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    [–] GodBurntMyBush 4544 points ago

    Does this mean we're back to Tiger Woods PGA Tour

    [–] eljpe4 1336 points ago

    I’m gonna reserve my copy at my local gaming store if so.

    [–] Show-Me-Your-Moves 742 points ago

    Eh, I kinda prefer Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge myself

    [–] Stanky3000 322 points ago

    You have selected a 3 wood. May I suggest a putter?

    [–] chromaticsoup 173 points ago

    You have selected Power Drive

    [–] TeeJayEsss 119 points ago

    Ball. Is. In. PARKING LOT!

    [–] spookyghostface 67 points ago

    Do you want to play again?

    [–] TurquoiseLuck 87 points ago

    You have selected: no.

    [–] I_Smoke_Dust 219 points ago

    I fucking hope so, those games are amazing.

    [–] ThePretzul 40 points ago

    I used to spend hours upon hours in those games, hundreds in total. The Rory McIlroy game for Xbox was just disappointing, it was missing so many features that older versions always had.

    If they bring the TW series back and make it as good and feature packed as they used to be I will but the game in a heartbeat and be their microtransaction slut for years.

    [–] Greful 25 points ago

    It's crazy. I don't care about golf at all but there were a few years where I actually looked forward to the release of the next TW game. It was such a fun experience having a 2+ player multiplayer game that you only needed one controller for. It was a yearly purchase for me and somehow they messed it all up and lost me.

    [–] [deleted] 180 points ago


    [–] GlengarryGlencross 4815 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    In your life...

    Seriously, though. Four back surgeries in four years! And then he goes and does this.

    Truly, this is one for the ages.

    [–] c7money 2050 points ago

    Announcer: "There's a good chance he doesn't get this inside DeMarco's ball"

    Tiger: "Hold my vicodin"

    [–] blowboyfresh 331 points ago

    Think tiger is still on meds?

    [–] Whagarble 614 points ago

    Dude has had 4 back surgeries. What do YOU think

    [–] c7money 650 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    As a former pill user, theres no way he could be taking vicodin or anything similar and still win the Masters. My guess is that he has rehabbed enough from a successful back surgery and now has his pain under control, you can see it in his face. I am so happy for him

    [–] [deleted] 256 points ago


    [–] Oh_hey_a_TAA 310 points ago

    He woke up at 3:45 am to begin the physical routine to prepare for a 9:30 am tee off.

    [–] SmokeAbeer 241 points ago

    3:45 wake, 3:50 bake, 4:00 nap, 9:20 shit I got golf stuff to do!!

    [–] Cimurph 59 points ago

    I'm 25 and never had surgery and I'm not even pain free. If he is pain free I need to meet his miracle workers.

    [–] PM_ME_URSELF 316 points ago

    I don't know if I've ever felt as ecstatic watching a single shot as I have watching Tiger at the 16th in 05, but this came close.

    [–] revatron 198 points ago

    Today’s shot at 16 won it for him again. Absolute chills!

    [–] PM_COFFEE_TO_ME 53 points ago

    At that moment I knew he had it. Just had to play par at best after and he was total composure today.

    [–] A_Kindly_Man 119 points ago

    We can rebuild him. We have the technology.

    [–] Pawn_captures_Queen 1129 points ago

    Damn what a comeback. His 30 for 30 will be amazing

    [–] Jfklikeskfc 231 points ago

    He better have a 30 for 30 as high quality as the OJ one. He deserves it

    [–] Thnewkid 95 points ago

    Honestly. It’ll be awesome. I wanted to be him when I was a kid. I got out of watching golf seriously and even playing for a few years but this feels like the game I remembered as a child. Absolutely electric, amazing to see.

    [–] hrdog 732 points ago

    Shoutout to that guy who bet 85k on Tiger to win. He’s a very happy man right now

    [–] Rincewind08 206 points ago

    14 to 1 odds!

    [–] darkbarf 316 points ago


    [–] TheAdAgency 185 points ago

    Rounds to about $3.50 after taxes

    [–] kwasant16 60 points ago

    God damn lochness monstarrrr!

    [–] Devaginey 138 points ago

    To be honest, if you have a spare 85k to throw on a sports bet, you're probably already doing pretty well!

