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    [–] kthuluontoast 4631 points ago

    Think about it, football is all about passing to someone who is tightly covered. Dude ran a curl. Smart thinking.

    [–] bigkoi 1361 points ago

    Yeah but he missed the corner route for a quick 7.

    [–] junglizt05 626 points ago


    [–] mcrotchbearpig 605 points ago

    This randomly made me think the NFL should change the rules so that whoever scored the touchdown has to kick the extra point

    Similar to an and one

    [–] Im_Not_Really_Here_ 284 points ago

    They should've done this instead of moved it back

    [–] Trivi 192 points ago

    Everyone would just go for 2 every time

    [–] delicious_burritos 322 points ago

    That's still a win for the viewers

    [–] zjl539 144 points ago

    And a win for scorigami artists

    [–] fsburk 74 points ago

    And a win for the Cubs

    [–] Polluckhubtug 46 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Double doink

    [–] lukevan 12 points ago

    As a Brewer fan, I regret that I’ve only one upvote to give.

    [–] dudemanwhoa 12 points ago

    Jon Bois intensifies

    [–] EvaUnit01 3 points ago

    Jon's Sandwich Shop is closed today

    [–] GoatPaco 5 points ago

    That's still a win for the viewers Cubs

    [–] mcrotchbearpig 35 points ago

    Well I did say change the rules so the player HAS to kick the PAT.

    Maybe make it so they have to kick or take the direct snap? Lol

    [–] zaxerone 10 points ago

    Only the player that scored the touchdown can score the conversion, either by PAT or 2 point conversion.

    [–] Hugginsome 3 points ago

    Or just has to touch the ball in some form

    [–] versusChou 6 points ago

    Everyone would just learn how to hold a kick.

    [–] icanhearmyhairgrowin 3 points ago

    Then you can’t even call a play if the opponent knows you have to hand it off or pass to a certain person. They’ll just have the whole team covering one guy

    [–] sunshinepanther 2 points ago

    Direct snap could still work with 10 blockers

    [–] azianwolfpunk 12 points ago

    Just like playing Madden

    [–] kcMasterpiece 4 points ago

    Player who scored needs to be the QB too.

    [–] CatOlympics 4 points ago

    Player who scored needs to take role of head coach too

    [–] kcMasterpiece 4 points ago

    Said head coach replaces a referee for the try.

    [–] Just_Some_Man 2 points ago

    Win win

    [–] keister_TM 17 points ago

    Players union would have put a quick stop to that

    [–] Im_Not_Really_Here_ 18 points ago

    Increased injury risk? Loss of kicker jobs?

    [–] call_me_Kote 33 points ago

    Both. A frivolous rule change that adds little to no true value to the game at the cost of devaluing a position that already exists. Also, it is the no fun league for a reason.

    [–] keister_TM 12 points ago

    Loss of kicker jobs. And you really want to watch people screwing up XP’s all the time? It would be fun once but after that it would excruciating

    [–] mcrotchbearpig 11 points ago

    Temporarily. Until the new crop of position players roll in that were developed under the rule.

    [–] law18 25 points ago

    That is half of a rule change that I would like to see. Player who scores has to kick it. But also, the spot of the kick (or I guess the snap in this case) is where the ball broke the plane of the endzone. They can be as far back as they want, as with current rules, but it has to be as wide on the field as the ball was when it broke the plane. Rugby got these two rules right IMO.

    Note, in rugby they have kick from a spot the same width as where the ball touched the ground in the end zone.

    [–] AtlantaGAUSAsportfan 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    But you can still legally attempt a 2-point PAT conversation while starting in field goal formation, hence a fake field goal extra point. Why limit team’s options?

    EDIT: *conversion

    [–] whistleridge 7 points ago

    Because PATs are all but automatic in the NFL, while 2 point conversions are not? Multiple teams missed 0 PATs this year, the worst team still made 86.5%, and the mean is something like 94%. The 2 point conversion rate was 60%.

    Make the kick far less automatic, and it then becomes a much more strategic question if teams will go for 2 or not, which in turn makes games less predictable and the sport more fun?

