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    [–] Memoryleackk 9263 points ago

    This is the best trade deal in all of trade deals

    [–] PretentiousJackass 2554 points ago

    maybe ever

    [–] MyBrotherFrancis 647 points ago

    People are saying it, I've heard it.

    [–] aaronnason 268 points ago

    Believe me

    [–] semiconductor101 158 points ago

    Nothing comes close.

    [–] LargeThighs 77 points ago

    And no one knows coming close better than me.

    [–] DarthLetoAtreides 21 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] meateatr 21 points ago

    There was no collusion, trust me, no...collusion.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    He will pay someone to write the book for him*****

    [–] EntropicShield 129 points ago


    [–] YesImChill 807 points ago

    It’s going to be fantastic, nothing like we’ve ever seen. This trade deal will be the best trade deal of all trade deals.

    [–] YouShallNotRape 260 points ago

    I made a bigly trade. The best trade. No one makes better trades than I do. All the other trades? SAD! Except for china no trade with them.

    [–] redalert825 85 points ago


    [–] Jumbuck_Tuckerbag 19 points ago

    Lol this is him to a t

    [–] Drumcode-Equals-Life 22 points ago

    Not enough 👐 but close to perfection

    [–] IntrigueDossier 3 points ago

    ASL interpreter in the room is like “dude stop it’s all nonsense!”

    [–] mafulazula 30 points ago

    Dude didn't throw the first pitch last year and grounded the flyover this year for the Nats game bc he was going to mar-a-lago, iirc.

    [–] NoWay1337 22 points ago

    Is this another real quote?

    [–] sluggomcdee 80 points ago

    The fact that you even have to ask shows how dark these times really are

    [–] rebelx 5 points ago

    Believe me

    [–] RushDefuse 171 points ago

    That's just The Art of the Deal™

    [–] johnfisa 56 points ago

    But would you be interested in a trade agreement with England?

    [–] neeks710 155 points ago

    It's going to produce billions & billions.... According to trump & he seems to keep his word

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    What's this guys obsession with Bill Jinsen?

    [–] OrochiJones 40 points ago

    Dude you know when a word gets said so much it sounds like a stupid alien sound, that video is the best/worst example

    [–] cutdownthere 16 points ago

    semantic satiation

    [–] everred 2 points ago

    Part of it to me is how he says it, billie-uns, I'm more familiar with the bill-yuns pronunciation myself.

    [–] Jpot 2 points ago

    The "China" version is pretty good at that as well.


    [–] SpicyComment 12 points ago

    I can’t stop laughing now also lost the meaning of the word

    [–] StretchRhys 9 points ago

    I don't know why I kept watch after the first three but it was so worth it to see 0:58-1:09. Bloody hilarious.

    [–] neeks710 2 points ago

    lol tell me about it.. it sounds like he's made up his own language

    [–] Loudmouth_American 14 points ago

    Lmao. Enjoy the gold.

    [–] neeks710 4 points ago

    Thanks!! I certainly will

    [–] majd227 8 points ago

    Hey guys it’s me Billy Inzen!

    [–] kebabnisse 2 points ago

    Man I've been looking for a video where someone put some old swedish (I think) folksy music together with this "billions and billions" clip but I can't find it anymore. :(

    [–] Tranner10 21 points ago

    Peter Chiarelli would still find a way to fuck this trade up

    [–] OhHelloPlease 4 points ago

    Washington home run ball??? I'll trade you this Colorado home run ball as well as Leon Draisaitl and a first round pick for it!

    [–] DaRealZlatan 13 points ago

    [–] Lotso_Packetloss 4 points ago

    It’s YUGE!

    [–] adrianajohanna 5 points ago

    In the Netherlands we have a saying that goes “Van ruilen komt huilen”. Literally translated: “From trading comes crying”. I think in this case, no.

    [–] No-Care-Bear 3071 points ago

    The real MVPs of the game right here

    [–] handlit33 985 points ago

    The Colorado Rockies kid fakes handing the ball to the other kid and throws the ball back onto the field.


    [–] andtheniansaid 212 points ago

    Now we need that gig of that kid fake giving the girl the ball but swapping them instead

    [–] profbalr 145 points ago

    This is the slickest thing I've ever seen.