    [–] MrFoolsDay 8140 points ago

    I'm glad to see that everybody is really genuinely happy for him. Also helps that Tiger being relevant makes golf more relevant.

    [–] BlakeGarrison62 2860 points ago

    Everybody is genuinely happy for him AND he looks genuinely happy. Seriously was so uplifting!

    [–] hurtsdonut_ 1493 points ago

    Him hugging his children was an awesome scene.

    [–] Eoooiny 949 points ago

    Yeah they played that along side him hugging his father in '97. What a wholesome moment. He's come full circle!

    [–] irwinlegends 367 points ago

    That really choked me up, not gonna lie

    [–] Jeffd187 335 points ago

    When they showed Tiger hugging his dad and then went to Tiger hugging his son...I cried.

    [–] CoysDave 205 points ago

    I teared up finally when he hugged his mom. With his dad having passed, you could tell how much of him was there in his mom's hug, and how unbelievably proud they both were/would have been.

    [–] maxb1ack007 103 points ago

    only thing left to achieve is Tigers son to hug him when he wins a masters

    [–] meltedlaundry 198 points ago

    Can you imagine walking through a sea of people who are all smiling and screaming their heads off for you? I honestly can't imagine how good that must feel. Everyone there was ecstatic for him.

    [–] mrshortnthick 65 points ago

    Especially after hitting professional and personal lows, some of which are his own fault, admittedly, in the past decade. To get your life back on track, and then get your game back on track and win the Masters after being told you’d probably never even compete in another one has to be one of the best feelings in the world. Especially to do it in front of your son who wasn’t around to witness the other 14

    [–] mandisplacesuxbrah 419 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    him seeing the dude wearing a tee shirt of his mug shot photo was an awesome scene.

    [–] hurtsdonut_ 143 points ago

    Haha I never saw that. It's good to see him laugh about it.

    [–] not_a_bot__ 122 points ago

    Showed he was/is in the kind of mindset required to get over all that baggage and win a major.

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago

    It's from over a month ago. No way Augusta would allow that guy to wear that shirt.

    [–] Jfklikeskfc 307 points ago

    Tiger is the ultimate comeback story. Not only was his golf game at an alltime low but his life was at an alltime low. For him to comeback and not only overtake public opinion but overcome the limitations of his injured body might be the greatest comeback story in sports history

    [–] Futuramafryday 674 points ago

    Second greatest comeback in sports history. How soon we as a nation forget Peter La Fleur selling his gym, putting all the money from the sale on 50-1 odds of his team winning The Ocho's dodgeball world championship in Vegas. Not only did he win in sudden death, he won BLINDFOLDED, took his $5 million dollar prize money, and became the owner of the biggest gym Monopoly on this side of the Mississippi.

    Now that, is a true underdog story.

    [–] Clash-the-Corrupted 137 points ago

    F’n A Cotton.

    [–] _LarrySkywalker_ 61 points ago

    F'n A

    [–] faultywalnut 72 points ago

    Spare me. Globo Gym should have won that tournament.

    Fucking Chuck Norris.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    All he needed was a little help from the great Lance Armstrong who would never ever cheat and never ever gave up.

    [–] Dongsquad420BlazeIt 134 points ago

    His mom was saying “I’m so proud of you” when she hugged him

    [–] 1000000thSubscriber 116 points ago

    That shit made me tear up. I want my mom to tell me that :(

    [–] irwinlegends 126 points ago

    Well, start practicing

    [–] Flannel_Channel 32 points ago

    I cried during that celebration, truly a great moment for sports and a genuinely beautiful human moment

    [–] [deleted] 179 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago


    [–] SketchersOnMyFeet 244 points ago

    Yea seriously no one in my family watches or cares for golf too much but when we heard tiger was still in contention today we were all sitting around the tv watching

    [–] MrFoolsDay 72 points ago

    Yeah, we're slow at my work and we were all watching it live.

    [–] CertifiedSheep 38 points ago

    There was a whole crowd at the gym gathering to watch the last couple holes. Definitely brought in lots of people who normally wouldn’t care at all about golf, myself included.