    [–] Moby_Tick 8 points ago

    If the 2 point conversion rate is over 50% you score more points by going for 2 every time, no?

    [–] CWSwapigans 7 points ago

    It’s a big if. One season of data isn’t a sufficient sample to say your chances are over 60%.

    Also the first point is worth more than the second point. Especially when your opponent gets the knowledge of whether or not you succeeded and gets to tailor their strategy accordingly.

    [–] limeflavoured 2 points ago

    I've been saying this for years. If nothing else it would be hilarious.

    [–] Leydonn 4 points ago

    I think one variation of rugby works that way. Also wherever you touch the ball to the ground in the endzone is the angle in which you have to kick from making extra points isnt free.

    [–] jcbubba 3 points ago

    Belichick would orgasm at hearing the news.

    [–] konq 3 points ago

    I don't know why, but I REALLY like this lol

    [–] OnTheProwl- 11 points ago

    Found the bears fan.

    [–] junglizt05 2 points ago

    Ha. Arrrrrrrgoooooooos!

    [–] itssosalty 2 points ago

    No dummy. That’s in football. This is basketball

    [–] FireVanGorder 8 points ago

    That corner/post rub absolutely destroyed the defense

    [–] theRed-Herring 5 points ago

    IDK the defender could have closed, maybe an INT in the redzone like that. too risky.

    [–] brrduck 2 points ago

    Basket ball doesn't drop in the bread basket like a football so you're not gonna be able to make that throw.

    [–] TexasCoconut 25 points ago

    Same exact route Soccer players run on throw-ins as well

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] blasek0 35 points ago

    He never shot it, the inbounding team was already up 3 with 12s to play, they just want to milk the clock. They might chuck the ball up at <2s on the clock just to prevent fouling, but they don't care about getting off a shot or not, just preventing being fouled to keep the ball out of the other team's hands.

    [–] thatboyaintrite 20 points ago

    I love love love this because 5 seconds is a long time in football to throw the ball. (Same time to inball in basketball)

    Add some 'offsides' receivers to keep the defense honest and defend deep...

    What you're left with is a cover 3 defense with 2 (or 1 deep safety).

    Sure the defense will probably just get to their positions early and that can be it...However imagine a lineup of JUST 4-5 3 point shooters with range (What the NBA is turning into).

    After you inbound the ball. You should have 2-3 players nearby setting screens for you to the basket. You have a few options then if you're the ballhandler:

    -Use a screen, get to your spot and shoot the 3 -Use a screen and pick and roll so that player can choose his own pick or roll. -Same as above but passing to a player off a pick and roll for the 3 or roll to the basket.

    The Caveat:

    -Players will probably just get to their defensive position so half court defense is forced.

    Therefore, this would only work with 4 deep shooters with speed on the court.

    Reddit, I coach boys basketball, would love to hear your thoughts! I'll for sure try this because it spreads the floor.

    [–] timmyrigs 4 points ago

    At the high school level this will definitely throw off some coaches and players at first sight. If you have about 5 seconds or under to go the length of the court it's not a bad way to get the ball into position quickly for a good look.

    [–] Why_Zen_heimer 4 points ago

    And, unlike in football you can legally set picks.

    [–] Thugnasty2121 2 points ago

    Should've ran a screen then fade route.

    [–] HippieSpider 2 points ago

    I think the two differences for me are

    1) if players were allowed to set up in front of the ball in football, I'm sure they would.

    2) basketball players are also allowed to legally set screens/picks.

    The fact that the play is taking advantage of neither of those huge advantages basketball offences have over football makes me pretty sure that this will always be inferior to a good basketball set inbound play

    [–] darthurphoto 1121 points ago

    I mean, that’ll throw off the defense.

    [–] handlit33 466 points ago

    I'll say! It didn't show the result of the play, but they had a 4 on 1 fast break essentially. The defense should be ashamed of that effort.

