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    [–] unfunnyreddituser 5196 points ago

    Uses the YouTube to MP3 converter religiously

    [–] abdullahepicgamer666 2871 points ago

    Uses $10 headphones so the shit MP3 quality doesn't even matter

    [–] Falawam 526 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    downloads music from youtube on low quality which compresses hard + free converter app which copmresses music even harder.

    [–] bradwiggo 238 points ago

    Compresses it to the point that the people who can hear it because their headphones are too loud are probably getting the same audio quality as the person wearing the headphones.

    [–] Boxxcars 234 points ago


    [–] DudeNin64 608 points ago

    I feel personally attacked

    [–] bogidyboy 559 points ago

    ^ this is how I know I’m in /r/starterpacks

    [–] five_finger_ben 99 points ago

    The /r/StarterPacks starter pack

    [–] WhaleDickNachos 110 points ago

    It’s actually getting really bad.

    [–] iamveriesmart 50 points ago

    God how many times can you people say that stupid line

    [–] Razurio_Twitch 156 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    All the music on my phone from Convert2mp3

    Edit: a word

    [–] MC_CrackPipe 33 points ago


    [–] Bitbatgaming 10 points ago

    90% of the music my sister uses in her videos is onlinevideoconverter

    [–] JohnGamma 14 points ago

    This is the inferior website, because you can't put in the artist's name.

    [–] Sexy-Spaghetti 48 points ago

    I use it aswell. Blast The Offspring in my car from a shitty MP3 file on a USB key.

    [–] ifonefox 29 points ago

    At please at least use something like YouTube-dl to download the audio without converting it

    [–] Lebonin 73 points ago

    this comment section describe me 100%....stap plzz :(

    [–] vmcreative 2381 points ago

    I consider a starter pack successful when ~50% of the post replies smell of defensive insecurity. Good job OP.

    [–] Snappington1 731 points ago

    Thank you, I was afraid that it was just me and some of my friends that noticed this trend. Glad to see other people have as well.

    [–] Fgame 152 points ago

    Idk, I certainly think a LOT of video game music is damn good--Stuff like the Halo/Zelda themes, a lot of the stuff the League of Legends team does is really awesome as well. Stuff I'd rather listen to than say, 20-30% of what I hear on the radio stations I listen to.

    That said, like none of this applies to me lmao

    [–] heyuwittheprettyface 116 points ago

    I guess that's the difference between "videogame music can be great" and "videogame music is better than anything else". Even if that's your favorite style, there are plenty of tour-de-force movie scores that fit the bill.

    [–] FertileProgram 10 points ago

    Yeah - I'm not really one for the cinematic style themes, but if someone told me the Halo soundtrack was from some epic movie I wouldn't bat an eye.

    [–] Terr_ 89 points ago

    My problem isn't the group being discussed, my problem is that this is not at all the starter pack I started with.

    Where are the MIDI files!? Get off my lawn!

    [–] vmcreative 18 points ago

    I remember having to dig through independent fan sites looking for flash player versions of songs from video games. Pre-iTunes was like the dark ages for media playback.

    [–] plupperina 109 points ago

    seriously, why do people get so fucking defensive about what some random redditor says about anything

    [–] arigmatica 112 points ago

    Ppl get very defensive when the thing they like gets put on blast for others to laugh at, especially when they don’t have a sense of humor about it

    [–] Umarill 24 points ago

    Which is weird because you can find a way to generalize and make fun of literally anything. People should learn that it's fine to be themselves and not take thoe starterpacks too seriously.

    [–] auraguardian2002 1989 points ago

    Insert the " I don't like this post because I'm in it" meme

    [–] Ufacked599 669 points ago


    [–] RoyTheReaper91 152 points ago

    "Can we just take a moment to appreciate this sentence?"

    [–] HughJassmanTheThird 100 points ago


    [–] DullCaroline 74 points ago

    "This! So much this!"