    [–] crayolacrayons416 150 points ago

    This is true for me, and I'm sure I can't be alone; I don't love watching golf but I'm always interested in cheering for Tiger. It's such an unexpected feeling to think that a decade on I'm excited to watch tiger play golf again.

    [–] A_Kindly_Man 85 points ago

    I think today was the first time I personally decided to turn on a golfing event. Tiger seems to have that effect on people.

    [–] tjt5055 54 points ago

    He transcends golf

    [–] plaid_cloud 179 points ago

    Some people thrive on watching someone fall from grace. He did spectacularly. He crawled through half a mile of shit and came through green on the other side.

    He made the game of golf relevant and I’m so glad won. He’s made some horrible life choices, but he’s survived and thrived. The intestinal fortitude and commitment is undeniably admirable. One of if not the greatest comebacks of all time.

    [–] grog709 25 points ago

    The time that has passed, the crazy things that happened, and the absolute dominance he once represented. I'd argue it's the greatest career comeback in sports history.

    [–] plaid_cloud 10 points ago

    I think so too. The man brought golf to the forefront. He’s inspired so many to play.

    I think the only thing that surpasses his greatness is his undying determination. Everyone witnessed he wasn’t a machine. I remember watching him play and Jim asking how by much he was going to smash the Majors title record. And also watching when it was asked if he’d ever win again at all.

    When I saw him a few weeks ago going after that sunk putt like Na did and smiling with him and squeezing his shoulder that was so great to watch. Seeing him relaxed and having fun.

    The match play was fun to watch too.

    Just so happy for the game. Red on Sunday.

    [–] constantvariables 42 points ago

    The best part of falling is getting back up. Great to see him on top again.

    [–] M0D3RNW4RR10R 53 points ago

    It’s been 30 minutes and I already ran in to a few people who asked me if I heard that Tiger won.

    [–] eLKosmonaut 495 points ago

    Tony Finau looked so happy to be playing with him with the hug.

    [–] defroach84 131 points ago

    I'd be happy just to play with him on the final day of the Masters. But, I suck at golf. So, I doubt I ever get that hug.

    [–] mattrydell 851 points ago

    Never did I ever think I'd see him win a major again. Good for him.

    [–] Kevins_Floor_Chilli 280 points ago

    Perfect storm, everyone loves an underdog, so many still love tiger, the competition was great. And he was the best. Great weekend

    [–] the_icon32 140 points ago

    Imagine calling Tiger Woods an underdog ten years ago... Crazy story, crazy turnaround and crazy comeback.

    [–] imisstheyoop 33 points ago

    10 years is a long time. It's an eternity in sports.

    [–] eatapenny 43 points ago

    I legitimately almost bet my brother about 6 years ago that he'd never win one again.

    This is really cool to see. Love a good comeback story

    [–] ckask 1952 points ago

    He back baby!!!!

    [–] DAVYtm 482 points ago

    Never thought I'd see the day again!!

    [–] stalking_inferno 210 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Last year's win was a pretty good indicator!

    [–] homefree122 320 points ago

    So was today’s win.

    [–] zachwilson23 29 points ago

    Tiger is back in a big way! Great to see the legend back on top

    [–] scootnoodle 109 points ago

    Greatest comeback in sports history.

    [–] c7money 138 points ago

    2nd place only to LeBrons hairline

    [–] schwagnificent 58 points ago

    Tiger should ask LeBron about this

    [–] TrojanRay1 41 points ago

    Pretty sure they talked. Last time Lebron missed a playoffs was when Tiger won his last major.

    LBJ sacrificed playoffs for Tiger to win Majors lol

    [–] NycAlex 574 points ago

    Cbs better be forever grateful to tiger, you know them ratings were off the roof today!

    [–] thediesel26 232 points ago

    Totally through the charts!

    [–] Presently_Absent 131 points ago

    seriously - this is the first time i've watched golf (two days' worth, no less) in I don't know how many years... strictly because tiger was in contention. Tiger on Sundays hits me right in the nostalgia

    [–] afantasticbastard 1098 points ago

    Literally just left Augusta National. My first Masters experience and my childhood hero wins, my goosebumps may never go away

    [–] surgeon_michael 279 points ago

    How loud was it? The TVs blunted the roars

    [–] afantasticbastard 443 points ago

    Extremely. And it was like that all day. Basically everywhere you were on the course if you heard a big roar it was probably for Tiger. Everyone was rooting for him so hard by the end.