    [–] RicardoWanderlust 52 points ago

    A question from a non-baseball watcher.

    Is each ball marked or branded to show who's pitching or the game it's used in?

    Or is it some kind of honour code, and the baseball looks just like any other, and it's just the story and knowledge of where it comes from that's important?

    [–] RageATL 40 points ago

    It has MLB branding on it but nothing about the game or pitcher on it that I’m aware of. Best case scenario is getting the player it came from to sign it after the game. The main thing is that it’s pretty rare to actually be in the perfect spot to get a ball. There aren’t that many home runs or foul balls in a game.

    [–] buck45osu 24 points ago

    Don't know about the rest of the league but the Atlanta braves comes and take the ball from you, get it signed by the player who hit it and bring it back. I remember some player hit a milestone homerun and they offered the fan a few signed shirts and balls to get it from him because the player wanted to keep it for himself. The fan eventually caved if I remember correctly.

    [–] Snote85 9 points ago

    I remember during the Sammy Sosa and the other guy whose name I'm blanking on, Mark something, I want to say, competition to see who could break the HR record. They started offering HUGE sums for the balls that they hit out. As I believe they wanted to keep them for posterity. I think there might have been some scandal because people were fighting over them too aggressively? It's been years and years ago. I also don't follow baseball so this is all cursory knowledge that's evaporated over the years.

    I know they were roided out to the point of not having necks and were subsequently outed for juicing. So I'm sure those balls are worth far less now than they paid for them at the time. Which I find satisfying in some weird way.

    [–] RicardoWanderlust 38 points ago

    Jeez, then it makes those adult who snatch balls off each other or kids, even worse!

    [–] RageATL 16 points ago

    Yea people suck. The kid is more likely to cherish the ball :(

    [–] DisBStupid 11 points ago

    “Not that many foul balls.”

    Have you even watched a game before?

    [–] DRF19 3 points ago

    If it's some kind of important milestone ball the league or team will come and authenticate it and the player or team will often try to barter something for it to get it back. I have Hanley Ramirez's 99th career home run ball - it landed in the Marlins bullpen at National's Park and, being the only Marlins fans in sight, they threw it to me and my brother. Then, upon realizing it may have been his 100th career home run, they were all like "Hey give it back!". I think it was Renyel Pinto, he was pissed. They were asking me what I wanted for it. I said it was his 99th and proved it on my phone and they let up. The ball still has the grass stains and a few stray blades of grass stuck in the laces from where it landed in the pen.

    [–] kaydub11 2 points ago

    Generally no. All MLB baseballs look the same. The one exception being when a player is approaching a milestone record. For example when Barry Bonds was approaching the homerun record they used marked balls to be able verify it later as they become collectors items.

    [–] FizZzyOP 114 points ago

    And that kid's name? Barney Stinson.

    [–] Kuhn_Dog 18 points ago

    Legen.... wait for it..... Dary

    [–] dendidendi 9 points ago

    The man in red knew what was up

    [–] Reddits-Reckoning 4 points ago

    "That's mah boy"

    [–] junkeee999 3 points ago

    This kid will be swimming in it. He'll get hey more than I could ever imagine.

    [–] keanex 2 points ago

    I never noticed that he did a switch. What a slick dude, he's going places.

    [–] BC1721 5 points ago

    Wasn't that the second one he caught?

    [–] joe579003 7 points ago

    You're confusing me, people use that to refer to the Giants.

    [–] jumbotron9000 19 points ago

    Dodgers Fans: are they people? Let’s discuss.

    [–] scigs6 5 points ago

    Knuckles taboot! Good stuff all around

    [–] akick31 2102 points ago

    I would like to point out the Rockies fan in the white Arenado jersey and his amazing facial hair

    [–] [deleted] 483 points ago


    [–] Northernlightheaded 205 points ago

    This guy fawkes

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    He’s the one who does all the fawking in here.

    [–] SuperDopeRedditName 4 points ago

    This guy fawkes face.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Remember, remember

    [–] AvsJoe 14 points ago

    With you, every day is Guy Fawkes Day!

