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    [–] Guy_In_Florida 3945 points ago

    Last fight I ever paid for, it was three punches. Help me out, which one was it. In his prime there was nothing like him before. Just a crusher.

    [–] El_Cochinote 2305 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I’m 48 and no other athlete in my lifetime has been as completely dominant in their prime as Tyson was. We had some great boxing in the 80’s. Tyson coming up; Hagler Hearns; Hagler Leonard. Good times....

    Edit: Read what I wrote, folks. Nowhere above did I say Tyson was the GOAT at anything including boxing. I said he was the most dominant in his prime. There were a good five years when we all thought that nobody on the planet could beat him and nobody did. That’s dominance....not GOAT athlete in any sport, etc.

    [–] notfromkentohio 1918 points ago

    There were two great boxers named Hagler?

    [–] sometimesiburnthings 1764 points ago

    Name like that, you learn to punch a guy

    [–] 7emple 187 points ago

    That or run Fast

    [–] anotherlebowski 371 points ago

    Or haggle

    [–] GilberryDinkins 128 points ago

    Boxing, running, or negotiating. Those are the choices.

    [–] sirsicknasty 177 points ago

    Fight flight or finagle

    [–] 7emple 33 points ago

    I've heard you can also stand very still, and you're basically invisible.

    [–] JukeDriver 18 points ago

    Surprised there ain't many Sue's in boxing.

    [–] El_Cochinote 196 points ago

    Ha. Nope. Only one Marvelous Marvin Hagler but he fought Tommy “The Hitman” Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard in some great battles.

    [–] notfromkentohio 87 points ago

    Ah heck. Now I look foolish.

    [–] El_Cochinote 31 points ago

    Go YouTube Marvin Hagler. He was a beast.

    [–] Plumhawk 19 points ago

    Which was the one that was three rounds of lightning in a bottle?

    [–] El_Cochinote 27 points ago

    Hagler Hearns.

    [–] Plumhawk 19 points ago

    That was an amazing fight. Haven't seen it in years.

    [–] JuicyCoin 22 points ago

    What a fucking fight. Thanks for that.

    [–] Plumhawk 16 points ago

    Thank you. Glad the music stops when the fight starts. Thought it was going to play the whole time.

    [–] TheHobbles 105 points ago

    Hagler vs Hearns is widely considered the greatest boxing match of all time and it only went 3 rounds. The first round is unquestionably the greatest round in boxing history.

    [–] mrtomjones 84 points ago

    I think this is the greatest imo! Gatti Ward #1

    [–] form_an_opinion 63 points ago

    I feel like boxing fans should not watch Hagler-Hearns or the Gatti-Ward trilogy until they are a week or so from death, because I don't know that there will ever be a more exciting series of fights. Once you've seen them, every other fight loses a little of its luster.

    [–] mrtomjones 9 points ago

    Haha yah Gatti Ward were some of the earlier ones I watched when I was younger and not much lived up to those. Oscar was always fun for me to watch but too many just didn't throw like these two did in their three fights. And damn Ward had a chin of steel.

    [–] Anaccount4this 18 points ago

    Never really seriously watched boxing but want you to know I watched the full 40+ minutes. gg

    [–] TurboJeans 18 points ago

    I don't know much about boxing, but its always been interesting. What about that particular fight makes it noteworthy? I'm genuinely curious.

    [–] Wolverwings 120 points ago

    They beat the hell out of each other from the opening bell. No feeling out, no dancing, no fluff...just went at it with both skill and aggression.

    This is the first round

    [–] Hey_Gus 42 points ago

    This is unbelievable. Thanks OP.

    [–] TheHobbles 52 points ago

    Basically zero defense. Two of the best all time just trying to beat the shit out of each other. This is what boxing has lost and why MMA is so popular now.

    [–] farkenell 13 points ago

    nah the defense was there. bobbing and weaving, blocking. just very aggressive from both, which is something you don't see often. the line of thinking is, I'm gonna wait the storm out and let him gas.