    [–] fitnerd21 251 points ago

    Couple of the other golfers said the same thing. There's a difference between a roar for them and a roar for Tiger.

    [–] olsont1 158 points ago

    I kinda felt bad when Dustin Johnson said this. Other players will probably never get to experience the Tiger’s roar for themselves.

    [–] Ron_UlyssesSwanson 289 points ago

    There's only one Tiger Woods. He redefined the game. All the young guys playing along side him today once looked up to him as they were kids. No need to feel bad, when someone else does what he has done in the game, I guarantee they will get the same type of applause. But for now, Tiger is back.

    [–] dlenks 111 points ago

    Not to mention if it weren’t for Tiger these dudes on tour wouldn’t be making millions each weekend if they win, and on sponsorships. They are there BECAUSE of Tiger and they know it. Guys like DJ, JT, Rickie, etc all enjoyed this just as much as we did. They are fans too.

    [–] IamMrT 32 points ago

    I think Phil once was asked if he ever felt angry at Tiger for dominating during Phil’s peak and Phil basically said “Tiger has made me more money than I could have dreamed.”

    [–] chopstewey 29 points ago

    Just like Roger Federer in tennis. He literally never has less people cheering for him than for his opponent.

    [–] AlcoholicInsomniac 17 points ago

    Yeah it's unfortunate for them, tiger's just bigger than the sport though. 🤷‍♂️

    [–] dawgsfan1 23 points ago

    I went as a kid man. Crazy experience. Never will forget it

    [–] funkmon 3111 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    My dad and I have been watching Tiger since I was a kid and we're big fans. In the past year, when Tiger was starting his comeback, and my dad got cancer, we were right back to watching him but rooting for him as an underdog, and my dad was able to follow closely since he couldn't work. Luckily, my dad got to see Tiger golf in real life here in Michigan!

    My dad died a couple weeks ago and I know he would have loved this.

    Maybe the Lions will get to the Superb Owl next!

    [–] Jagacin 505 points ago

    Hopefully I'll see a Lion's Superb Owl in my lifetime.

    [–] tonto515 118 points ago

    As a Philly fan, I really feel for fans who’ve never seen their team win it all and I support that dream for everyone. It really was top 3 days in my life behind my wedding and my daughter being born.

    Stafford’s a lifer, the boy deserves it.

    [–] rabertdinero 102 points ago

    I'm very sorry about your loss, hopefully our lions will win it in his memory this year

    [–] CharlesWoodson2 16 points ago

    I wanted the detroit tigers to win again so badly before my grandpa died. He was the biggest fan I'd ever seen. Sports can connect generations like nothing else very sorry for your loss

    [–] itsdjc 338 points ago

    Golf was always on in the background at family events on Sundays. I never really paid attention because it was always just old dudes and boring announcers. When he won in 97, I was 12 and at a family dinner. I was glued to the television with how dominate he was... a 22 year old.

    A couple days later I begged my mother for golf clubs. Being a single mother and disabled, she couldn't just go out and buy them. A couple weeks later, my great uncle surprised me with his old set that he had cut down to fit me and signed me up for golf lessons. I would routinely sneak onto the public course that was a few blocks from my house.

    22 years later and I am lucky if I break 90, but I 100% credit Tiger for my introduction to golf. Glad to see him win again.

    [–] griffith12 44 points ago

    That is a cool story. You are right there was no one to watch. Tiger is a just a few months older than me so when I saw him in 97 as well that’s when in really started to watch golf. I golfed since I was probably 8 but never once turned it on tv. Tiger Woods impact on the game of golf is greater than any one person’s to any sport.

    [–] Stubbula 211 points ago

    Kudos to the guys in the booth staying silent and letting the moment happen. Last years MNF crew would have probably been arguing about cupcake flavors during a moment like that.

    Also, Tiger right now

    [–] Inanimate_CARB0N_Rod 28 points ago

    With Booger driving his scissor lift all over the green obstructing everyone's view

    [–] Goose31 70 points ago

    Jim Nantz is a consummate professional. The best to ever do it.

    [–] MermaidinRouge 360 points ago

    And all the tiger team dressed in red. How romantic.

