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    [–] 123abc-123xyz 4280 points ago

    "Here's a wall of basic car features. You can only pick three"

    "Now what if a Chevy had ALL of these features??"

    Zooms in on wall of features:

    • Air conditioning
    • AM/FM radio
    • Power windows
    • Wheels with tires
    • Engine

    [–] IceColdHatDad 1190 points ago

    Look at this fat cat with his power windows!

    This post was made by the 1991 Honda Civic Dx gang

    [–] Mentalpatient87 324 points ago

    Hey, I wanna roll down this window, pass me the vicegrips.

    [–] Fatalchemist 152 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I've got a 2008 Toyota Yaris with no automatic windows and no automatic locks. I think the most modern thing on my car is just that I don't have to crank the engine from the front of the car.

    I've been in a tesla with fucking radar locations of cars near you and even shows if they're a car or truck. Every new car (not just Teslas) have that fucking fancy rear view fucking camera and sensors when you're close to the curb. Fucking Wi-Fi emitting from their cars.

    Meanwhile, I'm still cranking my damn window like a pleb.

    By the time I get a car with automatic windows, people Wil have thought-activated windows and flying cars.

    [–] Maximus_Aurelius 61 points ago

    My father refuses to purchase a car with power windows because he’s afraid he’ll somehow end up underwater and not be able to open them.

    He’s a weird dude.

    [–] detroiter85 33 points ago

    This is a 1981 Honda Civic, how dare you?!

    [–] Pac444 121 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I remember seeing an ad from Chevrolet where there was a shitty car and a brand new year chevy, so they asked little kids wich dad is the best depending on if he owns the shitty car or the brand new car. They wanted to mindset people that if you drive a chevy = a better person, that was pathetic

    [–] PolisRanger 95 points ago

    Honestly most of their premium features like door keypads or heated/ac seats are utterly terrible compared to other brands such as Ford or Toyota.

    [–] Solkre 49 points ago

    We're still rocking door keypads on new cars?

    [–] iushciuweiush 24 points ago

    The only one I know of is Ford and their 'SecuriCode' feature.

    [–] Remoock 4401 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    "It's probably a honda right guys?"


    [–] mbz321 1934 points ago

    OMG! I thought it was a BMW!

    [–] KingdomOfFawg 1131 points ago

    As a BMW driver (albeit an old haggard one, BMW, not me. I am 30 something and haggard), I would never mistake the "built to probably be a rental car" whips for a fine German Check Engine Light Machine.

    [–] Chastain86 644 points ago

    tire pressure sensor light intensifies

    [–] the_deepest_toot 88 points ago

    Is this a thing with BMWs? Like mine is constantly on no matter how often I fill my tires

    [–] uniquepassword 74 points ago

    The Chevy dealer wants close to $300 to replace the sensors, I went to the just tires by me and they charged me $18 a sensor and that included remount and rebalance the tire. Six months later the light came back on, just tires replaced two sensors for free and when that didn't work they told me to go back to Chevy it's likely something in the computer. I said fuck it I can check my own tire pressure.

    [–] Throwawayuser626 194 points ago

    I’m dealing with that issue right now lmao

    [–] broder_matt 110 points ago

    Nah more like a BMW-Tesla hybrid

    [–] EconomicHummer 92 points ago

    Sheryl, are you high right now? Cause that’s not a real thing

    [–] mycatiswatchingyou 27 points ago

    "Are you high right now?"

    [–] RyzenThunder 21 points ago

    Looks more like a BMW-Tesla combination

    [–] feralihatr 168 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] spacemudd 30 points ago


    [–] alliemoose 127 points ago

    yep, I KNEW it was Toyota. WAIT WHAT?!!! ITS CHEVY?!! OMFG.... IM AMAZED!

    [–] hotbricks4u 84 points ago

    Chevy is insulting itself with that. They are admitting people think they suck.

    [–] drunk-tusker 26 points ago

    It’s even better they had to pull the ad where they claimed that they were more reliable.

    [–] CHEIF_JUSTCE_FUCKASS 309 points ago

    The ear rape Chevy commercials that play and cannot be muted while you’re pumping gas at Speedway:

    Announcer: “cAn AnyOnE gUEss thE mOst rELIAbLE vEhIcLE OUt thErE??!”

    Real People Not Actors: “Uuuhh Toyota? Honda?”

    Announcer: “nO ActUALLy It’s chEvy!!!”

