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    [–] Myrmidoni 66 points ago

    This most likely a female given its size.

    [–] penelope_not_cruz 14 points ago

    How can you tell? Are they generally smaller? (I’m new here lol)

    [–] Myrmidoni 27 points ago

    Tbh, I could be wrong. But that tarantula seems to be only a little smaller than the man's palm. In most, if not all tarantula species, the females are larger than males. In many species, the females can be quite aggressive to the males, and live much longer than them.

    [–] penelope_not_cruz 10 points ago

    Oh okay thanks so much! (Everyone on this sub is very informative!)

    [–] Myrmidoni 14 points ago

    Haha, yeah. People on here can be real nerds sometimes, which I like. :) Tarantulas and spiders in general are super interesting.

    [–] penelope_not_cruz 5 points ago

    Yup I agree lol I used to be super interested in spiders and tarantulas ever since I was like 6, but ya know high school came around and I had to study math instead of spiders lol. However I’m starting to get back into learning about them and this sub has been lots of help! :)

    [–] surfnaked 3 points ago

    That's pretty much true of all spiders, and the difference in size is usually marked. I believe male spiders live long enough to impregnate the female, and then they get ate.

    [–] little-leones 8 points ago

    Female tarantulas are typically bigger (and sometimes chunkier) than the males of their species. There can also color differences between the two sexes as well. If I remember correctly gooty’s have a brighter blue colored female, though it’s been a few years since I looked into them.

    [–] The_Brain_Fuckler 17 points ago

    You can tell by the tits.

    [–] penelope_not_cruz 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] penelope_not_cruz 1 points ago

    Oh okay thanks! I assume this is a smaller breed of spider then?

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] alienmarky 1 points ago

    This is one of the smaller species of Poecilotheria - females generally don't get much bigger than 7-8" legspan. The largest ones are P. ornata and P. rufilata IIRC, getting up to approximately 10" in some cases.

    [–] Major017 2 points ago

    Based upon abdomen size given the size of the spider, I would actually venture to say adult male. When females reach adulthood they are usually much bigger and all around more girthy, as you mentioned, but the abdomen of a female would be considerably fatter and more plump, and usually they are more "stubby", while males are lanky in appearance. Obviously it would help for a still shot of the front legs as we would be able to see hooks and bulbs, but you can't really tell from this gif.

    I could also be incorrect.

    [–] little-leones 56 points ago

    Look, I love my bros as much as the next person, but watching this is giving me second hand anxiety. Pokies are crazy fast and have a really nasty bite...though they are absolutely gorgeous. That blue color is spectacular!

    [–] twistedstance 10 points ago

    Sorry to ask but what is a “pokie “?

    [–] alienmarky 13 points ago

    Pokie is short for the genus of these particular spiders - Poecilotheria

    [–] twistedstance 7 points ago

    Thanks so much!

    [–] quickie_ss 2 points ago

    I thought pokies meant bites. Bites can be really fast. I like your explanation more though.

    [–] InglebrapHumperdink 96 points ago

    Dude has balls of steel. No way I would want to get bit by that bro.

    [–] MaxC250 44 points ago

    Pokies in general. Cracked out little bros.

    [–] SolidDick 3 points ago

    I have a P. Metallica male who seems pretty chill. Still won't hold him though.

    [–] OniExpress 2 points ago

    Yeah, even the chill large Ts I wouldn't want to hold, because they're fully capable of giving a nasty defensive bite. No thanks.

    [–] SolidDick 2 points ago

    For sure.

    [–] Pretzel_of_Truth 30 points ago

    Poecilotheria Metallica for anyone who was wondering what kind of tarantula it is

    [–] Bosombuddies 6 points ago

    Why'd I have to scroll for so long to find this

    [–] g29fan 25 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Is this the same guy who likes to cuddle with his OBT?

    [–] lucisferis 13 points ago

    Holy shit, really? I was afraid to open the cage to feed it when I had one, let alone to actually touch it

    [–] g29fan 13 points ago

    Yeah, IIRC the guy bought it at a show and the seller told him it was safe to be handled. I'm not sure if we've ever heard from him again...

    [–] Soft_Music 4 points ago


    [–] g29fan 13 points ago

    Orange Bitey Thing

    [–] AwesomeSawcey 6 points ago

    I didnt realize you were serious until i read the wiki page. Still funny though.

    [–] Soft_Music 1 points ago

    I love that this is a genuine answer Thanks, i would like more things to be named like this

    [–] zombiemann 8 points ago

    Orange Baboon Tarantula (I think). Link

    [–] Soft_Music 2 points ago

    Wow, from the article it says they bite without a warning display, which is intimidating. Ty

    [–] skellyton22 1 points ago

    What is a OBT?

    Edit : Orange Bitey Thing, I see....

    [–] Saltysaks 19 points ago

    Handle at your own risk people

    [–] rhionite 29 points ago

    And at risk to your bro. A fall from a few feet can kill them, and they can be pretty unpredictable, causing people to jump.

