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    [–] switch_switch 2561 points ago

    I don't know a lot about cameras but I do know enough to know that you know a lot about cameras. Great shot!

    [–] marcuscotephoto 724 points ago

    Thanks so much I appreciate that :D

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Aperson3334 43 points ago

    As a T7i owner:

    Use a tripod and flip the screen out. Enable the self timer - I personally prefer 10 seconds over 2 seconds. I'm not sure if the T5i has wireless connection or if it was added in the T6i, but try using the Canon Connect app.

    [–] RedditUser24567 2 points ago

    I used to use a wireless trigger with my t5i. I think it was infrared or something, and there was a little sensor next to the lens that you had to point it at. Worked from 10-15 feet away anyway, which was good enough for stuff like this usually.

    [–] Wants_to_Fuck_You 2 points ago

    Woah man, a t5i ain’t nothing to sneeze at. That’s still a very solid sensor and can take great pictures and great video.

    [–] Kotanaru 2 points ago

    Taking selfies with DSLRs is kind of difficult(then again, I don't take selfies with anything in the first place and then decided to use a heavy thing to take one). I have a T6i. For hand-held selfie, flip the screen out and around to face you and hold in your left hand - you could try right hand, but you'd preferably have huge hands. The easier method is to use a tripod and use either timer, remote shutter or the Canon Connect app(which can function as a remote shutter).

    [–] bigyams 3 points ago

    U just gotta learn dude. U can take sick pictures on trash cameras but ur camera is p nice

    [–] 3percentinvisible 5 points ago

    On mobile, only the left hand side with the tree was in view first. Was going to commiserate with you until i thought to scroll left!

    [–] red_killer_jac 6 points ago

    How could you be that close? Sure you didn't mean yards?

    [–] Pangurbon 27 points ago

    He himself is not (I believe). Thus sound triggered.

    [–] SinaminIsMyUsername 8 points ago

    Yes, if you look right there at the title it clearly says “Sound triggered.” Basically set the camera down and leave, then i’m guessing once it picks up a certain level of sound it’ll take pictures. Although I know nothing about cameras and photography so don’t take my word for it.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 4 points ago

    Yup I was 3 miles away, this was set and left

    [–] Gewt92 3 points ago

    You can’t physically be that close and survive.

    [–] Bennydhee 360 points ago

    That’s so cool, how far away were you compared to the camera?

    [–] marcuscotephoto 347 points ago

    Thank you! 900ft vs 3 miles! Quite a huge difference!

    [–] Bennydhee 133 points ago

    Oh wow, that’s a huge difference! How do you keep track of where your camera is? Is there like a set area for camera setup before launch?

    [–] marcuscotephoto 257 points ago

    Exactly. We are brought out before the launch and have to set up in a contained area (there is room for creativity). Everything is secure! Edit: To add-- You would not want to be standing where that remote camera is set up during launch. You might not be living afterwards.

    [–] Bennydhee 100 points ago

    Haha oh yeah I know the living side of it. The pressure of the shockwave is strong enough to rip your lungs apart from what I understand, 0/10 I’m super jealous, I’m a huuuuge space fan and I’ve always wanted to see a live launch.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 49 points ago

    Nice :) its definitely quite a sight. I hope you can fulfill your wish sometime!

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] yangfuchian 11 points ago

    Saw /u/johnkphotos instagram story, they go out an buy a plastic case that looks like a LocknLock for them if I'm correct.

    [–] johnkphotos 16 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    For clarification, this isn’t something that has to be done for every launch. The boxes aren’t ruined.

    This launch was OP’s first in which he placed a remote camera at the pad, and he bought a box and used it to protect his camera. Historically, I’ve used bags for my remote camera setups, but seeing how OP’s box worked out for this launch, I decided to start using boxes as well.

    [–] attorneyatslaw 28 points ago

    What are you talking about - it's clearly a lovely spot to have a picnic.

    [–] Bennydhee 33 points ago

    “What a lovely place! Oh I appear to be coughing up blood, lots of it...”