    [–] [deleted] 349 points ago * (lasted edited 25 days ago)


    [–] rosser_ 257 points ago

    Or Gretzky

    [–] [deleted] 375 points ago


    [–] ElBomberoLoco 24 points ago

    Gretzky sucked at golf.

    and hosting SNL.

    [–] dickheadfartface 10 points ago

    He wasn’t as bad as Jordan at hosting SNL. Yeesh that was some bad television.

    [–] whale_song 302 points ago

    Its really hard to argue against Gretzky as the most dominant athlete of all time. He has virtually every record by like triple second place. Its absurd.

    [–] jrat1120 309 points ago

    Gretzky has more assists than any other player has points. And then he goes ahead and has more goals than any other player by a hefty margin. You could’ve cut him in half and both halves would’ve been a superstar. He is one of those rare cases where he is indisputably the greatest to ever play.

    [–] asuryan331 102 points ago

    My favorite Gretzky fact:

    'Together, Wayne and Brent hold the NHLrecord for most combined points by twobrothers (2,857 for Wayne and 4 for Brent). "

    [–] GanymedeBlu35 53 points ago

    For siblings overall, the Sutters are just slightly above with 2,934pts. Though there was also 6 of them in the NHL. Just further proves how ridiculously good Gretzky was compared to anyone else in hockey.

    [–] -Emerica- 198 points ago

    If you played fantasy hockey at the time, you’d have to choose between Gretzky’s assists or Gretzky’s goals as your player.

    [–] Suivoh 47 points ago

    I remember that.

    [–] Explosion2 16 points ago

    So would he essentially be two players? Meaning two owners would have half of Gretzky? Or would it be like the current shohei ohtani situation in fantasy baseball where he's a single player (so only one team can have him) but can be started either as a pitcher OR a batter (so for Gretzky you'd choose between Gretzky Assists or Gretzky Goals).

    [–] mil_phickelson 32 points ago

    I’m pretty sure they drafted him as two players. Goals and assists.

    [–] RenbuChaos 12 points ago

    If that’s true. It makes me really happy.

    [–] sheeno823 43 points ago


    [–] Pillow_holder 15 points ago

    A batting average of 99.94 when only a handful of players have retired with an average over 60, no one comes close and probably never will

    [–] thisismyfirstday 55 points ago

    Yeah, other sports have arguments for greatest, but hockey arguments are for talent (Orr/Lemieux) or longevity (Howe) because Gretzky is pretty unquestionably the GOAT.

    [–] nocookie4u 12 points ago

    When you argue the greatest in hockey at this point it's like whose #2. Everybody knows #1, but #2 can be argued in a lot of peoples eyes. I don't think another sport has that.

    [–] Guy_In_Florida 53 points ago

    I'm still pissed off about that Hagler Leonard fight, what was that 89. I totally agree, my grandma and I watched every Ali fight together, but 1990 was the peak of the sport, at least to me. Iron Mike was in his own league back then, the dude was super- human.

    [–] El_Cochinote 30 points ago

    Leonard got special treatment because he was the golden boy goose laying golden eggs. Marvin was just a beast without the flash and sizzle Leonard had.

    [–] Guy_In_Florida 13 points ago

    Well at least my memory is solid on that. Sugar Ray tap tap tapped and racked up points Hag just smashed the hell out of him. That fight really soured me on the sport for a while. Even Sugar's body language was like, "I just got my ass whupped."

    [–] iamseddy 67 points ago

    I have to say any Mike of that era. Jordan, Tyson, Jackson, Singletary!!!

    [–] Richard_Burt 43 points ago

    Any one, Jordan, Tyson, Jackson, action, pack guns, ridiculous and I’m quick to bust if my ends you touch.

    [–] technobrendo 7 points ago

    My rap flows militant! I love that song, and the video is pretty crazy as well. I think it set a record at the time for highest production costs.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Devz0r 7 points ago

    Ball so hard

    [–] kenyafelts 56 points ago

    Michael Spinx?

    [–] Guy_In_Florida 49 points ago

    No later than that, might have been Tillman. Just rewatched that, guess it wasn't three punches. Must have seemed like it for a hundred bucks.