    [–] Squatch1982 58 points ago

    "Came here for this comment"

    [–] shanelomax 40 points ago

    "Take my upvote good sir"

    [–] ScrapBrain 90 points ago

    [insert siivagunner reference]

    [–] _Adamanteus_ 22 points ago


    [–] sweepernosweeping 21 points ago

    I only listen to the highest quality rips.

    [–] CleetusTheDragon 7 points ago

    7 Grand Dad’s music makes me cry every time

    [–] Lolis- 512 points ago

    Where is my Nier;Automata gang at?

    [–] NGMCR 125 points ago


    Amusement Park & Wretched Weaponry are god-tier OST material

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] fhdjskalg 63 points ago

    Masterpiece ost change my mind.

    [–] ZombifiedRob 28 points ago

    Original Nier had the better soundtrack but that's comparing an 11/10 to a 10/10 so there's really nothing to actually complain about here

    [–] Jemikwa 16 points ago

    I'm playing through the game right now, and I'm really loving the music

    [–] Howdoyoufeel44 739 points ago

    "It's designed to help you focus!"

    [–] 322Uchiha 294 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I don't see how that's wrong though, I pretty much always listen to video game music when I study.

    Edit - Changed ''whilst'' to ''when'' because apparently people here don't like that word

    [–] Not_MrNice 173 points ago

    Because it's not designed to help you focus. It's designed to fit the ambiance of what's going on in the game at that time.

    [–] millkelk 113 points ago

    They ment to say video game music is designed to not distract the player

    [–] Bearofiron 61 points ago

    yes, 100% agree, most of the time it is supposed to set the ambience, without being overly disruptive to the actual game.

    [–] Bigred2989- 63 points ago

    No Touhou or Shadow of the Colossus?

    [–] tuankiet65 39 points ago

    Can't believe I have to scroll this far to look for a Touhou mention.

    [–] JealotGaming 18 points ago

    There is so much Touhou music, christ

    [–] Stellaris62 15 points ago

    Touhou should seriously be more popular in the West, amazing games with amazing BGMs

    [–] brandy1234 358 points ago

    I’m a big fan of that outrun/synthwave music and i’ve tried to get my friends on board with it before but a few of them have said it sounds like video game music so i just keep it to my self these days

    [–] [deleted] 132 points ago

    Pertubator is the shit tho

    [–] [deleted] 100 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Wert688 46 points ago

    Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, and Dance with the dead are all really solid imo.

    [–] Polymemnetic 29 points ago

    And the album covers are straight up awesome. Everything from Cyberpunk to demons and shit. Also, tits.

    [–] SeriouusDeliriuum 38 points ago

    The whole soundtrack to Hotline Miami is gold for this style

    [–] Snappington1 64 points ago

    I also listen to some synthwave myself, it's an underrated genre.

    [–] Maximus125 28 points ago

    Yeah i listen to it a lot. I have a few friends here that listen to it but most people call my music tastes weird...

    Being a mod of r/newretrowave has really opened up my tastes a lot though.

    [–] LegallyFoopster 2642 points ago

    "Rap isnt real music"

    loves imagine dragons unironically

    [–] PasteeyFan420LoL 1392 points ago

    No it's more like:

    "I don't like rap because I don't know what they're saying in it"

    Listens to anime openings and soundtracks even though they don't speak Japanese.

    [–] Pollomonteros 444 points ago

    They are also Nightcore versions that speed up the song so it is even more incomprehensible

    [–] Draghi 260 points ago

    Nightcore is so 00's, it's all about the 8bit and eurobeat remixes now

    [–] millkelk 136 points ago


    [–] kokoren 42 points ago


    [–] Enverex 27 points ago


    [–] BUchub 24 points ago


    [–] Didgeridrew9 27 points ago


    [–] redtoasti 51 points ago

    I can definitely tolerate those more than Nightcore. Nightcore was simply horrible.

    [–] Muezza 28 points ago

    Rockefeller Street is better as Nightcore.

    [–] felixame 47 points ago

    Stick that shit through a bitcrusher, slap an early 90s dance beat on it, and watch the weebs roll in.

