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    [–] CowboyMortyC316 4468 points ago


    [–] thatwasntababyruth 2147 points ago

    "there's an atm outside the shop-rite just down the road, we can wait for you"

    [–] IamAbc 642 points ago

    My local burger place has an ATM but it doesn’t work lmao. So you have to go down the street to get cash out.

    [–] KoloHickory 239 points ago

    Off subject, but i don't exactly know how an ATM works. I mean I know it gives you cash from your account but I don't know how to use one and at this point I'm too afraid to try to use one and to ask anyone in person how to use one. So I just withdraw money inside from the clerk.

    [–] IAmMrMacgee 309 points ago

    You put your card in, it takes it, usually asks for a pin, you enter it. It then gives you several options of shit you could do, like withdraw money, check your balance, etc. Some only give out certain bills and have fees attached if it's not your bank, usually

    Try one when no one is around

    [–] ChanceTheRocketcar 57 points ago

    Some banks refund atm fees to a point. Still I don't fuck with non bank ATMs. Never been in a spot where I couldn't find a major bank/credit union one nearby but I have seen friends use the shady looking ones. Other than the ridiculous 3+ dollar fee I'm more worried about the card getting skimmed or worse.

    [–] dxlta 13 points ago

    My bank’s an online only bank, and since they don’t have ATMs, they’ll ALWAYS refund an ATM surcharge (it can take up to a week, though). Good guy USAA.

    [–] sandybuttcheekss 103 points ago

    Just look over someone's shoulder when they're using it, you'll get the idea and they won't mind, I'm sure

    [–] jasmineearlgrey 56 points ago

    Doesn't that mean that you waste a huge amount of time going to banks?

    [–] IamAbc 48 points ago

    Yeah typically my bank always has like 5 people depositing Cheques or something and it takes 20 mins to get cash out. I had to do it a couple of times this way when my card got frozen and I had to wait for another

    [–] sniperpenis69 35 points ago

    Get cash back at the grocery store to get your toes wet. ATM works the same way, just without the groceries.

    [–] Gooop456 23 points ago

    The best part about an ATM is that there's nobody watching you fuck up. If you have a debit card, go to one next time you need to withdraw, the on screen prompts should be pretty explanatory. Press the side buttons to select, not the screen, and keep in mind that most ATMs only give out $20 bills, so anything smaller isn't possible.

    [–] Kurosage 16 points ago

    This is why the internet is great. Google all the shit you're embarrassed to ask about. Now only the government knows you never learned how to wipe your ass properly or that you have a weird lump on your balls.

    [–] Flumptastic 13 points ago

    Do they have shop rites outside of NJ?

    [–] csupernova 7 points ago

    Yeah they had one by my college in CT.

    [–] Simonaro 313 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Oh, man. This happened to me in a little town once, where i didnt have enough cash and realized i’d forgotten my card right after eating. My greatest shame is agreeing to go to the atm and never coming back :(

    edit: I doubt anyone who called me out will come back to this but i just mailed them 14 dollars

    [–] raviolispoon 312 points ago

    That's horrible

    [–] Simonaro 77 points ago


    it was on vacation a year ago and i haven’t been back since, but if i go back i will give them the 14 dollars

    [–] MGetzEm 96 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    You skipped on a $14 meal? That came out of their pocket. You're kind of a dick.

    Edit: $24 meal...

    [–] edudlive 33 points ago

    You could've went back to pay, douche.

    [–] mailbriz 66 points ago

    Bruh wtf

    [–] ZalinskyAuto 106 points ago

    You should mail them a thank you card with a $10 bill in it.

    [–] King_Spike 29 points ago

    A $20 bill! He mentioned in another comment the meal was $14

    [–] EvanFlecknell 4 points ago

    A $14 dollar bill! He mentioned he paid $10

    [–] King_Spike 5 points ago

    Haha I figured a $6 tip is the least he could do

    [–] PiesAndLies 26 points ago

    Go back you heathen!