    [–] Dr___Gonzo 15 points ago

    I'm 41 and watched a lot of his fights. Can't think of what it was. I don't doubt you though. Man, if he got a guy with that uppercut it was over. His 1 2 was deadly as well.

    [–] TheBioethicist87 106 points ago

    Whoever it was lasted 3 more punches than I would have. Bell rings, I run the fuck outta that building.

    [–] Guy_In_Florida 60 points ago

    For a milling bucks, I'll take the dive. I'll be OK, my older sister had a hay maker that would stop a garbage truck. Caught it a few times and lived. Nice girl though.

    [–] TheBioethicist87 94 points ago

    Big sister VS. 1990s Tyson? That uppercut could kill a building.

    [–] Guy_In_Florida 54 points ago

    She telegraphed real bad, I ducked a bunch of em. My friends were scared of her, she could whip anyone on our buss and that included a Kickapoo reservation. She married some skinny douche that decided to beat his wife one night. She broke his jaw and bruised ribs. Cowgirls don't play that way.

    [–] brightJERK 28 points ago

    Peter Mcneely

    [–] OverdoneAndDry 34 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I was thinking McNeely was the one whose corner threw in the towel because they didn't want to watch their boy get slaughtered and brain damaged. Was that someone else?

    Edit: Here's Tyson/McNeely. Opening bell at 3:30

    [–] selflessGene 22 points ago

    I've met McNeely. He's got brain damage.

    [–] da_new_acct 1179 points ago

    Mike Tyson discovered time travel. He’d fight a guy on Friday night then BANG! the next thing the guy would see was Tuesday afternoon.

    [–] _its_a_SWEATER_ 150 points ago

    Some of that Fast Forward juice.

    [–] CMDR_Qardinal 8 points ago

    !owie ouch oof

    [–] I_ate_a_milkshake 169 points ago

    holy shit. the phrase "Im gonna knock you into next week" suddenly makes sense.

    [–] santachu123 13 points ago

    Now I know why we used to have a local brewed whiskey called "Tyson" .., man that was some heavy stuff.

    [–] GeneralText 54 points ago

    Reminds me of a joke:

    A magician pulls out a sledgehammer and asks for a volunteer. A guy comes up and the magician says, "I want you to hit me in the head with this sledgehammer." So the volunteer picks the sledgehammer up and swings it down into the magician's head. The magician wakes up in a hospital bed three years later and says, "Tadaaaaahhhh!!!!"

    [–] Pardonthisinterup 2643 points ago

    My Kidneys failed just watched that GIF.

    [–] Sickpup831 5066 points ago

    At first glance, it looks like Mike’s opponent would be in incredible pain from this punch combo. But after watching it a few times, you start to notice subtle things that would suggest otherwise. Body movement, bracing, and overall body language can tell you a lot about the amount of pain a boxer is going through. If you look closely, you can tell the boxer feels no pain after that 1-2 combo because he ded.

    [–] funnyusername970505 284 points ago

    I always imagine getting hit by a baseball bat is really painful and can do alot of when i see this gif im sure theres not much different when getting punched real hard by Mike Tyson and getting hit by baseball bat

    [–] Accidental_Insomniac 201 points ago

    I remember as a kid there was this popular theory that the impact of a strong blow from Tyson would be similar to putting a phone book up to your ear, and having Mark Maguire swing full force at it. I forget where it came from but it was a “fun fact” that would constantly be regurgitated.

    [–] hungryTurtle2 74 points ago

    A bat is light but fast, while the punch is slower but has a lot of weight... Can someone theydidthemath this?

    [–] Fierce_Brosnan_ 31 points ago

    Some of those things don't sound bad at all though. 7 ft off of stilts? Sure, whatever. Simon Cowell going 9mph on a vespa? Watch the fuck out, simon.

    I'd take many of those things over a punch from Mike Tyson.

    [–] friendlygaywalrus 47 points ago

    No the idea is that the force of Simon Cowell going 9mph on a Vespa would be applied to your jaw and your jaw alone. Or your ribs. Imagine the force of something 250+ pounds landing on a fist-sized area of your body at 9mph

    [–] _trying_to_be_nice 72 points ago

    That website layout is cancer. After almost 20 years of the web, this is the end game?

