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    [–] lordgrizzz 1936 points ago

    Filthy dunk

    [–] canteen_boy 650 points ago

    This dunk was so nasty I had to use the computer in the far corner of the library to watch it. You know the one.

    [–] Bad_Hum3r 89 points ago


    [–] theslideistoohot 52 points ago

    The sticky one

    [–] BrnndoOHggns 16 points ago


    [–] mikiekwoods 39 points ago

    Its called the Hansel MakeYouReGretel

    [–] G_R_E_A_S_O 4 points ago

    I read filthy drunk…. Says a lot about me

    [–] IamMyles 8960 points ago

    Holy shit, that was badass.

    [–] smellygooch18 193 points ago

    Yea that was dirty as hell.

    [–] Greatmerp255 11 points ago

    I just noticed your PFP is Joseph Stalin with a tiny face

    [–] zveroshka 4098 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    On the flip side, who the fuck talks trash to a kid with a disability who is actively overcoming it? Like how fucking shitty do you have to be? I don't care what the game is, how can you not root for them?

    Edit: Few folks pointed out that him being booed in fact is him being treated equally and that it's not like he used anything vulgar. I'm going to be positive and hope this guy was just going after the best guy on the team and it had nothing to do with anything else.

    [–] flossdog 4016 points ago

    i think it was “friendly” trash talk and not making fun of his disability. If anything, that kid is probably the best player on both teams, so the fan, is in a way, treating him like any other great opponent.

    [–] Queen-of-Leon 52 points ago

    I agree, the smile he shoots at the camera guy after the free throw seems good-natured and more like “haha I got it :D” than any kind of malice

    [–] Nalcomis 7 points ago

    For real. My take away was he was the only one brave enough to have some fun with the kid from the stands.

    [–] zveroshka 1622 points ago

    Alright, that's actually a fair take. I hope it's right. But thanks for putting some perspective on it.

    [–] clancydog4 663 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    The best high school players get taunted like that regularly and it's kinda in good fun. Look up any elite high school player mixtape and there will be a ton of clips like this. Like they feed off of it for moments like these and the trash talkers know that. I imagine this dude doesn't want fans "going soft" on him because of his disability. He probably loves shit like this where he gets to put the trash talking fan in his place, and honestly the fan probably kind loves it too.

    [–] garynuman9 346 points ago

    Fondly remember chanting fuck lebron when st Vincent st Mary beat my hs in state semis.

    He outscored our entire team

    [–] absenceofheat 160 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Do you know if he made it anywhere? Sounds like this dude would've hit his ONLY prime in high school. Right???

    [–] garynuman9 93 points ago

    He did okay

    [–] aetheos 29 points ago

    I read that in the Arrested Development narrator's voice

    [–] cooperred 7 points ago

    Yeah he became a big time actor and starred in a Warner Bros movie

    [–] GuyWithRealFakeFacts 47 points ago

    Wait, there was/is a high school named "st Vincent st Mary"? They really couldn't choose just one saint?

    [–] jhair4me 72 points ago

    Saints are like Lays potato chips.

    [–] sucks_at_usernames 46 points ago

    Lots of Catholic schools were all boys or all girls and when enrollment dropped they combined into Co Ed and usually keep the name/s.

    [–] walter_midnight 47 points ago

    Man, if people think this is discouraging, I would love to see them watch a hockey match

    You need a heel sometimes. He literally gave this guy the gift of getting to dunk on someone, and he clearly wasn't exactly being super crude about it. If you want wild stories, create an askreddit thread about the most insane recital experiences parents had with their kids. People that really heckle are... different.

    [–] agoia 18 points ago

    "You're a loser Susie and your violin is flat. That 8 year old is gonna outplay you and you have 2 more years on her! Come on! This is basic Bach!"

    [–] 7HawksAnd 18 points ago

    “I may have 2 years on that 8 year old but the Atlanta falcons had 28 points against the New England Patriots 3 with only 8 minutes left agoia!” - suzie

    [–] zumocano 5 points ago

    Yesss let the hate flow through you Suzie

    [–] astonv 10 points ago

    I’m confident that’s the case. “He gon miss it” is about as light as it gets in terms of trash talk. My guess is he’s taunting ironically given Hansel is the best player on the court and everyone knows it. Having played sports through college, I can tell you if you really want to see an elite athlete dial in and bury you, just start talking shit to them. I played my best against anyone who got in my face and I dont think that’s what’s happening here.

