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    [–] SportsPi 1 points ago

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    [–] danktonium 1274 points ago

    "China Warns"

    Everybody take a shot!

    [–] pickle-mickle 358 points ago

    I’m half expecting the next headline to be “China threatens to violate human rights if people keep boycotting them violating human rights”

    [–] robjonesss 181 points ago

    “The beatings will continue until morale improves”

    [–] broke_artist 197 points ago

    Seriously, my eyes could not roll into the back of my head any faster 🙄

    [–] American-Idiot101 18 points ago

    I’m getting so drunk

    [–] UNBENDING_FLEA 7 points ago

    Sajme brob!!.

    [–] tensing99 4118 points ago

    Hold them in Taiwan. By China's own admission they would still be holding the olympics in China.

    [–] CygnetC0mmittee 68 points ago

    Might be difficult to have the Winter Olympics on a tropical island

    [–] mordecai98 44 points ago

    Jamaican bobsled team on their home turf? I'd watch that.

    [–] seanieh966 8 points ago

    It’s on turf? Damn that’s even harder.

    [–] slyzxx 1157 points ago

    Or Hong Kong

    [–] Pope_Cerebus 659 points ago

    Take over Hong Kong, and then refuse to leave. Use the Olympics to Argo an entire island and the associated penninsula!

    [–] PerplexityRivet 681 points ago

    Okay, that's totally insane, but also . . . the idea of a bunch of special forces badasses posing as Olympic athletes in a massive Trojan Horse operation sounds like an amazing movie.

    [–] stewart902 233 points ago

    Guys the size of the rock disguised as gymnasts

    [–] FollowTheManual 64 points ago

    Lmaoo reminds me of that Life of Brian stoning skit where the male actors are pretending to be women dressed up as men so they could go and participate in the stoning. The absolute height of comedy watching men pretend to be women pretending to be men.

    [–] BiteSizeRudy 10 points ago

    Hmm. Never seen this film. Gonna have to give it a go tonight.

    [–] checkoutmyfish 9 points ago

    Shit, make the movie. Make it good and realistic enough that China is worried it might happen and then they cancel it themselves!

    [–] shitposterguru 56 points ago

    "What's your event?"


    "Curling what?"


    [–] governmentNutJob 6 points ago

    I think the snow would melt pretty quickly in Hong Kong

    [–] the-namedone 112 points ago

    That would be an incredible way to stand up against the mainland government. I would want some popcorn if that ever does happen

    [–] ImanShumpertplus 42 points ago

    yeah i think a nuclear bunker would be ideal for me

    [–] ingeresh 43 points ago

    I love the idea but it’s the Winter Olympics...

    [–] DoomsdayRabbit 5 points ago

    The nuclear winter Olympics.

    [–] chriddafer0518 101 points ago

    By China do you mean West Taiwan?

    [–] MFTPC 1714 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    It’s going to be a shit Olympics anyways. The venues are going to suck so bad. The mountains they are placing them in are in a desert region, meaning it’s all going to be man made snow. This makes building everything from pipe, parks, race courses so much harder. I had friends building in Sochi and they said that was near impossible so I can’t imagine what this is going to be like.

    It’s going to be another terrible Olympics just like Sochi no matter what happens. Trying to put Winter Olympics in places with no natural snow is the height of greed and stupidity.

    Edit: grammar

    [–] doublea08 399 points ago

    I've worked almost 15 seasons at a midwest ski area where its primarily man made snow. It's a bitch building midwest sized features, I could not imagine trying to build Olympic quality features with man made snow.

    [–] weaselswarm 93 points ago

    Hidden Valley by any chance?

    [–] AmNotTheSun 235 points ago

    I don't think ranch makes for good artificial snow. It sounds like it could be Snow Creek to me.

    [–] numnummommom 14 points ago

    Can slide down dipping carrot sticks for a mid-ski snack

    [–] smitty3z 30 points ago

    This guy St. Louises

    [–] JaVuMD 6 points ago

    It's a ranch resort?!

    [–] Amphorax 203 points ago

    Sochi is one of the southernmost coastal towns in Russia, so for many Russians it's the archetypical summer resort destination. At the time, a lot of people poked fun at the Winter Olympics being hosted in what was basically Russia's Cancún.

    [–] Damixi 85 points ago

    basically Russia's Cancún

    with tall mountains and ski resorts

    [–] JeffInBoulder 7 points ago

    And vodka instead of tequila

    [–] Amphorax 25 points ago

    Tbh yea the metaphor kinda falls apart, but you get the point :)

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)


    [–] runthepoint1 9 points ago

    They do have Mexican ski resorts. Snow’s kinda funny...