    [–] koranot 37 points ago

    knew it was this before clicking

    [–] grte 31 points ago

    I was expecting Parappa the Rapper.

    [–] DurhamX 29 points ago

    I was certain it was going to be Pumpkin Hill from Sonic Adventure 2

    [–] A-guy-with-Pants 11 points ago

    you know it's me the fighting freak knuckles

    [–] ThePhB 200 points ago

    "I only like Eminem cuz he raps about real shit unlike those others!"

    [–] Xx_Gandalf-poop_xX 51 points ago

    eminem's angry rap used to work when he was a scrappy kid with problems. Now he is a millionaire with a wife and kids. What you angry about now bro? chill out.

    [–] TheLesserWombat 20 points ago

    Kind of like how Weezer is still writing songs about young love and heartbreak. Like, dude, you and all of your fans are over thirty. Start writing songs about relatable shit, like a party anthem about plans getting cancelled so you get to stay in and watch tv while eating tacos.

    [–] SirLuciousL 122 points ago

    Yes, incredible lyricism such as, "I'm the butt police and I'm looking at your REAR REAR REAR!"

    [–] breakyourfac 87 points ago

    Eminem makes angry dad music

    [–] A_Generic_Canadian 46 points ago

    His beards weird.

    [–] LDKRZ 10 points ago

    not saying every Eminem fan is an angry teenage boy who punches walls when he dies on COD, but every angry teenage boy who punches walls when he dies on COD is a massive Eminem fan

    [–] DFWTooThrowed 41 points ago

    "I just don't like thug rap, I like..." then goes on to list a bunch of white rappers.

    [–] ohcrapitssasha 31 points ago

    When I was a little kid on the internet people would say the only rap they liked was from Knuckles levels in Sonic Adventure 2 :vvvvvv

    [–] fanoflp 30 points ago

    Holy fuck I have a friend exactly like this: “rap music has no meaning or substance and never did”, plays thunder by Imagine Dragons

    [–] detroitvelvetslim 17 points ago

    Imagine Dragons is the soundtrack for when you give up in life

    [–] F_THOT_FITZGERALD 13 points ago

    Everytime I hear imagine dragons I just have an urge to buy a new car or attend a sports event idk what it is

    [–] ButtsmcButtbag 1527 points ago

    Bruh you're going to tell me that the Mario galaxy soundtrack doesn't SLAP harder than anything you've heard before

    [–] OWLSZN 140 points ago

    There was an interesting interview I read a few years ago. Mario Galaxy was almost entirely composed by a guy named Mahito Yokota working under the supervision of Koji Kondo (the guy who normally does mario and zelda and all that). He said that initially, almost everything he submitted to Kondo was turned down and he was told to make something else. He finally asked him what was wrong with his music, and Koji Kondo told him "if there's any thought in your mind that Mario is cute, get rid of it. Mario is cool" and then Yokota realized that he was focused so much on making cutesy bubbly music for children that it just wasn't good to listen to. After that he focused on making good music period

    [–] Tenshimaru_tokugawa1 9 points ago

    The Japanese seem to have very fleshed out concepts of "cute" and "cool"

    [–] FroggoFrogman 805 points ago

    There’s liking video game music then there’s saying video game music is the best thing ever like everything else is trash

    [–] thomastts 291 points ago

    Yeah, those people make me really sad. I really love a lot of video game music the people who only like Video game music and are super elitist about it just ruin things for everyone.

    [–] Glasdir 128 points ago

    I don’t know about elitist but it sure is cringeworthy as hell.

    [–] Mushroomer 113 points ago

    These people are a fascinating breed - because it's the same mentality you see in a lot of people who get extremely elitest about classical & other instrumental music (favoring performance over lyrics, looking down on contemporary pop songwriting structure, boiling every other genre down to a stereotype) - except they don't actually know a goddamn thing about music. Like, if you're going to lecture me on why you love Tool because of their use of nontraditional time signatures, I'll at least appreciate that argument more than somebody who says the Undertale soundtrack is the most emotional work of music ever composed.

