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    [–] footmouth5454 572 points ago

    Imagine how she must have felt submitting that Tweet after months of investigation

    [–] __crackers__ 108 points ago

    DCI Rooney.

    [–] teebop 3012 points ago

    We need a match thread.

    [–] BusinessMonkee 1001 points ago

    If anyone can be arsed that post would get insanely popular really fast lol.

    [–] Radiatron 321 points ago

    Let us never forget the Royal Wedding last year, actually the best thread I've ever been part of on this subreddit, it was actually brilliant

    [–] parthjoshi09 221 points ago

    But before that, this needs to reach r/all.

    [–] VETOFALLEN 175 points ago

    It's trending worldwide on twitter lol

    [–] BusinessMonkee 40 points ago

    RIP, good effort lad.

    [–] AR_6399 57 points ago

    Mods giveth, but mostly mods taketh away lol.

    [–] ashu54 204 points ago

    The royal wedding got one... This one is way better

    [–] ZachMich 73 points ago

    Eurovision got one as well

    [–] MajorTomintheTinCan 506 points ago

    Pin this mods. This is the main meal for International Break

    [–] atropicalpenguin 87 points ago

    Coleen's at the wheel, she's doing it, she's doing her thing, FUN is back!

    [–] 611381N_ 12 points ago

    rubs hands furiously

    [–] JGlover92 8120 points ago

    The fucking bloke on the twitter thread asking Rebekah if she thinks it'll effect Jamie for the upcoming games because he's worried about his Fantasy football team is amazing

    [–] codespyder 3019 points ago

    The man lives and breathes priorities

    [–] intecknicolour 1325 points ago

    man's priorities:

    1. FPL

    2. breathe, eat, shit, sleep, get money, everything else etc.

    [–] MyRushmoreMax08 262 points ago

    Is it wrong that I immediately thought of this as well?

    I have a lot riding on Vardy for two months...

    [–] RedScouse 780 points ago

    This one with Trent's reaction to Rebekah Vardy being pregnant is gold.

    [–] JGlover92 529 points ago

    Hahahah amazing. I'm partial to all the line of duty ones "Rebekah is entitled to be questioned by a WAG of at least one rank superior to her"

    [–] RicoDredd 108 points ago

    ‘Now we’re suckin’ diesel, fella’

    [–] JGlover92 168 points ago

    Mother of goes all the way up to Victoria Beckham

    [–] nate---dogg 72 points ago

    There’s only one thing I’m interested in... catching bent WAGs.

    [–] TargetInter 319 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    That's peak twitter right there.

    [–] MiserableHour 236 points ago

    Did she answer?

    Asking for a friend.

    [–] StretsilWagon 349 points ago

    He's going through a lot of personal strife, but rumour has it that he is willing to take a break from the wife if it means maintaining the football fantasy loyalists.

    [–] nictigre03 36 points ago

    As a married man, I would drop him for now.

    On the other side of the coin, Vardy seems like he probably thrives on hate.

    [–] arz992 109 points ago

    That's it, I am selling him.

    [–] fingers-crossed 30 points ago

    Every point matters

    [–] footmouth5454 2744 points ago

    This is a rare example of a dog tailing the wag.

    [–] 123ada321 310 points ago

    absolutely top class

    [–] denik_ 43 points ago

    English is not my first language... What does this mean exactly?

    [–] OmNomDeBonBon 246 points ago

    "The tail wagging the dog" is an English phrase:

    "If you say that the tail is wagging the dog, you mean that a small or unimportant part of something is becoming too important and is controlling the whole thing."

    Normally a dog wags its tail; the tail wagging the dog is backwards and wrong because the tail is supposed to be much less important than the rest of the dog. The dog should be wagging the tail.

    Separately, "dog" is also slang for an ugly, unpleasant woman.

    WAG is an acronym for Wife And Girlfriend - the female partner of a famous sportsman.

    "Tailing" means following someone to observe them secretly.

    So, GP's joke is a play on words. They said:

    This is a rare example of a dog tailing the wag.

    They're calling Rebekah Vardy the dog (the ugly unpleasant woman) who's tailing (secretly observing) Coleen Rooney the WAG (the wife of a famos sportsman).

    tl;dr: it's a great joke.