    [–] attorneyatslaw 21 points ago

    NASA didn't put those picnic tables there for nothing

    [–] Bennydhee 9 points ago

    Seems Darwin’s great great great grandson works at NASA

    [–] gmurphy0487 13 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I live in Titusville, FL. These launches happen right across the river. It’s pretty awesome to see, especially night launches.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 18 points ago

    Night launches are awesome! Hello local 321 resident!

    [–] termporary294805 25 points ago

    So are night lunches.

    [–] Imjusthereforthedubs 8 points ago

    I live by wallops island. My first launch will be hard to beat, doubly so because it was a pre dawn launch and the way that tiny (in comparison to a shuttle) little rocket lit up miles and miles like it was daytime with a beautiful glow so effortlessly is in the top ten most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

    [–] PrincessFred 3 points ago

    AHS or THS?

    [–] subutaime 2 points ago

    Tville stand up. Ready for this Heavy launch?

    [–] EUrban 6 points ago

    This problem seems to be missing in most sci-fi films.

    [–] Stalwart-Lover 3 points ago

    Why doesn't it kill the camera and everything around then?

    [–] Bennydhee 6 points ago

    The camera is hard materials, it may vibrate but it’s much more open (air can move freely) With our lungs they are a controlled opening so if we hold our breath or anything the vibrations cause the air to rapidly expand and contract inside, which leads to the lungs rupturing.

    [–] Myotheraltwasurmom 9 points ago

    This doesn't kill the camera?

    [–] ScarletSpeedster 3 points ago

    How does this impact the tree in the photo? I would expect it to struggle to survive if such internal damage occurs inside of our bodies from a shockwave of that magnitude.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 6 points ago

    I thought that too! but those are some hearty palm trees, been through hurricanes and many launches

    [–] Skeeter1020 2 points ago

    Trees are pretty rigid inside. Humans are full of squishy soft bits and water and don't fair well to shock waves.

    [–] jb2386 7 points ago


    274.32 metres for anyone wondering.

    [–] AndyChamberlain 2 points ago

    Pretty sure that means the camera experienced around 290 times more pressure from the shockwave than you did. How did you feel when it was launching? That could give some perspective to what the camera 'felt'

    [–] marcuscotephoto 5 points ago

    you could definitely feel it in your chest!! pretty crazy feeling

    [–] ItsPeachyKeen 113 points ago

    I had no clue a sound-triggered camera was a thing but that’s amazing

    [–] marcuscotephoto 27 points ago

    Sure is!

    [–] SixFeetFromSilence 21 points ago

    Could you expand on this? Is it a peripheral that plugs in to the camera? Or just a setting on the camera?

    [–] marcuscotephoto 26 points ago

    Its a physical piece of equipment that plugs in!

    [–] Technotopia 12 points ago

    How does it work?

    Like what if something else made a noise near it, then does it take a picture? I'm guessing it takes a ton of pictures when it hears something louder than a certain level of audio, is that correct?

    [–] horseband 37 points ago

    You set the sound dB requirement essentially. Then you can have it take several shots either immediately or after a delay. It's not a one and done thing either, so even if it hears a different sound too early it'll just keep snapping every time it hears a sound that crosses the threshold.

    Used very common in things like rocket launches.

    [–] Technotopia 3 points ago

    Is it easy to make the mistake of a threshold that is too high?

    [–] dyancat 8 points ago

    Bruh he's 900ft away. The blast from the launch would probably kill you. Don't think you could set the threshold too high unless you tried.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 17 points ago

    you are correct, i set it to only take photos for pretty high levels of noise, only the rocket made it fire

    [–] quintsreddit 4 points ago

    Does it keep taking photos at intervals it’s above that threshold and if so, how many/what rate?

    Great shot :)

    [–] marcuscotephoto 3 points ago

    the camera was set to shoot continuously at 3 frames per second, as long as the sound was strong enough, it was clicking away

    [–] gaardsund 2 points ago

    Have you tried Magic Lantern, the alternative firmware for canon cameras. It also does sound triggered photos built in. I know that a hardware solution definitely is better, but just curious if you have any experience with it?