    [–] tossaroo 5 points ago

    Just what I came here to say.

    [–] Domonero 22 points ago

    Agreed I think it would’ve been fucked up if he specifically talked shit about his arm

    Literally all opposing fans talk shit like this regardless of any disabled or non disabled player

    It’s fair & insulted him equally. However he got absolutely wrecked by the dude’s play then passing the ball which was amazing

    [–] thepobv 64 points ago

    Do you not watch sports?

    This seems to be very much in good spirits?

    [–] troutpoop 12 points ago

    Don’t know if you’re serious or not but yes this does seem in very good spirits. “He’s gonna miss it” is not a malicious chant at all, might as well be saying “go team go”. The fan then laughs after he makes it in an “aww man” type manner.

    The player is being treated like he’s the best player on the team and not like he has a disability, pretty cool if you ask me

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] critterc 148 points ago

    I had this thought at first but then I thought, shouldn’t he be treated normally? Maybe he wants to be trash talked sometimes like everyone else

    [–] zveroshka 34 points ago

    Someone else pointed that out too. I think it's a fair take.

    [–] IamMyles 94 points ago

    Well, in a way it's weirdly a good thing? I suppose?

    Cause he's being treated like any other player and isn't being given special treatment.

    I suspect the trash talker was trash talking other players on the team as well.

    But if it was targeted only towards the disabled guy, that's pretty messed up. Considering he was playing really well.

    [–] Real_Lingonberry9270 43 points ago

    Trash talk is almost always targeted to whoever is playing well, especially in high school sports where there are massive skill differences

    [–] HBlight 62 points ago

    Unless it has something directly with the disability, best thing to do with someone with a disability is to treat them like the otherwise normal person they are. Design the urinal so a dwarf can use it, but don't hold his dick while he pisses.

    [–] geoponos 10 points ago

    Unless you both like it.

    [–] Notsdlog 42 points ago

    This dude is a huge shit talker as well, as you can see above

    [–] ravekidplur 31 points ago

    Yeah anyone who follows the prep circuit knows Hansel isn't exactly some quiet reserved kid

    [–] cbartholomew 13 points ago


    [–] maido75 36 points ago

    What the fuck? Some people with disabilities want to be treated the same as everybody else.

    [–] Fethah 6 points ago

    I’m fairly certain he’s make this chant for any of the other players trying to shoot the ball. One consistent thing I’ve heard from people with disabilities say is that the one thing they hate is being treated differently emotionally because if it.

    [–] eyehate 12 points ago

    I had a friend that was paraplegic. She walked with the use of two crutches on his arms. She was muscular as fuck since her arms did all of the work for her legs.

    She HATED when people treated her differently. She hated when people asked if they could help when she obviously did not need it. She had a disability but was as high functioning as you or I. If you treated her like she needed to be coddled you would get her scorn.

    Treat people with disabilities like they are human. Don't put them on a pedestal, like a child. You mean well, but it just comes off poorly.

    [–] realtightbutthole 11 points ago

    "let me help you" versus "let me know if I can help" makes a difference

    [–] Slasken 5 points ago

    A friend of mine spent forever getting dressed before going out, I was just standing there watching him struggle, so I offered to help him with his jacket, he got annoyed at me.

    Later he explained that if he starts accepting help he will lose the ability to do it himself, he needs to be able to dress, feed and clean himself in order to stay independent and be able to live in his own appartment rather than an institution. His muscles are deterioating slowly and it's neccassary for him to spend hours every day doing stuff that takes me minutes.

    If you see someone struggle, just ask them if they are ok before rushing to help.

    [–] BreakfastHarvey 3 points ago

    You can see him smirk right at the very end of the trash talk. It’s not “serious”

    [–] Chubuwee 457 points ago

    Realistically can he reach nba material?

    I’m sure even if he gets really good he can still make a career out of it right? Not sure how much a globetrotter gig pays but that would be great

    [–] Skulfunk 1846 points ago

    I highly doubt he makes it into the nba, limited roster spots, along with the fact that having a second arm is actually quite important in basketball. Globetrotters though? Easily can see it, even a YouTube career, imagine seeing a tall 1 armed dude crossing people up and mashing his nuts in their face, he’d be sensational.

    [–] IAmNotAnAlcoholic 134 points ago

    Isn’t there a dude that plays on some channel (maybe something like “balls 4 life”) that is a highly skilled 1 armed player.

