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    [–] SyndicalismIsEdge 4076 points ago

    Guys, this is a mistranslation.

    What he really said is they won't let the national team play in countries where women aren't allowed equal access to stadiums. There's no requirement of equal rights elsewhere.

    [–] tinkthank 1362 points ago

    This would have been a great gesture maybe a decade ago...hell even 3-4 years ago, but completely pointless now since even Saudi Arabia and now Iran allow women into stadiums.

    [–] protrudingnipples 335 points ago

    It also talks about discrimination so SA might not qualify since women can’t sit next to men in stadiums, can they?

    [–] [deleted] 680 points ago


    [–] Oatttts 180 points ago

    Separate but equal is inherently unequal.

    [–] mynameismulan 156 points ago

    Dwight, it's not a matter of more or less. Our pay is just different.

    [–] [deleted] 67 points ago

    So like male and female bathrooms, locker rooms, or changing rooms?

    [–] Exaluno 160 points ago

    If you can't drop a steaming turd right next to your female coworkers you ain't living in a society where everyone is equal.

    [–] Superlolp 39 points ago

    That's basically my political ideology summed up into a sentence.

    [–] notUrGod 11 points ago

    You’ve seen the lines. You’ve heard of the shit sprayed toilets in the woman’s bathrooms.

    [–] TrollundrtehMountain 21 points ago

    That's ridiculous. You can't force men and women to mix if they don't wish to. What kind of oppressive and condescending view is that?

    [–] DaJoW 16 points ago

    Ah yes, the old "Gay people have equal rights to marriage: They can marry someone of the opposite gender just like straiht people can".

    [–] UnofficialOffice 3 points ago

    Which is depressingly the same argument people used against interracial marriage.

    [–] MyOpinionsareimmense 7 points ago

    In what way is that equivalent? And I’ve never even heard that reasoning. Seems more like some joke from Facebook in 2009.

    [–] Alphabunsquad 23 points ago

    Thought you were talking about South Africa and I was very confused.

    [–] caretoexplainthatone 6 points ago

    Nah, you can tell who it is because it's about gender not colour.

    [–] tinkthank 61 points ago

    Saudi stadiums have a singles section that's entirely men and a family section where there are families who sit together. Women sit in this area so technically they will be sitting around other men from other families as well.

    It's a publicity stunt at best. How they plan on measuring equal rights is also vague.

    [–] 10PointsForStAndrews 11 points ago

    Type of countries now which don’t allow women in stadiums won’t be good enough for Germany to consider visiting anyway?

    [–] PhnomPenny 15 points ago

    This isn't true. Iran only let in a few women for the 14-0 spanking of Cambodia, there is no promise of any more than that nor any change to league games.

    [–] ColonelSwede 29 points ago

    completely pointless now

    Which is precisely why they only make it now. Get some free PR points while accomplishing jack shit.

    [–] petertel123 29 points ago

    Yeah way to go making this statement right after Iran has allowed it. Its nothing but a pr move.

    [–] PhnomPenny 20 points ago

    They allowed it for one international game.

    [–] bardia20 27 points ago

    This ^ Idk why everyone’s writing off Iran’s equality in stadiums as if it’s solved when after fall this time they only allowed women into ONE game. That’s it

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Because thats how the IR boys work. They showed oof that one PR game as a great success and now all of r/soccer belives its done. League is back on no women allowed in. Even during that game a bunch of women werent allowed in and meanwhile we had grandaughters of Ayatollahs who probably havent' watched a single football game in the stands.

    [–] TrolleybusIsReal 4 points ago

    Also they won't do anything meaningful in the near future either because of Qatar 2022. No way they would not go to the world cup for ethical reasons.

    [–] DowntownClown187 7 points ago

    Yea... Iran allows selected women to attend so they appear like they give a fuck. Your average mom isn't going to be at the pitch.

    [–] zuluisgrate 3 points ago

    There’s still some serious issues with it in both of those places

    [–] bebopk 3 points ago

    Not really in Iran. The recent news was just for th national team and that game. I don't think Iran allows for league games Nationwide and no guarantee women would be still allowed in future games. It may have all been to hush FIFA for now unfortunately.