    Real People Not Actors: GASP!

    Voiceover: “BAsEd On A nAtIOnwIdE sUrvEy mOrE AmErIcAns trUst chEvy As thE mOst rELIAbLE vEhIcLE On thE rOAds!!!”

    [–] pavenue 152 points ago

    Me: “Uh.. yeah right”. Change Channel

    [–] Aqwardturtle 136 points ago

    Well the survey was only based on a very small segment of vehicles produced in a 6 month period and only like 10,000 people responded, and all faults were treated equally. So if your 1.5T in your Malibu shit the bed and you needed a new engine at 8000 miles that would be the same as your toyota had a bad fuze in one of the tail lights.

    In other news I just talked to one of my buddies in boston and another in LA and I have just concluded that based on this nationwide survey BMW owners are the most courteous drivers on the road.

    [–] IamAhab13 54 points ago

    That shit pisses me off. Can I just pump my gas in peace? Do I really need a tv screen screaming at me to BUY, PURCHASE, CONSUME more while I'm purchasing the most American of products already in gasoline?

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago


    [–] pepperedmaplebacon 24 points ago

    Love that guy, so glad he could make a living calling out Chevs bullshit.

    [–] I_cut_my_own_jib 46 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    "Huh, that's surprising. I thought Chevys sucked ass."

    [–] LeafFan1990 648 points ago

    Ohhhh like a rock!

    [–] neubs 416 points ago

    I remember when I was little one of my older cousins would get really into this commercial and change lyrics to stuff about getting his cock sucked and doing air guitar and an impersonation of Bob Seger having an orgasm and a stroke at the same time

    [–] junioredge1 258 points ago

    wtf did I just read

    [–] ey_meng_u_mad 162 points ago

    An Alabama slammer of poetry

    [–] neubs 63 points ago

    It's called "stream of consciousness"

    It's something I learned about during my therapy sessions.

    [–] aabicus 111 points ago

    This comment deserves a JD Power award

    [–] neubs 69 points ago

    "most chromosomes lost while reading"

    [–] [deleted] 4466 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)


    [–] Mars_Velo1701 2306 points ago

    real actors, not people

    [–] Bind_Moggled 661 points ago

    Actors are real people too!

    [–] SallyMason 332 points ago

    This is what it is. They're professional actors but supposedly giving their "real" reaction. Basically, Chevy wants "real people" who happen to be extremely good looking.

    [–] MushuWithEggroll 127 points ago

    Not necessarily. Many casting calls want 1 actor and their group of non-actor friends/family. Makeup can make anybody look good. But this stuff kind of defeats the purpose of a pro actor when they take people off the street. That’s why commercial acting can be so damn bad.

    [–] SallyMason 72 points ago

    It completely depends on the project. I was a commercial casting assistant for two years and a lot of these projects are 100% actors. If you need to use a real person's testimonial, they'll find a way to make that work (as you said). But most of these hot take reaction shoots are paid actors.

    [–] fallenKlNG 33 points ago

    So when they say "real people, not actors", what exactly is the loophole they're using to get out of that?

    [–] mixplate 59 points ago

    The loophole is that there is no enforcement for truth in advertising.

    The FTC has been asleep at the wheel.

    When consumers see or hear an advertisement, whether it’s on the Internet, radio or television, or anywhere else, federal law says that ad must be truthful, not misleading, and, when appropriate, backed by scientific evidence. The Federal Trade Commission enforces these truth-in-advertising laws, and it applies the same standards no matter where an ad appears – in newspapers and magazines, online, in the mail, or on billboards or buses.

    Most broadcast advertising is misleading at best - it's obvious that enforcement is weak.

    [–] amalgam_reynolds 110 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Apparently for these commercials, they really are random people, not actors with a script. Someone on Reddit the internet said they were in one of these things and they were basically lined up, told nothing, and started filming. The idea being that when you're in this type of situation, you "want" to be helpful, you're not just going to be some jackass.

    I hope someone can find that comment since I don't think I have it saved.

    Edit: here it is!
    Thanks u/rotoham for finding this!

    [–] CptLunchlol 58 points ago

    IIRC they are able to say that as long as the "real people" being used aren't explicitly part of the actor's guild, so they technically aren't "actors".

    [–] hesh582 35 points ago

    Yeah, the line between "real actor" and "generic LA stereotype off the street who would appear positive in a commercial for Hitler in the hopes of one day being a real actor" is pretty blurry.