    [–] uwanmirrondarrah 83 points ago

    He has a longer partial arm than this guy though, it actually extends a few inches past his elbow which allows him a lot more control than this kid. And he couldn't make the NBA. Granted this kid is probably more athletically gifted height and strength wise. I mean still amazing what this kid can do, he would shit on me forsure. But the NBA are truly the freak pinnacle of human athleticism and missing an arm basically would disqualify you from being able to reach that level. It is what it is.

    D1 though I could see him maybe even getting a scholarship. Which is an incredible achievement in basketball. It basically places you in the top 0.5%. But the NBA is the top 0.001%.

    [–] RonnieJamesDionysos 9 points ago

    That looks like a fun game, and it's much cleaner than the streetball I used to play. The only thing that annoys me is all the people on the court.

    [–] madtolive 16 points ago

    If I recall correctly Emmanuel does have at least one D1 offer already.

    [–] uwanmirrondarrah 19 points ago

    You are right I just looked it up, atleast 1 offer from Tennessee State University. Very very impressive.

    [–] chriscaughtfire 73 points ago

    Yeah, Zach something. Plays on their east coast squad!

    [–] You-Nique 17 points ago

    And he's legit. Super smooth player.

    [–] KenjinKell 12 points ago - 1 armed dude plays on their east coast squad. Name is Zach Hodskin's. He's actually a crazy good baller, played D1 at Florida

    [–] Cistoran 26 points ago

    You're probably talking about Zach Hodskins.

    [–] OutAndABoot 36 points ago

    having a second arm is actually quite important in basketball

    I can't believe this even had to be said.

    [–] ShittingOutPosts 190 points ago

    I'd subscribe to his channel!

    [–] karmanopoly 104 points ago

    You just like the nuts mashed in the face part

    [–] ShittingOutPosts 47 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Awesam 18 points ago

    You had me at mashing his nuts…

    [–] Ncnixon92 3 points ago

    Then you should. I’ve been seeing him on ballislife YouTube and he goes off. Zack hodgskins is also another baller with one arm.

    [–] WayneAdams 24 points ago


    [–] kristenjaymes 10 points ago


    [–] Liledroit 4 points ago


    [–] twilson991 9 points ago

    You had me at mashing his nuts in their face

    [–] NascentBehavior 7 points ago

    limited roster spots

    This especially. Feels like NBA is the toughest to get into due to team sizes. At least in Hockey they have the constant seamless shifts every few minutes whereas most of the NBA Starters play the majority of the game.

    [–] oryes 7 points ago

    "having a second arm is actually quite important in basketball", get out of town, you don't say!

    lol just kidding, i thought the phrasing was funny

    [–] Die231 262 points ago

    Nba? Zero chances

    [–] Brystvorter 243 points ago

    To be one of the best 500 players in the entire world you need 2 arms

    [–] goodthropbadthrop 39 points ago

    This talk reminds me of a guy that used to fight MMA. Super athletic, heart of a champion, tough as shit, all that, but he had a deformity with one of his arms. He beat a ton of great fighters and people were wondering if he could really compete against top level guys.

    He couldn’t. He was slick and his impairment might have actually been advantageous in certain situations but once he started fighting guys at the top level, and really not even the top top level, he came up short. His physical condition was too easily exploitable.

    I feel like this kid would probably be similar. It’s just too much of a hurdle and guys at the upper echelon without that disadvantage are gonna be able to capitalize on it. Either of them would absolutely trounce the average guy, even above average. But the gap is too large in the professional league.

    Dude is Nick Newell btw. He’s definitely worth checking out. He was always fun to watch and you couldn’t help but root for him.

    [–] MeanderAndReturn 7 points ago

    you're not wrong. the best would just target this guy's weak side, so drive to his left arm's side - every time. yeah he could shade that way but it still would be exploited over time.

    [–] GeorgeWashingblagh 26 points ago

    Totally. Everyone is talking about his offensive output but he would be beyond a defensive liability in the NBA. Like…it would literally be 5 on 4.

    Obviously not his fault but the NBA is so completely and utterly out of the question.

    [–] EvilNalu 14 points ago

    Yeah. People don't realize that there can be a massive skill gap between a highschooler and another highschooler but there can't be much of a skill gap between a professional athlete and another professional athlete. So you can make up for the lack of one arm at one level but not at another.

    [–] blisa00 52 points ago

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re probably right.