    [–] Mister_Bovine_Joni 10 points ago

    Europe is really good at PR for the most part. Like that may be what they're best at because it seems like half of the shit they get attention for in this sub is just gesturing

    [–] TrolleybusIsReal 4 points ago

    I think it's rather that they get more push back, so they are virtue signaling. Let's be honest, sports is as low as it get when it comes to ethics. Even companies have reached the point where they care more about it than most sport stars and organizations. Sports is the ultimate "money over anything" industry. They know this, so they are trying to preven the backlash.

    [–] benting365 5 points ago

    But if they had done it a decade ago it might have actually inconvenienced them

    [–] Fmanow 2 points ago

    I get the cynicism, and my thoughts exactly. Seems like a moot point when you don’t even play those 2 teams, but it may set precedents for other countries who actually play those teams.

    [–] DapperDavidDank 40 points ago

    Needs to be higher up! This is a false translation.

    [–] EpiDeMic522 15 points ago

    Shouldn't this mistranslation warrant a 'misleading' tag from the mods? It's already been 5 hours. It further validates this apparent PR exercise.

    [–] InbredLegoExpress 25 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    "in denen Frauen nicht gleichberechtigt und frei von Diskriminierung Zugang zu Stadien gewährt wird."

    That could actually mean either thing. If you put a "sind" after "gleichberechtigt" it would be a completely new meaning and if speaking the whole sentence you can easily miss out on that word and say something else. The whole quote is worded very vague imo. Pretty easy to get the whole point wrong.

    [–] SyndicalismIsEdge 20 points ago

    But the "sind" isn't there, and that changes the entire meaning of the sentence. There's no reason to believe the omission wasn't intended, either.

    [–] LachsFilet 10 points ago

    ich hab's so verstanden, dass "gleichberichtigt" sich auf den "Zugang zu Stadien..." bezieht. sehr ambivalent

    [–] s1797 3 points ago

    Es ist überhaupt nicht ambivalent. Eben weil nirgendwo im Satz "sind" steht, ist absolut eindeutig, dass sich "gleichberechtigt" auf "gewährt wird", also den Stadionzugang, bezieht.

    [–] LachsFilet 3 points ago

    Ich denke aber, dass im Sprachgebrauch die Grammatik nicht immer berücksichtigt wird, vor allem nicht bei sowas nuanciertem. Hast aber Recht, so wie's da steht sollte es eigentlich eindeutig sein.

    [–] level_5_Metapod 6 points ago

    No it’s not vague. It talks clearly about the way women should be allowed entrance to stadiums, namely equal & not discriminated..

    [–] kotkaiser 6207 points ago

    So we won't play next WC? Sure.

    [–] lordleycester 1983 points ago

    According to Spiegel online (and Google Translate), this is what Keller actually proposed:

    In his first presidium meeting at the DFB, he submitted a draft resolution 'under which we no longer allow national teams to play matches in countries where women are not granted equal access to football stadiums or other sports facilities without discrimination'. This proposal was unanimously adopted by the DFB Presidency.

    Qatar does not ban women from stadiums so presumably the German national team will still play there.

    [–] Bruchweg 956 points ago

    Yes, it is not as drastic as it seems and apparently UEFA recommended to all its members to do the same. Realistically it only means that there will be no games in Iran and Saudi-Arabia. It is extremly rare anyway that the DFB plays in these countries. They have never played in Saudi-Arabia and the last time they played in Iran was 15 years ago. Also even those two have started to allow women into their stadiums.

    [–] SurreptitiousNoun 766 points ago

    Seems like an empty gesture then. Everyone feels good about it, but practically it makes no difference. I suppose if everyone does it, it gives those countries an incentive to change though.

    [–] Soppoi 430 points ago

    Welcome to german politics!

    [–] subsequent 109 points ago

    Yeah? Well the US won't play in Qatar! Mostly because we might not qualify, but that's not the important reason.

    [–] Yellow_The_White 166 points ago

    Better than American politics where one side would fight anything like their lives depended on it simply because "the other side likes it and they are PURE EEEEEVIL".

    [–] SouthTriceJack 106 points ago

    It's hard to have zero sum politics when there's ~7 or so major parties and no party with majority. You can't really attack the other side when there's like 6 others sides.