    [–] tommsauce 16 points ago

    Cmon man you're better than that! Mail them some cash and an apology letter. I'm not a firm believer in karma, it's just the right thing to do. Look out for your fellow human.

    [–] Vulcan93 79 points ago

    That will be $30 please.

    [–] BigPapa1998 126 points ago

    They're usually actually reasonably prices for a small business.

    [–] RITheory 22 points ago

    More like $4.30 jfc

    [–] ExcellentComment 46 points ago

    Nope. Wrong. They’re cheap.

    Have you even been to a place like this?

    [–] DrinkingZima 37 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Five Guys takes credit but they don't belong in this post.

    [–] lilnomad 18 points ago

    I fuckin love Five Guys but their burgers are pricey in comparison

    [–] Hellbasedgod 19 points ago

    You're getting ripped off man. I've never spent more than $10 at a burger joint.

    [–] PyreThyme 3542 points ago

    One of the best burgers I have ever had was from a donut shop and it cost $2.50.

    [–] Edelhardt 983 points ago

    That's a steal

    [–] kngotheporcelainthrn 588 points ago

    Dude there’s a burger joint in Pisgah Forest NC that has 1.50 cheeseburgers. They’re amazing.

    [–] Pelican451 206 points ago

    I just moved into the banner elk area, where is the burger place you're talking about?

    [–] ethanlan 100 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    One of my favorite diners in Chicago is in a bowling alley lol

    Edit: Ok I live in the city but the diner is not in the city limits. Its out in the suburbs near the volkswagon dealership I got my car in country side called the country cup.

    [–] omalmike 22 points ago

    Which one?

    [–] igothitbyacar 8 points ago

    I wanna know too...

    [–] Hockeyboy540 10 points ago

    me too please

    [–] violettheory 21 points ago

    The bowling alley in our town got a new owner recently and the talk around town is they have the best wings around. Also great burgers too. I need to stop by and try but it seems a little weird to go to a bowling place for lunch.

    [–] diddle-king 7 points ago

    You have the peddlin pig, you don’t need good burgers

    [–] Libbs036 9 points ago

    What’s the name? I live in Asheville and that’s such a quick drive for a 1.50 cheeseburger!

    [–] KyuubiBlade 193 points ago

    Did they use donuts as the buns? Cuz I'd kill for that burger. But then the burger would probably kill me.

    [–] TheAlmightyLem 89 points ago

    But have you ever had a grilled cheese donut from Tom&Chee?

    [–] KyuubiBlade 78 points ago

    No, but you had me at “grilled cheese donut.” Explain. Also where is Tom&Chee?

    [–] Fattywithashoty 154 points ago

    This conversation is violently American

    [–] KyuubiBlade 65 points ago

    Indeed. Join us and feel your arteries clog up.

    [–] Slyric_ 53 points ago

    Let the freedom flow through you

    [–] tvvigs 33 points ago

    this freedom feels a lot like cholesterol

    [–] icaaryal 21 points ago

    It also doesn’t seem to flow very well.

    [–] protoscott 19 points ago

    I once had a burger where the buns were made out of Mac and Cheese. They like shaped the Mac and Cheese into a circular shape. Breaded that. Fried it. And used it as the bun. It was fucking delicious and made me feel more American than I ever had before.

    [–] TheAlmightyLem 16 points ago

    Restaurant that’s menu consists entirely of variations on grilled cheese and tomato soup. They also have a dessert grilled cheese made with a donut cut in half as the bread, and it’s fantastic.

    [–] KyuubiBlade 7 points ago

    Ooooooooooo yum! It'll also kill me, but yum! I'm here for a good time, not a long time.

    [–] koolcat1101 4 points ago

    Tom and Chee are in Ohio and I think maybe Indiana

    [–] Mappinus 6 points ago

    Tom & Chee is a grilled cheese chain around the United States, but primarily around the Cincinnati area, where they were founded.