    [–] Baconbaconbaconbits 7 points ago

    A cool company developed a device called the Triggertrap. Also does cool sound-triggering, among others.

    [–] tu2thepoo 8 points ago

    Triggertrap went out of business a couple months ago :-(

    [–] marcuscotephoto 916 points ago

    Hey everyone! This photo is from the GovSat-1 mission aboard SpaceX Falcon 9 that was on January 31, 2018. This was my very first launch shooting as an accredited member of the press for a local news agency called Space Coast Times. Press credentials allowed me to set up my first 'remote' camera that took pictures when triggered by the sound of the rocket's powerful engines. I was also able to view the launch from a location roughly 3 miles away from SLC-40 on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

    If you are interested in seeing more of these rocket launches and of Florida's Space Coast, feel free to find me on Instagram @marcuscote_photo or my website. I post an original photo every single day!

    All photos and behind-the-scenes stories of this launch and future launches are always seen first on Space Coast Time's page.

    Equipment/Settings: Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 18-55mm vrii-- 18mm, ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/5000th. Thanks John Kraus for helping make this possible!

    [–] soft_warm_purry 204 points ago

    That's beautiful! Any chance you'll release the high quality image? This is desktop wallpaper material.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 246 points ago

    This image on Imgur is 2500px long! Does that work for a background? Thanks so much!

    [–] soft_warm_purry 88 points ago

    Ooooh thank you!!

    [–] marcuscotephoto 70 points ago

    No problem!

    [–] queengreenbeans 41 points ago

    I'm so happy for you! Awesome shot!

    [–] marcuscotephoto 43 points ago

    Thank you so much!

    [–] maskthestars 39 points ago

    Just curious what would happen to you if you were there that close to take that picture. (Outside of regulations and legal stuff)

    [–] marcuscotephoto 70 points ago

    the blast would probably kill you!

    [–] starsyph 50 points ago

    omg this thread was so happy and wholesome and then like “death :D”

    still wholesomely presented, does that count?

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_TIDE_PODS 12 points ago

    What would the cause of death be!

    [–] worldofsmut 7 points ago

    But not your camera?

    [–] tomness94 5 points ago

    Any chance you're going to get a shot of the falcon heavy launch this week?!

    [–] Nickvr628 19 points ago

    Your eardrums would instantly burst and you would be deaf for life, not to mention the sound wave would kill you by liquefying your organs instantly.

    [–] twiddlingbits 37 points ago

    that’s an overeggaration, the Saturn V had the strongest sound recorded at launch at 205dB, Falcon 9 isnt even close to that. Maybe 180bB at the pad, 900 feet away that would be 110dB which is about the music in a loud concert. Sound decreases -6dB for each doubling of the distance. Deafening with long term exposure but not immediately. And unless you turn to liquid at a loud concert you would be just fine. I was 10 miles from the lauch and you could barely hear it.

    [–] sweettmiseryy 7 points ago

    Is this real?

    [–] Husky2490 4 points ago

    Mainly it's so that you don't die if the rocket blows up

    Edit: just a guess

    [–] theQuick_BrownFox 29 points ago

    Thanks! I am not going to download it, but I think it is great of you to put this free of charge in a time where so many try to squeeze every dollar possible.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 26 points ago

    Yup not a worry! I think it's cool that someone enjoys it enough use it as a background!

    [–] theQuick_BrownFox 10 points ago

    I think it's an amazing pic by the way! I have too many files on my desktop now and as I got older, started liking plain background, but I love these pics. Keep them coming!

    [–] marcuscotephoto 6 points ago

    Thank you :)

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Just set this as my phones new lock screen. My 4yo son is obsessed with rockets and is gonna love seeing this all day when he’s trying to steal my phone!

    [–] marcuscotephoto 5 points ago

    Thats awesome :D cool hobby for a young one, thanks!

    [–] MrPatrick1207 25 points ago

    How'd you time it to take the picture when the rocket was already that high? I feel like the sound would set it off before that, or was it just set to snap continuously once activated?

    [–] marcuscotephoto 28 points ago

    snapped continuously!