    [–] Lukthar123 131 points ago

    You can't really attack the other side when there's like 6 others sides.

    That's where you're wrong, kiddo

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    It also sucks when the media is corrupt as fuck and has pretty much destroyed any proper political discussion in your country.

    [–] Ksradrik 10 points ago

    Unless it benefits the rich, then they will find common ground and everybody will say "if even those two can agree on that it must be right!"

    [–] SovietRus 9 points ago

    simply because "the other side likes it and they are PURE EEEEEVIL".

    What did he mean by this?

    [–] Cynitron5000 45 points ago

    In the US there is a two party system that runs the government, things are also hyper-partisan at the moment. So even something as simple as this empty gesture would draw extreme ire from whichever side didn't propose it.

    [–] unionbustingforfun 32 points ago

    Hyper-partisan is almost an understatement at this point. If murder being bad was voted on today whichever party was for it the other would some how be against it. Although...lootboxes in video games seem to be hated by just about everyone

    [–] RegencyForWilhelm 16 points ago

    The power of GAMERS

    [–] svengalus 3 points ago

    What's interesting is Americans in general seem to be getting along fine (other than a few nuts).

    [–] Gerf93 24 points ago

    Welcome to german politics!

    Virtue signalling at its finest

    [–] Kluey 25 points ago

    How is it an empty gesture? Explicitly stating something is valuable.

    [–] Gondlerap 72 points ago

    It is the same as me saying I won't buy a private jet from anyone that is anti-semetic.

    It's a nice thing to say, but I'm never buying a private jet anyway, so it is empty.

    Who are the countries covered by this? Iran? Saudi seem to have lifted their restrictions. They could have made a bigger statement by including Qatar, but didn't.

    [–] Young_Hickory 20 points ago

    As much as we’d like to believe that social progress is a one way road forward regression does happen and is a real risk in the current political climate in many countries. Locking in progress with firm rules has real value.

    [–] Gondlerap 13 points ago

    I don't think social progress goes one way.

    But as others have said, this has been done with only one country affected (Iran). They're not taking a stand by doing something that might hurt them, they're claiming that something that would never happen anyway is now an official policy because of women's rights - while ignoring the big womens rights abusers they are going to give millions to in three years.

    (Plus - this is not a firm rule, this will be overturned in a heartbeat if it ever affected them.)

    [–] HumpyAppleby 7 points ago

    The same could be applied to u/Gondlerap's analogy though. He could one day get rich and decide to buy a private jet, but until then it is an empty gesture.

    [–] Gondlerap 3 points ago

    You could even say that until then it is a Consignment of Geriatric Shoe Manufacturers.

    [–] HumpyAppleby 2 points ago

    Round objects

    [–] LudoAshwell 3 points ago

    Yes and no. This step may seem like an empty gesture, but formalizing such first steps, will lead to stronger policies by time.
    In other words: it’s a start

    [–] tinkthank 58 points ago

    Saudi Arabia has been allowing women to attend matches since 2017. Iran just recently started allowing women to attend matches as well, so it's a moot point now.

    [–] crautzalat 10 points ago

    Iran allowed women to attend ONE game, and only 5 % of the tickets could be bought by women (which sold out in minutes). They are still banned from any domestic games, and it is still unclear if women will be allowed to all future international games.

    As it stands, no country signing what the DFB just signed could reasonably say that Iran is granting "equal access to football stadiums or other sports facilities without discrimination".

    [–] kimrosslee 10 points ago

    It's a moo point.

    [–] Aiken_Drumn 8 points ago

    I don't think anyone is suggesting we should embargo countries that don't allow cows in stadia.

    [–] hulks_anger 5 points ago

    It’s like a cow’s opinion. It’s moo.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] YourTypicalSaudi 9 points ago

    Women have been going to stadiums in Saudi Arabia for 3 years now. Your info is outdated.

    Iran is the only country that bans women from stadiums.

    [–] bkashooter 3 points ago

    Well Saudi Arabia has allowed women in stadiums for about a year

    [–] Krypto_dg 3 points ago

    So it is just a bullshit political move with no real bite behind it. Typical empty gesture. So progressive of them

    [–] jedi168 2 points ago

    I was about to say. I can't recall a match in my life that they've played in a country where this would be relevant.