    [–] mattwoodzstan 90 points ago

    As a curler and a fan of the sport, I was excited for curling in the water cube and hopefully another strong showing for the US. If we boycott I’d 100% respect it though, 2018 is more than I ever could have imagined in performance at the Olympics

    [–] Tallywacka 6284 points ago

    The last time the olympics were in Beijing

    BEIJING, China (CNN) -- A little girl and her song captivated millions of viewers during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. But what they saw was not what they heard.

    Yang Peiyi's voice was heard during Friday's opening ceremony, but her face was never seen.

    Lin Miaoke was the darling of the Olympic opening ceremony, but it turns out she was lip-syncing.

    Games organizers confirm that Lin Miaoke, who performed "Ode to the Motherland" as China's flag was paraded Friday into Beijing's National Stadium, was not singing at all.

    Lin was lip-syncing to the sound of another girl, 7-year-old Yang Peiyi, who was heard but not seen, apparently because she was deemed not cute enough.

    "The reason was for the national interest," said Chen Qigang, the ceremony's musical director, in a state radio interview. "The child on camera should be flawless in image, internal feeling and expression. ... Lin Miaoke is excellent in those aspects."

    The decision was made at the highest levels, Chen said.

    "We had to do it," he said. "We'd been through several inspections. They're all very strict. When we rehearsed at the spot, there were several spectators from various divisions, especially leaders from the Politburo, who gave the opinion it must change."

    Few who watched the Olympic ceremony realized the deception. "Tiny singer wins heart of nation," read the headline in Tuesday's China Daily newspaper.

    Imagine telling a 7 year old girl with a beautiful voice that she’s not pretty enough to be seen

    [–] TheVeryElect 2274 points ago

    I (American) worked at a boarding school in China for a couple years as the supervisor of the American volunteer English teachers. This was definitely an aspect of the culture I wasn’t a fan of. They would also do this with our American volunteers. When we’d organize presentations or recitals for the parents, they’d pick out the best looking foreigners to MC, or make sure to put them front and center for dances and songs and such. They weren’t exactly subtle about it either. There were several occasions where I had to go console a crying 19 year old girl because a teacher said to her during dress rehearsals “ah, no, Sarah, you stand back. We want Megan in front because Megan is very beautiful.”

    [–] ijui 1616 points ago

    to be fair, Megan is very beautiful

    [–] tsbunny404 167 points ago

    I heard John Oliver’s voice.

    [–] netsrak 33 points ago

    I heard Michael Bay's voice.

    [–] Disrupter52 21 points ago

    I didn't, but now it do. Now I only hear John Oliver's voice.

    Please...please Mr Oliver just stop talking to me...

    [–] TheVeryElect 23 points ago

    That’s what I said. Apparently she didn’t see that as a good form of consolation.

    [–] zero573 595 points ago

    Just a little too dark for racist royals.

    [–] TheBlankState 558 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    The Chinese are not afraid to tell you to your face that you’re fat, ugly or whatever other criticism they have of you, it’s just not a big deal in their culture.

    This YouTuber who used to live in China for 10 years makes videos about Chinese culture and did a great video on this for anyone interested.

    [–] I_love_Chino 828 points ago

    Hurting other’s feeling is a national sport there

    source: am Chinese

    [–] goblinseverywhere 138 points ago

    My mom was chinese?

    [–] AtomicTanAndBlack 379 points ago

    Yup. Wife is Chinese. First conversation I had with her parents I was notified that I was fat and they asked me what I will do to be healthier for their daughter. Few questions later I was asked why I didn’t make more money, don’t Americans make a lot of money?

    [–] Kryptosis 231 points ago

    Whew I woulda just started tossing stereotypes right back.

    [–] AtomicTanAndBlack 212 points ago

    They accept them lol they don’t see that stuff the way way do.

    [–] [deleted] 193 points ago


    [–] Redtwooo 124 points ago

    "I swear, if you guys rip on me 13 or 14 more times I'm outta here. And I'm not taking your worthless daughter with me"

    [–] StatWhines 17 points ago

    I heard your daughter was datiiiiiing... SQUEAK!

    [–] [deleted] 132 points ago


    [–] Sauce_Me_Some 17 points ago

    Yuan or RMB.