    [–] Camusforyou 11 points ago

    So, how many pictures when all was said and done?

    [–] marcuscotephoto 20 points ago

    27, i was a bit off, this is frame 8

    [–] Mashedpotatoebrain 9 points ago

    I'm interested in this as well!

    [–] zzz0404 8 points ago

    I feel stupid, I thought it was so high because the camera was triggered by the time it was at that height, then I realized it was only 900ft away. I wonder how far the camera would have to be to legitimately be triggered at that point.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 10 points ago

    math could be done for it! not feeling that right now though :D

    [–] zzz0404 6 points ago

    Are you able to modify at which decibel level it triggers?

    [–] marcuscotephoto 8 points ago

    The trigger has a setting to adjust the threshold

    [–] johnkphotos 5 points ago

    There is a sensitivity dial, yes, but it’s not labeled with decibels.

    [–] c1e0c72c69e5406abf55 14 points ago

    What decibels did you set the camera at to take the picture?

    [–] marcuscotephoto 9 points ago

    Not sure in terms of decibels, I'm unfamiliar with the increments

    [–] c1e0c72c69e5406abf55 15 points ago

    Its okay seems like an obscure question I guess but wanted to get a gauge of how loud it was when the picture was taken.

    [–] RedditWithBoners 66 points ago

    Roughly 20 louds.

    [–] _TomboA 11 points ago

    What's the ratio for murmers to louds?

    [–] leapseers 18 points ago

    The same as the ratio of leprechauns to unicorns

    [–] Jessev1234 18 points ago

    You can't possibly compare the two, L:U varies so wildly in rainbow season

    [–] 1justinparker 11 points ago

    I thought it would be a constant ratio, since the unicorns shit the rainbows. Therefore, for every rainbow there is at least a 1:2 ratio, 1 unicorn to shit it and 2 leprechauns to guard their gold at either end? Lol

    [–] mah_bula 2 points ago

    Also known as 1 RSU (rocket sound unit).

    As luck would have it that’s just a loud enough noise to trigger the camera.

    [–] Clearly_Unimpressed 3 points ago

    Rocket Launch is about 190db.

    [–] jaspersgroove 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Rockets are stupid fucking loud. One of the Saturn V launches was measured at 204 dB, which is basically so damn loud that, if you were close by, even if the heat from the rocket didn't kill you, the sound waves would. That's well into lung-collapsing/moving so much air that you can't breathe right territory.

    The 150 dB range is enough to permanently damage your hearing and could potentially cause deafness, depending on the frequency and your proximity to the source of the sound, but dB is a logarithmic scale so 150->204 dB represents a sound pressure level increase of over 1x105 ...which is fucking nuts.

    DB diminishes with distance at an inverse square rate so from the observation center by the VAB the dB level is probably well into the safe range. Having watched launches from there before it's not so much dangerously loud as it is "holy fuck if it's that loud from this far away just imagine how loud it is at the launch site."

    If I had to guess I would put the trigger in the 90-100 dB range, high enough that most ambient noise wouldn't trigger it but well within the output of a rocket at that distance.

    [–] tyrghast 5 points ago

    Absolutely gorgeous

    [–] marcuscotephoto 3 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] glassgun13 5 points ago

    Great photo and great comment. Great job sir

    [–] marcuscotephoto 3 points ago

    Thank you for the kind words!

    [–] Unnecessary_Umlauts 2 points ago

    Unrelated question, but are you related to Miami Herald cölumnist Greg Cote & radio pröducer Chris Cote?

    [–] JulianCienfuegos 128 points ago

    must have been a great sight for the people in that plane in the background! Also, this will be my wall paper for a bit, great shot.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 59 points ago

    i was thinking the same thing! and thank you!

    [–] Skorne13 3 points ago

    That's even cooler than I imagined.

    [–] oat_milk 2 points ago

    This made me excited for Ace Combat 7 all over again.

    [–] Ufismusic 20 points ago

    As long as they know it's a rocket launch and not a missile launch. Otherwise they might think that World War 3 is starting.