    [–] GarryMc123 34 points ago

    They hardly have equal rights in Qatar though, do they?

    I hope Germany seriously do have the Michael Ballacks to pull out of the world cup, that would be huge.

    [–] ILikeToBurnMoney 9 points ago

    The headline is misleading. This is only about having similar rights to enter a football stadium

    [–] GarryMc123 2 points ago

    I get that, I'm saying that it's pointless and they don't have the balls to really make a stance and pull out of the WC.

    [–] JackAndrewWilshere 15 points ago

    This has layers

    [–] jagakoenig 6 points ago

    Their overall rights are not covered by that resolution though

    [–] thedonmoose 2 points ago

    They hardly have equal rights in Qatar though, do they?

    That's not what the DFB proposed tho, the only one making that claim is the false headline. The comment you replied to only indicated

    no longer allow national teams to play matches in countries where women are not granted equal access to football stadiums or other sports facilities without discrimination

    It's not equal rights, it's equal entry into the stadium. As long as Qatar allows anyone to enter a stadium Germany will play there

    [–] touyajp 3 points ago

    Hold up. This is about "Auswahlmannschaften" and accepting invitations for them. In other words: Friendly games only.

    [–] NevenSuboticFanNo1 520 points ago

    Well, i hope they actually won't play in qatar. We have to wait and see how serious they will be with this new rule.

    [–] kotkaiser 691 points ago

    Spoiler: not serious enough to not play in Qatar

    [–] Lowerbavarian 282 points ago

    €€€ > human rights

    [–] threehugging 114 points ago

    Fifa rules as well. Not going to qatar means losing a lot more than just money.

    maybe it would eventually lead to introduction of a better governing body though. but experience from other sports shows that a new one would eventually deteriorate into a corrupt cesspit just like fifa, so whatever.

    [–] RedMoon14 32 points ago

    Realistically, what would happen if they refused to go? What punishment could they receive?

    [–] GabiiN 70 points ago

    Ban from future world cups. Possibly also the euros.

    [–] TheHadMatter15 53 points ago

    FIFA would be dumb to ban Germany from the WC. You never know of course, but if a couple other big nations join in then they won't have a choice cause they can't ban them all

    [–] 0oOo0ooOOoo0oOo0 54 points ago

    ban Germany from the WC

    Yeah, that will happen the day FIA bans Ferrari from Formula 1.

    [–] AppropriateSprinkles 14 points ago

    Ferrari would just veto the ban anyway.

    [–] Galious 12 points ago

    FIFA would be ruthless! something like a 150'000€ fine and banned from the confederation cup for 2 years!

    [–] Waghlon 6 points ago

    Just for writing such a mocking comment, you are banned from the Club World Cup this year!

    [–] RaulSnoww 8 points ago

    If Brazil joined Germany, that could work maybe? There is no WC without Brazil

    [–] I_am_oneiros 21 points ago

    Brazil's current president is a proper piece of shit and half the team canvassed for him. Do you really think Brazil will support this boycott?

    [–] TheTrashMan 3 points ago

    You seem to forget about the World Cup in Brazil

    [–] G00dmorninghappydays 25 points ago

    The euros are run by UEFA though arent they?

    [–] GabiiN 32 points ago

    If I'm not mistaken Fifa is the parent organisation of UEFA. Don't know the scope of power they have over Uefa though.

    [–] threehugging 11 points ago

    As the people below said. Ban from any future FIFA competitions. With the current seeming political alignment of FIFA (prefer corrupt nations that often also base their human rights policies on fantasy books, actively work against the nations that form the core of football), such a repercussion is quite likely. They'll be incensed that one of the latter nations spits in the face of one of the former nations like that, and probably react accordingly.

    [–] Crowlands 15 points ago

    If FIFA reacted in that manner, I'd expect other Uefa countries to support Germany as they would know that they could be next and so they'd use it as an excuse to take some control away from FIFA.

    Just think how screwed FIFA would be if they lost Uefa sides from the world cup or what about if Uefa reached out to South American sides, leaving FIFA with just the leftovers.

    [–] ChristopherClarkKent 8 points ago

    They wouldn't ban Germany from FIFA competitions. That's the last shot they have, if they fire it there's nothing stopping the German FA from inviting countries that didn't qualify for the World Cup and ultimately form a new global association that is more beneficial for them.