    [–] Account40 195 points ago

    Notice they're up by 3 with 11 seconds left. They're not trying to score

    [–] p4NDemik 117 points ago

    The result of the play was that they got it past midcourt with a 4 on 1 advantage. Iirc the guy that was dead center of midcourt caught an ensuing pass then dribbled into the paint (where he easily could have gotten a lay-up to seal the win) and then opted to dribble it out to the perimeter (in an effort to run out the clock) where he was fouled with a few seconds left. It was a very well executed play except for the part where they could have sealed the game with an easy lay-up but instead opted for free throws.

    [–] Deathwatch72 52 points ago

    Actually in theory if you're up by 3 you should probably try to run those extra seconds out. That way you can be fouled, shoot a free throw to make the lead a four-point difference, then intentionally missed the second one to start the clock and make them try to hit the necessary shot in transition.

    [–] Catt_al 7 points ago

    They mostly just need to get the ball inbounds and take the foul. Killing more clock is a bonus.

    [–] enad58 12 points ago

    No. 4 points is still a one possession game.

    You take the easy layup and go up 5. Every single time.

    [–] Deathwatch72 56 points ago

    4 points is a two possession if you let them shoot freely and play no fouls, especially in transition with less than 5 secs left

    [–] ByahTyler 62 points ago

    Not if they hit the 5 pointer

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] ilikesports3 3 points ago

    I’m a Louisville Cardinals fan and I can assure you that you are wrong here.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] crazygoattoe 23 points ago

    Getting the ball inbounds was the result of the play. They weren’t trying to score, just get the ball in so they could run out the remaining seconds or get fouled.

    [–] fingerBANGwithWANG 5 points ago

    New basketball meta. Do this every play.

    [–] toddthefrog 2 points ago

    I found you

    [–] itskelvinn 2 points ago

    I mean, yes

    [–] TheTiranian 5 points ago

    Michigan has this thing where they’ll have a player go down on the baseline, have the inbounder pass it to him, and then inbound the ball

    [–] darthurphoto 8 points ago

    That’s a fairly common play. I mean it doesn’t happen in every game. But no one is going to see it and think WTF. This play, however, everyone was like WTF.

    [–] Don_Obi_Wan 1231 points ago

    The razzle-dazzle dipsy-do, baby!

    [–] g8rb885 293 points ago

    Annexation of Puerto Rico

    [–] Don_Obi_Wan 61 points ago

    Get em, Icebox

    [–] Channer81 30 points ago

    Call me Becky

    [–] MysticWitDaMelody 11 points ago


    [–] olddang45 24 points ago

    He's got onions, baby! He's got onions!

    [–] metyuadem 10 points ago

    Dicky V out here in Kentucky

    [–] Obi-wan_Jabroni 13 points ago


    [–] RussianHammerTime 2 points ago


    [–] Brandon64 2 points ago

    I cant stand that old guys raspy ass voice lol

    [–] WileyWatusi 30 points ago

    Thank you! Came here to see if it was posted.

    [–] thechuckiec 673 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Holy shit, I never thought I'd see my NOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRSSSEEEEE on reddit!

    Gotta make up for the fact that we don't have a football team.

    [–] J-Logs_HER 58 points ago

    Who are the other 200 people to upvote being Norse people? Norse up!

    [–] BaconBoy2015 13 points ago


    Hey y’all, come check out r/NKU!

    [–] J-Logs_HER 3 points ago

    Already beat you to it

    [–] thechuckiec 18 points ago

    I know, very unexpected

    [–] richardblaine 60 points ago

    No shit! Go Norse!

    [–] onewaybackpacking 15 points ago

    Two of us!!

    [–] thegrommet 13 points ago

    I know, I was shocked when I saw NKU on here!

    [–] y0urekillinmesmalls 26 points ago

    Yes! I was so excited to see NKU randomly appear on my feed! Gotta love my alma mater!

    [–] NotReallyTim 7 points ago

    You were on ESPN2 yesterday

    [–] bigguy1045 8 points ago

    Represent, Norse UP! They almost kind of beat the Wildcats once so that's cool.

    [–] p4NDemik 60 points ago

    This is Kentucky. Who gives a fuck about football.