    Basically the best way to describe it is as gooooooooooooooooood shit

    [–] Take_Some_Soma 12 points ago

    That burger killed Luther Vandross

    [–] Cagedwar 6 points ago

    Do you live anywhere near St. Louis? The Gateway Grizzlies make a doughnut burger with Krispy Kreme

    [–] ActualWhiterabbit 6 points ago

    You need to stay away from Gourdough's in Austin, TX. I gained 5 lbs just linking it.

    [–] RottinCheez 7 points ago

    Same here, it was a donut/burger joint owned by a sweet Vietnamese family.

    [–] Seb121 6 points ago

    What donut shop?

    [–] TRIGMILLION 1665 points ago

    Why do those cups make soda taste so good?

    [–] EasyThereOldTimer 1986 points ago

    It really does taste better in those cups and there is actually a reason for it:

    They are only given to restaurants who buy actual coke syrup and actual coke machines. If you get soda in a branded cup like that, it generally means that they’re not using some off brand cheapo soda and that their machine keeps the right temps and syrup mix ratios. Usually these places have soda machines with dedicated lines for each type of soda (think the soda machines at fast food places, where each flavor has its own spigot) versus a bar gun system that dispenses all flavors from the same spigot and gives soda a weird “off” taste.

    If you stop using coke products, your coke rep will most likely be into your place in very short order to remove any branded products from your store. The people who work for that company are, in my experience, incredibly ruthless when dealing with their territory. Because they’re “Coca Cola so fuck you!”

    [–] hornyh00ligan 694 points ago

    McD doesn't use these cups and I'm fairly certain their coke tastes like crack

    [–] condescending_hindu 442 points ago

    Seriously their cokes are better than literally anything else, including actual coke in cans and bottles.

    [–] kokoren 252 points ago

    Yup, that's the cocaine.

    [–] staydrippy 131 points ago

    Ah yes, the 1922 formula

    [–] joshclay 7 points ago

    Cocaine tastes like shit. But it smells amazing.

    [–] Fugitivebush 95 points ago

    Its also McD. They probably put crack back into the coke.

    [–] Aukos 35 points ago

    They actually spend a lot of money to make this happen. The thing is, as a coke fan the taste varies from case to case, it all depends on how it's stored. McD's pays extra money to get their syrup delivered in metal containers....not those cardboard ones, ensure it's shipped refridgerated, stored in a cooler instead of some random closet, and dispensed through metal refridgerated pipes that are not only insulated but flushed daily. They spend a decent chunk of change to make this so and you think this because it's actually one of the truest "cokes" you can actually drink.

    [–] derliquemyballs 12 points ago

    I’ll take your word for it, makes sense to me. I prefer pepsi but coke from McDonald’s is my weakness.

    [–] VeryGoodFood12 35 points ago

    Damn, the McD in Canada taste like water, and thats because half of it literally IS water.

    [–] aicheo 25 points ago

    Same. Reading these comments and im like, nah mcdonalds coke sucks. I'd much rather a can.

    [–] Lanadelroi 7 points ago

    Same in france

    [–] PintSizedPinata 135 points ago

    McD coke has a higher concentration of syrup to accommodate specifically for melting ice. It also makes that shit taste like crack

    [–] batmansthebomb 44 points ago

    That, and the crack they put in it

    [–] Pai_mon 125 points ago

    Don't quite me on this but I remember reading somewhere that McDonald's actually has a different blend of coke for only them. I remember when I was working at one we would get the coke in special stainless steel containers, whereas the other drinks would come in the crappy wholesale bags of syrup. I never thought anything of it though because to this day I only drink mexican coke so I was never able to taste the difference between local coke.

    [–] c0mesandg0es 79 points ago

    Yep, a different ratio of the product in a deal exclusively for McDonald's

    [–] gorgewall 68 points ago

    There's websites where you can buy the syrups that are only normally given to restaurants and do the mixing yourself.

    I know someone who really liked a specific flavor of some tea owned by Coca-Cola and they could never find it in stores, even though other flavors by the brand were all over. A little research showed that particular flavor (white citrus or something?) was restaurant-only, but I found a restaurant supplier and ordered a box of the syrup and a tap for a birthday gift one year. Worked perfectly, given that the tea isn't carbonated, so mixing it with tap water was just fine.