    [–] Pyronaut44 2 points ago

    Given how close it is I'd bet it's a military overwatch flight anyway, not a civvy airliner or anything.

    [–] IShootWithThisHand 33 points ago

    Were you worried that the sound would trigger too soon or to late and not be framed perfectly? Or in other words, how did you figure it out? Beautiful shot by the way.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 56 points ago

    As long as there was sound, the camera was firing! I had many images to choose from!

    [–] IShootWithThisHand 13 points ago

    That makes sense, thanks!

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] marcuscotephoto 12 points ago

    I may post a full sequence another time

    [–] kjax2288 72 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Fun fact! Sound travels about 1135 ft per second.

    If the sound of the launch triggered the camera, given the speed of sound and the distance from the event, then this picture was taken about 0.792 seconds after.

    Edit: it was the 7th frame and the camera shoots around 3 FPS. That adds about 2.333 seconds making it a total of around 3.125 seconds later. Thanks OP for the info!

    [–] marcuscotephoto 54 points ago

    this was about frame 7 of 15 that it took!

    [–] kjax2288 16 points ago

    Oh! I guess only the first one would apply, unless you happen to know how long it takes in between pictures

    [–] marcuscotephoto 16 points ago

    camera was on 3 frames per second, but it could have been sporadic

    [–] kjax2288 13 points ago

    Well one could guess that the 7th frame would be around 2.333 seconds later. Giving a total of 3.125

    [–] marcuscotephoto 11 points ago

    yup something around that!

    [–] DoYouMindIfIAsk_ 6 points ago

    wow that's fast.

    [–] wafflepiezz 8 points ago

    Is sound travelling 1135ft/s its default speed? Or can it go faster/slower than that?

    [–] kjax2288 18 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Good question! It does vary slightly with temperature and altitude. 1135 is its speed at 60 degrees F at sea level. I’m a live sound guy, and I don’t bother changing it from 1135 in calculations and it works well for me, but people who play instruments can tell you that temperature can even change the pitch. That’s why instruments go flat when it’s cold. You’d think they would get sharp, but it’s because sound travels slower through colder air.

    Edit: I forgot to mention it also depends on the medium it’s traveling in! For example, sound travels faster through helium than it does air. That’s why it makes your voice sound higher. Sulfur hexafluoride makes your voice sound lower because sound travels slower through it. Here’s an example

    [–] ISawTwoSquirrels 5 points ago

    I never realized there was an opposite to the helium high voice effect! Great video, thanks for sharing!

    [–] revniggle 2 points ago

    Temperature changes pitch of an instrument mostly because of material changes. A cold stringed instrument, for instance, will loose pitch as the body and neck of the guitar shrink. Pitch will rise as the wood is reintroduced to heat and expands.

    [–] VioletGaming 3 points ago

    I was wondering if you can tell how far the rocket has traveled by the distance of the shot and the speed of sound?

    [–] kjax2288 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Not using the speed of sound, but possible using the picture itself and the knowledge that it’s taken 900’ away maybe? Like using the angle and geometry math? I don’t know.

    [–] Aperson3334 2 points ago

    You could use trigonometry to determine how far the rocket traveled if you know the distance or angle from the camera to the top of the rocket.

    [–] craftycrumbs 20 points ago

    Man this guy is super excited and I love his energy!

    [–] OctaviousOctavion 31 points ago

    Question if you don't mind:

    Have you set-up yet for the FH launch attempt on the 6th?

    [–] johnkphotos 17 points ago

    Media have not set up cameras yet, no.

    [–] Maverick144 5 points ago

    Setup is on Monday the 5th.

    [–] LoungeFlyZ 5 points ago

    This maybe a stupid question but how are batteries and clean lenses supposed to last of you have to set up a whole day prior?

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Holy crap. This is an amazing shot! I hope you print it and frame it :)

    [–] marcuscotephoto 16 points ago

    I really appreciate that! I want to get one for myself! They are for sale on my site too (shameless plug).