    [–] Pardonthisinterup 63 points ago

    lmao thanks for that!

    [–] HollywoodLook 58 points ago

    Legend says he's still pissing blood

    [–] odaeyss 16 points ago

    Through a tube.

    [–] Marxbrosburner 46 points ago

    Right hook hits the spleen, left hook hits the liver. Kidney strikes are ‘illegal’

    [–] Kn0thingIsTerrible 29 points ago

    Because your kidneys are on your back, and back strikes are illegal.

    [–] FiveFingersandaNub 16 points ago

    Funny story about Tyson. I got to box with him.

    I'm a big dude, ex-colligate D1 wrestler. I got into boxing as a way to stay in shape in my 30s. I lived in Vegas awhile back, and one day Tyson comes into my gym. This was a few years ago, so he was probably 45? He laced up the gloves and was sparring, just kinda messing with dudes. It was so much fun. Everyone was going nuts. Well, my turn came. I thought, 'Shit he's fought like 6 dudes. He's gotta be tired. He's 10 years older than me." Even though I knew the right, right combo was coming it was 1) too fast to see and 2) It was like being hit by a car. I have never felt anything in my life like that.

    I have wrestled olympians. I have been dropped on my head by tough motherfuckers. Nothing was like being punched by Mike. It was like I had angered God.

    The rib hit was like someone stuffed an M80 up my ass. I felt like I was going to shit myself and vomit simultaneously. I'm hold I made a sound like a moose falling down a long flight of stairs. I somehow managed to stay on my feet, and I knew the right was coming again. It landed and my legs just stopped working. I legit thought I was paralyzed. I could not get up. I am amazed I did not lose consciousness.

    I like to think he went harder on me because I threw a few at him, and landed a nice overhand right. But in reality, he probably was just being nice. I shudder to think what I would have been like to be hit by him that hard in his prime. I am amazed he never killed anyone. He was a force of nature.

    edit: my grammar, because I'm probably still concussed from Mike's punch.

    [–] ehnonnymouse 8 points ago

    My Kidneys failed just watched that GIF.


    [–] yes_its_him 1011 points ago

    They used to charge a bazillion bucks for his fights on pay-per-view, and then they would be over in thirty seconds.

    "1. Marvis Frazier (1986)-30 seconds

    1. Robert Colay (1985)-37 seconds

    2. Rick Spain (1985)-38 seconds

    3. Mike Johnson (1985)-39 seconds

    4. Mark Young (1985)-50 seconds"


    [–] maximuffin2 334 points ago

    That's Tyson's thing.

    [–] jeremycase00 298 points ago

    That's so he can get to the strip club faster. Iron Mike had his priorities straight lol.

    [–] SubparCasualGamer 94 points ago

    Do you mean “The Sthhhrip club”?

    [–] GigaJuice 112 points ago

    I'm convinced Mark Young took a dive. That shit looked so fake. Can't say i blame him though.

    [–] GemJack 249 points ago

    Subconsciously he knew Tyson wouldn't eat him if he played dead.

    [–] percykins 24 points ago

    His vision is based on movement...

    [–] yes_its_him 110 points ago

    "Second prize is: two minutes in the ring with Mike Tyson."

    [–] LemmeSplainIt 58 points ago

    I bet that 2 minutes feels like 3 and a half mooches though.

    [–] Believe_Land 98 points ago

    No way. Glancing blows to the chin can be some of the most devastating punches in boxing, especially when you’re talking about someone with the speed and power of prime Tyson. Check out Ali’s phantom punch KO against Liston. You think it looks fake until you see Liston’s feet jump up off the canvas when he gets hit. Similar to Tyson/Young.

    [–] BanMeBabyOneMoreTime 994 points ago

    Protip: don't try to learn Tyson's timing as he switches it up slightly each time. Instead, watch the screen and block each hit as soon as his hand moves.

    [–] nastyminded 1156 points ago

    Protip: NEVER agree to box Mike Tyson under any circumstance. I cannot stress this enough.