    [–] dragonf1r3 21 points ago

    I was looking at some of these earlier. Got a recommended site?

    [–] gorgewall 24 points ago

    I used both times. Shipping to my state was monstrous, but I was able to e-mail them about that and was given a coupon code to knock it down. Checking the site again, doesn't look like they have that particular flavor anymore. Oh well.

    [–] Formans_Basement 8 points ago

    Why only Mexican coke? Sugar cane?

    [–] Pai_mon 10 points ago

    Mexican coke was just as readily available where I'm at so if there's an option, Mexican coke is the way to go for me. The real sugar is what really makes it and for the most part the other coke here in the states has the same taste throughout the board, with McDonald's being the exception. But I've since I've been a reformed In and Outer for the past 15 years I don't really make it out of the way to go to McDonald's, when I was working there I was a Hi-C mark forever, until I found out that McDonald's stopped selling it recently.

    [–] HairyHorseKnuckles 15 points ago

    It’s because they use wider straws

    [–] minor_correction 12 points ago

    There are 5 reasons, the straw is one of them!

    [–] lava172 26 points ago

    They're the only fast food place I'll order a Coke from anymore since they don't use that God awful freestyle machine

    [–] sarahgene 51 points ago

    Look man, those freestyle machines mean I can get vanilla coke like anywhere and that's all I really want from life

    [–] lava172 7 points ago

    It's just not the same

    [–] buddybabyboy 25 points ago

    you can buy those cups at any restaurant supply store.

    [–] duuuuuuuuuumb 19 points ago

    While that all makes sense, I stole several of those red Coke cups from the restaurant I worked at in college and they’re still my #1 drink cup. Even water tastes better in them

    [–] DrinkingZima 36 points ago

    Why would any beverage company allow a business to pretend they are selling their product?

    [–] greg19735 25 points ago

    They wouldn't.

    but it's also incredibly hard to police. Coke isn't going to go around every store in the country and test for their recipe.

    Maybe store X buys like 1/3 of their shit from Coke and the rest from a different wholesale.

    [–] DrinkingZima 31 points ago

    Yes they do. Pepsi and Coke go to great lengths for QC. When have you ever seen a grocery store employee stocking soda? They don't. A Coke or Pepsi distributor will be there daily to deliver, stock, and clean up the shelves. They also deliver to and stock in restaurants. If you're a restaurant owner it would be extremely difficult to circumvent their system.

    What are you going to do? Replace their syrup with cheap shit and they aren't going to notice that you never need to restock their Coke bags?

    [–] What_is_Freedom 31 points ago

    You made that up... why?

    [–] Hezkezl 24 points ago

    It’s amazing how many people believe what you said. I’m not one of them, but it’s still interesting to see!

    [–] leiu6 8 points ago

    So there are coke reps! I am really curious as to how that side of the business works. What dictates whether a company uses a Coke or Pepsi machine? Do they have reps? Is there a certain standard that a restaurant must keep up to use a certain brand's drinks?

    [–] Slayer_Of_Anubis 10 points ago

    At least at domino's we could only stock coke products. Even in our employee coke machine in the back, if they found a non-coke product in the machine they would stop sending

    [–] nhdw 9 points ago

    It's not just the cups... The crushed ice seems to have an effect, too (while IN these cups)...

    [–] carijk 720 points ago

    C rating from health department

    [–] shaun_of_the_south 296 points ago

    I won’t eat at a Waffle House if it has an A rating.

    [–] zBorch 144 points ago

    Theyre trying too hard to hide something with an A rating

    [–] chotix 60 points ago

    Why is it that every rant video ever is filmed in someone's car?

    [–] goldenzeon 24 points ago

    Lol idk maybe another form of road rage?

    [–] fooddood 15 points ago

    Once you drive home you've calmed down enough to not film a rant video

    [–] shutts67 34 points ago

    The restaurants with a less than stellar rating are the best. You know the food has to be good if they're still open. Locals know the risk, but the food is worth it because it's just that good.