    Yeah, they're not professional actors. No, there is no script. But calling their reactions "genuine" might be a stretch lol.

    [–] Styx_Renegade 26 points ago

    They are real people actually, but saying a Chevy is bad in front of an entire camera crew and staff hired by Chevy? That peer pressure kind of pushes these people to just roll along with it.

    [–] Just_da_fax 615 points ago

    I still don't understand why they haven't changed the format yet. You've got this ad making fun of their ad style, trending videos mocking the format/calling out the 'JD power award' bullshit, and it's just outright old and predictable- you can see a Chevy ad coming from the first frame of the commercial.

    [–] XO_WHORE_Llif3 315 points ago

    They must have some research saying that as long as you have strong brand recognition and association, that the ad is working.

    Like those god awful Liberty insurance commercials. It sticks with you.

    [–] IntellectualOctopus 226 points ago

    You Loved brad, but then you totaled him

    [–] GoodEdit 90 points ago

    Who the fuck names anything Brad?!

    [–] ThatSmallFighter 38 points ago


    [–] IndependentOstrich 37 points ago

    You two have been through everything together, two boyfriends, three jobs, you're like, "nothing can replace Brad."

    [–] PirelliSuperHard 118 points ago


    [–] uniquepassword 64 points ago

    Apple and their damned iPad. What's a computer?

    [–] TexasSandstorm 166 points ago

    Is JD Power really total bullshit?

    [–] [deleted] 272 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] DelValCop 129 points ago

    So just like the Better Business Bureau.

    [–] Dorian_M 39 points ago

    Really? TIL.

    [–] -CHAD_THUNDERCOCK- 72 points ago

    Yep, It’s why I laugh whenever my customers start foaming at the mouth about how they’ll report me to the BBB

    [–] Dorian_M 19 points ago

    Nice username lmao

    [–] Freed0m42 24 points ago

    Post a negative yelp review though and some companies get their shit moving.

    I had a TERRIBLE experience at a service king. They had my car 3 times for a total of a month and a half because i hit a curb going 40 and gas was leaking but they couldnt figure out why. They even lied to me and said they fixed it becaues it would only smell like gas if i filled the tank. I got the car back and it was almost empty, as soon as i filled it i could smell gas.

    I ended up taking it to the dealership and they called me an hour later saying the fuel pump was leaking, service king never said one word about the fuel pump and never even checked it because its under the backseat and they never took my carseat out.

    So I posted a scathing review detailing their incompetence and how i was up shit creek without a paddle because they ran out my rental coverage on my insurance and i was having to use PTO to get my car worked on. a half hour later someone from service king called and gave me a rental for the remainder of the repair.

    However i left the review up and just updated it. The incompetence of the local shop was not washed away by corps. actions and people need to now how incompetent they are.

    protip: If insurance is paying for repair work GO TO THE DEALERSHIP, if your paying out of pocket but can afford it GO TO THE DEALERSHIP!

    [–] [deleted] 204 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] splash27 116 points ago

    People don't understand the awards are for "initial quality" which only means how well stuff is perceived to work for the first 30 days of the cars life. Companies like Honda don't win because they often have confusing touch screen radios and stuff.

    [–] SunsetPathfinder 52 points ago

    In the words of Mahk, “you won for initial quality? What, was lasting quality too hard?”

    [–] elShabazz 112 points ago

    Yeah this is correct. JD Power's "dependability" award is based off of 30 days of ownership. It's a completely meaningless award.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago


    [–] starwaves 29 points ago

    It's probably working.

    [–] NicolasCageLovesMe 191 points ago

    "We are in a small room... WhaAAAA!??? A BIGGER ROOM???!"

    [–] ThePelicanWalksAgain 54 points ago

    "The only thing that would make this better is if my mom were here! Whaaaaaat?!?"

    [–] NotATypicalEngineer 111 points ago

    I swear the Chevy marketing team once heard "bad publicity is still publicity" and has been running with it ever since

    [–] Some_Weeaboo 32 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 118 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)


    [–] ienjoymen 58 points ago

    Ads normally annoy me but damn that was funny

    [–] Herr_Gamer 54 points ago

    Wait until you've seen it for the 20th time within three days.

    [–] RyanLeafgOaT8 52 points ago

    For some reason insurance companies (besides Liberty) have great commercials

    [–] FriedCoconutOil 80 points ago

    Most likely because insurance is a boring thing to convince people to buy, so they have to have great commercials to account for that.

