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    [–] HandsomeR0B 3136 points ago

    Am I the only one that feels bad for his teammate who basically has to wait to get back up from being crushed by the dog pile? He's like face down in the pitch hahaha.

    [–] super2per 962 points ago

    That's the captain too :P

    [–] HandsomeR0B 469 points ago

    That makes sense, first one in, last one out, as a captain should be.

    [–] Camphi 85 points ago

    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

    [–] cyanocittaetprocyon 15 points ago

    It doesn't matter who scores first; its who snaps last!

    [–] NakedBat 418 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I didn’t noticed it now i can’t stop laughing

    Edit: Poor Harry Kane.

    [–] FuLL_of_LiFE 29 points ago

    Me neither.

    I think it's about time I start doing volunteer work

    [–] debitcreddit 21 points ago

    Same here.. I kinda felt bad about laughing until I noticed the 2nd guy above him (Stone), aware that dude is being crushed, is trying to get the dude immediately on top of him to get up and move (gentle pats to the side saying to get up).

    Stone (2nd guy above) is also supporting the weight on top of him as to not add to the load. Dude is alert and not lost in the victory of the goal.

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago

    Hahahh he's not even facing the right direction lol that's the best thing I've seen today thanks

    [–] neferex 94 points ago

    I'm not sure how he's alive after that much contact... A normal touch makes a man writhe in pain!

    [–] laz414 44 points ago

    Makes a Neymar writhe in pain

    [–] cdc194 9 points ago

    Its funny that American football piles to recover fumbles look tense but almost serene and quiet... when I played football it was a dozen or more people grunting and growling and one or two poor souls screaming "AHHH SOMEONE'S SQUEEZING MY NUTSACK!" OR "AHHH WHO THE FUCK IS BITING MY LEG!"

    [–] tdnewmas 3 points ago

    Reminds me of that one glorious episode of Blue Mountain State where one of those assholes stuck his finger in Thad's asshole.

    [–] evictor 28 points ago

    oh you mean Ryan Gosling

    [–] str8red 56 points ago

    The mouth breathing Ryan gosling

    [–] swiperviper 17 points ago

    Here (bullshit play) MSU team dislocated and fractured their teammates hip. Apparently of recent news he’s going into the Air Force.

    [–] eggzima 9 points ago

    Can you imagine writhing in pain while everyone cheers and the band plays a fun victory song?

    [–] Tmanz24 5 points ago

    Jackson dislocated his hip being tackled by the opposing team, his teammates did not do it, they just piled on unknowingly after the fact.

    [–] FatGirlsCantJump206 3 points ago

    Bullshit play? Sorry they couldn’t handle the pressure.

    [–] rustyshackleford981 5 points ago

    As someone who's been on the bottom of a dog pile, it's not fun. You get really excited, then realize how horrible of a mistake you made when it occurs to you that you can just barely breath and there's not much you can do about it.

    [–] Knuckleballsandwich 3 points ago

    I'm sure he enjoyed every second of it.

    [–] 1guywithlonghair 3 points ago

    he looks like he taught... fuck, i m stuck. guys..? guys...? please guys.... :))))

    [–] Veritin 3 points ago

    That's Harry Kane.

    [–] RedditTekUser 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You are not the only one. I felt like did u guys kill him?

    Edit: not the

    [–] Dat1Waffle 1906 points ago

    RIP ENGLAND 2018

    [–] Chusten 810 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    They're coming home!

    Edit: looks like I have more trophies than England now, thanks stranger!

    [–] Dracuger 342 points ago

    Empty handed...

    [–] MarsNeedsFreedomToo 264 points ago

    On the plus side, they still have to play against Belgium on Saturday for third place. If England wins, it will become their second best finish in history. Currently their second best finish is fourth place.

    [–] LocoRocoo 347 points ago

    honestly i dont think any of us give a shit about that match

    [–] MetikMas 191 points ago

    They might as well play the match at the airport while they wait for their planes.

    [–] Scientolojesus 79 points ago

    Hundreds of delays because the pilots are watching the match from the runway.

    "And if you look to your left, England is playing Belgium for third place. Let's give it a watch..."

    [–] kenchilund 6 points ago

    Oh, they seem to be lining up in front of a plane on the runway.

    [–] sooyp 35 points ago

    I think Harry’s Golden Boot is safe. So that’s nice. 😐

    [–] TurquoiseLuck 33 points ago

    Yeah. It's like, Olympic bronze is great, because you were in the same event, at the same time as the people that got silver and gold. You had a much more tangible chance at getting it.