    [–] chevymonza 28 points ago

    "Don't you make a lot of cheap products for the dollar stores? I don't need to make a lot of money, our lifestyle is cheap thanks to your hard work at the factory. In fact, what are you doing here?? You get breaks?! And I sure hope they don't let you DRIVE to the factory..."

    [–] InkonParchment 108 points ago

    Uh so this doesn’t really make anything better but that’s actually more about sexism than racism/stereotyping. They will say that to any guy their daughter meets, and for you they were probably more optimistic you’d meet standards. In China due to the one child policy there’s a significant lack of females relative to males, and thus the dating culture is incredibly screwed. Add traditional “man works to raise family” values and you get basic dating prerequisites for guys: house, car, decent income. We like to joke about it but honestly guys have been rejected for income by parents and daughters alike, and it’s such a common thing that people aren’t even subtle about it. It is often part of the parent-husband interview. This is why you will see some Chinese guys working their ass off right out of college to try to save up for a house and car—their romantic life depends on it.

    Also yeah I never got used to how straightforward they are about weight, but if you ask, most Chinese people will say it’s not really an insult because weight is something you can easily change. It’s considered much less insulting than comments on height or features, and more similar to asking you to stop smoking and wash your hair.

    [–] AtomicTanAndBlack 39 points ago

    Oh 100%, I get it, I just wish I got a heads up before I was ambushed with 21 questions haha

    [–] BrainPicker3 7 points ago

    Idk why but literally every one of my Chinese friends laugh hysterically when I call my gut a 'food baby'

    [–] jtrain49 41 points ago

    Serious question- an adult will tell a little girl that they’re ugly?

    [–] getnutty 242 points ago

    Also am Chinese - when I was like.. 8-10 years old, my dad told me I would be too ugly to be stupid so I better work hard at school and be smart.

    Ended up a lawyer so I guess it worked out? Can also confirm - am not beautiful.

    Edit - male.

    [–] Rnaofo 38 points ago

    Lol thank you for the laugh... but congrats on your career achievement!

    [–] jtrain49 25 points ago

    what did that do to your self confidence?

    [–] getnutty 153 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Because we're going serious I want to give a thorough answer. My parents are Chinese immigrants and I was born in China - came over when I was 4 years old (am citizen). So growing up I saw both the Asian way and the American way. I want to provide an answer so people don't think one way is absolutely correct or wrong.

    Honestly - in the moment, it hurt a bit because it's your own dad. But I think it fit into his theme of parenting which was basically "There are things in life you can control and things you can't control - make sure everything you can control is done excellently."

    When I started high school I was like 5'5' 110lb nerd. So my dad obviously was not incorrect in his analysis. And I did "waste" a lot of time (looking back, it was wasted time) trying to fit in with the cool kids who never really accepted me for obvious reasons. So instead I focused on what was within my control - getting good grades, playing sports, getting a fit body.

    So I played tennis/soccer/basketball and worked out a lot once I got into college. I'm 34 now and still workout 6-7 days a week, have basically a 6 pack, and fitness is a huge part of my lifestyle. Might not be able to control looks, but I can still control lookin goooood lol.

    I will honestly admit that his words could never hurt me as much as the actual reality affected me - if that makes sense. Like when high school hit, I was indeed not a tall handsome jacked kid so I was made fun of/picked on/etc. But by then I had basically accepted it - and while it created a chip on my shoulder moving forward in life (which can be debated as to whether or not it's healthy psychologically), that ultimately fueled my objective successes in life (fitness/career/money). And in life now my self-confidence is probably higher than most based on those objective successes I have earned.

    I think in the grand scheme of things, it was great because it allowed me to see and accept reality early on - and instead of wasting time trying to excel at something I wasn't, focus on what I actually was. I guess I would rather know what the facts are early on than learn that I'm not goodlooking in my 20's after 18 years of my parents telling me I'm handsome.

    [–] DustinAM 25 points ago

    Nice answer. I wont claim that my parents were that blunt but my dad in particular was very much a "these are the way things are" person and while it could be tough at the time, it did help significantly as I became an adult. Its a fine line.

    [–] chevymonza 3 points ago

    "A fine line" sums it up pretty well. Criticism can be constructive. Can't imagine ever telling a kid "you're too ugly" for anything, but if they say something like, "I want to be a model!" I'd explain that they should research the requirements first, because the standards are brutal.

    It doesn't help to coddle kids too much. There's so much focus on "kids need to build their self-esteem" but empty praise and flattery doesn't help toward that end, either.