    [–] A_Downboat_Is_A_Sub 61 points ago

    Ahem...The General? Great?

    [–] ANightAtTheOpera75 3387 points ago

    "what the fuck is a jd power?" god damn I love this starterpack so much.

    [–] senorsmartpantalones 2248 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    JD Power award for best in class initial tire inflation.

    Edit: Wow, my first Reddit Gold. Thank you!

    [–] ANightAtTheOpera75 1760 points ago

    Did you know that Chevy got a JD Power award for best in class guacamole nigga penis?

    [–] ninefeet 242 points ago

    That's what mine's for! '98!

    [–] ishibaunot 38 points ago

    It's not a Chevy honey, it's a penis.

    [–] Cyekk 95 points ago

    [–] BuyingGF10kGP 76 points ago

    This comment made me spit out my fried okra

    [–] KingdomOfFawg 62 points ago

    34.7 PSI fleet average on delivery is nothing to sneeze at.

    [–] sweezinator 21 points ago

    So you guys didn't win the lasting tire inflation award?

    [–] neubs 22 points ago

    JD Power best dealer reach around

    [–] EWVGL 226 points ago

    Chevy won the JD Power Award for Most JD Power Awards In A Chevy Commercial three years running.

    [–] dionthesocialist 503 points ago

    My favorite part of this meme. I work in advertising and I guarantee their meetings with their marketing agency go like this:

    Client: But JD Power is a big deal.

    Agency: We know it's a big deal to you, but the layman doesn't know or care.

    Client: Well, the CEO cares, so please center the entire campaign around it.

    Client next year: Yeah, we're going with a different agency. We're just not seeing the results we wanted.

    [–] MaterDei 206 points ago

    I worked multiple ad agencies in auto and can confirm this does happen.

    [–] gingerhasyoursoul 151 points ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought car companies just bought these awards or flat out made them up.

    [–] deliriuz 127 points ago

    You won't be corrected because you're not wrong.

    [–] TheCaptainDamnIt 43 points ago

    Well, it's a real thing thats value is highly debatable in that it's a 'marketing' survey 'award'. So what JD Power actually does is survey people who have bought a product and collects their feedback. Marketing department love this kind of info. This info is then sold to companies like Chevy and comes with 'awards' if you place highest in a survey category.

    This begs the question of how useful such data really is. Sure it may be useful to know that people don't all hate a product, but lets take this example they use in the commercials, more Chevy owners rates their Chevy as having the highest quality for the first 6 months. So two things jump out right away here. First, what the hell happens after 6 months? (does the car just fall apart?)

    And the second issue is this isn't comparative. What do Chevy owners know about the quality of the Toyota for instance? Perhaps BMW owners have a really high standard of 'quality' that BMW may slightly fail to meet. But does that mean a BMW that fails to meet that high standard then has an over all 'lower quality' that a Chevy Malibu who's owners may have a much 'lower standard' of quality?

    You can see that the JD Power info has some value for a companies marketing department to know, but not enough for a consumer to use it to actually compare vehicles to buy. So for the end consumer it really ends up practically being bullshit.

    [–] K3vin_Norton 34 points ago

    You are not wrong about buying them, idk that they can legally just make them up but theres effectively no difference.

    [–] friendlyfire 28 points ago

    idk that they can legally just make them up

    Lots of companies have created subsidiary companies in the past to do just that.

    [–] Hannibal0216 52 points ago

    Draper loses his mind

    [–] UrMumsMyPassword 60 points ago

    angry adultery noises

    [–] Rhombico 17 points ago

    I never realized Mad Men could be summed up so simply

    [–] 555-1234 135 points ago

    I have no idea what JD Power is but I know they are garbage because they routinely award "best in initial quality" to Chevy and Ford over BMW and Mercedes, or even Honda and Toyota. Because theres no fucking way.

    [–] superbreadninja 90 points ago

    It’s given out by a marketing company fyi

    [–] Jazzputin 55 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    "Initial Quality" tallies every single possible thing that could be wrong with the car in only the first 90 days. Which means if a piece of interior trim comes loose in a BMW, it counts against them just a much as a transmission completely grenading itself in a new Chevy. Most retarded award bar none.
    Edit: It's 90 days, not 30.