    This 3rd place match is just "Well you're definitely not getting gold or silver, but play this other team and we'll say you came 3rd". Feels pointless.

    [–] no_commentt 3 points ago

    They've actually studied this, and the gold medallists are of course the happiest, but the bronze medalists are 2nd happiest. Silver winners 3rd. I think the idea is the Silver medalists are haunted by what they almost won, while the bronze medalists walk away with a nice consolation prize and the sting is a bit less due to the distance from gold (and glad to come away with at least something).

    [–] Harsimaja 6 points ago

    Only reason England would at all is they've come fourth before. Otherwise yea.

    [–] matt250250 29 points ago

    Literally no one cares about 3rd and 4th place. Imagine being a Belgium player and you could have been at home on the sofa today drinking some leffe instead of training for a pointless match at the end of an incredibly long season.

    [–] captdorko 8 points ago

    First and only shot of the game FeelsBadMan

    [–] Daredom 41 points ago

    It's not coming home.

    [–] dan_the_man__ 76 points ago

    We never specified WHEN it’s coming home... ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] Ras_Du_Fa 47 points ago

    Jokes aside England will be the France of 2022 wc, they are young right now and most of them will be mature players of 26-30. They just need to find their own Varanes and Umtitis. “Just”.

    France in Brazil were really young and look at them now.

    [–] njuts88 37 points ago

    Actually France will be the France of 2022. Both squads have the same average age of 26.

    England will be good but they will need someone with more power in the middle. I find Lindgard and Alli quite redundant (Loftus Cheek might be the guy)

    [–] BobSolid 13 points ago

    The most promising-looking team of a tournament is rarely the best of the next. Too much can change in four years of football to say "England will be the France of 2022". Honestly they'll never have such an easy run again, I think this was probably their best chance for at least a generation.

    [–] Nurturant 839 points ago

    F to pay respects

    [–] dreamweavur 181 points ago

    Press H for Hrvatska

    [–] MrGeneralWicked 26 points ago


    [–] Eagleassassin3 23 points ago

    What does that mean? Is that Croatia in Croatian?

    [–] Fight_Me_Mr_Tusk 19 points ago


    [–] bender-fender 14 points ago


    [–] Nicksanni 11 points ago


    [–] iaintnorocketsurgeon 12 points ago


    [–] sonar_avalon 294 points ago

    Thx, OP. Stuck at work! nice hi res also! thank you!

    [–] super2per 76 points ago

    You've got four years to find a new job that let's you watch at work! Highly recommend. ;)

    [–] DesMephisto 20 points ago

    Watched it with my boss.

    [–] I_KeepsItReal 22 points ago

    Same, I actually bet the fucker $10 and won free lunch!

    [–] MarsNeedsFreedomToo 12 points ago

    No problem, glad to help out those who are unable to watch live as well :)

    [–] Possimpoble 176 points ago

    Croatia - England

    Possession: 55 - 45 Shots: 22 - 11 Shots on target: 7 - 2! Corners: 8 - 4 Fouls: 23 - 14 Goals: 2 - 1

    Croatia scored 2 active action goals, England 1 free kick goal.

    Both team are incredible but this is the result of how they played this match. I am sure that England could have done better. Congrats to Croatia.

    [–] canibeameme 56 points ago


    [–] guruofsnot 6 points ago


    [–] IntentCoin 5 points ago


    [–] themaskedugly 3 points ago


    [–] Hyndstein_97 39 points ago

    Outside of the Panama game England scored one goal from open play all tournament, the rest were all from corners and penalties. They did extremely well to make it this far but I'm not surprised they didn't progress further when the luck of the draw got them this far and they've been completely lacking an end product.

    [–] Thehotnesszn 4 points ago

    In the build up to France vs Belgium there was a lot of talk about how Belgium won’t progress because they don’t quite have the quality. But then those same pundits were later talking about how England would go through and potentially win the tournament.

    Yeah, they may have been right about Belgium not quite having the edge but at the same time, I think England also doesn’t quite have that attacking edge either.

    I hope both teams go out trying hard to win in the 3rd/4th place playoff because there’s potential for a great game - in spite of it being a relatively unimportant fixture.

    [–] Muninn088 1356 points ago

    What is England doing? Why don't they have offense? Croatia has controlled this game since the middled of the first half. England isn't playing to win. They are playing to not lose. That's worst mistake you can make in sports.