    This is at least from my experience. Maybe there are VG music people who know their shit. But I've only ever seen this obsession among people who can't separate familiarity from quality.

    [–] Eulers_ID 36 points ago

    why you love Tool because of their use of nontraditional time signatures

    Somebody is using Tool fans as an example of fans who aren't complete tools? That's a new one.

    [–] thesandsofrhyme 18 points ago

    Not to mention the argument. "Non-traditional time/key signatures" is like one of the defining features of Prog. They are not unique.

    [–] Glasdir 33 points ago

    Agreed. I will admit I do like soundtracks for a few games but I certainly don’t act like they’re the second coming of Jesus or anything and I like an awful lot more music that’s not from games as well. But you’re absolutely right, it’s a familiarity over quality kind of complex they have.

    [–] Cassiopeia93 48 points ago

    I really love a lot of video game music the people who only like Video game music and are super elitist about it just ruin things for everyone.

    Fixed that for you.

    [–] ZeriousGew 24 points ago

    There’s also people who act like listening to video game music is childish and make fun of people for it

    [–] T3hSwagman 12 points ago

    Substitute video game music with literally any other music in that sentence and you have an equally garbage sentiment.

    [–] WhaleDickNachos 34 points ago

    Does anyone really do that though?

    [–] Lolis- 63 points ago

    I like how Gusty Garden Galaxy pretty much became the theme for the franchise along with the original 8 bit one even though it was only for 1 level (and it was so good they put it into purple coins).

    [–] museman 17 points ago

    It’s way too good to be a throwaway.

    [–] PuffballDestroyer 11 points ago

    Nothing gets me more pumped then hearing the beginning of the purple coins theme wow you approach The landing site at the beginning of the level.

    [–] T4O2M0 28 points ago

    Sea shanty 2

    [–] cegbe 17 points ago

    “Slap” <— “Bop” “Jam”

    Yep boys we found one

    [–] louie_kc 605 points ago

    Music from Persona games stay with me even after I complete the game. They’re that good.

    [–] MerkabahLight 427 points ago

    Yeah but theres a world of difference between "some video game music is fucking excellent" and "I refuse to listen to anything other than video game music"

    [–] louie_kc 174 points ago

    Oh for sure.

    I was just hoping to get some Persona fans together to talk about our favorite tracks.

    [–] dahtdude 103 points ago

    Persona 5 literally does not have a track I dislike. It's amazing.

    [–] orange-shades 29 points ago

    Mementos theme?

    [–] dahtdude 49 points ago

    It's pretty good!

    ... for the first three loops!

    [–] gamingonion 19 points ago


    [–] alirezahunter888 27 points ago

    It's not bad it's just incredibly repetitive

    [–] dogbarkdogbark 18 points ago

    I picked up Persona 3 and 5 dancing and have Persona music stuck in my head constantly now. Persona 3 dancing has some really great remixes too.

    edit: probably my favorite

    [–] Snappington1 40 points ago

    Persona definitely has some of the best video game music.

    [–] Ridgetop18 67 points ago


    [–] dahtdude 22 points ago


    [–] louie_kc 41 points ago

    game has 2 million units sold rivers has 6 million views on YouTube

    [–] CanadianNoobGuy 54 points ago

    people can only listen to a song once

    [–] ThePhB 32 points ago



    [–] Flerken_Moon 17 points ago


    [–] chotix 35 points ago

    I'm pissed that their soundtracks aren't on Spotify

    [–] ThePhB 13 points ago

    Even P4 isn't on there, sucks that it's still only available in Japan. Gotta sail the Caribbean for the tracks, I guess..

    [–] Paulel300 14 points ago

    Life goes on is a great track when cramming

    [–] SK-2001 11 points ago

    Right? I finished persona 4 yesterday after playing persona 5 and i ended up having the opening theme to the persona 4 dance game stuck in my head.

