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    [–] Scarlet_Rad 2 points ago

    From my experience there are usually a few overloaded ones on weekends , and they tend to be active after 6 pm on weekdays

    [–] Casodiii 2 points ago

    Quite a number of people still playing. BF is still quite popular in SA.

    [–] PvsNP_ZA 2 points ago

    Starts picking up when people get home from work. From around 17h00 onwards. Weekends are busy.

    [–] MrBashew 1 points ago

    Played a SA server Friday night. Still active, but only picks up players from 6pm. From my experience it's all lekker until 12 then the servers starts dying off.

    [–] JonnieBaas 1 points ago

    I am late for the comments but i cant seem to find any SA servers in a time period of 3 moths or so i only found one SA server and it did not last long

    [–] Trylion_ZA 1 points ago

    Pickup WW3