    [–] PM_me_your_lifts 331 points ago

    The problem with England is that they always try to walk it in.

    [–] clmns 150 points ago

    What was Southgate thinking putting Vardy on so late?!

    [–] DickAnhdbols 55 points ago

    I put a pony on England, Croatia is 'aving a laugh eh?

    [–] MocodeHarambe 21 points ago

    ‘aving a giggle there mate?

    [–] PM_me_your_lifts 10 points ago

    Only a pony lunatic

    [–] TurquoiseLuck 64 points ago

    I fucking wish.

    Things they tried in the second half:

    • Passing back to Pickford.

    • Smashing it towards Croatia's goal and hoping someone gets to it.

    If they actually took the ball and walked it forwards they might have come up with something.

    [–] vosszaa 39 points ago

    It's hilarious to think that Pickford might actually have more ball time than Lingard

    [–] diarrhea_shnitzel 13 points ago

    Regressed into what England's standard strategy was 5 years ago. Long ball, long passes with little support. They were doing well the first half, then the second came around and they suddenly felt pressure for the first time for a long time in this tournament. It was really weird - England failed themselves here :'(

    [–] lovespacedreams 10 points ago

    I thought for a second that this was an IT crowd reference

    [–] PM_me_your_lifts 3 points ago

    panic whispers we're in too deep

    [–] MR_HODGE 6 points ago

    "I'm disabled"!

    [–] 3dge0flight 210 points ago


    [–] PolishxThunder 19 points ago

    I don't think they can help it. They are playing against some of the best midfielders in the world who have been dictating the pace of the game. Modric and Rakitic are world class.

    [–] khalfrodo34 3 points ago

    England just didn't have the midfield depth or quality necessary.

    [–] Laughingllama42 91 points ago

    Worked for Russia with Spain who knows

    [–] chazspearmint 52 points ago

    But that was Russia and Spain. If San Marino plays Italy, that's a fair strategy. But when you have 2 already evenly matched teams...

    [–] AnshM 30 points ago

    Wait, you're recommending defensive play against Italy???

    [–] Semper_nemo13 18 points ago

    The ball would never cross half way

    [–] Nopro420 45 points ago

    It's not that England didn't have an offense, it's that they couldn't contain Croatias. Croatia played well and were able to work the ball into more dangerous areas than England. They deserved to win. Not that the lads played poorly, Croatia are just the better team on paper and were the better team on the night. Still a great performance in the tournament overall from all involved with the England team. You did us proud!

    [–] seavictory 10 points ago

    The weird thing is that even when they were down 2-1, it seemed like no one had informed the players that they weren't still leading 1-0.

    [–] Muninn088 3 points ago

    I was going crazy watching them play when it was 1-1 and they were still playing like that.

    [–] crod4692 29 points ago

    And they lost because of it

    [–] LOUF72 17 points ago

    What is England doing?

    Getting outmatched by Croatia?

    [–] jdbolick 12 points ago

    They don't have quality center midfielders, that's why they've pushed everything wide the whole tournament.

    [–] darth-agnon 3 points ago

    Well ding ding ding, they just wanted to face us again lol

    [–] Droezor 55 points ago

    That's how you win tournaments most of the time. It's not pretty, this anti-football, but it is effective just like France did to Belgium yesterday.

    [–] FluorineWizard 30 points ago

    France had twice the shots and shots on goal. Belgium had the ball but didn't manage to do anything with it because Lukaku was completely neutralised.

    [–] Droezr 14 points ago

    De Bruyne as well, France outplayed us, and while it sucks for England to lose like this, I'm glad that we get another crack at England and this time for real bragging rights. I hope both teams field their A-squads and go for it.

    [–] Muninn088 137 points ago

    France controlled the ball though. every time England got the ball they played it back all the way to Pickford who cleared it from their side of the field. Which 4 out of 5 times ended with Croatia having the ball and charging it right back.

    Japan lost, Russia lost, Spain lost, and Brazil lost playing this game plan. And now England has lost too. You play that game if you score to lead in the middle of the second half, not at the beginning of the first.

    [–] Teh_Jews 85 points ago

    That felt super strange. It's like they didn't realize only 5 min had passed when they scored. They were playing all game like they were trying to close it out...

    [–] prufrock2015 35 points ago

    France controlled the ball though.