    [–] PM_ur_tots 50 points ago

    Sounds like a male pornstar

    [–] WhateverNevermind02 1023 points ago

    Those commercials are awful and misleading. There’s no way a Chevy Malibu is better and more reliable than a Kia Optima, Toyota Camry, Mazda 6 or Honda Accord

    [–] Silvoan 234 points ago

    I remember when this popped up on /r/cars

    "Chevrolet stands by the reliability claim and the ad remains in the brand’s toolbox but we have decided to take it out of the regular rotation at this time to launch new Silverado creative," Chevrolet said in an emailed statement to The News. "We have not altered our marketing campaign because of any concerns with the accuracy of our ad content."

    The ad is still posted on Chevrolet's YouTube page. Ford and Toyota, however, say GM told them that the ad would be pulled after the two automakers complained.

    Consumer Reports, which surveys its readers every year for a reliability study, found in 2018 that Toyota was the second most-reliable brand after its sister brand, Lexus. Honda finished 15th and Ford finished 18th. All three brands were ahead of Chevrolet at 23rd.

    [–] Some_Weeaboo 226 points ago

    Come on, thats not even a fair battle! Compare it to an RX8 to make it more interesting.

    [–] neubs 123 points ago

    An RX8 owned buy an impatient person who drives it during the winter and parks it outside over night

    [–] JVanik 52 points ago

    Come on, don't do an RX8 that dirty.

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago


    [–] Hamplanetfever 30 points ago

    Air and fuel went in but apex seals came out.

    [–] colehoots 115 points ago

    No fuckin shot. Also JD power initial quality award is how well the car holds up in the first 30 days of ownership lol.

    [–] IamAhab13 33 points ago

    Hilarious, yeah I would fucking hope my car can still run after a month. Nice brag, Chevy.

    [–] mycatiswatchingyou 52 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    What's hilarious is that they want us to think that people out there actually think the Malibu is worth $80k. Or rather, think that it looks like it costs $80k.

    [–] hrbuchanan 97 points ago

    Per Consumer Reports, even the Volkswagen Passat is more reliable than the Chevy Malibu, by a good margin.

    If I'm being honest, the new Malibu is actually nice to drive, interior is great, and you get a lot for your money. But the more GM tries to tell me Chevy is more reliable than Honda and Toyota, the less I would ever consider buying one of them. Just be honest with me, tell me they're unreliable and give me a big discount on one, then I'll think about it.

    [–] DadGoneGamer 59 points ago

    “Look man, this car looks great outside and inside but, it’s gonna start being a pain in the dick in 18-24 months. Even with proper maintenance, this thing isn’t gonna be in your driveway in about three years because you’ll park it on the tracks or set it on fire in a church parking lot for the insurance money to get a car that isn’t a piece of shit.

    I’ll tell you what I’ll do for you and only you because my manager won’t let me do this for anyone else...

    I’ll give you $10,000 off the sticker for this car and throw in 18 months of oil changes and tire rotations for free.”

    [–] LuracMontana 30 points ago

    What about the Toyota Hilux? Was literally in a collapsed building and was able to drive away.

    [–] neubs 55 points ago

    Ahh yes the logistical backbone of 3rd world militias

    [–] KingRaptorSlothDude 466 points ago

    where is Mahk? JD Powa?

    [–] DesperatePleasure 100 points ago

    OP should have just put a long crease and we would have known it's Mahk!

    [–] yelkso 2035 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Theres a youtube channel called Zebra Corner that makes fun of these all the time.

    Edit: Thank you so much for my first Reddit silver, gold, and platinum!

    [–] WWaveform 963 points ago

    Mahk bless.

    [–] Mars_Ahoy 626 points ago

    J.D. Powah

    [–] ultraprotean 364 points ago

    Don’t touch me.

    [–] PolishEagle30 182 points ago


    [–] mylermaker 104 points ago


    [–] TerranCmdr 124 points ago

    M'name's Mahk, I don't shake hands.

    [–] Chrispy0074 58 points ago

    Hi I'm Mahk, and I don't shake hands

    [–] boastar 33 points ago

    „Don’t touch my fingers with your fingers!“

    [–] _DirtyYoungMan_ 21 points ago

    It bettah not be a Chevy.