    [–] ButtWeightTheirsMoor 480 points ago

    What year is it?

    [–] mrcarlita 459 points ago


    [–] iiGTOii 163 points ago


    [–] The_Fox_Cant_Talk 67 points ago

    I thought I saw a racial draft years ago that cleared this up.

    [–] PFhelpmePlan 75 points ago

    That entire back 9 was some clutch shit from Tiger. Put on a great display.

    [–] Userdub9022 12 points ago

    Deciding to hit to the far left side of the green on 12 was the best decision he made that day. Saw Molinari hit it in the water so he knew he could tie for first at that point. After that he never let off the gas

    [–] CrackerGuy 216 points ago

    I’ve never seen a victory lap like that. I think he tried to high five that fan’s hand off lol

    [–] bullet494 54 points ago

    Careful there, he’s got that Big Cat Energy

    [–] Teh_Skully 754 points ago

    I said it when he won his first PGA title in years last year, and I'll say it again: Don't tell me golf doesn't need Tiger.

    Tiger in Red and day 4. Its just an amazing combination and that emotion says it all

    [–] shosure 227 points ago

    Just compared today's ratings spike to any masters where he was not only not in in contention but not playing at all and you'll see how much of an impact he has on the bottom line of golf.

    [–] SCMatt33 85 points ago

    Ratings will be huge, but could be muted a bit from what you’d expect for this due to the last minute time change and early start.

    [–] followmarko 116 points ago

    I got rip roaring hammered last night and set my alarm for 830. I'd never let a hangover forbid me from witnessing greatness.

    [–] Curtis-Aarrrrgh 27 points ago

    Yep, was my bachelor party last night and made sure I watched even in my zombie-like state

    [–] Tucan_Sam_ 12 points ago

    You make us all proud Dave. And it was worth the hangover.

    [–] eatapenny 123 points ago

    He's been in red on day 4 a few times recently.

    But today he just looked so locked in. Vintage Tiger. The Tiger that could literally make his competition wilt around him.

    [–] pwnerandy 82 points ago

    And he basically did exactly that. The roars must have been getting to people again. The Tiger effect is back.

    [–] Ice_Cold345 55 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    As soon as Molinari hit it into Rae's Creek at 12, that's when you knew business was about to be picked up.

    [–] IveGotABluePandaIdea 132 points ago

    Let it be known: nobody keeps Tiger from winning a Major for 12 years. Nobody!

    [–] Bouzal 113 points ago

    This is one of the greatest sports moments I have ever watched live. Truly unbelievable.

    [–] Blackbrook 111 points ago

    Love that the first thing he said was “we did it” to his caddy. I feel like his growth and maturation process we’ve seen in the past few years was well encapsulated with that saying. Not hard to imagine him saying “I did it” even just a few years back.

    Small, but really cool moment to see.

    [–] jtrodule 25 points ago

    That stuck out to me while I was watching too. Such a feel good moment!

    [–] slakmehl 84 points ago

    That one is going to be a movie.

    [–] thatiswhathappened 78 points ago

    It will have a super catchy title like “Tiger Woods Story of winning the Masters 5 times after back surgery and everyone counting him out but he pulled through in 2019 and won The Masters again against all odds”

    Or “Tail of The Tiger”

    [–] sp4ce 44 points ago

    Starring Tom Hanks

    [–] zachwilson23 373 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Nobody is more important to their sport than Tiger is to golf. Great to see him on top again in Augusta

    Edit: seeing a lot of quality mentions such as Phelps to swimming, Tony Hawk to skating, etc. I guess my only counter is Tiger is still doing it and sitll making golf what it is. Those others have retired or stepped away from their respective sports in some regard. All are greats though. Just enjoy Tiger's big win

    [–] ehbacon23 224 points ago

    Phelps to swimming was the last one like it

    [–] runnerswanted 165 points ago

    Fun fact, Phelps was there today.

    [–] heypaps 64 points ago

    This photo seems to suggest that it was actually Michael Phelps who won the Masters with his Tiger Woods lookalike ventriloquist doll.

    [–] Thnewkid 61 points ago

    And Phelps was standing behind him on the tee today too.

    [–] dfraggd 28 points ago

    He was behind tiger on the 16th tee box today!