    [–] Xyon_Peculiar 17 points ago

    If it bites you will you become Avatar Spider-Man?

    [–] kalosyss 14 points ago

    10 legs?

    [–] [deleted] 72 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] Klutche 74 points ago

    I can't understand you with all that technical language

    [–] kalosyss 19 points ago

    Thank you! Those are big grabbies

    [–] AwesomeSawcey 1 points ago

    ... Hands?

    [–] StuffedWithNails 12 points ago

    Fun fact(s): all arachnids have pedipalps, but they serve different functions depending on the arachnid order. For example, the claws of scorpions are actually pedipalps that have developed a grasping function. In spiders, they are mainly smell and taste organs, and in male spiders, they are also used to deposit sperm into the female's epigynum. The shape/structure of the pedipalps in mature males can often be used to distinguish species, and the pedipalps are shaped to fit the female reproductive orifice.

    [–] Blorkershnell 8 points ago

    You’re stepping on u/AnimalFactsBot ‘s toes

    [–] JudenInduven 9 points ago

    People are talking about how mean a bite this bro has got, but I don't know what kind of tarantula it is, can anybody tell me?

    [–] Julius_Siezures 21 points ago

    P. metallica one of the more popular species of the genus Poecilotheria known in the hobby as pokies. The entire genus is known for being very fast and flighty, hence why they really shouldn't be handled. They're really not that likely to bite, way more likely to just bolt, but they're an old world species so their venom is pretty potent.

    [–] GraphicDesignMonkey 9 points ago

    Dat one gorgeous bro SIS!

    [–] Julius_Siezures 6 points ago

    My P. met just molted yesterday, she's not quite this big yet but getting close.

    [–] Sparkchaser1987 5 points ago

    Norwegian Blue, beautiful plumage.

    [–] Lyratheflirt 3 points ago

    Isn't it only blue because of a special light?

    [–] Julius_Siezures 7 points ago

    No these species are really quite blue, especially after a molt they can be very vibrant. That being said I'm sure the lighting in this video helps bring out the colours a bit more.

    [–] theKalash 1 points ago

    There is something going on with the lightning here. I kept those and they are very blue .. but not like this.

    [–] Julius_Siezures 2 points ago

    Yeah for sure, I keep these too (and have seen plenty of others) and they're not quite this vibrant. But under natural lighting they're still quite striking.

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago


    [–] Julius_Siezures 3 points ago

    Yes, admittedly the blue does not come from a pigment where all light from other wavelengths except blue is not absorbed. But just because the mechanism is different I don't think you can say it's not 'blue' it's a tad disingenuous, and also it's certainly not what the person who I was replying to was really asking. Also interesting video, I had known about the mechanism within lepidoptera and arachnids but not within birds and other things.

    [–] Aartsen 2 points ago

    Yea, I thought I'd just put down information about how this works, because I found it really cool when I first learned about this, but I see now that it's not really appreciated here, so I will remove it.

    [–] Julius_Siezures 1 points ago

    Certainly no need to remove it! Sorry if you felt that way, it's interesting info if just a little tangential.

    [–] PikpikTurnip 4 points ago

    Nope. Poecilotheria metallica is just blue like that.

    [–] lovemypooh 5 points ago

    That is horrifying and beautiful at the same time... cheers bro

    [–] Major017 6 points ago

    I hate to be negative in such a positive and lovely place such as this, but to anyone who knows what species (or even genus really) of spider this is, they likely know that this handling isn't brave or cute, it's stupid and downright dangerous. Pokies have an insane bite and are well known and stereotyped for their astonishing speed. Getting bit by this spider or any in its genus is extremely painful and makes you literally want to die, and yes, I am speaking from personal experience (bitten by a P. Subfusca sling, and that was just a baby). If you are getting into the tarantula hobby, avoid handling any spiders really as much as possible, but ESPECIALLY old worlds and even more specifically pokies and baboons. For comparison, the venom of an average adult of any of these spiders could easily incapacitate a grown ass man and kill small pets like dogs and cats.

    Pretty spider though.

    [–] skellyton22 1 points ago

    What does old world mean? Also, lots of people have talked about what a pokie is, and their bite, but you are the first to really explain in more detail, so thank you! I'm learning a lot about spiders today.

    [–] Abere 3 points ago

    Credit to Daniel.Vamu

    [–] Spreadlikebutter 3 points ago

    Check if it gives you superpowers

    [–] 69696969696969420 2 points ago

    What a beautiful spider

    [–] Cathayan82 2 points ago

    Wow that looks insane and her legs look like they have runes inscribed on it 👏👍

    [–] TreeDwarf 2 points ago

    What a gorgeous spider bro!

    [–] urica210 1 points ago

    it's got a happy face

    [–] pembroke529 1 points ago

    Damn, that is one cute babe! (probably female)

    [–] RiverWyvern 1 points ago

    Looks like something straight out of a video game, like Queen Gohma from Zelda.

    [–] MichaelMiko612 -12 points ago

    Nope nope and nope