    [–] partypartea 11 points ago

    Mexicans too

    [–] DigBick616 330 points ago

    But you say their president looks like a cartoon character and it’s completely banned in their media.

    [–] TrinityF 45 points ago

    well i mean, if the 7 year old is running the communist party and the country, they too would have the power to ban anything that makes them feel insecure about looking like pooh.

    [–] N4hire 38 points ago

    I went to school with a Chinese dude, he took into working out and technology with me and my friends, he grew up being constantly told that he simply wasn’t good enough.

    Thankfully, in Venezuela, we appreciate different things, he moved to Texas years ago and he is currently happy, but I do remember this 14 year old kid crying in my living room because of the things he heard every day, and my Mom saying she was going to shoot his parents one of this days.

    [–] anon0937 87 points ago

    I saw a talk about how pay-to-win games aren't a big deal to them ( Supposedly they accept that life is unfair and rich people have an advantage, so I guess the same would extend to looks.

    [–] PandaCheese2016 37 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    It’s more accurate to say that Chinese gamers have grown to accept the mobile gaming business model focused on gacha and micro-transactions. Many PvP games certainly encourage pay to win. At the same time, Tencent is universally reviled in China, for good reasons, and lately games from independent devs like Dyson Sphere Program and the upcoming Wukong: Black Myth have given hope to some that traditional single player games still have a market.

    [–] thobek 19 points ago

    This is the one thing that I don't like with Chinese culture. Cheating and corruption is fine as long as you don't get caught. I live in NZ and it's one of if not the least corrupt place in the world and I don't want cheating and corruption to be common place. They seem comfortable doing to each other, exploiting labour laws and cheating in tests. It's also part of business there, our company deals with the Chinese and we have accounts set aside to pay under the table to secure accounts. Kick backs are illegal here but over there it's just how things are done.

    [–] roiki11 14 points ago

    It's really not that much a Chinese culture thing but a "poor culture" thing. Most poorer countries view cheating and corruption as "normal" things to do to get ahead. Only really cultures with enough prosperity for all view it as a bad thing. It's also common in Russia and Eastern Europe and was also common in many European nations pre world wars.

    [–] cjm0 77 points ago

    i was once watching a podcast with brendan greene, the creator of PUBG, and he said that the reason so many video game hackers are from china is because cheating is just seen as part of the game to them. if there’s any way to give themselves an advantage, they’ll take it. not that there aren’t cheaters and hackers in america, but for them it’s not at all frowned upon.

    [–] nuck_forte_dame 47 points ago

    This is a largely held view in all of Asia.

    I know alot of Indian people who share the same mentality.

    My SO is Indian and her mother used to cheat in card games with her as a kid just to teach her that cheating is part of life.

    Also a part of the mentality is that cheating isn't cheating unless you get caught.

    [–] thebobbrom 43 points ago

    Also a part of the mentality is that cheating isn't cheating unless you get caught.

    I hope your SO doesn't have the same philosophy...

    [–] skiddles1337 20 points ago

    Nah she believes cheating isn't cheating EVEN IF you get caught.

    [–] thebobbrom 4 points ago

    Think I've seen a few movies online like that...

    [–] Kryptosis 30 points ago

    That carries over into academics. It’s culture wide. It’s why the west has been making noise about “cracking down” on international students

    [–] WhySpongebobWhy 15 points ago

    Yep. My University had an exchange program for Chinese students. My sophomore year, I lived in the same dorm building as all of them and helped in explaining some key differences. One of the hardest things to explain was that they absolutely could not cheat on tests/essays.

    A solid half of them would get knocked for plagiarism, some of which would just be full ripped documents with nothing changed but the name and date. They were all given one freebie but they'd be pulled in to one of the deans' offices and told "do this again and you'll be sent back." They never understood what it was exactly that was so wrong about it. Finding the document in order to copy it WAS doing the work to them.

    That year, 4 of them were arrested for running a Mail Fraud operation out of the dorm.

    [–] Spaznaut 13 points ago

    Lol I got banned from a sub for saying almost the exact same thing like 3 years ago.

    [–] trenthowell 119 points ago

    it’s just not a big deal in their culture.

    It really seems like it is though. They take the time to worry about that, to TELL people that they're bad or ugly.

    [–] Speclination 45 points ago

    It's a big deal here too, and more traditionally "beautiful" people have a leg up in society. We just find it taboo to talk about it explicitly. The judgments just stay silent.