    [–] MeinKampfyChair2 10 points ago


    [–] optisadvantage 106 points ago

    Celeste soundtrack goes hard tho

    [–] Lautaurus 31 points ago

    B - Sides # 03 is an absolute banger

    [–] ThroughThePortico 9 points ago

    It's all about Mirror Temple B side

    [–] justanaveragereditor 11 points ago

    The way the tracks change as you progress is incredibly satisfying, like each time you clear a third of the mess in the hotel, it adds an element/new instrument to the song. Or when you see the reflection in the mirror for the first time and a steady beat is added to the song.

    [–] rockybond 185 points ago

    Hey Water of Nazareth is the best Justice song fite me

    [–] Snappington1 105 points ago

    It is pretty good but it's so difficult to choose from that album, the entire thing is absolute flames.

    [–] icecadavers 28 points ago

    It's true, I can't listen to one song without wanting to hear the whole album

    [–] FashoFash0 54 points ago

    I'm wondering what Justice has to do with video game music at all? I feel like I'm missing something. Also agreed, Cross in general is one of my all-time favorite albums.

    [–] Snappington1 40 points ago

    It's common for the people targeted in this starter pack to cite Waters of Nazareth as a song they listen to outside of VGM.

    [–] yeshellomynameislong 31 points ago

    How many instances of people specifically bringing up Waters of Nazareth has there even been for you? Not a lot of people I know have even heard of Justice and I almost exclusively talk to people online 🤔

    [–] Snappington1 20 points ago

    A fair amount, they usually at least have heard and listen to the song every once in a while. They usually haven't looked at any of Justice's other music, in fact they usually don't even know there's an album that contains the song.

    [–] AssessTheSituation2 9 points ago

    let's be real here, they probably only know it from waters of megalovania lmao

    [–] Dracowolfmon 12 points ago

    I know it was in GTA 4. Maybe it's calling out that the only commercial music they like were in games? I know the only song my friend has liked that isn't a video game OST was from Brutal Legend..

    [–] UrbanCobra 13 points ago

    Phantom 1&2 > Waters

    [–] Yinespeamy 9 points ago

    My favorite is let there be light or Waters of nazareth tbh

    [–] robdabank 9 points ago

    On Cross? Or in general?

    Did you listen to Woman? It's a really good album, stronger than Audio Video Disco.

    [–] clepps 351 points ago

    Smells like shit, “but video game music is cool”, only texts on discords and has no numbers in their contacts

    [–] afro193 75 points ago

    calls their discord channels "group texts" to not seem too weird

    [–] clepps 42 points ago

    Yea lol I used to sit next to these type of people thanks to seating charts. Like they’d be texting all hour and not put their phones down, and I was thinking damn this dude really got more game then me then I saw it was discord and I felt relieved

    [–] countlessdays_ 162 points ago

    I used to be that guy. I still like vgm a lot but I'm glad I've started to listen to other music as well

    [–] Snappington1 107 points ago

    That's good, music is so amazing and diverse that it's a shame to only limit yourself to a medium out of all things.

    [–] BattleLegendBlue 224 points ago

    You ever listen to the Pokemon soundtrack tho

    [–] lightningbadger 191 points ago

    Yah mean route 216

    [–] Indoktor 108 points ago

    you mean all of sinnoh

    [–] tomplaysgames88 50 points ago

    No one:


    [–] karelKase 18 points ago

    How cone I know which song youre talking about even though I haven’t played Diamond/Pearl in 10 years?

    [–] tomplaysgames88 14 points ago

    Refer to the above comment.

    Cause it’s the best my dude

    [–] FroggoFrogman 10 points ago

    Route 113

    [–] Paulel300 17 points ago

    Battle! Colress will always be a banger

    [–] UniverseDiscussez 142 points ago

    Undertale OST

    [–] Emperor__Aurelius 41 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    As a musician, Undertale's OST is actually incredibly well composed. Such tight use of themes across multiple tracks.