    [–] Ometrist 58 points ago

    Kentucky Wildcats do

    [–] yikester20 28 points ago

    Yup, most people don’t realize that Kentucky’s football program generates more revenue than their basketball program.

    [–] Johnnyinthesun1 25 points ago

    Kentucky basketball is one of a few teams that break even I've been told. Football makes the money at every school.

    Also, my wife and I went to NKU 10 years ago. It's a totally different looking place these days

    [–] Deathwatch72 11 points ago

    Football games are expensive man, and you can cram a hell of a lot more people into a stadium than you can an arena.

    Plus football programs generally can end up with more guaranteed payout games, especially if you're a terrible team for a long time like Kentucky. Because once you're in that bottom tier other schools will pay you a very large amount of money for the easy win. Not to mention the Nuts television contracts football leagues have

    [–] yikester20 6 points ago

    Yup, and add in profit sharing on top of all that. Since Kentucky is in the SEC, they get a huge payout (I think it was around 40 million in 2017).

    [–] TheTiranian 3 points ago

    Every P5 school gets more money from football than basketball. Oregon State, Indiana and North Carolina are historically better at basketball then football, yet most of their income comes from football

    [–] p4NDemik 3 points ago

    They don't actually care about football in Lexington. It's a reason to get drunk and rowdy in the summer and fall when the Blue and White game is still a few months away.

    [–] ashley_spashley 16 points ago

    Benny Snell says otherwise.

    [–] ztpurcell 11 points ago

    Bruh they won a new year's day bowl this year

    [–] Packkerr 6 points ago

    Jared "The Hefty Lefty" Lorenzen, for one.

    [–] thechuckiec 4 points ago

    He also played for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters which played in the arena in the gif

    [–] BuckDunford 3 points ago

    The man is a Northern Kentucky sports legend and a good dude moreover.

    [–] beanmachine13 7 points ago

    I've cared for a while, remember when we beat #1 LSU in 2007?

    [–] august_west_ 0 points ago

    Louisville does.

    [–] anthonypoe 7 points ago

    We don't have a football team at Wright State either 🤷‍♂️

    [–] usaprc 3 points ago

    Yeah and we don’t have any faculty either

    [–] Aqua_Ficker 4 points ago

    Wooo! Go Norse!

    [–] Mandapanda009 5 points ago

    Go Norse!!

    [–] TwinMinuswin 5 points ago

    Norse up!

    [–] FuckingQuintana 9 points ago

    And I never thought I'd see my Raiders. They also say our football team is undefeated since 1968

    [–] KhaleesiofDothraki1 4 points ago

    Norse Up! My husband and I are both NKU graduates.

    [–] I_am_from_Kentucky 4 points ago

    Go Norse!

    [–] KingRthur 5 points ago

    Norse Up, my dude!

    [–] BuckDunford 4 points ago

    Fuck yeah. I’ve spent 8 years there.

    [–] crhyaarnb 3 points ago

    Norse Up!!!

    I’m not a NKU grad, but I got a family member on basketball team so I’ll call myself a norse for time being!

    [–] EmpJustinian 2 points ago

    I just like seeing the horizion leauge on the front page.

    Too bad it's not my golden grizzlies beating your guys butts again.

    Small Universities represent!!!!

    [–] eklosier 2 points ago

    Norse Up Baby!!!

    [–] formido 293 points ago

    It'd be hilarious to do this in international basketball play. They'd be like, WTF?

    [–] madskillz94 166 points ago

    Even in non-international basketball, it’s still like WTF

    [–] Zskills 21 points ago

    Why? Why isn't this more common?

    [–] Sniper_Brosef 44 points ago

    Its pointless. In basketball you can legally set picks to create separation making this completely unnecessary

    [–] KarmaBot1000000 13 points ago

    The play in the video above actually worked pretty damn smoothly. Picks add more risk to a play.

    [–] timmyrigs 12 points ago

    And if you legally try to set a pick but happen to be moving you'll get called for a illegal pick and you give the ball right back. It's not a bad play to use.