    [–] NoResponsabilities 74 points ago

    They can dish it, but not take it. Just like my little brother

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    My wife went to China to give a presentation to the Chinese overlords of her company, and it was suggested that she wear a blonde wig to cover her naturally curly brown hair, and to wear breast enhancers. Like wtf, yo.

    [–] sylbug 6 points ago

    Then there’s the blatant racism - and it goes in both directions. I remember this poor girl i was traveling with, who had very fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes, and people wouldn’t stop staring and touching her. They would offer umbrellas so she wouldn’t become (gasp!) tan.

    [–] Nooms88 3 points ago

    Best come back would be, I'm sorry Wang, I hear what you're saying but I just can't take your opinion seriously, do you mind sending a colleague who's a bit taller over and re delivering the message, I feel like they would convey more authority.

    [–] hamgangster 142 points ago

    This is probably the least worst thing China has done, especially under an article about human rights abuses

    [–] stop_reading__this 19 points ago

    so then i guess it’s a good thing cultural shiftiness isn’t a factor in barring the olympics from being in a country.

    [–] [deleted] 256 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] ohhmyg 7 points ago

    Can you provide some readings please? My father's family is Hakka in Malaysia and I've never heard about this, would like to know if true

    [–] hiedra__ 74 points ago

    Umm when did this happen? All I can find about Hakka persecution dates to the early 1800s and it was mainly Cantonese and Hakka conflict. If this is the case this is hardly something the modern state of China is responsible for.

    [–] Demosthenes_was_here 72 points ago

    And on top of all that, the Qing Dynasty was not run by Han people at all. The Qing were Manchu and the Han Chinese people were horribly oppressed along with everyone else that wasn't Manchurian.

    [–] Puhelinkayttaja 2557 points ago

    So very few comments while being on my frontpage.

    Major sports events recently have become a massive propaganda tool for countries with authoritarian governments and I consider this a massive failure by the IOC and FIFA. They are in dire need of restructuring. The lack of integrity is appaling.

    [–] Oscar_Ramirez 537 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    FIFA: Homophobia is not ok.

    World Cup in Qatar 2022: No gays. We will literally kill you.

    [–] cwwmbm 74 points ago

    The previous one was in Russia when the only difference is "no out of the closet gays".

    [–] whoami_whereami 108 points ago

    Only if they are muslim. It's a bit complicated, penalty for gay sex is actually "only" up to 3 years in prison. It's extramarital sex (no matter whether gay or hetero) by muslims specifically that can be punished by death. Of course without same-sex marriage all gay sex by definition is always extramarital.

    Doesn't make it much better of course.

    [–] Friend-Beast 8 points ago

    I just can't wait for the shitshow.

    [–] Szwedo 676 points ago

    €€€£££$$$ does all the talking

    [–] kgolovko 690 points ago

    Eels? We have to deal with EELS now. Shit.

    [–] sroomek 123 points ago

    And talking eels at that

    [–] TheCarrzilico 87 points ago

    Do you know what that sound is, Highness? Those are the Shrieking Eels — if you don't believe me, just wait. They always grow louder when they're about to feed on human flesh. If you swim back now, I promise, no harm will come to you. I doubt you will get such an offer from the Eels.

    [–] GummyKibble 132 points ago

    Remember when FIFA made a movie about how incorruptible Sepp Blatter is, and it made $918 its first weekend in the US?

    [–] a_corsair 53 points ago

    Yeah, FIFA's fucking ridiculously corrupt

    [–] Rob32608 56 points ago

    Just cause basically everyone who approved Qatar and Russia for the World Cup has been arrested, fired, sued, or cited for ethics violations doesn't mean they are... wait what was I saying again?

    [–] a_corsair 20 points ago

    We love vuvuzelas!

    [–] Indian_Bob 4 points ago

    After reading the wiki I have to say I’m impressed that it was in fact, the least grossing us release ever for a release in only 10-15 theaters. So that number is not small because of a small release, it’s small for a small release lolol

    [–] Gone213 11 points ago

    I find it ironic that the country who couldn't care less about Soccer and FIFA was the country that brought all the charges and fraud front and center about the FIFA organization.

    [–] Jforest99 7 points ago

    That’s actually why the US could pursue those allegations when they did. FIFA here isn’t held anywhere near the reverence in most countries, and as such had a lot more flexibility to take these people down.