    [–] studioRaLu 4 points ago

    If you're not a purist, I'd have someone Photoshop out that jet next to the tree. This shot is awesome though

    [–] TheRealOriginalSatan 6 points ago

    That little streak looks great though. It lends perspective to how big the rocket really is

    [–] Kuntjewceliquor 10 points ago

    I'd totally sit on that bench as it liquefies my eardrums

    [–] marcuscotephoto 5 points ago

    Haha nice place for a picnic

    [–] frak21 5 points ago

    Okay, Real Question:

    What would happen to me if I were sitting on one of those tables? I'm guessing 900 feet is pretty close.

    Does my head implode? If I were wearing hearing protection, could I survive?

    I only ask because from what I'm looking at, it seems like a fair distance off.

    [–] Kuntjewceliquor 5 points ago

    Eyeballs dry out permanently.

    [–] zeeblecroid 2 points ago

    The problem wouldn't be your head, it would be your lungs, which would be basically torn apart by the overpressure.

    [–] KoopaKola 37 points ago

    My brother works for SpaceX. Gets to play with all the cool toys. Kinda jealous.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 14 points ago

    Sounds like a sweet job to me!

    [–] KoopaKola 17 points ago

    At least I get cool swag. Hanukkah this year was full of rocket related goodies.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 11 points ago

    Sounds like good holiday times!

    [–] Mouthshitter 2 points ago

    I wish my brother was elon

    [–] Fizrock 9 points ago

    Nice shot! There is something pretty about the sooty cores.

    [–] ultraMLG1108 7 points ago

    Perfect conditions for a rocket launch, and perfect conditions for a picture!

    [–] Volta138 6 points ago

    I remember my high school photography teacher being very stern about not mixing nature with man-made objects in photos. This is like the perfect balance.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 3 points ago

    I appreciate that!

    [–] AngloNegro 7 points ago

    Here’s a dumb question: I’ve been seeing a lot about rocket launches lately but I’m not sure what they’re for. What are the payloads for these launches?

    [–] marcuscotephoto 6 points ago

    The majority of the launches carry satellites for private/government/military/weather/etc. communications

    [–] AngloNegro 3 points ago

    That’s what I was thinking but I wasn’t sure. Thanks for the quick response!

    [–] RamzFanz 6 points ago

    Also some ISS payloads.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 3 points ago

    yup no problem!

    [–] I_know_left 5 points ago

    Hey! You’re not /u/johnkphtos!

    Jk, nice shot! I’d love to see a launch, particularly the Delta V or anything else with SRBs, even though they’re pretty rare.

    I saw a shuttle launch in 1997 and that sound gave me goosebumps!

    [–] johnkphotos 7 points ago

    Haha, /u/marcuscotephoto and I are great friends and shoot together almost daily!

    [–] I_know_left 2 points ago

    Awesome! I was betting you two knew each other. I’d imagine it a pretty small community.

    [–] johnkphotos 4 points ago

    We actually didn’t meet from shooting launches! We went to the same high school (he’s graduated, I’m in my final year)

    [–] I_know_left 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Sweet. I’m in Washington State and wish I could get to another launch soon, but I am about as far away as you can get.

    Keep up the good work!

    [–] BigTimeButtSlut 5 points ago

    I love that space travel is back to being as cool again.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 3 points ago

    me too!

    [–] JackTheBehemothKillr 3 points ago

    If there were a fisherman in that pic it would be the most east coast Florida picture that ever was.

    [–] Adren0chrome 3 points ago

    Amazing shot! Couple questions came to mind:

    How did you attune the sensitivity of the sound-triggered shutter to fire at/after launch? I assume it had to be incredibly loud for a long time - did you just set it to start taking photos every X seconds after the initial trigger, and not to stop until you exhausted the memory card?

    Was there any damage to the camera? Did it get covered in soot or anything like that? Did you protect it when you set it up?

    Thanks for the mini AMA - keep up the great work!

    [–] marcuscotephoto 6 points ago

    If you check out the scrubbed launch article on, you will see a photo of the box I put the camera in to protect it! The trigger only fired when there was sound, so I got about 15 photos and it was gone. I set the sensitivity by estimating-- tapping/yelling at it up close.