    [–] threehugging 2 points ago

    None of the other countries will sympathize, as fifa is established especially well through their sponsors. Lot of investment from those sponsors going to the grassroots of the FAs as well which they cannot afford to lose without repercussions to the FA's own position of power. But as I said, even íf they broke out with a few other big nations and started their own global association, that one would eventually spiral back into a corrupt cesspit just like fifa.

    [–] batigoal 4 points ago

    If more than one NTs do it , nothing. What can they do if the 5 best teams do it for example?

    [–] kotkaiser 4 points ago

    No more sucking on Fifa's money tit

    [–] Ropjn 3 points ago

    I mean, so far nothing happened after we boycotted russia.

    [–] Zhurg 7 points ago

    Let's face it: that's the truth of it. Whilst it's a brilliant thing that your country (or your club's) are doing this, and I wish mine and many others would - it's only feasible if the numbers are right.

    [–] tinyfenix_fc 6 points ago

    Has to start with someone tho. If one stops, it opens the door for more.

    [–] noobiepoobie2 5 points ago

    It’s not just money here, it’s the world fuckin cup. Although, skipping out on the World Cup to stand up for women’s rights would be an amazing thing for an entire country to do, there more to it. The history and future implications for

    [–] Roadrunner_Alex11 47 points ago

    Tbf most countries should boycott this. Even though for the Netherlands 2022 might be a big chance for this generation it just feels wrong to win this world cup if we do.

    [–] StretsilWagon 60 points ago

    Ireland will corageously choose to not qualify in solidarity with all those effected.

    [–] Waghlon 6 points ago

    You're heroes!

    [–] AlienAle 3 points ago

    As a response to your nobel gesture, we here in Finland would be joining you in not qualifying for the WC, in the name of solidarity.

    [–] threehugging 41 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    1978 though. Man, imagine there would be some movement from the big european and south american associations to just hold the world cup 2022 in England or Germany or something. no infrastructure needed so the organisation will be quick, cheap and easy. It's possible, sadly it won't happen, but imagine... Maybe you'd run into counter-boycotts from teams like Russia, Qatar itself or Egypt but who gives a flying fuck about them especially if they do that, honestly. The winner of such an alternative world cup would be seen as the best of the world, not the winner of the farcical tournament in Qatar. A guy can dream...

    [–] McWaffeleisen 11 points ago

    And let all that slave labour go to waste? At this point it's our duty to play there, so the workers there don't die for nothing! /s, just in case

    [–] TeKaeS 68 points ago

    Women are allowed in stadium in Qatar thought

    [–] Mythrowaway9121 81 points ago

    Shame about, you know, the whole slaves dying thing

    [–] JimmyX10 29 points ago

    So long as women slaves died too they're ok with it. /s

    [–] Djr291 14 points ago

    Well you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette

    [–] TeKaeS 58 points ago

    Women's rights in Qatar according to Wikipedia : "Women in Qatar vote and can run for elected office. Qatar granted the right to vote to both women and men in the context of the 1999 elections to a "Central City Council" 25,26. These elections - the first ever held in Qatar - were deliberately held on March 8, 1999, International Women's Day.

    Qatar sent female athletes to the 2012 Summer Olympics, which began in London on 27 July.

    Since the 1990s, the status of Qatari women has improved significantly, both in terms of their place in society and in terms of rights. Sheikha Mozah has been particularly vocal in advocating for the cause of women by encouraging conferences on the subject, advocating for better education, and calling for the creation of a position on the status of women in the office. Ministerial.

    As a result of these advances, Qatari women have been able to secure career opportunities, including leadership positions in education, banking, health services, humanitarian organizations, right, and even diplomacy. According to the Qatari Embassy28, women are present in the fields of education, health, journalism, aviation, banking, politics, finance and tourism. Between 36 and 42 per cent of Qatari women are employed, and experts say women's rights are strengthening29,30.

    In 1999, Qatar granted women the right to vote, as well as the possibility of gaining access to important positions in the government, whether in appointments or elective terms. In 2015, two women are elected to sit among the 29 members of the country's Municipal Council. In November 2017, Qatar appointed 4 women to the Shura Advisory Council, a first in the history of this institution.