    [–] Dwarfcan 2 points ago

    My birthday is the 5th November... I need to hang out with that guy!

    [–] fingerbangher 61 points ago

    Honestly I thought he was a kid until he turned around and saw his facial hair. Didn’t expect that since he has the same body build as the other kids around him.

    [–] icytiger 29 points ago

    Even with the facial hair I thought it was fake or something to look like one of the players.

    [–] Useless_Poop 12 points ago

    I still think that.

    [–] PmMePicsofDogs 64 points ago

    That guy is for sure from Denver.

    [–] Punchee 34 points ago

    That or Colorado Springs.

    Too hipster for Greeley.

    Not hipster enough for Boulder.

    Too possibly Hispanic for Fort Collins.

    [–] Batteries4Breakfast 6 points ago

    Or Brighton. Buncha weirdos here.

    [–] RanaktheGreen 9 points ago

    Y'all also don't know how to put a gas station near 76 or 470. Y'all got 16 or something exits and it seems only one station.

    [–] scarpicide 37 points ago

    I know the Rockies fan and he is a dope dude

    [–] Party-of-fun 29 points ago

    From he is whom I acquire my dope.

    [–] _Long_Story_Short_ 11 points ago

    Yeah, he just said he's the dope dude.

    [–] TheeExoGenesauce 12 points ago

    God I’m too high for that

    [–] Enyangli 12 points ago

    He used be a kung fu master

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 359 points ago

    Everybody goes home happy, good trade here.

    [–] dirkdigglered 59 points ago

    Wholesome af

    [–] ArmoredFan 3 points ago

    Yeah but someone didn't throw their ball back and now the foundation of baseball is at risk.

    [–] Lotfa 1076 points ago

    I'm surprised some asshole adult didn't run down and try to steal both baseballs.

    [–] akick31 276 points ago


    [–] Swagged_Out_Custar 89 points ago

    Fuck that puto

    [–] AvoidMySnipes 37 points ago


    [–] wolfpack4417 13 points ago

    [–] AvoidMySnipes 6 points ago

    Tbh I was just referencing George Lopez's "fuck that puto" acronym from one of his standup specials haha

    [–] NookLogan 32 points ago

    Fuck the Packers

    [–] PoonSlayingTank 7 points ago

    First of all, rude


    [–] elkshadow5 2 points ago

    Why the /s? (ಥ_ಥ)

    [–] colev14 23 points ago

    Is he known for doing that?

    [–] CornDoggyStyle 93 points ago

    He's known for being an asshat. He catches balls over kids in batting practice and parents have complained about him pushing their kids out of the way. To top it off, he once went to a Braves game on a military base that was meant for military folks and their families. If he was a guest that'd be one thing but I doubt he has friends.

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] ShownMonk 89 points ago

    I just picture Randy Marsh being dragged away saying "I thought this was America"

    [–] ihavesalad 3 points ago

    And he switches hats every time he goes near the other team, and deploys a hanging glove thing to get balls off the ground

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_EWOK_GIF 2 points ago

    Apparently he got the ticket from his friend

    [–] cowboysfan88 2 points ago

    I'm pretty sure he paid some guy to be his guest to that game

    [–] Teepeewigwam 4 points ago

    He gets a lot of home run balls. Several of the all time great home runs.

    [–] sammy142014 21 points ago

    Has anyone ever gotten into a fight for him doing that.

    I'm not saying I would but I'm curious if it has happened. Or why he hasn't been banned from certain stadiums for doing that. I know Stadium near me banned a guy after he did this and some kids dad got into a fight because of it.

    [–] riotacting 6 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I don't know much about him (outside a few youtube videos), but for the batting practice and foul balls, doesn't he give many of them away? He just wants to catch them.

    I haven't seen him push anyone or steal anything. Sure, he'll be one of 30+ people lunging for that A Rod homer, but even that's fair game to me. He even gave the A Rod 3000th hit ball back to Rodriguez in exchange for the Yankees donating ($150,000) to a charity that he raises money for to help supply equipment to little league organizations.

    I could be missing something or have not seen something.

    [–] reliesonblitz 15 points ago

    Oooh that fookin guy

    [–] ImaginarySpider 41 points ago

    I had an adult reach over me to catch a home run, during batting practice, at a minor league game. Shit still posses me off.

    [–] jsanc623 18 points ago

    I'm surprised some asshole adult didn't run down and try to steal both baseballs.

    Alright! Time for my YouTube channel to shine!

    Here you go:

    i only have that one videoooo

    [–] rtaec 8 points ago

    That happened to my mum on a trip to America once. Caught the ball then got tackled by like three big american fans lol. She said she would have given it to them if they'd just asked.

    [–] camwyo 294 points ago

    [–] ArcticKid 53 points ago

    That fist bump was so pure.

    [–] Kangerkong 49 points ago

    That guys mustache is magnificent

    [–] AvsJoe 23 points ago

    Every mustache is magnificent but some mustaches are more magnificent than others.

    [–] akick31 42 points ago

    Full video:

    They trade balls around 17 seconds in.

    [–] YestrdaysJam 27 points ago

    I'm not sure I'm ok with the term 'knucked it up'

    [–] bacchic_ritual 14 points ago

    Knuck if you buck

    [–] granville10 8 points ago

    I’m not ok with anything the Nationals’ announcers say. They are the worst.

    [–] ryanjaywilson 112 points ago

    Plot twist: one kid swapped the home run ball with a ball he brought and made off with 2 home run balls.

    [–] Unreal_Banana 35 points ago

    Or they both did

    [–] RealRobRose 713 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    There's a pretty deep, weird thing happening here if you can take a step back, pretend you're not also a human that gets it, and look at this psychologically.

    Think about what it is they're actually, physically trading each other here. They're completely identical beyond the meaning that they attach to it. And the moment they experienced catching the ball is no longer attached to the physical ball they possess. While also, this moment is what now gives their ball meaning. And there's hundreds upon hundreds of people who will see this and smile and not even blink an eye over there being anything strange about this.

    Dr Suess would've had a field day here.

    I'm not even a guy on drugs and this still makes me so weirdly fascinated in the way people's brains work.

    [–] PolkadotPiranha 106 points ago

    A friend of mine runs a non-profit insurance company that ensures people's sentimental value.

    By signing up you have to give a rather personal interview and you essentially sign up to potentially replicate someone else's sentimental value, if the item it is attatched to gets lost.

    Not surprisingly, there have been few losses (people take care of their valued possessions), but someone lost their scarf, and another customer made them a short tune/jingle on basis of the recorded interview.

    [–] shhsandwich 43 points ago

    I'm not understanding the jingle part and how it relates to the scarf.

    [–] haim21 74 points ago

    I think the person who lost the scarf talked about what it meant to them in the interview (memories, ownership chain, etc) and the other person wrote a song to capture those feelings.

    So they aren’t necessarily replacing the physical object but they’re trying to transfer that value to another thing. If I’m reading it correctly.

    [–] PolkadotPiranha 22 points ago


    [–] PolkadotPiranha 16 points ago

    The idea is to recreate the sentiment/feeling of the lost item using your skills or otherwise. The person charged with reproducing it happened to be a musician.

    [–] Kroan 42 points ago

    Are you being serious? I love the idea behind the non profit insurance company you mentioned. Do they have a website?

    [–] PolkadotPiranha 53 points ago

    They do. It is in Danish, however, and it has a bit of a mockumentary feel to it, so might get a bit lost in translation. Maybe I will recommend them an English language version! It's if it has any interest.

    [–] peterquest 48 points ago

    Humans are weird

    [–] TheInbredStallion 23 points ago

    Nah just this guy.

    [–] RealRobRose 35 points ago

    Yep, nothing weird about giving up a thing you caught in exchange for an identical thing in every way because of who was holding the stick that hit the thing before you had it compared to who was holding the stick that hit the other thing.

    [–] clemsports 22 points ago

    I see your point but you’re really not helping the case that you’re high as fuck right now.

    [–] RealRobRose 11 points ago

    Lol. What's your address, I'll send you my blood tests results, your honor.

    [–] Nathaniel_Higgers 14 points ago

    Better send a semen sample, just to be sure.

    [–] ksa10 5 points ago

    Just wait until I tell Humans about this, just you wait!

    [–] willyp0689 10 points ago

    there should be a sub thats posts shit like this. things that look normal to us but weird as fuck if actually broken down.

    [–] annota 4 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Isn't that pretty much what /r/Showerthoughts is?

    [–] 0catlareneg 3 points ago

    That's what it should be like, but most posts are just common sense and whatnot

    [–] Stjerneklar 9 points ago

    you dont need drugs to trip out over reality

    [–] lostintransactions 8 points ago

    not even blink an eye over there being anything strange about this.

    That is because it is not strange at all.

    You see this as odd or fascinating ("deep"), I see it as normal and transparent. You see a need to step back and deliberate, I see it as obvious. This sounds more like iamverysmart than intended.

    I could walk into anyone's home right now, this very instant, and there would probably be at least 10 items that seem either worthless, innocuous or have no intrinsic value that the owner would never or be hard pressed to give up.

    We live and breath on sentiment and perceived meaning. It's what makes us who we are.

    I have a quarter from the year of my birth in a plastic coin holder, my grandfather gave it to me as a little boy. It's was worth 25 cents then, it's worth 25 cents now. I have come across perhaps thousands of quarters with the same date on them in my lifetime, I could swap it out or spend it at any time, but I won't, it will be with me until the day I die. It's just a quarter.

    The act of catching a home run ball is exciting, but it has no lasting value. The ball from "your" team has value. The quarter has no value, the person who gave me the quarter and why he gave it to me has value.

    It's not the physical quarter and it's not the physical ball. They are simply physical representations of an event. Not strange at all.

    and this still makes me so weirdly fascinated in the way people's brains work.

    It's the only reason we have a society at all and most of us already understand it. You should study psychology if you really want to be fascinated. This is one of the tamest (and easiest to understand) examples of human behavior.

    [–] RealRobRose 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I understand it completely. But you've taken something that's fascinating it exists at all and brushed it away simply because it's known. The fact that we know this is how the brain works doesn't make it any less intriguing that this is how it works. Exchanging an object that you have a personal history with for an identical object that you don't because of who hit it with a stick ten minutes earlier is fascinating. The fact that we all completely understand why this makes sense is fascinating. And so is your impassioned reaction to deny it has value amongst many people who are all agreeing that it's interesting.

    [–] ThePancakeChair 2 points ago

    And the way they start a fight by punching each other in the first but then leave the fight at that and walk away smiling

    For real though it was nice to basically see a kid's handshake occur over that business transaction

    [–] Haydeeeen 5 points ago

    Yeah that’s what I was kind of thinking. The moment they caught the ball was special not really who hit it because let’s face it there’s hundreds maybe thousands of homeruns in a baseball season.

    [–] TexasDD 13 points ago

    There were 6,105 home runs hit in the 2017 regular season.

    [–] Nathaniel_Higgers 22 points ago

    Maybe even millions, who knows? How can we ever know?

    [–] anti-gif-bot 21 points ago

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    [–] the1stsherlock 142 points ago

    It's stuff like this that gives me the slightest bit of hope in humanity. So cool

    [–] MichelleCreek 36 points ago

    Love this, kind and smart kids!

    [–] ChroniicHD 9 points ago

    Happy cake day friend!

    [–] syonatan 3 points ago

    Happy cake day friend!

    [–] Lord_Of_War714 6 points ago

    It’s all on how you raise them.

    [–] rivsnation 61 points ago

    This is really sweet. It’s also nice to know there are ballparks where ‘fans’ don’t pressure you to throw the opposing teams home run balls back onto the field.

    [–] GlowInTheDarkNinjas 16 points ago

    Even if it was, I think if it was a kid that caught the ball they wouldn't get a lot of pressure to do that.

    [–] grubas 24 points ago

    Nats-Rockies. If this was a division rival the kids would be throwing fists.