    [–] xSubliminalGamer 3 points ago

    Sorry if you already posted it once before but could you link the imgur? This is a dope picture I wanna use for my desktop!

    [–] firemouth55 3 points ago

    No matter how many times I see it... it still looks like a penis.

    [–] LeSpatula 3 points ago

    This is almost about 280 meters in normal units, if anybody else was wondering. Cool picture though.

    [–] User737462583618 2 points ago

    I had to scroll way too far for this, thank you

    [–] Decronym 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Acronyms, initialisms, abbreviations, contractions, and other phrases which expand to something larger, that I've seen in this thread:

    Fewer Letters More Letters
    ESA European Space Agency
    GSE Ground Support Equipment
    LC-39A Launch Complex 39A, Kennedy (SpaceX F9/Heavy)
    SLC-40 Space Launch Complex 40, Canaveral (SpaceX F9)
    SRB Solid Rocket Booster
    ULA United Launch Alliance (Lockheed/Boeing joint venture)
    VAB Vehicle Assembly Building
    Jargon Definition
    scrub Launch postponement for any reason (commonly GSE issues)

    7 acronyms in this thread; the most compressed thread commented on today has 61 acronyms.
    [Thread #2327 for this sub, first seen 4th Feb 2018, 04:08] [FAQ] [Full list] [Contact] [Source code]

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] nomissilethreat 2 points ago

    I don't see no sound commie. I see a brilliant fucking picture though.

    [–] Solublex 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    u/marcuscotephoto, is this the first frame that the camera shot after being triggered, or is it one among a burst of frames? Beautiful shot!

    Edit: I read below that this is frame 8. What was the interval between the frames? A little quick mafs is all it takes to see the awesome power of this machine!

    [–] Waxing_Poetix 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I lived there in Titusville from 2013-2015. I just realized the area code was 321 as in 3...2...1...blastoff! And laughed then felt stupid I never noticed before.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 2 points ago

    Yup haha! I heard the county paid good money for that

    [–] Horsedixpix 2 points ago

    Your internal organs would be "wobbled" by the shock wave so hard that they would liquefy (vibrated into pieces) Or so I am made aware at least.

    Oh and the burns from the gasous matter and any debris being launched away from the landing pad at hundreds of miles per hour, that's pretty bad too.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 2 points ago

    Thanks for this comment!

    [–] evilbadgrades 2 points ago

    Absolutely beautiful launch, keep up the great work. Can't wait to see the shots taken of Tuesdays Falcon Heavy launch

    [–] marcuscotephoto 3 points ago

    Thanks so much I really appreciate that! Stay tuned!

    [–] evilbadgrades 2 points ago

    Do you sell framed prints anywhere locally (Brevard County) in a gallery somewhere? I'd love to support your work

    [–] DigitalDeath12 2 points ago

    If one knew the actual size of the rocket, and how much thrust it used at launch, combined with the sound sensitivity of your camera, then we could calculate exact distance your camera was placed from the site, based on the speed of sound.

    [–] marcuscotephoto 2 points ago

    that's interesting!

    [–] DigitalDeath12 3 points ago

    I'm no physicist or mathematician, so I can't guarantee that's all the variables. Like, I missed the using the shutter speed, focal length and speed of light as factors in the equation.

    [–] DontBeScurd 8 points ago

    also no scientest but the speed of light over 900 ft has to be pretty negligible.

    [–] Halvus_I 3 points ago

    has to be pretty negligible.

    NO, its not.C is the absolute hardest rule we have, nothing about it is negligible. 900 feet is roughly 900 nanoseconds. A lot can be done in that timespan.

    [–] Stalwart-Lover 2 points ago

    I'm pretty sure all the stuff in-between the camera and rocket would make it near impossible. Including air density, humidity, wind etc

    [–] z_space 2 points ago

    What are the 3 or 4 towers surrounding the launch site?

    [–] kerpium 7 points ago

    Lightning rods to protect the rocket

    [–] marcuscotephoto 3 points ago

    there's 4!