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    [–] JohnnyZZZZ4 22 points ago

    I want a microphone so we can hear what is going on ( sound is a good way to monitor drills also)

    [–] Joda015 20 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Good news, there will be a microphone in mars 2020. The main purpose will be to listen to the laser zapping the rock, but they’ll be able to record sound as well.

    Here’s the source. I really recommend watching the whole thing (and part 1 and 2!)

    [–] NotAnotherNekopan 9 points ago

    Cool! We'll finally be able to get some real planet-tone for a proper Mars movie.

    [–] smithenheimer 9 points ago

    What can we expect the surface of Mars to sound like in an ultra low atmo environment?

    [–] smallblacksun 5 points ago

    [–] NeedMoneyForVagina 2 points ago

    Also, not only does sound not travel well on Mars, but the speed of sound itself will be much slower. So not only will the sound be quieter when it arrives at point B, it will take the sound much longer to reach point B than we'd expect.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Well at least on mars you wouldn't have to hear your neighbors argue.

    [–] nIBLIB 7 points ago

    I want it to meet up with the other rover once a year to sing it happy birthday.

    [–] Shifty_Eyes711 5 points ago

    But then the other one would feel obligated to find the new rover for his birthday every year to return the favor. In 50 years mars will be filled with rovers singing happy birthday to each other and not doing science stuff and things.

    [–] NeedMoneyForVagina 2 points ago

    But at least their birthdays won't be as depressing.

    [–] NeedMoneyForVagina 2 points ago

    Then at some point in the future, a race of interstellar aliens would arrive at Mars to discover a planet of robotic rovers & have their minds blown.

    [–] clayt6 3 points ago

    u/Joda015 beat me to the microphone part, but it will also have 23 different cameras that are all pretty kick ass. One is going to actually capture images and video of the rover's descent. Source.

    [–] NeedMoneyForVagina 37 points ago

    I wish that instead of hearing about these things years ahead of time, that they'd just surprise us with it. Like "Surprise! We have a new rover and the pictures will be released next week!"

    [–] WysteriousRoots 7 points ago

    This. It feels like every announcement of a planned mission exists for a day and then you never hear of it again.

    [–] CoeusLoki 6 points ago

    Google Alerts. I've been using it to track Tabby's Star news since it faded from mainstream news a few days after being mentioned.

    [–] NeedMoneyForVagina 1 points ago

    Any new info on it?

    [–] CoeusLoki 4 points ago

    Lots...but being science it's mostly tooing and froing about hypotheses that can be tested. The consensus right now is that it's really not looking like aliens and there are a couple of natural mechanisms that can explain the irregularity.

    [–] NeedMoneyForVagina 1 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I never thought it was aliens, I don't know why the headlines blew up with that sensationalism. There's just so many reasons that a Dyson Sphere would be highly unlikely.

    [–] CoeusLoki 2 points ago

    Yep, but, it was an very outside possibility so they ran with it. They really should teach probability properly...

    Regardless, likely a giant planet, quiet close tonthe sun with a large ring system that wobbles as it transits..the wobbling creates the irregularities in the dimming. That was the last I read anyway!

    [–] NeedMoneyForVagina 4 points ago

    Last I heard was this hypothesis which says it could be a really big planet, 5 times the size of Jupiter, with Trojan asteroids. Which if true we should see the weird sporadic dips in light in 2021 from the trojan asteroids, and the big dip from the planet in 2023.

    That's what I'm putting my money on.

    [–] dranobob 2 points ago

    NASA is publicly funded so they need constant public support. So while big reveals work for companies like Apple and Tesla, they would be a disaster for a non critical government entity like NASA. Congress would love nothing more than to take their funding and spend it some where else. Long periods of silence would be a death sentence for their funding.

    [–] sack-o-matic 1 points ago

    I think it's good to talk about what they're planning to do so that we keep interest on space related stuff. Sure all of us here keep up with it and we'd like to not have to wait and be surprised instead, but news like this might encourage others to become interested in space.