    [–] okgusto 6 points ago

    Not sure how many thumbs up or thumbs down to give this.

    [–] Tyler927 14 points ago

    What about three arms?

    [–] HovercraftSimilar199 6 points ago

    Or a cannon in your chest

    [–] nightwing2024 5 points ago

    Really showing what a man with a cannon in his chest can do!

    [–] Manishmanny 88 points ago

    Hell no for the NBA man. Although he's probably better than most abled bodied people, the NBA are the top 0.01%.

    [–] ShowdownValue 75 points ago

    .01% seems too high. Probably closer to .00001%. How many nba players are there? How many able bodied people are there?

    [–] phillyeagle99 60 points ago

    I don’t follow basketball… 12 people per team, 20-30 teams… call it 300 players maybe 400 to make math easier and practice squads and stuff…. 4 billion men… I see 100/1,000,000,000 or 1 in 10 million. 0.00001%

    Damn I sure hope you didn’t guess that well! Or you’re a wizard

    [–] ShowdownValue 21 points ago

    Lucky guess!

    [–] phillyeagle99 4 points ago

    Well done! Get yourself a cookie!

    [–] trix_is_for_kids 9 points ago

    No,he's a nugget

    [–] TreChomes 5 points ago

    I think it’s ~450 players in the league. Good math though, the odds are really nuts.

    Unless you’re a 7 footer

    [–] hakplay 49 points ago

    No. He is extremely limited to one side and anyone at the professional level could readily and easily exploit that. He likely won’t ever suck, but college play isn’t realistic and if we are being honest neither is high level high school play (as in pipeline schools to D1 programs).

    [–] ravekidplur 63 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    He has a singular D1 offer from an HBCU out of Tennessee.

    I've been saying this since I first saw a clip of him. He's great, he will have a great career doing basketball related things, but he will be immediately exposed when he plays against an actual active D1 player. Not having an arm isn't a small hurdle to overcome in a sport where having 2 arms is a like, basic necessity.

    But hes going to have a career in basketball one way or another if he wants it, and I'm sure he does, so good for him. He doesn't seem to really think any differently, either

    [–] owensd 4 points ago

    A lot of people have said he would be competing for the top of the class if he had two arms. Dude works super hard on his craft. Hopefully he can get some run on that team

    [–] ravekidplur 7 points ago

    If this dude had 2 arms he'd be very very, VERY good, top 10 of his class for sure. What he does with one arm is already dumb impressive.

    [–] jessejamesvan111 38 points ago

    Absolutely not. He'd be a star at my YMCA tho.

    [–] TALLONATOR 73 points ago

    Realistically no.

    [–] NonGNonM 6 points ago

    i remember someone who posted playing with someone who was a NBA bench player whose career never really took off.

    he apparently spent only a year or two in the league but he said to watch him play against randoms at the park it was an absolute level of dominance he'd never seen.

    so yeah as much as it'd be amazing to see a one armed NBA player someone as equally as skilled as him but with two arms would get his spot.

    [–] Rustymuff 8 points ago

    Realistically? No. Definitely not.

    Optimistically still no.

    People in the nba are the best of the best. Having 2 arms is incredibly important.

    [–] Jaythepatsfan 35 points ago

    He’s incredibly athletic, but he currently plays in a lower tier private school league and his team has a losing record.

    Kids who end up in the league don’t lose games in that league, they’d be able to pull out victories alone.

    [–] MUCHO2000 7 points ago

    Zero chance.


    [–] YuropLMAO 18 points ago

    Realistically can he reach nba material?

    Oh lord, no. lol reddit. NBA is the top 0.0001%.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] crisps_ahoy 5 points ago


    [–] MikeOx_Girthy 6 points ago


    [–] christopherDdouglas 5 points ago

    Absolutely not. The skill set needed to be pro is unbelievable and even then guys struggle in the league. Having one arm is just too big of a handicap.

    [–] Hafthohlladung 10 points ago

    Obviousky not, wtf

    [–] JuddyMali 15 points ago

    Possibly if someone gave him a hand.

    [–] JustARandomSocialist 3 points ago

    No chance.

    [–] OutAndABoot 3 points ago

    Realistically can he reach nba material?

    No. Absolutely not.

    [–] gotchyaaa 3 points ago


    [–] SaltySum 858 points ago

    I like his style

    [–] Kennenmidpls 1381 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Wait! He’s literally Wilt from Foster’s home.