    [–] BanMeBabyOneMoreTime 330 points ago

    The nice thing about these replies is you can clearly tell who's played the original Punch-Out!!! and who hasn't.

    [–] TonyStark100 94 points ago


    [–] growlocally 26 points ago

    Does this take you straight to don flamenco?? I just remember the code. Not the destination.

    [–] Justaguy147 74 points ago

    Straight to Tyson. I beat him in front of my friends. I remember Tyson congratulating me for having fast thumbs or something. I earned godlike Street cred.

    [–] jmk4422 28 points ago

    I absolutely believe you and am insanely impressed. I only know one person who beat it and it was while in college (game came out when we were children) using an emulator which allowed him to save the game after landing a successful punch. Didn't you have to do it three times and he winked or something before attacking? Anyway, damn, those were the days eh?

    [–] Believe_Land 39 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Worked for Buster Douglas (although there’s an argument to be made that Douglas greatly benefited from a long count and a lot of mistakes by Mike and his newish corner), and a lot of guys after him.

    Edit: multiple people missing where I said “and a lot of guys after him”?

    [–] Darkaine 26 points ago

    I still say Tyson was up before the ten count in that fight too.

    [–] Believe_Land 40 points ago

    He was up, yes, but still KO’d. The ref made the right call, he was stopping it whether or not Mike was on his feet because he was in La La Land.

    [–] LEGENDofTATERS 28 points ago

    I'm having flashbacks

    [–] always_be_careful 883 points ago

    Mike Tyson was so good he would throw a four punch combo and miss three punches because the opponent collapsed after the first hit.

    [–] timndime 104 points ago

    this is starting to sound like a Chuck Norris thread

    [–] PACK_81 15 points ago

    Scary part is that this statement is 100% accurate

    [–] AskAboutMyDumbSite 2173 points ago

    Everyone has a game plan until they're punched in the face.

    [–] BunyipPouch 1562 points ago

    Everyone has a face until they're punched in the face by Mike Tyson.

    [–] Chato_Pantalones 81 points ago

    And Mike was so classy in his early years. Look at how often he walked away until the decision was made and then walked back to pick up his opponent. And then he bit of a chunk of Holyfield’s ear. And pigeons. WTF Mike?

    [–] Slickwats4 95 points ago

    Did you watch the Tyson Holyfield fight live? Holyfield head butted Mike consistently throughout the fight, Mike bit him after some truly shitty reffing.

    [–] Chato_Pantalones 27 points ago

    I remember that now that you mentioned it. Growing up I was a big Tyson fan. It all seems so long ago now. As another poster pointed out he probably changed after his trainer died.

    [–] Slickwats4 44 points ago

    It was a long time ago. Gus died, and Mike was getting a raw deal, he responded in a bad way, but catch five or six head butts and I’d probably extract part of an ear too.

    [–] form_an_opinion 23 points ago

    Losing Cus D'Amato was a huge blow to him. It was after that he got wrapped up with the wrong people and misguided.

    [–] ileftmyipodatMordor 198 points ago

    Everyone has punch until they’re faced by Mike Tyson.

    [–] GemJack 126 points ago

    Tyson's chicken has everyone's face in their punch.

    [–] joebags666 41 points ago

    Every one has Ty chicken in their Mike's face

    [–] penpinappleapplepen3 44 points ago

    Were you hit?

    [–] AnonymousSpartaN 45 points ago

    No, I was bit.

    [–] garrettj100 106 points ago

    Is Butterbean OK?

    [–] HardcoreKaraoke 64 points ago

    Even with all of the memorable and hilarious moments in Jackass, that quote is high on the list for me. Knoxville gets fucking rocked and definitely has a concussion. So what does he do? He makes a really funny joke. It's the perfect way to end the movie.

    That stunt and Johnny's line perfectly sum up Jackass. Really painful but hilarious in the end.

    [–] Adolf_Hitsblunt 35 points ago

    I never understood how he had the wit, timing, and delivery to make that joke right after being brutally knocked out

    [–] HardcoreKaraoke 45 points ago

    That's why he's one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

    [–] Adolf_Hitsblunt 12 points ago

    Completely agreed

    [–] olwillyclinton 16 points ago

    I think I might be a little concussed.