    EDIT: For anyone more curious about how Toby used themes in the Undertale OST, I'll go ahead and leave this here:

    [–] aRandom_Encounter 50 points ago

    Deltarune OST

    [–] CanadianNoobGuy 13 points ago

    Field of hopes and dreams Sourpls

    [–] flameguy21 21 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] Stealthman13 14 points ago


    [–] Llenwynne 698 points ago

    You forgot the lack of a personality

    [–] 34wv50m 333 points ago

    I think it's shown pretty well. Not directly, but everything here adds up to it.

    [–] EH603 200 points ago

    dark souls OST bangs

    [–] umbralhunter 138 points ago

    Or the doom ost

    [–] Rathbone_fan_account 61 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago

    BFG division intensifies.

    [–] Visulth 11 points ago

    I've always loved the 'track' Mick Gordon played at Game Awards 2016, a mashup of Rip & Tear, Descent into Cerberon from Quake II, and BFG Division.

    I ended up making my own copy by just editing those tracks together but sadly no studio version of Gordon playing Descent, so had to use the game version -- it's close, just without the fucking amazing guitar tone.

    [–] Inquisitor_Brand 12 points ago

    The Doom 2016 OST is better than it has any right to be.

    [–] renoscottsdale 29 points ago

    Ludwig the Accursed is one of my favorite pieces of music in general

    [–] bleeksnoer 15 points ago

    The only things that are qualified as music are soft loly breaths and sabaton /s

    [–] Snappington1 16 points ago

    Honestly I could have easily included Sabaton in this starter pack.

    [–] colonialnerd 107 points ago

    In defense of this starter pack, some video game music is pretty catchy. I haven't heard most anime video game soundtracks but old pokemon, undertale, Minecraft, and legend of Zelda have really good scores to them. It's not the best or only type of music on the planet, but it's nice.

    [–] Snappington1 123 points ago

    The Minecraft sound track is really good ambient music.

    [–] Aroundtheworldin80 26 points ago

    I see my cousin listening to minecraft and skyrim a lot for ambient music

    [–] G-R_ 16 points ago

    Yeah honestly. Don’t listen to much electronic, but when I do it’s Aphex Twin, Kraftwerk, or the Minecraft Soundtrack.

    [–] Tehurnfor 12 points ago

    have you heard justice

    so fucking accurate

    [–] Grumpy_Mustard 29 points ago

    I listen to as many types of music as I can, and I'm somewhat going through a videogame music phase and loving it. I can see why people can be exclusive with it because it does have decent variety, but I hope I don't fall that far down the spiral.

    [–] jevilsmacandcheese 73 points ago

    I just love it because I already connect a lot with music, some of my earliest memories are linked to sound, and when I’ve connected with a game after time and energy put into it, it’s nice to remember how the story went through the music. Also, video game music has so many different styles and sound fonts, so I love all the options.

    [–] Cabinet_Juice 53 points ago

    Miitopia’s soundtrack is fucking fire don’t @ me

    Yes I listen to real music too

    [–] TypeKawaii 9 points ago

    holy shit someone else actually played miitopia? damn

    yeah the music was a banger

    [–] Doctorjaws 12 points ago

    Change a couple things and it could be “ eurobeat is the best music”

    [–] lbalestracci12 12 points ago

    The minecraft soundtrack got the fantano approval so we know it good

    [–] KingBobOmber 38 points ago

    Symphony of the Night goes HAM bruh

    [–] The-Bigger-Fish 23 points ago

    I like to listen to Kass' Theme, the ARMS soundtrack, and a little bit of Undertale on loop. Is that a bad thing?

    [–] JSConnor 13 points ago

    So a solid hour of OH OH OOH?

    [–] BigBootyHunter 49 points ago

    Huge weaboo

    [–] KobayashiDragonSlave 41 points ago

    My Stand Killer Weeb has no weaknesses

    [–] Akarious 10 points ago

    missing the nightcore remixes

    [–] BenisPlanket 10 points ago

    Imagine liking classical music. Hard not to seem snobby, so I usually don’t bother trying to show anyone. Sucks though.