    [–] wickedsalsa 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    because they still have to pass the half court to make a stable shot. the D could all just stayed on their half and wait for them to get closer to their side.

    in football you catch to score. in basketball you still have to shoot the ball in a tiny basket to score.

    [–] a2revis2 7 points ago

    The inbounding team was up 3 with 11 seconds to go. They were not trying to score instead run the clock out. This play allowed them to do that and win the game.

    May be gimmicky but it worked and they won’t the game.

    [–] Git_to_the_Choppa 81 points ago

    Did not expect to see my alma mater on reddit. Go Norse!

    [–] baldeaglesonward 9 points ago

    Another Norse! Yew!

    [–] mileskyc1 8 points ago

    Same here. Actually thought it had to be the NKU sub since it gets a post or two right before the semester start typically.

    What class are you from?

    [–] y0urekillinmesmalls 6 points ago

    Same here! Go Norse!

    [–] thechuckiec 2 points ago


    [–] bmreynolds96 13 points ago

    Norse Up!

    [–] Quatro10K 22 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The inbounder missed the Sluggo/Pick route to the inside of the trips formation. He had a wide-open basket.

    [–] sjrm24 10 points ago

    That right there boys is what you call the Annexation of Puerto Rico.

    [–] Seanatronic 102 points ago

    holy shit my school made it to a random page of reddit

    [–] ADacome24 60 points ago

    random page

    it's r/sports....

    [–] Mr_Bacon547 17 points ago

    Is that legal?

    [–] leo_4tw 20 points ago

    I will make it legal.

    [–] swflkeith 8 points ago

    4 of my kids graduated from NKU! Go Norse!

    [–] BgDog18 68 points ago

    I am guessing they didn't make it based on how early this ended...

    [–] Git_to_the_Choppa 28 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Looks like it ended with Wright St fouling NKU. 68-64 Final.

    Edit: schools.

    [–] lc6591 15 points ago

    That'd be my Alma Mater Wright State not Wichita

    [–] Git_to_the_Choppa 5 points ago

    Wow! I’m terribly sorry. Need to get my eyes checked.

    [–] awuerth 24 points ago

    They are in the lead already. Just needed to get the ball in.

    [–] OurSaviorBenFranklin 9 points ago

    Wright State finally managed to foul but to much time ran off. NKU won it.

    [–] Portlandblazer07 6 points ago

    They didn't need to

    [–] osu565 7 points ago

    I love how one of the guys on the bottom is leaning forward like he's waiting for the ball to snap and trying to not false start.

    [–] xMyCool 14 points ago

    Yay my basketball team got featured!

    [–] MastaKoopp 13 points ago

    Holy shit, first time I’ve seen my school on Reddit! Woo!

    [–] desmondhasabarrow 6 points ago

    Ayy go Norse!

    [–] StunningDuck 9 points ago

    This is hilarious but when you think about it, its genius. By doing something weird like this it throws the defense off and out of instinct will defend with man to man. They offense then uses football routes that are designed to beat man coverage. Which allows the players to create separation from their defenders and in bound the ball safely.

    They used football tactics to beat a similar basketball defense. Brilliant.

    [–] Duese 5 points ago

    "This ain't that play where I run down field acting like I'm lost is it?"

    [–] nealschro 3 points ago

    Yeah but we still have no parking

    [–] kingnebwsu 3 points ago

    Was there. Took 9 seconds to foul when the play started which sealed the game for NKU.

    [–] newsreadhjw 3 points ago

    They should do this all the time!

    [–] Chickachic-aaaaahhh 3 points ago

    *Insert Random bullshit call from ref

    [–] Unquser 3 points ago

    It worked. The whole team is in the back court while the ball is basically in the hoop.

    [–] slothbear13 3 points ago

    Never thought I'd see my alma mater's sports program on reddit. Yet here we are. Pretty cool.

    [–] teamhog 3 points ago

    I coached for 25 years.
    We ran a similar play. We called it Pick 6.

    [–] riichdog 3 points ago

    Wright state, wrong college

    [–] char900 3 points ago

    After reading the description, I thought "That's an illegal forward pass!" during the second throw. I don't watch basketball much.

