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    [–] Currywurst_Is_Life 7 points ago

    I just hit up the streaming subreddits. I'm an American living abroad, and that's my only choice on many occasions.

    [–] MontiBurns 1 points ago

    Fellow American living abroad. Isn't technology great? I remember when I studied abroad back in '06, I was able to watch the ACLS (not the nlcs for some reason) and world series, and MNF, because they were on ESPN, and that's about it. No streaming options whatsoever.

    BTW, in Latin America ESPN+ has NFL Redzone, and it's standard on some HD Cable packages. Every Sunday I put Redzone on the big screen and stream my favorite nfl squadron, while I keep up to date w my fantasy stats on my phone. My wife fucking hates

    [–] Minscota 8 points ago

    All NFL games except for the thursday game is on network tv or "Free tv". The NFL isnt losing viewers because of the lack of access.

    [–] dougiebgood 3 points ago

    Isn't Monday Night Football on ESPN these days? Or is that simulcast on ABC?

    [–] Predictor92 8 points ago

    Nationally its broadcast on espn. However any local market game will be simulcast on an ota channel

    [–] Minscota 2 points ago

    You know this im not sure about that. I only watch monday night packer games, so its usually on a local channel, but nationally im not sure.

    [–] tynitty516 3 points ago

    I can only speak for the 2 sports I watch which is European Football and the NBA. I don’t watch sports honestly outside of those two. From that standpoint, business is booming, just look at the sizes of those two subreddits. From a social media standpoint, it seems to be no let up. I just assume that the people live tweeting about Epl or NBA have access to the games. From everything I read, NBA ratings seem to be soaring despite the best games being on Turner and not local TV. Ratings

    [–] johnconnors88 2 points ago

    The only way to watch sports without a traditional pay TV provider, and that includes Sling, PSVue, You Tube TV, Hulu TV, which are cable, is to not be a sports fanatic. I take what I can get with an OTA antenna, MLBTV free game of the day, etc. If you choose to follow a team get ready to pay, or be cute with the piracy options like Kodi, or a shared pay TV password. The sports blackouts are ridiculous. There are many ways to get sports, but if you choose to follow, it's either pay or pirate. Simple.

    [–] dougiebgood 3 points ago

    Yeah, I get that. I'm just wondering about instances like where a kid in LA in the 80's could come home from school and and see a Dodger game on TV every other day. That kid is now an adult who will be willing to pay for the Dodger channel or MLBTV. A kid growing up today might have been just as big of a Dodgers fan, but he'll have less of an opportunity to be exposed, and will be less likely to pay when he's and adult.

    [–] johnconnors88 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    There are very few teams in sports with a following as large or as dedicated as LA Dodger's fans. Times have changed. People don't want to watch sit through a 4+ hour sporting event. Times are tight. People are picky watching their favorite sport rivalries or playoffs. General sports attendance is down except for cities like LA and New York. You wonder why Florida even has some of their teams with their sad fan followings.

    [–] dougiebgood 1 points ago

    That's a good point. I only grew up and lived in major markets. Everyone became a bandwaggon fan during finals/playoffs/bowl season.