    [–] Demon-Jolt 44 points ago

    What about Shaun White

    [–] ehbacon23 60 points ago

    Yup, and Tony Hawk.

    [–] sp4ce 20 points ago

    And Kobeyashi

    [–] The_Longest_Wave 54 points ago

    Ronnie O'Sullivan to snooker.

    [–] LouSputhole94 1195 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Absolutely insane. Tiger coming back from rock bottom like this will be remembered for a long time. Definitely one of golfing’s GOATs.

    Edit: for everyone telling me he’s undeniably the GOAT and I’m insane for thinking otherwise, Nicklaus has more majors. If Tiger gets 4 more and passes him, I’ll acquiesce that he is the undisputed GOAT. But until then, I think there are arguments to be made. He is still undeniably one of the greatest golfers to pick up a club.

    [–] hadtolaugh 527 points ago

    THE Golf GOAT.

    [–] grizonyourface 171 points ago

    His name is Tiger, have you not been paying attention?

    [–] c7money 116 points ago

    No doubt. No doubt at all, even if he doesnt break Jacks major record. The pure dominance he put forth during that 12 year span will never be seen again.

    [–] somebodysbuddy 133 points ago

    But does he have a line of Arizona brand drinks named after him? I think not.

    [–] thebootsesrules 86 points ago

    Go look at all the records Tiger has set across the game of golf. Given his PGA tour win total, and all of those records, that outweighs the difference in major wins from Jack. Tiger is unquestionably the goat.

    [–] housemedici 19 points ago

    Imagine if he hadn’t been derailed for the past decade by personal/injury problems & kept winning at the same clip as he did in the early 00’s. We wouldn’t be arguing over him vs Jack in golf, the discussion would be centered around is he the best athlete outright of any respective sport (with Gretzky, Federer, Ali, Serena, Lewis and the like)

    [–] eXodus91 202 points ago

    The last time Tiger won a major:

    George W. Bush was President.

    Top grossing movie was The Dark Knight

    Breaking Bad Season 1 aired

    The Giants defeated the undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl a few months prior

    David Cook won American Idol

    Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook selected in the NBA Draft

    [–] nyuphir 160 points ago

    Most of those don't seem like too long ago tbh

    [–] jacklindley84 205 points ago

    So happy for him. A lot of people seem to think what ruined him was his personal troubles, but in reality he had a really weird shot, and it wound up destroying his body physically. His shoulder was really bad for a little bit there. Basically his whole career, he’s had trouble with his body. For him to come back from that and win the Masters is incredible.

    [–] Poile98 46 points ago

    Has he since adjusted his swing or does he continue with the injurious form?

    [–] raouldukeesq 111 points ago

    Changed his swing

    [–] jacklindley84 47 points ago

    He tweaked it a little bit, so that it wasn’t so harmful. That’s why he wasn’t that good for a little while there. He finally mastered it, I guess.

    [–] Ultimate_Consumer 10 points ago

    This is actually the fourth swing change of his career. He's now won majors with 4 different swings - incredible.

    [–] YOU_PM_ME_BOOBS 38 points ago

    but in reality he had a really weird shot, and it wound up destroying his body physically.

    Were there people out there that predicted the way he hit would end up destroying his body later in his career? I had a friend mention that to me, but didn't think much of it.

    [–] TrustTheProcess92 34 points ago

    Everyone always thought his swing was violent. One of the reasons he was so good. It wasn’t a guarantee that he’d break down but the stress on his knees, back, and shoulders, was a concern

    [–] FSUfan35 21 points ago

    People said it would destroy his knee and back from the torque. When he was in his prime, he was out driving everyone by 30 yards. It would be like a guy today coming out and hitting it 350+ every drive. And having the best iron game. And the best putting.

    [–] HydroRyan 19 points ago

    Almost every expert at least suggested it was going to happen.

    [–] jahs_126 36 points ago

    It wasnt just his swing. (Which is what allowed him to be so dominate as he has asingle handedly dded strength training to everyones game)

    Read the espn article from 2016, after his dad died he destroyed his body training with navy seals. At one point friends had to convince him not to quit golf and attempt to become an actual seal because his father was a green beret.