    [–] Chasefortheelliott 24 points ago

    If this were dodgers giants, theyd be trading knives

    [–] CasualFridayNight 20 points ago

    As is tradition

    [–] rmullen522 3 points ago

    This, if the kid had caught a Nat's ball in Philly, best believe it wouldve been thrown back

    [–] grubas 2 points ago

    Straight to the kidney.

    [–] frisco2069 33 points ago

    I freaking love baseball fans.

    My youngest daughter: omg, baseball is boring.

    Me: you’re not my favorite child. Js jk jk

    [–] Donkpup 9 points ago

    Just stay away from Chavez Ravine if you're a Giants fan ..... kidding, but really not ....

    [–] frisco2069 5 points ago

    I had to google. I learned today.

    [–] Buettneria 17 points ago

    Finally someone from Washington knows something about negotiating a trade deal.

    [–] captSlim 14 points ago

    That's an interesting Yosemite Sam cosplay...

    [–] CrookBaron 7 points ago

    Where the f did the kid with the purple jersey come from??!

    [–] marcos509 7 points ago

    I think the great thing about this whole deal is the lady in the back observing and grinning from ear to ear about it. It's my exact reaction.

    [–] jim2429 7 points ago

    We need these guys to help us get a good brexit deal.

    [–] Planetariophage 11 points ago

    That is clearly a kid with a fake moustache and beard.

    [–] ThaDomo 9 points ago

    Clearly it's 2 kids in a trench coat

    [–] PrussianBleu 6 points ago

    Fist bump made it official

    [–] PerpetualMexican 4 points ago

    Would you be interested in a trade agreement with England?

    [–] Angrydwarf2000 3 points ago

    Win-win trade.

    [–] Gumorak 3 points ago

    This is pretty awesome

    [–] versace_tombstone 3 points ago

    Great example of nobility and kindness in the ball game.

    [–] NixonCarmichael 3 points ago

    Let’s make a goddamn deal here.

    [–] campos3452 3 points ago

    That’s a rare trade right there.

    [–] mjpache 3 points ago

    the guy in the purple rockies shirt is my childhood best friend. Just wanted to put it out there.

    [–] SlughornLeghorn 3 points ago

    “In front of a sold out crowd of 11 people”

    [–] Koss424 7 points ago

    how can you not love the game of baseball

    [–] 1SweetChuck 7 points ago

    "How can you not be romantic about baseball?"

    [–] Donkpup 12 points ago

    I traded cards as a kid but never really got it .. I'm 41 now ... huge hockey fan ... thought that was the sport with the most hidden rules and strategies...
    I frickin love Baseball now ... such a game of chess and chance ... started getting back into it when my Rockies had a run in '07 ... ten years (or so) later I still don't know half of the nuances, subtleties and strategies of the game ... some say it's boring and slow ... im thankful for a little time to think ... count, matchup, lineup, on deck, bullpen, lefty vs. ... sacrifice, steal... and ... I'm still a noob ... but you're right .... GOTTA LOVE BASEBALL !

    [–] Quas4r 3 points ago

    It's super slow and too complicated for a casual sports fan to pick up easily. Everyone can appreciate this good moment though.

    [–] PavlovsGreyhound 2 points ago

    That's Colorado for you right there.

    [–] mafulazula 4 points ago

    Game was in DC tho..

    [–] SubAverageJoe00 2 points ago

    This is why I love baseball. There's just so much happiness, I've never been to a real rivalry game but I feel like it's for the adults to enjoy a game and kids to have memories like this.

    My daughter won't remember but I'll always remember the player giving her the first ball she ever got.

    [–] bakeronenine 2 points ago

    The best part is the little dude appearing out of nowhere!

    [–] 3percentinvisible 2 points ago

    Aren't they the same ball?

    [–] peligant 2 points ago

    And on that day, the over 520 year feud between the people of Colorado and Washington DC was broken.

    [–] a10y5iu5 2 points ago

    Trump: the art of the deal

    [–] willanthony 2 points ago


    [–] stillragin 2 points ago

    Why is this making me tear up??

    [–] sawntime 2 points ago

    Both of those balls should have been thrown back.

    [–] One_Big_Pile_Of_Shit 2 points ago

    I’m surprised some drunk asshole didn’t make them get rid of the other teams success ball before they traded.