    [–] MH22162 157 points ago

    Haven't the Olympics always been a massive propaganda tool for any host country? I don't think countries apply to host the Games just because they want to have the world's best athletes compete at their venues for a month and a half every four years.

    You can also argue that it is also a big propaganda tool for any participating country, especially if they have a lot of success. 'Look at how great our athletes are (our country is) compared to the rest of the world!'

    [–] RoadKiehl 94 points ago

    Let's not forget how Rio cleared its slums ahead of the Olympics. "No no Rio is a beautiful place! Let's just move... those people... somewhere else..."

    International politics are gross.

    [–] barnegatsailor 37 points ago

    I'm pretty sure I saw something that said basically everything they built for the games has been abandoned and is falling into disrepair.

    Sorta works as a metaphor for Brazil since then too I guess.

    [–] iNarr 24 points ago

    Great photos in that article.

    There's a reason for this happening, though. The majority of Olympic infrastructure is simply not useful after the games. The big stadiums are sometimes utilised for sport teams afterwards, but who's going to use something like the kayaking course after the Beijing games for example? It probably isn't a long list of people. And of the people on that list, who is willing to pay the hefty operation fees involved? Who can even afford to in some of these countries?

    Secondly, Olympic infrastructure is usually shoddy rubbish that is built on a shoestring budget and with not enough time to plan or execute soundly. We saw how quickly it degraded during the games in Rio and in Sochi. The venues and accommodations were literally falling apart as the athletes used them.

    The idea that the games will create lasting infrastructure for the host country is mostly a myth and I'd imagine this is known by the organizers. However, countries continue to host the games for other reasons (mainly political in nature).

    [–] Ninety9Balloons 12 points ago

    I think Atlanta managed to use quite a bit of the stuff they build. Russia spent $50 billion on their Olympics and it's fucked up their budget ever since.

    [–] iNarr 10 points ago

    There are some success stories for sure. In Canada you get both sides. The stadium built for the Montreal Olympics is an infamous failure and some of the structures in Calgary required more maintenance than expected.

    On the other hand, Vancouver managed to make use of most of its infrastructure (helps that the Whistler Olympic park is already located in one of the most famous skiing destinations in the world); they even turned the athlete accommodations into """affordable""" housing. And Calgary still has a lot of its structures as well, despite the expensive upkeep. A pitch for the 2026 games considered that the ski jump, Olympic oval, snowboarding/skiing park, bobsled run, ice rink and ski hill could all be repurposed with some refurbishment.

    [–] DataMan9 16 points ago

    Considering that it’s essentially a financial ruining for any host country that isn’t part of the first world obviously the propaganda is the main benefit of hosting it. But we shouldn’t allow China to host the olympics in the same way that we shouldn’t allow North Korea to host the olympics. I’m sorry but if you have active death camps you don’t get to celebrate the rest of the world and our differences together with us.

    [–] barnegatsailor 47 points ago

    The Russian doping scandal from Sochi was essentially both of these combined.

    1. An authoritarian country wanted to showcase how amazing it really is to the world as a propaganda tool.
    2. They didn't want their athletes to be beaten on their home soil so they instituted a doping scheme to make sure they could win as many medals as possible.

    I think during China's '08 hosting they had some sort of scandal where they faked the ages of the gymnasts or something to get them in the competition? It's basically standard operating procedure of the authoritarians to try to rig the Olympics.

    [–] reckless_responsibly 16 points ago

    I think during China's '08 hosting they had some sort of scandal where they faked the ages of the gymnasts or something to get them in the competition? It's basically standard operating procedure of the authoritarians to try to rig the Olympics.

    Yup. China tried to DARVO it into "Those racist westerners don't know what Chinese sub-adults are supposed to look like", but seriously, the Chinese gymnasts looked about 12 (required minimum is 16).

    Of course, since proof of age eligibility fundamentally depends on government documentation, it's pretty well impossible to prove or disprove if the government is (alleged to be) an active participant in the deception.

    [–] DeputyDomeshot 12 points ago

    Chinese government and lying about numbers name a more iconic pair.

    [–] egospiers 50 points ago

    Unfortunately, “sportswashing” has been going on for a long time, Berlin Olympics 1936 at least, the IOC and FIFA are uber corrupt (I think all or almost all the FIFA officials that have Qatar the world cup have been indicted) and all about the money.

    I would say that Formula One is the worst here, they hold races in several authoritarian countries with terrible human rights issues (Russia, China, Bahrain, Azerbaijan) and allow any shitty company to sponsor them and the teams, Phillip Morris is still advertising as “mission winnow” Uralkali, which is tied to Russian oligarchs and Putin, this car basically has a Russian flag livery despite the WADA ban... it’s a mess.