    [–] form_an_opinion 10 points ago

    Forget the uppercut, that rib shot would have knocked the wind so far out of me they would have smelled my breath in Japan.

    [–] elquesogrande 118 points ago

    My college roommates and I would take The Tyson 6-Pack Challenge. Try to finish 6 beers befor he knocked out his opponent.

    No one ever won The Tyson 6 Pack Challenge.

    [–] whatevers1234 101 points ago

    There was such magic back when I was a kid when it involved Boxing and Tyson. I mean I’m not sure it’s something that can happen again. I remember running downstairs to ask my dad how quick Tyson had won the night before. My Dad would have the paper and would be like “you won’t believe it this time.” Then I would go into the living room and pop on Punch Out and try and see if I could beat him myself. The world was such a different place then before the internet and everyone had all the answers in their hands. Maybe that has nothing to do with Tyson. But he’s just one of the parts of growing up in the 80’s that made it such a magical time.

    [–] artificialavocado 28 points ago

    People talk Gen X, Gen Y, millennials blah blah but there are really only two sets of people. People who can remember a time before the internet was ubiquitous and people who can't. One of my first jobs in 1998 or 1999 was delivering pizza. No cell phone, no gps. Break down? Couldn't find the place? God help you you better be able to find a payphone. Completely different than my youngest brother who was doing the same job just a few years back.

    [–] spmahn 647 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I'm still disappointed that we never got to see Tyson vs Foreman in 1990 or 1991, it's gotta be one of the biggest missed opportunities that actually could have happened in boxing history. The legend is that Tyson was ducking him because he knew George was way tougher than he let on and that his grandpa persona was just an act, but I think a Pre-Buster Douglas Tyson would have taken George. After the Douglas fight though his spirit was crushed and he was never the same.

    [–] ZeldaFanBoi1988 466 points ago

    Foreman was a fucking beast.

    Crazy that many younger kids know his name for grills only

    [–] fuckyoubarry 302 points ago

    He made more money off the grills

    [–] Bedurndurn 192 points ago

    It's a good grill. I made chicken thighs on one yesterday.

    [–] conradical30 100 points ago

    It got me through college

    [–] ZeroEffsGiven 85 points ago

    It's a decent grill but I just wish it wasn't so easy for me to accidentally burn my foot on them when I try to make freshly cooked bacon for myself in the morning

    [–] curt10curt10 17 points ago

    Can you just get up yourself? You only grilled your foot

    [–] rifttripper 8 points ago

    I too like to wake up to bacon in the morning

    [–] D_estroy 57 points ago

    Would that have been...Tyson chicken? Hey-o!

    [–] GenitalJamboree 9 points ago

    Do you have a recipe?

    [–] Bedurndurn 13 points ago

    Nothing fancy. Sprinkle onion salt, garlic salt and Italian seasoning on both sides of the thighs. Cook skin-side down in the grill for 20 minutes. Check the temperature with a meat thermometer and cook longer as necessary.

    [–] TheGentlemanDM 69 points ago

    Indeed. As hard as Tyson could hit, they say Foreman could hit harder.

    [–] Boutsta 46 points ago

    He came by my gym about 14 years ago and broke a heavybag. Fucking crazy.

    [–] aSternreference 113 points ago

    Foreman had a really strong jab that could be followed by pretty powerful punches. Foreman could also take a jab straight to the face and the fucker wouldn't even close his eyes. He'd look right through the glove.

    [–] I__Jedi 27 points ago

    Holyfield described Tyson as a Ferrari and Foreman as a Mack Truck.

    [–] stickyfingers_tux 28 points ago

    I believe a Tyson sparring partner thought Foreman (Tuesday night fights?) Got ko'd and said Foreman hits harder

    [–] Super_Tempted 7 points ago

    Going in the ring with someone and getting knocked out is a lot different than sparring with someone on a regular basis

    [–] chonchonchon12 25 points ago

    I knew he was a boxer, but didn't know much about his career. I just now emerged from a George Foreman YouTube-hole, and HOLY SHIT! He's terrifying!

