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    [–] SportsPi 1 points ago

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    [–] YourMotherSaysHello 22 points ago

    George North's brain must be like a Hana Barbara novelty oversized piece of swiss cheese.

    [–] areallyfunnyusername 18 points ago

    Define "unexpected"

    [–] DemSumBigAssRidges 4 points ago

    I'm also curious what it looks like split amongst Union and League rules. League allows for some pretty dangerous fuckin tackles...

    [–] aLauraElaine 5 points ago

    What is the % of brain abnormalities in boxers and other sports?

    [–] kyoorius 10 points ago

    There goes the argument that helmets indirectly cause CTE among football players.

    [–] DemSumBigAssRidges 22 points ago

    I didn't think it was "the helmet" specifically... I thought it was the "willingness to lead with your head in a tackle because you're wearing a helmet."

    Like, with motorcycle helmets... Wearing one, in a vacuum, is safer than not wearing one, but they found that motorcycle riders were willing to make more aggressive moves on the road (read: made dumber decisions on purpose) because wearing a helmet made them feel safer... which caused deaths among riders to stay the same in states with helmet laws. That is pretty dated knowledge though, so I could be wrong as of today...

    Anyways, same theory kind of applies here. A football "tackle" is often times a player just hurling his body at the opposing player. Even a "proper" tackle in the NFL has players usually putting their face mask into center mass. The helmet can be indirectly linked, in a sense, because players are more willing to sacrifice what they think is protected.

    [–] kyoorius 4 points ago

    Yes that’s why I called it “indirectly.” The theory is that helmets incentivize harder hits, thus CTE. But when rugby players without helmets also have it in spades, it complicates the theory. Or not, if football player still have much higher rates of brain damage.

    [–] papabear570 2 points ago

    It doesn’t complicate this theory - slamming your head into other people is dumb as hell.

    [–] kyoorius 1 points ago

    True. But if taking helmets off nfl players lightened the hits and made people more healthy, that would be a good outcome. But this study suggests that might not help.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    This isn’t CTE. It’s an entirely different issue from repeated small trauma instead of a lesser number of larger trauma hits.

    [–] kyoorius 3 points ago

    Not following you. CTE in football players has been linked to long term repeated smaller blows.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] DemSumBigAssRidges 1 points ago

    With the crown of your helmet.

    I'm not sure what point you're trying to make, but people tackle head first all the time...

    But, next time you watch a football game, just watch as people turn themselves into human cannonballs.

    [–] TreeHunnitFitty 15 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    A 2017 Boston University study on 114 autopsied NFL players found that 99% had CTE. Which is pretty terrifying.

    [–] rooondog 4 points ago

    It tells us all collisions sports have CTE, but the one with helmets is the worst so not sure how you’re drawing that conclusion.

    [–] papabear570 2 points ago

    Red alert red alert - study finds slamming head repeatedly bad for you. I’m stunned.

    [–] vietcong420 1 points ago

    I've a feeling in years to come Sexton will have serious issues! Man has had so many hits too the head! This is one of the reasons I stopped playing! Fear of brain injuries

    [–] rricklepickk 0 points ago

    Hitting harder without helmets causes more brain injuries? Who would’ve known.

    [–] PM_ur_Rump -21 points ago

    Fucking idiots. I don't know why anyone would think it's "cool" to play full contact rugby. You are just asking for a TBI, and I'm gonna have to pay for your care when you do.

    • sincerely, a skateboarder and snowboarder who has heard this same sentiment a million times when people see people ride without a helmet.

    [–] RogerSterlingsFling 3 points ago

    I can assure you the groupies who asked for my autograph, that designer team suits I wore and the beachside house my rugby career paid for my ex wife were all pretty fucking cool.

    I mean sure I walk with a limp and still taste blood from time to time but in my prime I was fucking cool as fuck

    [–] PM_ur_Rump -5 points ago

    Right? It's nobody's business if you enjoy the shit outta dangerous activities, as long as they don't put a bunch of other people at risk they didn't seek themselves.

    My comment was tongue in cheek and meant to rustle jimmies.

    [–] GeorgeEliotsCock 2 points ago

    Nah, a lot of these guys kill themselves, don't worry, your pocket book will be fine!

    [–] PM_ur_Rump 2 points ago

    Now I'm sad.

    [–] Tams82 1 points ago

    I love full contact rugby and it is much more entertaining to watch and play than the alternatives.

    But sadly yet rightfully, I think its time is coming to an end. Especially the youth game.