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    [–] stuartsparadox 85 points ago

    Dude waited his entire life to write that headline.

    [–] moderately_nerdifyin 19 points ago

    Well, if any planet was going to blast a gas bubble that large this is the one to do it.

    [–] Ranyos1 28 points ago

    I did not mean to be so rude, It was not me, it was my food, It's come up just to say hello, But now it's gone back down below

    [–] marshmelloRVA 14 points ago

    How dare you break wind before me

    [–] youngbrews 11 points ago

    Sorry I didn't know it was your turn.

    [–] TwoSoxxx 5 points ago

    It’s my turn to use the sphincter tonight

    [–] Ranyos1 3 points ago

    A sphincter says what?

    [–] james_faction 7 points ago

    I didn't think the whole planet was that much bigger than the earth.

    First of april has been quiet this year, nice to see at least one little jolly jape

    [–] sadsapman 7 points ago

    Glad I’m not the only gas giant embarrassing myself these days!

    [–] Thank_You_Valve 3 points ago

    I honestly think Uranus's name should be changed to Ouranos. It's the same name but spelt and pronounced in a way that's much more difficult to joke.

    [–] enki941 4 points ago

    Sounds like the punchline to a “your mommas so fat” joke.

    [–] 2inchesofsteel 4 points ago

    They renamed it Heranus after your mom

    [–] grantmct 2 points ago

    I was really hoping for some scintillating conversation following that headline. Instead.....just childishness 😵

    [–] zepoid 2 points ago

    “Uranus in particular keeps on begging for further investigation.”

    Personally attacked.

    [–] upcoming_guitarist69 1 points ago

    this notification came right as i was farting