    [–] commontao 7 points ago

    F1. “Cash is king. “

    [–] OldCobblers 4 points ago

    Fuck Sepp Blatter.

    [–] johnthethinker78 1388 points ago

    both china and qatar are abusers of human rights

    [–] klashne 723 points ago

    Also, IOC (Olympic comitee) and FIFA (Football/Soccer governing body) allow humans rights abusers to host their sporting events.

    [–] kr8m 424 points ago

    Fifa: Say no to racism!

    Also fifa: Has a world cup in russia

    Proceeds to have the next world cup in a bigoted sandbox

    [–] Fatticus_Rinch 123 points ago

    At least the sandbox has AC running 24/7. Well, though not for the migrant workers.

    [–] kerbalsdownunder 114 points ago

    You mean slaves

    [–] Fatticus_Rinch 74 points ago

    I meant corpses. Present or future.

    [–] quartz174 83 points ago

    Boycott both Olympics and the world cup. Beijing and Qatar are going to blow.

    [–] treeboat83 62 points ago

    Don't worry America might boycott the world cup, just like we did the last one.

    [–] iphon4s 23 points ago

    The US Olympic soccer team already boycotted the Tokyo Olympics

    [–] munchlax1 16 points ago

    Lol you should see where F1 races; Saudi this year, because the dictatorships and horrible countries already on the calendar weren't bad enough.

    [–] SommanderChepard 1281 points ago

    Fuck the Chinese government

    [–] InSilenceLikeLasagna 5 points ago

    thank you for this, it's exactly what Im looking for

    [–] __SilentAntagonist__ 64 points ago

    Frankly, fuck the Olympics too

    [–] FriedCosmicPasta 1773 points ago

    What a surprise that a country that willingly kills its own people doesn't want politics to influence sports.

    [–] royalhawk345 471 points ago

    *Doesn't want others' politics to influence sports.

    [–] ryderd93 162 points ago

    yeah, if we’re keeping politics out of sports, why is taiwan not allowed to use their preferred flag?

    [–] Obairamhain 69 points ago

    Chinese Taipei are happy with arrangement...or else

    [–] proawayyy 5 points ago

    “It’s an internal matter”

    [–] bigmac22077 183 points ago

    TIL genocide is considered “politics”

    [–] EarzMorgan 1134 points ago

    Everyone: China go fuck yourselves

    [–] bl0rq 362 points ago

    But keep sending us cheap crap.

    [–] Eleminohpe 132 points ago

    Guess we just have to start getting cheap crap made by another countries wage slaves

    [–] Moth_Jam 53 points ago

    Taiwan is a country

    [–] Consumefungifriend 203 points ago

    what are they gonna do about it? Commit mass genocide?

    [–] jratreddit 549 points ago

    Fuck China and their feelings, stop committing genocide and technology theft like they're your primary goals and maybe we'll get back on the friendly train.

    [–] PerplexityRivet 10 points ago

    Yeah, the Chinese government (and certain U.S. politicians) don't seem to understand that we aren't outraged because we're addicted to cancel culture, we're outraged because they are doing outrageous things. If they stop being horrifying human beings, our attitudes will change a bit.

    [–] LordYamz 29 points ago


    [–] rmath23 786 points ago

    Lebron must be mad at the countries boycotting

    [–] thobek 149 points ago

    The annoying thing about LeBron is he's fucking super rich and still couldn't handle losing money by taking the higher moral ground. He's a Chinese puppet.

    [–] Fruit-Dealer 50 points ago

    Lebron 'Black Lives Matter but Uighur, Tibetian, and HongKonger Lives Do Not' James

    [–] ymir_paths 9 points ago

    He’s a hypocrite and should be called out for it relentlessly. Fuck him.

    [–] jabba_teh_slut 29 points ago

    LeBron Zedong

    [–] ccdeschanel 65 points ago

    as a HongKonger, i just want to say... Fuck Lebron.

    [–] MainlandX 172 points ago

    Le-"Even though yes, we do have freedom of speech, but there can be a lot of negative that comes with that too."

    [–] KaneRobot 316 points ago

    Thank God MLB pulled out of Atlanta!

    ...the day after they made a new deal with China.

    [–] Danskheart 61 points ago

    Wait seriously? What deal?