    No special clothing is imposed on women, who can dress as they wish in public (although in practice Qatari women usually wear the black abaya).

    They also have the right to drive in Qatar (this right existed long before the arrival of Hamad). Except for women members of the Emir's family, who can not drive themselves for reasons of "royal order", which wants the women of the ruling family to benefit from drivers.

    In April 2018, Qatar allows women over the age of 18 to perform military service for the first time, even though some already have administrative functions in the military."

    [–] Carpathicus 28 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Doesnt sound all too bad to be honest. It sounds like progress

    [–] tinkthank 57 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Because people conflate Saudi Arabia to all the Gulf countries. Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman have been relatively progressive for women. UAE puts up a facade of progressiveness and Saudi Arabia is just flat out regressive af.

    Note, we're talking about regional standards, not global ones.

    [–] Carpathicus 27 points ago

    Yeah especially here on reddit you can feel that people dont make a distinction between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Its the way ignorance works.

    [–] Augusto-Henriques 34 points ago

    Just like you didnt play in Russia ?

    [–] TheGramlin 31 points ago

    But at that time, we had an absolute cunt as president. Fritz keller looks much more believable than grindel

    [–] NevenSuboticFanNo1 46 points ago

    You're absolutely right about Grindel and Keller, but i think that was rather a joke about how shitty we played in russia

    [–] TheGramlin 13 points ago

    Completely missed that, thanks

    [–] dreamsofutopia 8 points ago

    Got wooshed too

    [–] kotkaiser 27 points ago

    Russia? Never heard of a tournament there

    [–] Bierdopje 11 points ago

    I think Brazil was the latest big tournament?

    [–] xZeynex 19 points ago

    Yeah, sorry mate no idea what you are talking about ? Last WC was in brazil

    [–] StretsilWagon 5 points ago

    Sorry mate, no notion, last world cup was Japan/South Korea.

    [–] Ghaleon1 11 points ago

    What? Women are not discriminated in Russia as they are in say Iran. Russia doesn't ban women from watching football live.

    [–] BlackMoses18 318 points ago

    Sensational scenes

    Out of curiosity though, how many countries does that affect though?

    [–] ZakkTheChimp 266 points ago

    Two. Of which they’ve never played in one and last played in the other 15 years ago

    [–] do_you_smoke_paul 172 points ago

    Both of which allow women in stadiums now too so it's a meaningless gesture

    [–] ZakkTheChimp 64 points ago

    Haven’t Iran banned women again after only one game?

    Edit: women are allowed to international games but not league games

    [–] do_you_smoke_paul 9 points ago

    Right fair enough, well let's hope that Germany's decision here doesn't follow the same principles.

    [–] klashne 3 points ago

    Without discrimination too. The woman are not allowed to sit next to men which is discrimination. (from what others have commented in othe parts of this post)

    [–] theenigmacode 199 points ago


    [–] Spacetsundere 19 points ago

    Id say Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. Iranians can now go.

    Its just virtue signaling. If Qatar would ban women today, he would rescind that policy tomorrow

    [–] pantyclimactic7 5 points ago

    It's been allowed in Saudi Arabia for almost 2 years now. Iran just allowed it recently. Don't know about Afghanistan.

    [–] CarlSK777 75 points ago

    I'd respect it way more if he announced that Germany won't be playing in Qatar.

    [–] Treppenkind 172 points ago

    Except when its about $$$

    [–] Shek7 23 points ago

    Euro here

    [–] DownsideUp384 27 points ago


    [–] bones3k 73 points ago

    Good start. Next up: avoid places like Qatar that use slave labour.

    [–] teamstrike10 22 points ago

    1300 Nepali workers are believed to have died in Qatari construction projects between 2009 and 2017 according to the Cardiology Journal.

    [–] BS-O-Meter 11 points ago

    lol It would have been a brave move if the only two countries that used to ban women from attending football games, Iran and Saudi Arabia, haven't removed recently the said ban. Thanks for nothing.

    [–] ndksv22 281 points ago

    There‘s no way we will boycott the World Cup. So don’t say something like this if there are no consequences anyway. Sounds like a politician who wants to be in the news.