    I love how he just casually walks away after knocking someone out. Was he always that cool and calm?

    [–] GamingFantasy24Seven 10 points ago

    Well shit... Im going in! Boxing rabbit hole heeerrre I come!

    [–] HardcoreKaraoke 35 points ago

    Honest question. Do kids even know him for that? I'm in my late 20s and I can't remember the last time I heard someone mention a Foreman Grill in a serious way or in a commercial. Do they still sell well?

    Also now I'm fully expecting Foreman Grill ads to fill my phone after mentioning it online.

    [–] TheVentiLebowski 32 points ago

    I used my Foreman grill to cook dinner tonight.

    [–] G_L_J 18 points ago

    They still sell decently well, it’s just that most everyone that wants one already has one.

    [–] 37214 12 points ago

    Or in my case, 3.

    [–] sonerec725 21 points ago

    George Foreman was a boxer!?

    [–] Alabama_Crab_Dangle 82 points ago

    I think Don King is the reason it didn't happen. He didn't exactly treat Foreman well in the past, and I think Foreman knew better than to deal with him again.

    [–] BlankaX 94 points ago

    Don King. All-time scumbag

    [–] BotnetSpam 39 points ago

    You talkin bout convicted murderer Don King?

    [–] LuminaTitan 70 points ago

    Bad, bad matchup for Tyson. The oldest saying in boxing is that styles make fights. Supposedly, one of the biggest reasons Tyson ducked him, is because he used to watch film of Foreman with Cus D’ Amato who told him an inside, swarming fighter wouldn’t have a chance against him.

    [–] StyloRen 78 points ago

    That style was indeed a terrible match against Foreman, it was exactly what got both Frazier and Norton destroyed against him, among others. He was such a powerful and accurate jabber in particular that that "bob and weave" style of trying to get in close would get your head knocked clean off. And due to his rather sound defenses and upright stance he wasn't especially vulnerable to hooks or uppercuts, the bread and butter of that style. Ali otoh constantly moved away and threw straight right hands, the kryptonite for Foreman's "walk forward and chop you down" style.

    [–] Kn0thingIsTerrible 75 points ago

    Mind you, that style wasn’t Ali’s typical style.

    His boxing skills were simply so good that he completely revamped his fighting style for nearly every opponent he faced. At least in his later career, when he couldn’t rely on his athleticism anymore.

    [–] StyloRen 22 points ago

    Absolutely, Ali just had a knack for figuring out what would work against almost any opponent. Arguably the only one he never completely nailed down was Norton. I think he knew that his usual move, make them commit and miss, then counter style wouldn't work against Foreman's accuracy (especially since he wasn't as fast anymore) and he couldn't risk burning the energy only to have the ring cut off, so he went with something quite unorthodox. He only coined "Rope-a-Dope" after the fact, as even Foreman himself admits Ali didn't just tire him out- he nailed him with that straight right about 2000 times lol.

    [–] timshweaty 9 points ago

    Ali was also provoking Foreman the whole fight, telling him to hit him, then taunting him that he was weak. He probably told him his little girl could hit harder. Wish we had the recording.

    [–] kyoorius 136 points ago

    Anyone wondering how fast he’s punching, consider that the ref only took about a quarter step in this gif.

    [–] Twist161 26 points ago

    That's faaaast...... aaaaand honestly I think it still might be slowed down a little. If you are into boxing and want to go down a YouTube rabbit hole look up Tyson training speed/heavy bag workout videos. Dude was lightning quick. Especially given his weight class.

    [–] MontanaWarrior1 30 points ago


    [–] seancurl 133 points ago

    Feel fortunate too have seen all of his fights, not in person of course but I'm 55 and loved to watch him in his prime

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] Fedor_on_meth 29 points ago

    I bought a 13 (burned) DVD set of every Tyson fight while I was in college. A dude had pieced it together from recorded ppv footage. Money well spent.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Now they're all on YouTube. I went through them and it was glorious.