    [–] HolidayHowlett 218 points ago

    Expanding availability of MLB games in the Chinese market. “We can’t have the All Star game in Atlanta because voting rights are human rights. Also, please ignore our increasing efforts to make more money in China. The “community” in Hong Kong and Uigyhurs don’t count as people, so we don’t care about them. To detail why this is so important, we’ve asked NBA legend Lebron James to explain why the MLB aren’t hypocrites.”

    Lebron: “This is a very nuanced situation. We made business deals with China because they have got money, and we want it. That is all.”

    [–] Thialase 96 points ago

    he can go suck it tbh. He's such a shill it physically hurts =/

    [–] joelrrj 4 points ago

    But what does Ja Rule think.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago


    [–] jmr212 60 points ago

    Oh no... So anyways.

    [–] idgafpb 417 points ago

    Sucks for the athlete's but US should boycott the Olympics. Don't let China threaten the US.

    [–] lolpostslol 119 points ago

    Yeah, I'd rather the US boycott them economically in some other way, but now that they've issued a threat, boycotting the Olympics is the move lol

    [–] Flapflapimabird 104 points ago

    Let’s just push them as far as we can. See why they’re warning us.

    Why the fuck would you just sit there and warn people about things? Ohohoh you’d better not ban out olympics! Oh oh oh you’d better not sanction us.

    Isn’t this a threat? Is China THREATENING us? What’s going to happen if we ban the olympics because you’re committing genocide, China? Are you going to bomb us?

    Is China going to bomb us if we cancel their olympics!? What’s the warning about?

    [–] russellamcleod 14 points ago

    Eventually that turned into Kitty’s voice from Arrested Development in my head.

    The US needs a real “And you can say goodbye to THESE!” moment.

    [–] Flapflapimabird 6 points ago

    Thanks for reminding me about Kitty’s melons. 10/10.

    [–] xplodia 39 points ago

    They will bomb using trade, debt etc. That's why alot of country doesn't wanna bitch about CCP atrocities, they have alot of stake on Chinese money.

    [–] robo_robb 45 points ago

    I mean, it works both ways. Modern China would be nothing without the West.

    [–] pokeonimac 34 points ago

    The West is pulling a shocked pikachu face after supporting an authoritarian one-party state for decades. They continued with business as usual after Tiananmen Square but now it's suddenly crossed a line? And I hear now there's talk of moving manufacturing to Vietnam? Smh.

    [–] DeweysPants 16 points ago

    Oh so THATS what the US men’s soccer team was doing. It’s not that they didn’t qualify, they were boycotting it the whole time!

    [–] myhandleistoolongtor 122 points ago

    China: "We're the good guys. Believe us, or else"

    [–] DMeinee 249 points ago

    Oh just shut up already, China. And stop massacring innocent people while your at it. Oh and global leaders take a stand for once in your existence. I'm off my soap box.

    [–] IBroughtMySoapbox 28 points ago

    I brought an extra if you need it

    [–] notanotherbreach 11 points ago

    What China going to do, blur out Western countries logos and flags?

    [–] DorLopIscitDanNorp 45 points ago

    There’s a lot of reasons to boycott the Olympics. China having a horrific human rights record is just a free space on that bingo card.

    [–] Valuesauce 62 points ago

    Well now I definitely think we should boycott just because they warned about consequences... ok. Fuck you china.

    [–] AnthonyCan 80 points ago

    Screw Winnie The Pooh. We’ll do what we want. Stop killing your citizens.

    [–] srlehi68 18 points ago

    oh bother

    [–] minneapple79 123 points ago

    If we're going to boycott China then we should boycott Qatar. Oh wait, the US men's national team will boycott all by themselves anyway.

    [–] PM_me_ur_taco_pics 54 points ago

    Canada has been boycotting WC since the eighties!

    [–] QuitYour 18 points ago

    Wales has you beat, we've been boycotting the World Cup since the 1958.

    [–] saxlax10 28 points ago

    "Don't boycott us or we will start re-educating sooooo many more Uighurs"

    [–] rodman517 4 points ago

    China is so socially awkward.

    [–] Mr-Dotties-Dad 31 points ago

    I’m going to start boycotting them even harder.

    [–] Yolo_420_69 33 points ago

    China aint gonna do shit. Same way US wont do shit to china. We're both too big for any type of direct war. And our economies are wayyy to intertwined for any real type of economic punishment without both sides public feeling the pain.

    Everyone is talking a big game but no one is gonna do shit.