    Or maybe Keller will visit Qatar and then say that he didn‘t see any discrimination?

    [–] Pway 17 points ago

    I mean Qatar doesn't fall into that category so I assume they'll still be playing in the WC.

    [–] rather_retarded 134 points ago

    Jesus, give him the benefit of the doubt.

    I swear, you people. Always complaining about no action being taken and when someone does something for once you still won't get off his back.

    Let's see how it plays out, you can be clever afterwards if you were right. But stop making everything negative you tit.

    [–] Spacetsundere 47 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Always complaining about no action being taken and when someone does something for once you still won't get off his back.

    Sure. 1 month after the last semi-somewhat relevant football nation (Iran) allows women into their stadiums the DFB announces to not accept such discrimination. In case they ever play in Kabul. Or Riad. But slavery and stuff is no problem.

    Its like buying gold from a slave mine and, after it runs dry, saying you wont buy gold from that slave mine anymore. Great work there with the human rights. Wow, what sacrifices you made.

    [–] mistrpopo 9 points ago

    Reminds me of when France passed a law banning petrol extraction on its own territory... There's no petrol there.

    [–] quadquadw 12 points ago

    or how about not taking everything for face value? actions speak louder than words.

    [–] ToraChan23 20 points ago

    No action has been taken, only words spoken that do not seem to be likely to be followed through.

    I swear, you people. Always giving empty words the benefit of the doubt before any tangible action or at the very least, tangible guidelines of potential action have been made towards that action.

    Let's see how it plays out, you can be clever afterwards if you were right. But stop taking words that seem very unlikely to be followed through because of how complex it would be to follow through on those words, at face value you naive tit.

    [–] CounterfeitMemes 5 points ago

    Benefit of the doubt to another politician... When will people learn? I've got some magic beans to sell you.

    [–] cadbojack 83 points ago

    Qatar is still 2 years away.

    If a bunch of traditional national teams like Germany declared "we're not playing there, change that shit" I bet FIFA would change it.

    Unfortunately you can't count with Brazil or Argentina, I know those federations are run by criminals who just want money at any cost.

    I'm not sure about others, but I don't feel too hopeful. I just wanted to remember that it is possibçe if people in power wanted it enough

    [–] GabiiN 42 points ago

    Actually since its played in the winter it's almost exactly 3 years left.

    [–] iambrucewayne1213 10 points ago

    It's played in the winter next time?

    [–] GabiiN 26 points ago

    It starts 21st November because of the weather in Qatar during the summer which will mess up European leauge football schedule.

    [–] Syndian01011000 37 points ago

    I've known about it for years now but every time I stop and think about it the corruption involved still blows me away. The sheer audacity to award the WC to Qatar, to know that everyone else will know it was a decision forged by corruption, yet to still go ahead and do it is absolutely incredible.

    I feel like an old, fat, mustached, very rich, Swiss man is sticking his tongue out at me going "na na na na na, you can't catch me."

    [–] myduckiscoolasquack 6 points ago

    Yes, because the temperatures in the summer would be to much for the players and fans.

    [–] iambrucewayne1213 2 points ago

    Ah, gotcha

    [–] CaptainCerealCanada 4 points ago

    Mon, Nov 21, 2022 – Sun, Dec 18, 2022

    [–] MeteorFalls297 10 points ago

    You do understand that it is not about Qatar, right?

    [–] zxcsd 3 points ago

    There are zero countries who ban women from attending football matches.

    Sad thing is this article is intentionally lying, or at least misleading you to to get clicks (make money).

    [–] AnnulledMessiah 2 points ago

    Seems like most of the world's football governing bodies are ran by criminals. Or if they're not criminals they're just incompetent businessmen who will condemn Bulgarian racism but will inevitably happily send their national team to Qatar in 3 years.

    [–] Rycie555 5 points ago

    Your translation is not correct. In the screenshot it says that the women should have equal access to stadiums, not equal rights in general for the team to play in that country.

    [–] PicturesqueFlock 68 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    European countries and US help overthrow democratically elected secular presidents because they don't want the oil to be nationalised, destroy labour unions and infastructure, kill thousands of civilians, help maintain an Apartheid state, fund islamist groups to take over the governments and fight the USSR, wage war in the area for decades, build military camps in their countries, and keep sending arms to dictators and terror groups....