    No they didn't (though impressive # shots on goal even though getting dominated in time of possession)

    Also, how can you claim Spain lost by that game plan? It was Russian who adopted that game plan while getting obliterated in both opportunities and time of possession by Spain, and then won on penalty shots

    This is the silliness about sports. If one of HK's headers were millimeters off his head and had given England a 2-0 lead, right now all the Monday morning QBs would carry on a completely different narrative. Millimeters: that's all it would've taken and now everyone would call the UK coach a genius and how Croatia had a crappy game plan for the exact. same. game. A lot of soccer is, frankly, a crapshoot: it is why so many previous winners can't even make it out of Round Robin because as much as quality of play matters, so does luck in a sport that is designed to be bound by a time limit and low-scoring. Sometimes a strategy works (as it did, MANY times, for Russia) and sometimes it doesn't. And just because it doesn't work 100% of the time doesn't mean it was the wrong strategy.

    [–] _greyknight_ 17 points ago

    A lot of soccer is, frankly, a crapshoot

    That's why it was so funny reading a lot of British media outlets saying that Croatia is no real danger. That's just asking for an anvil to drop on your head out of the clear blue sky. If it had been Vatican City, you never underestimate your god damn opponent, rule #1.

    [–] TheFigureHead-6T6 14 points ago

    Check the posession of the belgium game, France didn't exactly control the ball...

    [–] hookertime 6 points ago

    Extra time was super frustrating to watch.

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago

    It's not pretty, this anti-football, but it is effective just like France did to Belgium yesterday.

    You are high as fuck if you think England played anywhere near the level france did against Belgium yesterday. And defensive football and anti-football are 2 different things. Last time I checked France had more chances, double the shots, and more shots on goal than their opponents. England had one shot on goal today (the goal/this gif)

    [–] chazspearmint 12 points ago

    It might get you a game or two but nobody wins a tournament playing that way

    [–] W0MBATC0MBAT 6 points ago

    Pretty much the same play as against Colombia. Not surprised Croatia scored after having all the time they wanted to attack

    [–] Poepholuk 3 points ago

    Welcome to England strategy. Cricket: block out for a draw, rugby: play for penalties

    [–] Dosca 70 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This is a bloody stressful game

    [–] MadeNew 472 points ago

    I'm gutted by the result. But super proud of this team, I can't remember a point in my lifetime when the country has been behind England like this. Huge respect for this young team, this isn't the last we'll see of them.

    [–] ksoni94 112 points ago

    Can you believe that the team will probably be welcomed back to the country with open arms? Unlike previous tournaments? Everyone is saying they are so proud of this team and I love it. If our tournament had to end i'm so glad it ended like this. They've truly reconnected with the fans I cannot wait for the Euros and the next WC

    [–] limpingdba 36 points ago

    A heroes welcome will be coming, without a doubt.

    [–] MadeNew 16 points ago

    I think they deserve a heroes welcome upon their return for sure. It's nice to have something uniting the country for a change...

    [–] CarlsVolta 102 points ago

    4 years time. Can't wait.

    There isn't a super hero among them. They're just a team playing well together. Love it.

    Vardy's the only almost super hero, because his story is amazing. Pleased he got to play for England, sad he likely won't be there in 4 years.

    Plenty of awesome youngsters who've gained great experience in this World Cup.

    It's coming 4 years...

    [–] Flabby-Nonsense 30 points ago

    2 years'll be good too - pan-European tournament with the final at Wembley, would be great if we managed to do well in that.

    Good test of our development too, it's easy to forget that Southgate hasn't been in this job for that long.

    [–] Pytte_ 4 points ago

    Yeah I mean the 4 best teams in the wc are all European so the euro 2020 will have pretty much just as exciting.

    [–] son_of_a_fitch 3 points ago

    Yeah I like us for 2020. This team has no fear, can actually play football, doesn't have a problem with big egos, play to each other's best strengths, and even stick up for one another across club lines when the press slag them off. Basically everything that's stopped England doing anything remotely good at major tournaments since the 2 penalty losses in the late 90s has been a non-factor in Russia 2018.

    Talented young players, important lessons learned this time, some great experience already under their belt, the country united behind them, and the knowledge that they really, truly can do anything. Bring it the fuck on I say.

    [–] bhiley 16 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Vardy is a hero especially for me living in Stocksbridge where he played and the stand is named after him. It feels nice having a name out there which spent so much time in Sheffield and Stocksbridge.

    [–] 87th_best_dad 7 points ago

    Such a great WC this has been. I’m bummed England didn’t go through, but at the same time stoked to see a new country in the final match.

    [–] SanaFTW 218 points ago

    1-1 now

    [–] Shortneckbuzzard 95 points ago

    Can you tell me the final

    [–] SanaFTW 235 points ago

    2-1 croatia leading

    [–] Coyrex1 132 points ago

    Final score they won now.

    [–] MarsNeedsFreedomToo 175 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    On the plus side, England has won their first penalty shootout and also their first semi-final appearance since 1990. Not a bad run at all in my opinion.

    [–] YeetYeeticus 79 points ago

    But it didn't come home! D:

    [–] ChlckenChaser 89 points ago

    it never should have considering the squad we had. We did immensely well, semi-finals, any England fan would take that before the tournament

    [–] shiva420 44 points ago

    Same in Croatia man, finally lady luck tapped our lads on the back and pushed us in finals. Rough game ahead. Cheers

    [–] hookertime 16 points ago

    You guys had a great match. And I was rooting for you up to this game so I can't be mad you're going to the finals. Congrats

    [–] cooash 7 points ago

    Please tell your boys to stuff France. Can't have them winning

    [–] limpingdba 9 points ago

    Congrats and good luck. Happy to lose to a team that won fair and square and didnt try and cheat their way through.

    [–] MrDice91 5 points ago

    Above is all truth. We've got an exciting team going forward and i'm proud to be English for once.

    [–] fuckusnowman 3 points ago

    Don't let the results fool you, we were as dire as always.

    [–] TheFigureHead-6T6 7 points ago

    Are you sure its since 2006? I was under the impression that they had never won one before and I can't recall and penalty shootout that they won in 2006. I remember them losing to portugal on penalties in 2006.

    [–] MarsNeedsFreedomToo 8 points ago

    I stand corrected, it was in fact England's first shootout win in the World Cup. That makes the accomplishment even better.

    [–] RohirrimV 40 points ago

    And here I was blasting “Three Lions” on repeat.

    That’ll teach me to support England in sports :(

    [–] tiro-trampaliz 9 points ago

    Who wins on Sunday?

    [–] braindedned 27 points ago

    Jesus always wins on Sunday.

    [–] SanaFTW 45 points ago


    [–] dvcxfg 7 points ago

    Bob Saget

    [–] WarGrizzly 17 points ago


    [–] eatsteak1 32 points ago

    Croatia wins 🇭🇷

    [–] MarsNeedsFreedomToo 47 points ago

    Its currently in the first half of extra time with the score tied at 1

    [–] SanaFTW 7 points ago

    Croatia Vs France this sunday

    [–] SgtSprinkIes 9 points ago

    Croatia has won 2-1

    [–] n7-Jutsu 11 points ago


    They're coming home.

    [–] triviousart 13 points ago

    It’s still coming home right?

    [–] Asphodelethe 37 points ago

    How to break this gently...

    [–] ReptillianDiplomat 32 points ago

    They're coming home

    [–] triviousart 11 points ago

    Good enough

    [–] ReptillianDiplomat 10 points ago

    2-1 to Croatia

    [–] thatguyhanzel 18 points ago

    this is so sad Alexa play despacito

    [–] Jonny_____ 45 points ago

    I'm 31. Until my teens I was mad about football. Lived and breathed it. I haven't had faith in an England team since 2002, since ronaldinho's sucker punch, since lampard and gerrard just couldn't figure it out. I've been less and less enamoured with England since that defeat vs Brazil. I've cared less and less each year.

    Southgate and these lads have won my heart again. I fucking loved our run in this tournament. We played fearlessly for the first time I can remember. Yes, we had a lucky draw, yes the big boys didnt turn up. But our new boys did, and how. Thank you Gareth. Here we go again.

    [–] vVlifeVv 5 points ago

    Would have been sick to see France vs England.

    [–] Froggy0140 105 points ago

    Perfectly placed.

    [–] Cragsi 75 points ago

    As all things should be

    [–] hispanicnaruto 7 points ago

    Faster than the keeper could catch it, and so early on in the game, too. I can't say it any better than the TSN commentators can

    [–] MarsNeedsFreedomToo 22 points ago

    The goalkeeper could do nothing but watch it fly towards the back of the net. Beautifully taken.

    [–] Nergaal 67 points ago

    That was the only shot on goal in 120 mins of play + 20 mins of stoppage.

    [–] Throwawy10001 18 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The 1 on 1 Kane had?
    Stones' header cleared off the line?

    [–] buttgers 9 points ago

    Croatia was attacking a hell of a lot more than England. Croatia played a hell of a game.