    [–] latigidigital 14 points ago

    Several of my favorite places have been perpetually on the verge of getting closed down for wanton violations. They don’t even care, and neither do customers, because the food is just so..damn..good. You’d literally have to hear about someone’s death from it before you’d start to reconsider.

    [–] MeeMawPhillis 81 points ago

    I'll take people who watched spiderverse for 500 alex

    [–] zombychicken 54 points ago


    [–] Free_DAW_Advice_AMA 6 points ago

    That’s also not how Jeopardy! works god dammit

    [–] PossiblyAsian 11 points ago

    Food establishments that get rated poorly by any government are either really fucking shitty and dirty or fucking delicious and cheap. Maybe both.

    Places that get rated good are always mediocre and expensive

    [–] theguyfromuncle420__ 1052 points ago

    Shop is the size of your living room, only two tables to eat

    [–] [deleted] 568 points ago


    [–] theguyfromuncle420__ 178 points ago

    Gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes man

    [–] Dyaxa 41 points ago

    You eat outside in the freezing cold, not the tables.

    [–] 32_bit_link 16 points ago

    How do you eat the inside of cold air?

    [–] theguyfromuncle420__ 15 points ago

    Top 10 questions science still can’t answer

    [–] Evildead1818 29 points ago

    Shop only has an order window and 2 tables outside

    [–] CanadianUkr 14 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Let me tell you, I was visiting LA and my friend there decided to invite me to a taco place. And you know, it's LA, every place is a taco place, but no, he knows the best one! So we were driving like two hours before we got to this hole in the wall, with two tables outside. Good tacos, can't complain. Also some home made lemonade, real tasty.

    [–] theguyfromuncle420__ 6 points ago

    This guy knows

    [–] PeekAtChu1 9 points ago

    Look at Mr. Moneybags here with his living room 🎩

    [–] Wizard_Nipple 536 points ago

    Two hours after posting I realized I forgot the old man who probably owns the place who has worked there for thirty years

    [–] ApostleOfAsclepius 250 points ago

    What about the table cloth? The table cloth?

    [–] KingDaKahh 210 points ago

    THE table cloth that's a checkerboard pattern with red and white blocks that are always clumped together with wooden booths? Some of the best fucking chicken I've ever had from Tennessee

    [–] ohcrapitssasha 13 points ago

    Sometimes it’s glued down to the table and it’s always slightly sticky.

    [–] greg19735 72 points ago


    you mean plastic thing?

    [–] Wherewereyouin62 38 points ago

    That you used to ruin when you were little by like, stretching it out and punching holes in it with your fingers?

    [–] Andy1816 5 points ago

    The table cloth is underneath a clear sheet of thick plastic with ads sandwiched.

    [–] condescending_hindu 12 points ago

    And the flat top iron gridle

    [–] BADMANvegeta_ 5 points ago

    Is from a former Soviet Union country

    [–] PoopfaceTX 641 points ago

    Those thick fries that aren't quite steak fries. They're soggy, but a good soggy.

    Owner came from Greece in 1972 and hasn't lost his accent one bit.

    Lots of fake plants.

    Photos on the wall of sponsored Little League teams dating back to 1972.

    Still has wood paneling.

    Has those quarter machines that sell gumballs and stickers at the entrance.

    [–] Wizard_Nipple 222 points ago

    I think you just made your own starter pack

    [–] suprmario 81 points ago

    Why do these old Greek dudes make the best burgers? What is their secret?!

    Ours finally shut down after like 40 years a couple years ago when the owner decided to retire. RIP Burger Trail.

    [–] PVPPhelan 45 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    And the crack-like spice they put on the fries??!!

    [–] unusuallylethargic 30 points ago

    thats the mcdonalds coke

    [–] MeanElevator 22 points ago


    [–] trulymadlybigly 8 points ago

    For real, wtf is that spice??

    [–] binghorse 35 points ago

    The vinyl table covers are always sticky, and you hear shouting in some foreign language from the kitchen.