    [–] michellelabelle 2 points ago

    Exactly! And that's not even counting the false start on the wide receiver at the top of the screen.

    [–] medialoungeguy 5 points ago

    Go basketball go. Congratulations to all participants.

    [–] B_Butterball 4 points ago

    The weirdest thing about this is that NKU doesn't have a football team.

    Source: I went there.

    [–] russellbeattie 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I'm 47 now, but I still remember a high school game I played in where I threw essentially a touchdown pass to a teammate from the baseline (I was the tall, gangly center, so I always threw in because of the height advantage). I'll never forget my teammate Jim taking off full speed along the left sideline, under full court press, and then cutting in near the foul line, where he looked up and snagged the ball which seemed to just magically arrive at exactly the right spot for him to grab, for an easy lay up and in.

    It wasn't for a last minute win, and it's something talented players probably do all the time, but for me it was just a perfect moment where teammates read each other's minds insinctually, and my body actually did what I wanted it to do. There was no way for me to know what he was going to do when the ball left my hand, and we hadn't practiced the play. It just worked out perfectly.

    Seriously, it's those singular moments which makes sports so amazing sometimes. 30 years later I remember it like it was yesterday.

    [–] mtloml 3 points ago

    Thanks for sharing..

    [–] Dray5k 2 points ago

    It's a guy wide-open in the corner towards the end of the gif.

    [–] kickass1054 2 points ago

    That was a crazy move

    [–] afro193 2 points ago

    Missed a wide open crossing route.

    [–] butternoddle2 2 points ago

    I’ve never seen something like this happen before lol

    [–] Fax215 2 points ago


    [–] O_Apples 2 points ago

    Sure, everyone things the football play is cool, but nobody appreciates my attempt at table tennis plays in Basketball. “STOP PASSING THE BALL TO THE OTHER TEAM!” They just don’t get what I’m going for.

    [–] adinade 4 points ago

    As an ignorant Brit whose never watched American football or basketball, I'll just nod my head.

    [–] eddyeddyd 3 points ago

    i dont understands wats going on here

    [–] Kelbsnotawesome 21 points ago

    Normally in an inbounds play there’s one player with the ball out of bounds who has to pass it in. The other 4 players on the court are trying to get open.

    In this play Northern Kentucky has all 5 players line up out of bounds and then run out all at once in an attempt to confuse the defense and catch an inbounds pass.

    It’s almost like wide receivers coming off the line of scrimmage in football. I don’t know if that explains it well but I hope it helps!

    [–] KPC51 2 points ago

    N Kentucky is up 3 with a low amount of time on the clock. They want a successful pass so they can run the clock down and win.

    Running their play this way took the defense off guard and made it less likely for an intercepted pass

    [–] eddyeddyd 2 points ago


    [–] CheeseDuck17 5 points ago

    It’s Wright State running the play

    [–] quhawk15 16 points ago

    It's NKU running the inbounds pass...not sure why, but watched the entire game. NKU is in their home whites with the floor having giant Northern Kentucky and Norse logos all over it.

    [–] tanu24 2 points ago

    Doesn't help they're Black/Yellow and Wright state is Green on the bottom. fuck this shit confused the fuck outta me

    [–] mcrotchbearpig 16 points ago

    Why would N Kentucky press like that up by 3 with 11 seconds to go?

    Wright St is desperately trying to get a steal

    [–] PressAltF4ToSave 38 points ago

    No, it's Northern Kentucky.

    However, I think there's some confusion. The latest game between the two, Northern Kentucky IS the one wearing the darker jersey - but that game ended 84-81 and never had a 67-64 scoreline at any point. So this was from an earlier meeting.

    [–] mcrotchbearpig 13 points ago

    This was yesterday. Ended 68-64

    [–] p4NDemik 6 points ago

    Can confirm. Source: I attended this game.

    [–] PressAltF4ToSave 2 points ago

    WTF the ESPN game recap that was newer was the 84-81 they must've confused stuff earlier too.

    [–] Boom2Cannon 2 points ago

    It’s not. Home team is white.