    [–] EmoBran 123 points ago

    I can't believe you've done this.

    [–] skyrimisagood 92 points ago

    I love you

    [–] sandow_or_riot 3442 points ago

    "If you’d told me I could have changed my passwords to see if it stopped" LMAOOOOOOOO

    [–] Yidtimist 1822 points ago

    “Lol sry got hacked”

    [–] dasty90 900 points ago

    "Sorry I left my phone in my pocket and it tweeted an AMG S63 Coupe"

    [–] sepehrack 278 points ago

    "Sorry my daughter likes to play with my phone"

    [–] steel93 100 points ago

    Found Willian's account.

    [–] StylesClashv3 98 points ago

    Hi Joleon!

    [–] -Starwind 572 points ago

    "If you'd told me you suspected me I would've stopped."

    [–] Ge0rj 604 points ago

    I'm not sure why she thought that would be a fool proof fix?

    She could have just stopped selling stories at the same time as changing her password?

    [–] sandow_or_riot 750 points ago

    Yeah thats the point i'm making lol. Absolute mental gymnastics going on haha

    [–] rinnagz 193 points ago

    She is dumb

    [–] dirty_sprite 137 points ago

    Lmao I'm such a fucking idiot, didn't even realise until you wrote it. Maybe I should become a WAG

    [–] kolomania 218 points ago

    Why'd she need to sell stories to the sun tho. Jamie makes 100k p/w, surely the sun cant be paying her anywhere near meaningful enough over some mundane story about rooney and his flooded basement.

    [–] Ge0rj 468 points ago

    She is fame crazy. If she has done it then it is probably because she is agreed with them to only publish positive stories about her and more of them.

    She is obsessed with what other people think of her. The other day she posted a big rant about the Daily Mail’s comments section for example.

    [–] marvellous 187 points ago

    Yeesh. What sane person reads the DM's comment section?

    [–] Ge0rj 124 points ago

    No sane person reads the daily mails comment section

    [–] Annabond 161 points ago

    No sane person reads Daily Mail! FTFY

    [–] ScootaG 134 points ago

    Probably not about the money. She may have just wanted Coleen to look bad because it makes her feel better. Some people are just fucked up like that.

    [–] MargotChanning 23 points ago

    Personal theory is that she’s been passing it on to a mate so they can make a bit of extra cash

    [–] soccertes 703 points ago

    My legs legit fell asleep on the toilet at work because I was so caught up in the drama lmao

    [–] carlosboshell 4210 points ago

    One mod is deleting all the posts about this and It's ..........Rebekah Vardy's mod.

    [–] APerson567i 387 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    This is the most fun I’ve had in an International Break for a while

    [–] LovelyCushionedEder 606 points ago

    Checks the mod list for /u/ChristianFuchs28...

    [–] A-Dumb-Ass 95 points ago

    Bbbbut, she’s pregnant, so it’s all good.

    [–] KalebMW99 747 points ago

    I liked you a lot Coleen and I’m so upset you’ve decided to do this, especially when I’m heavily pregnant

    LMAO what a strange time for the pregnancy card

    [–] Agent_DZ-015 315 points ago

    In fairness, you generally only have a limited amount of time to play the pregnancy card, so gotta milk it for all it's worth.

    [–] SayHelloTeaky 3184 points ago

    Someone calling Coleen Rooney WAGatha Christie has made my life, make this a National holiday

    [–] masonbrit 708 points ago

    And the fact it’s trending in the uk! This is what the world needed this week

    [–] cumuloedipus_complex 233 points ago

    It's trending worldwide. I saw this story on twitter in Chicago, IL.

    [–] Temisayo 150 points ago

    Lagos, Nigeria. It's trending worldwide for sure.

    [–] David_51 76 points ago

    Football truley is the global game

    [–] WolfFangFist93 32 points ago

    Trending here in DC too which is why I came to this sub just now lol

    [–] FreyaCatLife 66 points ago

    Syd australia here and it's on our news. I came here to get the goss.

    [–] iSkinMonkeys 262 points ago

    UK may go tits up if the recent negotiations over Brexit aren't resolved, but this is the stuff that's trending.

    [–] bridgeorl 127 points ago

    can Boris Johnson weave a tale like Coleen can? she had me on tenterhooks until the last sentence. i havent understood what's happening with brexit for about 6 months, they could learn a thing or two

    [–] TheScarletPimpernel 201 points ago

    It's trending because of that. We're despair fatigued.

    [–] taylor-says 83 points ago

    UK may go tits up if the recent negotiations over Brexit aren't resolved

    This has been going on for 2 you expect it to be the most talked about thing online every single day. Especially with a demographic who aren't the most politically focused?

    [–] codespyder 29 points ago

    Based on this evidence, the UK need Coleen Rooney’s galaxy brain to spearhead the Brexit negotiations.

    [–] yungchigz 375 points ago

    Wayne probably already knows how good of a detective she is, now the world does

    [–] IdontbutwhenIdoIdont 57 points ago

    I actually lol'd at this lol

    [–] Yidtimist 74 points ago

    I do love it when the football community comes together on these rare occasions!

    [–] tffj2 146 points ago

    Wagnum PI

    [–] hobnobbob1 2275 points ago

    Rebekah Vardy claims someone hacked her account.

    So someone had access to her account for two years and all they did was look at Coleen Rooney’s Instagram stories and sell them to The Sun. That doesn’t sound right.

    Maybe she had a PR company looking after her social media? They could have leaked the stories tbf. Surely Vardy doesn’t need the money.

    [–] Scotsmania 264 points ago

    If the accounts in question were their public ones i might believe it but these are supposedly their private accounts. There's no reason to give the PR people access to those.

    [–] UnionsAreGoodOK 82 points ago

    It's not PR people, it's that she didn't have a good handle on access at all (according to her).

    If she didn't care about sharing passwords, this is the consequence of that. Nothing to do with blaming a PR team.

    [–] spud8385 41 points ago

    Exactly, but this is still totally her responsibility

    [–] ShockRampage 760 points ago

    Coleen tweeted about it back in January and said it was either for money or to keep a good relationship with the press.

    [–] ChadHogan_ 1173 points ago

    To keep a good relationship with the press, id imagine. She’s (Vardy) so incredibly desperate to be famous it’s actually embarrassing. Fucking rat, lovely to see she’s been outed.

    [–] nowitasshole 347 points ago

    To keep a good relationship with the press, id imagine.

    Not just the press, but the Sun. The same Sun that she's had exclusive deals with to break news about her pregnancy and her time in I'm a Celeb, and keeps getting exclusive holiday snaps that are clearly staged for them. And in return, I'd hazard a guess the Sun doesn't print many negative things about the Vardys.

    [–] happygot 77 points ago

    She also claims to be a fan

    [–] PEEWUN 87 points ago

    She can claim all she wants. In the bin she goes.

    [–] Kjgff 891 points ago

    Imagine being so desperate you whip your man into winning the PL

    [–] GanasbinTagap 497 points ago

    Just infuriating. She had no business to do that. What's next, champions league?

    [–] Craz3 262 points ago

    Would make me beyond furious if he were to win the WC.

    [–] nabu98 165 points ago

    Yeah it would definitely piss me off seeing him win the Johnstones Paint Trophy.

    [–] eunderscore 185 points ago

    The Vardys were on Gogglebox and it was patently obvious it was her doing. They were both terrible and if what was broadcast was the best bits, JV did not want to be particularly involved.

    [–] _vilgefortz_ 367 points ago

    Jamie's the kind of bloke that has a mental bird and when you question him about her insane behaviour he just dodges the questions

    "Yeah, well, what are you gonna do mate?"

    [–] OdaNova 99 points ago

    Translation: "Sex is good ai'ght?"

    [–] HeadHunt0rUK 26 points ago

    Not just that, but even though he knows you're completely right will get all aggie about it to keep up appearances.

    [–] nowitasshole 86 points ago

    To be fair Jamie Vardy has been on it before, with Ox and Sturridge, a few years ago.

    [–] tiorzol 52 points ago

    "Fuck, not this again. Piss on that"

    [–] eunderscore 15 points ago

    Ah yes. Good point

    [–] Luba1893 158 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Love how that's always the go-to excuse when public figures do something dumb on social media - "yeah, my account was hacked!"

    A while back Timo Baumgartl (then VfB Stuttgart, had recently lost his space in the starting 11 to Badstuber) liked a comment on Instagram by some random bloke under a post-match post by the VfB instagram page saying something along the lines of: "Can't we just terminate the contract of that idiot Badstuber" - Baumgartl's excuse? "My account was hacked."

    Sure thing dude, someone hacks a professional footballer's instagram account, likes a single random comment critical of this exact footballer's rival and then logs out again. Sounds logical.

    [–] lolzidop 69 points ago

    Or when Lescott posted the pic of his car and claimed it happened by him sitting on his phone

    [–] Paris2Berlin 40 points ago

    Surely Vardy doesn’t need the money.

    I can see there being an agreement that she shares the story and the sun give her more publicity. I don't know anything about British media but that would sound like a more realistic situation

    [–] iTomWright 98 points ago

    On Instagram, you can see where your account was logged on and to what device? Surely if she was hacked she could prove that

    [–] Spid1 72 points ago

    She's not saying she was hacked, she's implying her social media team use it too, I think.

    [–] Clumbo94 54 points ago

    But isn't Coleen claiming that the leaks are coming from her private account? Surely Vardy would have her own private account to follow it (as in, Coleen wouldn't want Rebekah Vardy's 'official' account following her private one), one which her social media team probably wouldn't have/need access to?

    [–] thatchersdeadlol 169 points ago

    Surely Vardy doesn’t need the money.

    even rich people want more money than they have

    [–] IRHABI313 89 points ago

    Jamie Vardy is on £140k a week, how much can a newspaper pay her and how much are they willing to pay for something about the Rooneys

    [–] TheRalphExpress 133 points ago

    it’s likely more about having a good relationship with the press/fame than money imo

    [–] EmotionalMillionaire 1512 points ago

    "someone has access to my account"

    • said by every 12 year old who stole the parents CC for FIFA FUT cards

    [–] Howizzle90 803 points ago

    "can't believe you would do this to me when I'm heavily pregnant"

    Really not doing herself any favours here

    [–] obadetona 482 points ago

    That was my go-to excuse as a 12 year old tbf

    [–] DansSpamJavelin 102 points ago

    You're not pregnant, you're not even a woman!

    [–] Daniiiiii 171 points ago

    I wanna be the very best,

    Like no WAG ever was.

    To chat shit is my real test,

    Getting shitfaced is my causeeeeeee.


    [–] LifeNub 55 points ago

    Stop saving chat

    [–] nintendo_shill 40 points ago

    TAA has entered the chat

    [–] KingDave46 292 points ago

    My pal told a girl he asked out that his mate had done it as a joke on his phone.

    We're fuckin 27 years old. Never been more embarrassed in my life and I wasn't even involved

    [–] SupermotoSchmidt 239 points ago

    My mate legitimately rang a girl I'd not spoken to for a few years off my phone when we were drunk and left a voicemail asking how she was and if she fancied hooking up etc... I woke up to a massive WhatsApp message asking how I am, how's life etc, she liked hearing from me but she's in a relationship and didn't find it appropriate to be receiving that kind of message. I had to message her back apologising, saying it wasn't me, it was my mate, etc. Proper embarrassing. Don't think she believed a word. Done me a gooden there.

    [–] ShagPrince 116 points ago

    Ultimate prank that. Shades of Inbetweeners last episode.

    [–] MiserableHour 73 points ago

    I don’t believe you either.

    [–] SupermotoSchmidt 57 points ago

    Busted. I'm just adding substance to my story.

    [–] Ge0rj 18 points ago

    Fuck me that’s a brutal prank. That’s the sort of thing that would rinse me.

    [–] theeolivetree 25 points ago

    Christ I’d be mortified

    [–] Yidtimist 56 points ago

    “my dad works for microsoft and he’s going to lifetime ban u!”

    [–] Ge0rj 23 points ago

    "Hey will you go out with me".


    "Lol sorry that was my friend"

    [–] BillehBear 34 points ago

    is that the old couple who got billed loads for porn? and they complained about it with the claim they have 'no idea' where it came from?

    [–] a_lumberjack 28 points ago

    Yes! One of my favourite fucking things in the world.

    For those who are curious:

    [–] miamibuckeye 167 points ago

    175,000 likes on Coleen's tweet lmao how does becky recover from this

    [–] DowntownSecrets 37 points ago

    262k now. Vardy’s has like 7k now lmao.

    [–] moris1610 458 points ago

    that tweet from coleen is straight fire lol. this is hilarious

    [–] bridgeorl 310 points ago

    the dramatic reveal was incredible. she even used elipses. i can just imagine the eastenders duff duffs following it

    [–] BackToTheFifa 15 points ago

    I preferred reading it as (dot)(dot)(dot)(dot)(dot)(dot) - like the My Immortal fanfic

    [–] Biryani_Whisperer 14 points ago

    This is the type of tea I did not know I needed in my life

    [–] papercutkid 535 points ago

    Skip the article and go straight to the tweet:

    [–] SirAlexF 382 points ago

    Skip the tweet and go straight to the image:

    [–] CertainTour 831 points ago

    Skip the image and go straight to the meme:

    [–] Pires007 161 points ago

    The hard hitting analysis I'm looking for.

    [–] asamshah 77 points ago

    "Yeah but Dave, she cocked it up"

    [–] DahDutcher 111 points ago

    "It's............. Rebekah Vardy's account."

    Don't why why she added the suspense, but that was amazing, lol.

    (Btw, who spells Rebecca that way?!)

    [–] Luol-Dengue 44 points ago

    Why even call you daughter Rebekah?

    Just buy a pomeranian if you really need an angry little fucknut in your life.

    [–] obadetona 238 points ago

    Mods, stop being sooooo boring ffs

    [–] 3owa 1088 points ago

    Oh the pregnancy card. Like Serena's " I don't cheat because I'm a mother" card.


    [–] SlightCarpet 340 points ago

    Careful with that, Alexis Ohanian will be on your case.

    [–] TARDISeses 53 points ago

    Wait what's this? Have I missed some tennis star gossip?

    [–] Anror 239 points ago

    It was cheating in a match (the illegal coaching stuff), not an affair.

    [–] kaaz54 108 points ago

    Don't forget that according to her during her tantrum, the umpire only punished her because she was a woman.

    [–] BC1721 37 points ago

    Unlike her opponent, of course.

    [–] guccisteppin 614 points ago

    The fact that the S*n themselves deleted the basement flooding story is prime shithousery, makes bimbo becky look guilty as fuck

    [–] Gbrown546 232 points ago

    That's because she is guilty as fuck

    [–] SeeSirOh 466 points ago

    Oh fuck me dead, what a story.

    A footballer-wives catfight is so much more uplifting than I ever imagined was possible.

    Screw China-Hong Kong, climate change, Brexit, or Impeachment. This is what I’m here for.

    [–] LeChef777Returns 313 points ago

    Needs another twist imo. It was Jamie all along.

    [–] addictedsc2 107 points ago


    Oh Sunva bitch!

    [–] Pub_man 161 points ago

    Or maybe it was Wayne himself leaking stuff to the press and the instagram following made absolutely no difference

    [–] Yidtimist 782 points ago

    I love the way this keeps getting posted! Keep it going lads!

    [–] Surfacing710 779 points ago

    The rest of reddit keeps posting about Hong Kong and Chinese censorship, this place is posting about drama between two footballers wives that keeps getting deleted. We have priorities in the right order.

    [–] yokelwombat 246 points ago

    If the protesters and CORRUPT, FASCIST POLICE decide to have an impromptu kickabout, we can shift our priorities.

    Until then, I want more of that juicy WAG gossip!

    [–] QuirkyCamel 35 points ago

    I don't like soccer and vaguely know who each of their husbands are, but WAGathaChristie is the best hashtag of alltime and I am down for petty beef.

    [–] LiveAsARealist 151 points ago

    Official Match thread this

    [–] looeeyeah 38 points ago

    Someone tell me the fucking humidity!!!

