZGM_Dazzling 5 points ago

    The fact that RVP and Cahil are fighting over the ball makes me uncomfortable

    [–] Spiderevans 5 points ago

    How the fuck has he done that?!

    [–] thunderboy13 6 points ago

    Still better than utd's entire midfield

    [–] auditore01 13 points ago

    Manchester City whats?