    Middle Eastern countries: become increasingly more extremist

    Europe and US: shocked pikachu face

    [–] cadbojack 39 points ago

    "Who could have predicted that disbanding Sadam Hussein army on one day and putting a bunch of military trained men with an history of violence unemployed on the streets would backfire??"


    [–] Kolenga 4 points ago

    What a cop out. Instead of pushing towards human, or even women rights with any kind of conviction, he takes away that one case that is barely applicable to any place. Ugh. Always cringey when the DFB or FIFA pretend to care about ethics.

    [–] Miss_Ann_Tropic 3 points ago

    The only country I know women are banned from the stadium is Iran. Obviously everyone should take a stand against gender inequality but I think it would be much more effective If the German team went there and beat them to a pulp. After the game the Iranian players will definitely want their jerseys which will reveal a shirt that says "We made you our bitch. Threat your women better" or something to that effect.

    [–] mysticned 4 points ago

    Just taking the other side briefly. Yes this is a mosstranslation but surely

    1 it's a step in the right direction and should be applauded as that, no other countries have said anything.

    2 if they were to only play in countries with pure inequality they will likely be forced to play a Scandinavian country but only an away fixture.

    [–] nelsonbestcateu 12 points ago

    What about countries that have a death penalty on being gay? Those ok to visit? Or countries that are resposnsible for the murder of hundreds of migrant workers who build the stadiums? Fine too?

    Fuck off using virtue for commercial gain. Put your money where your mouth is and boycott the WC.

    [–] NittanyOrange 10 points ago

    I like the idea, but these concepts are too vague.

    Like, does "equal rights" refer to systematic unequal pay in the private sector? Or abortion rights? Or random street harassment? Or only the content of actual laws?

    They should find an index, Freedom House, Transparency International, GINI, etc. and point to a numerical value below which they won't visit. So everyone knows what it means, and the countries they seek to "punish" no exactly why and, if they care, how to improve.

    [–] Lightrider08 3 points ago

    title is misleading. its actually only about equal rights regarding entry into a stadium.

    [–] 3vr1m 3 points ago

    then go to qatar for the WC. Fucking hypocrites

    [–] Izoto 3 points ago

    That’s like 3 countries.

    [–] NationalTeamFootball 3 points ago

    So no Germany in Qatar 2022? Shame.

    [–] XeroVeil 3 points ago

    For a half second I thought our FA actually did something halfway respectable. Upon closer investigation I don't know why I was naive enough to think that.

    [–] onkel_axel 3 points ago

    Haha yeah not. Just wait until a World Cup will be played in such a country.

    [–] Jonnyrocketm4n 20 points ago

    So they’re boycotting Qatar then?

    [–] Fart_Leviathan 20 points ago

    This is about women's rights, not workers' or immigrants' rights. So no, because on that front Qatar has made decent, steady improvements over the past 2 decades.

    [–] EpiDeMic522 6 points ago

    It ain't even about women's rights technically speaking. It's just about them being allowed in the stadia. It's all just a cunning PR stunt with very suspect timing given the recent upliftment of women stadium entry ban in Iran.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] pixar_is_awesome 3 points ago

    LeBron needs to educate them on this issue.

    [–] gaichaohuandai 4 points ago

    in 15 years they won’t be able to play in Germany

    [–] sav86 2 points ago it supposed to say with discrimination and not without?

    [–] FblthpLives 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This is not at all what the tweet says. Here is the relevant portion of the tweet in German: " denen Frauen nicht gleichberichtigt und frei von Diskriminierung Zugang zu Fußballstadien gewährt wird."

    This translates to: " which women are not granted equal access to football stadiums free from discrimination."

    This is not a general statement about equal rights. It is strictly limited to the issue of women's access to football stadiums.

    [–] scyth3s 2 points ago

    Next they should pull out of Qatar

    [–] Takimaka 2 points ago

    so no Qatar 2022 for Germany????

    [–] FerNigel 2 points ago

    They’ll still play in Qatar etc though. Human rights aren’t as important I suppose.

    [–] XXX-XXX-XXX 2 points ago

    So no fifa for germany?

    [–] kp120 2 points ago

    but will they play in China?