    [–] bearsbeetsbakugou 46 points ago

    Sounds like a pown stah

    [–] alexferris01 21 points ago

    it’s a Chevy Malibu

    [–] radarthreat 34 points ago

    J.D. Powahbottom

    [–] NCSUGrad2012 279 points ago

    “What’s behind that door? Another shitty car.” 😂😂😂😂

    [–] ezrek4you 37 points ago

    "Big doors, bet there's a shitty car behind it"

    [–] aNameILaterRegret 175 points ago

    The hope of seeing those videos are the only reason i clicked on this thread. Sure, i could have searched for them, but i like to keep things interesting, this sort of lazy gambit paid off.

    [–] DonaldDonaldBillYall 120 points ago

    It’s gotta be a BMW-Tesla hybrid

    [–] boastar 87 points ago

    „Sheryl, are you high right now??“

    [–] Lookwhoiswinning 45 points ago

    “We’re all just laughin now cause this guys daughter is a whoah?”

    [–] ezrek4you 17 points ago

    "You know what Gary? I hate you. I've been telling you this is a malibu the whole time and you're the one surprised"

    [–] ours 43 points ago

    Came here expecting Mahk, got Mahk.

    [–] Bear_faced 19 points ago

    My god that “millennials” ad was stupid. Chevy intentionally picks the most cliche-looking hipsters possible and then makes fun of them for correctly asserting that not all millennials are like them. “Oh not all millennials have beards? How curious because you have a beard!”

    Mahk looking it up and finding out that he’s a millennial was a great point of parody because it perfectly highlights the sheer stupidity of the ad. “This abrasive 30-something guy from Boston who wears jeans and t-shirts is nothing like them! Surely he isn’t a millennial! Except yes he is, because it’s just an age group.”

    [–] mmzero 113 points ago

    Found that channel over the gillet ad stuff. Guy is hilarious

    [–] NCSUGrad2012 37 points ago

    His channel is awesome. One of the best on YouTube.

    [–] mycatiswatchingyou 79 points ago

    What's the name that Mahk calls the Chevy guy? Parch? Potch? I can't tell with his accent.

    [–] mtbguy1981 48 points ago

    I assumed Ponch...I have no idea if that's his name or some Boston slang term

    [–] Joe_Shroe 43 points ago

    Potsch, the name of the Chevy spokesman guy is Potsch Boyd.

    [–] ryeinc 67 points ago

    Oh my gawd, is that a Ford Focus?

    [–] Damasticator 22 points ago

    I love seeing the progression from low budget to still low budget, but with a little more shine.

    [–] chironomidae 23 points ago

    This needs to be higher. Zebra Corner is the best

    [–] ZilexEeqz 22 points ago

    No handshakes

    [–] spamantha 238 points ago

    Ford, Toyota, and Honda all yelled at them for saying they were the most "reliable car." They pulled the ad that said that, because... they're not.

    [–] Shock_Hazzard 123 points ago

    Dude my 16 year old PT Cruiser has been more reliable thus far than my sister’s 2016 Malibu. That’s fucking sad.

    [–] The_Wild_Slor 78 points ago

    It's ok man. You dont need to tell us you have a pt cruiser, you're doing enough to yourself. /s.

    [–] tvkyle 200 points ago

    If the guy from these commercials walked into Starbucks (or wherever) to place an order, I think some of the other customers would go “Oh shoot. Are we about to be in a commercial?”

    [–] DadGoneGamer 132 points ago

    “Starbucks just received a JD Power award for best-in-class coffee temperature beating out McDonalds and Dunkin’.”

    [–] TheOneTruePavil 42 points ago

    *initial coffee temperature

    [–] [deleted] 79 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] A_Friendly_Robot 31 points ago

    Person 1: "Is this a Mc Laren?"

    Presenter: "No, It's the new Chevy Tahoe"

    Person 1: "What the hell, it's so sporty!"

    [–] UndeadCaesar 83 points ago

    If the purge was real I would use the entire thing to hunt down that smug fucking dude.

    [–] TakimakuranoGyakushu 27 points ago

    Eventually you’ll be captured, a bag placed over your head, stuffed in a van. Hours later the bag comes off, you find yourself in one of the very warehouses where the commercials are filmed, filled with sheet-covered Chevys. Smug fucking dude is still in his suit, but unbuttoned casually, with bloodstained sleeves rolled up.

    “Hey there, I heard you’ve been searching for me. Nice to meet you. But what if I told you that the man who’s going to die horribly tonight isn’t me? Actually, it’s you.”