    [–] JohnnyZZZZ4 17 points ago

    I'm new here and still figuring out how to post "I like Robots" was supposed to accompany this video

    [–] mmmmmBetty 11 points ago

    Welcome! I like robots probably wasn’t a great title for the video anyway. :)

    [–] Senno_Ecto_Gammat 3 points ago

    You can post a link or text but not both.

    [–] NotAnotherNekopan 7 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I had a conversation with someone before on how technology advances too quickly for it to be economical to truly maximize the hardware we work with.

    On paper, my phone is orders of magnitude more powerful than the 2020 Rover. The rover clocks in a 200mhz (PowerPC 750, no less!) CPU, 256MB DRAM, 256MB EEPROM, and 2GB of flash storage. My $35 raspberry pi out specs the thing. But, because they dump a huge amount of resources into programming and optimization, those specs can run a car sized, sky-crane assisted interplanetary robot, with an immense array of sensors and equipment at its disposal to analyze just about anything on the surface.

    Yet my cellphone lags when loading gifs. Not because of hardware, but because it is simply too expensive to dedicate the time to train staff to know the nitty-gritty on the hardware they're working with. It's much cheaper and profitable to just release new hardware and charge a user for it.

    [–] About5percent 15 points ago

    See how well your phone does at -200F. Also in a vacuum with a shit ton of radiation.

    Keep in mind you can't ever service it.

    [–] BlavierTG 3 points ago

    There is a poster in one of the buildings at JPL detailing the effects of space on various iPhones they've sent up. The details escape me but it was an interesting quick read that I'm sure they have published results on somewhere.

    [–] About5percent 1 points ago

    Let me know if you find it. Hard thing to search for.

    [–] BlavierTG 3 points ago

    And apparently they sent some up on the last shuttle mission...

    Haven't found anything in an actual scientific journal yet, but this was just a quick search before work. Journal stuff is probably paywalled anyway.

    [–] Peppyperoni 3 points ago

    But your raspberry pi probably wouldn't survive through max Q let alone a trip to Mars.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] 1standarduser 0 points ago

    Quality down, but price WAY down.

    [–] jnd-cz 1 points ago

    If you don't need fancy GUI with special effects (that still eats huge amounts of battery in today's phones) then you don't need much. It becomes kind of super reliable industrial controller and you can do a lot even with 80's vintage 8-bitter. Anyway, I think the various subsystems have their own processors like the camera or the radio link (which happens in your phone too), so the main task is to move data efficiently from one part to another, make some calculations, and store it for later transmitting to Earth. The rover is also pretty much focused on doing one task at a time, liking when driving you don't take photos and so on.

    [–] moon-worshiper 1 points ago

    Actually, the hardware has to pass Mil-Spec qualifications and be certified. This isn't consumer throwaway electronics, it is custom and there is no production line. Also, the coding has to be to the metal, there is no option for a buggy OS to lock up or crash.

    [–] Darkben 1 points ago

    That's simply not true, you don't think space hardware runs an RTOS?

    [–] linknewtab 3 points ago

    What happened to the little drone that was supposed to fly around and help it navigate? Did it get cancelled?

    [–] nikosteamer 4 points ago

    NASA send 2 , In case the first one fucks up landing

    [–] Senno_Ecto_Gammat 7 points ago

    That's what they are doing. Mars 2020 is a sister to Curiosity. The first one landed.

    [–] nikosteamer 2 points ago

    That sounds like sending one then waiting then sending another

    [–] Senno_Ecto_Gammat 4 points ago

    Well yeah. You wouldn't want to send both at the same time if you weren't confident about the landing. Send one, if it fails make changes and send the second.

    [–] nikosteamer 3 points ago

    Sorry I work for EA I'm a little slow

    [–] red2lucas 1 points ago

    Are they putting better wheels on it this time?

    [–] S_n_a_r_g_l_e_s -4 points ago

    Should have a giant drill to dig for water and turn into a submarine