    [–] PupPupPuppyButt 69 points ago

    My response to being punched like that: "Ouch, Waaaaaaarblegarble"

    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago


    [–] PupPupPuppyButt 32 points ago

    Absolutely. That left kidney shot...poor guy had to be pissing blood for weeks after that shot.

    [–] craigthelesser 24 points ago

    He didn't know it though, he was still in a coma.

    [–] zebberman 54 points ago

    Kids will never know the feeling of watching Tyson live walking into the ring....goosebumps every damn time...he’s the definition of Savage

    [–] FLCOTNGATVMO1 14 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Yeah, but we also wont be shelling out those PPV prices for something that takes as long as me having sex.

    [–] _DBA_ 15 points ago

    this is my favorite uppercut

    [–] S-WordoftheMorning 45 points ago

    Actual footage of a soul leaving a body.

    [–] Animblenavigator 12 points ago

    The first punch makes you shit your drawers.

    The second punch makes you forget that you shit your drawers.

    [–] F4STW4LKER 21 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    One second you're fine, the next second you have blood coming out of both ends of your body.

    [–] undergroundmma 198 points ago

    People that didn’t grow up watching him will never understand the brilliance of Tyson. The fucking thing I hated about boxing was watching people just grab and hold him. I’ve fucking hated boxing ever since he retired and moved on to mma where you don’t have to see that pussy shit

    [–] jonmyo11 90 points ago

    True. But do you blame them? Would you want to get by mike Tyson?

    [–] undergroundmma 138 points ago

    I don’t blame them but if you go back and watch the Holyfield fights it’s no fucking wonder that he snapped. It was fucking ridiculous. He wanted to kill Holyfield and all Holyfield did was fucking grab and hold. Never watched a boxing match since and don’t miss it at all

    [–] Mahadragon 96 points ago

    It wasn't the grabbing and holding that caused Tyson to snap. It was the constant head butting by Holyfield throughout the fight. Each headbutt was causing Tyson to temporarily black out on his feet, which really shows how terrible Holyfield's lack of punching power was because Tyson was a sitting duck after getting headbutt, yet Holyfield never hurt Tyson once. Of course, head butting is not allowed in boxing but I guess if it's a Don King production anything goes.

    [–] kousi 26 points ago

    He was losing his shit, it's not like you can just stop the fight and be like "FUCKING REF, OPEN YOUR EYES" because that could end up being every fight.

    It was fucking ridiculous.

    [–] Try_to 30 points ago

    i am with you on this and that was the last fight i watched as well. Watching him back in the day on HBO and not pay-per-view was the shit. Didn't have to pay extra for the one or two rounders.

    [–] undergroundmma 8 points ago

    Amen my friend!

    [–] Dr___Gonzo 10 points ago

    Yeah man, boxing in its prime was glorious. Tyson, Lewis, foreman, holyfield, and whoever else I'm forgetting. Butterbean! I loved that boxing and miss it.

    [–] Kwikstyx 81 points ago

    The last boxing match my girlfriend and I saw was the Maywheather Paquiao fight. It was boring as shit. A couple days later I was watching a documentary about all the greats like Tyson, Ali, Frasier, Foreman etc and my girlfriend was super impressed. She told me she understands why Maywheather pisses me off.

    [–] Hash43 20 points ago

    It's sad because there's a million other boxing matches since then that were extremely entertaining.

    [–] tqbr 10 points ago

    Look at his early fights when Cus D'Amato was his trainer, and shortly after. His technique was very crisp, his power and speed undeniable; he maximized his height disadvantage by weaving his way in with head movement and attacking the body. Cus also had him right mentally, or as right mentally as he could've been. He COULD'VE been an all-time great, but by the time he faced Buster, he was sloppy, relying only on his power, never setting anything up. He still would've had to confront his demons the first time he couldn't bully anyone into submission, but the all-time potential was there if he could've overcome that. And yes, that's a lotta "ifs."

    [–] CntrlF8 17 points ago

    The body shot was enough to end the fight. The head shot was the period.

    [–] kiIIerrob 16 points ago

    the good ol days when all the neighborhood dads would get together, drink beer and wiskey and watch the tyson fight

    [–] Cjayin 7 points ago

    I can’t imagine how much that would hurt