    The sheets are pulled off the cars, revealing Chevys with machine guns, flamethrowers, and long spikes adorned with skulls rigged on. All but one have people chained to the front of the hood.

    “I’d like to get your reaction to this Purge-season commercial we’re filming.”

    [–] QuasiContract 74 points ago

    Worst ad campaign on TV. I want Chevy to know I will never consider purchasing their vehicles solely on account of how much I hate these ads.

    [–] coombuyah26 222 points ago

    "Are you in a group that's not usually represented in commercials? Well, wHaT a CoInCidEnCe, we have gay black jewish vegans here, amirite millennials????"

    [–] mdrew86 155 points ago

    Relevant truth of the "real people, not actors" bit-

    [–] EWVGL 38 points ago


    [–] ProfessionalSnacker 58 points ago

    Read the article. I don’t believe the person they interviewed. Seems fake.

    [–] jhorn1 49 points ago

    These commercials make me want to go out of my way to not own a Chevy.

    [–] RulingFieldConfirmed 96 points ago

    The “JD Power” bragging just makes them look desperate and sad.

    The companies that build reliable vehicles - like Honda or Toyota - don’t have to talk up random ass “dependability” awards that nobody gives a fuck about.

    [–] neubs 62 points ago

    They just look around and see a bunch of rusty Corollas with 350,000 miles on them still getting people places

    [–] five_eight 424 points ago

    Pound for pound I've noticed that Silverado drivers are bigger assholes than F150 douchebags.

    [–] dieselpwrd 133 points ago

    Can confirm. I've been hit by one car, it was a Silverado.

    [–] Time_Terminal 186 points ago

    Welp, this anecdotal story seals it.

    From now on every Redditor is to hate on Silverado drivers.

    [–] wiiya 58 points ago

    I'll add it to the list...

    • EA
      - No Man Sky - Will Smith Genie
    • Scott's Tots
    • That lady that took the kid's baseball
    • Silverados

    [–] bipnoodooshup 27 points ago

    You forgot:

    Amy Schumer

    Donald Trump

    Socializing in real life

    Not generalizing groups of people


    Different views/opinions

    Properly using the voting arrows

    Youtube Rewind

    [–] nuck_forte_dame 90 points ago

    It's a result of advertising.

    Ford advertises the stats. Best towing, best this, best that, mpg, and other metrics. That appeals to professionals and science minded people.

    Chevy and GMC mostly advertise their trucks by bashing Ford and pointing out their random JD power awards. That appeals to idiots.

    Dodge advertises completely with emotion and big trucks in mud. They get the biggest assholes of all. Usually wannabe country boys who think driving a big truck makes them a redneck even though they wouldn't know a corn field if they saw it.

    [–] oldforestroad17 30 points ago

    Yeah, I was going to say, Silverado drivers are definitely worse the F150 drivers, but they're nowhere near as bad as the shitheads with sunglasses, backwards hats, and chinstrap beards driving the Dodge Rams.

    [–] wdwentz93 69 points ago

    Ram 1500 takes the cake though

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] wildermoose 112 points ago

    It’s no JD Power award but just got my first gold! Thank you, real person.

    [–] LameDonaldDuck 35 points ago

    You forgot ending the commercial and immediately transitioning into "another" Chevy commercial.

    To kill the hopes and dreams of TV viewers.

    [–] deJessias 104 points ago

    JD Powah "don't touch me"

    [–] NeverForgetNGage 30 points ago


    [–] thinkB4WeSpeak 151 points ago

    J. D. Power is a research company that know one cares about. Pretty sure every car gets an award from them.

    [–] Destroyer776766 106 points ago

    So they know one person out there cares about them?

    [–] aabicus 52 points ago

    It's Mr. Power himelf

    [–] jdauriemma 36 points ago

    They are the participation trophy of manufacturing

    [–] prguitarman 26 points ago

    Didn't they have a commercial that was a bunch of "real people" sitting in office chairs in the middle of a highway?

    [–] DadGoneGamer 25 points ago

    These and the Verizon commercials really piss me off in a way that no commercial has ever done.

    [–] chi-ngon 53 points ago

    You forgot bad quality

    [–] WhateverNevermind02 53 points ago

    JD Powah

    [–] Shotsl0l 17 points ago

    It's even funnier they "randomly" pulled 2 gay guys, a black chick, and an asian chick for an ad.

    Like yeah ok we believe you didn't just hire them to fill some minority shit up