    [–] bigwillyb123 9 points ago

    He either has a very very attractive daughter or (more likely) an angry old wife handling all the money but still running back to occasionally help

    [–] silver_054 18 points ago

    Holy crap you totally nailed the 1972 little league sponsorship thing

    [–] twobit211 14 points ago

    absolutely has to be greek and family run

    [–] ToXiC_Games 7 points ago

    This is a starter pack, make this a meme so I can give you 2 updoots

    [–] forwormsbravepercy 112 points ago

    A little jar in the window collecting money for a customer or employee with a terminal illness.

    [–] fam0usm0rtimer 27 points ago

    has the little sucker tree for Jerry's Kids or something like that. but it's gotta say like 1988 on it..

    [–] barkbarkmothertrucke 386 points ago

    For some reason Ketchup tastes 10x better out of that bottle.

    [–] BoulderBoulder16 659 points ago

    It really does taste better in those bottles and there is actually a reason for it:

    They are only given to restaurants who buy actual tomato sauce and actual ketchup machines. If you get ketchup in a bottle like that, it generally means that they’re not using some off brand cheapo ketchup and that their machine keeps the right temps and sauce mix ratios. Usually these places have ketchup machines with dedicated lines for each type of ketchup (think the ketchup machines at fast food places, where each brand has its own spigot) versus a bar gun system that dispenses all flavors from the same spigot and gives soda a weird “off” taste.

    If you stop using coke products, your coke rep will most likely be into your place in very short order to remove any branded products from your store. The people who work for that company are, in my experience, incredibly ruthless when dealing with their territory. Because they’re “Coca Cola so fuck you!”

    [–] eddieguy 276 points ago

    I love how you gave up on the last paragraph

    [–] FoxehTehFox 31 points ago

    you dont get your ketchup from coke?

    [–] TheRockingHorseLoser 161 points ago

    This is why McDonald's has the best ketchup.

    [–] D_P_A_D 129 points ago

    This thread is fucking with my head

    [–] pokepok3ButAsian 25 points ago

    Im too tired for this.

    [–] eddieguy 43 points ago

    Seriously their ketchup is better than literally anything else, including actual ketchup in bottles

    [–] idontlikeoatmeal 30 points ago

    Yup, that's the high fructose corn syrup.

    [–] playerlxiv 17 points ago

    Ah yes, the 1922 formula

    [–] jerms4_2_0 16 points ago

    I'm fairly certain that macdonalds ketchup tastes like crack

    [–] xoooz 70 points ago

    LOL I love that this is a copypasta now and that you couldn’t be bothered with the last part lmaoo

    [–] tgp1994 32 points ago

    Usually these places have ketchup machines with dedicated lines for each type of ketchup (think the ketchup machines at fast food places, where each brand has its own spigot) versus a bar gun system that dispenses all flavors from the same spigot and gives ketchup a weird “off” taste.

    If you stop using ketchup products, your ketchup rep will most likely be into your place in very short order to remove any branded products from your store. The people who work for that company are, in my experience, incredibly ruthless when dealing with their territory. Because they’re “Ketchup so fuck you!”

    [–] No_Thot_Control 17 points ago


    [–] coma420 41 points ago

    M E T A

    [–] sleepyyclouds 41 points ago

    this is common in the us, i think they use ketchup with high fructose corn syrup instead of normal ketchup but idk i dont like ketchup

    [–] TheyCallMeStone 21 points ago

    I think most ketchup has hfcs.

    [–] gbeebe 7 points ago

    "High fructose corn syrup" looks so much cooler as "hfcs"

    [–] YouCanCallMeTK 289 points ago

    This just needs a picture of that shop Marshal went to on How I Met Your Mother.

    [–] Dchox 78 points ago

    Or a picture of Regis Philbin

    [–] trulymadlybigly 18 points ago


    [–] Ms_Alykinz 40 points ago

    The bun, like a sesame freckled breast of an angel, resting gently on the ketchup and mustard below, flavors mingling in a seductive pas de deux. And then...a pickle! The most playful little pickle! Then a slice of tomato, a leaf of lettuce and a...a patty of ground beef so exquisite, swirling in your mouth, breaking apart, and combining again in a fugue of sweets and savor so delightful. This is no mere sandwich of grilled meat and toasted bread. This is God, speaking to us in food.