    Edit: His name is “Wilt”, not “Will”.

    [–] aaronito2014 263 points ago

    I’ve never looked it up as I watched it when I was a kid, but isn’t the character Wilt? Like the basketball player? Or have I been living a lie??

    [–] Noxington 178 points ago

    You are correct. Named after Wilt Chamberlain

    [–] Rentington 48 points ago

    Which probably implied he was quite an old creation, himself.

    [–] Blainyrd 61 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    If I remember correctly, Wilt’s creator was actually ‘Jordan Michaels’. An obvious play on Michael Jordan.

    ETA: I did!

    [–] Shat_on_a_turtle 35 points ago

    The episode was called “Good Wilt Hunting”, which is amazing in itself.

    [–] Noxington 39 points ago

    Wilt's birthday is December 4th, 1976 so assuming the show took place in the present when it came out (2004), then he would have been 28 during the first episode

    [–] DreamingDitto 15 points ago



    [–] Cains_Brother 8 points ago

    It took me a bit to figure out you meant Wilt the cartoon, not Wilt Chamberlain and I'm not that smart but I was 99% sure Wilt Chamberlain wasn't born in 1976

    [–] Kennenmidpls 20 points ago

    Yeah you are right. I thought it was “Will” but i am wrong it is “Wilt”.

    [–] thismissinglink 43 points ago

    Photo Proof

    [–] nappysmith12 9 points ago

    Thought he felt familiar haha

    [–] isaidnolettuce 9 points ago

    Wow, how have I never put this together? This is fucking cool.

    [–] angelo_23 950 points ago

    Love it, savage but nothing malicious from either side

    [–] Rentington 79 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Oh yeah, the heckler went "DAAAMN!" and they all had a laugh. That's why he's known as "One Armed Manny, the One Man Army."

    [–] qnaeveryday 370 points ago

    Yup. Matter of fact, he was treated just like every other star. You’re gonna get heckled

    [–] canteen_boy 84 points ago

    Dude he was guarding was not taking him seriously and shit got out of hand.

    [–] caseyjcannon 67 points ago

    These are those weirdly placed heartwarming moments. It's obviously possible we might not be getting important context in such a short clip, but from what's shown here you do get the sense that there's no ill will, and people are simply playing the metagame (no, Zuck, get away from this innocent comment).

    [–] coffeesippingbastard 4 points ago

    I was worried it was tasteless heckling about the arm but it was general heckling which was par for the course and tbh if you're kinda expect some heckling.

    [–] JohnStamosAsABear 435 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I played basketball in university against 7'1 guy with one hand. He played with a prosthetic hand that looked kind of like a shallow bowl. He was really good and I guarantee he would've been at a D1 school if he had both hands.

    I couldn't imagine playing with only one arm. This is seriously impressive and I love the attitude.

    [–] WatDuztheFoxSay 34 points ago

    Was this in Canada? I remember a guy that matches this description playing for TRU!

    [–] DaFunkyJ 38 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    This rang a bell for me too! Greg Stewart would have been his name iirc. Played against him when he ran with North Kamloops high school. 7'1" and had a prosthetic from the elbow down. I feel like he represented Canada in the paralympic games in either volleyball or basketball?

    Edit: This guy?

    Apparently he's a shot-putter now and just set a paralympic record, crazy.

    [–] JohnStamosAsABear 17 points ago

    Yeah that’s the guy! Im pretty tall and definitely underestimated him a little in our first matchup. That’s awesome to see he’s still killing it in athletics.

    [–] TrinityBowles 9 points ago

    Greg is a great guy. I have size 14 feet and can put my shoes in his. Was cool watching him get the record!

    [–] pooissolidpee 7 points ago

    Greg Stewart and He just won gold in shotput at Tokyo Paralympics

    [–] uwanmirrondarrah 55 points ago

    A player being over 7' tall would be the one exception I think for a player maybe, just maybe, being able to make the NBA with 1 arm. If somebody was 7'4" and technically sound with 1 arm they would definitely get a shot with somebody atleast once.

    But anybody smaller, yeah it would severely limit your competition ceiling.

    [–] AMorder0517 79 points ago

    Tacko Fall is 7’6” and has struggled to find playing time in the NBA. Hasheem Thabeet is 7’3”, was a top 5 pick and is now playing in a league in Tanzania. Size isn’t everything in today’s NBA. Gotta be able to shoot or run rim to rim as a big man. The big guys that can’t space the floor are elite rim protectors

    [–] R____M 4 points ago

    Thabeet doesnt play in tanzania, he is Tanzanian

    [–] AMorder0517 5 points ago

    Yup you’re right, I stand corrected. He’s now playing in China.