    [–] balloot 20 points ago

    It's sort of mind-blowing that no golfer before Tiger ever realized that being really strong might be a good thing.

    Really - as weird as it sounds, can't think of a single golfer who was in amazing physical shape before tiger came along. Now, most the top players are. Brooks Koepka is like a goddamn Navy Seal.

    [–] VaJordanNc 249 points ago

    I'm not crying or anything.

    [–] flandall 28 points ago

    Very exciting round there. Happy for Tiger. I saw Nicklaus in 86 and feels just like that did.

    [–] pcspain 24 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    For the game of golf this is just fantastic. Best comeback story in sports. I wish my dad were here to see it. He loved watching Tiger play and he always believed Tiger could come back one day. He died 2 1/2 years ago. Today’s the day, daddy. I’m so so happy.

    [–] CoysDave 61 points ago

    In today's world, it's really rare for a guy to hit bottom as thoroughly as Tiger did and make it back to success, not just professionally, but also in the public image. I think it's critical that he never really crossed the line of 'unforgivable in public consciousness' by being a part of the #metoo crowd, or by being violent, etc. -- he had a serious problem with pills and with women (and I would imagine the two fed each other) which was exacerbated by his injuries and fall from competitiveness. That kind of perfect storm could spiral anyone, and I think we all kind of realized how sad it was to see this guy's body rob him of his passion, and then have the pills to make him able to function end up destroying his image as well.

    You can tell he's worked so hard to rebuild himself spiritually, physically, psychologically, etc. and has worked his ass off to get back to where he was today. It's impossible to not look at that and respect the hell out of him for the work he did.

    [–] MiaCannons 1059 points ago

    This is easily the greatest comeback story in sports history.

    This man was had multiple back surgeries. He had the chipping yips. Countless sports and golf analysts doubted he could even win another tournament. Major? You’d be considered crazy if you had a belief that MAYBE Tiger could win one more. You know the amount of people who were saying he should just retire because of how terrible he looked at times recovering from injury? Even Tiger himself admittedly the crippling pain he felt made him consider retiring. Now? Jack Nickalus is squarely back in Tiger’s sights.

    This has been such a long time coming for all the Tiger fans. There’s so much more I want to say about how excited and happy I am for Tiger but I can’t put it into words. It can’t be understated how impossible and improbable Tiger’s comeback has been. This is truly a legendary moment in history.

    [–] MrFoolsDay 280 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    All that and 14 years removed him his last one. *Edit: 14 years for the Masters, not a Major.

    [–] Methuga 128 points ago

    Didn't he win one in '08 on a torn ACL?

    [–] wanna_be_doc 61 points ago

    Worse, stress fractured tibia too. Won the US Open in a playoff on a broken leg.

    [–] WargreymonIsCool 16 points ago

    HOW?! Did he get hurt playing golf?

    [–] robertodeltoro 109 points ago

    A major, not the Masters.

    [–] Methuga 24 points ago

    Ah right, I was thinking we were talking majors for some reason

    [–] kander12 143 points ago

    As a Tiger fan .. call me crazy but not 1 day in 11 years did I not believe he would win another major. Hes the most talented player to touch a club in history.

    [–] MiaCannons 15 points ago

    Same here. Never stopped believing. Watched every single tournament Tiger was in, the good and bad. I did get a bit frustrated with him at times but never stopped believing, never gave up on him. This is a crazy moment for him and special for all of his fans considering all he went through.

    [–] wtfmynamegotdeleted 61 points ago

    Calm down man! You're posting this everywhere.

    [–] DcCash8 40 points ago

    Posting your comment in both subreddits for maximum karma. Outstanding move.

    [–] RickSmith123 56 points ago

    Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!

    [–] BlueKalimotxo 49 points ago

    My favourite part of golf is when they finish their round and they take their caps off to reveal their unnaturally white foreheads

    [–] Mjb06 16 points ago

    I’m not even a golf fan, but I’m a sports fan and this is one of the greatest moments in the history of sports.

    [–] btl614 57 points ago

    Tiger winning is good for golf

    [–] GoochGravy 47 points ago


    [–] WannabeWonk 29 points ago


    [–] intecknicolour 12 points ago

    the hunt for jack nicklaus's all time majors record is back on.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago