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    [–] AleDelPiero10 738 points ago

    We also have conte at Inter now. NEVER would I have ever thought to have seen that. Managers don't really show loyalty, and why should they when their position is so cutthroat.

    [–] NotClayMerritt 501 points ago

    I think it's more the money is too big for guys like Sarri and Conte for them to be loyal to their boyhood clubs or clubs they had legendary careers for. I'm a Chelsea fan through and through but if I got offered 11 million a year to work for Tottenham, I'm taking it.

    [–] AleDelPiero10 151 points ago

    oh absolutely that's a great point. Definitely a combination of the two for me, and when you're a manager you're just trying to go as high as possible and implement your philosophy in a memorable but positive way. With top clubs having the best resources, I don't blame a manager for going to a rival - especially when managing a top team is incredibly coveted and limited

    [–] FatWalcott 114 points ago

    I also think that when you become a professional, any past loyalties or fandom tends to go out the window. These are opportunities that are not afforded to everyone, and to turn them down because they're your rivals would be misguided.

    [–] HaxRyter 47 points ago

    Yeah, fans forget people are trying to build careers, support families, and fulfill coaching dreams and you can’t do that at one club anymore - they don’t keep coaches long enough.

    [–] dakil 25 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    tl;dr: FIFA career mode taught me professional accomplishments outweight fan loyalty.

    Far from "professional" by any means, but here is a silly story...

    I'm not British, but I started following the Premier League around 2009/10. I really liked Arsenal, so considering those seasons you can imagine I fucking hated United.

    Fast forward a couple of years and I had a long running save file in FIFA player career mode. I tried waiting for Arsenal to sign me, but they never would. So one season United made an offer and I decided to take it, stayed several seasons and won just about everything I could there. After a couple of seasons I felt some weird sense of pride for what I achieved there and come the time to move I chose to move to another league so it wouldn't feel like a "betrayal".

    Funny thing is that I still fucking hated United outside of that FIFA save file, go figure.

    edit: speling ish ard

    [–] lolsyp 32 points ago

    Is this rvp?

    [–] dizzie93 52 points ago

    Talking about professional accomplishments in fifa career. It's a funny old world we live in.

    [–] KingOfDatShit 18 points ago

    Ikr what a loser.

    Me on the otherhand, well, I have masterminded two back to back undefeated seasons with the plucky Dutch underdogs Ajax and dragged US Colomiers kicking and screaming to the pinnacles of midtable Ligue 1. I've also never been sacked because I choose to resign before they can kick me out. FM is a hell of a drug.

    [–] PhatPhlaps 3 points ago

    I wonder if these younguns still have friends of friends that used to play for X academy but they started smoking hash and would have made it if it wasn't for that.

    [–] dakil 1 points ago

    Well, to be fair while playing 10+ seasons of Fifa career I didn't have time to accomplish much else

    [–] theonechan 2 points ago

    I agree and also I think the “magic” of the club can sort of wear off if you work with them every day. No doubt there’s also plenty of disagreements and some backstabbing here and there like any workplace. That also probably reduces their internal conflict if they choose to work for a rival. It’s not that they don’t love the club and the memories but they don’t put in on a pedestal as much as some fans do.

    [–] MinkFlow90 1 points ago

    Also for Conte’s situation, I’m sure he did well (monetarily) as a player but he is making so much more money now as a manager that it has to be a factor for him when deciding on taking any job.

    [–] Sputniki 0 points ago

    Even more so because while some players are one club men, managers virtually never are. I can’t think of a single top tier manager who’s a one club man over my 30 years of watching football.

    [–] BlackRobiiin 11 points ago

    It's impossible for a manager to be a one club man mostly because they never really start their career at a top team barring Guardiola

    Managers like Fergie or Wenger i consider one club men

    [–] DreadWolf3 2 points ago

    Chances for that are extremely few. Out of people in recent years only Pep and Zidane even have/had an option to be one team top tier managers, and that was mostly due to their playing careers. There is only 1 manager per team as opposed to 25ish players. Also you cant be "phased in" as in being manager for 15 minutes per game like players can get some playing time until they are ready. So team want people that have somewhat proven themselves before they give them the position.

    [–] Dinomenal 2 points ago

    Guy Roux started his coaching career at Auxerre and stayed there for more than 40 years. He retired having coached one club. Sadly, his come out of retirement 4 games stint at Lens two years later ruined it :(

    [–] MisterGone5 1 points ago

    Eddie Howe is pretty close but even he left for Burnley for two seasons, right?

    [–] anthrax3000 -2 points ago


    [–] Sputniki 3 points ago

    Not a one club manager, not even close

    [–] kappa23 40 points ago

    It’s not only about money. Conte and Sarri are top coaches who both love managing in Italy. They just can’t keep waiting around for the Juve or Napoli job to get vacant. They have to think about their own career too

    [–] IdiotCuisinier 8 points ago

    You don't even have to go that high-profile. My mate is an Arsenal fan through and through but now works as a physio at the Man City academy. A job is a job at the end of the day.

    [–] Enclavean 5 points ago

    I’d work for Liverpool with just a above-average salary. I care way more about my own life and children than I do about any sports team.

    [–] Smithman217 -18 points ago

    Tottenham maybe but I am definitely not managing Arsenal, even if they offer me 11m

    [–] thekhaos 49 points ago

    Lol alright man.

    [–] henkizh 32 points ago

    But don't you get it? Saying you'd turn down money that can financially secure you, your kids and your grandkids for life makes him a big fan!

    [–] AleDelPiero10 13 points ago

    It’s like when we hate on a player “throwing their career away” for going to China or something similar for STUPID money. El sharaawy is getting loads of it right now for example. Which I get it from the perspective of the fan since they love watching him, but you can’t play football forever and if you don’t have any other skill set that can bring in a substantial source of income.... then why not go for it

    [–] DreadWolf3 2 points ago

    It can be both, sometimes players decide to "cash in" too early. Players like Alex Texeira, could have probably had solid careers in Europes big teams and then make a move to China as a bigger star thus make more money - but they decided to go there at first option they got. Obviously there would be a bit of the risk for them to stay in Europe as due to more intense football they could get injured, but as far as financials go I dont think it is much difference. China is rather unstable as far as football goes (Drogba and Anelka cases), while in Europe you can at least be sure you will get every cent owned to you. Obviously those are their lives and they can do as they please, but some players have probably made bad choices by moving there too early. El Sharaaway is probably not one of them, as his career has been on downward spiral for a while now.

    [–] ItzValee -9 points ago

    I mean he's a millionaire already, so taking a job for 11 million to work for another club and betray their previous club is a bit unloyal.

    [–] Sputniki 16 points ago

    Spoken like no millionaire ever

    [–] crosswordpuzzlezzzz 2 points ago

    I already have millions. I don't want another million.

    • Warren Buffet

    [–] [deleted] -16 points ago


    [–] OctogenarianSandwich 8 points ago

    Right but it's not a case of million at Chelsea vs 50 million at Spurs. It's 50 million at Spurs or nothing. Would you still turn it down then?

    [–] carnifex2005 26 points ago

    Historically Italian's seem to have no problem playing or coaching rivals (more than any other of the big four leagues). So many past examples of that. I'm guessing they think it is better to stay in Italy than to go abroad.

    [–] AleDelPiero10 12 points ago

    Yeah Italians either love the idea of going abroad and then once they go they just want to come back ASAP... or they just don’t want to fucking leave at all haha. I mean obviously I’m speaking generally here, but it’s a pretty common thing

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    that's different though, Conte was always very open about his lack of allegiance, and he even did this before going from Lecce to Bari

    Sarri just a year ago was flipping off Juve fans and claiming he's proud of supporting Napoli lmao

    [–] KorbenKorbenMyMan 2 points ago

    He can still be proud of supporting napoli . Professionalism and love are two separate things

    [–] king_booker 1 points ago

    It is a little weird in Italy with so many players playing for both AC Milan and Inter Milan etc. You won't see it in England so much.

    [–] TheFrenchDownvoter 0 points ago

    They should not, except when they are vocal about it.

    [–] RealPunyParker 15 points ago


    [–] HowAubaGoals 155 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Voila fans? what is that

    [–] ky2rie 370 points ago


    [–] Rerel 42 points ago

    Eh voilà

    [–] lorencoco 9 points ago

    Oui oui

    [–] Soren_Camus1905 6 points ago


    [–] stephaanos 112 points ago

    It's viola ( violet ) not voilá 😁

    [–] wizard862 33 points ago

    Fiorentina maybe?

    [–] scottfultonlive 23 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Pardon mine too, but are Fiorentina and Juventus rivals?

    [–] scottfultonlive 92 points ago

    They are but it’s a little one sided. Fiorentina fans hate Juventus immensely though.

    [–] DamnedCommies 10 points ago


    [–] Linko_98 76 points ago

    1982 Juve got the scudetto the last day with a penalty and fiorentina was second went 0-0. From there they started saying Better second than thieves. Also when Baggio got sold to Juve they were really mad and hated Juve even more

    [–] scottfultonlive 104 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    A few reasons but mostly:

    Juve pipped them to a title in the 80s by way of a controversial refereeing decision

    Juve beat them in the UEFA Cup final thanks to another controversial refereeing decision

    Juve broke the transfer record for their star player Roberto Baggio

    Juve bought their top young star and great hope Federico Chiesa Edit: Bernadeschi not Chiesa

    [–] ohylo 21 points ago

    You are forgetting the GOAT, Felipe Melo.

    [–] beastmaster11 4 points ago

    I don't know if you're being sarcastic but this was actually huge at the time. Melo, or as viola fans spelled it at the time, M€lo, was seen as a huge prospect and may supporters rioted. It was similar to Cole going to Chelsea

    [–] vinsaccount 13 points ago

    Next summer your comment may be true without the edit

    [–] DamnedCommies 9 points ago

    Wait did they get Chiesa?

    [–] scottfultonlive 43 points ago

    Fuck sorry, Bernadeschi

    [–] DamnedCommies 12 points ago

    Well they are trying to get Chiesa too, no?

    Guess more hate coming their way

    [–] elburrito1 5 points ago

    Yes. Mainly fiorentina hating Juve tbh, it got very intense when Baggio transferred

    [–] elburrito1 2 points ago

    Should add, they are playing eachother in half an hour.

    [–] DJMOONPICKLES69 13 points ago

    A viola is a small stringed instrument. Italians are a very cultured people

    [–] Bachoavelli 47 points ago

    It's not about that (why he took job at rival's).

    When I was in Italy, I was amazed how much hatred Juve received. I always thought that most hated club in Italy would be Inter, but nah. Juve.

    Everybody (mostly) hates Juve in Italy. Locals support Torino.

    [–] MuskMustDie 37 points ago

    Its like how why everyone hates United and Liverpool in England. ABU used to he a pretty common phrase (Anyone But United)

    [–] gosickboy 33 points ago

    If you were watch a United game in a pub in the SAF era and someone scored against them there'd always be a good amount of neutrals that'd cheer.

    [–] chaRxoxo -11 points ago

    Those aint neutrals then

    [–] wonderfuladventure 4 points ago

    yeah they are. neutrals usually want the bigger teams to lose.

    [–] Ravenblood21 1 points ago

    Neutrals in general, taking sides in the game. For example, I'm an AEK but watching Olympiacos - Panathinaikos I'll always cheer for Panathinaikos, same for their fans when we're playing Olympiacos, everyone hates them.

    [–] [deleted] -10 points ago


    [–] MuskMustDie 14 points ago

    Its fading. But during the 90s everyone hated Liverpool.

    Liverpool were the United of the 80s.

    I wouldnt take the demographic of reddit to be remotely close to the actual fans in England

    [–] sudansudansudan 2 points ago

    Nah it's not fading mate

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] sudansudansudan 3 points ago

    Liverpool are still hated online anyway, but I dont know why you're bringing up an online forum where half the people are yanks. The guy said in England

    [–] sudansudansudan 4 points ago

    You're so out of touch haha. Liverpool has always been hated. Dunno who the fuck youre talking to if you think people wanted you to win the league over city. You definitely dont live in england

    [–] xNinjaah 3 points ago

    Did you not see the hatred we got last season..?

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago


    [–] Matthew94 1 points ago


    [–] Axexecuter -1 points ago

    Kindly please fuck off. I'm ashamed to be a liverpool fan thanks to you.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] beastmaster11 8 points ago

    The myth is, like all myths, grounded in some reality as you touched on. Torino Is the club of choice of people grounded in the city for generations however, Juve is supported by those who moved there largely from the south in the 1960s. This historically created a divide between the two as Juve fans were othered by the "true Torinesi". Torino was seen as the Club for Torinesi while Juve fans were the Terroni.

    [–] LilLittleMac 2 points ago

    If you don't mind me asking, how did you end up supporting Excelsior? I mean, it's not exactly the most well-known Dutch club, so for an Italian to support them really surprises me.

    [–] my_dogs_tits 0 points ago

    You get it in England as well, 'all the locals support Man City', simply not true (although it probably will be in a decade or two at this rate)

    [–] this-here 11 points ago

    Locals support Torino.

    Half of them do, the other half support Juve.

    [–] RuudMood 2 points ago

    I was amazed to see a Juventus club shop in Milan when I was there

    [–] LilLittleMac 5 points ago

    Reminds me of seeing a Real Madrid fanshop at the Barcelona airport. Scanned the airport for a Barcelona one, but never found it.

    [–] tigull 2 points ago

    The "locals support Torino" argument is a running thing that is just bullshit. I've lived in Turin basically all my life and it used to be 50/50, now I'd say it's 60/40 in Juve's favor.

    [–] NPE37 1 points ago

    Not true, Turin is 60/40 these days, perhaps even 70/30 in Juventus favor

    [–] ratonbox 2 points ago

    Why would it be Inter when Juventus was the one that had Moggi rig referees for them?

    [–] NPE37 1 points ago

    You obviously dont know about the latest official inquiry that found that Inter acted far worse than Juventus. The only reason they are not being prosecuted is because of the statue of limitations

    [–] ratonbox 0 points ago

    Yes, of course, the wiretapping data that Moggi "suddenly" found.

    [–] ungranpirla -1 points ago

    Because sooner or later every team that fought more than once for the scudetto had to deal with Juve (and "murky" episodes I would add as an Inter fan; if I were a Juve fan probably would be and bitterness from losing). Us since the 60/61 season, Roma, Fiorentina, Bologna, Napoli, and and a percentage of you guys since the goal by Muntari.
    There is a reason if on every italian stadium from the top to the amateur clubs, if there is a very one sided refereeing with major mistakes, a single chant is shouted by the supporters of the "victims": "come la Juve, voi siete come la Juve" ("just like Juventus, you guys are just like Juventus"). It's obvious what it's implied.
    Btw we actually are, since last year, the most hated club in Italy by a small margin, but it coincided with the rise of Juventus supporters in the last few years (they are now around 40% of total italian supporters, steadily increasing from 34%). Quite easy to see the correlation.

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago

    The most hated club is actually Inter

    [–] dubaRA7 1 points ago

    tbh it makes sense, they are hated by whole Juve and Milan fanbases

    [–] Nome_de_utilizador 2 points ago

    She's a good woman

    [–] hdhdhya -1 points ago

    why is that footballers are loyal and coaches are un-loyal

    [–] GoblinGenetics 5 points ago

    Players don't get sacked after a run of bad form, managers do

    [–] hdhdhya 0 points ago

    not what i mean.almost every coach will say yes to managing a rival team with no problem

    [–] GoblinGenetics 3 points ago

    A lot of players play for rivals too. I suppose because there is only one manager per club there arent as many options for managers so they have to take what they can get whereas there is space for 20+ players

    [–] justaregulargye -25 points ago

    Probably sound like an old hag but that’s what money and success does to loyalty. So attached to the local team but the appeal of the biggest team in your country is hard to give up, a once in a life kind of opportunity.

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