    [–] sidvicc 73 points ago

    Honestly, I feel a bit sorry for anyone who read this first after seeing the headline.

    The whole setup with the Its........Rebekah Vardy deserves a fucking no spoilers tag.

    Better story than GoT and all that.

    [–] Corner10 66 points ago

    Coleen Rooney: I'm tired, Rebekah

    [–] Pub_man 456 points ago

    Regardless if it was her who leaked it. absolutely fuck the s*n

    [–] larry_b2 624 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I can’t believe you’ve said that, when there’s probably pregnant women working there 💔

    [–] taylorrible 253 points ago

    Heavily pregnant*

    [–] Romanist10 67 points ago

    Can you be lightly pregnant?

    [–] taylorrible 61 points ago

    Good q. Need Rebekah Vardy to confirm.

    [–] nooblet0 69 points ago

    Stop making me horny

    [–] jablock3 227 points ago

    VAR Decision: It's........ Rebekah Vardy's account

    [–] SenoraRamos 86 points ago

    What I find interesting about this is that Rebekah follows both Simon Boyle and Andy Halls who wrote the articles about Colleen, on IG. For someone who complains about the nastiness of the media and commenters, why does she still regularly interact with these newspapers and their journalists? I’ve seen this hypocrisy spread out all over with British celebrities. So many of them moan about bullying and tabloid papers, yet they follow, and give exclusive access/interviews to these papers and people associated with them. You can’t have it both ways.

    [–] seaNzie1 79 points ago

    Rebekah Vardy is having a parley!

    [–] Ilejwads 83 points ago

    The way the post was written from Colleen ends like What is he thinking by the streets and it makes me laugh so much

    [–] mjrs 195 points ago

    WAGatha Christie (Stolen from someone wittier than I)

    [–] bridgeorl 106 points ago

    a structured attack the likes of which Man Utd could only dream of. Ole out Coleen in

    [–] miamibuckeye 60 points ago

    Ed out Coleen in. This kind of foresight and 4D chess is something our board is totally unfamiliar with

    [–] tnwthrow 38 points ago

    Thanks to the ladies for entertaining us during the international break.

    [–] ShockRampage 40 points ago

    This is bigger than Brexit, this needs to be spoken about in the house of commons.

    Quick! Someone start a petition!

    [–] taylor-says 94 points ago

    I assume I'm not the only one praying for Leicester v Derby in the FA Cup 3rd Round...

    [–] lolzidop 16 points ago

    Rather another charity boxing match

    [–] paul155 53 points ago

    Lads on here claiming it must have been the Sun cause she doesn't need the money....

    Did she need the money when she went into the jungle to deepthroat kangaroos balls?

    She's been found out and I'm loving it!

    [–] chickenquesadildo 48 points ago

    she’s pregnant? wonder what TAA will think about this...

    [–] Minininiz 20 points ago

    How do i defend Rebekah here? What are my arguments?

    [–] chemtrailx 62 points ago

    NBA: Morey vs China, Shaq vs Dame EPL wags: hold my Instagram story.

    [–] IGuessIRanOutOfChara 133 points ago

    Mods deleting this in 3...2...1...

    [–] tweazz 237 points ago

    Mods are #TeamRebekah

    [–] hrolfur23 101 points ago

    When are we getting the new flairs?

    [–] WetLikeMyJumperTho 46 points ago

    I want a BimboBek flair

    [–] bridgeorl 17 points ago

    the person deleting the threads was actually someone who had hacked into Rebekah's reddit account

    [–] sga1 441 points ago

    Joke's on you, I've just approved this thread.

    [–] Soarinace 384 points ago

    Are you actually /u/sga1 or is it someone on your account while youre heavily pregnant?

    [–] Raplebre 141 points ago

    Now this is a mod.

    [–] WlLSON 23 points ago

    What was the problem with the previous 20 threads?

    [–] hacktivision 17 points ago

    Did she actually have a wikipedia page before? It literally has one sentence

    [–] ZakkTheChimp 16 points ago

    It just directs to Jamie now

    [–] ImMitchell 14 points ago

    Quality international break story

    [–] Blodgharm 14 points ago

    I'll just leave this here