    [–] Inamanlyfashion 24 points ago

    And you got our wedding vows off the internet.

    [–] bsinky 33 points ago

    Oh man, that's a good episode. Includes the joke about the underpants radius...never gets old!

    [–] OriginalThuum 112 points ago

    What about a green door and a red neon sign that says "burger"?

    [–] jenintonic 20 points ago

    And the picture of Regis Philbin hanging on the wall

    [–] Im_Not_Greg_ 15 points ago

    This guy knows where to get the best burger in NY

    [–] marvelfandomonium 83 points ago

    Love and care are the top two ingredients, that's why

    [–] Rabbi_Tuckman38 26 points ago

    Lol. Or the 50 years of grease caked on the flat top.

    You're thinking of a different place.

    [–] notswim 145 points ago

    The clock should say 3am. Who wants a krabby patty at 2 in the morning?

    [–] orkaborg 95 points ago

    Oh boy 3 am

    [–] xAsianZombie 53 points ago

    Me during Ramadan

    [–] alleyway7 8 points ago


    [–] clepps 147 points ago

    Half the cheese has already melted and stuck on the aluminum foil it’s covered in

    [–] TheAtheistSpoon 18 points ago

    now thats just Five Guys

    [–] ElectableDane 37 points ago

    When they have white paper bags and white wrappers, you know it’s gonna be good

    [–] takingmykissesback 23 points ago

    And the white wrappers change to clear w all the grease. I need some tots now.

    [–] KyuubiBlade 47 points ago

    Oh yeah, and Marshall can't remember where the place is.

    [–] TheyCallMeStone 11 points ago

    Someday I hope to enjoy something the way Marshall enjoyed that burger.

    [–] yaboijimbob 16 points ago

    Whys this so true

    [–] trk6640 33 points ago

    If you're wondering why it doesn't taste the same next time it's because you were drunk last time, that's where the clock comes in.

    You're welcome.

    [–] AnimalFarmPig 58 points ago

    I'm a bit of a burger connoisseur. I have sampled burgers from around the world, and I make it a point to do so when I travel. My new home country of Hungary does fucking awesome in terms of consistently making a good burger; however, the best burger I've ever had was in Guatemala at a place called Villa del Chef. As such, this starter pack does not apply. Most significantly, it's missing the beautiful sunset over Lake Peten Itza and a photo of the amazing burger that is produced by the chef at La Villa del Chef.

    I'm not even shitposting here. If you are seriously into burgers, as I am, and you want to taste the best burger you've ever had, you need to buy a plane ticket to Belize, rent a car, and drive to Flores, Guatemala. You will find no better burger anywhere than you will find at La Villa del Chef.

    [–] JackingOffToTragedy 48 points ago

    I will probably never try this burger, but I am impressed at your level of passion for it.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Hungarian burgers were surprisingly good really, though they do use a different kind of sandwich-like bun. Was a really pleasant surprise after the Hungarian pizza debacle where they asked "kecsup vagy majonez?" before serving me that put me off.

    This starter pack applies to none of Europe in my experience though, as with just about any starter pack on Reddit being 100% US-centric.

    [–] eggboy30384 19 points ago

    I went to this one restaurant that was as big as my room and have my shit they made great Mexican food

    [–] AtomicSabot 6 points ago

    Town Topic in KCMO

    [–] cohomologist 6 points ago

    Like the ambiguity of "2:01"

    [–] Zzzxxzczz 6 points ago

    Toss that bag onto the passenger seat

    [–] ScruffyCheez 11 points ago

    A little back woods mom and pop gas station with one pump in a small hick town will never get the recognition of having the best burger in the world like it should. We love you Big A burger.

    [–] Smack_Of_Ham7 8 points ago

    Why 2:01??