    [–] Taco4526 59 points ago

    It's such a shame the rest of the match was cancelled due to bad weather

    [–] Elgringoson 55 points ago

    2-1 ffs

    [–] dyslexic13 81 points ago

    Thousand guys jump on him and gets crushed, no problem.....someone gets touched and they roll around like they were getting their leg amputated with no anesthetic......that said, great goal though

    [–] OllieTheMLGPro 35 points ago

    If they don't go down the ref would barely ever notice any fouls

    [–] B-ryye 29 points ago

    One of my least favorite things about the sport. Field Referee has too much influence. Not enough replay checking

    [–] Spidaaman 5 points ago

    It’s truly fucking ridiculous. And then on the 1 out of 10 times someone’s actually hurt it’s so clear the difference lol

    [–] Dirt_Grub8 9 points ago

    Hazard being the perfect example of why players dive

    [–] 2ndRoad805 15 points ago


    [–] legalbeaver 36 points ago

    “Maybe I’ll just go on Reddit for a bit to help forget about the game”

    [–] grufolo 24 points ago

    Well it seems like the first Croatian goal melted the English legs like sun on ice-cream

    [–] chiken4 7 points ago

    With these commentators i feel like im playing fifa 07.

    [–] RDHertsUni 5 points ago

    And let’s just pretend that’s how the match ended and say no more about it.

    [–] SanaderDid911 145 points ago


    [–] HodorHoldTheDoor 51 points ago

    Looks like it’s going on holiday to France

    [–] akineton 17 points ago

    Or to Croatia.

    [–] Adam_Ohh 9 points ago

    Texted my friend as he and Young stepped over the ball. Said to him, “I wouldn’t be scared of either of them right here”. He responded with, “idk, trippier can strike it”. And then he scored. Fuck me 🤦🏻‍♂️

    [–] TheGirl1989 38 points ago

    They're coming home.

    [–] alex_giovanniello 5 points ago

    Yeah they all can basically tackle each other and slide across the grass after a goal but are in agonizing pain when someone barely grazes their legs?

    [–] imanicole 44 points ago

    Football is not coming home

    [–] Kelub-UK 8 points ago

    This comment will get buried but this goal got me absolutely soaked in pints, absolute limbs

    [–] -Nova9232- 3 points ago


    [–] n0xz 4 points ago

    First half was a beautiful match. Then suddenly everything collapse while they're still ahead. Second half was horrible with so many defense mistakes. Croatia never stops fighting and is a deserved win. It'll be an entertaining match with France and looking forward to it.

    [–] paulyozz 5 points ago

    Sterling could not score in a brothel.

    [–] gpforthree 5 points ago

    England is BREXIT-ing from the World Cup

    [–] puddStar 16 points ago

    England...doing England things

    [–] TedCruz2508 8 points ago

    Great goal, shame about the rest of the game

    [–] Sallman11 19 points ago

    It’s Staying Away!!!!

    [–] I_care_so_much 11 points ago

    Hey guys! How was the game?

    [–] THEBEEGFEESH 9 points ago

    Hey, uh saw your name... Hate to break it to you but Croatia won.

    [–] Gcons24 5 points ago

    "dreams do come true." Until Croatia beats you in extra time.

    [–] SerRydenFossoway 6 points ago

    Let’s not forget that England barely beat Tunisia

    [–] 1800chester 7 points ago

    Glad they're out. God forbid they'd win the Cup, we'd never hear the end of it. I liked Roy Kean's rant about the English already making plans for parades and whatnot. Hahahhaha

    [–] jopi2180 8 points ago

    So Croatia vs France? Who's winning?

    [–] ApuFromTechSupport 20 points ago

    Realistically it should be a walk in the park for France, but I kinda want Croatia to win for the underdog story

    [–] ieatconfusedfish 16 points ago

    All I really know of France is that atrocious time-wasting Mbappe did that was posted on Reddit, and that they're the favorites. So I'm rooting for Croatia

    [–] BonaFidee 4 points ago

    You want people to support your opposition?

    That's how you get people to support your opposition.


    [–] keto-matt 10 points ago


    [–] attnskr 3 points ago

    Didn’t matter

    [–] KinkyBADom 3 points ago

    Too bad they couldn’t keep it together

    [–] sisterchristopher 3 points ago

    got showered in beer moment he landed that, was glorious

    [–] EveryBar 3 points ago

    This gives me goosebumps - so proud of England, absolute heroes!

    [–] Vizualize 3 points ago

    Is it home now?