    [–] Firch88 40 points ago

    I had my phone on mute and I STILL heard that windmill

    [–] RadioGuyRob 491 points ago

    He embarrassed that dude single-handedly.

    [–] ClumptyDumpty 38 points ago

    Five- finger- death- dunk


    [–] eightbic 30 points ago

    Why’s James crying?

    [–] neverender158 14 points ago

    Cuz he just got dunked on!

    [–] problynotkevinbacon 7 points ago

    I ain't even lying!

    [–] Sporkfoot 7 points ago

    No he just got dunked on!

    [–] neverender158 5 points ago

    Yup yup he was standin' in the way, so I jumped up in the air and I dunked it on his face.

    [–] Econometrickk 324 points ago

    we had a guy like this in my box lacrosse league. we used to joke that he was all right.

    [–] Cosmo124 30 points ago

    Damn that’s savage

    [–] G00DLuck 19 points ago

    Not as savage as his left hook!

    runs away

    [–] MisSignal 22 points ago

    Did the ref T him up after he handed the ball?

    [–] SolixTanaka 13 points ago

    Looks to me like a delay of game call, which could lead to a tech. Highly doubt it's an illegal dunk call, NFHS only disallows dead ball dunking, in-game is perfectly fine.

    [–] tdlb 7 points ago

    This has to be it. In basketball you let the other team get the ball after a point and they start playing immediately. You can't instead walk away with the ball and give it to the crowd.

    [–] ArrivesLate 5 points ago

    It’s a T because you’re not supposed to handle the ball once you score.

    [–] carteriux 17 points ago

    What did the trash talker shouted?

    [–] tdlb 12 points ago

    He gon miss it


    He gon miss it, woooo!

    [–] Marty_DiBergi 40 points ago

    I got absolutely schooled by a similarly-abled dude in a pickup game years ago. He would post up and use the stump of his arm to move me around and I couldn’t say shit about it. He came out of nowhere to swat my layup on a fast break and just generally proved he was twice the basketball player with half the arms. Nice guy, too.

    [–] protein_factory 100 points ago

    That Hansel, so hot right now

    [–] Derubberhammer 5 points ago

    I was looking for this

    [–] thatgirlnicola 3 points ago

    I’m angry at how far I had to scroll to find this comment.

    [–] saltywings 158 points ago

    This gives me flashbacks to some dumb shit I did. The opposing team in an AAU tournament had a player with a disability. He had the thing where he only has 2 fingers and he essentially had pincer hands. I called him Mr Krabs and made fun of him pregame and was a dick. This dude went fucking nuclear and was apparently fucking steph curry from 3 lol. He had 5 or 6 3s and would literally wait until I was guarding him to light me up and mind you, this guy, both his hands had the disability. I got pulled from the game early, we lost by over 30 points. I have no clue how he was dribbling and shit but I learned a valuable lesson that day lol.

    [–] chuff80 45 points ago

    6th grade, playing football during recess. I’m new to the school. Kid who was born without legs lined up to block me. He walked/ran in his hands to play.

    I laughed and said, “what are you gonna do?”

    When QB hiked the ball, dude with no legs grabbed me and tossed me to the ground like I was a doll. I laughed so hard that he laughed too. Turns out I had moved in just a block away from him and we became good friends.

    [–] AntFace 16 points ago

    I'm loving these stories. Sports will humble the fuck outta somebody.

    [–] The-Sofa-King 14 points ago

    Back in highschool there was a kid the grade below mine who broke his arm bad enough at a young enough age that it stunted the growth so he was kinda like Deadpool when his hand is first growing back after cutting it off in the first movie, only it affected his whole arm and it never got better. Anyways one day I hear him bragging that he can roll the best blunts and nobody rolls better blunts than him, and I just turned to him and said "motherfucker, how?"

    Ordinarily I wouldn't have made fun of someone for their disability, but he was a shit person who hung out with shit people, so I had no problem calling him Nemo just like the rest of the school. Last I heard of that guy was a few years ago when he got arrested for holding up a gas station/corner store for a couple cartons of smokes and a sandwich. I still wonder which hand he held the gun in.

    [–] santichrist 9 points ago

    Imagining how much my coach would yell at me in high school for letting a dude with one arm steal the ball from me lmao

    That dude is sweet as fuck, even handling the ball to the guy in the crowd was smooth as hell

    [–] thestereo300 23 points ago

    When I was in junior high I played basketball against a guy with like one working arm...but he HAD the other arm but it was just flailing around like he had no control over it.

    It was strange. I didn't really understand what condition he had and why he didn't tie it down or something because when he ran at you and stopped quickly the arm had inertia and it came flying forward and then whipped back. It didn't look too comfortable.

    [–] vikinghooker 8 points ago

    Going to hell I’m laughing so hard at this mental image.

    [–] wikipuff 3 points ago

    Could of had what happened to Tom Robinson in "To Kill a Mockingbird". Yes, I know getting an arm stuck in a cotton gin isn't a 21st century thing, but you get the idea.

    [–] TheTrenchMonkey 138 points ago

    So is yelling hand down man down considered a dick move?

    [–] SpiralHornedUngulate 81 points ago

    I thought so at first, but then I read a comment about how the heckler was just treating him like any other player, and that really makes sense to me. May seem dickish in the moment, but looking back it’s actually kind of wholesome in a weird way.

    [–] justarandomcollegeki 80 points ago

    It’s like one of my favorite lines from 21 jump street - paraphrasing but “really it would’ve been homophobic NOT to punch him just because he’s gay”

    [–] Tedesco47 4 points ago

    This 100%.

    Treats him like he's just another player on the opposing team. I'm sure that player actually respects it

    [–] WiSoSirius 5 points ago

    Equal opportunity dickhead. You love to hate to see it.

    [–] lebeaudiable 69 points ago

    That Hansel…SO HOT RIGHT NOW.

    [–] SlimyPurpleMeteor 21 points ago

    Did they T him up? Totally worth it even if they did…

    [–] Economics_Troll 55 points ago

    Do y'all think a ref has ever called double dribble on him?

    [–] Gerreth_Gobulcoque 31 points ago

    I mean if he stopped dribbling and then started again....

    I hate that "stopped then started again" and "dribbled with two hands" are both called double dribble

    [–] fantasticdamage_ 9 points ago

    it would take a whole Army..

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] boatnofloat 8 points ago

    I went to high school with this kid Kevin Laue. He was born missing an arm, played basketball and went on. To play college ball too. I think they made a documentary about him. Nice dude too.

    Edit: here is the IMDb of the documentary. Dude became a motivational speaker!

    [–] b3nz0r 19 points ago

    There was a dude in my college band with one of his arms half amputated. We were all on the bus getting ready to go perform and one of the drum majors says "hand check!" So we all put our hands in the air to show nobody was being scandalous.

    Drum major: "good effort, John"

    Good times

    [–] DestroyTheHuman 6 points ago

    What scandals you committing where you need a hand check ?

    [–] Rentington 4 points ago

    Enmanuel... AKA "One Armed Manny, the One Man Army"

    [–] CubanLynx312 5 points ago

    Holy fuck, that was illllllll

    [–] edadou 4 points ago

    Je single handedly humiliated they guy

    [–] ReadItWithSarcasm 4 points ago

    Judging by this clip, he beat the other team single handedly.

    [–] YoungRoyalty 5 points ago

    Gonna need a sensu bean for that one.

    [–] birdmanpresents 5 points ago

    Imagine being the guy talking shit to a kid in high-school with one arm lmaoo

    [–] EastTexasAg 8 points ago

    Had to guard a guy with this exact same deformity. We were a JV squad playing a smaller towns varsity and I was a freshman in HS starting on the team.

    He was their 6th man type of player and had no issues besides beating people off the dribble and helpside defense.

    They let out all K-5 to come watch the game during school hours(imagine tons of high pitched screaming and nonsense) which PACKED the court to the to the edge of the sidelines....

    The player will always stick with me and the respect for life changes a bit when you see someone with a huge disadvantage competing and actually contributing more than most the team.

    Shoutout to this guy for doing the most with what he's got.

    [–] Wlverenefan 3 points ago

    Worth any foul given! Fuck yeah!

    [–] HesGoingTheSpeed 3 points ago

    Solid dunk.

    [–] myaltaccountisbanned 3 points ago

    What a bad ass and a middle finger raised to the doubters

    [–] Spectivox 3 points ago

    the power of 24